Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2008-08-04 05:31
by Alex Belth

Once again, it wasn't pretty, but it worked.

Hard to imagine the Angels booting their way out of a victory, but there you go. Justin Christian played a key role for the Yanks and so did Xavier Nady with his six RBI. Pudge Rodriguez homered and had another big base hit as well. Bobby Abreu made glaring mistake on the bases but made up for it at the plate. Man, hard to figure Edwar Ramirez getting the win when all he did was give up a grand slam.

Hey...We'll take it.

2008-08-04 07:48:05
1.   bp1
You're right, Alex. We'll take it.

I got home just in time to watch the beginning of the game. When Abreu was thrown out at third, robbing the Yankees of a run when Jeter didn't cross the plate first, I got that disgusted look on my face and went out to mow the lawn. Had to do something.

I finished the lawn just as a couple dark clouds were passing over with a few sprinkles. I turned the key in the car to roll up the windows, and Sterling was yelling that the bases were loaded and the Yankees were up by a run. 9-8!! How'd that happen?!? Did Lackey get hurt or something?

So I sprint into the house to see Robbie just about seal the game with his grounder up the middle. It did not make up for that upsetting 1-0 loss, but like you say, I'll take it. A win's a win.

I wonder how many of these games we're gonna get in at the Rangers. Looks like Texas is about to get nailed with that big storm.

2008-08-04 08:09:22
2.   Sliced Bread
Vacation time for Melky & Rasner, no?
Play the hot hand and give Christian the cf start in Texas. Too hot to play Damon out there. Give Christian a few games. See what he's got.
Kennedy's earned the start under the Friday night lights in Anaheim.
That's all I got.
Keep it rollin' Yanks.
2008-08-04 08:14:15
3.   RIYank
So, if the temperature is 106, Cano should slug about .900, right?
2008-08-04 08:23:43
4.   ms october
i am hoping the hot air and crappy texas pitching will help giambi too.

2 yes, girrardi ought to at least give jc some time this week - especially against the lhps.

giese's outing yesterday was huge. not only did it allow the yanks to get back into the game, but with the texas heat and hitting, i think it is going to be really important to not have a burned out pen.
not to mention 10 games in 10 days.
and of course hopefully mo is okay and will be available soon.

2008-08-04 08:50:51
5.   JL25and3
According to Pete Abe, the Porn 'Stache of Doom is no more.
2008-08-04 09:32:46
6.   mehmattski
Eighth Inning, Yankee Stadium

Figgins: Oh man, I feel like a total choad.
Shields: Aww, come on, Chone, that's just because you look like a total choad...
Thanks to Just Fair and Mr. Jazz Ok Tokyo for making this joke happen.


2008-08-04 09:51:36
7.   weeping for brunnhilde
4 Any word whatever on Mo? What's the official line? Anyone know?
2008-08-04 10:02:45
8.   Just fair
6 Ha. Any time.
My sister lives in Dallas and is going to one of the games this week. i talked to her the other day and she asked if I wanted a Rangers t-shirt. If I hadn't said no or she didn't ask, I would have had to put it at the bottom of my drawer next to the Boston's shirt my folks bought me in Florida. : )
It's some bar and grill place they like to visit when down there.
Whoever has the "Melky should sit" petition, please send it my way.
2008-08-04 10:25:55
9.   YankeeInMichigan
There is no rain in Dallas 5-day forecast: Tropical storms rarely if ever make it up to Dallas.

As for the 106 degrees, that's the daytime forecast. Dallas summer nights are hot, but not THAT hot.

2008-08-04 10:53:53
10.   cult of basebaal
phillip made the monday 10 pack over at BP, the velocity spike is BIG, if it's for real:

Technically, he's not really a prospect any more, but he's still a young unproven player. Based on what Hughes showed on Saturday, though, he could be a factor in the post-season race. Once the top pitching prospect in the game, Hughes made his second rehab appearance since recovering from a rib injury on Saturday, absolutely dominating Sally League hitters, allowing one hit in 3 2/3 shutout innings while striking out five. More important was how good Hughes' stuff was, as his fastball sat in the low 90s and consistently touched 94-95—the kind of velocity he showed frequently in the minors, but rarely with the Yanks. While neither he nor Ian Kennedy have played the expected roles in the big-league level this year, they both might come September.

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