Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
You Don't Have to Be Pretty to Win
2008-08-03 14:13
by Alex Belth

14-9.  Thrills and spills in the Bronx as the Yanks out-Angel the Angels.




2008-08-03 14:40:48
1.   JL25and3
One of my all-time favorite lines:

I get stupid
I shoot an arrow like Cupid
I use a word that don't mean nothin', like looptid.

2008-08-03 14:46:59
2.   Eirias
Looks like the Met's nickname for Nady, "The Untier" is pretty apt.
2008-08-03 15:15:55
3.   Max
Pretty good day for many of the big trade deadline pickups...Nady, Pudge, Bay, Manny. Farns, not so much.
2008-08-03 15:17:07
4.   Bruce Markusen
Coming on the heels of what may have been their most exhilarating win of the season, I wonder if the Yankees should make a couple of roster moves to shore up some weak areas.

Rasner's ERA is now well over 5.00. It might be time to bring up Kennedy. And Cabrera continues to look clueless at the plate. Maybe send him down and bring Gardner back up, or at least put him on the bench for a few days. Perhaps give Christian or Damon some time in center field against Texas.

2008-08-03 15:27:17
5.   Shaun P
4 I'm with you on IPK coming back up, but there may be no better cure for Melky's lost bat than some Texas heat and crappy Rangers pitching.
2008-08-03 15:40:45
6.   RIYank
Wow, Manny was a triple short of the cycle today. Of course, Manny doesn't hit triples. And Jason Bay scored twice. The Pirates outfield isn't too impressed with the AL after all.
2008-08-03 15:56:34
7.   cult of basebaal
meanwhile, peteabe is still busting edwar's balls:

Where was Damaso Marte in the 8th inning? Edwar Ramirez has pitched very well this season. But his fastball is a home run waiting to happen. Once he put two runners on base, that should have been it. As Mark Teixeira came to the plate, Sterling said, "How many home runs has Edwar allowed this season?" A few seconds later, there it went. If the guy in the radio booth knows it's coming, so should the coaches.

well, the answer at the time was 3 ... which is one less than jose veras had given up in roughly the same amount of innings pitched. and yet, do we ever hear pete flapping his lips about how jose veras is a homerun waiting to happen?

wonder why that is?

2008-08-03 16:11:40
8.   RIYank
7 Also, Teixeira is 5 for 6 against Marte, with a double, a homer, and a walk.
2008-08-03 16:12:54
9.   nick
8 Pete thinks like an old school scout--likes his ballplayers toolsey....
2008-08-03 16:24:13
10.   Bob Timmermann
Temps should hit 109 in Arlington tomorrow for the Yankees arrival.

Wear a hat.

2008-08-03 17:16:24
11.   Max
7 Pete has always been a bit hard on Edwar, but in his defense, when Edwar is struggling (which hasn't been often this season, granted), it really shows and it usually isn't pretty. I wasn't one bit surprised when Texeira hit the grand couldn't have been more telegraphed if it had been BP.

It seems silly to lift a guy when he's given up only his first hit since the end of June, but you could really tell by then that Edwar wasn't fooling the hitters and that he lost the zone. I would have brought in Veras, Marte, someone else, because I had no confidence in Edwar's ability to get a good hitter out with less than his best stuff.

2008-08-03 18:05:56
12.   OldYanksFan
The Halos commited 4 errors and gave up NINE unearned runs. I'll bet it's been a while since they have played that sloppy.

We are going to need a lot of luck to make the PS. Bobby has been hot (OPS up to .846), Nady has been cosmic, and JD continues to shine. Otherwise, it ain't pretty.

Our MVP has MVP numbers, but those who have been watching these games, sees that ARod is missing a ton of opportunities to drive in runs. Giambi's thong must be too tight, as he was swinging a better bat when he was batting .160. Cano has cooled off. You just never know what's coming with Robbie. Somehow Jeter is posting good clutch numbers between his GIDP... but I must have missed all those games. It mys be my old eyes. I just don't see Jeter helping this team to win. And Melky is somehow getting worse, with a sub .640 OPS now.

I keep waiting for these guys to break out and start playing winning baseball, but snow is in the forecast. Our pitching has been better then expected... Moose, Joba and Mo are Post Season players. But there is an enery missing, that is really missing is Jeter. Like we have seen in some of the last Post Seasons, they seem more scared then excited in clutch situations.

Someone aside from Mr. X has to step up.
It ain't early anymore.

2008-08-03 18:55:47
13.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, Team, I missed the postgame: what's up with Mo?
2008-08-03 18:57:12
14.   weeping for brunnhilde
12 I know. When I heard today that we were ten games over I just couldn't believe my ears. After all is said and done, we're still well over .500.

I guess that should give us cause for hope.

2008-08-03 18:59:02
15.   weeping for brunnhilde
3 Farns, not so much!

Ha ha hah ah aha ha !!

Poor galut that he his.

Fare thee well, Kyle!

Good luck, Detroit!

2008-08-03 19:06:39
16.   dianagramr
Think the Angels will be able to sign Texieira?

He wants a 10 -year contract .... if you believe Ken Rosenthal

2008-08-03 19:45:26
17.   joejoejoe
Shorter Dave Dombrowski: ' looks like a great deal @ $11/share. I'm buying!'
2008-08-03 19:45:41
18.   OldYanksFan
(The secret is out...)
AL exec bags on Farnsworth
Posted: Sunday August 03, 2008 10:07AM ET

One interesting thing heard about the Ivan Rodriguez-Kyle Farnsworth deal came from an AL executive, who said, "I'm sure it was a no-brainer for the Yankees. For at some point I think they knew that Kyle Farnsworth, as well as he's pitched, would become Kyle Farnsworth."

Boston Globe

2008-08-03 20:13:34
19.   JL25and3
16 If it's the interview I heard, that's not exactly what Teixeira said. His basic point was that it wasn't about the money (have we ever heard that before?), that if it had just been about money he would have taken Texas's deal, it's about where he feels comfortable, where he wants to spend the next ten years of his life. That's not quite the same as saying he's looking for a ten-year deal, but I'm not surprised it's being presented that way.
2008-08-03 20:14:27
20.   Shaun P
16 Why not? Damon wanted 7 years.

He'll never get it. And to be honest, is he's smart, he'll tell Boras to find him a 4 year deal. Someone will be willing to pay more per year in 4 years than in 7 or 10; and Tex could be a free agent again at 32. If the amount of money in the game keeps going up, he'll be set for another lucrative contract.

2008-08-03 20:21:35
21.   cult of basebaal
20 exactly, if i were the yankees, i'd offer tex a FAT 5 year deal and present it with just that logic ... in 5 years, you'll still be young enough to get other 4 or 5 year FAT contact.
2008-08-03 20:22:41
22.   cult of basebaal
meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Sources have told the LoHud Yankees Blog that Jason Giambi has shaved his mustache. The Big G clearly needed to do something given that he has four extra-base hits and a .205 batting average since July 1.

2008-08-03 20:24:48
23.   weeping for brunnhilde
22 I'm encouraged that he's being proactive.
2008-08-03 21:13:21
24.   cult of basebaal
23 next stop ... MUTTONCHOPS!!!
2008-08-03 21:43:20
25.   Bruce Markusen
With Giambi struggling and Betemit a continuing enigma, is it time to give Ben Broussard or Juan Miranda a call-up? Broussard has put up good power numbers at Scranton, while Miranda's been hitting for average (but not much power) and getting on at a good clip. I guess what I'm getting at is this: if Damon can play center field, then put Giambi at DH and platoon Sexson with Broussard/Miranda at first base.

As much as the offense produced the last two games against the Angels, I'm still worried about the inconsistency of the lineup.

2008-08-03 22:04:07
26.   weeping for brunnhilde
25 As well you should be, but then again, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds!
2008-08-03 23:02:52
27.   cult of basebaal
25 seems like a lot of working to not get anywhere.

sexson's about as useful as tits-on-a-boar.

i'd rather go with dumping hacky, playing damon in CF, giambi at 1st and betemit at DH for a while, at least against RHP ...

2008-08-03 23:19:12
28.   Eirias
26 By which you mean "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." Wise consistency is a good thing. And little minds should rightfully be scared of foolish consistency. And neither Girardi nor Cashman are little minds (nor statesmen or divines). It is a complex quote and is usually misused, as in this context, so don't even try it. And don't screw up the Emerson quotes.

(End Asshole Mode)

2008-08-03 23:35:24
29.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
day games in NYC = sleeping Mr OK Jazz Tokyo...but nice to wake up and watch the highlights of a crazy win... 27 Sexon should be sent to the sea...
2008-08-04 00:08:24
30.   weeping for brunnhilde
28 Duly noted!


2008-08-04 04:44:27
31.   Bagel Boy
4 I'm with you completely on both counts. Considering that Kennedy and Rasner are in sync, I would be shocked if the former didn't replace the latter on Friday.

And on Melky, here's what I posted yesterday:

Last 7 days_: .192 .222 .269
Last 14 days: .245 .275 .306
Last 28 days: .235 .253 .318
Last 365 days: .247 .300 .350

Yesterday's 0 fer 5 surely didn't help any of those numbers. And keep in mind that last line includes his hot start to this year.

It's time to send him down. And no, at this point, I don't think he'll do any thing in Texas 5 that would top what Christian or Gardner would do. Worse, the team is absolutely killing Melky's chances of ever developing. Sure, even stick Damon out there and give any of Sexson, Betemit, Broussard, or Miranda those ABs. They surely won't put up a .500 OPS.

2008-08-04 04:58:54
32.   RIYank
12 Our MVP has MVP numbers, but those who have been watching these games, sees that ARod is missing a ton of opportunities to drive in runs.

Alex's OPS this year with 2 out RISP is .892.

I know, that's just another number, sorry.

2008-08-04 05:00:34
33.   The Mick 536
"I'm steppin' tall, y'all"

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