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I Gotta Tell the Suckas Everyday, "Don't Start it"
2008-08-18 09:02
by Alex Belth

According to Bryan Hoch at, either Carl Pavano or Phil Hughes will be called up to start on Saturday.  Carl Pavano.  Jeez, imagine?


2008-08-18 09:09:18
1.   tommyl
C'mon this is awesome. Our stretch run rotation includes both Sidney Ponson and Carl Pavano. How amazing is that?

I hear Brien Taylor is still available.

2008-08-18 09:24:17
2.   kylepetterson
1 I was going to say, it could be worse, we could have Sidney Ponson pitching for us...oh wait....
2008-08-18 09:26:43
3.   Shaun P
What was Vin Scully's call when Gibson hit the HR in game 1 of the '88 Serious? Oh yeah (thanks, Wikipedia):

"In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!"

2008-08-18 09:28:36
4.   tommyl
3 That's such a great call. I love Vin Scully, quiet, understated and yet conveys so much more emotion and majesty than Sterling or Kay ever will.
2008-08-18 09:34:33
5.   JL25and3
3 , 4 Jack Buck's call on that was pretty tremendous as well.
2008-08-18 09:48:42
6.   rbj
Who's this "Carl Pavano?" Is he some unheralded rookie? I seem to recall having heard of the Yankees signing some such guy years ago, but since I haven't seen him in pinstripes I figured he's a young guy toiling in the low minors.
2008-08-18 10:28:43
7.   dianagramr
On a side note, I've begun to wonder if Joe Sheehan has been nipping at the Kool-Aid.

This is what he just opined in a BP.COM chat regarding where Manny will end up next year.

"OK, I think he'll get four years and $22 million or more, and I lean towards the Yankees getting him and finding homes for Matsui and Damon."


I do hope he was kidding.

2008-08-18 10:37:38
8.   Sliced Bread
Girardi: Pavano or Hughes?
Cashman: Well, we have various scouting reports to consider, and we just saw the video of their latest performances...
Girardi: I vote rain out.
Cashman: Unfortunately not an option at this point.
Girardi: Heads it's Phil, tails it's the other?
Cashman: OK. But of course a coin doesn't tell us who should pitch. It just gives us additional guidance.
Girardi: Right.
(Cashman flips a quarter with his thumb, catches it, then places the coin on the back of his left hand, concealing it under his right palm)
Girardi: Please be Hughes.
(Cashman lifts his hand and peeks at the coin)
Cashman: Holy shit. You're not gonna believe this.
Girardi: It's Pavano? Seriously?
Cashman (re: the coin): Unbelievable! I've never seen anything like this?
Girardi: What is it, Cash? Heads or tails?
Cashman: It's not that simple, Joe. Check this out. It's tails... see? but the eagle has what appears to be... a bruised buttock.
Girardi: Wow. Fucked up season.
2008-08-18 10:39:50
9.   dianagramr

ROFL ....

2008-08-18 12:31:28
10.   Raf
Girardi: I vote rain out.
Cashman: Unfortunately not an option at this point.
2008-08-18 12:40:26
11.   pistolpete
8 Rain out, but they don't announce it until the vendors' beer & hot dog quotas have been reached.
2008-08-18 21:29:10
12.   Schteeve
7 Eminently possible.

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