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No Place Like Home
2008-08-02 11:39
by Alex Belth

Happy Old Timer's Day everyone.

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2008-08-02 11:56:12
1.   mehmattski
Will someone in the NY area please describe the old-timey action? Thanks!
2008-08-02 12:00:05
2.   randym77
Mrs. Scooter threw out the first pitch. The catcher was one Derek Jeter.
2008-08-02 12:00:11
3.   kylepetterson
1 Very slow.
2008-08-02 12:05:59
4.   randym77
YES is showing Leiter warming up. Girardi is catching.

Nice moment when Paul O'Neill was introduced. The entire stadium was chanting his name.

2008-08-02 12:08:13
5.   randym77
Goose is going to start. Nick the Quick leading off.
2008-08-02 12:08:38
6.   bp1
Willie Randolph got a HUGE ovation during introductions. Biggest of all - or at least right there with Paul O'Neill's. He put his cap over his heart and thanked the crowd several times. Made my day.

Can't wait for Bernie to come back for his ovation.

Goose is starting pitcher. Mickey Rivers leading off. Singled to left field.

2008-08-02 12:17:41
7.   randym77
LOL. Goose gave up hits to Mick and Tony Fernandez. Actually Tony should have been out. Goose didn't cover first. Willie Randolph looks like he could still play.

Guidry in for Goose.

2008-08-02 12:20:53
8.   Shaun P
Thank you all. I'm glad Randolph is there, he was always my favorite. Any chance we could staple him to Bobby M, so he learns how to stop getting guys gunned down at the plate? =)
2008-08-02 12:22:14
9.   randym77
Almost a DP (Willie to Bucky). Tim Raines just beats the throw, Fernandez out at 2B.

Joe Pepitone singles to right, Mick the Quick scores.

Cone in, to pitch to Baylor.

2008-08-02 12:23:43
10.   Raf
Hopefully, someone'll record video or audio of a conversation between Rivers & Henderson :)
2008-08-02 12:24:06
11.   randym77
Baylor GIDP. Inning over. 1-0.
2008-08-02 12:28:26
12.   randym77
Willie seems really happy to be there. Everyone's hugging him, shaking his hand, etc.
2008-08-02 12:34:38
13.   Raf
Tony Fernandez looks pretty good, as did Jeff Nelson.
2008-08-02 12:37:12
14.   randym77
Jim Abbott starting for the other Yankees.

Rickey Henderson leads off. He reaches on a bad throw by SS Tony Fernandez.

Abbott threw over Boggs head. Twice.

Boggs singles to right. Henderson to 3B.

Winfield singles to left. Henderson scores.

2008-08-02 12:57:21
15.   randym77
Al Downing in to face Straw.

Mickey Klutts drops an easy popup, Straw reaches.

Graeme Lloyd in. Paulie up. Should have been an easy fly out, but Mickey Rivers let in drop in, then bobbled it. Boggs scores.

Tino up. Fly ball drops in front of Rivers again.

Luis Sojo singles up the middle.

Dave Wells in. Chris Chambliss singles to right. That's five runs scored.

2008-08-02 13:05:23
16.   OldYanksFan
Moose looks good.
2008-08-02 13:08:25
17.   OldYanksFan
2008-08-02 13:09:38
18.   randym77
Jeff Nelson in. He looks really skinny. Kay says it's because he bikes professionally now. He strikes Willie out.

They ended the game with Mike Torrez in to face Bucky. Bucky smacks one to left, but Fernandez makes a great stop. Chambliss out on the force. Game over.

(Dunno if there's going to be a game thread, or if we should just use this one.)

2008-08-02 13:13:36
19.   randym77
Guess we should just use this as the game thread. It's still pretty fresh. And weekends tend to be really slow.

Jered looks so much like his brother it's uncanny.

2008-08-02 13:22:53
20.   OldYanksFan
Wow... the Angels have scared are the Banterers away.
2008-08-02 13:24:30
21.   randym77
Well, this isn't off to a very promising start...
2008-08-02 13:30:25
22.   OldYanksFan
Defense costs us 2 runs there.
2008-08-02 13:34:16
23.   randym77
Poor Moose.

Betemit is not used to playing 2B. Cano would not have been standing right over the base like that.

2008-08-02 13:36:19
24.   Just fair
22 Tex probably snares the single Giambi dove for and missed. Rivera probably catches the ball Abreu could not get to, and so it goes....
At least Lil' Weaver won't strike out 27 today.
2008-08-02 13:37:28
25.   Jeb
It's so much fun to be Anaheim's bitch.
2008-08-02 13:37:48
26.   Just fair
2008-08-02 13:38:06
27.   randym77
Betemit makes up for it...
2008-08-02 13:38:25
28.   Jeb
25 Okay, everyone but Betemit....
2008-08-02 13:38:33
29.   nick
that'll do, Wilson. I gave you and Jason -1 each in the first, so you're +1 now...
2008-08-02 13:38:53
30.   ms october
damnit now i am sucked back in.

well good for betemit making up for his error. that was a nice swing.

2008-08-02 13:39:24
31.   Jeb
25 Perhaps I can come on here and write pissed off things about the Yanks and we'll go 8-2 against the Angels this season.
2008-08-02 13:39:31
32.   nick
will william show up if I make bitter remarks like "does Melky make hard contact more than once a week?"
2008-08-02 13:39:45
33.   OldYanksFan
24 I was thinking Betemit, but yes, we have enough average to poor defense to go around. Now if Giambi and Bobby can each pop one....
2008-08-02 13:41:20
34.   OldYanksFan
That pitch to Betemit was lowish and outsideish. Pretty good to turn that around the way he did.
2008-08-02 13:43:18
35.   OldYanksFan
Did you hear Buck mention that Tex wanted a 10 year deal? I guess that means he wants at least 7.
2008-08-02 13:44:32
36.   randym77
32 Shhhhh! Let's not test it!
2008-08-02 13:49:24
37.   nick
Betemit has power; it's just that he lost his strike zone judgment COMPLETELY mid-season when we acquired him...something to do with better AL pitching? I wonder...
2008-08-02 13:50:49
38.   Jeb
wow...Flash Molina!
2008-08-02 13:51:17
39.   Just fair
Is a 6-4-3-2 triple play possible. Ah, Jetes, not hit hard enough.
2008-08-02 13:51:45
40.   OldYanksFan
I just don't know how Jetes has such good 'clutch' stats. Anywone surprised at the DP?
2008-08-02 13:51:59
41.   Jeb
how many DP's for Jeter now? 20?
2008-08-02 13:52:23
42.   OldYanksFan
Do they have a stat called killing rallies?
2008-08-02 13:54:22
43.   randym77
Heh. There's a rally-killer.
2008-08-02 13:54:22
44.   OldYanksFan
Fucking Jeter...
2008-08-02 13:54:50
45.   Jeb
Abreu is terrible.
2008-08-02 13:55:11
46.   rbs10025
Weaver sure looks a lot like his brother right now.
2008-08-02 13:57:06
47.   OldYanksFan
Now hit by ARod on a tough pitch.
2008-08-02 13:57:17
48.   OldYanksFan
NICE hit...
2008-08-02 13:57:56
49.   Just fair
The Butcher, The Weaver, The Mathis-Sticks maker.
The last one's a stretch, of course. But that was the battery meeting on the mound with the pitching coach.
2008-08-02 13:58:02
50.   Jeb
Dammit Alex, youre garbage
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2008-08-02 13:58:21
51.   Jeb
Giambi you're bad too.
2008-08-02 14:00:07
52.   nick
lefties have been pounding this cat, but no hard contact from Jason--if Jason's August is like his July, we're fucked....
2008-08-02 14:00:15
53.   OldYanksFan
Giambi is REALLY off. That last pitch had 500' written all over it.
2008-08-02 14:02:13
54.   randym77
Shave the 'stache!
2008-08-02 14:05:46
55.   nick
always nice to watch Moose field...
2008-08-02 14:06:16
56.   nick
some late movement on his pitches today, too...
2008-08-02 14:09:54
57.   OldYanksFan
When Moose is on, I enjoy watching him more then any other Yankee pitcher.

Moose so far: 4.0 2 2 1 2 3 0 55-31 3.52

As I suspected: "The chances of getting [Wang] on September 1st is zero," Girardi said. "October 1st is possible."

2008-08-02 14:13:00
58.   Jeb
57 I agree with you. He's a crafty old bastard now and it's nice when he's on. I was really worried about him pitching today because the Angels DESTROYED him in a game last summer (and I think Garrett Anderson had 80 RBI's in that game).
2008-08-02 14:20:15
59.   JL25and3
What did McCarver just say? Did it mean anything?
2008-08-02 14:23:25
60.   nick
oho, Molino! the guy needed a rest!
2008-08-02 14:25:12
61.   OldYanksFan
You would have to think if Molina lost 15 lbs he would be better is all aspects of the game. Plus, then he would only need to lose 10 lbs.
2008-08-02 14:30:04
62.   Raf
59 Usually, it doesn't
2008-08-02 14:32:29
63.   Jeb
If I've never mentioned it before, Fox SUCKS. We've got the [YAWN] Braves/Brewers game here and I can't even watch the Yankees on MLB.TV --- what's bullshit about it is that I'm not going to watch the Fox broadcast, so it's like I'm being punished.
2008-08-02 14:35:27
64.   RIYank
Hey all --
Now I know why we got Pudge. It either makes Molina very happy, or else it motivates him by competition. Probably the former.

Also, Moose is on again this afternoon, huh? I've only been listening (was in the car).

2008-08-02 14:39:25
65.   OldYanksFan
Tex turned down 8/$140m? Think about that. Turning down ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY MILLION DOLLARS! So... anyone want to give Tex 9/$180m?

And ARod goes deep! This is looking a lot like a win. What am I missing?

2008-08-02 14:41:06
66.   RIYank
Anyway I got back in time for the A-Bomb.
2008-08-02 14:41:45
67.   Jeb
2008-08-02 14:42:04
68.   RIYank
65 He's asking for ten years. Well, Boras is.
2008-08-02 14:43:22
69.   nick
who's the MVP in the AL this year? Alex has to be the front-runner right now...
2008-08-02 14:43:24
70.   RIYank
I have to admit that when the score was 4-2, I kept thinking, "Yeah, but it should be 4-0 and we're going to pay for that still."
2008-08-02 14:43:56
71.   Jeb
So is Jason hurt, or are the Yanks trying to give him a breather?
2008-08-02 14:44:36
72.   ms october
let's rock this asshat and his stupid line-up reading that joe buck is foaming over
2008-08-02 14:44:42
73.   Jeb
69 Manny Ramirez?
2008-08-02 14:46:34
74.   RIYank
71 I figure it's defensive replacement, and Girardi figured he may as well get him off the base path. For all the good it did...
2008-08-02 14:48:12
75.   RIYank
69 Yeah, I think A-Rod. I might be missing someone. Milton Bradley is the OPS+ leader, but Alex is close and obviously is more valuable.

I guess Mauer is always in the running.

2008-08-02 14:48:53
76.   RIYank
Gosh, that was embarrassing, Melkman.
2008-08-02 14:48:58
77.   nick
Melky......such a horseshit season.
2008-08-02 14:49:18
78.   cult of basebaal
well, at least we cleared the pitcher's spot that inning ...
2008-08-02 14:50:11
79.   Jeb
I'll give it to Manny Ramirez for acting like an asshole and getting out of the East. I'll take Jason Bay in those big-time out situations any time over him.
2008-08-02 14:51:12
80.   nick
if Hamilton has a good last two months that crazy RBI total might get him the award--I think he's the real competition...
2008-08-02 14:51:49
81.   Max
76 77 Holy crap, that was one of the worst at bats I've seen this season. Flailing or guessing wrong at everything, then when the catcher loses the ball on strike 3, Melk doesn't even figure out where it is and doesn't run for first.

Even McCarver and Buck know all about the Sultan of Suck at this point.

2008-08-02 14:53:03
82.   nick
I missed the two Angel runs--was that double well hit? I haven't seen a single hard-hit ball off Moose...
2008-08-02 14:54:24
83.   ms october
80 that's what i think too - if texas hangs around in the wild card and with hamilton's big rbi and hr numbers he might get it.
a lot of the midwest writers will vote for quentin.
and arod has to contend with the jerks who are mad he opted out and all that nonsense as well as winning 2 years in a row.
2008-08-02 14:54:30
84.   cult of basebaal
82 rules book double into the RF corner, pretty well hit.
2008-08-02 14:54:51
85.   cult of basebaal
2008-08-02 14:59:55
86.   RIYank
82 But they should have got out of the inning earlier. Fault of Betemit and Giambi.
2008-08-02 15:01:01
87.   RIYank
Really, Hamilton? A-Rod has a much better OPS+.

Oh, I see, if you're predicting, then I guess I agree, he's been on the front page so much.

2008-08-02 15:05:47
88.   ms october
87 yeah not what should happen but what might happen

i hope molina's hamstrings and quads are still attached tomorrow

2008-08-02 15:07:22
89.   OldYanksFan
It's funny. ARod has some pretty good numbers. Leads in BA, 2nd in OPS, 5th in HRs. And yet, it doesn't seem like he's having a great year. Poor RISP has something to do with it. Certainly, he's due for a hot streak, and could carry MVP with ease.
2008-08-02 15:12:15
90.   Jeb
It's nice to just beat the Angels into the damn dirt and win the last Old Timer's Day at the Stadium. If Boston and Tampa could just lose a couple and we can win tomorrow, we'll be all right.
2008-08-02 15:12:19
91.   ms october
89 it's also because compared to last year they are not as impressive and he missed at least 20 games or so
2008-08-02 15:17:04
92.   ms october
funny ken - is that executive talking about manny peter gammons per chance
2008-08-02 15:18:54
93.   OldYanksFan
Moose has not been good. Moose has been great! It seems the Yankees will have to re-sign him for a year. Maybe like Wake, Moose will give us a year to year deal. He needs 2 more years fro 300 Wins and the HOF.

Mussina 7.0 2 2 1 2 5 0 89-58 3.44

Nice to hear everybody blasting Manny.

2008-08-02 15:20:50
94.   nick
tio carlos!
2008-08-02 15:21:09
95.   Max
What is all this talk about Manny and Jason Bay -- I thought the Angels and Yankees were playing?

Nice inning by Veras.

2008-08-02 15:22:33
96.   OldYanksFan
Moose is now 11th in the AL in ERA. Nuts!
2008-08-02 15:23:35
97.   ms october
93 i hope so. i think he would at least consider it.

95 those fuckwits can't help themselves. and we get them next week for the same matchup.

2008-08-02 15:26:55
98.   horace-clarke-era
69 MVP? Alex? Not yet boys. Almost silly to say it with the seasons Hamilton and Kinsler are having. (Yes, they are hurt by being on a non-contender but Hamilton is MASSIVE this year and Kinsler may be better - given his position.) Look at Morneau, too (he may deserve it this time, didn't last time). Quentin in left for the Chisox, too. I make Alex at 5th or 6th right now, down because of his injury, but certainly he can move up.

Moose for Comeback Player of the Year?

2008-08-02 15:32:45
99.   RIYank
98 Alex is having a much better year than Hamilton, much better than Morneau sorry. I have so much respect for catchers who can hit that I'm always willing to look at Mauer. Kinsler, maybe, because of the position.
2008-08-02 15:39:27
101.   OldYanksFan
wow... not even 100 comments?
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2008-08-02 15:40:00
102.   OldYanksFan
ahhh... that's weird....
2008-08-02 15:40:46
103.   Jeb
Sorry I just have to write this...uncontrollable forces are taking over my fingers:

FUCK YOU Anaheim

(Somehow I feel better now).

2008-08-02 15:42:09
104.   RIYank
Hm, did Ken come along and delete 100???
2008-08-02 15:42:54
105.   3rd gen yankee fan
Awesome that Cora threw out the first pitch at the OTG... that chokes me up...
2008-08-02 15:42:59
106.   JL25and3
104 Wow. 100 went all 134 on us.
2008-08-02 15:43:28
107.   OldYanksFan
100 Must have been Hoss saying ARod won't be MVP.
2008-08-02 15:48:49
108.   joe in boston
106 I'm still trying to figure out who "Bronxer" is. (and locking my doors at night!)
2008-08-02 15:51:47
109.   RIYank
107 Ah, and he called him 'Alex', so Ken was all, "No bad-mouthing Belth on this blog, you're history."
2008-08-02 15:52:21
110.   ms october
107 it must have been you saying not even 100 comments :}
2008-08-02 15:54:02
111.   JL25and3
99 You make a good case. Here's my counterargument: there's no effin' way Alex is winning another MVP this year. He's won 3 already, and merely being the best player in the league, even on a winning team, won't win him his fourth. He'd have to top last year, or at least come damn close to it - and not in OPS but in HR and RBI.

If the White Sox hold on in the Central, Jermaine Dye has a very good shot. If not, I say Josh Hamilton. A big jump in a team's W-L can sometimes substitute for finishing first, plus Hamilton has that story line. MVP voters just love a good story line.

It's not good, I don't even think it's exactly bad. It's just how it's always been.

2008-08-02 16:08:20
112.   cult of basebaal
111 i think the only way alex could get it is if it's a close race going into september and alex has a absurd monster month like last april ... and carries the yankees in ...
2008-08-02 16:35:41
113.   RIYank
Right, no, if we're predicting then I agree, A-Rod is a real long shot, and Josh Hamilton gets a huge boost from his SI-type story line.
2008-08-02 17:54:22
114.   dianagramr
I just got back from a very long afternoon.

12:20 - arrive at Stadium determined to see Monument Park when the gates open at 12:30.
12:30 - gates open, but they're letting people in in dribs and drabs .... after another 5 minute wait ... a chant goes up "Let's go ushers!"
12:45 - I get inside, buy my program, head for monument park entrance on field level. Only I am told to go to back of line .... which already winds ALL THE WAY to the top of the ramp (Tier seating).
12:55 - Tremendous clap of thunder, followed by torrential rain.
1:10 - Rain stops, but line has barely moved.
1:20 - I give up hope on Monument Park
1:30 - Hit my seat as OTD introductions are starting ... after they take tarp off

Later on ..... notably absent is anyone from the Murcer family (but I can understand given the recency of his passing).

Still later .... reading of names of those who have passed in the last year ends with Bobby Murcer, and a shot of a uniform top with the #1 hanging in the dugout.

Much baseball, many photos, much food .... Yankees win .... thhhhhhhheeeee Yankees win.

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