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A King of Comedy
2008-08-09 08:08
by Alex Belth

Bernie Mac, a very funny fellow, died early this morning from complications due to pneumonia.  He was just 50-years old.  Mac had a blue act, but also had a great vulnerability that made him a success on TV.  He was never afraid to bust on himself.  I thought the first few seasons of The Bernie Mac Show were especially winning.  More than anything he was authentic, true to himself.  He was the real deal.  He made me laugh a lot, and he made me laugh hard.  

Man, this is just lousy news.  Here is the routine that became the basis for his show:

"Don't touch my old school, my new school, my slow jams, my party jams, my happy rap, and you bet not touch my James Brown...or somebody is really going to get hurt."

2008-08-09 09:14:32
1.   ms october
rip him downstairs.
i love the milk and cookies bit - whenever the kings of comedy came on i waited for berne mac's segment.
2008-08-09 10:09:03
2.   Chyll Will
My roommate woke me up with the news that "one of the celebrities died" and I immediately knew who it was. It's quite ironic to consider him a celebrity in the conventional sense; most celebrities are famous for being famous nowadays, but Bernie was a really hard-working man and entertainer who was certainly appreciated for that ethic as well as his humor. That he laid his vulnerabilities open for the world to see and gain something substantial from makes this a sad loss for our present culture.

Not everyone will agree; he wasn't always comfortable to deal with in terms of his humor, but that's fine. Good comedians will challenge you or your notions one way or another without have to seek a common denominator, swipe from other creators or apologize for what they say (because they actually meant what they said), and his wealth of experiences, good and bad, inspired some thoughtful and challenging material.

He expressed a desire to retire from performing and acting just last year so he could enjoy the fruits of his success with his family, and it's a terrible shame he wasn't left much time to do that. If nothing else, I hope we all take that as a notion to stop for a moment and at least acknowledge the good things we have going for ourselves.

Blessings, brotha, thank you for the laughs and hope you can finally rest peacefully.

2008-08-09 10:50:56
3.   Alex Belth
Very nicely put, Will. Bernie is one of the few celebrities in recent years that I actually had a desire to meet.
2008-08-09 12:32:02
4.   Simone
RIP, Bernie.
2008-08-10 01:49:26
5.   Raf
Holy cow... This is the first I've heard of this. WOW
2008-08-10 19:50:33
6.   maineyank
Too bad, too early. Bernie Mac was a true King of Comedy. He always made me laugh to the point that I'd have tears running down my face. He was a terrific, funny guy. Very genuine, very funny. I will truly miss him.

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