Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
Baltimore Orioles IV: Let Down Edition
2008-07-28 12:52
by Cliff Corcoran

Having had their eight-game winning streak snapped last night by a lop-sided loss to the Red Sox, the Yankees have to be careful not to suffer a let-down against the lowly Orioles tonight. Being back at the Stadium and having Mike Mussina on the mound should help with that. Moose has a 1.41 ERA over his last five starts and has struck out 31 against just three walks and no homers in that stretch. Then again, his one start against his former team this season was one of the worst of his career as he was unable to compensate for a first-inning error by Derek Jeter and wound up allowing seven runs and getting the hook before the O's made their third out.

He takes on Jeremy Guthrie, who has been far and away the O's best starter this year. Guthrie has alternated starts of four or more runs allowed and starts of two or fewer runs allowed since June 7, but hasn't allowed more than five runs in a game since March. If the pattern holds, he'll allow four or more tonight, but we saw how well that worked with Jon Lester last night.

The Orioles lost their last series in the Bronx 2-1, but are 4-2 against the Yankees in Baltimore. The Yanks haven't seen the Orioles since late May, but the team hasn't changed much. They've rotated through a number of replacement-level shortstops, most recently settling on Juan Castro, but the rest of the lineup remains the same. The O's do have a nine-man bullpen right now (along with a three-man bench and a four-man rotation following the recent demotion of Radhames Liz), but they've made no notable additions to their relief corps.

The top of the O's lineup is solid with Brian Roberts now being followed by Adam Jones (a singles-heavy .305/.344/.416 since late May, but already starting to make the Erik Bedard trade look good for Baltimore), Nick Markakis, and a rejuvenated Aubrey Huff (.293/.354/.533 with 20 homers on the season). In fact, the O's have six players in double-digits in home runs (Huff, Luke Scott with 18, Markakis and fifth-place hitter Melvin Mora with 15, Yankee Killer Kevin Millar with 14, and catcher Ramon Hernandez with 11). Of course, Mora and Hernandez have done very little beyond hit home runs, but Scott and Millar add some extra pop and patience in the six and seven holes. Huff's the real threat, though. Always something of a second-half hitter, he's hit .348/.400/.626 since June 1 and something very close to that since the second half began. Expect to see Joe Girardi deploy Damaso Marte against him as Huff loses more than 200 points of OPS when a lefty is on the mound. I just hope Girardi has the good sense to use Marte for more than just that one hitter.

No surprises in the lineup tonight with a righty on the mound and Xavier Nady having settled in as the left-fielder and seventh-place hitter, nor on the transaction wire.

Baltimore Orioles

2008 Record: 49-55 (.471)
2008 Pythagorean Record: 50-54 (.479)

Manager: Dave Trembley
General Manager: Andy MacPhail

Home Ballpark (multi-year Park Factors): Oriole Park at Camden Yards (101/102)

Who's Replaced Whom:

Juan Castro replaced Freddie Bynum (minors)
Brandon Fahey (minors) replaced Alex Cintron (DL)
Fernando Cabrera (DL) replaced Luis Hernandez (minors)
Randor Bierd (DL) replaced Steve Trachsel
Alberto Castillo (minors) replaced Matt Albers (DL)

25-man Roster:

1B - Kevin Millar (R)
2B - Brian Roberts (S)
SS - Juan Castro (R)
3B - Melvin Mora (R)
C - Ramon Hernandez (R)
RF - Nick Markakis (L)
CF - Adam Jones (R)
LF - Luke Scott (L)
DH - Aubrey Huff (L)


R - Jay Payton (OF)
L - Brandon Fahey (UT)
R - Guillermo Quiroz (C)


R - Jeremy Guthrie
R - Daniel Cabrera
L - Garrett Olson
L - Brian Burres


L - George Sherrill
R - Jim Johnson
L - Jamie Walker
R - Chad Bradford
R - Dennis Sarfate
R - Lance Cormier
R - Fernando Cabrera
R - Randor Bierd
L - Alberto Castillo

15-day DL: S - Alex Cintron (IF), L - Adam Loewen, R - Matt Albers, R - Chris Ray, R - Jim Hoey, R - Greg Aquino

60-day DL: R- Danys Baez, L - Troy Patton

Typical Lineup:

S - Brian Roberts (2B)
R - Adam Jones (CF)
L - Nick Markakis (RF)
L - Aubrey Huff (DH)
R - Melvin Mora (3B)
L - Luke Scott (LF)
R - Kevin Millar (1B)
R - Ramon Hernandez (C)
R - Juan Castro (SS)

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2008-07-28 15:37:08
1.   Chyll Will
Reposted from last thread: Word from SC is Jorge is definitely having the surgery. Will confirm soon.
2008-07-28 15:44:27
2.   Chyll Will
1 Okay, Newsday is reporting it also, just 45-minutes ago.

Man, I need to go out somewhere today...

2008-07-28 15:45:22
3.   ChrisS
Interesting to see Guthrie, a former high-ish level prospect with good stuff but poor ML performance, was cast off by the Indians and is now making a two-season resurgence. I wonder if Mazzone fixed him or if he just took a while to develop.
2008-07-28 15:54:19
4.   Cliff Corcoran
1 Finally!

3 There were some whispers about him having a crisis of confidence. I think he was rushed by the Indians, then jerked around as a result. It's what we hope isn't happening to Ian Kennedy. I think he just needed a fresh start. Here's my comment from Baseball Prospectus 2006:

"In 2003, the Indians promoted Guthrie to Triple-A just nine starts into his professional career. It was too much too soon. Guthrie struggled mightily at Buffalo and his control vanished altogether in 2004, prompting an even quicker demotion to Double-A. At that point, the Indians thought the problem was mechanical. They bumped him to Buffalo in 2005, where he continued to struggle, giving reason to believe that self-doubt was an issue."

2008-07-28 16:01:12
5.   Sliced Bread
Posada apparently made the decision after attempting batting practice today.
Something tells me he still hit better than Molina during that bp session, and Sexson, and a few of the other options that remain at Girardi's disposal.
2008-07-28 16:11:48
6.   ChrisS
1 Despite not liking the trade that brought Nady over, if that's what pushed the decision on Posada's surgery being done now rather than later, then it's a good thing. I like Posada, and I'd rather have him for a full year, and healthy, then for bits and pieces of a season partially healthy and then under the gun to make it back before March.

4 Interesting. It's always nice to see that kind of thing work out (of course, I don't want to see him get a W tonight). And if the Dunder-Mifflin rotation holds, I'm going to check out IPK tomorrow night.

2008-07-28 16:16:23
7.   Travis08
Is Bobby Meacham coaching third base for the Orioles, too?
2008-07-28 16:17:16
8.   rbj
7 Dang, beat me to the Bobby Meacham joke.
2008-07-28 16:17:28
9.   Eirias
I'm sure that this has been addressed elsewhere, but I am lazy, so I ask you: How is Nady as a fielder?
2008-07-28 16:20:20
10.   Mattpat11
9 It felt like he took FOREVER to get that ball, but I think it may have all been part of a master plan to throw Roberts out by fifty feet.
2008-07-28 16:20:35
11.   OldYanksFan
He's a C-/D+ LFer abd a C+/B- RFer (based on ZR)
2008-07-28 16:21:24
12.   OldYanksFan
DiceK vs. J.Weaver on ESPN
2008-07-28 16:22:35
13.   RIYank
12 With Joe Morgan?
2008-07-28 16:23:58
14.   monkeypants
Johnny still seems a bit rusty...
2008-07-28 16:24:55
15.   Mattpat11
Its gonna be a long night.
2008-07-28 16:26:13
16.   monkeypants
12 Mybe in your neck of the woods. Up here I get the Jays v. ....


OK, they are playing the Rays tonight, but still, it's hard to get excited about the Jays. It is fun to watch them lob softballs at super-overrated GM J.P. Ricciardi at some point during each game.

2008-07-28 16:29:05
17.   Mattpat11
16 I bought MLB Extra Innings last week, and one of the first games I turned on to was Toronto vs Baltimore. The game sucked, there were 13 people in attendance, none of whom could give a shit, and the announcers were comatose. I managed to switch to Sabathia's CG.
2008-07-28 16:29:26
18.   rbj
Glad to hear that about Jorge. I'd hate to have him struggle for a couple of months now and then also miss part of next season on rehab.
2008-07-28 16:32:12
19.   williamnyy23
This had the feel of a trap game coming...I hope the bats don't go quite for the rest of the night because with Rasner going tomorrow, this is a game the Yankees really need.
2008-07-28 16:32:22
20.   Mattpat11
Mussina has nothing.
2008-07-28 16:32:38
21.   monkeypants
17 Well, I'm not allowed--according to local monopolistic and protectionistic laws--to get EI without also getting the All-Sports All-Hockey All-Expensive package for a zillion dollars. And I vowed not to get (never got the stream speed they advertised, and my local ISP--the same monopolistic company as my cable TV provider--started limiting the total monthly download on my high speed package).

So, I'm stuck with the "local" team every night, which is the Jays, Jays, Jays.

2008-07-28 16:32:42
22.   ChrisS
Interesting start.
2008-07-28 16:33:12
23.   Eirias
Moose forgot to bring Uncle Charlie to the ballpark with him.
2008-07-28 16:34:09
24.   rbj
Moose is about due for a bad game. Offense, it is up to you guys to bail him out.
2008-07-28 16:34:53
25.   Mattpat11
21 I'm so sorry
2008-07-28 16:35:28
26.   Mattpat11
He's really not very good against this team
2008-07-28 16:35:59
27.   Travis08
Who's the long man tonight?
2008-07-28 16:36:59
28.   Mattpat11
We need rain.
2008-07-28 16:39:52
29.   Eirias
28 We need Spahn.
2008-07-28 16:43:33
30.   Just fair
Anyone but Millar. UGH. The offense owes Mussina one, methinks.
2008-07-28 16:44:50
31.   OldYanksFan
30 I was just gonna say. Moose could easily have 2 more Wins with any kind of offense. Time to pick up the Moose guys.
2008-07-28 16:47:41
32.   JoeInRI
Guthrie's throwing strikes
2008-07-28 16:48:49
33.   Just fair
Perfect game?
2008-07-28 16:51:57
34.   Shaun P
21 Just wondering - who is your cable/ISP, Rogers?

Because the funny thing about that is, of course, they own the Jays. Hmm.

17 I am guessing you are loving EI, Mattpat.

2008-07-28 16:52:33
35.   Mattpat11
34 Indeed I am
2008-07-28 16:52:38
36.   cult of basebaal
wow ... show up 2 innings late and look what happens ... sheesh, i sure hope i've missed all the suck that gonna suck tonite.
2008-07-28 16:52:42
37.   rbj
Gee, that was kind of a weird ad, "The Yankees look to have a victorious game two tomorrow." Has even YES given up on this game?
2008-07-28 16:54:14
38.   Mattpat11
37 I was thinking the same thing.
2008-07-28 16:55:22
39.   Mattpat11
What the fuck was that?
2008-07-28 16:56:59
40.   cult of basebaal
well, if blue ain't gonna give moose anything on the corners, this is going to be looooong walk off a short pier.
2008-07-28 16:58:12
41.   Mattpat11
40 I haven't seen any real outrageous calls though. He's just not having a good night.
2008-07-28 16:58:50
42.   rbj
There ya go, Moose.
2008-07-28 17:00:34
43.   williamnyy23
If the Yankee offense can show a little life here, they might be able to come back.
2008-07-28 17:00:39
44.   Just fair
For all watching on Yes, is it me or do the Yankees sound people blast the X-files tune after a strikeout? The movie is coming out soon, I believe.
2008-07-28 17:00:43
45.   Mattpat11
Just slog through tonight, Moose. Maybe the team will steal you a win. You deserve it.
2008-07-28 17:01:25
46.   cult of basebaal
way to battle mikey.
2008-07-28 17:02:06
47.   Just fair
41 It looks like Moose is missing by about 1/2 a baseball. Not a good mix for an Ump who won't budge.
2008-07-28 17:02:34
48.   Shaun P
If I hadn't seen Moose pitch the 2nd, just the 1st and 3rd, I'd wonder how the heck the Yanks were down 4-0.

C'mon Nady, time for your first hit!

2008-07-28 17:04:26
49.   Just fair
Could they replace Kay with Cone? Having Flaherty, Cone, and O'Neill in the booth would be good times.
2008-07-28 17:06:14
50.   OldYanksFan
eyes... getting... heavy....
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2008-07-28 17:06:37
51.   Mattpat11
This is non competitive.
2008-07-28 17:06:43
52.   williamnyy23
Nine up and nine down against Guthrie. I was hoping we were past this.
2008-07-28 17:08:52
53.   Jeb
I just wanted to say that I a PROUD and irrational hatred of the Orioles. If our team felt this way maybe they would not regularly bitch slap us.
2008-07-28 17:09:09
54.   Mattpat11
I just hope we get a hit.
2008-07-28 17:11:05
55.   Just fair
I love to see the pitcher make the infield pop-up catch.
2nd time coming up for the order. Hope the Coffee and Red Bull has kicked in.
2008-07-28 17:12:04
56.   Jeb
49 hmmmm. I don't know. O'Neill just said, "the one mistake he [Moose] made was a 3 run homer." I guess he was in the restroom when he gave up the tater to Millar. [I think it was O'Neill, don't crucify me if it was Coney].
2008-07-28 17:13:20
57.   Travis08
56 Millar hit the 3-run homer; Hernandez hit the solo shot. Mussina's also given up some hard hit doubles.
2008-07-28 17:13:23
58.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Ohayo Gozaimasu. Who is this Guthrie and why has he not given up a hit yet??
2008-07-28 17:13:54
59.   Shaun P
52 The first 9 Yankee hitters making outs? Something tells me you'll see it happen many more times over the years. =) I don't think they'll ever get past it.
2008-07-28 17:14:59
60.   Mattpat11
2008-07-28 17:15:06
61.   Shaun P
58 It happens.

And just like that, its all done.

2008-07-28 17:15:43
62.   rbj
So this Guthrie kid is pitching a no hitter?
2008-07-28 17:16:10
63.   ms october
58 interesting way of breaking up the no hitter

who are the commentators - kay, o'neill, and flaherty - no?

i miss cone.

2008-07-28 17:16:20
64.   Mattpat11
62 No.
2008-07-28 17:16:26
65.   cult of basebaal
59 Over Macho Grande???
2008-07-28 17:17:10
66.   williamnyy23
The Yankees best lineup does not have Jeter batting second.
2008-07-28 17:17:18
67.   Mattpat11
I really hope the Yankees don't follow up a winning streak by losing 7 of 11 or whatever it was last time.
2008-07-28 17:17:33
68.   Jeb
Well Jeter did HIS job. That's #17 GIDP on the season.
2008-07-28 17:17:53
69.   cult of basebaal


2008-07-28 17:17:57
70.   Chyll Will
and just like that... "poof"... they're gone.
2008-07-28 17:18:07
71.   Shaun P
53 Just for the record, since the start of 2004, the Yanks are 50-33 vs the O's. I don't have time to add up the runs scored vs runs allowed, but something tells me its well in the Yanks' favor.

Hardly being bitch slapped, no?

2008-07-28 17:18:21
72.   ms october
but since derek is wedded to the gidp - it's like guthrie has a no hitter in tact
2008-07-28 17:19:06
73.   Chyll Will
Abreu's on, so now we need a feeble groundout by Mr. A here...
2008-07-28 17:19:24
74.   Jeb
So will an Arod homer soothe us all?
2008-07-28 17:19:39
75.   OldYanksFan
Man... Derek... this is getting old.
2008-07-28 17:19:54
76.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
wait a second..Jeter hit into a DP AGAIN?!?! damn...
2008-07-28 17:20:05
77.   williamnyy23
71 Yes, but they are 13-14 since 2007.
2008-07-28 17:20:08
78.   Shaun P
66 Where would you hit him, 7th, and move everyone else up a spot? I think that's what I'd do. Or maybe, maybe, bat him leadoff, and Damon 2nd.

Never happen, though.

2008-07-28 17:21:23
79.   Mattpat11
Do we even have a hard hit foul ball?
2008-07-28 17:21:30
80.   JoeInRI
73 Nice call . . . damnit
2008-07-28 17:21:43
81.   ChrisS
65 No, I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande.
2008-07-28 17:22:11
82.   Shaun P
77 Quite true. But Jeb said "regularly", and I figured that a 28-game sample is not enough to show "regularly"; too small. 80-something games? That's enough.
2008-07-28 17:22:49
83.   williamnyy23
78 Exactly...either leadoff or at the bottom. If you add the DPs to his lack of production, he has really been a weak link in the lineup.
2008-07-28 17:22:49
84.   Chyll Will
80 For the record, i don't get paid for this $#%&...
2008-07-28 17:22:58
85.   cult of basebaal
i swear, jeter is going to force me to buy a ticket along the 3rd baseline for one of the upcoming games in Anaheim, just so i can heckle him unmercifully all game long.
2008-07-28 17:23:20
86.   ms october
78 but then how would you break up the left handed hitters!?!?!?!?

as many gidps that jeter has this year, girardi should be putting on more hit and runs with him up and a runner on first

2008-07-28 17:23:36
87.   cult of basebaal
81 some wounds run ... too deep!
2008-07-28 17:24:02
88.   Mattpat11
Wow. Abreu really booked it to that ball.
2008-07-28 17:24:22
89.   williamnyy23
I was kidding around when I said the Yankees should have forfeited yesterday, but after seeing how they played today, maybe getting in at 4AM wasn't the best thing.
2008-07-28 17:24:27
90.   Jeb
71 just for the record, I was referring to 2007 and 2008:

2007 9-9 against Baltimore
2008 4-5 against Baltimore (soon to be 4-6)

2008-07-28 17:24:47
91.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
who is Macho Grande? sorry for all the annoying pop-culture's like being on another planet sometimes, don7t pick up any of the Banter references..
2008-07-28 17:25:48
92.   Jeb
Bottom line - even in 2005 and 2006 when we were a collective 23-14 against Baltimore, that's just not good enough against a HORRIBLE team.
2008-07-28 17:25:49
93.   JoeInRI
2008-07-28 17:26:15
94.   Just fair
Yankees won loss record vs. Orioles
98 9-3
99 9-4
00 7-5
01 13-5
02 13-6
03 13-6
04 14-5
05 11-7
06 12-7
07 9-9
2008-07-28 17:27:13
95.   ChrisS
91 Airplane I & II. It's the mythical place that Ted Stryker led an ill-fated bombing run to, which led to his mental block on flying a plane.
2008-07-28 17:27:21
96.   Jeb
91 Flava Flav of course.
2008-07-28 17:28:08
97.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
93 thanks JoeInRi, forgot that one. classic..
2008-07-28 17:28:23
98.   JoeInRI
96 Flava Flav? Over Macho Grande?
2008-07-28 17:28:29
99.   cult of basebaal
lovely, just lovely ... bad night for a bad moose appearance
2008-07-28 17:28:31
100.   Mattpat11
Mussina is awful tonight.

The team isn't even competitive offensively.

Bobby Abreu just WALKED to a ball hit down the first base line.

Just go home boys. You don't want to be there, don't prolong this/

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-28 17:29:07
101.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
96 Bada-bing! still laughing about Flav...
this game is not very exciting..any more trade rumors out there that may come true?
2008-07-28 17:29:08
102.   williamnyy23
86 Against righties I wouldn't. Against lefties, you could return Jeter to the top. This team would be better off with alternating lineups because they seem to have players with significant splits.
2008-07-28 17:29:17
103.   ChrisS
I liked Eric Bedard last year, probably not enough to give up the likes of Austin Jackson, but I thought he'd have a decent 5-7 years of pitching. But that trade is looking pretty bad right out of the gate.
2008-07-28 17:29:19
104.   Jeb
94 2008 4-6. Okay I feel so much better that we regularly beat the O's prior to last year. I am no longer frustrated. We can lose the rest of our games against the Orioles now and I won't feel frustrated.

Oh, and the fact that we used to dominate the Orioles and now they whip us.....that's exactly what's wrong with our team (from a big picture standpoint).

2008-07-28 17:29:33
105.   williamnyy23
Why not walk Huff here? This run is huge.
2008-07-28 17:29:34
106.   cult of basebaal
96 you should have claimed he was a wrestler back in the 80's. said he was from Cuba and wrestled with the Iron Sheik in an Axis of Evil tag team!
2008-07-28 17:30:37
107.   JoeInRI
105 Too late
2008-07-28 17:31:29
108.   Chyll Will
100 You'd agree that they are competitively offensive?
2008-07-28 17:32:35
109.   williamnyy23
107 Mora is prone to the DP as well. I can't imagine why you wouldn't set one up. Unless Girardi is waving the white flag, that extra run is very important.
2008-07-28 17:32:37
110.   Jeb
I said Flava Flav for Tokyo's benefit.
2008-07-28 17:33:22
111.   ms october
102 yeah girardi seems big on lefty/right matchups in terms of who plays, but doesn't seem to move the lineup around too much

101 i wondered if you recovered from the flava flav shock yet

at the very least i would like the offense to show some life the rest of the game.

maybe moose wants to prolong win 15 until the yanks get rid of snacks.

2008-07-28 17:34:16
112.   Jeb
So Rasner will blow up tomorrow and we'll savage a game on Wednesday with Joba, right? We'll be 5 games back by Thursday.

Meanwhile, the timer on the bomb that is Snacks Ponson is ticking again with a detonation date of Friday at 7:05 pm.

2008-07-28 17:34:18
113.   Just fair
104 I hear ya'. The showings against the O's this year been f'in pathetic. Especially considering our B.J. (before Jaba) ace against his former team. 2 times. Crap.
2008-07-28 17:34:36
114.   monkeypants
104 It doesn't matter against whom wins and losses come, as long as they win enough games to make the play-offs. If they have underplayed against Baltimore this year, then they probably overplayed against somebody else, given they are on pace for 90 wins and are right in the playoff picture.

That said, it IS frustrating to lose to Baltimore. And it they probably ned more like 95 wins to make the playoffs, so they need to pick up the pace somewhere. Two out of three against Baltimore would be a start.

2008-07-28 17:35:21
115.   Jeb
111 If we've quit again, let's just keep Snacks.
2008-07-28 17:36:01
116.   monkeypants
112 I suspect that bomb will be disarmed by then. Now, the pitcher that replaces him may be just as much of a time bomb...
2008-07-28 17:36:28
117.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
111 yeah, had to email a friend back in NYC to get more details..he said to turn aeound and walk away, the road down Reality TV is a long and painful one...

103 Bedard trade a real heist for Balmore..

2008-07-28 17:37:27
118.   rbj
Feh. Even well struck balls are finding gloves. I think I'll call it an early night, the Yankees already have.
2008-07-28 17:38:46
119.   ChrisS
I guess that can be considered an offensive result.
2008-07-28 17:39:05
120.   Jeb
Huh, didn't take Nady long to switch from 29 to 22. How DARE they give him Latroy Hawkins number!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!
2008-07-28 17:39:52
121.   monkeypants
118 Yep. Off to take a nice evening stroll and pick up some ice cream. See y'all tomorrow.
2008-07-28 17:40:36
122.   Jeb
117 do you not get American TV in Japan?
2008-07-28 17:41:31
123.   williamnyy23
121 No wonder monkeypants is always so positive. When the going gets tough, he gets ice cream!
2008-07-28 17:42:11
124.   ChrisS
At least we get to see Robertson pitch. That's a plus.
2008-07-28 17:42:46
125.   Mattpat11
Abreu RAN!
2008-07-28 17:44:23
126.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
122 if old re-runs of Columbo and Dr. Quinn Medecine Woman count as American TV then "Yes"..I don't have cable so on regular Japanese tv there are basically only US movies, no tv shows
2008-07-28 17:45:23
127.   Jeb
126 YIKES. You might want to check out the flava flav reality shows on Youtube.
2008-07-28 17:45:26
128.   cult of basebaal
123 and it's never Rocky Road!
2008-07-28 17:47:57
129.   OldYanksFan
Jeter's star is just too big to insult him by dropping him in the lineup. ARod, the best player in the game, can bat 8th, but bat Jeter 7th? NEVER! If Jeter is on crutches and batting .137, he will still play SS and bat leadoff or 2nd.
2008-07-28 17:48:23
130.   Just fair
Hey, Hernandez. You don't need to step out of the box and go through a 15 second routine before stepping back in there. Holy Crap.
2008-07-28 17:49:52
131.   williamnyy23
The results/effort/energy (whatever) in this game is very disappointing and somewhat concerning.
2008-07-28 17:49:59
132.   Travis08
In positive news, Casey Kotchman just hit a 2-run HR to put the Angels up 3-2.
2008-07-28 17:50:16
133.   Max
I thought these games against the O's were supposed to be the easy part of an otherwise brutal schedule the next month. This sucks.
2008-07-28 17:50:25
134.   OldYanksFan
ManOfKotch with a 2 run blast. 3-2 Angels in the 6th.
2008-07-28 17:50:37
135.   ChrisS
So, by not having the TV on, I don't know what the hell Jeter is doing at SS.
2008-07-28 17:50:42
136.   cult of basebaal
wow ... guess it's time to go do laundry ...
2008-07-28 17:51:38
137.   monkeypants
123 Be nice...I'm still liable to lurk!
2008-07-28 17:51:47
138.   Jeb
Tampa's losing 2-1 and Boston's losing 3-2

This night would be a LOT better if those scores hold up and we can SOMEHOW carry Raz tomorrow. Which celebrated Cy Young winner goes tomorrow? Cy Cabrera?

2008-07-28 17:54:23
139.   Travis08
Longoria hits into a 6-4-3 DP with 1st and 3rd and 2 outs, Jays still up 2-1.

And Torii Hunter hits one over the Monster. 6-2 Angels.

2008-07-28 17:54:37
140.   OldYanksFan
Tori Hunter 3 run bomb! 6-2 Angels.
2008-07-28 17:54:42
141.   Travis08
139 The DP was with 1 out, obviously.
2008-07-28 17:55:03
142.   Eirias
Every time I play them, I am amazed at how addicting Civilization and its successors are. Down 7-0? No matter, my Romans are trashing the Mongols.
2008-07-28 17:55:03
143.   Jeb
Angels now winning 6-2...Suddenly I feel a little better.
2008-07-28 17:55:14
144.   Max
124 I like seeing him pitch too, but not when he's crapping the bed in a seven run game. He looked kind of shaky to me in mop up duty the other night at Fenway as well (even though he didn't give up anything).
2008-07-28 17:55:23
145.   williamnyy23
Baseball really needs to allow teams to concede. These last two games could have been called off by the 5th inning.
2008-07-28 17:56:25
146.   Eirias
Robertson's Gameday picture looks a little more apt, now.
2008-07-28 17:56:26
147.   Jeb
So we can all watch the Angels or Tampa games now, right?

This game (losing 11-0) feels a lot like the game where we lost 10-0 last year on the Rizzuto rememberance day.

2008-07-28 17:56:52
148.   ChrisS
124 I apologize right now for that jinx.
2008-07-28 17:57:23
149.   Shaun P
121 Ice cream sounds great too, but I've got a piece of tiramasu sitting in the fridge.

Cliff, will you please post your lottery number picks tomorrow? You are on a roll with the predictions.

At least the Sox are losing.

Later, all.

2008-07-28 17:57:47
150.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
so anyone heard any good Pavano jokes recently? think the work on my desk more excitin gthan this game now...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-28 17:58:01
151.   Just fair
143 I was thinking more Daniel "I like to do my A.J. Burnett
impression when I'm facting the Yanks" Cabrera.
2008-07-28 17:59:02
152.   Jeb
145 Two problems with that. First the fans pay a LOT of money to see their teams play; even a meaningless homer by Arod might be worth something to some people. Second, what about the once in a moon comeback when you're trailing big (Like the Texas game in 2006)?
2008-07-28 17:59:33
153.   Just fair
145 Yeah, and I should be able to leave my Job at lunch b/c I've had a rough morning. : )
2008-07-28 18:01:04
154.   Jeb
By the Way, Dais-Suck gave up all 6 runs (earned). Like the Orioles, I irrationally hate him too.
2008-07-28 18:01:35
155.   Jeb
153 you put it so much better than me.
2008-07-28 18:02:25
156.   Just fair
Irrational hate makes the world go round. : )
2008-07-28 18:03:18
157.   Max
149 121 I'm settling for half a Hershey bar left over after the rest of the family made S'mores.

So now we're wasting Edwar in a blowout, the day before Raz is likely to give us his usual 4 innings. Where's Latroy when you need him?

2008-07-28 18:04:06
158.   monkeypants
145 Better solution: just put Sir Sidney in to finish the game today, no matter how many pitches he has to throw. Then DFA him.
2008-07-28 18:04:39
159.   Jeb
2 more innings in Toronto, Jays still up 2-1. As bad as tonight has been it could be so much worse if either Boston or Tampa wins.....and if they lose it takes a LITTLE of the pain out.

Hopefully the Orioles are trash talking and showing their asses and our Boys will get pissed and win tomorrow.

2008-07-28 18:05:44
160.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm speechless. One hit so far?????
2008-07-28 18:06:01
161.   Eirias
Heh, I didn't know Guthrie went to Stanford. This BP subscription is paying for itself.
2008-07-28 18:06:35
162.   Jeb
Actually, how pissed would you be if you're a Tampa fan and you lose 2-1 on a night when the Yankees lose 11-0 and Boston loses 7-2? I'd be kicking the wall!
2008-07-28 18:06:53
163.   Jeb
5 more outs in toronto.
2008-07-28 18:08:20
164.   Eirias
157 DAMMIT Cashman! How dare you DFA Hawkins? He is a key member of the Yankees staff. Using Ramirez now could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Seriously though, how often does one feel "If only we had someone who sucks more"?

2008-07-28 18:08:56
165.   Eirias
Gameday has Damon making TWO outs on that play.
2008-07-28 18:10:58
166.   Jeb
3 more outs to go in Toronto.
2008-07-28 18:11:00
167.   OldYanksFan
Jeter FINALLY with a clutch hit.
2008-07-28 18:12:29
168.   Jeb
Even though we are going to lose, it's still important for tomorrow that we get into their pen a little.
2008-07-28 18:13:43
169.   Just fair
I love Shark Week. I just flipped back to the game. 11-0. Yikes. Hey, a grand slam here would make this, er, presentable?
2008-07-28 18:19:09
170.   3rd gen yankee fan
Some weirdo on ESPN radio just said it would take a lot more than Cano to free Greinke from the Royals. Cano for Greinke? What is this guy smokin?
2008-07-28 18:19:46
171.   Chyll Will
115 Jeb my friend, I'm guessing we've quit. If I'm wrong, then I'll be a millionaire by the end of the week, because I'll be taking Snack's spot in the rotation. Why the hell not?
2008-07-28 18:22:19
172.   williamnyy23
Paulie agrees with me! I've always said Donnie's HR in the 1995 ALDS was the loudest I've ever heard it. I was sitting in the last row of the upper deck and the entire structure was bouncing!
2008-07-28 18:23:14
173.   OldYanksFan
We all know Gammons likes his Boston baked beans 2nd hand and directly from the source, so I am a bit surprised to see how vigorously he trashes Manny.

"It's about Manny being only about Manny --
not the team that will have paid him $168 million when this season's over, not "teammates" he leaves to answer for him, not winning or any competitive motivation."

"Manny clearly has decided that he has already fulfilled his obligation to the first eight-year contract, and wants the next $100M right now. In the real world, this is a form of blackmail."

2008-07-28 18:25:49
174.   Jeb
Since we're losing, let me say a couple of things that I would do if I was the Baseball Czar (or Tsar, if anyone prefers).

1. ESPN Sunday night baseball would start at 6pm in the east and would ALWAYS involve two teams with off days the next day (so the schedule would be laid out in advance.

2. All teams (Yankees included) would have a daytime getaway game

3. East Coast teams would play twice per season on the west coast ONLY (not 3 times like the Yanks are doing).

4. We'd use modern technology to predict things like the weather. We'd force teams to move game times UP in the case of inclement weather. If a team -- like Pittsburgh in my example -- forced another team (let's say the Yankees) to play at night when the rain is coming (and the game could actually be played in the day) and the rain actually came, the Yankees would win in a forfeit and would not have to return to backwaterville.

5. If a team was winning 3-0 in the 3rd inning and got rained out, the game would pick up 3-0 in the 3rd and the stats would count.

6. DH in the NL

7. Fired - Joe Morgan, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Steve Phillips and Chris Berman would never work another game the rest of his life.

8. Hired for National telecasts - Al Michaels, Tony Kubek (we'd throw so much money at him he'd HAVE to come back), Harry Kalas and Vin Skully (I know he's old, but he's just so great).

9. No more Kate Smith. Record Ronan Tynan and play him every night.

10. YES would be on the cable station in Birmingham.

Feel free to agree, disagree or add.

2008-07-28 18:26:13
175.   OldYanksFan
Whew! Boston scores 1 but leaves the bases loaded. 7-3 after 6. Toronto scores 1 and is up 3-1 after 8.
2008-07-28 18:27:57
176.   Chyll Will
173 Mr. Gammons, what color is the Green Monster?
2008-07-28 18:28:20
177.   monkeypants

Jeter's Splits, 2008:

TOTAL: .749 OPS, 100 OPS+
RISP: .788 OPS, 110 OPS+
RISP 2 Out: .875 OPS, 134 OPS+
Late and Close: .843 OPS, 125 OPS+
Tie Game: .781 OPS, 107 OPS+
High Leverage: .888 OPS, 138 OPS+


Last 7 days; .917 OPS, 140 OPS+
Lst 14 days: .836 OPS, 122 OPS+
LAst 28 days: 793 OPS, 111 OPS+

2008-07-28 18:28:51
178.   Jeb
171 Chyll, I prefer you to pitch


11. Fox loses its ability to black out any games. In fact, Fuck fox, they lose the contract and we go back to NBC and they have the game of the week again.

2008-07-28 18:29:36
179.   Jeb
2 more outs in Toronto.
2008-07-28 18:30:21
180.   Jeb
Now we can assuredly all say that this game has been Farnsproofed!
2008-07-28 18:30:38
181.   Just fair
174 I'd be on board with most of those. I don't know about no weather predictin' machine, though.
2008-07-28 18:31:38
182.   Jeb
174 Xavier must be pronounced Zavier not EX-Zavier or the announcer is fired.
2008-07-28 18:31:43
183.   williamnyy23
Nice to get that out of the way.
2008-07-28 18:32:24
184.   3rd gen yankee fan
Nady homers, woo hoo! Here we go! ;-)
2008-07-28 18:32:44
185.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
178 can that apply to ALL of Fox? (except the Simpsons of course!)
2008-07-28 18:33:02
186.   Jeb
181 My understanding is that the Yanks knew rain was coming (it was in the forecast) and begged the Bucs to move the game up and Pittsburgh said "FUCK YOU"
2008-07-28 18:33:33
187.   Chyll Will
174 (in Katy Feeny's voice):

But of course, that would be wrong...

2008-07-28 18:33:55
188.   monkeypants
174 Interesting. I'll play, since I turned the game off long ago.

1. OK
2. OK
3. Would this not create scheduling problems? In theory OK.
4. What about paid ticket holders, especially those who need to take time off from work or travel some distance to the game?
5. Could be difficult to make sure that the same players are on the roster, same pitchers, etc. Probably fairer to just restart the game from scratch, IMO.
6. No DH in AL
7. OK
8. OK
9. Don't care
10. OK

2008-07-28 18:34:09
189.   Jeb
185 absolutely. In fact, the NFL will go back to pre-fox days. CBS has the NFC and NBC has the AFC

Did anyone catch Sterling's homerun call for Nady? What did he say?

2008-07-28 18:34:12
190.   Just fair
Another stat-padder. Damnit!
2008-07-28 18:36:45
191.   monkeypants
178 Screw the whole exclusive national game contract deal until MLB can get its act together and actually let more fans see more games (like they do in the NFL). Frankly, most sports fans simply follow their team on the local cable network. It sucks for those of us out of market, but it sucks for us anyway. Moreover, Fox's Saturday blackouts AND 4 o'clock start time offend me!
2008-07-28 18:37:02
192.   Jeb
188 good point on the ticketholders, but they need to understand that game times are subject to change but ONLY in the last game of a series and ONLY if it's the last time a particular team is playing in a particular city for the season. So, it would affect interleague chiefly.

we were leading Pitts 3-1 and got fucked, so I really don't like starting over.

2008-07-28 18:38:46
193.   Jeb
191 I can go with that. I really don't like the blackouts nationally for the fox game so I have to watch the Phillie/Braves or listen to the radio.
2008-07-28 18:39:12
194.   Jeb
Toronto 3 Tampa 1 FINAL
2008-07-28 18:40:33
195.   Jeb
Look at this life in the Yanks! One of the River Avenue Blues guys claims that a rally like this in a loss means the offense will get going the next day.
2008-07-28 18:42:12
196.   Just fair
Whatever happened to that MLB channel that seemed to be in the works?
2008-07-28 18:42:59
197.   bobtaco
Randor Bierd? Is that somekind of Tolkien reference?
2008-07-28 18:44:28
198.   monkeypants
Since Girardi has emptied the bench, perhaps it might be time for some Moeller action, and get Molina a few innings off?
2008-07-28 18:44:33
199.   cult of basebaal
1. ok

2. ok

3. agreed, as long as we return to the balanced schedule.

4. don't think it's effectively possible and not fair to the fans (in many cases, though not all)

5. If a team was winning 3-0 in the 3rd inning and got rained out, the game would pick up 3-0 in the 3rd and the stats would count.

6. agree

7. agree

8. don't care

9. no more GBA, at all.

10. yes would be broadcast on basic cable everywhere!

11. instant replay

12. questec used to enforce rulebook strike zone and measure compliance from umpires.

13. trading of draft picks allowed.

14. protected picks (from free agent signings) would be compensated by a pick at the start of the supplemental round.

15. john kruk and eric young forced to fight to death in Thunderdome battle before start of 2009 all star game.

2008-07-28 18:46:51
200.   Chyll Will
197 If Gondor is anywhere near Santo Domingo, then yes >;)
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-28 18:48:15
201.   Jeb
199 Nice particularly Kruk

Actually, let's fire the baseball tonight team replace them with Old Yanks Fan, Chyll, Monkeypants and William (as Peter Gammons). I will also be happy to volunteer for fill-in duty.

2008-07-28 18:49:07
202.   ChrisS
195 I think that was an O'Neill or Coney-ism a month or so ago.
2008-07-28 18:49:29
203.   OldYanksFan
174 Play FIVE GAME series, especially against opposite coast teams, with a day off after each series for travel. This will eliminate a tremendous amount of travel, allow for either more off days or a shorter season, make playing a rained out ganme easier AND allow a 7 game Divisional Series without prolonging the season. It would also have a side effect of seeing a teams entire rotation.
2008-07-28 18:49:30
204.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
199 #15 is brilliant.
bring back Stu Scott, we need more "BOO-yah!" in our lives!
2008-07-28 18:49:42
205.   Jeb
Is anyone thinking Texas 2006? NAH, too early to think such thoughts.
2008-07-28 18:49:57
206.   cult of basebaal
c'mon dicklock, just let it hit you.
2008-07-28 18:51:24
207.   Jeb
203 fuel efficient too. Isn't this fun? let's send our list to Bud Selig.
2008-07-28 18:51:58
208.   Just fair
Will Sexon see the end of August? HMMMM...
2008-07-28 18:52:44
209.   cult of basebaal
ooh, ooh ...

16. bring back real, scheduled doubleheaders.

17. all weekend games in post-season are afternoon starts.

18. mark cuban gets to buy the cubs ... or the pirates.

2008-07-28 18:52:47
210.   Jeb
If Alex homers here, we've got a damn game AND we'll end up facing their better relievers which impacts the next 2 days.
2008-07-28 18:53:17
211.   OldYanksFan
201 I guess I'm Kruk, right?
2008-07-28 18:53:19
212.   Jeb
209 yes Yes YES!!!
2008-07-28 18:53:47
213.   Jeb
Maybe Alex can turn this into the Banter Bill of Rights.
2008-07-28 18:53:50
214.   Chyll Will
201 "One of these kids is doing his own thing,
one of these kids is not the same,
one of these kids is doing his own thing,
now it's time to play our game..."


2008-07-28 18:54:18
215.   cult of basebaal
204 quiet, you ...
2008-07-28 18:54:19
216.   Just fair
207 I want to see sausage or Brat races at every game. Even at the world series. They could pimp em' out for that. Nah, that's too XFL.
2008-07-28 18:54:49
217.   Jeb
211 I was actually thinking of Steve Phillips, only instead of saying Horseshit that's 100% wrong, you'd say insightful things that make sense.
2008-07-28 18:55:12
218.   OldYanksFan
207 Yes, with less travel, we could fly Hyundai
2008-07-28 18:55:50
219.   Jeb
214 that's why William would be the new Peter Gammons.
2008-07-28 18:57:11
220.   Jeb
Of course, I'd be the new Chris Berman, since I like to also come up with inane nicknames for players.
2008-07-28 18:59:38
221.   OldYanksFan
174 And... well... how about cheerleaders? They could do some bouncy-boo stuff during the 7th inning stretch instead of Kate Smith.

Fuck. Sox score 1. 7-4, 2 on, 2 out, bottom of the 8th.

2008-07-28 18:59:48
222.   Jeb
19. No maple bats

20. No long pants that are baggy around the shoes.

21. everyone wears stirrup socks

22. No more white stripe hats for spring training.

23. Manny gets a haircut by league decree

24. Uniforms can only be 1 size too big, not 5.

2008-07-28 19:00:29
223.   Just fair
Can you imagine Berman introducing you as
"Here's a little story 'bout a man named Jeb?"
Sorry. That's the best I can do with 3 letters.
2008-07-28 19:00:43
224.   Jeb
25. Since a prior commissioner ruled in 1951 that midgets were outlawed, we'd enforce that rule now. Sorry Mr. Pedroia.
2008-07-28 19:01:16
225.   cult of basebaal
220 john sterling would be removed from the yankees radio booth. however, he would be forced to watch every yankees game and call every flyball hit. failure to correctly identify homeruns from outs would result in electric shock.
2008-07-28 19:01:23
226.   OldYanksFan
Sox out. 7-4. 3 outs to go.
2008-07-28 19:02:16
227.   Jeb
223 a poor mountaineer, barely kept his friend Snacks fed
2008-07-28 19:02:56
228.   cult of basebaal

no damn pocket flaps hanging out.

only sounds are real organists and the announcer. all other fake tell-you-what-to-do noise bullshit will be banned.

2008-07-28 19:03:14
229.   Just fair
228 So it's your fault. : )
2008-07-28 19:03:44
230.   cult of basebaal
well, at least all this crap is happening today.
2008-07-28 19:03:47
231.   Just fair
Whoops. Meant 227
2008-07-28 19:03:49
232.   Jeb
225 I like Sterling, so I have to disagree. I just like his voice but certain things he does makes me crazy. I agree with the electric shock. Just do it while he's announcing so we get to hear him scream.
2008-07-28 19:04:16
233.   OldYanksFan
222 Can we change that to 23) Manny gets a labotomy by league decree?
2008-07-28 19:05:36
234.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
two Q's for the Banterites: just picked up Buster Olney's "Last Night..", interestingly he put the updated info in the Introduction and not at the end..anyone read this? I find Olney annoying to listen to but love his blog on ESPN...

2nd: someone here once linked to a "bad annoncing" contest on the web...know where i can find that? i imagine Colin Cowherd must be on there as well...

2008-07-28 19:05:40
235.   Jeb
You don't even want to know what I do to future steroid abusers
2008-07-28 19:06:40
236.   OldYanksFan
26 No exceptionally fat players.
2008-07-28 19:06:42
237.   Jeb
233 We'll get both Manny and Sterling Lobotomies. In fact, they can perform the procedures on each other, backwards, using mirrors.
2008-07-28 19:06:43
238.   Chyll Will
232 Can we make him scream Sweeney Todd tunes?
2008-07-28 19:07:46
239.   Just fair
An official group of 10 people could listen to the tv and raido broadcasts. Whenever they hear something stupid, they push a button. If 3 buttons are pushed within 5 seconds of the one another. ZAPPO!
2008-07-28 19:07:54
240.   Jeb
236 So long, Papi, Adam Dunn, Snacks, David Wells, and Tony Gwynn would be banned from the booth.
2008-07-28 19:09:07
241.   Jeb
239 nice! "You know Suzyn, Bubba Crosby's only batting .176, but he's still a good hitt..." [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ]
2008-07-28 19:14:58
242.   cult of basebaal
all baseball broadcasts come with a "sounds of the game" option, where you can listen to the game without announcers.
2008-07-28 19:15:21
243.   cult of basebaal
bobby meachan is just fucking brutal.
2008-07-28 19:15:26
244.   Jeb
And I think it's unanimous that Bobby Meacham would be FIRED.
2008-07-28 19:15:48
245.   monkeypants
201 I'm honored, I think. But if nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.
2008-07-28 19:15:52
246.   Just fair
The Sox are down 7-4 in the top of the 9th. There's a guy on 2nd base and Casey Kotchman is at the plate ESPN pans the crowd and no one in view gives a shit. A few moments before the pitch, there is a smattering of clapping before Kocthman lines out to end the inning.
What a Joke.
2008-07-28 19:17:22
247.   OldYanksFan

By the way, if you guys have not read about Ichiro's All Star Game pep-talk, this is MUST reading.
Just another example of Ichiro's brilliance.

2008-07-28 19:17:52
248.   Jeb
242 I think that's a hell of an idea. It would also be nice to set your own viewing angle out of 5 choices, so it's more like being at the ballpark (particulary with a big flat screen TV).
2008-07-28 19:18:28
249.   cult of basebaal
245 ve half vays of making you talk!
2008-07-28 19:19:31
250.   Just fair
For every fist bump to the sky, the play must donate $1,000 to a big fund that would help refurbish diamonds across the country. And build new ones in cities.
But that's just me.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-28 19:19:46
251.   Jeb
245 but Monkey, who's going to be Karl Raveich?
2008-07-28 19:20:17
252.   monkeypants
242 Friggin' awesome.

A couple of years ago the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) aired CFL games with no announcers, because of a strike of CBC employees (including announcers, apparently). The games featured only crowd and game noise until the strike ended several weeks later. Ratings actually improved.

2008-07-28 19:21:11
253.   cult of basebaal
248 well, once HD is standard, there's enough bandwidth to broadcast multiple feeds at once. it should be able for the viewer to choose their own camera angle.
2008-07-28 19:21:18
254.   OldYanksFan
Manny with a 2 out bomb. 7-5.

Also, all players must speak decent English within 5 years of making it to the majors.

2008-07-28 19:21:30
255.   Jeb
Manny just hit a 2 run homer..7-5 Angels with 1 out to go.
2008-07-28 19:22:22
256.   monkeypants
251 That's creepy...Ravech actually got his start as the sports anchor for a local station in my small hometown. You've never seen the two of us in pictures together, have you??
2008-07-28 19:22:30
257.   OldYanksFan
Sox lose.
2008-07-28 19:22:48
258.   Jeb
Game over in Boston, the Angels won. Whew!
2008-07-28 19:23:14
259.   Just fair
252 Were there still 2 50 yard lines? : )
2008-07-28 19:23:33
260.   Jeb
256 with or without clothing! haha.

Moeller now playing 3rd base.

2008-07-28 19:24:15
261.   cult of basebaal
anyone starting a "your team SUCKS" chant is beaten with reeds.
2008-07-28 19:25:23
262.   Knuckles
Ichiro is a bloody legend. Just an epic guy, and no one really knows it.

"To tell the truth, I'm not excited to go to Cleveland, but we have to," Ichiro said through an interpreter. "If I ever saw myself saying I'm excited going to Cleveland, I'd punch myself in the face, because I'm lying."

2008-07-28 19:26:53
263.   Just fair
{261} Could we test the reeds out on Millar?
2008-07-28 19:27:27
264.   Just fair
Did it again. Meant 261
2008-07-28 19:27:37
265.   OldYanksFan
Prince Fielder is fuckin' huge! HUGE!

Players who go into their HR trot on hits that are NOT HRs are fined 1% of their salary.

2008-07-28 19:28:57
266.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
264 why, didn't you enjoy the "Cowboy Up!" experience? it really was gritty and gamer-ish!
2008-07-28 19:29:23
267.   monkeypants
260 Hmmm...either a clever way to get A-Rod rest and keep an emergency C available, or a diabolical way to use Molina as much as possible.
2008-07-28 19:30:35
268.   Jeb
266 As a prerequisite to use the word "Gritty" the speaker has to be a regular consumer of grits. So, I could say it, but others could not.
2008-07-28 19:33:27
269.   randym77
This game is interminable.
2008-07-28 19:34:57
270.   cult of basebaal
268 the same thing with scrappy and scrapple.
2008-07-28 19:37:01
271.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
270 oh, one more more nicknames like "Hampy" for Hampton, "Carpy" for Carpenter, etc etc..extremely annoying..
2008-07-28 19:37:14
272.   monkeypants
268 270 Hmmmm...that's a nice breakfast you have going on. What kind of player-adjective could get us to add eggs?
2008-07-28 19:41:42
273.   Just fair
272 Yolksevich
2008-07-28 20:12:31
274.   Jeb
272 Bruce Benedict
2008-07-28 20:35:26
275.   JL25and3
272 Goose

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