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What Cliff Said
2008-07-28 05:50
by Alex Belth

2008-07-28 06:46:16
1.   Cliff Corcoran
2008-07-28 07:05:07
2.   The Mick 536
Woke me up.
2008-07-28 07:13:40
3.   Alex Belth
I always liked that album, this song in particular.
2008-07-28 07:43:26
4.   Chyll Will
That's one of the words I use to describe my roommate when she (often) disturbs my chi. While this was playing, she came in half-asleep, sat beside the computer for a minute before declaring, "THIS ENDS NOW!" >;)
2008-07-28 08:26:00
5.   Matt B
That album may have been the pinnacle of the commercially reborn, heavy, arena-rock phase of the Kinks. I know the State of Confusion album scored a bigger hit with Come Dancing, but Give the People What They Want felt like a big deal back then. Great songs - Destroyer, Art Lover and of course, Better Things.

Thanks Alex!

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