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More Murcer Thoughts
2008-07-21 08:26
by Alex Belth

Still hard to imagine that Bobby Murcer is no longer with us.  Hey, check out these two tributes to Murcer by Jon Lane over at YES. 

2008-07-21 08:42:34
1.   dianagramr
If you haven't yet purchased "Yankee for Life" ... do so.

Its a great read, and its so .... Bobby.

2008-07-21 09:56:30
2.   OldYanksFan
I may never tire of reading about Bobby. It is evident he was a very rare man. Many good people, ballplayers and Yankees have passed of late, but I'm having a hard time getting past losing Bobby.

I hope the Yankees do something in his name. I know the Yankees do many charitable things, but like Boston has done with the Jimmy fund, I hope they immortalize Bobby's name and have ongoing support for a cancer care/reseach organization. Like little Jimmy, Bobby's fight should live on until Cancer no longer does.

2008-07-22 04:50:09
3.   The Mick 536
Jimmy fund started in 1948 by the Braves. Red Sox took them over at their demise. Jimmy was an anonymous kid with cancer. Kid survived. Identity didn't become known for fifty years. He died in 2001.

They named a disease after Lou. He showed some class, eh?

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