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2008-07-20 08:50
by Alex Belth


Answer: A sweep would be nice.  Tough to do, but still, nice.

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2008-07-20 09:09:14
1.   Jeb
After the way we closed before the ASB, losing 3-4, I figured we really needed to start 5-1. 4-2 would probably be acceptable, but 5-1 would be much preferable entering the Sox series next weekend (where I think we need to win 2 or 3).

Yesterday's game -- if it had been a loss -- would have seemingly sucked the spirit out of the team; the game would have made the list of ugly 8 that I've compiled (games we should have won this season -- e.g., the game where we led Baltimore 4-0 and 8-4). Yesterday, we had a 2-0 lead with runners at 2nd and 3rd and frankly there was really no excuse getting to the last strike behind.

I was driving with my son when Mo gave up the 3rd run to the A's and felt my shoulders slump forward. We stopped for a few minutes before the bottom of the inning and when Christian got thrown out, I sat there just feeling miserable about our chances, particularly when Jorge grounded out next.

Pulling that game out of the fire was pretty sweet. I hated having the game get into the fire in the first place, but maybe that was the kind of game we needed to win -- in the manner in which we won -- to inspire some sort "chip on the shoulder" "we can do it" mentality. Whatever. I'll take it.

Let's go Yan-kees!

2008-07-20 10:12:05
2.   rbj
Promising start for Andy.
2008-07-20 10:23:18
3.   rbj
Can we trade for a third base coach?
2008-07-20 10:23:47
4.   monkeypants
Meacham seems to have a real knack.
2008-07-20 10:24:07
5.   ms october
good god - robbie is still swinging well and meachem is still insist and getting someone thrown out at home
2008-07-20 10:24:13
6.   tommyl
Geez, I miss Larry Bowa, a lot.
2008-07-20 10:24:44
7.   RIYank
They should tell Meachem they've changed the signals: wave your arm around if you want the runner to stop, put your hands up to tell him to go.
But don't tell the players about the 'change'.
2008-07-20 10:24:50
8.   ms october
5 that should be insisting on - meachem is driving me crazy
2008-07-20 10:26:02
9.   RIYank
1 Hey, I was driving with my son at the time, too.

Jeez, A-Rod had absolutely no chance except if Sweeney had made a terrible throw. What the???

2008-07-20 10:26:08
10.   Dimelo
Meachum sucks! There's no reason to send him there.
2008-07-20 10:27:37
11.   cult of basebaal
good to see the bobby "the waving assassin" is still raring to run us out of innings ... sweet jesus

i wonder if there's a way to determine the ratio of runners scoring vs runners gunned down, when there's a play at the plate

maybe the hardball times does something like that ...

2008-07-20 10:27:52
12.   RIYank
I'm predicting an eleventh inning walk-off balk today, by the way.
2008-07-20 10:27:53
13.   rbj
It was a hard hit ball right to the fielder who was in somewhat close and he has a good arm. Haven't you learned yet Bobby?
2008-07-20 10:28:38
14.   Dimelo
I hear there are drugs that slow your reaction time and judgment, I think they should hook Bobby up with those before each game.
2008-07-20 10:29:26
15.   ms october
i really hope this meacham thing is being addressed - not only is it costing runs and causing outs it is setting people up for violent collisions

at least andy came out with a puropse

2008-07-20 10:30:12
16.   3rd gen yankee fan
Seriously. When the fans start complaining about the 3rd base coach, something is wrong!
2008-07-20 10:31:19
17.   RIYank
I think it's cool how four of us wrote Bobby's last name, and we had three different vowels at the end.
I see now that monkeypants had the right vowel.
2008-07-20 10:32:00
18.   cult of basebaal
16 and when that complaining is legitimate, then something's REALLY wrong ...
2008-07-20 10:32:53
19.   RIYank
Ugh, that was ball four, dude!
Maybe that's how Justin does it. Hypnosis.
2008-07-20 10:34:28
20.   RIYank
And that was ball four also, good for you Melk.
2008-07-20 10:35:28
21.   RIYank

I guess Molina gets a free pass today, huh? We can't call him a turd or anything?

2008-07-20 10:39:48
22.   rbj
Nerts. There goes the no-no.
2008-07-20 10:47:55
23.   Eirias
I owned you! Cone rocks.
2008-07-20 10:53:16
24.   Dimelo
Why do all these freaggin games feel like I'm watching a replay of another Yankee game?
2008-07-20 10:55:43
25.   Eirias
24 Wait, this game is live?
2008-07-20 10:56:34
26.   RIYank
I have the bad feeling that we're going to squander Jetes' double.
2008-07-20 10:59:25
27.   RIYank
26 Reverse jinx!
2008-07-20 11:03:04
28.   RIYank
Someone explain to me why the A'S walked Giambi.

Wait, that's impossible, I'm the only one here.

2008-07-20 11:04:26
29.   Dimelo
28 The Stache!!! Com' on, everyone knew that...the power of The Stache makes you do all sorts of whacky things.
2008-07-20 11:05:24
30.   Dimelo
That's not even fair. Douche'her threw a good pitch there.
2008-07-20 11:05:36
31.   OldYanksFan
que es el Giambino grande!
2008-07-20 11:06:04
32.   51cq24
that was high and outside, or just outside if you believe in the rules
2008-07-20 11:06:55
33.   RIYank
Of course. How foolish of me to forget. I abase myself humbly and petition the Stache for its forgiveness.
2008-07-20 11:08:49
34.   ms october
33 the stache is the forgiving type
2008-07-20 11:08:56
35.   RIYank
31 ??

32 I thought it was over the plate; maybe high by this year's incorrect standards, as you intimated.

2008-07-20 11:09:28
36.   RIYank
34 Esp. when amply moistened with Jack Daniels.
2008-07-20 11:12:24
37.   RIYank
Pettitte is on pace to go seven innings, I think. Duchscherer could well be cooked by the end of the fifth.

By the way, am I the only one who set up a function key to type 'Duchscherer'? But I haven't used it except for this comment.



2008-07-20 11:13:09
38.   Dimelo
I really hope Michael Kay never comes back. I love Cone and Singleton in the booth. The only thing that would make it better is if Jim Kaat was there.

Actually Flash and Leiter are pretty good too.

2008-07-20 11:13:49
39.   Dimelo
37 I really like the simpler version : Douche'her
2008-07-20 11:13:54
40.   ms october
andy has some good stuff going today.
and it seems he has big plans after the game as he is working fast as hell.

37 probably - look at dimelo's nice abbreviation 30

2008-07-20 11:17:04
41.   OldYanksFan
We have women participating in this blog.
We have women participating in this blog.
We have women participating in this blog.
(must try to remember...)
2008-07-20 11:17:48
42.   Bob Timmermann
Singleton is getting almost every part of the Eddie Gaedel story wrong.
2008-07-20 11:24:25
43.   OldYanksFan
Geise is nice, but Andy is dandy.
2008-07-20 11:25:43
44.   RIYank
Wow, our defense actually was better than par and helped out our pitcher.
Somewhere Chien-Ming is cursing under his breath.
2008-07-20 11:28:10
45.   cult of basebaal
gack. gardner's even more frustrating to watch hit than hacky is ...
2008-07-20 11:28:29
46.   RIYank
I'm sure Duchscherer appreciates our decision to let him conserve pitches.
2008-07-20 11:30:08
47.   pistolpete
0 Always wondered where that Beasties reference came from, thanks.
2008-07-20 11:31:18
48.   Dimelo
Wait a second, isn't Crosby due to get hurt in the next inning or two? I didn't think he was able to complete a 3-game series.
2008-07-20 11:31:23
49.   OldYanksFan
Short on size, long on history
Funny, funny story
2008-07-20 11:31:51
50.   Jeb
4 Hey RIYank, it was museum/attraction day in Birmingham. If you got your card stamped at 5 locations (out of about 15), you could enter a drawing for a $1,500 prize. So we spent a lot of time at the Zoo before making drive-bys at the Museum of Art, McWane Science Center and Sports Hall of Fame and finally actually spending time at the Southern Museum of Flight.

It was really odd. We'd stop at a location and then find out what happened. After leaving the Zoo, Mo gave up the tie. As we went into the museum of art, Giambi was coming up. We came back out and Christian fell down. Cano doubled and we went into the ASHOF; we walked out and it was a tie. I stood in the museum of flight wondering what the hell was going to happen, but caught the "walk-off" on the way home.

I think the way we listened to the game was about as disjointed as the game was actually played. Topsy Turvy day.

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2008-07-20 11:34:14
51.   Dimelo
46 I JUST realized Gardner is playing. No lie. His at-bats happen so quick that I've either blinked or just decided to not pay attention when he came up to bat.

I don't even think a ball has been hit his way or am I just pretending that we are playing with 8 players?

2008-07-20 11:39:11
52.   Jeb
2008-07-20 11:39:15
53.   pistolpete
2008-07-20 11:39:39
54.   RIYank
Does Andy look tired? His location isn't good this inning.
2008-07-20 11:39:39
55.   Dimelo
Wow..Sweeney is +2 today. Saved a run and just drove one in.
2008-07-20 11:40:52
56.   pistolpete
It's brutal out there today. Wouldn't blame anyone for running out of gas after 5+ innings.
2008-07-20 11:43:05
57.   pistolpete
Anyone else think Jeter should shovel those balls more often? He always looks like he could get it there just a little faster..
2008-07-20 11:43:18
58.   RIYank
I think Gardner had a 6-pitch at-bat his first time up. I remember thinking, "Wow, he could walk..." and then he struck out. (Or was it all a dream?)
2008-07-20 11:45:17
59.   Jeb
58 He seems to face a decent number of pitches, but the end results are too often bad.
2008-07-20 11:46:03
60.   Jeb
Ok, Giambino homers here.
2008-07-20 11:46:39
61.   RIYank
2008-07-20 11:46:51
62.   Dimelo
The Stache!!!! Seems like The Stache and Jack Cust have identical numbers.

Bad average and high obp, same number of dingers, wait....

WOW!!!! The Stache!!!!

2008-07-20 11:46:58
63.   ms october
yes - the stache has returned!!!
2008-07-20 11:47:10
64.   rbj
Man I needed that nap. Nice to wake up to a Giambomb.
2008-07-20 11:47:11
65.   Jeb
60 Would any of you guys like any other predictions? Stocks? Who's going to be President? End of the world kind of stuff?
2008-07-20 11:49:39
66.   SF Yanks
65 End of the world please.
2008-07-20 11:51:39
67.   ms october
65 nice call - i have a long list - but i will give you two easy ones to start with 1) what will snacks ponson be doing tonight to prepare for his start tomorrow 2) when will the a's managers pants that are waaaay too tight going to tear?
2008-07-20 11:53:48
68.   Jeb
66 3,122

67 (1) Snacks will sneak a few twinkies and a couple sips of vanilla extract prior to his start tomorrow; and (2) they won't because they're poly.

2008-07-20 11:57:32
69.   RIYank
66 Huh? What's your hurry?? You Californians, jeez.
2008-07-20 12:04:55
70.   Dimelo
WhyTF is Molina swinging like he's Mike Piazza?
2008-07-20 12:05:54
71.   SF Yanks
69 I wanted to know the why not the when. Alien attack? Asteroid? zombies? Farnsworth being useful?
2008-07-20 12:08:55
72.   Just fair
Gardner is not good. Hit the ball on the ground, dude.
Is there any reason Hughes or IPK can't do as well as
2008-07-20 12:12:01
73.   Dimelo
Yankee offense is A-N-E-M-I-C.
2008-07-20 12:13:03
74.   rbj
71 It'll be because the Cubs won the World Series. We've already had the Soxeses win, which are the first two signs. Once the Cubs complete the trio then the Maws of Hell will open up.
2008-07-20 12:13:07
75.   RIYank
71 Oh, got it. Hm, those are indeed apocalyptic.
And speaking of Kyle 'Armageddon' Farnsworth, looks like he's coming up soon. Though it would be just amazing if Andy could finish this inning, my god he's looking good.
2008-07-20 12:13:09
76.   Dimelo
Jack Cust (w/o power) = Brett Gardner


2008-07-20 12:16:14
77.   SF Yanks
Can we get a Game Score on Mr. Pettitte today? Is that what it's called? Game Score? Doesn't seem right. Where Mehmattski when you need him?
2008-07-20 12:16:55
78.   RIYank
The Golden God does it again!
That really was a superb performance, even factoring in the weakness of the A's bats.

72 Yes, the reason is that Duchscherer has been pitching in the bigs for like ten years.

76 Uh, no. Cust draws a lot of walks.

2008-07-20 12:17:12
79.   Just fair
A true gem from Pettitte. Sweet.
2008-07-20 12:18:43
80.   rbj
If only Joba were in the bullpen then Andy wouldn't have had to come out and pitch the 8th today.
2008-07-20 12:18:44
81.   Jeb
72 why doesn't Gardner ever try to just bunt his way on. The threat might get the infield in a bit more.

Masterful game by Andy. If we could just get a reliable #4 starter (McCutcheon, Aceves, or IPK), we might have a shot at this thing. Of course we still need some damn offense.

2008-07-20 12:20:09
82.   Just fair
78 7 years. @393 ip. FWIW.
2008-07-20 12:21:27
83.   OldYanksFan
A Pettitte 8.0 4 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 8 K, 0 HR 108-73 3.86
2008-07-20 12:23:24
84.   RIYank
No way! Stache Power!!!
2008-07-20 12:23:45
85.   Just fair
A's 1st bagger Bettemitted it. Hey, an infield single from the Big-G.
2008-07-20 12:23:46
86.   rbj
Jeebus, never thought I'd see Jason with an infield hit.
2008-07-20 12:25:26
87.   Jeb
86 surely Brett could do that?
2008-07-20 12:25:30
88.   OldYanksFan
Giambi will great power.
2008-07-20 12:30:59
89.   RIYank
88 Great will power, you mean.
2008-07-20 12:32:16
90.   RIYank
Was that because of the sun, or what the hell???
2008-07-20 12:32:30
91.   Just fair
Don't see that every day. : ) I think he had it long enough anyway.
2008-07-20 12:32:31
92.   rbj
2008-07-20 12:32:48
93.   RIYank
Great play by A-Rod to back up that throw.
Glug. That would have sucked badly.
2008-07-20 12:34:22
94.   Dimelo
Wow, the A's are stupid.
2008-07-20 12:34:54
95.   Jeb

Mr. Rivera, I apologize for the things I was muttering under my breath in the car yesterday...sir.

2008-07-20 12:35:02
96.   rbj
As long as we got the out, I'll take it.
And a walk off Caught Stealing.

How often in consecutive games is there a walk off HBP and then a walk off CS?

2008-07-20 12:35:17
97.   Alex Belth
Wow, that was some final two plays of the game.
2008-07-20 12:36:45
98.   Dimelo
96 And both by the same player : Jose Molina
2008-07-20 12:37:08
99.   pistolpete
Thought that call could have been ruled a catch because it looked to be in the transition...

A-Rod maybe saves a tie there, whew!

2008-07-20 12:37:27
100.   RIYank
96 And by the same player!!!

95 Mo in a save situation the day after a bad appearance?? Money, baby, nothing to worry about.

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2008-07-20 12:40:23
101.   OldYanksFan
That was a 9-5-6 putout. How many times has that happened in history?

Meanwhile, TB is down by 2 after 5.

And how freakin' good has Molina been for us!

2008-07-20 12:42:56
102.   cult of basebaal
91 evidently the rule's not based on a set period of time ... the player must reach his throwing hand into the glove while the ball is still in the mitt for it to be an out ... in replay, bobby was reaching towards the glove when the ball came out ... safe was the correct call there.
2008-07-20 12:45:50
103.   RIYank
102 Wait, are you sure that's the rule? I've never heard of that rule before. Is it an official MLB rule, or one of those umpires' "rulings"?

Still can't get over Andy Pettitte. Damn, he was good.

2008-07-20 12:52:38
104.   rbj
23 pitches for Mo yesterday, 11 today. Is he going to be available tomorrow?
2008-07-20 12:58:56
105.   Dimelo
104 Who's starting for the Yanks? He probably won't even be needed.
2008-07-20 12:59:38
106.   RIYank
103 I'd say available if needed, but Girardi might hold him out in a borderline Mo situation.
Hey, that reminds me: didn't Andy and Mo just set the record for start/save combinations?
2008-07-20 13:01:06
107.   cult of basebaal
103 well, that's what the TBS crew was stating. As always, i should know better than to trust what anyone on the TV tells me ... here's the official language from the rulebook:

If the fielder has made the
catch and drops the ball while in the act of making a throw following the catch, the ball shall
be adjudged to have been caught. In establishing the validity of the catch, the fielder shall
hold the ball long enough to prove that he has complete control of the ball and that his
release of the ball is voluntary and intentional.

nothing about hands reaching into anything ... that might some sort of additional interpretation added by umpiring crews, or just something chip caray made up, who knows

i tend to think that the above language also argues for a safe call in this particular case, but it's less cut and dry than originally stated.

2008-07-20 13:01:37
108.   cult of basebaal
106 tied it at 55, i think.
2008-07-20 13:48:24
109.   rbj
105 I've tried not thinking about tomorrow's starter.
2008-07-20 14:11:52
110.   RIYank
109 That's like trying not to think about a pink elephant.

Whoa. It's exactly like trying not to think about a pink elephant!

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