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Hump Day
2008-08-03 08:11
by Alex Belth

John Lackey is a hump. Just a tough guy to deal with. On the field that is. Dude is as competitive as he is ugly too. He goes against the Yankees today as New York strives to split the four-game series against the Angels. A split would be a wonderful way to end the weekend. But Lackey is a hump, man. Darrell Rasner, who pitched well in his last outing, goes for the Yanks.

It's a beautiful, sunny day in the Bronx.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2008-08-03 08:35:22
1.   mehmattski
I wonder how Rasner will deal without his favorite catcher, Chad Moeller.

Also, did anyone notice that Jeff Karstens shut down the Cubs the other day?

6.0IP 5 H 0 R 4 BB 2 K

The guy never got a chance to show he was better than Rasner or Sidney Ponson. I think he's a capable 4th or 5th starter, but having Nady is a good thing too.

2008-08-03 08:36:35
2.   seattleyank
I'm happy for Karstens. But I still don't think he was going to make in the AL East. Plus, a 4BB/2K line is not really encouraging.
2008-08-03 08:37:46
3.   mehmattski
Also, Alberto Gonzalez is hitting .571/.667/.857 in seven at bats for the Nationals so far... I knew the NL was weak, but not that weak...
2008-08-03 08:47:09
4.   seattleyank
3 Speaking of the AG, did you read Steven Goldman's blog about what if the Yankees had the audacity of the Red Sox front office and traded Jeter to the Dodgers? He wasn't necessarily advocating a trade, but it was pretty interesting to think about.
2008-08-03 09:04:03
5.   mehmattski
4 It is interesting, although Goldman left out some key points:

1) Jeter has a full no-trade clause which he has no reason to waive... although if there's any team he might waive it for, it's the Torre-led Dodgers.

2) If the Dodgers didn't give up Matt Kemp to get Manny Ramirez, thy weren't going to give him up to get Derek Jeter. I think Andy LaRoche and Andre Eithier might have been more likely, unless it were a three-way deal and the Yankees would just get Jason Bay.

3) Even in a decline in 2008, Jeter is still among the league leaders in Runs Created. He's not in the top pack anymore (Reyes and Ramiriez are well ahead of everyone else), but he's not in Melky Cabrera territory either. Relative value is important.

2008-08-03 09:08:03
6.   ms october
1 hopefully someone figured out a bit what moeller was doing differently than molina and pudge can build on it.
in between all the other nosense and bs there was some decent (for fox) discussion of the transition a catcher must make with the pitchers when adjusting to a new pitching staff. some good quotes from girrardi about it too.

2 yeah scaryflyball guy was going to have a tough time in the al much less the al east

4 i guess it is an interesting thought exercise - but as mark jackson would say, steve goldman you are better than that. they are both big names who make a lot of money and whose skills aren't what they were - otheriwse the comparison is so far off it is just a huge reach.

gotta hope for a let down from lackey after his near no-hitter at fenway.

2008-08-03 09:08:34
7.   tommyl
So apparently Hughes was sitting at 95 last night and hit 101?! That must have been one hell of a juiced gun. Otherwise, if this is all just from some lingering injury, the real Hughes might be mighty welcome down the stretch run.
2008-08-03 09:15:05
8.   seattleyank
5 Although one difference is that Manny is a two month rental. Jeter has a few years left. Another: Manny's reputation is poison. Jeter is, rightly or not, revered as the consummate winner, leader, team player.
2008-08-03 09:18:32
9.   seattleyank
7 I wasn't there, but there's no chance in hell Hughes hit 101. But if he was 92-95, that's plenty good.
2008-08-03 09:48:21
10.   DarrenF
4 I think Jeter is largely paid to be the icon of a >$1B business enterprise. That is why The George understood what he was doing eight years ago, regardless of OBP or GIDP or range to the left or ...

Friday night, the trivia question was which Angels starting pitcher had most wins at Yankee Stadium. I missed the answer. Did anybody hear the answer? Thanks.

2008-08-03 09:52:12
11.   Bagel Boy
Speaking of Melky:

Last 7 days_: .192 .222 .269
Last 14 days: .245 .275 .306
Last 28 days: .235 .253 .318

He needs to get sent down. They're killing whatever chance he had of learning and developing.

2008-08-03 09:53:29
12.   Bagel Boy
One more -

Last 365 days: .247 .300 .350

2008-08-03 09:59:19
13.   Bagel Boy
10 Gotta be Finley.
2008-08-03 10:11:36
14.   Max
The last time we faced a really hot team (the Rays), I had a good feeling that we were going to get them on a downswing -- their last game against KC before coming to YS, they went 1 for 19 with RISP, and it continued when they played us.

I'm hoping the same thing will happen to the Angels -- yes, they beat us down on Thursday, but two days in a row now, they've had nothing, and I want it to continue. Of course, if our bats don't do anything, it's a moot (mute) point.

2008-08-03 10:11:59
15.   RIYank
Today's word is:


2008-08-03 10:12:10
16.   cult of basebaal
5 the other difference is in the way that steven sets up the situations that led to the red sox being willing to dump each of the players. he presents it as based primarily on the declining production of each. although i believe that the declining production of nomar and manny were what allowed them to be dealt, i think it's pretty clear that the instigating factors were off the field. the manny details are obvious, but there were plenty of whisperings about nomar that last year, including the incident where he didn't leave the bench during a near brawl.

now, you can argue whether the poisoning of the relationship was organic or orchestrated by management (or a little of both, probably), but in each situation there has been a souring of the player's relationship with the team and fans, which cushioned the sting of the trade.

unless the yankees wanted to create a smear campaign against jeter, i don't think the situation would be similar in a very meaningful way.

2008-08-03 10:12:38
17.   cult of basebaal
fucking rasner. when does ipk come up?
2008-08-03 10:15:21
18.   Max
14 Naturally, as soon as I posted, Raz decides to get the Halos out of their slump...sorry for the jinx. :-(
2008-08-03 10:16:27
19.   cult of basebaal
2008-08-03 10:17:12
20.   RIYank
17 Irrelevant, since he'll replace Ponson.
2008-08-03 10:22:18
21.   RIYank
19 Wow, that would have been a bad move, huh?
2008-08-03 10:22:41
22.   Max
Wow, hell of an escape there. I was sure that was going to be an Andy-level meltdown after Anderson's single.
2008-08-03 10:24:56
23.   RIYank
22 It really did have that 'Oh well' quality. The Angels were 3 for 4 with a walk, and the hits, though all singles, were hard hits too.

Here we go, good job, JD!

2008-08-03 10:26:10
24.   RIYank
Interesting strategy when down two runs in the first.

I guess Jeter reads BB and knows we were all absolutely certain he would GIDP.

2008-08-03 10:30:29
25.   cult of basebaal
even the angels announcers, prophets of scrappy small ball, can't figure out why jeter would sac bunt down by two in the 1st ...
2008-08-03 10:34:55
26.   RIYank
Thanks, Darrell, I hate watching Reggie Willits swing.
2008-08-03 10:35:54
27.   Just fair
Frickin' Choad. Good thing Rasner pitched around Willits. He's dangerous.
2008-08-03 10:36:15
28.   RIYank
One out, runners on second and third. Deja vu.
2008-08-03 10:45:46
29.   cult of basebaal
man, rasner's playing with matches in the middle of a lake of gasoline ...
2008-08-03 10:58:27
30.   randym77
3 Wil Nieves is batting .284.
2008-08-03 11:01:37
31.   Max
I wonder if this is the record low for Banter comments for a four game series against a quality opponent. I guess it's no fun constantly talking about being someone else's b**ch.

Still, given that a single thread on how much Melky sucks can generate over 200 comments, the quiet here over the last three days is a bit unnerving.

2008-08-03 11:07:11
32.   randym77
11 To me, the most telling is:

2006: .280 .360 .391
2007: .273 .327 .391
2008: .246 .300 .346

Not only is he not improving, he's getting worse.

But how do they send him down? I don't think Damon can play CF every day any more.

2008-08-03 11:10:08
33.   Just fair
Walking Willits 2x to get to Choad is In-f#$@ing-excusable.
2008-08-03 11:10:52
34.   cult of basebaal
31 well, william's not around, he'd be good for around 50 or so frustrated, angry posts ...

die, figgins, die!

and that's not german.

2008-08-03 11:12:38
35.   cult of basebaal
32 with damon's shoulder still hurting, i'm sure they're trying to limit the amount of field time for a while ...

fuck you rasner.

2008-08-03 11:13:06
36.   Max
23 "Oh well" just had to wait two innings.

Sigh, and I thought we might be seeing good Raz today (the one that gives up two runs early, then settles down for five innings).

2008-08-03 11:16:38
37.   RIYank
36 Yep.
Darrell would be having a very good game if only the even innings counted.

I think one reason for low comment count is the two day games. Unless it's Boston, day games have fewer comments.

2008-08-03 11:18:01
38.   RIYank
37 Uh, strike that 'even innings' thing. For some reason I dreamed up a scoreless second inning and interpolated it.
2008-08-03 11:18:33
39.   OldYanksFan
16 No team in baseball would WANT to lose a Manny Ramirez. If there is fault on the part of the Sox, it was letting Manny get away with his shit for years. Like any spoiled kid, as Manny got away with stuff, he figured he could continue to get away with more. Manny is a prime jerk, but the Sox have to hold some responsibility for, if not creating a monster, then feeding it.

I feel the same about Dopey. A guy who was patient, had resonable plate judgement, and hit the other way, has turned into a guy with a big swing who swings at anything in his zip code.

The Yankees have to take some responsibility for Melky because they continue to allow him to be Dopey. He should be choking up a bit, closing his stance a bit, and looking to go the other way. His approach is going to literally have him loose his team and position, and yet the Yanks allow it to go on. I don't get it. Where the hell is the coaching staff?

2008-08-03 11:22:37
40.   OldYanksFan
I hate to say it, but ARod, for all his great numbers, is not coming through when we really need him. The time is NOW!

Let's Go ARod!!!!!!!!!

2008-08-03 11:26:42
41.   randym77
Abreu, you're an idiot.
2008-08-03 11:27:15
42.   RIYank
Probably better this way. I hate it when they get our hopes up.
2008-08-03 11:27:18
43.   thinkblue88
I hate the Angels, but man...hahaha.

That's a tough break.

2008-08-03 11:27:19
44.   tommyl
Wow, that was an impressive amount of suckitude right there.
2008-08-03 11:29:22
45.   kdw
39 Agree on Manny, was thinking that the other day, that the Sox to some extent were reaping what they sowed.

And damn it, now they can't even score 1??? It must have been killing Cashman to be on the air while that was happening.

2008-08-03 11:30:13
46.   OldYanksFan
There are no words.
2008-08-03 11:30:53
47.   cult of basebaal
wow. just, wow.

whenever i think i've seen the worst that this team has to offer, they manage to show me something else.

2008-08-03 11:30:57
48.   ms october
i usually don't advocate screaming at people or benching them - but abreu needs something
that ball was just deep enough to score jeter
2008-08-03 11:33:01
49.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, Team! Nice to see we didn't let yesterday's victory give us delusions of grandeur.

How many more games do we have against these guys? 6?

We should count ourselves lucky for having stolen (hats off, Mike!) the one yesterday and hope to take maybe one more from them down the road.

2008-08-03 11:33:27
50.   randym77
39 I think 2006 was a fluke for Melky. Alex or Cliff said then that he never displayed that kind of patience in the minors, and his OBP would probably drop off.

And I get the feeling that Melky isn't all that coachable. How many times has he tried to slide head-first into 1B? Surely they've told him not to do that.

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2008-08-03 11:33:30
51.   DarrenF
A common observation regarding Jeter is that his true value is revealed when you watch him play every day. If that's true, then Abreu must be the the vice versa.
2008-08-03 11:33:46
52.   tommyl
What exactly was Bobby thinking there? Tagging for third on a flyball to left? If it was to right I could maybe see it, but to left? With a good arm in left? Argh, that was retarded.
2008-08-03 11:36:00
53.   RIYank
52 It's the Angels who are supposed to do things like that. Also, Jeter bunting in the first inning. I wonder if they all got together and said, "That Anaheim approach is doing wonders for the Angels, let's try it."
2008-08-03 11:36:36
54.   tommyl
53 Yeah but the Angels execute. That kind of makes a difference.
2008-08-03 11:36:43
55.   alittleblackegg
50 More than anything else, that might explain why there are always rumors that he's on the trading block. If you can't teach a kid, what can you do?

Sadly, no other teams seem to be dying to have him, and we don't have a replacement lined up.

2008-08-03 11:38:36
56.   RIYank

That I-Rod.

2008-08-03 11:44:41
57.   cult of basebaal
giese doesn't have much better stuff than rasner, if at all, but he's got hella better control and he's not afraid to attack hitters ... i'd rather he be starting every 5 days.
2008-08-03 11:46:42
58.   Max
37 It's probably the summer, June, there were decent post counts for Saturday games against the Reds and Royals. (Ironically, I work most Saturdays in the summer, so I never get to check in)

Still, I think a fair number of people are smart enough to figure out that summer weather is a better bet than Yanks-Angels. Seems like it's been that way for ten years.

2008-08-03 11:54:12
59.   alittleblackegg
A chance for a do-over! Time to get it together.
2008-08-03 11:57:05
60.   cult of basebaal
c'mon guys, don't waste another one.
2008-08-03 11:57:09
61.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, nice ab, Alex.

Keep the line moving, Team.

One at a time.

2008-08-03 11:57:10
62.   RIYank
Well, this is promising. Let's see what they can do to botch this up!
2008-08-03 11:58:24
63.   RIYank
Ah, that's step one.
2008-08-03 11:58:34
64.   randym77
Shave the 'stache!!!!
2008-08-03 11:58:38
65.   Just fair
That's about right.
2008-08-03 11:58:41
66.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fire Jason.

Release him.

Send him home.


2008-08-03 12:01:26
67.   RIYank
X marks the spot!
2008-08-03 12:01:57
68.   ms october
nice hit nady!

but damnit arod would have scored too if it didn't bounce over.

2008-08-03 12:02:00
69.   weeping for brunnhilde



Just as O'Neill's talking about right-centerfield.

Very, very nice.

2008-08-03 12:02:28
70.   RIYank
Robbie can't even pinch hit, huh? I guess there's nobody who could fill in at second anyway.
2008-08-03 12:02:34
71.   Just fair
The X-Man delivereth.
2008-08-03 12:03:12
72.   cult of basebaal
eat your heart out cliff, craig wilson my ass!


2008-08-03 12:03:54
73.   RIYank
Man that fourth inning screw-up hurts now.
2008-08-03 12:06:03
74.   pistolpete
If the Angels had been doing their homework, they would have walked Pudge intentionally to get to Melky anyway...
2008-08-03 12:06:16
75.   weeping for brunnhilde
Pudge had two good pitches to hit to right: the first and the third.

He should have swung, 'cause now it's Melky.

2008-08-03 12:06:16
76.   RIYank
Oooh, I might pinch hit here, if we had anybody on the bench who could hit.

Well then, LET'S GO MELK!

2008-08-03 12:07:28
77.   Just fair
You are not good, Melky.
2008-08-03 12:07:57
78.   weeping for brunnhilde
74 I know, I was amazed they pitched to him.
2008-08-03 12:08:08
79.   RIYank
Well, we cleared the pitcher, and fattened up Lackey's pitch count. I know he'll pitch the seventh anyway, but still the extra pitches matter.
2008-08-03 12:08:30
80.   cult of basebaal
wow ... did anybody have any expectation that hacky would get a hit there?




2008-08-03 12:09:30
81.   weeping for brunnhilde
79 Yes, RI, we did at least clear the pitcher.

That's something.

2008-08-03 12:10:20
82.   cult of basebaal
79 actually, that's 102 pitches after 120 at fenway, i bet he's done.
2008-08-03 12:10:44
83.   weeping for brunnhilde
80 Poor bastard has absolutely zero idea what he's doing up there.
2008-08-03 12:13:05
84.   pistolpete
83 Should have bunted, at least the ball would be in play...
2008-08-03 12:14:43
85.   OldYanksFan
I can fix Melky. Yankees need to hire me.
2008-08-03 12:18:06
86.   OldYanksFan
2008-08-03 12:18:56
87.   RIYank
Okay, I was a little worried about that IBB, but it worked out nicely.
2008-08-03 12:19:38
88.   cult of basebaal
85 i can fix melky, too! i'll even cover the cost of the bullet.
2008-08-03 12:19:41
89.   ms october
87 me too. giese has done a great job.

now top of the order time.

2008-08-03 12:22:41
90.   RIYank
82 Good call.
2008-08-03 12:24:53
91.   RIYank
It's nice to see an opposing OF do something like that.
2008-08-03 12:24:56
92.   pistolpete
Does everyone on this team have a big giant mop of hair...?

Never mind that, HE DROPPED THE BALL!!!

2008-08-03 12:24:59
93.   weeping for brunnhilde
Whoa, hey!!

He dropped the baseball!!!

2008-08-03 12:25:30
94.   ms october
good - about time that happened to the f'in angels
2008-08-03 12:25:35
95.   mehmattski
Dan Giese, as a reliever: 10 G, 21.2 IP, 15 H, 3 R, 6 BB, 12 K
2008-08-03 12:26:42
96.   RIYank
All is forgiven!
2008-08-03 12:26:59
97.   OldYanksFan
must.... score... run... here
2008-08-03 12:27:03
98.   mehmattski
All right, Abreu has redeemed himself for the baserunning error.
2008-08-03 12:27:11
99.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, how 'bout that Abeu!!!

That was beautiful!!!!


2008-08-03 12:27:17
100.   ms october
yeah tie game!
you are still in the doghouse bobby but you are moving closer to the house.
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2008-08-03 12:27:40
101.   RIYank
95 Yeah. Do you start him on Friday?
2008-08-03 12:28:44
102.   RIYank
Oh man, our defense is better than theirs today! Our 3B eats up theirs.

Let's go, Jason! Stache Power, please return now!

2008-08-03 12:28:55
103.   OldYanksFan
It's a holy day. We may be witnessing a miracle.
2008-08-03 12:29:13
104.   Just fair
Alright, Bobby. You're even. Wow, 2 missed plays by the defensive wizards. I can hardly believe my eyes.
2008-08-03 12:29:23
105.   RIYank
96 98 100 Whoa, Ms. Oct., remind me not to get on your bad side.
2008-08-03 12:30:19
106.   RIYank
Ah, yes. 2-0 pitch to Giambi with two on, pop-out. Deja vu.
2008-08-03 12:30:34
107.   Jeb
Man, what a comeback against the greatest team in history. Wouldn't it be nice if we got to be THEIR achilles for once?

Time to bump Jason down the lineup?

Does anyone know if Cano can pinch hit today?

2008-08-03 12:30:46
108.   mehmattski
101 Dan Giese, as a starter: 10.2 IP, 9 H 9 R (6 ER), 4 BB, 8 K.

Maybe. I'd prefer IPK, who's had three straight good starts in AAA.

2008-08-03 12:30:53
109.   randym77
103 I dunno. That's what we thought Friday.
2008-08-03 12:31:00
110.   Just fair
2 weak pop ups in a row from Jason on 2-0 counts. Yuck!
With RISP no less.
2008-08-03 12:31:01
111.   OldYanksFan
I'll take a walk here.
2008-08-03 12:31:52
112.   OldYanksFan
God damn! All popups the other way. Is he behind everything?
2008-08-03 12:32:02
113.   RIYank

I have a new hero.

2008-08-03 12:32:03
114.   pistolpete
2008-08-03 12:32:13
115.   Just fair
2008-08-03 12:32:17
116.   ms october
x marks the spot per michael kay!

yeah yeah yeah!

2008-08-03 12:32:19
117.   mehmattski
The X Factor!


(OK, anyone know what Sterling's call actually was?)

2008-08-03 12:32:32
118.   Sliced Bread
X Files A Winner!
2008-08-03 12:32:33
119.   Jeb
Dear Mr. Nady,

You are a true Yankee.


The Banterites

P.S. Cashmoney -- great fucking deal to get X.

2008-08-03 12:32:41
120.   weeping for brunnhilde



My man Nady!!!

David Justice, 2008 edition!!!!

2008-08-03 12:33:04
121.   cult of basebaal
2008-08-03 12:33:08
122.   randym77
I could get to like this Xavier guy.

(But shave the 'stache, Jase. Shave the 'stache!)

2008-08-03 12:33:23
123.   Jeb
117 MehMatt, I'll make a point of putting the post-game show on so I can get the call and I'll post it here.
2008-08-03 12:33:35
124.   RIYank
A well-deserved curtain call.
2008-08-03 12:33:49
125.   ms october
105 :} hahahah. i'm actually pretty forgiving - but that was a ridiculous play.

i'm wondering if taking abs away from jason to play sexson against leftys has hurt him.

2008-08-03 12:34:08
126.   OldYanksFan
2008-08-03 12:35:18
127.   Max
YEAAAAHHHH, X! That will get the game thread count up. :-)
2008-08-03 12:35:35
128.   ms october
108 i think giese is better served as long man - his numbers are much better and the yanks do need a long man.
2008-08-03 12:36:32
129.   weeping for brunnhilde
119 Heh heh heh!

Hear, hear.

2008-08-03 12:36:45
130.   RIYank
Jeb, I asked the same question about Cano. The word from Rob and Joe makes it sound like they don't plan to have him pinch hit. Also, who would play second if he pinch hit for Betemit? I guess he could pinch hit for Melky and then JC could take the field.
2008-08-03 12:37:36
131.   mehmattski
127 I've been around, and watching the game, just busy researching an article I'm writing. Plus there hasn't been too much to comment about, other than Abreu's terrible play and Pudge's homer. My comment then would have been:

Pah. Not much of an upgrade. Molina did that yesterday...

2008-08-03 12:38:09
132.   Jeb
130 gotcha thanks. On another issue, I'm surprised to see Joba in the dugout. Don't the Yanks usually send their starter ahead to the next town on getaway day?
2008-08-03 12:38:28
133.   RIYank
130 Wow, that was about as bad timing as I could have had.
I thought they said he would definitely not play the field, to let that hand heal.
2008-08-03 12:39:00
134.   mehmattski
130 And, as you speak Cano goes in at second base...

Maybe he can field but not hit?

2008-08-03 12:40:17
135.   ms october
132 i guess since today is a day game and tomorrow is a night game there wasn't a need.
the bigger question is - was he sitting next to snacks - because he was earlier when yes showed him?
2008-08-03 12:40:36
136.   RIYank
Slider. I didn't know he had a slider.
2008-08-03 12:40:55
137.   OldYanksFan
You don't know what happens if Mathews catches that ball, but I'm guessing it's a very different ballgame.
2008-08-03 12:41:03
138.   pistolpete
Edwar impresses me more & more with every outing.
2008-08-03 12:41:24
139.   weeping for brunnhilde
O'Neill talking about his kid's sunglasses and Chinatown traffic reminds me of Scooter.
2008-08-03 12:41:47
140.   Just fair
This is putting the cart way before the horse, and If ifs and buts were candy and nuts... so on and so forth.
One darn run squeezed out of the Ponson game and Mo keeps himself together, we're looking at a series win, and not a tie against the effin' Angles. Oh well.
2008-08-03 12:41:59
141.   RIYank
134 Apparently. But if he can't hit, well, we'd better not bat around in the eighth! We literally have no infielders left.

I bet they could get Mo to play second, in a pinch. ;)

2008-08-03 12:42:29
142.   OldYanksFan
Edwar has definitely discovered the black part of home plate.
2008-08-03 12:43:17
143.   rbs10025
134 One of the beat writer's blogs said Cano only felt the pain in his hand when he was batting. Not when he's on the field.
2008-08-03 12:43:27
144.   RIYank
What the hell is the deal with walking Reggie Willits today????
2008-08-03 12:44:05
145.   Travis08
141 Pudge played 2 innings at second base last year.
2008-08-03 12:44:15
146.   RIYank
That just gets me. More than Abreu's boneheaded running, more than Rasner blowing up. How the hell do we walk Willits four times???
2008-08-03 12:44:27
147.   Travis08
145 Make that in 2006.
2008-08-03 12:44:31
148.   Jeb
135 Ah, but isn't is possible that Joba is rubbing off on Snacks? Did you see Snacks pitch on Friday night? Maybe he's quit drinking tequila, given up the Ho-Ho's and Twinkies. Maybe he' eating healthy and Joba's got him running 10 miles a day on his off-days.

Now if we can just get Arod off the Ho-Ho's.

2008-08-03 12:44:46
149.   RIYank
Ah, Chone returns the favor.

Okay, Edwar, relax, no problem, go get him.

2008-08-03 12:44:50
150.   Just fair
I seem to recall another 9 hitter this year walking about 3 times. Goddam Choad. You have to be freakin' kidding me.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-03 12:45:10
151.   Sliced Bread
Stop these mofos now, Scissorhands...
2008-08-03 12:45:14
152.   pistolpete
Ugh, I don't like this.
2008-08-03 12:45:23
153.   RIYank
145 Wow, I'd love to see that.

Well, in an exhibition game, anyway.

2008-08-03 12:46:17
154.   RIYank
150 Not three. FOUR.
2008-08-03 12:46:27
155.   Jeb
So Edwar literally has thrown a 12 and 1/3 no-hitter against the last 37 batters until Figgins's hit. That's pretty huge.
2008-08-03 12:47:01
156.   OldYanksFan
I am suddenly very aware of my sphincter muscle.
2008-08-03 12:47:18
157.   mehmattski
155 Yeah, but he's inconsistent...
2008-08-03 12:48:00
158.   pistolpete
Ok, my stomach hurts.
2008-08-03 12:49:19
159.   RIYank

Edwar is an enigma.

2008-08-03 12:49:45
160.   Jeb
Oh Shit. We come all the way back and now Tex has a chance to hit a grand slam to take a 9-8 lead. GULP.
2008-08-03 12:49:50
161.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ummm, is Mo's arm broken or something?
2008-08-03 12:50:44
162.   Just fair
The chances of having big hits from both teams from a guy with an X in his name has got to be pretty slim, right?
2008-08-03 12:50:48
163.   thinkblue88
2008-08-03 12:50:51
164.   Jeb
2008-08-03 12:50:59
165.   pistolpete
AF:ewGQ0173437=8`7 2309812)^&)(&^(&^TR OYFLYB!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-03 12:51:03
166.   RIYank

Completely beyond comprehension.

2008-08-03 12:51:12
167.   randym77
2008-08-03 12:51:18
168.   ms october
holy crap - i am having kyle flashbacks.
2008-08-03 12:51:19
169.   Max
Did anybody not see that coming? Where the fuck was Mo?
2008-08-03 12:51:26
170.   weeping for brunnhilde

Where the motherfuck was Mo????

Christ Jesus.

2008-08-03 12:51:33
171.   mehmattski
[Monosyllabic Epithets]
2008-08-03 12:51:36
172.   pistolpete
Oh just take him out anyway. Cripes, Joe.
2008-08-03 12:52:42
173.   Vandelay Industries
Well you have to put that one on Joe. No doubt about it.
2008-08-03 12:52:46
174.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm serious, does anyone know something about Mo that I don't?

What the FUCK just happened?

2008-08-03 12:53:18
175.   Sliced Bread
fuckin Edwar Scissorhands.


2008-08-03 12:54:09
176.   cult of basebaal
thanks, joe.

thanks, edwar.

wow ... like this one isn't going to sting

2008-08-03 12:54:29
177.   RIYank
So weird. He destroyed Matthews and Mathis. And then, what on earth happened?
2008-08-03 12:55:07
178.   pistolpete
Hey, Melky up second this inning guys!!!!!! :P
2008-08-03 12:55:11
179.   Vandelay Industries
This is what happens when you are lulled into thinking your bullpen is better than it actually is.

Now we get to face a bullpen that actually IS good.

2008-08-03 12:55:14
180.   ms october
obviously this is major second guessing - but this was a big game to win - he should have been pulled when he walked willits or for sure after choad's hit
2008-08-03 12:55:21
181.   OldYanksFan
The sphincter never lies.
Well... I guess the good news is Mo gets a day off?
Fuck. Un-fucking-believeable.
2008-08-03 12:56:09
182.   pistolpete
179 Well, except for Arredondo.
2008-08-03 12:56:15
183.   Jeb
Pinch run Christian. Steal and Bunt Melky.
2008-08-03 12:56:23
184.   RIYank
Attaboy, Pudge.
2008-08-03 12:56:36
185.   cult of basebaal
179 you mean the bullpen that just coughed up 4 runs to us last inning???
2008-08-03 12:56:42
186.   3rd gen yankee fan
Fight back!
2008-08-03 12:57:07
187.   mehmattski
179 Edwar has pitched in thirty-five games. He has given up runs in FIVE of those appearances. How much more evidence do you need?
2008-08-03 12:57:43
188.   randym77
It's only one run. This game ain't over yet.
2008-08-03 12:57:46
189.   Jeb
Does anyone think that Bobby Meacham's going to have some impact in the outcome of this game?
2008-08-03 12:57:49
190.   pistolpete
Dear Melky:

Please take this opportunity to get on base for the first time in forever.



2008-08-03 12:57:58
191.   OldYanksFan
PH Melky with the batgirl?
2008-08-03 12:58:11
192.   nick
I bunt with Melky at this stage...
2008-08-03 12:58:21
193.   joe in boston
I have a feeling we win this.
2008-08-03 12:58:36
194.   nick
179 that's some ridiculous shit, my man!
2008-08-03 12:58:59
195.   pistolpete
What does the sphincter say?
2008-08-03 12:59:15
196.   OldYanksFan
There's still time for Dopey to fuck up this AB. What's the over/under...
2008-08-03 12:59:19
197.   Jeb
Why the hell did he wait this long to pinch run?
2008-08-03 12:59:30
198.   mehmattski
What was wrong with that 3-1 pitch, Melky?

Ah, now pinch run. Meh.

2008-08-03 12:59:41
199.   weeping for brunnhilde
Melky exasperates me.

This whole team exasperates me.

2008-08-03 13:00:09
200.   kdw
197 Joe's internet connection to BB is slow.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-03 13:00:12
201.   RIYank

Christian did that.

2008-08-03 13:00:13
202.   pistolpete
2008-08-03 13:00:19
203.   Just fair
Holy smokes. This game is going to be the end of me.
2008-08-03 13:00:24
204.   Jeb
2008-08-03 13:00:29
205.   weeping for brunnhilde
What a huge break.

Nice job making contact, Melky.

2008-08-03 13:00:32
206.   mehmattski
Guess they're not a Superior Defensive Team™ after all...
2008-08-03 13:00:37
207.   pistolpete
200 ROFL.
2008-08-03 13:00:51
208.   Jeb
200 nice!
2008-08-03 13:01:03
209.   Travis08
What a bizarre game.
2008-08-03 13:01:07
210.   Just fair
2008-08-03 13:01:13
211.   Sliced Bread
Sweet Charitable Angels!
2008-08-03 13:01:14
212.   Jeb
Guys, this inning has Baseball Gods written all over it!
2008-08-03 13:01:14
213.   ms october
thank you justin for saving us and melky and scoring holy hell alive that was quick!
2008-08-03 13:01:16
214.   pistolpete
2008-08-03 13:01:17
215.   Vandelay Industries
Holy Shit! I take it all back.....:)
2008-08-03 13:01:17
216.   randym77
Totally bizarre.
2008-08-03 13:01:37
217.   RIYank
Oh yeah. Very sweet.

For once, we get our share of weird shit against the Angels!

2008-08-03 13:01:41
218.   alittleblackegg
YES!!!!!! I love JC.
2008-08-03 13:01:50
219.   pistolpete
Now coming to the stage... Aura and Mystique!
2008-08-03 13:01:58
220.   joe in boston
193 Heading out to buy lottery tickets.....see ya in a bit ....
2008-08-03 13:02:12
221.   mehmattski
This is what Shields gets for not having enough t's in his first name!
2008-08-03 13:02:37
222.   OldYanksFan
Girardi finally makes a good move.

Speed kills? Jez.

2008-08-03 13:02:53
223.   joe in boston
This game is worthy of at least 500 comments
2008-08-03 13:03:02
224.   Vandelay Industries
Did Mike drop any vaseline, or a happy meal, on his way out to argue?
2008-08-03 13:03:12
225.   alittleblackegg
221 LOL
2008-08-03 13:03:14
226.   RIYank
Yeah, the Angels have a superior bullpen.
2008-08-03 13:03:20
227.   pistolpete
Folks on "Angel Banter" wondering 'where the hell is K-Rod...?' :)
2008-08-03 13:03:47
228.   Jeb
Dear Baseball Gods,

Thank you. Now please let the Closer God get into this game with us AHEAD.

Very Truly yours, We are,

Members of the Bronx Banter

2008-08-03 13:03:49
229.   nick
gamecast is failing, how'd it go exactly?
2008-08-03 13:03:58
230.   pistolpete
Just hit it out, Derek. Eff these guys.
2008-08-03 13:04:31
231.   Jeb
224 Sciosca makes Snacks look Svelt.
2008-08-03 13:04:57
232.   OldYanksFan
We must score many runs. Many runs.
Weird shiut is happening.
LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-03 13:05:27
233.   RIYank
221 Ah, so now we know why Edwar got shelled too!
2008-08-03 13:05:44
234.   Jeb
This is the one time when a Double Play will probably help us.
2008-08-03 13:05:46
235.   Just fair
I like how Justin ditched his helmet before racing home. Why didn't Meacham send Melky home, too? : )
2008-08-03 13:05:55
236.   OldYanksFan
Phat Pitch! WAKE UP JETER!!!!!!!!
2008-08-03 13:06:18
237.   mehmattski
229 1. Hit down the third base line by Pudge carommed off the wall and held him to a single
2. Melky took three balls while showing bunt, then took two strikes.
3. Girardi pinch ran Christian for Melky.
4. With Christian running, Melky hits a grounder towards second base. Aybar flubs the catch and everyone's safe.
5. With Damon batting and showing bunt, Christian takes off for third. Figgins struggles to get back to the bag to take the throw, and it goes off his glove. Christian Scores, Melky to third.
6. Damon walks
7. Jeter grounds to short, Damon to second.
2008-08-03 13:06:40
238.   RIYank
229 There was a double steal. Christian had third stolen, but the throw went into LF and both runners moved up.

Is that what you were asking?

2008-08-03 13:06:53
239.   Jeb
I want a squeeze.
2008-08-03 13:07:16
240.   Just fair
C'mon Bobby. Sweet as candy, baby.
2008-08-03 13:07:31
241.   ms october
alright bobby - i'm sure you want completely out of the doghouse here.
2008-08-03 13:07:31
242.   OldYanksFan
OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!
OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-03 13:07:35
243.   RIYank
I bet Bobby walks.
2008-08-03 13:08:22
244.   OldYanksFan
Just a long fly ball. C'MON!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-03 13:08:56
245.   Jeb
240 El Commuduce.
2008-08-03 13:09:08
246.   OldYanksFan
Even Girardi can't look....
2008-08-03 13:09:12
247.   RIYank
I said that 243 when the count was 1-1, by the way.
2008-08-03 13:09:20
248.   Jeb
Earn Your Stripes Arod...
2008-08-03 13:09:22
249.   nick
237--!! thanks....
2008-08-03 13:09:34
250.   pistolpete
Black, A-Rod. Black.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-03 13:09:48
251.   Just fair
My confidence in winning this game will wane if the Yanks cannot score here. C'mon, Alex.
2008-08-03 13:10:06
252.   Just fair
2008-08-03 13:10:08
253.   RIYank
2008-08-03 13:10:11
254.   ms october
good hustle arod
2008-08-03 13:10:17
255.   pistolpete
There's Aura!

Mystique on deck...

2008-08-03 13:10:26
256.   mehmattski
That's a clutch forced error!!!!

A-Rod comes through in the clutch!!!

2008-08-03 13:10:39
257.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ha ha1!!!

Man, they're trying to give us this game and yet we still only have a one-run lead.

What does that tell you?

2008-08-03 13:10:42
258.   Sliced Bread
this would be considered a clutch situation, Alex...

double play ball...

no, E5!

Sweet Charitable Angles come through again!

2008-08-03 13:10:42
259.   randym77
That's two DPs they've screwed up this inning.
2008-08-03 13:11:00
260.   Jeb
Is there any debate that the Baseball Gods have taken over?
2008-08-03 13:11:17
261.   pistolpete
Don't score more than 2 more guys — we need a save sitch for Mo!!!
2008-08-03 13:11:17
262.   OldYanksFan
I'm 90 seconds behind you guys so I can't even follow the Banter until ARods AB...
2008-08-03 13:12:03
263.   Max
258 Alex's shot had the ninth inning of Game 5 written all over it. Thank goodness for bad Chone.
2008-08-03 13:12:09
264.   RIYank
So, have Rob bunt????
2008-08-03 13:12:11
265.   Jeb
Tampa losing 3-2 in the 8th. Sox up 4-2 in the 6th with a rain delay.
2008-08-03 13:12:21
266.   Travis08
Meanwhile, in Tampa, Farnsworth gives up a homer to the first batter he sees. 3-2 Detroit, bottom 8.
2008-08-03 13:12:47
267.   OldYanksFan
Holy Shit!!!!!!
A giant choke by ARod by the DEFENSE gives us a break. Just WOW!!!!
2008-08-03 13:13:07
268.   weeping for brunnhilde
263 God, you had to bring that up?


2008-08-03 13:13:22
269.   pistolpete
Umm... Cano batting?
2008-08-03 13:13:37
270.   OldYanksFan
I guess Detroit does not understand 'Farnsproof'?
2008-08-03 13:13:38
271.   ms october
257 hey the yanks tried to give it away first! :}

guess cano has to bat.

2008-08-03 13:13:42
272.   RIYank
261 Ooooh, that kind of joke used to be funny. Now I actually don't like thinking about Mo in a non-save situation.
2008-08-03 13:14:02
273.   RIYank
RBI Cano!!!!!
2008-08-03 13:14:08
274.   Jeb
I met Darren Oliver a couple of years ago and he was very nice. However, I hope he gives up a grand Slam.

Did you guys hear (on the TBS broadcast) that the Angels lost their first game at the Stadium in '61 or '62 and Mantle homered? It would be nice to beat them in their last game here too.

2008-08-03 13:14:17
275.   mehmattski
Kay: Mo is not warming up. He had an ice pack on his shoulder earlier.


Marte for the ninth?

2008-08-03 13:14:31
276.   nick
so basically WE've put pressure on THEM via relentless annoying small-tactics, causing THEIR defense to collapse?

very cool!

2008-08-03 13:14:40
277.   randym77
Kay thinks Mo might not be able to pitch today.

But it might not matter...

2008-08-03 13:14:47
278.   pistolpete
No Mo today? You heard him, guys — we need at least 4 more.
2008-08-03 13:14:48
279.   Just fair
Captain Obvious says, " hopefully Mo won't miss more than a game or two."
2008-08-03 13:15:33
280.   ms october
sounds like no mo - per kay (he had an ice pack on his shoulder earlier) might as well not make it a save situation.
2008-08-03 13:15:44
281.   OldYanksFan
Be right back.
Gotta change my shorts.
2008-08-03 13:16:29
282.   pistolpete
281 Sphincter problems?
2008-08-03 13:17:40
283.   RIYank
Well, in that case, it's okay to get a six or seven run lead.

I love Chone. I love him.

2008-08-03 13:17:57
284.   weeping for brunnhilde
This Nadie is one cool stud.
2008-08-03 13:17:59
285.   ms october
man - what's up with choad today in the field?
2008-08-03 13:18:29
286.   pistolpete
Farnworth - 2-run dinger. 4-3 Rays.
2008-08-03 13:18:42
287.   Just fair
Career high for the Double-Deuce.
2008-08-03 13:19:05
288.   Jeb
Sterling didn't have a call for Nady on that hit. (I realize he usually does that for homeruns, but I've heard him do it for big singles and doubles too).
2008-08-03 13:19:58
289.   RIYank
Justin with the RBI!!!
2008-08-03 13:20:09
290.   pistolpete
JC >>>>>>>> Melky
2008-08-03 13:20:19
291.   Just fair
Anyone else want to see Christian start in Center all Texas long?
2008-08-03 13:21:01
292.   alittleblackegg
Swung down on a limp pitch! Nice Hitting for JC.
2008-08-03 13:21:07
293.   ms october
as much a holdout fan for melky as i am - jc needs to play more - at the very least against leftys
2008-08-03 13:21:08
294.   Jeb
Well, So much for the "Real" bullpen of the Angels.
2008-08-03 13:21:37
295.   Jeb
Tampa now leading 4-3 in the 8th
2008-08-03 13:21:45
296.   OldYanksFan
Farns gives up TWO HRs to blow the lead?
Freakin AHole is still killing us.
2008-08-03 13:22:42
297.   randym77
Can Justin Christian play CF?
2008-08-03 13:23:18
298.   OldYanksFan
Wow. This win is REALLY important as Boston, TB and Minn all look to win today.
2008-08-03 13:24:07
299.   Just fair
286 At least Leyland can rest easy that Pudge is gone. Is this Farsny's 1st appearance? What a disaster.
2008-08-03 13:24:41
300.   mehmattski
297 43 career minor league games listed as a CF (maybe more, since in 2006 at Trenton he's just listed as "OF." He played 19 games in center this year for Scranton.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-03 13:24:57
301.   pistolpete
Anyone get the feeling this isn't the final score?
2008-08-03 13:25:01
302.   Travis08
298 The White Sox are going to lose, so the Twins will take the lead in the AL Central. The Yankees will be a 1/2 game behind them in the wild card (2-1/2 behind Boston).
2008-08-03 13:25:08
303.   OldYanksFan
282 Mr. Sphincter feels like he's had bad Chinese food for a week.
2008-08-03 13:25:37
304.   joe in boston
Not for nuthin .... I'm not sure Christian hit 3rd base. You guys see that ?
2008-08-03 13:25:37
305.   Travis08
HR for Granderson. 4-4 in Tampa.
2008-08-03 13:27:05
306.   pistolpete
Wow, bullpens sh!tting the bed all over the place today.
2008-08-03 13:27:23
307.   randym77
300 Then give him a shot. Maybe it'll wake Melky up at least.
2008-08-03 13:27:58
308.   Jeb
I wish we could add up the runs for the entire series and apportion a few for Friday night.
2008-08-03 13:29:59
309.   nick
Tigger Tawk can't be happy right now--TWO Farns HRs--he was saving them up! Nice timing by Cash....
2008-08-03 13:31:10
310.   RIYank
A backdoor curve! On full count with a five run lead in the ninth!

Great result, odd choice.

2008-08-03 13:31:57
311.   Just fair
That is a ballsy pitch on 3-2 with a 5 run lead. This just in. The home-plate umpire has an inconsistent zone.
2008-08-03 13:32:25
312.   RIYank
Well, folks, that was one for the books. I won't forget this game soon.
2008-08-03 13:32:27
313.   ms october
wow - what a roller coaster day of baseball. great win.
2008-08-03 13:32:44
314.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh MAN!!!! So happy.
2008-08-03 13:33:48
315.   Jeb
So Kyle is still screwing us!
2008-08-03 13:34:00
316.   cult of basebaal
wow ... that one's getting saved on the dvr ...what a rollercoaster ride!
2008-08-03 13:34:13
317.   joe in boston
Wow, what a great win. We needed this one
2008-08-03 13:34:32
318.   nick
311 he threw a 3-2 curve the other day, too.....YES! best series split in a long time....
2008-08-03 13:35:07
319.   cult of basebaal
of course, all of this pales if mo is hurt ... hopefully it's just a tweak.
2008-08-03 13:35:30
320.   3rd gen yankee fan
315 My thoughts eggsacly.
2008-08-03 13:36:54
321.   OldYanksFan
Kimberly looking pretty vampy today.
Well, nice games guy.
Gotta go call my proctologist.
2008-08-03 13:38:08
322.   Max
304 It looked like JC stumbled as he was going for third...but that may have helped cause the error. You're right that he may not have touched the base (though I didn't see a replay...anyone else out there see it?)
2008-08-03 13:38:14
323.   nick
Christian is getting on base, only one K thus far and a couple doubles, I'd really start him in CF if I thought he was defensive average--send Melky down til Sept 1....
2008-08-03 13:38:53
324.   Jeb
Thanks again, Baseball Gods.
2008-08-03 13:39:25
325.   RIYank
Reggie Willits scored three runs.

He had zero at-bats.

I wonder if that's a record? Travis?

2008-08-03 13:40:01
326.   joe in boston
322 Yeah, that's what I thought. But boy, he reached max speed in 2-3 steps - he IS fast !
2008-08-03 13:40:02
327.   OldYanksFan
Mutts looking to lose their 5th out of 6. It's crash and burn time in Queens.
2008-08-03 13:41:25
328.   Travis08
325 The post-1956 record is 5 by Joe Morgan on June 30, 1977.

2008-08-03 13:42:24
329.   RIYank
Wow, Percival blew the save, Granderson homer.
2008-08-03 13:43:05
330.   RIYank
328 Wow, five runs scored without an at-bat! Amazing.

Thanks, Travis.

2008-08-03 13:44:57
331.   JL25and3
That's the sort of game where I say: C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la baseball
2008-08-03 13:44:58
332.   Travis08
330 Actually, that list is for players with no hits. The at-bat-less record is 4, by Joe Morgan (different game) and Rickey Henderson.
2008-08-03 13:46:14
333.   Travis08

Miguel Cabrera just homered off the catwalk. 5-4 Tigers, top 10.

2008-08-03 13:46:52
334.   RIYank
332 I see that, now that I've checked the page you constructed, thanks.
2008-08-03 13:47:35
335.   JeremyM
Percival is finally earning that big contract Detroit gave him a few years back, eh?
2008-08-03 13:53:42
336.   RIYank
335 Percival and Farnsworth could be seen chatting later. "Trade me, that's what happens," Percival was overheard to say. "True dat," Farnsworth grunted.
2008-08-03 13:54:28
337.   Jeb
The homer call on Xavier Nady was "Ex-Zavier Nady!" No goofiness other than mispronouncing the name.
2008-08-03 13:54:59
338.   Max
Wow, Edwar got the win. Talk about vulturing a victory...give up a grand slam, then watch your team score six unearned runs for you. Crazy.
2008-08-03 13:57:30
339.   Travis08
337 That's Nady's preferred pronunciation.

"Xavier Clifford Nady, or Xavier VI, said he did not know much about his early ancestry, other than he pronounces his first name differently, putting a modern-day signature on a 16th-century name. Nady's father pronounces it ZAY-vee-yer -- ''That's the correct way,'' Nady said. But Nady, whose Mets teammates call him X or X-Man, prefers EX-ay-vee-yer to, ahem, exaggerate the X.

''Why not, right?'' Nady said. ''It's pretty cool.'' "

2008-08-03 13:57:58
340.   cult of basebaal
337 that's how the X man pronounces it ... X-avier, rather than Zavier.
2008-08-03 13:58:45
341.   RIYank
338 I saw he was in line for it. I wondered whether the official scorer would let him have it; he doesn't have to.
2008-08-03 13:59:29
342.   Jeb
Detroit winning 5-4 in the 10th.
2008-08-03 14:01:21
343.   Jeb
340 Yes, I understand that but it's still stupid. Colin Powell also mispronounces his name as Colon. Nice that he likes to be referred to as a part of the digestive tract.
2008-08-03 14:05:04
344.   Jeb
343 also a lot of people down here insist on calling Greenwich Village "Green-which Village".
2008-08-03 14:05:21
345.   RIYank
Mo had back spasms at noon.
Nobody thinks it's serious, they'll see how it feels tomorrow.
2008-08-03 14:05:35
346.   Max
341 Yeah, I thought Giese should have gotten it. I suspect just about every other Yankee fan feels the same way.
2008-08-03 14:06:18
347.   Jeb
345 That's a lot better than a shoulder.
2008-08-03 14:06:42
348.   RIYank
Dang, nine-pitch walk for Aybar in TB to lead off.
2008-08-03 14:11:42
349.   Just fair
Rodney walks the 1st Ray he sees in the 9th. Hits the 2nd guy. Yeesh.
2008-08-03 14:11:49
350.   RIYank
And Rodney hits Riggans with a pitch! Two on, nobody out for TB.
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2008-08-03 14:13:00
351.   RIYank
I just noticed that the Tiggers' closer has a 5.60 ERA.

Get well soon, Mariano.

2008-08-03 14:18:00
352.   RIYank
Crawford and Longoria each with a chance to win the game, barring an unlikely Crawford DP...
2008-08-03 14:21:04
353.   RIYank
Crawford singles in a run!
Longoria with a chance to win it, bases loaded and two outs tied in the bottom of the tenth!
2008-08-03 14:22:48
354.   JL25and3
343 I agree with you, and disagree with Xavier. It's not cool.

Then there's this guy: He's allowed to pronounce it Exavier.

2008-08-03 14:23:17
355.   JL25and3
346 By the rules, Giese couldn't get the win.
2008-08-03 14:23:37
356.   Travis08
Longoria starts out 2-0, then K's. Pena up with 2 outs and the bases loaded.
2008-08-03 14:23:43
357.   RIYank
Down goes Longoria swinging!
Can Pena win it, or do they go to the eleventh?
2008-08-03 14:26:46
358.   RIYank
Walk-off walk!
2008-08-03 14:27:14
359.   Jeb
good for tampa, but we'll see how they like their upcoming schedule b/c it's about as stout as our's is.
2008-08-03 14:28:59
360.   Travis08
None of the last three pitches were close.

Tampa would have had to put out an interesting defense had it gone to the 11th. They had no bench players left, and of the players left in the lineup, the only one who had played shortstop in the majors was B.J. Upton.

2008-08-03 14:46:57
361.   Max
355 Ah, sorry, thanks for the clarification.
2008-08-03 14:55:03
362.   JL25and3
361 Yeah, as deceptive as "wins" can be for starters, they're much more so for relievers.

Gossage used to say that a W usually meant that he didn't do his job. He's probably not saying that anymore, though.

2008-08-03 14:56:01
363.   Max
355 361 I think I know where I messed up...I thought the official scorer had the discretion to apply the "most effective picther" designation to Giese, but I guess it applies only to relievers who succeed the reliever that gave up the lead or pitched ineffectively.

So Veras qualified, but not Giese, if I understand the rules correctly.

2008-08-03 15:03:39
364.   JL25and3
363 Sort of. You're putting together two rules.

The "most effective" rule is only when the starting pitcher doesn't complete 5 but leaves with a lead that's never relinquished - when he would qualify for the win except for the IP. That rule doesn't apply here.

A separate rule says that a reliever "who is ineffective in a brief appearance" can be denied the W. But a comment basically defines "brief" as less than an inning; and, as you say, it would have to go to a succeeding pitcher in any case.

2008-08-03 15:07:27
365.   Max
364 That's great JL...thanks for the clarification (again).

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