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Come Around, Idiot, Come Around
2008-07-24 10:15
by Alex Belth

I remember my father once asking me, "Do you know what the most difficult job on a baseball field is?" I went through all of the positions and he shook his head "no" at all of my suggestions. "The umpires, sweetie, have the toughest job." I always thought that was funny coming from the old man, who had more than a slight problem with authority.

I think that one of the hardest gigs in baseball must be that of the third base coach. After all, nobody ever riffs about a first base coach or the bullpen coach. The bench coach never gets called out. But third base coaches are open game. Steve Goldman had a nice little piece about these brave souls a few days ago at BP. Check it out.

2008-07-24 11:56:43
1.   gcrl
nice cosby reference.
2008-07-24 13:39:21
2.   pistolpete
...he can't hear me because he's yelling at the guy behind him, 'come around idiot, come around!"
2008-07-24 13:46:38
3.   horace-clarke-era
Just sayin' ...

Meacham sent two runners home just recently that looked VERY dicey and both made it. One was Molina. I would have thought the rule on Molina was nevernevernever unless he's on third and there's a ground rule double.

Win some lose some?

I missed the game thread as usual, but have to assume/hope there was a ton of kudos for our little first baseman's work around the bag? This is a legit defensive replacement dude, over and above batting vs lefties (as to which, jury remains out, yes).

2008-07-24 13:55:02
4.   Alex Belth
they caught 1,300 of us on that hill...

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