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Sign Him Up
2008-08-10 07:51
by Alex Belth

Couldn't hoit, no?

2008-08-10 10:20:24
1.   monkeypants
Hmmm...the Yankees are starting their "RH v. LH lineup," featuring the fearsome Sexson-Christian-Molina bottom third.

Also, it looks like Traber (!!) has been who gets sent down? I that it will be a starter: Rasner (does he have options?) or Kennedy.

This season is getting more fun every game.

2008-08-10 10:20:29
2.   The Mick 536
I wondered why George didn't sign him while he was still in his prime.
2008-08-10 10:26:46
3.   monkeypants
2 I'm not...does George sign anyone in his prime?
2008-08-10 10:42:42
4.   dianagramr

Maybe they're confused and only sign guys who's age is a prime number.

(Good if its a 19 or 23-year-old, decent if a 29 or 31 year-old, poor if a 37 or 41-year-old)

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