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2008-07-31 09:49
by Alex Belth

Couple of new guns will be at Stadium tonight--the Angels have a new first baseman, the Yanks have a new catcher.  Be interesting to see how that impacts the Halos Annual Bomber Beatdown.  In the meantime, this afternoon is about the trade deadline.

So?  Will Manny Ramirez still be a Red Sox come this evening?

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2008-07-31 10:02:02
1.   Zack
I would be really bummed if the Sox managed to get Kemp out of all of this. Torre does love himself the veterans and a young, cheap Kemp under Sox control for the next however many years would be painful.
2008-07-31 10:19:15
2.   mehmattski
FanGraphs has evidence that flipping Hermida for Ramirez actually makes the Marlins worse:

2008-07-31 10:26:40
3.   alittleblackegg
Peter Gammons on ESPN's trade blog: the deal may be "dead" and the Fish might be asking for Manny + prospects + cash, which seems nuts.

If nothing happens, it'll be weird atmosphere in Boston for awhile.

2008-07-31 10:27:41
4.   cult of basebaal
according to robothal, the yankees are considering paul byrd:

The Yankees, frustrated by their attempts to land Mariners left-hander Jarrod Washburn, are "kicking around" the idea of adding Indians righty Paul Byrd, according to major-league sources.

As of 12:30 p.m. ET, the Yankees and Indians had not yet exchanged names, but a deal could come together quickly if the Yankees decided to pursue it.

The Indians likely would not seek much in return from Byrd, who also has drawn mild interest from the Rockies. For the Yankees, Byrd would be a potential upgrade over right-hander Darrell Rasner.

i don't care what it costs, i'm not really interested in paul byrd. well, i suppose if he's replacing snacks pontoon, but even that just seems like an exchange of advanced mediocrity ... pass.

2008-07-31 10:27:51
5.   rbj
Ah, the good ole' Boston Zoo.
2008-07-31 10:32:37
6.   rbj
4 Will the last person out of Cleveland please turn off the lights.

I would prefer Byrd to Ponson, but then again I'd prefer just about anyone or their grandmother to Ponson.

2008-07-31 10:32:56
7.   mehmattski
4 Hey, the Indians have Jeff Weaver too. I saw him pitch last night against the Durham Bulls. He gave up four runs (including three solo homers) in six innings and got the win...
2008-07-31 10:34:08
8.   RIYank
Gammons: "Close to dead"
Rosenthal: "Taking off"

Who do you believe?

2008-07-31 10:40:51
9.   cult of basebaal
8 anyone but will carroll.
2008-07-31 10:44:53
10.   cult of basebaal

The Make A Wish Kid, rides again!!!

2008-07-31 10:47:48
11.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
8 the thing to remember about Gammons is that he's the mouthpiece for the Sawx front office. Especially at trade deadline time, when he kicks into overdrive, trying to ensure that the Sawx get the best deal and any competing teams get the shaft.

Sounds to me then as if the Sawx feel they have the Marlins/Pirates hooked, and are trying to get more by making them think they're ready to walk away from the table.

2008-07-31 10:55:56
12.   standuptriple
11 It makes me sad that Gammons is a constant "Schill" for the Boston front office. It makes me sadder that very few people see that through his lofty stature.
2008-07-31 10:58:02
13.   ms october
{1] me too on kemp. i am holding out hope the yanks can get him in the off season.

4 if they want to "kick around" paul byrd that's fine - but it is cruely to animals.
if the upgrade over ponson is only to mediocre (such as byrd) - what's the point?
just give kennedy another shot or aceves in a week or so when he gets his pitch count up a bit.

10 wishes do come true!

just about 2 hours until we know about manny!

2008-07-31 11:02:16
14.   jafuchs78
2008-07-31 11:09:42
15.   mehmattski
Rosenthal says the trade is dead too, now.

2008-07-31 11:11:04
16.   Zack
14 Are you just advertising your blog without actually adding anything?
2008-07-31 11:13:44
17.   pistolpete
Anyone else listening to Davidoff of Newsday on XM? He's basically trashing the Pudge deal.

Apparently Farnsworth was the key to the entire bullpen. He had the best 'raw stuff'...


2008-07-31 11:16:20
18.   cult of basebaal
17 yeah, i read his piece in newsday today, somebody linked to it over at BBTF with the tagline, "anybody wanna read a really stupid take on this trade?" ... he's a fuckwit
2008-07-31 11:18:08
19.   williamnyy23
18 Some writers just take a contrarian opinion to stand out.

Gammons looks depressed that the Red Sox wont be able to trade Manny.

2008-07-31 11:19:15
20.   mehmattski
17 If there's one thing I've learned from the print media this season:

The eighth inning is the most important inning of a baseball game.

2008-07-31 11:19:29
21.   pistolpete
I can literally feel my blood pressure rise every time he says the Yankees "won't be able to replace Kyle Farnsworth"...

Does anyone know if maybe Ken thought Kyle wore #42 and runs in from the bullpen to 'Enter Sandman'...?

2008-07-31 11:20:14
22.   ms october
15 and now the jason bay to the rays rumors are back (or at least to jayson stark)
btw - can espn not afford to put times on their posts?
2008-07-31 11:21:23
23.   Raf
10 He's only there holding a roster spot fro Bruney.
2008-07-31 11:21:50
24.   Zack
RLYW has a post up that basically confirms my suspicions. Bay and Manny would basically be a wash in terms of value for the rest of the season and going forward Bay is probably more valuable
2008-07-31 11:22:14
25.   Raf
23 Holding a spot for Bruney too...
2008-07-31 11:22:32
26.   pistolpete
22 ESPN really needs some sort of 'trade rumor' blog with minute-by-minute updates. I'd read it (see: refresh every 2 minutes). :)
2008-07-31 11:23:18
27.   mehmattski
26 isn't enough for you?
2008-07-31 11:23:18
28.   Just fair
10 What IF Melancon spends all of August sporting oustanding numbers in SWB? I would appreciate the organization being mindful of his post-TJ arm, but if he can help the big club..
We'll see.
2008-07-31 11:26:53
29.   Shaun P
24 Our bandwagon grows: first Hoss, now SG!
2008-07-31 11:27:16
30.   Zack
28 What is so crazy is that the Yankees really CAN leave him in AAA for the rest of the year and not feel the need to rush him. Their BP is darn good, and has some darn good replacements waiting in the wings in Bruney/Britton, Strickland (well, he has been good this year), Kennedy/Hughes if needed, and Cox/Melancon. Really, both Cox and Melancon should finish in AAA and be in the mix of an already crowded BP in ST. It will be a fun offseason that for the first time in a long time doesn't focus on FA relievers...
2008-07-31 11:27:57
31.   pistolpete
27 I check the RSS feed from there in a newsreader, yes, but since a lot of the guys breaking the news work for ESPN, I'd rather skip the middleman.

They do have something for the "Insiders", don't they?

2008-07-31 11:28:49
32.   Zack
29 His main point is excellent: you have to look at Manny now and going forward and not what he has done in the past. Shaun, we can continue the good fight as long as need be!

At least people seem to be more on board with recognizing the horror of the Sox trading for Kemp

2008-07-31 11:32:19
33.   cult of basebaal
here's something worth thinking about from jonah keri over in the ESPN chat:

Since all the Ramirez talk started, I've had two theories on why the Red Sox are floating his name out there and heating up the trade talks:

1) To placate the Boston media and leave Manny swinging in the wind.

2) To c***block the Rays from getting Jason Bay.

Think about it. The Rays' biggest weakness is their offense, and they're specifically after a RH bat. With Holliday likely staying in Col, Bay is BY FAR the best option out there. So what do the Red Sox do? Engage the Pirates in three-way trade talk right up to the 4 pm trade deadline, keeping them occupied and making it nearly impossible for the Rays to (even try to) get Bay.

Meanwhile Reds owner Bob Castellini is so wedded to Adam Dunn that the Rays may not get him either.

Presto! The Red Sox have successfully prevented the 1st place team in the AL East from addressing their biggest need.

2008-07-31 11:33:53
34.   cult of basebaal
32 so there's the other side of the coin ... which destination is worse? bay to the rays (has a nice ring, no?) or bay with the sox?
2008-07-31 11:34:21
35.   mehmattski
31 Their site is so confusing... there's a bunch of links to a "deadline blog" but when I click it, all that comes up is one story about the Angels. I can't find a link that includes multiple stories.
2008-07-31 11:34:32
36.   williamnyy23
24 It's a very credible analysis, but I don't think it accounts for the difference in leagues. It also, doesn't seem to take into account that the NL has more of an offensive environment this year.
2008-07-31 11:36:08
37.   mehmattski
35 Never mind, I just had to be patient and wait for the whole site to load:

33 As much as I hate it being within the division, it would make me happy to see Bay go to the Rays, just to spite the Sox. I think the Yankees can overtake the Sox, and to see them out of the playoffs in favor of the Rays would be delightful.

2008-07-31 11:37:00
38.   Sliced Bread
let's go, Omar!
at the buzzer.. bring on the Manny to Mets surprise!
2008-07-31 11:37:11
39.   Just fair
33 Love them conpiracy theories. Get Scully and Mulder on the phone. : ) In reality, it does makes sense.
2008-07-31 11:37:56
40.   williamnyy23
I just hope Manny doesn't stay with the Red Sox and go on a salary drive because that would be the best case scenario for Boston.

I'd also rather see Bay go to Boston because he is a wash with Manny at best, but it prevents TB from improving.

2008-07-31 11:38:12
41.   RIYank
33 Yeah, that's plausible.

I still think Theo would like to make this deal. But if he can't, your considerations are a happy side effect.

2008-07-31 11:38:24
42.   mehmattski
I think this trading season has brought up a new question for the Bronx Banter: who will Mattpat11 hate now that Farnsworth, Hawkins, and Ohlendorf are gone???
2008-07-31 11:40:08
43.   Zack
36 SG does address the league issue down in the comments, as well as the park factors (Bay going from a pitchers park to a hitters). Basically, after all that is factored in, the analysis is the same.

33 37 Ditto. I mean, really I don't want Bay to go anywhere but the Yanks, but it would bother me a lot less if he went to the Rays. And lets be honest, the Rays really SHOULD be able to land him, they have the prospects galore and he would help them a lot. Not trading for Bay is pretty inexcusable, and this is about as good a position they can expect to be in in terms of standings, strength of the other teams etc.

2008-07-31 11:42:07
44.   vockins
33 Are the Pirates so dysfunctional that they can't take two phone calls at once?
2008-07-31 11:42:24
45.   Just fair
43 Who's to say he won't be a guest poster on the Detroit Tigers Weblog?
2008-07-31 11:42:38
46.   Zack
The latest rumor has the Dodgers offering Andre Ethier for Manny. Obviously this would be far better than Kemp, though I don't know nearly as much about Ethier
2008-07-31 11:43:00
47.   RIYank
42 Hm, yeah. Do we have any particularly hateable prospects?
Britton is the best bet, but too cheap to be properly despised.

Yeah, this is going to be a real problem.

2008-07-31 11:44:29
48.   Just fair
D'oh. 45 was meant for 42
2008-07-31 11:44:45
49.   ms october
42 47 bruney might come back up.

44 the bartender from the bada bing answers their phones now.

2008-07-31 11:45:20
50.   Zack
47 There's always Melky I suppose (ducks and covers)! I think Pudge is pretty hateable, except that he is obviously so much better than Molina.
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2008-07-31 11:45:30
51.   RIYank
Zack, the thing is, if he goes to the Rays then we have Manny and Bay to contend with in the division. If he goes to Boston, we have Bay but not Manny. (William has been pointing this out, and I don't think it's sufficiently appreciated.)
2008-07-31 11:46:32
52.   RIYank
Sorry -- 51 was about 43 .
2008-07-31 11:46:43
53.   cult of basebaal
46 he's not enough to get the sox to do it, the dodgers would have to up the offer.
2008-07-31 11:51:38
54.   Zack
51 This is true, and I know some of it is purely distaste for the "best run organization in baseball," but I honestly see Manny staying with the Sox as the worse outcome for them. Sure, he will continue to produce for them, but he'll still be a distraction and its not like the Sox don't have other pretty big problems. Meanwhile, I think Bay or no Bay, the Rays will fade. As is, the Yanks are one game behind the Wild Card leading Sox.

But really, as I said, I would prefer Bay either not move or go to the Yanks. In the end, I don't think he's a difference maker no matter where he goes...

2008-07-31 11:52:03
55.   RIYank
53 I dunno. The Sox front office might be getting desperate.
2008-07-31 11:52:12
56.   Just fair
If Manny's being Manny in Dolphin Stadium and no one's there to see it, does anyone give a shit?
2008-07-31 11:52:42
57.   JL25and3
42 There's still Sir Sidney, at least for another hour.
2008-07-31 11:53:10
58.   RIYank
54 Ah, good point. I wasn't thinking about that aspect, I agree. With Manny on the Sox, we do have to contend with his bat, but the Sox have to contend with everything else.
2008-07-31 11:54:27
59.   JL25and3
Btw, I'm glad the Yankees got to play Seattle before they traded Arthur Rhodes.
2008-07-31 11:59:49
60.   Vandelay Industries
56 That's why I am surprised the Dodgers aren't really in this mix for Manny. It is the perfect place for him this season and going forward. This year he could help them take the division, and going forward, no one here really cares if the players take the field or not, play hard or not, or run down the line. Its perfect.
2008-07-31 12:00:32
61.   RIYank
Folks are really nervous over at Dodger Thoughts. They're counting down to the deadline. If Kemp is traded for Manny, they're going to be some unhappy campers.
2008-07-31 12:02:24
62.   Vandelay Industries
61 They'd be the only ones who care. The other 2,999,000 folks that show up in The Land of Lethargic Fans won't even notice the difference.
2008-07-31 12:11:55
63.   Mattpat11
The idea of Jason Bay in my division really doesn't scare me as much as it seems to scare everyone else. No one here is cowering at the thought of JD Drew, and I don't see how Bay is so much better than Drew.
2008-07-31 12:13:13
64.   pistolpete
OT here, but does anyone know what the name of the service is that takes your old game tickets and blows them up to something like 4 feet wide for the purpose of hanging them on your wall...?

I saw it in the Yankees clubhouse store and was interested but I forgot the info as soon as I got home...

Reason I ask is because I finally found out from my mom the first game I'd ever gone to, and I'd like to perhaps print out the ticket from that particular game..

2008-07-31 12:17:26
65.   RIYank
mlbtraderumors:'s Bill Chastain with the scoop - the Rays have acquired Jason Bay for Reid Brignac and Jeff Niemann. The Rays haven't confirmed it yet though. I wonder if Bay would DH for the Rays.

2008-07-31 12:18:32
66.   cult of basebaal
Will Carroll (12:15:23 PM PT): Still confirming, but looks like Jason Bay to Tampa for Reid Brignac and Jeff Niemann.
of course, it's will carroll, so it's likely nothing, but ...
2008-07-31 12:20:48
67.   RIYank
But that's two sources. Sounds like it's the real deal.
Damn. Good for TB, but damn.
2008-07-31 12:21:10
68.   cult of basebaal
67 goldstein is reporting it too.
2008-07-31 12:21:54
69.   Mattpat11
66 If nothing else, the Yankees can hit the ball in the general direction of Bay every time he comes to the ballpark.
2008-07-31 12:24:38
70.   The Mick 536
Live in Vermont. Watching NESN. They don't know what to say at 3:22. Surprisingly, they have become journalists instead of the homers they usually be. If the Bay to Marlins is legit, Manny isn't going to the fish unless they send Leister with him and pay Manny's salary.

What a jerk that guy is.

2008-07-31 12:24:39
71.   cult of basebaal
69 yay! mattpatt is here. he can give us the real answer to 42
2008-07-31 12:25:13
72.   Mattpat11
66 If nothing else, the Yankees can hit the ball in the general direction of Bay every time he comes to the ballpark.
2008-07-31 12:25:43
73.   Shaun P
54 Finally we reach a point we don't agree on. I think Bay or no Bay, the Rays are the real deal, and that they are going to the playoffs.

65 Doesn't bother me.

2008-07-31 12:26:36
74.   Mattpat11
72 Damnit to hell.
2008-07-31 12:29:04
75.   Mattpat11
71 Whomever proves themselves to be the most useless, natch.

Pavano does lurk around the corner.

2008-07-31 12:29:33
76.   RIYank
The Blue Jays are in serious negotiations for Raul Ibanez!

That would pretty much lock up the AL East for them, no?

2008-07-31 12:29:40
77.   The Mick 536
Ooops, I read it wrong. Bay to Tampa Bay. Scary. Griffey to White Sox. Very exciting, but where will he play. They have a DH and good outfielders at the corners.
2008-07-31 12:31:00
78.   RIYank
Gordon Edes says it looks like the Dodgers and Sox have broken off discussion.
2008-07-31 12:32:37
79.   bobtaco
The worst possible outcome for the Yankees is if Kemp goes to Boston.

Bay to TB is not that big a deal. I think a bigger deal will be them bringing up Price for the stretch run and the playoffs. He could be '02 K-Rod-like in short relief.

A motivated Manny looking for next year's contract while still on the Sox is going to hurt the Yankees much worse than if Bay went to the Sox.

I'm not sure what to think. But Cashman has done the best that he can, without screwing the team for the future.

We'll have to see how everything shakes out on the field.

2008-07-31 12:32:40
80.   Vandelay Industries
77 CF is the report. The ever-slumping Swisher is going to platoon with the even more so slumping Konerko at 1B.
2008-07-31 12:32:59
81.   Mattpat11
76 For what possible reason?
2008-07-31 12:33:55
82.   Mattpat11
80 Griffey may crumble to dust
2008-07-31 12:34:35
83.   Shaun P
78 Excellent.

75 And if Cashman was able to move Pavano before the August 31 waiver trade deadline?

Hey, he's DFA'd Igawa, which is basically getting rid of him for nothing, and he traded Farnsworth and got value. Anything could happen now, right?

2008-07-31 12:35:36
84.   Vandelay Industries
82 I dont think the Sox care just so long as it gets Konerko and Swisher on the bench as often as possible.
2008-07-31 12:35:54
85.   RIYank
81 Possible replacement for Lyle Overbay?
2008-07-31 12:37:21
86.   Vandelay Industries
No no no to Clean Coal Carl. I prefer we keep him buried under the groud and pretend he doesn't exist, lest he explode and kill us all.
2008-07-31 12:37:41
87.   Shaun P
76 The more foolish GM, for thinking he's still in it:

Ed Wade


JP Riccardi

I'll go with Wade, but its close. Toronto is only 6.5 back in the WC. Houston is 9.5 back, with more teams to leapfrog.

2008-07-31 12:38:08
88.   cult of basebaal
80 hey, maybe kenny williams would take melky and some baseballs for swisher! c'mon cash, use your jedi mind tricks again!.
2008-07-31 12:40:01
89.   Mattpat11
83 Brian Cashman has done a lot in recent weeks to finally convince me that the New York Yankees are his top priority.
2008-07-31 12:40:57
90.   RIYank
87 Astros might have a better chance at the WC than the Jays have, though. And Ricciardi gets bonus points for thinking that maybe Ibanez might get them over the hump. (Also his record inclines me to think Ricciardi is more of a fool, but I know that's not what you were asking.)
2008-07-31 12:42:44
91.   Sliced Bread

Cashman (on phone): You hate Manny Ramirez.
Theo (on phone, in a trance): I hate Manny Ramirez.
Cashman: You want Manny Ramirez to be a Yankee.
Theo: I want Manny Ramirez to be a Yankee.
Cashman: You want nothing in return for Manny Ramirez.
Theo: I want nothing in return for Manny Ramirez.
(a voice in the background interrupts)
Voice: Theo! Who are you talking to? Hang up that phone right now!
Theo (into phone): I have to hang up. [hangs up]

Cashman: Fuck. That almost worked.

2008-07-31 12:46:47
92.   pistolpete
91 Was that the same method by which Theo decided wearing a gorilla costume would be a good idea?
2008-07-31 12:47:00
93.   Vandelay Industries
So much for the Brew Crew. Sorry Ned.
2008-07-31 12:48:34
94.   Just fair
91 These are not the dreadlocks you've been looking for.
2008-07-31 12:51:44
95.   RIYank
This just in: a source has told SI's Jon Heyman that he should probably find a job in a different business, because he really isn't good at the one he's in now.
2008-07-31 12:53:07
96.   Shaun P
91 Awesome!

BC: "You need another left-handed pitcher."
TE: "I need another left-handed pitcher."
BC: "Kei Igawa would make an excellent starter."
TE: "I'm not that hypnotized."

Word from Rob Neyer's chat is that Bay to the Rays is not a done deal yet.

2008-07-31 12:54:30
97.   mehmattski
ESPN has yet to report the Bay-to-Rays deal, and has backed off its stance on it, saying that the Rays never agreed to trade both Brignac and Neimann. But I can't imagine the Pirates could get a worse package in exchange for Bay than they got for Nady, especially considering they're dealing with the deepest farm system in baseball in the Rays.
2008-07-31 12:54:51
98.   RIYank
96 Bay -> the Bay, what's the hold up? They have five minutes, right?
2008-07-31 12:58:16
99.   Shaun P
98 mehmattski's got it in 97 ; here's what transpired on the chat:

"Rob Neyer: (3:46 PM ET ) Okay, the truth -- according to 17 minutes ago -- is that the framework's in place but the teams haven't agreed on exactly which prospects would become Pirates. So I guess we can file this under TENTATIVE.

Troy: Stop all this Bay to the Rays talk! ESPNews just reported that both teams heavily deny its done and are still in talks.

SportsNation Rob Neyer: (3:47 PM ET ) Well, if News (as we call it) says it, it must be true."

2008-07-31 12:59:02
100.   cult of basebaal
97 seriously, the neimann + brignac package is in the ray's favor ... i thought being greedy and trying to crush the other team on all deals went out with lamar?
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2008-07-31 12:59:29
101.   mehmattski
99 My source was
2008-07-31 13:00:58
102.   RIYank
The poor Toaster is groaning under the strain of the trade deadline...
2008-07-31 13:02:51
103.   JL25and3
90 The idea that Toronto is in a pennant race is obviously delusional - but if they were, at least Ibanez might be able to contribute a little.

Not only is Wade's premise delusional, but he addressed it by getting two very bad pitchers. I call that game, set and match to Wade.

2008-07-31 13:06:07
104.   Bagel Boy
Anyone wanna bet McCutchen ends up with more major league wins than Niemann's Own?
2008-07-31 13:06:10
105.   mehmattski
100 As a Durham Bulls fan, I appreciate Brignac's abilities. He has struggled at times but is still just 22 years old in AA, and he can hit the ball far. Yesterday he tattooed one off of Jeff Weaver. His mother was sitting two rows ahead of me and immediately started calling all of her friends.

As for Neimann, he's been a consistent starter for Durham for two years now, and has a high strikeout rate. But with David Price and Wade Davis ready to crack the majors soon, he probably was expendable, in a Ross Ohlendorf kind of way.

2008-07-31 13:08:32
106.   Bagel Boy
Anyone wanna bet McCutchen ends up with more major league wins than Niemann's Own?
2008-07-31 13:11:42
107.   Shaun P
104 I don't know, maybe.

You figure with the offensive talent the Rays have on hand, versus the Pirates, that Niemann might pitch worse but get more run support - and thus have more wins.

2008-07-31 13:14:32
108.   Andre
4:04 p.m.

The Yankees talked about trading infielder Alberto Gonzalez to the Nationals for pitcher Yadier Peralta. No word if the deal was done.

I think this guy was in the Red Sox minor league system. Don't think he's ever pitched in the majors. Doesn't seem to make a difference either way.

2008-07-31 13:17:31
109.   RIYank
I wonder if Ken Rosenthal is embarrassed for reporting that there was a 3-way deal among Boston, Pitt, Florida, then saying it was off, then in the final ten minutes saying it was back on, and then that it was dead.
Probably not.
2008-07-31 13:17:32
110.   pistolpete
108 Sigh, I guess we're stuck with 'pastadivingjeter' for the foreseeable future.
2008-07-31 13:19:00
111.   Andre
110 did you really think the attorney general was the future replacement for "pasta"?
2008-07-31 13:19:46
112.   RIYank
When is it safe to be confident that Manny will stay on the Red Sox? (I mean, leaving aside the possibility of a waiver wire deal.)
2008-07-31 13:20:18
113.   Just fair
105 Did you happen to catch this story abou the Bulls?
2008-07-31 13:23:19
114.   Just fair
Johnny Nunez for AG? via the FAN.
2008-07-31 13:26:32
115.   mehmattski
113 That's funny. DeFelice was catching last night, and got into an argument with the umpire. I was waiting for him to say something about vacuuming chickens and get tossed...

...also Wade Davis got lit up for a few solo homers. Maybe DeFelice told them what was coming.

2008-07-31 13:28:19
116.   mehmattski has Bay going to the Dodgers. That must be why the Toaster is about to catch fire...
2008-07-31 13:29:45
117.   Just fair
The fan says Manny to join Torre in L.A.
2008-07-31 13:30:35
118.   Andre
114 first it was Yadier Peralta. Then Johnny Nunez. Either way, that deal doesn't seem to help the Yanks. Both pitchers are in the minors and don't seem ready to contribute. OTOH, AGon has seen some ML time and has been serviceable when needed.
2008-07-31 13:31:48
119.   mehmattski
114 Who? You mean Jhonny Nunez, of the Nationals, mediocre 22 year old starter in AA?
2008-07-31 13:32:03
120.   Andre reporting that Manny has been traded - no further details
2008-07-31 13:32:38
121.   Andre reporting that Manny has been traded - no further details
2008-07-31 13:33:39
122.   mehmattski now reporting a possible three-way between Boston-LA-Pitt, involving both Bay and Manny.


2008-07-31 13:34:42
123.   RIYank
Heyman says it's Manny to the Dodgers, Jason Bay to Boston.
2008-07-31 13:35:10
124.   bobtaco
By Jon Heyman,

The Red Sox traded Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers late Thursday afternoon, has learned.
Jason Bay is headed to Boston as part of the deal, has learned.

2008-07-31 13:36:10
125.   rbj
113 "DiFelice has eight years and 94 days of major-league service"
So does he just need 271 more days of ML service for his pension?
2008-07-31 13:38:49
126.   Just fair
119 I suppose so. I heard it on the radio box and took my best shot at his first name. : )
2008-07-31 13:38:49
127.   bobtaco

Pirates outfielder Jason Bay is headed to the Red Sox. The Pirates will receive Andy LaRoche and right-hander Bryan Morris from the Dodgers and outfielder Damien Moss and releiver Craig Hansen from the Red Sox.
The Red Sox will pay all of the approximately $7 million remaining on Ramirez's contract.

Who knows what is true?

2008-07-31 13:39:24
128.   mehmattski
I'll tell you what, this year's trade deadline has been a lot easier on my eyes, now that switched from that awful black background...
2008-07-31 13:42:19
129.   RIYank
127 Who is Damien Moss???
Does he mean Brandon Moss?
2008-07-31 13:43:46
130.   RIYank
So the Dodgers now have Manny Ramirez, Matt Kemp, Ethier, Pierre, and Andruw Jones. That's a crowded outfield. Maybe one of them will DH. Oh, wait.
2008-07-31 13:46:24
131.   bobtaco
Hopefully Cashman extends his contract with the Yankees, and then gets Kemp sometime this winter.
2008-07-31 13:48:00
132.   Vandelay Industries
The Dodgers deal made the most sense from the beginning. I guess I just didnt see two ball-less GMs being able to actually pull it off.

Now Manny can frolic in relative ambiguity with money and no pressure of ever having to win.

2008-07-31 13:48:59
133.   Just fair
As a big fan of the the Steelers and the city of Pittsbugh, I really hope that all these prospects can help the Pirates down the road. Maybe they can be the Rays of the N.L. Central in a few years. The Pirates' run of ineptitude over the last 16 years has been pathetic. Anyway, not that anyone cares, but PNC park and the Pirates fan that hasn't jumped ship deserve a decent team for once. / $.02
2008-07-31 13:50:44
134.   Vandelay Industries
133 Not until the team is purchased by an ownership group that wants to win. Otherwise it will be the same old for the next 16 years as well.
2008-07-31 13:51:48
135.   Zack
I'm still bummed about this trade, but so be it. The Sox get better simply by getting Craig Hansen out of their BP. I can't believe that Pittsburg took him, its almost like they HAD to take him off the Sox hands as part of the deal!
2008-07-31 13:53:02
136.   Zack
Let me add that Pitt didn't really do so well in this trade
2008-07-31 13:54:05
137.   RIYank
Looks like a very good trade to me, everyone benefits.

The Sox get rid of their sore player; they give up two good prospects but expendable ones. They have to pay a bunch of cash, but they owed it to Manny anyway.
The Dodgers lose LaRoche, but they get the compensatory picks when Manny walks. They get Manny's bat for two months, and they pay nothing.
The Pirates get a boatload of prospects.

Oh, and of course, Manny gets the two option years out of his contract.

Nice trade, everybody wins.

2008-07-31 13:54:30
138.   Bagel Boy
Wow, the Pirates got hosed twice this week. And what's more amazing is they got a better package for Marte/Nady than they did for Bay.
2008-07-31 13:55:52
139.   Vandelay Industries
Did anyone hear that? I believe it was Steve Phillips' head exploding.
2008-07-31 13:58:43
140.   RIYank
139 Oh, that tiny little 'pop' sound? I thought someone snapped a toothpick.
2008-07-31 14:00:26
141.   Vandelay Industries
The Dodgers are still a joke, but with Blake and Manny, at least they are trying.
2008-07-31 14:04:14
142.   mehmattski
Why did Cashman trade the best infielder in the high minors for a mediocre prospect? I mean, it's nothing compared to the Nady/Pudge deals, but that still bugs me.
2008-07-31 14:30:39
143.   standuptriple
142 Maybe they figured out that he's never going to hit and a LIDR is his ceiling in the bigs.

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