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Darkness Visible
2008-07-25 08:30
by Alex Belth

I'm going to see what all the fuss is about this afternoon.

2008-07-25 08:52:27
1.   rsmith51
Maybe you can do a review, Alex. With no spoilers, please...
2008-07-25 09:14:17
2.   Start Spreading the News
Easily the best superhero movie for the adults. Kids should see the first Superman or the early Batman and Robin movie. They can learn how to spell KAPOW and SPLAM!
2008-07-25 09:16:12
3.   standuptriple
If you have the means, I highly suggest seeing it on IMAX. I caught it twice already in that version and enjoyed it just as much the second time.
2008-07-25 09:22:41
4.   seattleyank
3 I'm going to see it on the Imax tonight.
2008-07-25 09:35:11
5.   cult of basebaal
i liked it more than Batman Begins, but then i didn't like BB all that much ... overall TDK was pretty ... meh.
2008-07-25 09:35:50
6.   standuptriple
1 Here's your review; It's F'ing Good.

If you don't like it request a refund at:

I hate action/special effects/comic movie genre
1234 Lame Viewer Ave
Sucktown (aka Boston), MA 01123

2008-07-25 09:36:27
7.   williamnyy23
6 How much postage do I need?
2008-07-25 09:40:54
8.   standuptriple
7 Whatever the going rate is to ship a shinebox, give or take an ounce.
2008-07-25 09:44:42
9.   pistolpete
Ledger is awesome, couldn't take my eyes off him. The '89 movie looks ridiculously cheesy in comparison now. Honestly, my only warning would be to people that get overwhelmed by a ton of action — it gets a bit intense right at the end. My head was buzzing for about an hour afterwards.

Otherwise, brilliant. Sets a new standard for comic book movies. It's not afraid to get it's proverbial hands dirty with the source material.

7 You? A negative experience with the movie? Shocker! ;-)

2008-07-25 09:49:47
10.   standuptriple
I really liked the conflict that most, if not all, of the main characters faced. Decisions had to be made that made them at least question/reflect on their base ideals. It was not a "feel good" superhero movie, and Batman shouldn't be portrayed as that type of person.
2008-07-25 10:02:15
11.   cult of basebaal
i liked the part where it ended.
2008-07-25 10:48:50
12.   kylepetterson
Great film. I'm not sure I would classify it as a "comic book movie". It's a film. A crime drama. I really enjoyed it.
2008-07-25 11:00:23
13.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, Paradise Lost reference!!

My kid and I have been reading from it lately (and watching youtube stuff on it) and he's asked me specifically what "darkness visible" means.

Great reference!

2008-07-25 11:09:23
14.   cult of basebaal
i think i would have enjoyed a movie called "the joker" that centered on that character far more than i did this one. heath ledger's performance is by far the strongest and most interesting part of the movie, not the least for the game of spot-the-inspiration you can play with all the component parts of his joker (hey! he's cribbing from nicholson ... wait! now he doing phillip seymour hoffman in capote ... it's brando! it's cagney ... it's fascinating).

other than that, i liked a couple of the set pieces and ... yeah ... ummm ... did i mention how good heath ledger was???

2008-07-25 11:41:44
15.   Knuckles
Something to file away in the back of your mind for next winter:

Yu Darvish threw 165 pitches in Nippon Ham's July 23 loss to Lotte. Darvish hung around until the 8th inning, allowing 5 earned runs on 11 hits and 5 walks while striking out 10. Sanspo quotes Nippon Ham manager Nashida: "I thought we'd go until 140. He himself said that'd go. His love for the team is intense. I thought he's dependable". Ham pitching coach Masato Yoshii commented that Darvish didn't have his good stuff.

2008-07-25 11:58:32
16.   Marcus
14 I agree that heath ledger's performance is by far the strongest, but that it more a compliment to his performance than a denigration of any of the other actors. I can't think of a bad performance of the bunch. Well, Bale's Batman voice is a little much, but that's the only thing I can quibble with.
2008-07-25 12:14:36
17.   bobtaco
I would recommend seeing The Fall. It has effects, but it also has a great story. Very cinematic.
2008-07-25 12:14:51
18.   pistolpete
16 I loved watching Oldman evolve in this movie - he's very underrated next to everyone else...
2008-07-25 12:33:14
19.   standuptriple
17 I've been waiting for that for a while now. Netflix didn't even recognize it for what seemed like an eternity (in our instant-gratification universe).

15 I saw that Darvish was named to the Olympic team. I'd love to see him face a good gague of competition for the future.

2008-07-25 12:55:39
20.   JL25and3
18 Isn't he always?
2008-07-25 12:58:48
21.   Shaun P
I literally just got back to the office from seeing it myself. A damn fine movie.
2008-07-25 14:02:11
22.   bobtaco
19 Go see it in the theater, it really is one that takes advantage of the BIG screen.
2008-07-25 14:17:10
23.   Just fair
I can remember seeing pics of the "new" Batmobile before Batman begins premiered and thinking, "how lame." Now all I can think is, "Bad-Ass." Especially b/c it can morph into a motorcycle. I need to get me one of those. : ) I am anxious to see what they come up with next. And since there is some movie talk, I saw a commricial for an upcoming Star Wars movie. But it's digital/cartoony. Bleh.
Manny was just scratched from tonight's line-up.

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