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All Ain't Lost...Yet
2008-08-09 10:45
by Alex Belth

Yanks hoping to avoid another Lost Weekend out in La La Land.  With John Lackey on the mound today they have more than their work cut out for them.  Pardon me if I'm not brimming over with confidence.  If they get smacked around today, Ray Milland'll have some company and we'll all be in need of a stiff drink.


Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2008-08-09 10:58:38
1.   Eirias
And the Dolphins sign Pennington. Make it a double.
2008-08-09 11:12:10
2.   underdog
Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. I can't take quiet desperation!
2008-08-09 11:22:42
3.   unmoderated
2008-08-09 12:19:28
4.   JL25and3
Not a bad Ray Milland movie, I suppose, but here's the true classic:
2008-08-09 13:00:16
5.   cult of basebaal
wow ... nice to see our luck hasn't changed ... goddamn angels.
2008-08-09 13:12:39
6.   cult of basebaal
damn .... *no*body around this afternoon ...

crickets ... crickets ...

2008-08-09 13:19:50
7.   ms october
giese is nice twice

if i ever saw mcacrver and did something to him, surely no judge would hold me responsible

2008-08-09 13:19:59
8.   Just fair
A man walks into the banter and says to the bartender, "Where is everyone?" And the bartender says,"Dont ya' know they're playin' the dreaded Angels." And the guy says, "But Geise is pitching. And as eveyone knows, you just can't predict baseball. So Geise is obviously going to outpitch Lackey,"
2008-08-09 13:25:52
9.   thelarmis
6 'sup, cult! hello, i must be going -- i've got a gig outta state and must rush to get outta the house...

i just don't understand Fox. they're showing the Cubs game. meanwhile, the entire nation can see them everyday on WGN. it was the same for the braves w/ TBS, until this season. NO reason they shouldn't be airing Yanks-Halos. then again, if the Yanks were on, i'd be even later than i am getting outta here! : ~


2008-08-09 13:26:11
10.   OldYanksFan
Question: Which is the MOST recent event?
A) Sighting of Haley's Comet
B) Sighting of a Melky Cabrera line drive
2008-08-09 13:33:52
11.   Just fair
Does the pre-game pitcher/catchers meeting include the these directions, "Whatever happens, make sure the 9 hitter gets on base. Hit him. Walk him. Make it happen."
2008-08-09 13:42:55
12.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm around, Team, I'm around.

In and out.

2008-08-09 13:48:48
13.   Chyll Will
12 Not me. I'm a figment of the imagination today...
2008-08-09 13:51:14
14.   OldYanksFan
Do we usually have a smaller audience here when the game is nationally televised?
2008-08-09 13:52:58
15.   OldYanksFan
McCarver is just such an idiot. Joba DID start during ST. TMac does not seem to understand the implications/limitations of a 140 IP limit.
2008-08-09 13:53:25
16.   Chyll Will
14 The games don't usually come on at this time of day, especially West Coast games. (Not to mention the distemper from last night...)
2008-08-09 13:55:09
17.   ms october
13 karim is that you?

14 usually larger i think - my guess is there has been fewer comments on saturdays recently, especially at the beginning of the fox broadcasts and you couple that with the diapointments of this week and last night's clunker and facing the angles you get low turnout - plus lackey is extremely ugly

2008-08-09 13:55:26
18.   OldYanksFan
I guess Giese might be an example of a guy who does not have great stuff, but improved with experience and maturity. It took him TEN years to get here but people are ready to dump IPK after 58 IP.
2008-08-09 13:56:57
19.   OldYanksFan
I do NOT like all this swinging early in the count.
2008-08-09 13:58:54
20.   ms october
19 your friend mccarver has been talking about it too - he thinks hitters tend to swing early in the count againts good pitchers, otherwise they would be behind all the time

they are hitting lackey fairly well - just right at the fielders

2008-08-09 13:59:25
21.   Chyll Will
18 Sshhhh... "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"
2008-08-09 13:59:45
22.   ms october
guess we can wait on haley's commet now
2008-08-09 14:02:54
23.   Chyll Will
MP would say that those were some pretty selfish swings by the Cap'n there...
2008-08-09 14:04:16
24.   Chyll Will
17 That goes for you, too 21 >;)
2008-08-09 14:10:50
25.   ms october
24 or maybe not :}

bright spot, thou name is dan giese

2008-08-09 14:13:00
26.   Chyll Will
25 Heck, I'm still waiting on haley's comment...
2008-08-09 14:13:24
27.   OldYanksFan
D.Giese 5.0 2 0 0 1 4 0 66-47 2.17
Ummm... Err... Am I missing something, or is this one of the very best games pitched by a Yankee this year?
2008-08-09 14:14:12
28.   Just fair
Giese has got to see the Angel top dogs in the 6th for the 3rd time. Some runs here would be nice.
2008-08-09 14:15:20
29.   Just fair
Into the the Disney Mountain. : )
2008-08-09 14:15:21
30.   yankee23
Is it just me or do A-Rod's 25 homers and 68 RBI feel very under-the-radar this year?
2008-08-09 14:15:24
31.   ms october
28 wish granted - thank you arod for the a-bomb!
2008-08-09 14:15:47
32.   yankee23
30 Erm, 26 HR!
2008-08-09 14:15:56
33.   Chyll Will
2008-08-09 14:16:45
34.   weeping for brunnhilde
I sure do love that full-bodied pop the ball makes off Alex's bat.

That's a pretty sound.

2008-08-09 14:16:58
35.   ms october
27 very, very nice game - i do wonder if he will be tiring soon though

ooh and the stacheless smash (i stole that from somebody here, sorry, but i liked it)

2008-08-09 14:17:00
36.   OldYanksFan
More gratuitious, selfish stat padding by ARod. He has the EASIEST HR swing I've ever seen.

Oh man..... GIAMBINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya big stacheless lug you!

2008-08-09 14:17:02
37.   Chyll Will
33 And the Mega Millions numbers are...
2008-08-09 14:17:19
38.   Simone
There must be tons of Yankee fans at that park and they are loud.
2008-08-09 14:17:19
39.   monkeypants
Dammit Giambi, why do you always try to pull the ball??? Especially when they are just giving you the left side???
2008-08-09 14:17:45
40.   ms october
see chyll- it just took back to back homers for haley's comment
2008-08-09 14:18:56
41.   monkeypants
23 Oh yes, very selfish. And arrogant too. Fire Eddie Layton and Stick Michael.
2008-08-09 14:19:07
42.   Just fair
33 "SOME RUNS WOULD BE NICE" and they are. : )
2008-08-09 14:20:20
43.   monkeypants
28 How much does Girardi (or we) trust Geise? Let's see if he can go through the line up for the third time and come out with the lead.
2008-08-09 14:20:55
44.   OldYanksFan
Is it just me or do Giambi's 23 homers and 67 RBI feel very under-the-radar this year?
(psssst.... ARod has 26 HRs and 69 RBI)

ARod - 359 ABs
Giambino - 316 ABs

2008-08-09 14:21:00
45.   mehmattski
I'd be around more if I were actually watching the game... as is, I've got Cardinals-Cubs. Bummer. Go Yanks, and go-go magic Giese!
2008-08-09 14:22:57
46.   Chyll Will
40 She blinded me with science!
2008-08-09 14:23:11
47.   Just fair
43 If he makes through this inning, they need to pat him on the back and tell him to enjoy his shower. Then everyone count their blessings. : )
2008-08-09 14:24:28
48.   cult of basebaal
2008-08-09 14:24:41
49.   monkeypants
Well, that was well-struck, as Weeping would say.
2008-08-09 14:24:42
50.   OldYanksFan
I'm not SURE if they are planning to re-sign Abreu next year, but the right field wall in the new Stadium is made of bubblewrap. Juest sayin'...
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2008-08-09 14:25:09
51.   mehmattski
In Play, Run(s)

Is the bane of my Saturday baseball existence...

2008-08-09 14:25:10
52.   ms october
47 maybe they need to get that "pat" ready - plus he has a big dinner party at his parent's house to get ready for
2008-08-09 14:25:50
53.   JL25and3
"A blast from the present?" Is McCarver for real?
2008-08-09 14:25:52
54.   Chyll Will
Okay, I think I get how this works... if we comment about a player's performance, they'll do the opposite of what we think.
2008-08-09 14:27:41
55.   Just fair
2008-08-09 14:27:58
56.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job by Abreu taking control from Robby.
2008-08-09 14:28:09
57.   OldYanksFan
El Delgado, Veras and Mo? Or Marte for the 8th? Or Giese to start the 7th?
2008-08-09 14:28:13
58.   Chyll Will
53 He's a figment of FOX's collective imagination...
2008-08-09 14:28:56
59.   ms october
53 like i said earlier - if i did something harmful to him i just don't see how a judge could hold me responsible -
with inane comments like that plus the joba issue revisited - it's really unbelievable how stupid he is
2008-08-09 14:29:30
60.   weeping for brunnhilde
59 he h heh heh.
2008-08-09 14:29:59
61.   OldYanksFan
59 Women get off pleading 'extreme abuse' all the time...
2008-08-09 14:30:42
62.   Chyll Will
55 Penicillin?
2008-08-09 14:31:22
63.   mehmattski
62 Ba-dum, ching!
2008-08-09 14:32:16
64.   Chyll Will
61 err, dude? >;)
2008-08-09 14:33:05
65.   OldYanksFan
Ittttttttttttttttttt's Melky's Comet!
2008-08-09 14:33:47
66.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh my God, that was a thing of beauty.

Well done, Melky.

2008-08-09 14:33:50
67.   Chyll Will
OMG, what the hell was that??
2008-08-09 14:34:12
68.   Chyll Will
66 Jinx! >;)
2008-08-09 14:34:17
69.   OldYanksFan
2008-08-09 14:34:28
70.   Just fair
Welcome back, Melky. Atta boy, Girardi. Put some guys in motion. Now Squeeze. : ) Just kidding.
2008-08-09 14:34:57
71.   ms october
giese has thrown 83 pitches today - he threw 96 in june against the mets; 65 tiwce (the last time being jul 27) and 75 also back in june

pretty impressive performance today

2008-08-09 14:35:21
72.   mehmattski
Who's warming up for the Yanks?
2008-08-09 14:36:01
73.   OldYanksFan
2008-08-09 14:36:13
74.   weeping for brunnhilde
Does the old heart good to see such sport.
2008-08-09 14:37:05
75.   Chyll Will
72 Edwarrior...
2008-08-09 14:37:21
76.   mehmattski
74 Sounds like something from a baseball article, circa 1902.

A little description for those less fortunate, please?

2008-08-09 14:37:38
77.   OldYanksFan
"What else would you expect from Derek Jeter?" (a DP?)
2008-08-09 14:37:57
78.   Chyll Will
74 ...and the dish ran away with the spoon?
2008-08-09 14:38:25
79.   OldYanksFan
A soft single for JD scoring 1. Jetes bunts, 2nd and 3rd, 1 out.
2008-08-09 14:39:18
80.   Just fair
Dr. McCarver thinks Melky's hurt. After watcing those replays of him running, I can't say that I blame him.
2008-08-09 14:39:24
81.   ms october
mehmattski - did you see rob neyer's blog from friday about the hopeful change in the blackout rules?
probably wouldn't help on a day like today, but might help with the oriole blackout
(scroll down to about third entry)

2008-08-09 14:40:54
82.   ms october
crap i hate that play - why do you always send the runner?
2008-08-09 14:43:53
83.   mehmattski
Injury Delay?
2008-08-09 14:45:14
84.   Chyll Will
83 Foul-tip off the catcher's hand. Looked worse than it was, apparently...
2008-08-09 14:45:53
85.   weeping for brunnhilde
76 Oh, sorry, I was referring particularly to Damon's hit, I think, but more generally to the three nice singles in an inning plus the hit and run.
2008-08-09 14:46:11
86.   ms october
83 angels cathcer needed to shake off a bad foul tip

however, it game us time to hear timmy's sweet story about breaking his hand once and then the buc broke his hand the next inning - and many people here thought girardi was crazy for not pinch hitting for the catcher more!

2008-08-09 14:46:29
87.   Just fair
83 A-Rod swung at a pitch and Jeter was running. He fouled it off Napol's right hand as he was coming up to throw. That smarts. I'm amazed he didn't break a finger or two.
2008-08-09 14:48:10
88.   monkeypants
77 79 Just like selfish Jeter to call attention to himself and bunt. "sacrifice" "team player"...Right. He was just trying to feed his ego and build up his whole bullshit "winner" reputation.

That bunt totally changed the inning. Who knows, maybe A-Rod gets a better pitch and hits a home run? MAybe Abreu hits the ball in the air.

Once again Jeter blows it. I sure hope he decided to bunt on his own. if that was called by the coaches they all need to be fired.

2008-08-09 14:48:22
89.   weeping for brunnhilde
For what it's worth (and believe me, I'm not trying to instigate another acrimonious debate), I think it's interesting to note, a propos of the Alex-as-feared-hitter thing, that Lackey went right after him.
2008-08-09 14:50:51
90.   Jeb
damn we need this game...Just 7 more outs.
2008-08-09 14:51:01
91.   mehmattski
81 Thanks! I always kind of sided with Time Warner Cable in their fight against MASN about whether to carry the Orioles' network on basic cable. I mean, other than me, how many people in North Carolina care about the Orioles? The blackout rules are really what's to blame, and forcing my fellow residents to pay more for cable so that I can watch the Yankees 18 times a year is not feasible.

The news for next year are encouraging, as I'm sure the people realize they could get a lot more viewers if not for silly blackouts. But unfortunately it doesn't affect my main problem- not being able to watch some of the last games in Yankee Stadium because they're against the Orioles!

2008-08-09 14:52:58
92.   mehmattski
85 My plea for details was directed generally, not at you. My comparison to an old-timey newspaper article stands, based on some baseball research I've done recently. They really used colorful language back then.

89 I'm going to try and use Pitch f/x to take a look at this in the next few days. I will let you know what I find...

2008-08-09 14:53:01
93.   Jeb
I despise the Angels. Fucking Veras.
2008-08-09 14:53:19
94.   weeping for brunnhilde
Well here we go, back to square one.
2008-08-09 14:53:40
95.   Chyll Will
En Vino Veras... (sigh)
2008-08-09 14:53:48
96.   weeping for brunnhilde
92 Cheers!
2008-08-09 14:54:05
97.   OldYanksFan
88 BORING.......
2008-08-09 14:54:06
98.   cult of basebaal
well, that blows.
2008-08-09 14:55:57
99.   mehmattski
88 First and second, no out is not a terrible time to bunt, FWIW.
2008-08-09 14:56:06
100.   OldYanksFan
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2008-08-09 14:57:07
101.   Chyll Will
99 At least he only made 1 out this time...
2008-08-09 14:57:43
102.   cult of basebaal
so glad we didn't bring in edwar in the 7th like we used too, but of course, like petey says, his fastball is a homerun waiting to happen ...

meanwhile, has pudge made a 1 decent throw to second as a yankee???

2008-08-09 14:57:44
103.   Just fair
Maybe Pudges' pitch selection is suspect after all. Crap.
2008-08-09 14:58:19
104.   Jeb
oh great, Edwar against Tex. Enjoy 3-3 because it will be 6-3 momentarily.
2008-08-09 14:59:28
105.   mehmattski
104 Jose Veras will kindly accept your apology, sir.
2008-08-09 14:59:40
106.   ms october
103 something is suspect damnit.

alright time to get these runs back and get someone in there for 3 outs then mo.

2008-08-09 14:59:50
107.   Chyll Will
104 (Psst, Veras!)
2008-08-09 15:00:16
108.   weeping for brunnhilde
104 Dodged a bullet.
2008-08-09 15:01:29
109.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's hope Jason can jerk one.
2008-08-09 15:02:06
110.   mehmattski
Hmm... Scot Sheilds in the eighth inning in a close game. Seems familiar...
2008-08-09 15:02:57
111.   monkeypants
97 Yes, it really, really is.
2008-08-09 15:02:57
112.   mehmattski
109 You're..... rooting for a home run?!?

Unless you're suggesting that Giambi go find Matsui's stash...

2008-08-09 15:03:03
113.   Chyll Will
109 Let's not. This is a family channel after all...
2008-08-09 15:04:42
114.   cult of basebaal
jose can you see how disappointed you just made all of dan giese's family???

nice job.

2008-08-09 15:04:50
115.   Jeb
104 you're right, Veras looked great giving up those homers. He looked as good as IPK last night. Sterling said Edwar was coming in.
2008-08-09 15:04:51
116.   Just fair
Well the ump missed one strike 3 call against Giambe so he makes up for it 2 pitches later. Geez.
2008-08-09 15:05:23
117.   monkeypants
2008-08-09 15:05:45
118.   mehmattski
115 Ah, I believe I've discovered the flaw... believing what Sterling says to be true.
2008-08-09 15:05:49
119.   weeping for brunnhilde
Damn, off the bat I thought Robby's ball would go through.

Damn it.

2008-08-09 15:06:18
120.   Just fair
McCarver doesn't realize that Cano is not all that fast. He's questiong his hustle. C'mon, douche.
2008-08-09 15:06:21
121.   Chyll Will
That didn't look right. Was Robby running hard or did the ump blow it? FOX of course cut away before you could see anything definitive...
2008-08-09 15:07:59
122.   ms october
114 we know he's not getting an invite to the party later

119 i think shields' glove slowed it down a bit
- robbie thought he had a hit too

2008-08-09 15:08:03
123.   weeping for brunnhilde
112 Ha ha. Yes, I was rooting for a homerun. That was the time to invest the ab body and soul with homerun potential.

Look for something to hit out or nothing.

2008-08-09 15:08:23
124.   Jeb
drown the rally monkey.
2008-08-09 15:09:09
125.   ms october
damnit 4 solo hrs - ughhhhhhhhh
2008-08-09 15:09:32
126.   Just fair
F#@#ing Angels.
2008-08-09 15:09:32
127.   Jeb
115 the other flaw was pitching Veras....we should have won this we're going to lose.
2008-08-09 15:09:39
128.   monkeypants
So today the Angels have decided to eschew their normal flare and grounder approach for their rarely used all-HR approach.
2008-08-09 15:10:21
129.   Chyll Will
123 Looks like you need an alignment check, my friend. Apparently your rooting juju came in a half-inning too late :(
2008-08-09 15:10:31
130.   mehmattski
127 You would have stayed with Giese? Gone to Mo for 9 outs? Since you clearly don't like Veras and Ramirez, who do you suggest pitch the seventh inning?
2008-08-09 15:10:41
131.   cult of basebaal
well ... nice of edwar to help out too ... just a great game from the pen ...
2008-08-09 15:10:53
132.   Zack
Wow am I glad I have missed this game other than the occasional check of gameday (thanks Fox blackout despite being in San Diego!) Missed offensive opportunities, wasted starting pitching, weird BP decisions followed by bad pitching. This team really knows how to find aggravating ways to lose...
2008-08-09 15:11:43
133.   weeping for brunnhilde
These are some aggressive motherfuckers.

What is that, three first-pitch fastballs, three first-pitch hits?

2008-08-09 15:11:54
134.   OldYanksFan
Well... wasn't that fun. The Abreu/ARod ABs killed us today.
2008-08-09 15:12:05
135.   Jeb
2008-08-09 15:12:19
136.   monkeypants
123 So I am curious, which are the situation sin which a slugger should invest in HRs, and which are not? I am surprised that you would not see that moment--tie game, no outs, late, for Giambi simply to work a walk or dunk a single. I'm so confused. there are the Angels I am used to.

2008-08-09 15:12:21
137.   Chyll Will
well, this is craptacular...
2008-08-09 15:12:43
138.   randym77
It's the Angels. Our nemesis.
2008-08-09 15:12:43
139.   ms october
what's up with the pen of late? just the random nature of it? overworked? or do we actually miss farnsworth????????
2008-08-09 15:12:54
140.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, Robby.

I love it when the wheels come off in the eleventh hour.

Nice baseball game.

2008-08-09 15:13:05
141.   OldYanksFan
OK. Gonna mow the lawn now. See y'all tomorrow.
2008-08-09 15:13:06
142.   Jeb
130 I'd just not make the trip. Forfeit the 6 games in LA since we can't beat them anyway.
2008-08-09 15:14:03
143.   pistolpete
Go White Sox, go Mariners. Keep our pathetic season alive for one more night.
2008-08-09 15:14:48
144.   weeping for brunnhilde
136 I don't have formula. I guess you could say it's like pornography.

In that case, for instance, the likelihood of Giambi hitting one out was pretty high given how he's swinging the bat of late.

Seemed a decent bet.

2008-08-09 15:15:34
145.   Simone
There really is no point in the Yankees playing the Angels.
2008-08-09 15:15:46
146.   monkeypants
144 Giambi's 'stache was like pornography...
2008-08-09 15:15:58
147.   weeping for brunnhilde
134 Plus, no one was on base. Had someone been on second, I wouldn't have been looking for a dinger.
2008-08-09 15:17:04
148.   weeping for brunnhilde
How do they do it?

Amazing, this ball club.

2008-08-09 15:17:32
149.   weeping for brunnhilde
146 Ha ha ha hah aa a h !!!!

Indeed it is!

H ah ahah.!

2008-08-09 15:18:08
150.   Jeb
why even bother pulling Edwar now? Just let him pitch until the Angels decide to stop.
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2008-08-09 15:18:18
151.   Chyll Will
Thank you Juan Rivera. Now I can turn away from this game with no regrets whatsoever. Good luck with the rally, folks, I'm hanging out with Ray Milland and a six-pack of root beers...
2008-08-09 15:18:29
152.   cult of basebaal
two days, two bullpen meltdowns ... fuck, this sucks AND blows ...
2008-08-09 15:18:58
153.   weeping for brunnhilde
134 Plus, I think that because there was no one on base and since Nady, a good hitter was on-deck, Jason was likely to see better pitches in that ab.

With ducks on the pond, I'd expect the pitcher to be less inclined to challenge him.

2008-08-09 15:19:18
154.   monkeypants
147 Ah, I're a fan of the solo HR. I get it--it's OK to score runs, so long as they come one at a time (walk with bases loaded, solo dinger, etc).

; )

2008-08-09 15:19:21
155.   weeping for brunnhilde
152 It most certainly does.
2008-08-09 15:21:15
156.   monkeypants
153 So, with the bases empty and a good batter behind Giambi, the pitcher would be more likely to challenge Giambi. But with runners on and a good batter behind Giambi, the pitter would be more likely to nibble.
2008-08-09 15:21:45
157.   weeping for brunnhilde
Almost more than the L itself, what really pisses me off is that I was actually looking forward to watching Mo.

I could taste it, in fact.

2008-08-09 15:22:14
158.   weeping for brunnhilde
156 I think so, no?
2008-08-09 15:24:45
159.   randym77
This inning is never going to end, is it?
2008-08-09 15:26:26
160.   monkeypants
158 Well, it makes no sense to me. If the good batter is "protection" for Giambi, then the pitcher wouldn't nibble in either case. He would certainly be less inclined to put more runners on for Nady.

Frankly, I think that batter protection is overblown. But I also think that it is a bit silly (no offense) to pull for a HR in one circumstance but not another, or to assume that batters facing pitchers at the highest level can fundamentally change their approach. I want Giambi to have good ABs and good plate judgement and swing hard at hittable pitches,etc., regardless of the circumstances.

But you and I and others have argued about this too many times.

2008-08-09 15:27:19
161.   monkeypants
159 It is painful to watch one inning use up an entire bull pen.
2008-08-09 15:27:25
162.   Simone
No cries for Girardi to explode and show emotion? I'm surprised.
2008-08-09 15:27:56
163.   Jeb
good thing Figgins keeps stealing in a blowout. I'd have Bruney hit him in the fucking head.
2008-08-09 15:28:59
164.   monkeypants
Sweet, McCarver is using the slow pace of this inning to explain how lead off HRs don't usually lead to multi-run innings. He must be experiencing cognitive dissonance, or something, right now.
2008-08-09 15:30:39
165.   randym77
An out! An out!!!!
2008-08-09 15:30:49
166.   cult of basebaal
hmmm ... anyone else expect to see melancon take robertson's place within a day or two?
2008-08-09 15:32:10
167.   monkeypants
166 Maybe. But if Veras and Edwar and Bruney also all struggle...
2008-08-09 15:32:43
168.   weeping for brunnhilde
160 Fair enough.
2008-08-09 15:33:58
169.   Jeb
We're toast. This game. This series. This road trip. This season. This decade.


2008-08-09 15:34:54
170.   monkeypants
169 This decade?
2008-08-09 15:38:22
171.   Jeb
170 yes. We have too many problems to fix before the decade ends. We won't win a title this decade.
2008-08-09 15:41:40
172.   monkeypants
171 Predicting not winning a title. That's bold. I agree with you, I think the odds are very steep against them winning the title this decade, this year or 2009. And "not winning title" = "toast," I agree with you there.
2008-08-09 15:42:56
173.   Jeb
172 if you're not first, you're last. Right, Rickey Bobby?
2008-08-09 15:47:54
174.   monkeypants
173 If you say so. I'd rather watch the Yankees this season, as frustrating as they are, than the Mariners. The Mariners are toast.
2008-08-09 16:07:57
175.   JL25and3
Didn't we already win a title this decade?
2008-08-09 16:16:22
176.   randym77
175 I say no. The decade started in 2001, because there was no year zero. :)
2008-08-09 16:21:09
177.   JL25and3
176 That holds for "the 21st century," which explicitly counts from the 1st century. But this isn't specifying "the 201st decade," just "the Aughts." At that point convention and convenience are a valid way of numbering.

So there.

2008-08-09 16:26:33
178.   kylepetterson
2008-08-09 16:52:57
179.   OldYanksFan
Score 5-3, lawn a mess.
Score 11-4, lawn looks good.
2008-08-09 17:16:59
180.   Gagne55
176 In that case, 2010 would also be this decade.
2008-08-09 17:23:40
181.   monkeypants
179 I think it means the Yanks are about 4 games out in the WC...or you have a very big yard.
2008-08-09 19:25:43
182.   weeping for brunnhilde
179 Heh heh heh heh heh.

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