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Slip Slidin' Away
2008-08-01 14:48
by Cliff Corcoran

Don't look now, but as a result of last night's action, the Twins have slipped past the Yankees for second place in the Wild Card chase, and they still haven't called up rehabbing lefty ace Francisco Liriano, who's been dominating triple-A for a while now. Having lost four of their last five, the Yankees really need to get back on the ball. Sure, they scored six runs last night, but four of them came after the game was out of reach, and three came in the ninth inning which was pitched by Darrens Oliver and O'Day rather than Francisco Rodriguez.

Tonight, the Yankees will have to do better to compensate for their starting pitcher, Sidney Ponson. The Yankees are 4-1 in Ponson's starts, but only one of those wins came in a game in which the Bombers scored less than nine runs. Sir Sidney's ERA since joining the team is 6.08, and he's walked as many as he's struck out (12 of each in 26 2/3 innings). A bad outing today could force the Yankees contemplate their alternatives.

Phil Hughes was just activated off the DL and optioned down to low-A Charleston. He'll pitch his way back up the system without the rehab clock ticking. Alfredo Aceves allowed four runs in five innings in his last start for triple-A Scranton and is still stretching himself out following a groin injury which coincided with his promotion from double-A. That leaves Ian Kennedy, who continues to pitch well for Scranton. In his last three starts, Kennedy has posted this line: 20 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 14 K. Joe Girardi said that Kennedy would have to pitch his way back up after coming off the DL. I'd say he's done that.

Getting back to tonight's game, having scored just three runs off the Angels' fifth starter last night, the Yankees now have to contend with Ervin Santana. Santana emerged as a young starter with a lot of potential in 2005 at the age of 22. He started to deliver on that potential in 2006, but last year was a lost year for him. Sporting a 6.22 ERA and a 5-11 record in July 17, Santana was farmed out for reeducation. After returning, he was much improved (4.50 ERA, 39 K in 40 IP, 3 HR), but still inconsistent. This year, he seemed to be putting it all together at age 25, boasting a 3.01 ERA and an 8-2 Record on June 8, but in eight starts since then he's been back to his old inconsistent ways: 4.53 ERA and a team record of 4-4 in his games. He's striking out more than a man an inning, but that's the only thing that he does reliably.

Santana last faced the Yankees during the lost portion of his 2007 season, and was accordingly lit up (3 IP, 9 R), so there's no real history to go on here (his two starts against them in 2006 are both ancient history and were middling performances that resulted in wins). One thing's for sure, the Yankees need a win, and they need to light up the scoreboard for that to happen with Ponson on the hill.

Unfortunately, Xavier Nady is out of the lineup with a sore right quad. That puts Johnny Damon in left, Jason Giambi at DH and, with the groundballing Ponson on the mound and a righty going for the Angels, Wilson Betemit at first base.

Having thrown 3 2/3 innings last night Chris Britton is headed back to Scranton (surprise!) and Brian Bruney, as initially expected, is up to fill the final bullpen spot. In seven rehab appearances for Scranton, Bruney posted a 3.29 ERA. He struck out 15 in 13 2/3 innings and allowed no home runs but also walked 11.

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2008-08-01 15:11:20
1.   OldYanksFan
Bruney walked 11 in 14 innings? That stinks! Bruney is only good when he has his control. Let's hope he miraculously turns it around in NY.
2008-08-01 15:19:21
2.   kylepetterson
I said it yesterday and I'll say it again today: ugh. I hate the Angels.
2008-08-01 15:21:53
3.   cult of basebaal
1 yeah, "BB" bruney is no fun.
2008-08-01 15:22:42
4.   kylepetterson
BTW, Paul Simon is one of my musical heros. I have most of his records both on vinyl (everything up until Graceland) and all of his records on my ipod. Genius.
2008-08-01 15:23:54
5.   Sliced Bread
Going out on a limb and wildly guessing that Betemit rakes tonight.
Don't ask me how.
Big night for him, and the catcher.

I know help is on the way, but this roster still isn't Ponsoon-proof on a Friday night in August. Woof.

2008-08-01 15:29:38
6.   Raf
Bruney's back? Well there's your 8th inning guy. So much for Britton filling Hawkins role, I suppose.

Any particular reason why Giese hasn't started more than he has? Seems odd that he only has a couple of starts under his belt, but the Yanks keep running Ponson out there.

2008-08-01 15:33:27
7.   cult of basebaal
6 i agree, he's been generally effective in his relief outings, he couldn't be a worse choice than snacks ...
2008-08-01 15:33:35
8.   Cliff Corcoran
6 Cleary the Yankees see Giese as the Hawkins/long man replacement. I wouldn't count on Britton slipping right back into the 8th inning role, at least not successfully. He's had a long layoff. I'm hoping he'll have to pitch his way back up the depth chart.
2008-08-01 15:36:19
9.   JL25and3
Ponson tonight.

I like Rasner better than a lot of people do, but he's basically a contact pitcher, which goes straight to the Angels' strength. I can see them just picking him apart - and besides, he's going up against Lackey.

That leaves Moose, tomorrow - also a contact pitcher now, but a much better one. Still, he has to have his A+ game tomorrow and the Yankees have to get to Weaver (not Jeff, dammit), or this could be one ugly weekend.

2008-08-01 15:43:17
10.   RIYank
Liriano has been called up now.

Also, Jeff Karstens had a decent outing.

2008-08-01 15:52:12
11.   Cliff Corcoran
10 Ah, he was called up today. My point still stands.
2008-08-01 15:53:08
12.   Shaun P
10 6 shutout innings, though he got a little lucky: 5 hits and 4 walks, only 2 K. Also, a 3:2 GB:FB ratio! Was the wind blowing in at Wrigley today?

Kidding aside, good for him.

2008-08-01 16:08:54
13.   nick
hey guys--are we playing horseshit baseball yet?
2008-08-01 16:10:16
14.   Max
How New England treats its departed...summed up nicely by this column:

Funny how this stuff never shows up while the guy is on the team.

2008-08-01 16:15:09
15.   RIYank
14 You picked the single most odious man in all of New England sports 'journalism'. Oh, you live here, Max, right? So you knew that.
2008-08-01 16:19:49
16.   Shaun P
14 Oh, Gerry Callahan, of WEEI "fame", wrote that. No surprises there.

If WEEI were to go off the air, and nothing replaced it, and its personalities (outside of Dale and Holley) never worked in the sports biz again, New England would be a far, far better to live. And I'd listen to local radio instead of just XM.

2008-08-01 16:22:16
17.   Max
15 Yes I knew that, just as I knew that Shaughnessy wrote the same types of hatchet jobs when Nomar and Theo (temporarily) left, and that other columnists have done similar things.
2008-08-01 16:22:22
18.   RIYank
16 Yep.

Crap, Alex. I was looking for the Big Hit there.

2008-08-01 16:22:57
19.   RIYank
17 Ah, but Shaughnessy is stupid. Callahan is odious.
2008-08-01 16:23:07
20.   Shaun P
13 Depends on your definition - 2 on, no one out, then Abreu Ks, and A-Rod Ks. Does that qualify?
2008-08-01 16:25:14
21.   nick
21 and Giambi pops up? shall I optimistically observe that that might have been the best chance we'll get?
2008-08-01 16:26:08
22.   Shaun P
15 17 CHB is in LA tonight to cover Manny's first game in Dodger Blue!

Gordon Edes said today (on Charley Steiner's XM show) that he talked with Colletti and asked if they chartered a plane for Manny. "No, he's flying commercial." Edes: Do you expect him to be in the lineup tonight? Ned: "Yes." Edes: Well good luck with that, buddy!

Oh, those Boston journalists (actually Edes is now ex, having left the Globe to go to Yahoo).

Peter May is about the only Boston sportswriter I can think of with no flaws. Maybe the guy who does hockey for the Globe too, but I don't know anything about him.

2008-08-01 16:26:13
23.   Max
14 To certain fans' credit, Callahan is called out big-time in the comments of that article for his hypocrisy.

16 Amen. I can't even listen to local radio...but I can't avoid it completely, because when I go out, all sorts of stores, doctors' offices, etc have those yahoos blaring in the background.

2008-08-01 16:27:56
24.   Shaun P
22 Except that Peter May is now with Yahoo! too.

Oh, there was that guy who wrote it was time to retire the inane, "nothing says your an uncreative drunk like saying" Yankees suck chant. He's got my respect for life.

2008-08-01 16:29:40
25.   RIYank
Too bad the trading deadline has passed. Sid is making a case for himself.

Two innings, no runners, 20 pitches???

2008-08-01 16:31:14
26.   RIYank
24 Oh, Kevin Cullen.
The Globe guys are in general better than the Herald guys, despite the ownership trail that leads to the Sox.
2008-08-01 16:32:36
27.   Max
22 24 Bob Ryan doesn't regularly cover baseball, but he's always had better perspective on the Yankees and Red Sox than most other locals. And I like Edes and May.

There are a couple of awful guys authoring blogs for the Globe, though...Wilbur and Finn, I think. The latter called this year's All-Star festivities at YS a lame copycat of what the Red Sox did when they hosted the ASG last time.

2008-08-01 16:32:40
28.   RIYank
Also, I might add, Sean McAdam. But he's Providence Journal and there's no reason you'd ever read our newspaper if you don't live here. But he's quite bearable, a bit dry but he has common sense.

Goddam Figgins.

2008-08-01 16:37:00
29.   Jeb
6 up 6 down for snacks!!?? It's "fucking miracle" night at the stadium. Come on down and get your blindness cured.
2008-08-01 16:37:23
30.   Max
28 I do check out the projo web site periodically...I try not to be insular like those crazy locals. :-) McAdam is good...but I admit Donaldson kind of drives me up the wall.
2008-08-01 16:40:39
31.   RIYank
30 Donaldson is irritating. So is Reynolds.
The editor, Art Martone, is unobtrusive and unobjectionable. (He was an early supporter of David Pinto.)
2008-08-01 16:40:59
32.   Biscuit Pants
28 McAdam does have the typical anti-Yankee bias, but he does know his baseball. Callahan is unlistenable and unreadable.
2008-08-01 16:42:19
33.   Shaun P
28 I like McAdam, I read his stuff at too.

27 Agree on Bob Ryan; he usually has a good perspective on things, well, Jason Kidd and his wife aside . . .

And Howard Bryant was excellent, when he was here. I would get the free 5PM copy of that morning's Herald for the train ride home just to read him.

2008-08-01 16:44:30
34.   Shaun P
32 Sadly, so many people around here think Callahan is right. They certainly repeat his bs without giving it a second thought.
2008-08-01 16:45:39
35.   Shaun P
31 Does that mean the ProJo used to have commentary on Pinto's stuff back in the early days of
2008-08-01 16:45:47
36.   Biscuit Pants
34 I was kinda hoping his throat surgery wouldn't take . . .

kidding . . . sorta

2008-08-01 16:48:41
37.   Biscuit Pants
2008-08-01 16:48:55
38.   Just fair
That strike 3 pitch was a thing of beauty.
2008-08-01 16:48:59
39.   ms october
was that fat cat discussed in the earlier thread sacrificed or something?
how is this happening?
2008-08-01 16:50:54
40.   RIYank
So is this New England Fan night at Bronx Banter? Strange.
2008-08-01 16:50:58
41.   Max
33 I miss Howard Bryant. He was a terrific alternative to all the typical yammering, but he might as well have been from Mars when you compared his perspective to the other columnists.

I do not recognize this guy pitching for the Yankees so far.

2008-08-01 16:51:16
42.   Biscuit Pants
The Magic that is Melky . . .
2008-08-01 16:52:17
43.   RIYank
35 To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what it means.
I recently read something by Martone that mentioned Baseball Musings, and I told David, and he replied that Martone was one of his early supporters.
2008-08-01 16:52:22
44.   Biscuit Pants
40 I'm a transplant . . . an ex-pat . . . lost.
2008-08-01 16:53:47
45.   Shaun P
40 I figured that everyone was just continuing to do what they had been doing, lest anything change in the game in a way we wouldn't want.

I don't really believe that, but its fun to think. =)

So - tell me more about this Kevin Cullen guy. I never heard of him until Pete Abe pointed out his wonderful column.

2008-08-01 16:53:53
46.   RIYank
44 Me too. (If I understand you correctly.)
2008-08-01 16:55:25
47.   Biscuit Pants
46 You do . . . I think. And I don't know how long I am for the Ocean State either.
2008-08-01 16:58:02
48.   Shaun P
43 Hmm. I guess if I want to know the story, I'll have to e-mail Mr. Pinto.

41 Agreed on H. Bryant. Even though I have a life-long dislike of the 'Skins, I found myself reading his work about them in the WashPost online, just because his writing is that good.

Then he was at, but I haven't seen anything by him there in ages.

2008-08-01 16:58:08
49.   nick
2008-08-01 16:59:03
50.   RIYank
47 Wow, so you actually live in RI. There's also "Joe in RI", who used to frequent BB but hasn't dropped in more than a couple of times this summer. I grew up in NY but I've lived here now for quite a while.
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2008-08-01 17:00:30
51.   RIYank
45 Oh, he's not a sports writer, that's probably why you don't know him. He's a columnist, slightly full of himself or anyway takes himself a little too seriously, but he's basically fine. I wouldn't go out of my way to get his columns.
2008-08-01 17:00:58
52.   Biscuit Pants
47 I went to school here in the 80's. Moved back to NY (about an hour from the city) and then moved back up here 14 years ago.
2008-08-01 17:01:41
53.   Shaun P
51 Gotcha - thanks!
2008-08-01 17:02:01
54.   Just fair
It kills me how O'Neil's on-field personality is so vastly different than his in-booth personality.
2008-08-01 17:02:44
55.   ms october
omg and bobby jumped into the wall!!!!
what is going on?
2008-08-01 17:02:44
56.   randym77
Holy crap! Abreu went against the fence. It is miracle night!
2008-08-01 17:02:51
57.   mehmattski
This game is highly improbable.
2008-08-01 17:02:57
58.   nick
bobby bumps the wall!!
we will win this....
2008-08-01 17:03:31
59.   Jeb
6 up 6 down for snacks!!?? It's "fucking miracle" night at the stadium. Come on down and get your blindness cured.
2008-08-01 17:04:17
60.   RIYank
The boys just decided they'd have Sid's back tonight, huh?

I see that Jason Bay has scored the only run in Fenway so far. That should enamor him to RSN, at least for a while.

2008-08-01 17:04:23
61.   Biscuit Pants
I'm going to listen to the rest of this in the car on the way home. Night all.

Go Yanks!!!

2008-08-01 17:04:28
62.   OldYanksFan
Look at me! I'm at the wall! I'm at the wall! I'm at the wall!
2008-08-01 17:04:32
63.   Shaun P
Dear Pete Abe,

I love your work, but please don't say things like this:

"Livan Hernandez is not very good but the Mets and the Yankees could use him."

Livan could set the all-time record for most hits/9 innings allowed. Calling him awful is kind.

I'd rather have Ponson than Livan.

2008-08-01 17:04:57
64.   RIYank
Uh oh, it's Robot Jeb. This could be trouble.
2008-08-01 17:05:54
65.   OldYanksFan
14 What an absolutely fine piece of literature.

"According to his old high school coach, Ramirez promised to buy bats and balls and uniforms - things he could have gotten for free - for his needy alma mater. Last we checked, 17 years after he left school for the pros, the kids were still waiting. Their idol, their hero, the man who has made almost $200 million since he left George Washington High School in the Bronx, just couldn't be bothered."

2008-08-01 17:05:55
66.   Shaun P
Bobby went into the wall? Damn!

Now if only the bats would wake up.

2008-08-01 17:07:33
67.   RIYank
65 If you could only hear him say it aloud. The man can't go to a commercial break without sneering.
2008-08-01 17:09:40
68.   Jeb
65 argh. I was trying to post a different post but hit the back button on my blackberry and reposted from earlier.

However I was going to reference bobby's catch, Wilson's D and snacks's pitching and suggest that it is, indeed, miracle night.
Just 2 more good innings from snacks please

2008-08-01 17:14:50
69.   Jeb
ok, on my laptop now.
2008-08-01 17:14:59
70.   mehmattski
Nooooooooooo! All is lost!
2008-08-01 17:15:39
71.   RIYank
We can exhale.
2008-08-01 17:15:43
72.   Jeb
ruh roh....the real snacks just arrived.
2008-08-01 17:16:09
73.   RIYank
I mean, I feel better. Now I'm confident that the sun will rise again tomorrow.
2008-08-01 17:16:19
74.   Jeb
71 good I'm waiting for you to do that.
2008-08-01 17:16:22
75.   ms october
damn you garrett breaking up snac's no-hitter in that typical angel fashion
2008-08-01 17:16:56
76.   nick
this is surreal
2008-08-01 17:17:12
77.   ms october
73 uh maybe not - bobby got near the wall again
2008-08-01 17:17:14
78.   Jeb
73 moi?
2008-08-01 17:17:36
79.   nick
I wait for Don DeLillo's short story "Abreau at the Wall"
2008-08-01 17:19:05
80.   RIYank
78 Non.
Because Sidney isn't going to pitch a no-hitter. If he had, I would be concerned about, you know, the laws of nature and stuff.
2008-08-01 17:20:17
81.   ms october
knock off all these pitch outs with snacks
2008-08-01 17:21:51
82.   RIYank
There's the Snax we all love so much.
2008-08-01 17:21:52
83.   Jeb
Ever get an eerie feeling that a game is about go get away from us?
2008-08-01 17:21:55
84.   Just fair
The wheels.. Someone check the wheels. They're beginning to come off.
2008-08-01 17:23:11
85.   Jeb
It's kind of nice that he's pitching just bad enough that he'll figure out a way to lose, but just good enough that they'll keep running him out there. This is maddening.
2008-08-01 17:23:27
86.   Just fair
Atta boy, Choad.
2008-08-01 17:23:57
87.   mehmattski
People, it wouldn't be a Snacks start without a bases loaded jam. I think it's in his contract.
2008-08-01 17:24:43
88.   nick
for once the Angels approach taketh away!
2008-08-01 17:25:15
89.   ms october
well that is also the snacks we know and "love"
2008-08-01 17:25:26
90.   RIYank
Ladies and gentleman, I give you... Snax!
2008-08-01 17:26:07
91.   Jeb
ok, pull him NOW. There are only so many miracles on Miracle night in the Bronx.
2008-08-01 17:26:44
92.   Just fair
No more pitch-outs unless there are 2 stirkes please. Starting off the batter with a 2-0 count is undesirable. : )
2008-08-01 17:29:02
93.   RIYank
I'm seeing the virtues of Jose Molina.
2008-08-01 17:29:42
94.   randym77
Ponson looked he couldn't believe he got out of it. I don't think he wants to go back out there.
2008-08-01 17:30:01
95.   ms october
damnit we have another gidp machine.

i think i will double take every time i see pudge in pinstripes.

2008-08-01 17:30:25
96.   Just fair
So Melky's up 2-0 and then swings at ball 3,4, and 5 to strike out. UGH.
2008-08-01 17:32:29
97.   RIYank
You got your spell on me baby
You got your spell on me baby
You got your spell on me baby
Turning my bat into stone...
2008-08-01 17:32:38
98.   nick
2008-08-01 17:34:11
99.   RIYank
98 Sid says, "Let me pitch to Vlad, I promise I won't throw anything in the strike zone."
2008-08-01 17:34:45
100.   RIYank
Have faith in the Yankees, my son. Remember the great Snax.
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2008-08-01 17:35:46
101.   nick
I apologize--Snax is twirling a "nifty" two-hitter...
2008-08-01 17:35:52
102.   RIYank
And after 86 pitches, that's 43 balls, 43 strikes. Awesome.
2008-08-01 17:36:25
103.   randym77
Sir Sidney is earning his ice cream tonight.
2008-08-01 17:36:37
104.   RIYank
Ah, and the 87th is even better.

That does it, I'm going to go get me a snack. Maybe a pretzel.

2008-08-01 17:36:52
105.   Jeb
Could we possibly get a run off Santana?
2008-08-01 17:37:43
106.   nick
you know, it's possible that not throwing very many strikes is a good approach against these guys....what's their team ops against "wild mediocrities"?
2008-08-01 17:38:20
107.   Jeb
100 shouldn't it be THINK of the great Snacks (as opposed to remember)?
2008-08-01 17:38:40
108.   ms october
put damon in motion now!
2008-08-01 17:38:42
109.   nick
uh oh, Derek's gonna bunt...
2008-08-01 17:38:56
110.   Just fair
Post Headline tomorrow.
"Knight Snacks on Helpless Angel's Hitters"
Bunt, Jeter, Bunt.
2008-08-01 17:40:13
111.   Jeb
It was the best of Snacks, it was the worst of Snacks.
2008-08-01 17:40:20
112.   mehmattski
From the Angels FSN feed: Tuesday August 5th is Floppy Hat Day in Anaheim! Wooooooo!
2008-08-01 17:40:29
113.   RIYank
106 Certainly with Vlad, yeah.

107 Oh yeah. When in doubt, go with the monosyllable.

2008-08-01 17:40:48
114.   OldYanksFan
Was that 'close and late'?
2008-08-01 17:41:43
115.   mehmattski
114 No, close and late is 7th inning+ with the game within two runs.
2008-08-01 17:42:15
116.   RIYank
111 Ah, no, that's SYDNEY, not Sidney.
2008-08-01 17:43:15
117.   OldYanksFan
115 Yeah, but it's getting late early.
2008-08-01 17:44:15
118.   Jeb
116 good catch.
2008-08-01 17:45:15
119.   nick
can the Rod adopt a singles approach here?
2008-08-01 17:45:16
120.   Just fair
If I am readng the below web page correctly, Santana is only signed through this year. Is that right?
2008-08-01 17:45:19
121.   ms october
117 when snacks is pitching it's late before it's early
2008-08-01 17:45:56
122.   Travis08
120 Yes, but he's still under the Angels' control for the next 3 years. He'll be arbitration-eligible after this season.
2008-08-01 17:46:12
123.   nick
Stache, you stank in July--but it's August now, big fella!
2008-08-01 17:47:12
124.   mehmattski
120 Yes, but also see:

ML service: 2.104

So this off-season will be his first arbitration year. He won't be eligible for free agency until 2011, assuming the Angels don't try to buy out his arby years like the Yanks did with Cano or the Rays did with Longoria.

2008-08-01 17:48:01
125.   Travis08
Time to shave the stache?
2008-08-01 17:48:29
126.   ms october
damnit damnit damnit

oyf - we have to give the big lug a pep talk

2008-08-01 17:49:14
127.   Just fair
122 124 Thanks. I am an expert on almost nothing, including MLB contracts. : )
2008-08-01 17:49:17
128.   RIYank
I believe if Giambi had reached base, Santana was gone.

Oh well, let's go Snax!

2008-08-01 17:49:24
129.   Shaun P
125 Or dye it, or grow it. Anything that does something.
2008-08-01 17:50:01
130.   nick
87 pitches--anybody second-guessing if we start the 7th with a reliever?
2008-08-01 17:50:50
131.   Jeb
Please pull Snacks now....6 innings was about all I can handle. It's time for Edwar/Veras/Marte/Bruney/Mo
2008-08-01 17:51:17
132.   randym77
Shave the porn-stache.
2008-08-01 17:51:19
133.   Travis08
Please take Ponson out. This can't last.
2008-08-01 17:51:20
134.   Jeb
130 131 I AM
2008-08-01 17:51:21
135.   nick
Snacks owes a number of drinks thus far...
2008-08-01 17:51:23
136.   Shaun P

Snax can keep going until he gets in trouble.

2008-08-01 17:51:57
137.   alittleblackegg
130 How do you take out ANYONE throwing a two hitter? Obviously it isn't pretty, but still...
2008-08-01 17:52:10
138.   RIYank
130 I would have.

But then, I have yet to fully understand the Enigma that is Snax.

2008-08-01 17:52:40
139.   Jeb
This is MADNESS...MADNESS I say.
2008-08-01 17:52:42
140.   nick
this is like putting it all on the black six times in a row; the wife has a hand on his arm "Maybe you should just walk away now, Joe......Joe?"
2008-08-01 17:53:03
141.   RIYank
He'll walk Rivera and Mathis again, right? Like last time?
2008-08-01 17:53:52
142.   Shaun P
Is Michael Kay right? Only 21 more home games after tonight? Where did the summer go?! Where did the season go? Its only August 1st!
2008-08-01 17:54:03
143.   RIYank
2008-08-01 17:54:05
144.   nick
Stretchin with Snacks!
2008-08-01 17:54:15
145.   mehmattski
2008-08-01 17:54:33
146.   Jeb
Okay I give up, let Snacks pitch a complete game.
2008-08-01 17:55:24
147.   OldYanksFan
126 Jason slumping is a VERY bad thing. We need him to get hot.

We piss and moan about Snacks and Raz in the SR, but we win or lose with our offense.

Again, defense is making the difference.

2008-08-01 17:55:30
148.   RIYank
142 You should write a maudlin Judy Collins song now.
2008-08-01 17:56:42
149.   ms october
if anyone here says they thought snacks could get through 7ip with 2hits and 0runs against anyone much less the angels - you are the biggest liar or the most mystical person and you should be using those powers more fully.
2008-08-01 17:57:34
150.   nick
hit one out Robby...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-01 17:58:26
151.   RIYank
Dammit! Ervin is getting tired, too, Rob needed a little more patience.
2008-08-01 17:58:30
152.   ms october
they can't hire that track coach for can fast enough for me
2008-08-01 17:58:39
153.   Jeb
149 I won't go that Far, but see 29 after the second inning I pronounced tonight Miracle night at the park.
2008-08-01 17:59:09
154.   Just fair
Can't catch a break.
2008-08-01 17:59:43
155.   RIYank
Oh, what happened? I thought Cano just lined out. But now I think Gameday went nuts. (I lost my radio signal.)
2008-08-01 18:00:35
156.   RIYank
Oh, lined off the pitcher to Izturis?
2008-08-01 18:00:52
157.   cult of basebaal
was the call on cano right? angels broadcast didn't really show any good replays.
2008-08-01 18:01:25
158.   mehmattski
156 Yes, who looked like he caught the ball but then it dropped out of his glove.
2008-08-01 18:02:41
159.   RIYank
Pudge just has to get used to American League pitching, that's all.

Oh, right.

2008-08-01 18:02:45
160.   cult of basebaal
sweet! now we've got 2 jeters in the lineup.
2008-08-01 18:03:04
161.   randym77
Pudge looks downright speedy for a catcher. Or maybe I'm just used to Molina...
2008-08-01 18:04:23
162.   RIYank
Total of one run in the Stadium plus Fenway so far.
2008-08-01 18:05:57
163.   mehmattski
Wait, left-handed relievers are allowed to pitch to right handed hitters??? And they can get them out??? I.... don't understand....
2008-08-01 18:06:14
164.   RIYank
Ponson is thinking, "Wait, how can you get a strike out if the guy doesn't swing?"
2008-08-01 18:07:42
165.   RIYank
2008-08-01 18:07:55
166.   nick
against the righty! good to see...
2008-08-01 18:10:46
167.   Max
If the O doesn't wake up, we're going to see tie-game Mo...hmmmm.
2008-08-01 18:11:07
168.   Just fair
Where's Ruben Sierra when you need a 9th inning homer to win 1-0?
Nice inning by Marte.
2008-08-01 18:11:33
169.   RIYank
Remember those guys, with the same red caps, who were here yesterday? Boy, they could hit. I'm glad they didn't come back.
2008-08-01 18:11:41
170.   mehmattski
Thanks for playing, Melk.
2008-08-01 18:12:34
171.   Jeb
Melky the one pitch wonder!
2008-08-01 18:12:59
172.   RIYank
This is our inning, folks. Good hitters, Santana definitely tiring...
2008-08-01 18:13:24
173.   mehmattski
Looks like it will be the Mo v K-Rod Show...
2008-08-01 18:13:39
174.   RIYank
Or not.
2008-08-01 18:16:51
175.   RIYank
Attaboy, Cap.
Worried yet, Ervin?
2008-08-01 18:17:24
176.   Travis08
Jack Cust just hit one over the Monster. 1-1 in the 8th.
2008-08-01 18:17:53
177.   Shaun P
148 Just remember, you asked for it.

Isn't A-Rod rich?
Cano and Melky a pair?
Mo on the mround,
Jeter in mid-air.
Back in the Stadium.

Isn't the new park bliss?
Surely the ghosts approve?
But you've torn up our home,
Why did you move.
(Ghosts and Fans)
Where is the Stadium?
Bring back the Stadium.

Just when I'd bought a season ticket,
Finally knowing where to sit,
Making my entrance with flair,
Sure of my seat,
But it is not there.

Don't you love all this new stuff?
And a concourse that's grand.
I thought that you'd want what I want.
On this old parkland.
But where is the Stadium?
Bring back the Stadium.
(Hank and Hal)
No way, the new one's here.

Aren't you guys rich enough?
Don't give us a sneer.
We want back the old place
that we hold so dear.
And where is the Stadium?
There, ought to be the Stadium.
But the ground is now clear.

(With 10,000 apologies to Stephen Sondheim, Judy Collins, and music fans everywhere.)

2008-08-01 18:18:31
178.   alittleblackegg
Sox game tied 1 - 1 in the 8th - Okajima gave up a full count home run to Cust. This night might be turning around.
2008-08-01 18:18:47
179.   Jeb
Derek run.
2008-08-01 18:19:44
180.   cult of basebaal
ugh. bobby's been fooled by that slider all night long.
2008-08-01 18:20:23
181.   pistolpete
so has Giambi.
2008-08-01 18:21:15
182.   Just fair
Reverse Jinx man says this has Mo Meltdown written all over it.
2008-08-01 18:21:22
183.   RIYank
177 Wow, that was maudlin. Bravo.
2008-08-01 18:21:24
184.   Jeb
Oh Fuck-nuts! Mo into a tie game.
2008-08-01 18:22:06
185.   nick
167 logically you want Mo here, but I do feel the chill of doom...
2008-08-01 18:23:27
186.   Shaun P
183 Thank you.

C'mon Mo, get the outs.

2008-08-01 18:24:03
187.   RIYank
That makes sense. It's bizarro day, so this is bizarro Mo.
2008-08-01 18:24:36
188.   nick
walk, steal, bloop--the "beat Mo" recipe....
2008-08-01 18:24:36
189.   Shaun P
Double play! Double play!

BTW, I don't care if its a tie game or not, Mo is exactly the right move here vs the heart of the order. Best vs best.

2008-08-01 18:24:59
190.   Eirias
Tie Game Mo.
2008-08-01 18:25:12
191.   RIYank
Uh oh.
2008-08-01 18:25:35
192.   cult of basebaal
2008-08-01 18:25:37
193.   Just fair
G@#$#@W Fu#$ing Angels!
2008-08-01 18:26:29
194.   OldYanksFan
Vlad is still a good hitter
2008-08-01 18:26:31
195.   Jeb
I'm really disgusted now. The angels will surely score here. Snacks pitches a 2 hit shutout for 7 innings and Mo gives up a walk and a hit in 2 at-bats. FUCK

game over

2008-08-01 18:26:46
196.   Raf
a K would be nice here...
2008-08-01 18:26:57
197.   pistolpete
Quick, trade Ponson now while his stock is up!
2008-08-01 18:27:05
198.   Shaun P
192 hey cult of Mo, where's the hope for the mighty one?

K, pop-up, K.

2008-08-01 18:27:54
199.   pistolpete
Of course.
2008-08-01 18:27:55
200.   Raf
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-01 18:27:56
201.   Shaun P
198 I'll shut up now.
2008-08-01 18:28:09
202.   RIYank
Hooooo boy.
2008-08-01 18:28:35
203.   cult of basebaal

it's gonna be one of those series, isn't it?

2008-08-01 18:28:42
204.   Jeb
like I said GAME OVER. 3 batters no outs. FUCK
2008-08-01 18:29:16
205.   pistolpete
I'll be ecstatic to get one game from these guys now...
2008-08-01 18:29:34
206.   Max
195 You left out the part about the dickwad closer on the other team who will dance around the mound and point to the sky after he punches our guys out.
2008-08-01 18:30:13
207.   randym77
I guess we should have known. Of course the Angels are going to win if it's Miracle Night.
2008-08-01 18:30:59
208.   ms october
this really sucks a lot.
and then "k-rod" will get to be a jerk.
2008-08-01 18:31:06
209.   RIYank
2008-08-01 18:31:10
210.   pistolpete
206 Bring him on. 1-run game and he might crack.
2008-08-01 18:32:23
211.   RIYank
It all happened one batter too late. K, GIDP, just like the doctor ordered, only the doctor must have been delayed.
2008-08-01 18:33:20
212.   Jeb
we'll be 7 games out by Monday.
2008-08-01 18:33:45
213.   RIYank
If this is Bizarro Pitching Day, doesn't that mean...?
2008-08-01 18:34:35
214.   Jeb
208 Maybe K-rod will throw one pitch and tear his labrum
2008-08-01 18:34:41
215.   nick
least they can't pitch around Alex...
2008-08-01 18:36:16
216.   RIYank
K-Rod can't find the zone.
2008-08-01 18:37:05
217.   RIYank
Oh, there it is.
2008-08-01 18:37:13
218.   Raf
wow that changeup was crazy
2008-08-01 18:37:16
219.   Just fair
It must be nice to throw 6 pitches, only 1 strike, but still strike out a guy.
2008-08-01 18:37:38
220.   ms october
216 oh yes he can especially when yuo swwing at ball 4

c'mon jason - we know you got it in ya big lug

2008-08-01 18:37:40
221.   nick
ok, those were two great pitches from that asshole....
2008-08-01 18:38:14
222.   RIYank
A's get the lead-off man on in the ninth but fail to bunt him up; now one down with the man on first.
2008-08-01 18:38:58
223.   randym77
Shave the porn-stache, Jase. Shave the porn-stache.
2008-08-01 18:39:10
224.   RIYank
Come on, Rob!

If Pudge comes up, I predict he wins it.

2008-08-01 18:39:30
225.   nick
Robinson Cano, you're our only hope...
2008-08-01 18:39:39
226.   ms october
maybe this ass will fall down on the next pitch
2008-08-01 18:40:20
227.   Just fair
Would anyone with technological wherewithall let me know the last visiting team to sweep both the Yankees and Sox in back to back series'?
2008-08-01 18:41:18
228.   Jeb
2008-08-01 18:41:37
229.   RIYank
That was a discouraging game.

Ponson must be thinking, "What's the point? Next time I'll give up seven runs again. We usually win that way."

2008-08-01 18:41:47
230.   ms october
this was painful - a good outing by snacks; the offense not getting it done; and mo with the loss
2008-08-01 18:43:01
231.   OldYanksFan
We piss and moan about Snacks and Raz in the SR, but we win or lose with our offense.
2008-08-01 18:43:04
232.   nemecizer



2008-08-01 18:43:08
233.   seattleyank
Well that sucked. But at least Ponson will get another start. Oh wait...
2008-08-01 18:43:46
234.   RIYank
JD Drew lead off single in the bottom of the ninth...
2008-08-01 18:44:21
235.   Max
The saddest thing is that the ending really wasn't that almost seems like a given that when Mo comes into a tie game, he will have to deal with a runner on third with one or no outs.
2008-08-01 18:44:43
236.   RIYank
Lowrie bunts him to second...
2008-08-01 18:45:07
237.   RIYank
Sean Casey hitting for the catcher Cash...
2008-08-01 18:46:04
238.   RIYank
They IBB Casey.
That's dumb. Now unless speedy Ellsbury GIDP, they'll have to pitch to Pedroia with the winning RISP.
2008-08-01 18:46:50
239.   RIYank
It's 0.00 Ziegler pitching, of course...
2008-08-01 18:47:45
240.   RIYank
Ellsbury grounds out, runners advance.

Winning run on third with Gritty Gritter up.

2008-08-01 18:50:18
241.   RIYank
Pedroia flies out on an 0-2 pitch. Ziegler's string continues!
2008-08-01 18:54:09
242.   RIYank
I see I'm talking to myself. But I'm enjoying it.
Street warming in the Oakland pen. Papelbon in for his second inning. If the Sox get a base runner, Jason Bay will (probably) have a chance to win it in the bottom of the tenth.
2008-08-01 18:54:32
243.   cult of basebaal
235 sorta like when DJ comes up with a runner on first, our guts start going, GIDP, GIDP ...
2008-08-01 18:57:13
244.   RIYank
With one out, Suzuki reaches on a chopper to Lowell. E5 because the throw pulled Youk off the bag.
2008-08-01 18:59:40
245.   nick
career-wise, Mo really is significantly worse in tie games....I think it's mostly a BABIP fluke, but his walk rate does go up significantly.....
2008-08-01 19:00:06
246.   nick
242 still here, still in shock...
2008-08-01 19:00:37
247.   RIYank
Papelbon goes 2-0 to Cust, then blows him away with fastballs.
2008-08-01 19:01:38
248.   RIYank
The A's have Emil Brown up because they pinch ran for Thomas in the eighth.
2008-08-01 19:03:01
249.   RIYank
And down goes Brown.
Going to the bottom of the tenth: Youk, Ortiz, Lowell, then Bay against Houston Street.

245 It must be a coincidence. You think it's psychological??

2008-08-01 19:05:49
250.   RIYank
Youk goes down swinging.
Here's Ortiz with one out, nobody on.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-01 19:06:19
251.   RIYank
Papi pops out on the first pitch.
2008-08-01 19:07:12
252.   OldYanksFan
Sox ain't the same without Manny.
But I hate Manny and wish him bad luck.
2008-08-01 19:08:30
253.   RIYank
Lowell reaches on an infield hit, slow roller to third.
Bay has a chance to win it. But Lowell seems to be injured, he'll leave for a pinch runner (and not just for the speed, he has to leave).
2008-08-01 19:09:25
254.   RIYank
2-0 to Lowell.
Coco might run...
2008-08-01 19:09:50
255.   RIYank
Sorry, I meant 2-0 to Bay. Coco is the pinch runner.

Now it's 3-0!

2008-08-01 19:12:05
256.   RIYank
Jason Bay walks.
His first plate appearance was a walk, and he score the Sox' only run so far.

Here's JD Drew with a chance to win. During a time out conference on the mound, Coco wanders over to his third base coach for a chat. Coco is fast, can probably score on just about any outfield hit.

Drew goes to 1-1.

2008-08-01 19:13:22
257.   RIYank
Street misses way outside, 2-1. Street in the stretch, misses outside again, 3-1. With two away, he may prefer to face Lowrie with Crisp on third...

And he will, ball four to Drew.

2008-08-01 19:14:36
258.   RIYank
Houston has thrown 18 pitches but only 8 for strikes.

Now he goes 0-1 to Jed Lowrie, then a foul makes it 0-2...

2008-08-01 19:16:08
259.   RIYank
The third pitch is so wide Suzuki dives to block it and save the game!

Lowrie has to be looking for the change... He gets it, but outside, 2-2. That's his out pitch, but he may not be able to use it again...
He puts one inside, ball three!

Full count, bases loaded, two away!

2008-08-01 19:17:09
260.   RIYank
Lowrie fouls the payoff.

Here's another, the crowd is standing, screaming...

Lowrie lines it to center...

Carlos Gonzales is there, we go to the eleventh.

2008-08-01 19:19:03
261.   kdw
Thanks for the play-by-play, somehow it's easier to read it than follow live.
2008-08-01 19:19:05
262.   Travis08
227 Toronto did it early last year, but they had only a two-game series in Boston and one game in New York.

Before that, the 1990 A's swept three-game series in Boston and New York September 3-5 and 7-9.

2008-08-01 19:20:07
263.   RIYank
Here's Gonzales to lead things off. Mike Lowell has been replaced by Alex Cora who will play SS with Lowrie moving to third.
2008-08-01 19:21:38
264.   OldYanksFan
Lowell didn't look like he was hurt badly. Sox can't afford to lose his bat.
2008-08-01 19:21:39
265.   OldYanksFan
Lowell didn't look like he was hurt badly. Sox can't afford to lose his bat.
2008-08-01 19:23:26
266.   RIYank
Javier Lopez gets Gonzales swinging, now Mark Ellis grounds out on his second pitch. Oakland batters not putting up much of a struggle.

Fastball to Hanahan, strike at the knees.

261 On gameday or something?

2008-08-01 19:24:16
267.   RIYank
Hanahan's bat goes flying on the 1-1 pitch, it hits an empty seat in the stands.
2008-08-01 19:25:25
268.   RIYank
... and there aren't a whole lot of empty seats, I might add.

2-2 pitch, grounded up the middle, diving Cora, up and fires, Got 'im!

Wow, no way Lowrie gets that. The Sox luck out in losing Lowell for the evening, if he isn't seriously hurt!

2008-08-01 19:26:06
269.   kdw
266 Yup, it's easier to hear from a friendly voice than cold off the computer. And easier to hope.
2008-08-01 19:28:34
270.   RIYank
Street is out, the Edwar-like Blevins is in to pitch to Varitek. This is the weak part of the Boston order, but of course Oakland has to get through the twelfth to win it.

Blevins goes 2-1 to Tek. Timlin is throwing in the Boston bullpen. Pop foul, out of play, 2-2.

2008-08-01 19:30:22
271.   Andre
tek strikes out. right hip strain for mike lowell
2008-08-01 19:30:49
272.   RIYank
Down goes Varitek swinging.

Yeah, if you're an Oakland fan (or even a fan for the night, like us) you have to be more concerned about the bottom of the twelfth -- hoping to get there, but worried about the heart of the Boston order.

1-1 to Ellsbury.

Word from the clubhouse is that Lowell has a "hip strain", whatever that is.

Count runs full to Jacoby on a fastball inside.

2008-08-01 19:32:06
273.   RIYank
Ellsbury fouls one off, then a soft line drive is just caught.

This game has seen thirteen strike-outs, and all of them swinging.

2008-08-01 19:33:19
274.   RIYank
Here's Pedroia hoping to will himself to the win. He wills two pitches off the plate, 2-0.

Line drive, eats up Crosby and bounces off him into the outfield, Pedroia is on.

2008-08-01 19:34:12
275.   RIYank
Now Youk, who has three hits tonight. I wonder if Pedie will run. Youkalis quickly goes to 0-2.
2008-08-01 19:35:53
276.   RIYank
Short lead off first for Pedroia, the pitch to Youkalis is low, 1-2. Blevens from the stretch, curve ball in the dirt.

Timlin is ready if needed, the Sox' pen is pretty thin. Swing, fouled back, still 2-2.

2008-08-01 19:36:19
277.   Andre
pukey gets punched out- of course, he's cryin
2008-08-01 19:36:59
278.   RIYank
The 2-2 is over the inside corner! Backward K.

You will be shocked to hear that Youkalis is arguing. HOW DARE YOU, SIR! Francona reels him in, and we go to the twelfth.

2008-08-01 19:39:59
279.   Andre
just flipped over to watch manny's debut - man, that stadium is EMPTY! they're talking about how LA sold an add'l 11,000 seats since yesterday
2008-08-01 19:40:13
280.   RIYank
Let's see what our old friend Timlin can do.

Sox announcers insist that strike three to Youk was inside, but Gameday has it just on the edge of the plate.

Timlin deals to Crosby, strike one on the inside corner.

Oakland is the worst-hitting team in the AL (in all of baseball?) Now Crosby is behind 0-2 missing the cutter. Timlin wastes one low and away.

2008-08-01 19:41:55
281.   RIYank
Crosby strikes out swinging at a heater on the outside corner.
Here's Barton, the weak hitting 1B back from the DL, not promising. Sox will have Ortiz followed by Cora (replacing Lowell) and then Jason Bay, who will be on the spot again. Maybe.

2-1 to Barton.

2008-08-01 19:43:12
282.   RIYank
Barton misses a breaking ball, 2-2. He fouls off the next pitch, chopped over the Boston dugout.

Now he chops another one, to Pedroia, fielded, just in time to get Barton.

2008-08-01 19:44:23
283.   RIYank
Last chance in the top of the twelfth is Ryan Sweeney, takes a fast ball for strike one. He takes another pitch for a strike. Wazzup, Sweeney?
Behind 0-2 he waits for the pitch, pops it up...

It drops behind Cora for a single.

2008-08-01 19:46:05
284.   RIYank
Kurt Suzuki steps up, Sweeney with a good lead. High and tight, ball one.

The 1-0 pitch is grounded to short, Alex Cora makes the routine play, and we go to the bottom of the twelfth.

I don't have a good feeling about this half inning coming up.

2008-08-01 19:48:31
285.   RIYank
Ex-Red Sox pitcher Alan Embree is in for the A's, he's not a good pitcher, and he'll have to face Ortiz and Bay with Cora sandwiched.

Here's Papi.

2008-08-01 19:49:50
286.   RIYank
David takes a strike, then flails at a slider, 0-2. Papi asks whether the pitch he swung at was a strike; it most certainly was not. Embree deals a low slider, 1-2.
2008-08-01 19:51:32
287.   RIYank
Ortiz' only at-bat against Embree this year was a homer.

But not this time, he watches strike three! He doesn't whine, though I think he disagreed.

Now here's Cora. Embree throws a 95 mph heater, but wide. The second pitch is a strike on the outside edge.

1-1 to Cora with Bay on deck and one out, Embree deals, Cora grounds it foul, it's 1-2.

2008-08-01 19:53:38
288.   RIYank
Grounder toward the middle but Crosby scoots over and slurps it up, guns out Cora. Here's Jason Bay with a chance to be the hero again...

He pops the first pitch foul.

Bay has faced Embree just twice and struck out both times.

But he bangs this one off the wall and he's around second and headed for third...

Bay's first hit for Boston is a triple.

2008-08-01 19:56:29
289.   RIYank
The hit was off the Monster, sorry, I should have said that.

They'll walk J D Drew to get to Lowrie, preferring to face the weak hitter even though he's a righty. Or maybe they'll walk Lowrie? No they pitch to him.

Drew takes second, Lowrie hits it up the middle... Crosby fields, throws to first...

NOT IN TIME. Red Sox win!

2008-08-01 19:57:57
290.   RIYank
Wow, the extra base that Bay took was critical. And Crosby double-clutched on the throw to first and it wasn't close... okay, he had trouble getting it out of his glove.

Bay is a hero after all.

Good baseball, but not a happy night for Yankee fans.

2008-08-01 19:58:42
291.   kdw
Okay, so it's not actually any easier to read after all. But thanks anyway, enjoyed your commentary.
2008-08-01 20:03:36
292.   Start Spreading the News
Difference between playoff teams and the pretenders are days like today. Even if the yanks make the postseason, they will still lose to teams like the sox or angels.
2008-08-01 22:48:42
293.   weeping for brunnhilde
111 115 Nice, very nice. :)
2008-08-01 22:50:56
294.   weeping for brunnhilde
159 Ha ha hah ah ah!
2008-08-01 22:54:03
295.   weeping for brunnhilde
170 171 Oh, God, tell me he didn't pop out a mile high to third.

It's not even like when he goes down on one pitch it's ever hit hard somewhere.

Does Melky ever hit the ball hard, for that matter?

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