Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
New York Moose Huntin
2008-08-12 12:12
by Alex Belth
2008-08-12 12:16:06
1.   JL25and3
Man, it sucks being at work and not being able to see the videos you post. But sometimes I like to take a guess based on, well, on just about nothing.

So here's my stab at this one: Woody Allen standup? The joke's on them, because it's restricted?

2008-08-12 12:19:17
2.   RIYank
1 Oh, bravo, sir!

Hey, Shaun P, I'll be at McCoy too! With some teenagers. Probably section 12 (behind third base).

2008-08-12 12:36:33
3.   tommyl
1 Agreed on that. Alex, maybe less video posts during the day? I can't watch them either :(
2008-08-12 12:36:42
4.   Shaun P
2 Cool. I'll be in general admission seats somewhere, behind home plate if I'm early enough. But I'll wander over towards section 12 at some point! I'll be the guy in a "46" Yanks home jersey, and might have my 2 year old daughter with me (she loves the PawSox bear mascot).
2008-08-12 12:37:18
5.   thelarmis
freddy garcia signed with the tigers, fwiw...


2008-08-12 12:45:14
6.   Schteeve
Go moose. yay. or whatever. if you don't feel like pitching i wouldn't blame you considering the type of offense attack your buddies have been mounting lately.
2008-08-12 12:45:54
7.   Alex Belth
Sorry about that guys. I will try to keep the videos at a minimum or at least have plenty of other stuff to add as well. Trouble is, the day time is when we post most frequently. Is You Tube the only thing you cannot see or are you blocked from all of the images that are posted?

But you are correct--it is the Woody Moose routine.

2008-08-12 12:50:38
8.   rbj
Whenever I think of the prototypical moose hunter Woody Allen certainly springs to mind.
2008-08-12 12:53:51
9.   JL25and3
7 I don't think I can see any of the videos.

No need to stop posting them, though - I do get home eventually, and I can see them then.

That's one fine routine by Woody.

2008-08-12 12:53:54
10.   thelarmis
the videos will all be there later for folks to watch. me - i actually never watch them. it's all good. i've been digging cliff's inclusion of baseball cards to the posts!

6 i'm always up for some self immolation. as a sagittarius, i like fire. so, if you're about to set yourself ablaze and want some company, lemme know! ; )

2008-08-12 12:54:45
11.   JL25and3
5 And Paul Byrd to the BoSox for a PTBNL. Sweet pickup.
2008-08-12 12:55:49
12.   tommyl
7 I can see the Youtube, what I can't do is hear it. I'm running on a Unix box at work and I've got zippo sound. That makes the music videos a bit less thrilling. Images seem to work fine, flash is hit and miss, depending on the version implemented.

Hey its your blog, post what you want :). Lord knows I appreciate everything you, Cliff and co. write. I just feel left out sometimes.

2008-08-12 12:57:04
13.   tommyl
12 Also, I currently have Mathematica chugging away like mad so anything too processor intensive makes my computer unhappy in the total freeze sense.
2008-08-12 12:58:48
14.   thelarmis
11 damn, i didn't see that yet. he had a good outing the other day...

i still think it was fishy that mitchell (bosox employee) called byrd out for hgh, right before he pitched as boston was getting back in the alcs. you knew right then and there that the shit sox would win that and the next series. feh!

and, of course, boston seems to be the only organization that can replace wakefield w/ another knuckler. some kid charlie zink will loft them up there tonight vs. tejas...

2008-08-12 13:00:37
15.   thelarmis
11 looks like the PTBNL might be cash. as in ca$hmoney, not kevin cash...

alright, i'm off to work. have a good game, everyone!


2008-08-12 13:01:03
16.   tommyl
14 To be fair to the Sox, they deserve full credit for Zink. He was a conventional (mediocre) pitcher and they pushed him to convert after seeing him mess around with it in warmups one day. It took something like 4-5 years for him to make the majors after that. Its fair to say without the Sox he'd be out of baseball right now.

As for Byrd. Is there some reason we didn't block him? What's his contract status?

2008-08-12 13:02:00
17.   Raf
4 Which one, Paws or Sox? They made an appearance @ Fenway Park last weekend, for the Futures @ Fenway doubleheader. While goofing around on the field, Paws did a cartwheel, and lost his head... Literally! Crowd gasped. Pretty funny to see, actually.

I know this is Yankee territory, but if you ever get a chance to do the Futures @ Fenway doubleheader, I'd highly recommend it. I bought a $20 ticket, and was 3 rows off the field. It was awesome being so close to the action.

2008-08-12 13:05:13
18.   Schteeve
10 I actually tried to light myself on fire last night. I got out a huge can of lighter fluid and doused myself, then I lit a match and it flickered and went out. I tried another match, same thing, then another and so on. After 9 matches, I looked at the pinstriped box they came in, it said "Yankees Offense Matches: The Best Matches Money Can Buy!"


2008-08-12 13:05:16
19.   Raf
16 Byrd's a FA after this year, after playing out his option.
2008-08-12 13:06:22
20.   Schteeve
17 You mean, sometimes in baseball there is action? That must be weird. I've been watching the Yankees all season and haven't seen any.
2008-08-12 13:15:49
21.   tommyl
19 And he's worse than Darrell Rasner how?
2008-08-12 13:16:58
22.   Shaun P
17 To be honest, I don't know. I didn't realize they had two bear mascots. If I tell my daughter that, she'll never let me go without her. =)

I've always thought the "Futures@Fenway" game was a great idea, and I wish the Yanks would do something like it. And its probably the cheapest, easiest way to see a baseball game at Fenway these days.

11 Hmmm. That means they are either worried about Wake, or Zink, or Colon won't be back - or they aren't that committed to Buccholz after all.

Probably Byrd takes Zink's place, and then when Wakefield returns, they'll shut down Buccholz due to his innings limit. Just a guess.

2008-08-12 13:17:41
23.   JL25and3
16 Really good question. I guess the Yankees didn't want to risk getting stuck with another capable, dependable starter.
2008-08-12 13:19:18
24.   dianagramr
Hopefully our Moose won't be shot and tied to the fender of Justin Morneau's car tonight.
2008-08-12 13:19:22
25.   cult of basebaal
21 and he plays CF and hits with RISP, how???
2008-08-12 13:24:28
26.   JL25and3
25 I don't know about his outfield play, but Byrd's a career .278/.297/.278 hitter with RISP. That's a middle-of-the-lineup guy for the Yankees.
2008-08-12 13:30:46
27.   Shaun P
26 I don't know about his OF play either, but he's 37 too. PERFECT!
2008-08-12 13:34:32
28.   tommyl
25 Seriously, how much worse can Paul Byrd hit than Melky Cabrera right now?
2008-08-12 13:40:43
29.   Raf
23 Not with the imminent return of Carl Pavano, no...

26 Not only that, since he was on two teams that eliminated the Yanks from the postseason, he's a proven veteran who knows what it takes to win...

2008-08-12 13:41:00
30.   cult of basebaal
28 this is true ... and pitchers are always shagging flys during BP, i'd bet he'd be a decent OF as well
2008-08-12 13:41:31
31.   Raf
29 :)
2008-08-12 13:50:18
32.   tommyl
30 I think at this point we'd benefit from Mariano Rivera playing CF. He's quicker and more athletic, has a cannon and he can bunt better than Melky from the 9 spot. Plus he can pitch as many innings as we want, just switch him in and out.
2008-08-12 13:54:23
33.   cult of basebaal
perhaps joey joe joe jr is slowly getting the message:

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi DH
Nady LF
Cano 2B
Betemit 1B
Molina C

2008-08-12 13:57:06
34.   cult of basebaal
in other news, sheff is now on waivers ... sorry jim dean, but that trade was a clear winner for the yanks, regardless of who we got in return ...
2008-08-12 14:03:56
35.   Raf
34 Just goes to show that a team will put up with anything as long as you're hitting. Once that stops, you're just a PITA.
2008-08-12 14:16:44
36.   dianagramr

Given the title of the post, perhaps you meant PETA ? :-)

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