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Mostly Dead
2008-08-10 06:41
by Alex Belth

The Yanks have been a terrible hitting team with runners in scoring position--Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi are the primary offenders given their importance and what they earn.  The pitching staff is a mess...the problems go on and on.  I haven't had a whole lot of faith that they'd reach October this year, and now, things look as bleak as they have all season.

So, the somber Sunday morning question is: Are they done?

2008-08-10 07:08:56
1.   nemecizer
I don't think they are done yet, but they are almost done. I always saw this as a rebuilding year anyway. But I was hopeful they could still make the playoffs. But with all the injuries... It's getting late very fast.
2008-08-10 07:08:58
2.   Mattpat11
When they went on that 8 game winning streak, I said the team really can't afford to follow it by losing 8 of 13. Which is exactly what they did.

Still, its hard to totally give up. Maybe they have something left.

2008-08-10 07:22:03
3.   JL25and3
Well, mostly dead is slightly alive.

I know it's jumping the gun a little bit, but a different movie came to mind as I watched yesterday's game:

...we've got to verify it legally
To see (to see) if she (if she)
Is morally, ethically,
Spiritually, physically,
Positively, absolutely,
Undeniably and reliably dead.

As Coroner, I must aver
I've thoroughly examined her
And she's not only merely dead
She's really most sincerely dead.

2008-08-10 07:27:29
4.   DarrenF
When is the date that you finally believed in Tampa? For me, it was approximately July 1. That was before Boston parted ways with Manny. I found it amusing that the Yankee players were enthusiastic about Manny moving to the NL -- yet nobody seemed to poll the Tampa players.
2008-08-10 08:04:51
5.   Jeb
Their 2008 season has been terminated.

We can still enjoy individual accomplishments and the last game at the stadium (our series).

Granted they could have a remarkable turnaround and win 80% of their games. But does anyone see this team with all their problems from injuries, pitching, hitting and defense to come back? I don't.

Get out the checkbook, Hank.

2008-08-10 08:36:36
6.   Todd Drew
When I heard that Joe Girardi snapped at a reporter (some LA radio person) for asking a stupid question I shrugged.

That's what reporters do. I was a reporter for enough years to know the job description:
1. Ask a stupid question.
2. Write some meaningless garbage.
3. Don't miss deadline (the assistant city editor has a date with his girlfriend before he has to get home to his wife and kids).
4. Get a drink (beer during the week, Scotch on weekends).

I felt a little for the reporter last night, but then you hit me with your "somber Sunday morning question."

I'm going with most of Girardi's words on this one (leaving out only the crap part):

"What do you think? No. That's a silly question."

2008-08-10 08:48:02
7.   ms october
6 nice response(btw i really enjoy your site)

i thought this was a rebuilding year too, but after that nice run after the asb and the buzz around the trades, i got sucked into thinking that really could and should make the playoffs this year and then be in position to have better showings than the last few years. but now it just seems there are too many things to overcome - but i wouldn't put it past this time to go on another nice run and really be back in the thick of things. let's see.

2008-08-10 08:49:27
8.   Alison
You know, I have a friend who is going to be depressed the rest of the season because of this team, and even me, with my eternal optimism, I'm having trouble coming up with some encouraging words. With the lack of more than 2 reliable starting pitchers right now, I can't see a way to even squeak into the post season.
2008-08-10 08:58:15
9.   Dimelo
"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"
2008-08-10 09:29:04
10.   Max
I'm going to stick with the position that I stated in one of the threads last week -- if they can end up with a .500 or so mark on this road trip, and get an effective Joba and Hughes back by Labor Day weekend (or if Giese and Ponson keep channeling Small and Chacon), they can still make a run.

If Joba is done for 08, the starters keep scuffling, and our relief continues its descent into mediocrity -- we're done in a couple of weeks.

2008-08-10 10:46:09
11.   ChrisS
Before the season, I thought they were a .500 team and pretty much wrote this year off as a rebuilding year. Nothing has happened to change my mind.

They needed to get some breaks to go their way to be a contender (e.g., Hughes or Kennedy stepping up, Melky to hit closer to like he did in April for the entire season instead of being horrible, etc.). They had bad luck with Wang going down, some good luck with Moose rediscovering himself. The injuries to Matsui, Damon, and Posada are the gamble taken when a team is built around a collection of older vets.

Young pitchers trying to adapt to the major leagues also need a decent defense behind them. And the Yankees just aren't a good defensive team.

This team needs a lot of work and I don't think dropping $200 million this offseason on Sabathia and Teixeria is going to solve anything.

2008-08-10 10:46:54
12.   dianagramr
I kinda thought August was gonna make or break them. After August 3rd, they had only 19 home games left, versus 32 on the road.
2008-08-10 11:18:41
13.   Simone
The Yankees are so done that it is time to reach for the barbecue sauce.
2008-08-10 12:38:15
14.   dianagramr
Rays lose Crawford, possibly for season, but activate Baldelli

2008-08-10 12:41:32
15.   The Mick 536
Deader than Kelsey's nuts.

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