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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2008-07-31 14:00
by Cliff Corcoran

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

2007 Record: 94-68 (.580)
2007 Pythagorean Record: 90-72 (.558)

2008 Record: 67-40 (.626)
2008 Pythagorean Record: 59-48 (.553)

Manager: Mike Scioscia
General Manager: Tony Reagins

Home Ballpark (multi-year Park Factors): Angel Stadium

Who's Replaced Whom:

Mark Teixeira replaces Casey Kotchman
Torii Hunter replaces Orlando Cabrera
Erick Aybar and Maicer Izturis take over most of Reggie Willits' playing time
Juan Rivera (DL) replaces Shea Hillenbrand
Jeff Mathis inherits Jose Molina's playing time
Ryan Budde (minors) is filling in for Mike Napoli (DL)
Jon Garland replaces Kelvim Escobar (DL)
Jose Arredondo replaces Dustin Moseley (minors)
Darren O'Day replaces Chris Bootcheck (minors)

25-man Roster:

1B - Mark Teixeira (S)
2B - Howie Kendrick (R)
SS - Maicer Izturis (S)
3B - Chone Figgins (S)
C - Jeff Mathis (R)
RF - Vladimir Guerraro (R)
CF - Torii Hunter (R)
LF - Garret Anderson (L)
DH - Juan Rivera (R)


S - Gary Matthews Jr. (OF)
R - Robb Quinlan (3B/1B)
S - Reggie Willits (OF)
S - Erick Aybar (IF)
R - Ryan Budde (C)


R - John Lackey
L - Joe Saunders
R - Jon Garland
R - Ervin Santana
R - Jered Weaver


R - Francisco Rodriguez
R - Scot Shields
R - Jose Arredondo
R - Justin Speier
L - Darren Oliver
R - Darren O'Day

15-day DL: R - Michael Napoli (C)
60-day DL: R - Kelvim Escobar

Typical Lineup:

S - Chone Figgins (3B)
S - Maicer Izturis (SS)
S - Mark Teixeira (1B)
R - Vladimir Guerrero (RF)
R - Torii Hunter (CF)
L - Garret Anderson (LF)
R - Howie Kendrick (2B)
R - Juan Rivera (DH)
R - Jeff Mathis (C)

Wait, why is the roster above the fold? Because, believe it or not, this is the first time the Yankees have faced the Angels this year.

The Angels entered the season as the surest thing in baseball, a near lock to win their weak, four-team division, and that's exactly what they're doing. With the A's having tossed in the towel by selling high on Rich Harden, the Angels hold a 11 1/2 game lead over second-place Texas and boast the best record in baseball. Look a little closer, though, and they haven't actually been that dominant. Their Pythagorean record is a dead match for the Yankees' (and the Yankees' actual record), and their offense ranks in the bottom half of the league in runs per game.

That last item was the likely motivation behind their the Angels acquisition of Mark Teixeira on Tuesday. With Vlad Guerrero having a down year (his worst since his rookie season of 1997), the Angels offense had no center prior to Teixeira's arrival. Torii Hunter's been a good edition, repeating the production of his resurgent final season in Minnesota, and second baseman Howie Kendrick is a hitting machine, but one that's often out for repairs and appears to have been programmed to always swing at ball four. Beyond those two and Guerrero, the only Angels who have hit at or above league average this season have been injured catcher Mike Napoli and the man they traded to Atlanta to get Teixeira, 25-year-old first baseman Casey Kotchman. That even Kotchman was having an off year at the plate should tell you how the rest of the lineup has been performing.

The switch-hitting Teixeira is a significant upgrade over Kotchman in the lineup, and may actually be a better fielder despite the high bar Kotchman has set, but he doesn't fill a hole for this team. He merely upgrades one of the positions that was already contributing fairly well.

That leaves things up to the Angels' pitchers. John Lackey returned from an early-season DL stint to reclaim his place as ace, Ervin Santana has been resurgent, Joe Saunders has been one of the biggest surprises of the season, and Francisco Rodriguez is on a record saves pace, but overall, the Angels pitchers have been merely good, and given that the A's can't hit and the Rangers can't pitch, that's been plenty good enough.

Actually, it's been better than that. The Angels have the stingiest road pitching in the league--bad news with them visiting Yankee Stadium for the next four days. Of course, that means that their home pitching has been pretty awful. Only four teams in the AL are allowing more runs at home than the Angels this year. Both of those rankings are helped by the fact that the Angels are an outlier in a season in which teams around the league have had out-sized home field advantages. In fact, the Yankees and Angels are the only two teams in the league that have winning records on the road. The difference between the two being that the Yankees are one game over .500 outside the Bronx, while the Angels are a whopping 17 games over .500 when wearing their road grays. That's all due to the pitching. The Angels are scoring at almost exactly the same rate home and away.

In summary: the Angels are really good, except they're not that good, unless they're playing on the road, which they are this weekend, then they are that good.

Again, bad news for the Yankees, who need to get over their inability to beat this team both in the regular and postseason. I hesitate to mention it, but if the Yankees win the Wild Card, the team they'll face in the ALDS will be these Angels.

Here's the good news: the Yankees score a lot more often at home, and they're kicking off this weekend's four-game set tonight with a favorable pitching matchup. I'm beginning to sound like a broke record here, but Andy Pettitte has been great of late, as he's gone 7-2 with a 2.11 ERA and 52 Ks in 59 2/3 innings over his last nine starts. In his last four starts, his line is 3-1, 1.93, 27 Ks in 28 IP against just four walks and two homers. Facing an unimpressive Angels offense, you have to expect at least a quality start from Andy tonight.

That leaves it up to the offense to get to Jon Garland, who has been the Angels' worst starter on the season. Not that he's been bad, but he's been average at best, and in his last three starts he's assembled an 8.59 ERA due primarily to an opponents average of .365. Most of that damage came against the lowly A's in his last start before the All-Star break. If you stretch things back to give him the same nine-start sample we used for Pettitte, his ERA is a reasonable, but still poor 4.72, opponents are hitting "just" .303 against him, and the Angels have gone a respectable 5-4 in his starts (if you can post a winning record when your fifth start pitches, you're doing okay).

As a White Sock, Garland faced the Yankees three times last year, dominating the weak first-half version of that Yankee team in two early-season starts (15 1/3 IP, 2 ER), then getting destroyed by the powerful second-half version in early August (1.1 IP, 8 ER). The pressure's on the Yankees tonight, not only to beat the Angels, but to win the game that looks most winnable from the outset.

More good news: Ivan Rodriguez will catch and hit eight tonight with Jose Molina riding pine, and Chris Britton has arrived to take Kyle Farnsworth's spot in the pen (with Chad Moeller getting designated for assignment for the second time this season).

Finally, the Yankees made a just one minor trade at today's 4pm deadline by shipping triple-A shortstop Alberto Gonzalez to the Nationals for double-A right-hander Jhonny Nuñez. Nuñez, who will be 23 around Thanksgiving, is a lanky Dominican who was signed by the Dodgers in 2006 and traded to the Nats that August for Marlon Anderson. The Nationals converted him to relief this season where his fastball-and-little-else repertoire is likely to be most effective. Right now he looks like a typical righty fireballing reliever; he'll strike out a ton of batters and walk a bunch in the process. I wouldn't expect much out of him, but Gonzalez is 2 1/2 years older and was hitting .250/.313/.356 for Scranton on top of a career .275/.327/.381 line in the minors, so they didn't give up much either.

Comments (235)
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2008-07-31 15:21:43
1.   RIYank
Let me bring my question from the last thread forward:

Anybody have a guess about what the Dodgers will do with five starting outfielders?

2008-07-31 15:26:56
2.   Eirias
1 Party like it's 1999?
2008-07-31 15:29:42
3.   Chyll Will
1 Eighties throwback rock band?
2008-07-31 15:31:44
4.   Cliff Corcoran
1 Bench two of them.

But seriously . . . Manny will start everyday in left field and the other four will battle it out for the other two spots according to Joe Torre's whims. Likely Pierre and Jones splitting center and Kemp and Ethier splitting right, which is the wrong way to do it (Jones and Pierre should be launched into the sun, but nuking the $43.5 million they're owed beyond this year is something the Dodgers are likely reluctant to do). Before adding Manny, Kemp was the only one to play every day this month, and he did so splitting time between right and center, so that confusion just gets compressed into two spots instead of three.

2008-07-31 15:33:49
5.   Cliff Corcoran
4 Check that: Kemp and Jones in center, Pierre and Ethier in right (Pierre's only started in center twice this year). Perhaps Torre will realize that Pierre's not a right fielder and will bench him. That just leaves it up to Jones to continue sucking long enough to join Pierre on the bench and then the problem is solved.
2008-07-31 15:34:35
6.   RIYank
Sounds right.
What about a waiver wire trade? Nobody would claim Pierre or Jones. Of course, nobody would trade for them either.
2008-07-31 15:35:26
7.   rbj
Additional thought:
Yankees go from Molina/Moeller + Kyle in the eighth to Pudge/Molina + ? Bruney in th eighth.
Red Sox go from Manny to Jason Bay.

I'd say the Yankees have done better, because even a pouty Manny is really good. Sox at best stayed even while NY improved. Unless the Boston clubhouse was about to explode. But even the Bronx Zoo won back to back.

2008-07-31 15:38:44
8.   Cliff Corcoran
7 Britton, not Bruney got the call-up. I expect Marte/Veras/Edwar to be the end-game.
2008-07-31 15:43:03
9.   ms october
i'm hoping for some bizarro world type stuff with the angels this year.
the past handful of years the angels had the upper hand on the yanks number but the red sox had the angels number.
from 2002-2007
21-30 against bos
29-25 against the yanks
hopefully that has flipped this year.

also, i am hoping the combination of pudge and molina (who i'm sure will be catching moose) will halt the angels running game which always seemed to be an issue for the yanks

2008-07-31 15:43:08
10.   Chyll Will
7 I read that Moeller was DFA'd?
2008-07-31 15:43:47
11.   Chyll Will
10 Yeah, okay not nearly that important.
2008-07-31 15:44:39
12.   rbj
8 Thanks for the update Cliff. Is Bruney not ready or do they just prefer to yank Britton's chain some more.

10 I read that too.

2008-07-31 15:53:28
13.   Cliff Corcoran
12 Not for nothing, but if you read my post you wouldn't have needed it. Ditto to you Will 10 . What, do my fingers look fat? You think they need the exercise? [/kvetching]
2008-07-31 15:57:15
14.   Just fair
In the long line of WTF decisions, Edwar has been suspended 3 games. Just plain stupid.
2008-07-31 16:03:17
15.   kylepetterson
13 In their defense, it's a pretty long post. To read all that and still have to face the Angels....ugh. I hate the Angels. More than any other team. My preview of this series would go like this:

4 games against the Angels. ugh.

That's really all I have.

Go Yankees

2008-07-31 16:12:40
16.   RIYank
Chone. Erick. Vlad. Torii.
High density of unconventional or orthographically challenged names in this line-up.
2008-07-31 16:17:29
17.   williamnyy23
Andy seemed as if he was pitching around Tex and Vlad...hopefully, his command is not that off.
2008-07-31 16:19:29
18.   weeping for brunnhilde
God, I turn on the television and there's two guys on already (though thankfully two out).

Man, it's going to be a long night/series, isn't it?

2008-07-31 16:22:26
19.   Xeifrank
1. Juan Pierre is 3rd in the depth chart at CF and can't play RF. If Manny starts every day in LF, then you should see a pretty steady diet of Ramirez/Kemp/Ethier, with Pierre coming in as a late inning defensive replacement for Ramirez. vr, Xei
2008-07-31 16:22:44
20.   RIYank
I think it was a small strike zone. Well, especially on the outside part (to righties).
2008-07-31 16:35:05
21.   rbj
I've never seen that before. Not in the minors or college. Or even high school.
2008-07-31 16:35:21
22.   ms october
that pickoff move comes in handy again
2008-07-31 16:41:23
23.   RIYank
21 That pick-off? I stopped reloading the Banter for a while so I don't know what just happened when you wrote that.

Andy's pitching like Ponson. Fortunately, he still has that pick-off move. If Ponson had that, he'd be...
He'd suck slightly less.

2008-07-31 16:41:43
24.   weeping for brunnhilde
Andy Houdinis his way out of things again.

All right, Team, let's score some runs and give Andy a breather.

2008-07-31 16:46:06
25.   nick
man, these 4 games are gonna be grueling....& their #4 starter looks really sharp....
2008-07-31 16:46:55
26.   RIYank
Dear Weeping,

No. We are in a hurry to get back onto the field.

The Yankee Line-Up

2008-07-31 16:50:37
27.   Eirias
26 Well, who wants their friends to sit on a bench all day?
2008-07-31 16:51:19
28.   RIYank

The selfish bastard. Glad to be rid of him.


2008-07-31 16:55:35
29.   Max
28 Took my daughter to pick up her contact lenses just as news of the trade broke this afternoon. First thing the receptionist said: "Glad we're rid of that piece of garbage"

Gotta love NE sports fans.

2008-07-31 16:57:16
30.   weeping for brunnhilde
Goddamn, Vlad's strong.

I swear, I thought that was a harmless popfly.


2008-07-31 16:57:18
31.   mehmattski
29 Do you think they'd do the same with Tom Brady?
2008-07-31 16:57:19
32.   RIYank
29 And it happened so fast, too.

And speaking of fast, I thought Chone Figgins could score from second on a single. Is this the first time he failed to advance to third???

2008-07-31 16:58:30
33.   mehmattski
So much for Pudge not being much of a drop-off from Molina in the Caught Stealing Department.
2008-07-31 16:58:32
34.   monkeypants
14 Yes, Edwar suspended three games, fulfilling my (half-joking) prediction from yesterday's game thread.

I also noted (again, half-jokingly) that the Yankees must lead baseball in pitchers suspended for not hitting batters.

2008-07-31 16:59:42
35.   Just fair
G@#damn F#$2ing Angels.
2008-07-31 17:00:01
36.   RIYank
Well, that wasn't really a huge surprise. Andy really has nothing today. I was kind of hoping he could walk the tightrope for maybe six innings.
2008-07-31 17:00:18
37.   williamnyy23
Pettitte has been just awful today. The Yankees needed a big game with Rasner and Ponson going this weekend, but this series could get ugly in a hurry. The Angels really look like the best team in the AL. Having to play them 10 times is not good.
2008-07-31 17:00:56
38.   weeping for brunnhilde
I swear this team drives me to distraction.

Constant hard-hit balls that find holes, stolen bases, runs.

Every fucking time we see them it's just like this.

2008-07-31 17:00:56
39.   RIYank
31 What do you mean, under what conditions?
2008-07-31 17:01:12
40.   Max
Bend over boys, it's going to be a long weekend. I think I'm going to do everything I can to avoid baseball the next few days.
2008-07-31 17:01:30
41.   nick
Andy with zero command tonight. This was our best pitching matchup of the four games....
2008-07-31 17:01:54
42.   mehmattski
38 Don't forget the home run. That was pretty important...


2008-07-31 17:02:50
43.   nick
38 Agreed with all of that, plus constant SOFTLY-hit balls than find holes; that's what bugs me the most...
2008-07-31 17:02:51
44.   Just fair
5 and 5 would be gravy at this point. I'll keep my fingers crossed to go 4 and 6. It's too early to say it looks like
Varsity vs. the JV but....
2008-07-31 17:02:55
45.   RIYank
Yipe. Poor Andy, what the hell?
2008-07-31 17:03:49
46.   williamnyy23
44 Honestly, 3-7 might be getting off easy.
2008-07-31 17:04:01
47.   nick
oh, man, and did you see Rivera styling? I hope we don't end up with another pitcher suspended.....
2008-07-31 17:05:08
48.   monkeypants
38 Well, don't worry about dinks and dunks and grounders. They have tow bombs and an almost-bomb from Vlad.

It's gonna be fun to watch Rasner get lit up on Sunday when I visit the old park for the last time.

2008-07-31 17:05:49
49.   ms october
this got really ugly really fast.
with the way andy was throwing i guess we are lucky it didn't happen even sooner.

damn do the yanks and andy just have to suck it up and save giese in case snacks explodes tomorrow?

2008-07-31 17:06:06
50.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm feeling ill.

Not that any of this is in the slightest unexpected, but nevertheless, I feel ill.

Can't we just forfeit against these guys in the future, spare us all a lot of humiliation and grief?

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2008-07-31 17:06:13
51.   nick
so is the goal for the series now to avoid the sweep?.......I want Washburn before this game ends!
2008-07-31 17:06:19
52.   rbj
I'm sort of popping in and out here -- finishing packing for a week at the beach, what the hell's going on -- six runs?
2008-07-31 17:06:50
53.   weeping for brunnhilde
42 Plural.
2008-07-31 17:06:50
54.   williamnyy23
48 I am going to get to see Ponson tomorrow. The silver lining there is I won't have to worry battling the crowds as I head home.
2008-07-31 17:07:14
55.   BxSparksNYC
I agree Andy was riding the edge from the first pitch but anyone else feel this ump was squeezin him from the first pitch?
2008-07-31 17:07:28
56.   weeping for brunnhilde
43 They put the motherfucker in play.

This is why it kills me to see our guys swing and miss so much.

2008-07-31 17:08:53
57.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, but the Fun's Just Beginning: we get to watch our guys pack it in now, hack away like they've got a plane to catch and such.

Should be some kind of a clinic they put on.

2008-07-31 17:09:25
58.   williamnyy23
56 The Angels put the ball in play, but more importantly, they catch the ball and have an entire rotation. They are a better team than the Yankees.
2008-07-31 17:10:41
59.   mehmattski
39 I mean, when Brady's next contract is up, he pulls one of those Shockey/Strahan type houldouts, says some mean things about Bellicheat and the Patriots, and force the Pats to trade him.... would the NE fans turn on him? After all he's done?

Because that's basically what's happened with Manny. But it's nothing new for Boston, they've run plenty of great players out of town without any remorse- Boggs, Clemens, Lynn...

Then again, compared with the Yankees' policy of letting star players stay on, to the detriment of the team...

2008-07-31 17:11:00
60.   williamnyy23
57 Again, it's games like this that I wish baseball had a white flag. With Ponson and Rasner going, having to use the bullpen isn't a game plan for success.
2008-07-31 17:12:01
61.   Just fair
Hey, Melky's hit Plus Xavier's hit = about 60 feet. Nice work guys.
2008-07-31 17:12:20
62.   randym77
The Halos are still our nemesis. We just don't match up with them.
2008-07-31 17:12:29
63.   monkeypants
56 Horseshit.

Anaheim Angels have 656 K in 107 games this season.
NY Yankees have 625 K in 107 games this season.

By the way, the Yankees have the second fewest team K in the AL and the second fewest in MLB (only Seattle has fewer Ks).

2008-07-31 17:12:30
64.   mehmattski
56 Hey, Melky put the ball in play....

And the Angels have more team strikeouts (656) than the Yankees (625). So the Yankees put the motherfucker in play a lot more than the Angels do.

2008-07-31 17:15:17
65.   nick
yeah, actually, we put the ball in play too much: way too much weak contact from Jeter, Melky, Cano earlier this year. weak contact means you don't drive the ball, fewer Ks and fewer HRs.
2008-07-31 17:16:52
66.   williamnyy23
What a crappy two games for Cano.
2008-07-31 17:16:55
67.   cult of basebaal
i fucking hate the fucking angels ... nice of "bad andy" to slip "good andy" a roofie for this game ... this sucks.
2008-07-31 17:17:01
68.   randym77
I think Robby needs a day off.
2008-07-31 17:17:08
69.   monkeypants
56 Oh, the Yankees have outscored the Angels this year (510 to 489), and they have more base hits (992 to 952) and a higher team BA (.271 to .262).

So, to summarize, the Angels do not put the ball in play more and therefore that is not why they win.

2008-07-31 17:18:05
70.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
67 a "roofie"?
umm..i just logged in and it's 6-0 already..maybe a good day to follow the Mets game?
2008-07-31 17:18:53
71.   Jeb
That was a quick game, huh?

Let's lift Andy now and let him have a do-over on Sunday instead of Rasner. Let Snacks pitch the rest of this game and then DFA him and call up IPK for tomorrow night.

2008-07-31 17:20:06
72.   monkeypants
65 And yet, the Yankees out-slug the Angels (.419 to .402) and get on base more (.344 to .322).
2008-07-31 17:20:09
73.   cult of basebaal
quick, somebody tell me, "Look, Cult! Rabbits!!!" then end this quickly.
2008-07-31 17:20:36
74.   nick
Check out the Angels leverage stats. they are unreal. they hit by FAR the best in high leverage, worst in low leverage. there's no evidence that's an ability, but if it keeps up they're the best team in baseball.

The Yanks, btw, hit best in low leverage situations....

2008-07-31 17:20:46
75.   williamnyy23
This week highlights just how precarious the Yankees situation is. Rasner and Ponson are both awful, but when Moose and Pettitte throw lights out, it masks the problem. This week Moose and Pettitte were awful too. That pretty much means a lost week with the exception of Joba.
2008-07-31 17:22:12
76.   nick
72 did you read any comparative statements involving the Los Angeles Assholes of Anaheim in my 65 , monkeypants?
2008-07-31 17:22:33
77.   Jeb
So this game will give our team lots of confidence against the angels for the next 9 games, no?
2008-07-31 17:22:43
78.   mehmattski
73 Never you mind. A guy got to sometimes.
2008-07-31 17:22:47
79.   ny2ca2dc
75 I 'heart' Joba
2008-07-31 17:24:04
80.   williamnyy23
79 Yes. So do I. Maybe we can clone him.
2008-07-31 17:24:25
81.   cult of basebaal
79 if joba's got to throw at somebody's head, can't it be an angel or two???
2008-07-31 17:25:51
82.   nick
this year we rank BOTH
a) lower in Ks (13) and
b) lower in runs (7)
than any year this millenium (too lazy to go back further)
2008-07-31 17:26:39
83.   Jeb
Singleton says that Tex might eventually find himself in Mickey Mantle territory in terms of his abilities....

Let's see,

Tex OPS+ for his career: 131
Mantle OPS+ for his career: 172

Um, yeah, not so much Ken. Ken might want to get out a reoord book or something.

2008-07-31 17:26:57
84.   Just fair
Tonight's Kayism
"Joe Torre always says you can't get it all back at once. Just chip away . A run here. A couple runs there. And you're right back in it. You can't get it all back at once. You just got to chip away." Or is that a Sterlingism?
My ism is that Garland has a no hitter. Feck.
2008-07-31 17:27:28
85.   Jeb
80 can we clone him 4 times so we can have an all-Joba rotation?
2008-07-31 17:29:08
86.   rbj
85 I dunno, I like to mix in a little Wang into my rotation. Just a little somethin' for the worms.
2008-07-31 17:30:34
87.   williamnyy23
86 Just keep Meacham away.

One bright side about getting blown away by the Angels is we wont have to see Krod perform an exorcism on the mound after each save.

2008-07-31 17:30:36
88.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
double for Abreu, tater from A-Rod, let the chipping begin...
2008-07-31 17:32:09
89.   mehmattski
I think Garland need a little more time on that pitch....
2008-07-31 17:32:11
90.   Just fair
Wow. Country Joe with the clock on Garland. Somethin' else I've never seen.
2008-07-31 17:32:23
91.   ms october
84 bobby likes that notion or something like it
2008-07-31 17:33:38
92.   mehmattski
88 Right idea, wrong order.... B+ for prognostication, sir.
2008-07-31 17:33:47
93.   monkeypants
84 Unfortunately, wrong order.
2008-07-31 17:34:15
94.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
"Tome Eso, Hijo de una Puta!" said Bobby to Garland!
2008-07-31 17:34:17
95.   Just fair
What does a cricket with a speech impediment say?
2008-07-31 17:36:02
96.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
92 time change screwing with my flux-capacitor precognition..
2008-07-31 17:36:59
97.   williamnyy23
I am starting to worry about Giambi.
2008-07-31 17:37:19
98.   nick
Angels announcers credit us with "a lot of power"--nice of them...
2008-07-31 17:37:51
99.   nick
that was a classic "bad Cano" swing at the first pitch...
2008-07-31 17:38:37
100.   mehmattski
Michael Kay: The Yankees lead the American League, with 40% of their runs coming with two outs.

I don't really know what to make of that stat. But clearly it means the team isn't as anti-clutch as some people make it...

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-31 17:39:35
101.   williamnyy23
100 The better stat would be what percentage of 2-out RISP do the Yankees convert.
2008-07-31 17:40:24
102.   monkeypants
I don't get to watch YES much. Does Kay use the phrase "that ball is driven out to..." for every pop fly to the OF?
2008-07-31 17:42:06
103.   mehmattski
102 Yup. So much so that "driven" doesn't have much meaning anymore and has been replaced by "crushed," which is how he explained A-Rod's double.
2008-07-31 17:42:55
104.   Just fair
102 He also says, "That's hit DEEP into....."
No matter if it's on the warning track or 60 feet short.
2008-07-31 17:43:31
105.   mehmattski
Cano with a long at bat that ends poorly. Still a good approach, right?
2008-07-31 17:43:33
106.   nick
damn, a second run there would have gotten me interested...
2008-07-31 17:44:27
107.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
104 did he say that when he worked with Sterling? i can't imagine the horror of "See YA!" alongside "It is is FAR..."
2008-07-31 17:47:19
108.   weeping for brunnhilde
63 64 All right, horseshit it is then.
2008-07-31 17:47:27
109.   monkeypants
103 104 all makes more sense now!
2008-07-31 17:47:54
110.   ny2ca2dc
I remember this Andy.
2008-07-31 17:49:53
111.   mehmattski
107 Maybe it's because I was a kid, but I always liked the Sterling/Kay radio booth. I liked the way Kay had the one inning of play-by-play and would describe the stadium: "No name....... of course." I listened Sterling's call of Leyritz's 96 WS homer with a small radio hidden under my pillow, so I've always thought fondly of them.

As I grew, though, I noticed that Sterling and Kay didn't really like each other, and soon after Kay left the booth I stopped enjoying the radio broadcasts. Waldman is a fan girl and Steiner was the opposite, barely interested in the game. But I suppose I'm just remembering the good-ole-days.

2008-07-31 17:50:26
112.   nick
100 if you look at the br splits, we're pretty good with two outs [111 sOPS+], and we're pretty bad with men in scoring position 93 . (those numbers are relative to mlb average 100)

if you assume "clutch" is meaningful, stands for a single skill, then that pair of facts makes little sense.

"leverage", if you want a single-# clutchiness index, is the best bet. but I don't think the people who came up with it believe it measures an ability.

2008-07-31 17:50:58
113.   Just fair
107 That I could not tell ya'. : )
2008-07-31 17:52:35
114.   OldYanksFan
With a good Cano in the field, this is a different game. Again, defense is so important, and undervalued by the Yankees.
2008-07-31 17:53:16
115.   monkeypants
101 Well, it's not exactly what you ask, but according to BB Reference:

American League

RISP: .270 .355 .412 .767
RISP, 2 outs: .242 .349 .377 .726

RISP: .263 .349 .385 .735
RISP, 2 outs: .270 .369 .388 .757

So, the Yankees seem to hit worse than the league with RISP, but better than the league with RISP/2 outs.

What does this all mean? Probably nothing significant.

2008-07-31 17:53:33
116.   OldYanksFan
Not to say Cano isn't a GREAT fielder, but he's had a tough day, and a grounder under his glove cost us 3 runs (with an assist from Andy).
2008-07-31 17:53:54
117.   Just fair
Isn't Ivan Rodriguez to double plays what Derek
Jeter is to... well..., double plays?
2008-07-31 17:55:33
118.   rbj
Dang, with the stumble around second I thought he was a dead duck.
2008-07-31 17:55:43
119.   mehmattski
Didn't take long at all for the boo-birds to find Pudge. Strikeout and GIDP in his first to plate appearances.

For the record, I'm no Pudge fan; I think his 2008 season is a bit fluky and he will return to his 2006/2007 numbers. Still better than Molina, but I don't have to enjoy it...

2008-07-31 17:56:46
120.   Just fair
Damn you, pudge.
2008-07-31 17:57:44
121.   randym77
Vlad looked pretty bad on that play.
2008-07-31 17:57:49
122.   monkeypants
However, the Yankees must lead the league in the following stat: HITWO (Hits in the Wrong Order).

Of course, as I type this, Vlad frogs up a play and Melky scores. Still, a walk, single, double, triple and HR...and 2 runs.

2008-07-31 17:58:12
123.   alittleblackegg
I hope they leave Garland in there just a little longer...
2008-07-31 17:59:16
124.   OldYanksFan
Melky has a great hit.
Dopey attempts to make the last out at 3rd.
Dopey, dopey, dopey.
2008-07-31 18:00:10
125.   nick
fuck, fuck, fuck.....single and two triples--the Angels put those together in an inning and they score five runs...
2008-07-31 18:00:31
126.   Just fair
124 Don't forget he nearly Christianed himself rounding 2nd base.
2008-07-31 18:04:38
127.   OldYanksFan
NoMaas had a Torre Lost Games count. Maybe it's time for a Melky dopey plays counter. Maybe with a highlight reel of the top 10 at the end of the year (sorry MsOctober).
2008-07-31 18:05:47
128.   OldYanksFan
Pudge looks to be in pretty good shape.
2008-07-31 18:07:28
129.   mehmattski
I wonder if Joe Torre will fly all the way from LA to prevent Britton from getting in this game.
2008-07-31 18:07:34
130.   monkeypants
Let's hope Andy holds them here and the offense can add a couple of runs in the bottom of the frame, then we might have a game.
2008-07-31 18:08:10
131.   monkeypants
And of course, as I type 130 ...
2008-07-31 18:09:21
132.   Just fair
I was watching a movie last night where someone broke out an insult I hadn't heard in a long time. Choad. That's all I can think of when I see Figgins. Man, he pisses me off.
2008-07-31 18:13:09
133.   cult of basebaal
114 the A's have great defense ...
2008-07-31 18:13:43
134.   monkeypants
As long as I live, I will never understand how this Angels team wins the way it does. This year, they don't really hit for average or get on base or slug the ball; they don't score all that many runs. Their pitching is not that much better than the Yanks (3.86 ERA, 439 R to 4.05 ERA, 459 R). They have well outplayed their pythagorean record.

And yet...

2008-07-31 18:13:45
135.   cult of basebaal
The Make A Wish Kid rides again!

bad andy makes me want to kick puppies.

2008-07-31 18:14:18
136.   nick
if Big Chris pitches well here, he'll get into the rotation...
2008-07-31 18:15:08
137.   mehmattski
How dare Britton take Andy Cannizaro's number?!?
2008-07-31 18:15:29
138.   Jeb
So Britton and Snacks ought to be friends, huh?
2008-07-31 18:15:50
139.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
132 Stan: Oh man, I feel like a total choad.
Cartman: Aw, come on Stan. Maybe that's just because you LOOK like a total choad.
2008-07-31 18:16:02
140.   nick
134 before today the two teams had the same pythag. record--fuck.
2008-07-31 18:16:33
141.   rbj
Good night all. I'm going to be spending all of next week at the beach. I think I'll need one day just for this game.
2008-07-31 18:17:00
142.   monkeypants
Angels doing very well in HITRO (Hits in the Right Order).

This has got to be KILLING Weepingforbrunhilde!

2008-07-31 18:17:02
143.   ny2ca2dc
some timing
2008-07-31 18:17:04
144.   cult of basebaal
well, guess it's time for the Make A Wish Kid to ride into the sunset ... and with this score, me too.

i fucking hate the fucking angels.

2008-07-31 18:17:18
145.   Jeb
So Britton and Snacks are both fat, both love to eat and both suck at pitching.
2008-07-31 18:17:30
146.   monkeypants
141 eat ice cream for all of us!
2008-07-31 18:17:32
147.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
and Vlad just about ends it...time for some morning miso soup and some smogshine..sayonara till tomorrow..
2008-07-31 18:17:47
148.   cult of basebaal
142 why? that's 3x3 run HRs. that's the weaver way, not the weeping way ...
2008-07-31 18:19:00
149.   OldYanksFan
134 How do they rate defensively? How are their OF arms? Any speed on the team? situational hitting? What is their Dopey quotient?
2008-07-31 18:19:57
150.   ms october
127 i did cringe when i saw that he was planning to go to 3rd

134 me either. it is madenning.

135 and what does snacks make you want to kick?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-31 18:20:55
151.   OldYanksFan
9 runs scored with 2 outs.
2008-07-31 18:21:44
152.   monkeypants
149 How good can they be on defense? I mean, they have given up only 20 fewer runs than the Yankees, and that total would entail both pitching and defense.

Similarly, they have scored fewer runs, and that would include speed, at least in part, situational hitting, etc. In any case, they have 10 more SB and the same number of CS as the Yankees. I hardly think that 10 SB is what is making this team win so many more games.

2008-07-31 18:22:18
153.   OldYanksFan
Looking at Britton, he could definitely be the illegitimate son of Sir Sydney.
2008-07-31 18:22:35
154.   cult of basebaal
150 orphans.
2008-07-31 18:23:12
155.   ny2ca2dc
153 Britton might be the only pitcher who could eat Ponsoon
2008-07-31 18:23:40
156.   monkeypants
148 i figure it's killing him precisely for that reason. I mean, seriously, Weeping's whole world has been rocked tonight: he confronted the fact that the Angels strike out more than the Yankees and have a worse BA, so they are not the contact team he imagined. Then they go and score 9 out of 10 runs on HRs.
2008-07-31 18:24:29
157.   monkeypants
155 Whatever he ate, let's hope he got the energy to finish this mess tonight.
2008-07-31 18:24:51
158.   cult of basebaal
good to see ROTTEN robbie has returned as well, just what we need.
2008-07-31 18:25:52
159.   cult of basebaal
156 ah, very true.

in any case, i can only stand teh suck so long and no longer ... see y'all tomorrow night ...

2008-07-31 18:26:18
160.   monkeypants
149 Christ, the Angels have even hit into more DPs than the Yankees.

They are slowly driving me i-n-s-a-n-e.

2008-07-31 18:27:47
161.   williamnyy23
I hope that Vlad HR doesn't send Britton back to the minors for 2 years.

What's up with Cano?

2008-07-31 18:28:25
162.   monkeypants
Another base runner. Cue the three run homer music...
2008-07-31 18:28:59
163.   williamnyy23
160 When you have a rotation that is 5-deep, it really doesn't matter how badly you hit.
2008-07-31 18:30:27
164.   monkeypants
163 But if their rotation is deep and good, why have they allowed only 20 fewer runs than the Yankees? Why is their ERA only slightly better (3.86 v. 4.05)?

Before tonight, their run differential was almost identical to the Yankees.

2008-07-31 18:34:52
165.   mehmattski
139 I've been watching that episode with the Yankees game muted in the background. Much more enjoyable evening.
2008-07-31 18:37:28
166.   mehmattski
Nady, always hitting those meaningless home runs...
2008-07-31 18:38:55
167.   OldYanksFan
Does this make any sense?
"And the Yankees have CLOSED to 10-3"
2008-07-31 18:39:30
168.   randym77
Face it. They're clutch. They get their hits in the right order. They probably get their hits in the right games, too. No wasting any with those 13-3 blowouts. ;-)
2008-07-31 18:39:36
169.   monkeypants
Pudge watching that ball to third...Old Yanks Fan must be grimacing!
2008-07-31 18:40:03
170.   mehmattski
Added bonus: Pudge is about 400 times faster than Molina.
2008-07-31 18:41:17
171.   williamnyy23
164 Perhaps the Yankee bullpen is making up some of the difference? Also, the Yankees have an ERA+ of 102, while the Angels are at 109, so that's a real advantage. Also, because the Angels don't have Ponson and Rasner, they are likely more consistent. Consistency is usually a reason why teams that don't wow you with stats perform better than you'd expect. Sometimes, the whole is better than the parts.
2008-07-31 18:43:55
172.   williamnyy23
What an awful debut for Pudge. That's the definition of stupid.
2008-07-31 18:44:00
173.   mehmattski
Yuck. Pudge was very safe.
2008-07-31 18:44:31
174.   monkeypants
171 What difference does it make if the good pitching comes from the BP or starters, so long as the other team is prevented from scoring runs? For example, he Angels have more complete games than the Yankees by far, but the Yankees actually have more shut outs.

Your consistency argument has some merit.

2008-07-31 18:44:50
175.   Just fair
It's right fu#$ing in front of him
so says Casey at the Bat.
2008-07-31 18:44:53
176.   nick
THAT was a fucking joke and a half....
2008-07-31 18:45:31
177.   monkeypants
That was truly atrocious. I have argued against instant replay, but that one--with umpire looking right at the play, which was not close at all--may finally convince me.
2008-07-31 18:46:31
178.   williamnyy23
174 The difference is that starters throw more innings. Also, the Angels have a decided advantage in ERA+, so I think that speaks for itself.

Girardi has to seriously consider moving Jeter out of the #2 slot against right handers.

2008-07-31 18:46:58
179.   monkeypants
172 Which is? Watching the ball at third instead of running hard out of the box, or being clearly safe but called out?
2008-07-31 18:49:08
180.   weeping for brunnhilde
134 And yet...

I'm telling you, they have some kind of voodoo--certainly whenever they play us.

They seem an unstoppable force.

2008-07-31 18:49:39
181.   weeping for brunnhilde
156 :)
2008-07-31 18:50:37
182.   williamnyy23
179 Failing to get into a flow with Andy; having three runners steal off you; not blocking a ball that was called a WP, but should have been stopped; striking out and hitting into a DP; watching the ball and almost getting thrown out; taking a chance at home in a 10-3 game.

Anything else?

2008-07-31 18:50:41
183.   Just fair
(Looking up at my ceiling and wringing my hands.)
2008-07-31 18:50:45
184.   OldYanksFan
178 I didn't want Torre to leave because I feared the change.. the 'shakeup'. However, I am enjoying many aspects of Girardi's management.

That's what will happen with instant replay. People are now afraid of the change to the game. But once it's installed, and the game is decided by the plays and not the umps, people will really be grateful.

2008-07-31 18:52:26
185.   Just fair
Torrii catches that in his back pocket.
2008-07-31 18:52:41
186.   Eirias
Like slow death.
2008-07-31 18:53:05
187.   mehmattski
And, that's where I give up on this game. See you tomorrow, folks.
2008-07-31 18:53:07
188.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
182 but he's faster than Molina...
2008-07-31 18:53:31
189.   williamnyy23
Abreu just quit on that ball. The Yankees should be embarrassed about how they've played this week. I guess they thought they won something by taking 2 of 3 from the Red Sox? This game deserves a Girardi rant as much as any other.
2008-07-31 18:53:35
190.   monkeypants
178 Of course starters throw more innings. But at the end of the day, the Angels have allowed (before tonight) only 20 fewer runs than the Yankees, so their supposedly great pitching and deep starters can't be making that much of a difference.

Like I said, your consistency argument makes some sense--fewer peaks and valleys, where the valleys tend to be sure losses.

2008-07-31 18:54:43
191.   weeping for brunnhilde
95 Is that a joke? I'll bite: what does a cricket with a speech impediment say?
2008-07-31 18:56:14
192.   Max
I'm ignoring this train wreck (mostly), and dwelling on another train wreck:

The comments section, in particular, is pretty nasty and amusing, alternating between people attacking Schilling and people attacking Manny. Politics is also thrown in for good measure. Not too many moderators, either, as Theo is cussed out in one comment with the profanity untouched.

2008-07-31 18:57:16
193.   williamnyy23
190 Apparently, the Angels ballpark and schedule must favor hitters because the ERA+ difference seems greater than would be explained by just 20 runs.
2008-07-31 18:57:22
194.   Just fair
191 (chip, chip, chip).
As in chipping away at the lead. But that was back when it was a manageable 6-0.
Don't worry, I won't quit my day job. : )
2008-07-31 18:57:24
195.   monkeypants
184 I'm not afraid of change. I have simply witnessed the dreadful results of instant replay in the NFL. I truly do not look forward to games getting even longer as disputed plays are scrutinized for indisputable evidence. I dread having to wait for the manager to have to throw some flag on the field to signal a challenge. I dread even more how some managers will abuse the replay system to rattle a batter or pitcher, or get more time for their BP to warm up.

My willingness to give in on the issue is more a statement of how awful the umps are, not how grateful I will be.

2008-07-31 18:57:34
196.   OldYanksFan
Hey guys.... what do Chris Britton and Haleys Comet have in common?
2008-07-31 19:00:50
197.   monkeypants
193 Yep. Angels Stadium is playing as a pretty huge hitters park this year (PF 105), and a slight hitters park the last three years (3 YR PF 101)
2008-07-31 19:00:59
198.   Just fair
We won't see him pitch again until 2062.
2008-07-31 19:00:59
199.   williamnyy23
196 They are both fat?
2008-07-31 19:01:35
200.   monkeypants
196 They both make an appearance about once every 75 years?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-31 19:02:12
201.   OldYanksFan
195 It's a bad example and irrelevant. With any idea, you can always find some example that failed. In the play with Pudge, we saw the replay while Girardi was still arguing. Instant replay would have saved time on that play, and many others.

I don't watch Futball, so I don't know how the NFL does it. But the technololgy is there to make calls very quickly and with great precision.

2008-07-31 19:02:37
202.   williamnyy23
Sexson, Nady and Pudge ...this team feels weird.
2008-07-31 19:03:16
203.   OldYanksFan
198 Good one. They will both make their next appearence at the same time.
2008-07-31 19:05:16
204.   Just fair
Let's not forgot the Yankees got in very late last night whilst the Angels had a day game yesterday. Oh wait.....
2008-07-31 19:05:23
205.   monkeypants
201 I'm simply using historical evidence. In the few sports that I know of where instant replay is used in some way (NFL, NHL, NBA, CFL), its usage always results in long delays no matter how clear the visual evidence is. Moreover, improved technology will only slow the process, as more camera angles produce more views which all will have to be scrutinized.

Maybe MLB would solve the problem, but really, do you trust the idiots who run MLB to come up with an efficient system?

2008-07-31 19:06:19
206.   OldYanksFan
Cano has cooled off. Giambi has been cool for a while. Jeter is managing hits when they don't matter. Melky may be hitting better, but is dopier then even. We have seen Andy struggle twice now and Moose was human his last outing. These are all bad signs.
2008-07-31 19:08:29
207.   williamnyy23
206 yeah, but we still have Joba!
2008-07-31 19:09:09
208.   monkeypants
207 But not in the 8th inning!
2008-07-31 19:10:28
209.   williamnyy23
208 With starters like this, who needs an 8th guy? Take my reliever, please.
2008-07-31 19:13:41
210.   williamnyy23
Nady has been hitting better...that's a positive.
2008-07-31 19:14:39
211.   OldYanksFan
C Britton 3.2 7 3 3 0 1 1 53-32 3.38
I'll give him a pass due to all the circumstances involved. But he didn't help his cause much.
2008-07-31 19:14:53
212.   mehmattski
205 What about Tennis? Each player gets a couple "challenges" per match, and the camera immediately zooms in on a picture of the ball. It takes about three seconds.

Football's problem is that they have too many judgment calls, even on simple "was he down" kinds of plays.

In baseball you probably can't do it on force outs. But YES can consistently get a good angle on whether a tag was made before a runner touches a base. For plays at the plate, I think this is essential. And it can be done in a similar way- manager calls a challenge, it goes to the booth and in the time it takes for managers to argue, it's all over.

2008-07-31 19:15:27
213.   williamnyy23
Thatta boy Melky...way to back me up.
2008-07-31 19:15:51
214.   OldYanksFan
Nady taking his time getting to 2nd.
2008-07-31 19:19:09
215.   randym77
I like instant replay in football. I think it's done the right way. The number of challenges a team can make is limited, and there's a penalty for being wrong, so there won't be trivial challenges.

IMO, the delay in the game to get a call right is worth long as it's reserved for the really important calls. And it is.

2008-07-31 19:22:09
216.   Just fair
2008-07-31 19:22:13
217.   monkeypants
212 The thing is, I hate the limited challenge system, because it forces the manager to have to ration when he will challenge a bad call. This will do little to compel the umpires to do their job better, and we'll still end up with bad calls going unchallenged because a manager won't "waste" a challenge on a call at second base so that he can save it for a call at home plate.

Also, all football stadiums show replays of the previous play, and all teams have an army of coaches in the booth watching replays, so that the head coach gets the info in time before the next play. Even then, in the NFL a coach has 45 seconds or so between each play to make his decision.

Despite its slow pace, baseball does not have that much time elapse before a play is called time in. When would the coach have to challenge by? Before the next pitch? Before the next batter is announced (obviously, the result of a prior play could dictate who might be sent out to bat)?

Instant replay in baseball would be much more complicated it seems on teh surface.

2008-07-31 19:22:44
218.   OldYanksFan
212 There should be no challenges. A 5th ump should sit in a both with 2 technicians. There should be a screen for each camera. The instant a play happens, it is replayed on each screen, for each camera, simultaneously.

If the IR ump agrees with the call on the field, nothing happens. If the call is wrong, he tells the home plate ump, who has an earpiece, and the homeplate ump overrules the call. That way, everything is the same except wrong calls. It will NEVER take more then 30 seconds for the 5th ump to make the right call.

You can even have additional techs who can 'browse' the play and show still shots that show the play clearly.

It should ALL be completely transparent. The only thing WE SEE on the field, is the home plate ump occasionally overruling calls... even his own.

2008-07-31 19:22:44
219.   williamnyy23
I dont care that it was a great play. The Yankees are down 8, and Jeter still wont take a strike. Pathetic.
2008-07-31 19:23:32
220.   monkeypants
215 How would important plays be determined? Only plays at the plate, for example? OK, but that doesn't save us from the endless awful calls at 2B.
2008-07-31 19:26:45
221.   Shaun P
219 I forget where I saw this, maybe River Ave Blues, but in his career, Jeter actually has better numbers when he swings at the first pitch and makes contact.

Seems very counterintuitive, because this year it seems like every time he swings t the first pitch, he makes an out (but he doesn't, actually).

2008-07-31 19:27:03
222.   monkeypants
218 Uh-huh. So, how long will the ump have to delay action after every play to wait for word from the 5th ump in the booth?

We get the benefit of watching the plays multiple times in slow motion, often overlapping well into the subsequent AB. That delay would have to be factored in for the 5th ump to keep up with the action.

It really would significantly delay the games.

Now, if they cut the time in between innings by 30 seconds, maybe we can talk.

2008-07-31 19:27:14
223.   OldYanksFan
220 That decision is a political one. However, eventually, my guess is all plays except balls and strikes.
2008-07-31 19:28:29
224.   randym77
215 IMO, the best way is to let the team decide, as in football.

I'm not too excited about instant replay as currently envisioned. It's only for fair and foul calls, and in or out of the park. Those are rarely controversial.

2008-07-31 19:30:25
225.   monkeypants
219 Your Jeter man-hate is pretty funny. The dude is facing a stud pitcher with no reputation (as far as I know) for wildness) and hits a bullet in the hole that takes a great play to field. So you bitch.

Meanwhile, you spend 200 posts earlier today defending Melky's prolonged suckitude. (That said, Melky did have three hits today, so you win, I guess.)

2008-07-31 19:32:58
226.   OldYanksFan
222 You can't compare what YES shows on commercial TV to a TV audience with what would be done IF MLB dedicated an ump, personel and equiptment to the issue. Ever see the 'booth' at a Casino, where there are like 40 TV screens each showing a different camera, with people simply watching different screens for whats happening?

Again, in the time YES showed the play the first time, the 5th ump would have already seen it from 8 angles and made a call. Of course, you don't always need 8 angles. Sometimes the first or second camera shows conclusive results.

Again, imagine having multiple techs helping on by browsing 'their' camera and freezing the frame that shows the play. The ump would be the official, butthe techs would be doing all the work.

2008-07-31 19:33:09
227.   monkeypants
223 IF your vision of the future is accurate, and the replay ump could watch things at essentially real time, why not eliminate on-field umpires altogether (except for balls and strikes)?

It could be sorta fun and add to the drama to wait for a moment or three after each play for the big scoreboard to flash "out" or "safe."

2008-07-31 19:35:30
228.   monkeypants
226 The NFL relies on the networks to provide all camera angles, so games with heavier coverage (like MNF) get better replay views.

Your plan would entail setting up numerous fixed cameras throughout all the stadium in the league, and probably a few moving cameras, all operated by an army of league employees.

This is all doable, but highly, highly unlikely.

2008-07-31 19:36:07
229.   OldYanksFan
227 Actually, they could. But for tradition sake, my guess is there will always be umps on the field. This would also help qualify better and worse umps. As I said, I'm not into futurama baseball. It should be done as quietly and transparently as possible.
2008-07-31 19:39:31
230.   OldYanksFan
Every game already has multiple cameras, as as ticket prices get higher and Hi-Def TV get better, and baseball on the computer becomes more prolific, you will see more cameras and better coverage regardless of instant replay. As a kid I watched B&W games, with basically one camera, and no replay.

MLB is a multi-billion dollar institution. You are not going to say this is a bad idea because they might need more camera and a few more personel, are you?

2008-07-31 19:40:08
231.   monkeypants
229 Another real world concern--if the league ever tried to implement this, the players union would oppose it on principle, just so they could force some other concession. One can only imagine...
2008-07-31 19:46:48
232.   monkeypants
230 Those camera angles are provided by the covering networks, not the league. So once again, the replay official would be reliant on the network's cameramen and equipment...just like it is in the NFL. This in turn will create the very delays that the NFL.

You would need to have cameras operating independent of the networks, and ideally you would want to have the same coverage in every stadium. And you would need a good number of personnel to run the system as seamlessly as you envision.

And the cost of all of this would be born directly by the consumer, unlike the NFL replay system which is outsourced to the networks.

So yeah, I would be hesitant. Frankly, I just don't think it work, at least as you think it would.

2008-07-31 20:30:57
233.   JL25and3
211 I was at the game, and maybe I missed something (I'll confess, as the game went on I paid more attention to talking with my niece than to watching the so-called baseball game).

Anyway, what were the circumstances that mitigated Britton's suckitude?

2008-07-31 21:16:01
234.   scareduck
WRT the Angels' Pythag, you might want to read Matt Welch's explanation of how they got from point A to 68 wins:

Dustin Moseley and Chris Bootcheck, two of the team's relievers most responsible for the large numbers of runs against, were booted to Salt Lake early in the season (one for John Lackey). The other issue is the odd placement of injuries; the team struggled offensively while they had two of their starters suppressing runs at an unreal rate. Much of the rest of it worked for the same reason the Snakes got their weird-e-do pythag differential last year, namely, Scioscia putting Bootcheck and Moseley in games in which the Halos were already well behind.

2008-07-31 21:45:27
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233 Jesus, you were there?


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