Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2008-07-22 07:36
by Alex Belth

I don't get this one at all.

Update: From Pete Abe.
2008-07-22 07:56:34
1.   Yankee Fan In Boston
my eyes may be playing tricks on me, but is the woman in that picture wearing cynthia rodriguez's favorite shirt?
2008-07-22 07:56:57
2.   Raf
I don't get this one at all.

Of course you do; follow the dollars :)

Arrogant and stupid move by the Yanks, and as much as I'm not a fan of the NY Post, I'm glad they called the organization out.

2008-07-22 07:58:46
3.   Yankee Fan In Boston
1 not the picture in this post, but the one in the ny post.
2008-07-22 08:00:06
4.   rbj
Asinine. And then to charge $5 for 1 oz. I could live with the ban (though it is incredibly stupid) if the stadium had regularly priced sunscreen.
2008-07-22 08:01:48
5.   tommyl
Yeah, that's um, retarded. For the prices they are charging there should be sunblock dispensers everywhere. That's seriously a lawsuit waiting to happen.
2008-07-22 08:06:32
6.   Raf
I've attended games @ Shea, Richmond County Bank Ballpark and Keyspan Park. I have attended games in other venues as well.

Only the Yankees have what can be interpreted as "unreasonable" security policies. This is perfectly in line with what they've done in the past.

2008-07-22 08:08:22
7.   Dimelo
1 Sure looks like the same shirt.
2008-07-22 08:14:23
8.   vockins
If there's going to be anything that stops me from being a Yankee fan, it's not going to be an extended absence from the playoffs, it's going to be these completely backwards operations policies. The construction of the new stadium and the stupid, stupid bag searches and confiscations are making me incensed. I'm sick of this crap.
2008-07-22 08:17:26
9.   mehmattski
What, shouldn't Yankees fans be awarded the same level of security that they have on a commercial airline? Why are you all against safety?
2008-07-22 08:18:07
10.   dianagramr

Flags fly forever, but nickle and diming the fans is always a losing proposition.

2008-07-22 08:19:46
11.   dianagramr

To paraphrase Dubya (and I never thought I'd do that) ...

"If we don't allow sunscreen, the terrorist Yankee accountants win."

2008-07-22 08:20:43
12.   RIYank
9 You're just mad because now you won't get to bring your BoTox to the game.
2008-07-22 08:22:41
13.   tommyl
9 Well then you'd better have x-ray machines and metal detectors. The policies and how they are carried out are a joke. I and other people have frequently walked in without even being asked to take off a hat, and at other times I've been practically strip searched. There is no way their "security measures" would prevent anyone who really wanted to do harm from doing so. Also, some of them are ass backwards. If they don't want to allow backpacks in they should offer a free bag check. I had a friend coming in from LI on the train and he couldn't bring so much as a book with him to read the whole time. That's absurd.
2008-07-22 08:24:24
14.   Ken Arneson
I got to Yankee Stadium before the gates opened on Sunday, and before letting us in, an employee with a bullhorn rattled off a long list of what was allowed and not allowed through security. IIRC, she said that sunscreen in metal cans were not allowed, but that plastic containers were OK. We had sunscreen in a plastic bottle with us, and it was allowed into the park.
2008-07-22 08:27:21
15.   mehmattski
12 Now, we all know I won't need more than 3 oz of Botox...

13 Paging mehmattski's tongue. Will mehmattski's tongue please report to the cheek area. Thank you.

2008-07-22 08:30:07
16.   RIYank
By the way, mehmattski, Emma Span says that Craig Breslow was a biochemist in college.
2008-07-22 08:36:56
17.   Shaun P
11 I'll see your paraphrase of Dubya, diana, and raise you a link to a Curt Schilling website:

2008-07-22 08:40:28
18.   williamnyy23
8 The Yankees security policy is no different than any other team. If anything, it is more lax. I frequently walk into Yankee Stadium without even being disturbed (if you want to bring sunscreen in, simply carry it in your pocket), but actually had a wand passed over me when attending a game at Shea.

The bigger issue is how silly these security measures really are. Not only are they inconsistent, but they are far from thorough. If a terrorist wanted to blow up YS, all he would have to do is tape plastic explosives to his stomach and he'd never get caught...assuming he doesn't also hide any under his cap or rig his cell phone to be a detonator.

2008-07-22 08:41:22
19.   williamnyy23
16 His area of focus was stem cell research.
2008-07-22 08:41:35
20.   mehmattski
16 And biophysics, according to his wikipedia page. At Yale, no less.

And all Duke has going for them is Scott Schoeneweis (history) and Chris Capuano (economics).

Al Leiter last night said that you can be too smart for baseball. And perhaps he was right, as Breslow was the first pitcher since at least 1956 to have two wild pitches and a balk in the same game.

2008-07-22 08:44:45
21.   JL25and3
18 Even the cellphone wouldn't be a problem. All you have to do is not tell them you have one.
2008-07-22 08:46:12
22.   JL25and3
8 I agree. It's not just the security, it's the hundred little ways they show that they don't give a crap about ordinary fans.
2008-07-22 08:52:56
23.   dianagramr
On a 95-degree humid day, they should be giving bottles of water away for free.

THAT'S a lawsuit waiting to happen.

2008-07-22 08:54:28
24.   tommyl
21 Or you know, take it out and dial a number that isn't the detonator.
2008-07-22 08:54:48
25.   tommyl
23 I think they were actually. They often set up water stations on very hot days.
2008-07-22 08:57:22
26.   Knuckles
Ingenious ploy to kill off all the ruddy-faced Sox fans with skin cancer...?
2008-07-22 08:58:06
27.   Dimelo
22 8 My current project has me working at a place where everyday I come in to work, I am suppose to through something that is very similar to airport security.

What I see is the problem with having to go through these constant anal probings is that the people put in charge to enforce these rules have no idea of a word called "discretion". They just have steadfast rules and don't deviate because they don't want to be responsible for something awful happening. The rules are never clear and I am starting to think it was meant to be that way to always keep us on our toes.

Everyday I come to work the rules are changed, there are some days my bags don't have to go through the x-ray machine there are other days it does. There are days I get stopped and other people have to give an approval nod, other days I have no issues. It's a weird environment but it is also required in this particular building.

It's kind of like an umpire with a strike zone that is inconsistent from inning-to-inning. It's frustrating but I really feel we are powerless here, we have very little choice here.

2008-07-22 09:00:05
28.   Jen
14 I do that all the time. I keep some in an old Aleve bottle or a film canister because I don't feel like lugging a huge bottle around. They never look twice (of course I often get waved through by security guards that know me without much of a search).

This is actually the first I've heard of a ban on sunscreen. I know someone that had theirs taken away but I thought it was because of the type of bottle they had.

2008-07-22 09:03:57
29.   vockins
18 I have been to AT&T Park, the Oakland Coliseum, Safeco, U.S. Cellular, and Citizens Bank in the last three years. None of those parks searched my bag at all, much less forced me to check it at a bar across the street before I could enter.
2008-07-22 09:54:20
30.   Schteeve
I brought a fully loaded, fully automatic AR-15 assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment into the stadium, but they made me give up my ChapStick. Go figure.
2008-07-22 11:03:45
31.   Start Spreading the News
18 I really disagree. Sorry. Yankees are the most intense security obsessed. The level of security at Shea was waaaay less when I went to Yankees/Mets game there. I could go straight from work with a bag and not worry about it being rejected. No one asked me to take off my hat or turn on my cellphone. They did ask to see the contents of my bag and pockets. That was done in a reasonable fast way. There was another line for those without bags.

Meanwhile for a Yanks/Red Sox game, I have to show up at least an hour ahead to make sure I can get to my seat before the first pitch.

Additionally, the attitude of the security guards at Yankee stadium is much worse than at Shea. No doubt Yankee guards have to deal with many annoyed customers who have to be told that they brought too much sunblock or shouldn't have brought a bag, or a video camera.

At Shea, a few guards jokingly teased me about my Yankee hat and asked me to come back another day. I was pleasantly surprised.

In the past few years, I have been to SF, Cleveland, St. Louis, Chicago (both teams) and none of them were nearly as much of a hassle as the Yankees are.

Interestingly enough on the days where the rivalry is not so intense, the yanks have fewer guards. So the lines are longer though with less scrutiny. This year, I have been to the stadium to see the Royals and Oakland as well as Red Sox. They had more security lines for the Red Sox games but they seemed to check more intensely. Either way, it takes a while to get in the game.

Note: even if you know all the rules on what to bring, there is always someone ahead of you that doesn't.

2008-07-22 11:31:06
32.   rbj
The only ML park I've been to the last few years is Comerica. It's for Yankee games & always sold out so maybe the security is tighter. But all the guards wanted to do was look through bags & fanny packs -- mine contained asthma inhaler, book and sunscreen. Everything went through. Even my Leatherman tool & Swiss Army knife. IIRC, people were even bringing coolers in.

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