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Minnesota Twins Redux: Wild Card Chase Edition
2008-07-21 14:35
by Cliff Corcoran

Having opened the second-half by sweeping the A's, the Yankees are now just three games out in the Wild Card picture, but they're still in third place. The next team on the ladder is the one coming to town for the next three nights: the Minnesota Twins. The Twins just took two of three from the Rangers, but with the Yankees' sweep, that closed the gap between the two teams to two games. With another sweep, the Yankees could take second place in the Wild Card chase, and the next team on ladder, the slumping Boston Red Sox (they were just swept by the Angels), are the next on the schedule.

The problem is that, having burned their top three pitchers against the A's, the Yanks are left with Sidney Ponson (tonight) and Darrell Rasner (tomorrow) starting two of three games against Minnesota. Also, despite sweeping the A's, the Yankees only scored four runs during regulation during the last two games. Meanwhile, the Twins' rotation is deeper, and their worst starter, Livan Hernandez, won't pitch in this series. Still, taking two of three would bring the Yankees within one game of the Twins, and with Mussina pitching on Wednesday and Minnesota's Tuesday night starter, Kevin Slowey, having allowed 11 runs in 9 2/3 innings over his last two starts, a series win is well within reach.

Tonight, the Yankees send Ponson against Nick Blackburn. Blackburn pitched 4 1/3 innings of one-run ball against the Yankees on June 1--when the Yanks and Twins were in the midst of splitting a four-game set at the Metrodome--but was forced to leave the game when a comebacker off Bobby Abreu's bat broke his nose. Blackburn struggled in his next start (which he did make), but has a 3.05 ERA since then with five quality starts in six tries, and a 1.74 ERA over his last three starts, in which he's walked just three and allowed just one home run.

Amazingly, Ponson has allowed just one run total in two of his three Yankee starts, shutting out the Mets for six innings on June 27, and holding the first-place Rays to one run over six frames in his last start before the All-Star break. Ponson's 3.96 ERA on the season is something of a shocker, but there's something real behind it. Much like LaTroy Hawkins did in Colorado last year, Ponson's been getting the job done with an unprecedented (for him) groundball rate. Ponson had never had a GB/FB rate over 2.00 before this year, but his 2008 mark thus far is 2.42 (by comparison, Chien-Ming Wang's career GB/FB rate is 2.78). Ponson's one dud start as a Yankee saw him allow eight fly balls against five grounders, but in his two quality Yankee starts, he's induced 23 grounders to just 6 fly balls. It will take a great deal more of those starts for me to have any sort of faith in Ponson, but at least there's some legitimate and repeatable reason for the success he's had this season. That means it's not a fluke; he might have actually figured something out with his sinker. . . and now that I've said that, he'll stink up the joint tonight.

All of the above is further complicated by the news this afternoon that Jorge Posada's shoulder has forced him back to the DL and could require season-ending surgery (as opposed to the offseason surgery that was expected). Posada only played in two of the games against the A's, only caught one (in which he was removed for defensive replacement Jose Molina when the A's started running on him late in that game), and only had one hit (a single), but he got on base four times in nine trips.

Johnny Damon returns from the DL to take Posada's roster spot tonight, but he's starting out slow by DHing. Jason Giambi plays first. Betemit and Sexson will wait for the key moment to pinch hit for catcher Molina or left fielder Brett Gardner. Surprisingly, given Posada's inability to catch with any frequency of late, the team could actually be improved by swapping Posada for Damon, assuming Damon's able to return to the outfield in short order. With Damon in the lineup in place of Gardner and the Sexson/Betemit platoon in place of Posada, the Yankees could upgrade from Posada's production to Damon's, Gardner's to Sexson/Betemit's, and Molina's to Molina/Moeller's while hoping Cano can stay hot and gaining depth on the bench by dropping down to two catchers, giving them power (the inactive member of the Sexson/Betemit platoon), and speed and defense (Gardner and Christian for now, who can run for the catchers or sub into the outfield corners late in close games the Yankees are leading) in reserve. Swapping out one of the speedsters for Alberto Gonzalez in order to increase position flexibility would only make the bench deeper.

How's that for shining up a turd?

Minnesota Twins

2008 Record: 55-43 (.561)
2008 Pythagorean Record: 52-46 (.535)

Manager: Ron Gardenhire
General Manager: Bill Smith

Home Ballpark (multi-year Park Factors): Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (96/96)

Who's Replaced Whom:

Denard Span (minors) replaces Michael Cuddyer (DL)
Brian Buscher (minors) replaces Mike Lamb at third base and Howie Clark on the roster
Nick Punto (DL) replaces Matt Macri (minors)
Scott Baker (DL) replaces Boof Bonser on the rotation and Juan Rincon on the roster

25-man Roster:

1B - Justin Morneau (L)
2B - Alexi Casilla (S)
SS - Brendan Harris (R)
3B - Brian Buscher (L)
C - Joe Mauer (L)
RF - Denard Span (L)
CF - Carlos Gomez (R)
LF - Delmon Young (R)


R - Craig Monroe (OF)
L - Mike Lamb (3B/1B)
R - Mike Redmond (C)
S - Nick Punto (IF)


R - Nick Blackburn
R - Kevin Slowey
L - Glen Perkins
R - Livan Hernandez
R - Scott Baker


R - Joe Nathan
R - Matt Guerrier
L - Dennys Reyes
R - Jesse Crain
R - Brian Bass
L - Craig Breslow
R - Boof Bonser

15-day DL: R - Michael Cuddyer (RF), R - Adam Everett (SS), S - Matt Tolbert (IF),
60-day DL: R - Pat Neshek

Typical Lineup:

R - Carlos Gomez (CF)
S - Alexi Casilla (2B)
L - Joe Mauer (C)
L - Justin Morneau (1B)
L - Jason Kubel (DH)
R - Delmon Young (LF)
L - Brian Buscher (3B)
R - Brendan Harris (SS)
L - Denard Span (RF)

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2008-07-21 15:07:03
1.   Just fair
Ha. I clicked on 07 2004 in the archives for kicks and found this link from one of Alex's write-ups. FWIW.
2008-07-21 15:09:05
2.   mehmattski
If Damon can produce right away, then I don't think losing Posada is much of a change from the previous state of affairs. Posada's VORP is huge for a catcher but replaceable for a DH/1B; and he hasn't been a catcher for nearly three months.

So if Posada's hitting is hurt by his shoulder the way his July splits contend, it's probably best to shut him down for the season. No reason to add another no-pop bat to the lineup. It will be sad with him on the DL, of course.

These Twins pitchers are beatable. Grind it out, baby. How about a win by more than one run today?

2008-07-21 15:19:01
3.   Schteeve
This is bad news.

Posada is one of the only current Yankees who is a power threat when healthy, and one of the only guys on the team I was hoping would return to form and start hitting some balls over the fence. Absent any hope of that (and it seems painfully clear that surgery is needed and NOW) maybe Cano get's hot?

Bottom line is, Yankees need to hit more homers,

and it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Especially now.

2008-07-21 15:19:54
4.   bobtaco
Hall-of-Fame baseball writer Jerome Holtzman, who created the save statistic, died Saturday at the age of 82.

I'm not sure if this was mentioned here already.

2008-07-21 15:20:58
5.   monkeypants
2 Agreed on Posada.

0 One of the most interesting developments will be how Girardi manages with only two catchers, both of whom can't hit. Will Molina become a 9 inning catcher? Will Girardi PH for him regularly and gamble that Moeller doesn't get hurt?

I might start every game with Moeller in the lineup, then PH for him in the 6th or 7th and use Molina's defense late in the game.

At this point, it is silly to worry about getting caught in one game without a catcher (if, heaven forbid, Moeller goes in for Molina and gets hurt)--if that ever happens you just call up Stewart the next day. But games are too precious now not to try to maximize offense at every turn.

2008-07-21 15:26:14
6.   horace-clarke-era
Cliff, that was a semi-dazzling shine you put on in that last paragraph. Impressive, mon! Remember the song in 'Chicago'? "Give 'em the old razzzle dazzle..."

As far as 2008 goes you are simply right. If we measure this year's batting against last year's, the loss of Jorge ALL year really, is a big part of why we're a full run (about) down. (Some is Alex down a spell, some Damon, some Hideki, some Jeter playing hurt, some Cano ... hmm, LOTSA reasons.)

But who would ever have expected our pitching to be so much better, with Wang, PKH and IPK out of the mix? Can the Yankees win with D behind the plate, some speed (no, not behind the plate) and pitching, including a remarkably good bullpen for the last month or so?

Stranger things have happened. And we are NOT the only team with woes. Ortiz has been gone a long time, Manny's being Unmanly, Cleveland are so badly hurt they are done. Even Chisox had Konerko out.

In other words, we take (yet another) deep breath, remember that this was a swing season, and note we are seriously in the mix as July ends.

I may be forced to respect Girardi more if this keeps up.

2008-07-21 15:28:32
7.   mehmattski
5 Good point- remember the last time Molina had full-time catching duty, he strained his hamstring. Of course, he's really been the full time catcher for over a month now, even with Posada back.

Hopefully Girardi has forgiven whichever transgressions Moeller had, and we can move on.

2008-07-21 15:35:52
8.   rbj
So. . . any chance Girardi can don the tools of ignorance?
2008-07-21 15:38:33
9.   Mattpat11
Putting Posada on the DL is probably for the best. He's a shitstorm behind the plate right now, and his offense to this point isn't good enough to justify it, nor is it enough to justify further hurting Posada for the next couple years.

5 I know its a worst case scenario, but they have to find someone other than Chris Stewart down there. Preferably someone that doesn't get crossed up eight times in 6 innings.

2008-07-21 15:44:20
10.   mehmattski
6 Perhaps the mantra down the stretch for Yankees fans should be:

The 2008 Yankees are the 2006 Red Sox.

With some additional smart moves, 2009 could be like Boston's 2007. If the team stands pat and doesn't make the playoffs, but prepares well for 2009, I think that's fine. If there's panic and sell all the chips and STILL don't make the playoffs in 2008, that's a far worse problem.

2008-07-21 15:44:47
11.   cult of basebaal
6 i'd say we can win with molina behind the plate, IF we remove the melky black-hole in the outfield.

which means we either get a CF, or we move Damon back and get a LF.

problem with the LF option is that most of the names out there are not much defensively, meaning we'll take a hit with the defensive arrangement.

tough call, especially with so many of our potential trading chips having injured or shitty years ...

2008-07-21 15:45:08
12.   cult of basebaal
10 agreed.
2008-07-21 15:46:18
13.   Mattpat11
10 Do you think this team will prepare well for 2009?

It seems like every year we have a "why the hell did we do that?" move.

2008-07-21 15:51:28
14.   ChrisS
10 Agreed.

13 like releasing Josh Phelps for no reason?

Seriously, I think Cashman and Girardi have a little more even standing when it comes to player personnel. I think Torre had a lot of clout in the organization and had his own ideas of who was going to play. But I think Joe G. and Cashman see a little more eye-to-eye. Or if not, Cashman has the rank to overrule his manager, where as I'm not sure he could openly do that against Torre.

Unfortunately, Cashman is a FA this year. So, you don't get to see if he'll make all the right moves without signing him up for more money and more years.

2008-07-21 15:55:47
15.   Mattpat11
14 Without getting into my usual rant, I have far, far less faith in Brian Cashman than anyone else here. He can tell me he "has a plan" until his face turns blue, and he tends to do that. I've seen very little evidence that this is the case though.
2008-07-21 15:58:31
16.   ms october
5 7 my guess with the catchers (so long as we have the current rotation) is girardi sets up some pairings.
so moeller catches rasner (since it seems girardi thinks rasner works well with him) and maybe someone else - i would guess joba maybe, because moose will definitely be paired up with molina and probably pettitte as well and it doesn't make sense to put moeller with snacks since he pitches the day before rasner.
2008-07-21 15:58:43
17.   cult of basebaal
14 well, if he goes all in to win this year, he's not making the right moves and we'll know. but i very much doubt that's what's going to happen. cashman's made it clear in the past he's going to do what he thinks is best for the long term health and success of the organization and if that means he isn't the yankees' gm next year, so be it.
2008-07-21 16:00:23
18.   Mattpat11
"The Twins have the best record in baseball since June 13"

Have I mentioned how much I love "[X] has the best/worst [Y] since [Completely random, arbitrary date]" stats?

I wonder what batter has the most sacrifice bunts since April 26.

2008-07-21 16:01:34
19.   ms october
10 that has been my hope/thought all year - even riding the highs and lows of the season.

btw who is the emergency catcher - sexson?

2008-07-21 16:04:01
20.   Mattpat11
Ooh, the Yankees have the best ERA since some totally random date.
2008-07-21 16:08:30
21.   rbj
'nother groundball for Fudgie the Whale. That's a good start.

I still have no faith in him.

2008-07-21 16:10:53
22.   Mattpat11
Here comes the MVP
2008-07-21 16:12:58
23.   Mattpat11
Ball one was the same pitch as strikes one and two
2008-07-21 16:18:53
24.   mehmattski
I wonder if Blackburn will pitch around Abreu....
2008-07-21 16:19:07
25.   Eirias
21 What is Mussina's next milestone?
2008-07-21 16:20:37
26.   RIYank
The problem with the point that the return of Damon replaces the lost Posada production is that what we need is an offensive upgrade. It's not like this team was scoring 6 runs/game.
Still, I'm a little more hopeful than I was when I first read the bad news.
2008-07-21 16:22:04
27.   rbj
25 Dunno. He's got 262 wins, 2737 Ks, and if baseball-reference is correct, only 1 balk.

Yes! A-Rod!

2008-07-21 16:22:13
28.   ms october
24 well the second part of that is bobby was able to go back up the middle

and arod with the homer - that's exactly what we need!!!

2008-07-21 16:22:17
29.   mehmattski
A good start! Thanks, A-Rod!
2008-07-21 16:22:51
30.   cult of basebaal
good to see abreu go back up the middle on blackburn, hopefully he's over hitting him back in minny ...
2008-07-21 16:22:58
31.   RIYank
Oh, man, I was going to write:
Good, a base runner to double the value of A-Rod's homer. I should have trusted my instincts
2008-07-21 16:23:38
32.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-21 16:24:26
33.   cult of basebaal
31 we'll never believe you now ...


2008-07-21 16:27:32
34.   RIYank
Good job, Sid, show 'em who's boss.
2008-07-21 16:28:59
35.   RIYank
On second thought, this strategy may not be the best one.
2008-07-21 16:30:59
36.   monkeypants
26 True, but as you pointed out (last thread?), Posada-with-broken-shoulder has been pretty bad with the bat, so Damon should be an upgrade.

But your main pint is well taken. They still need to find offense in place of the three black holes in the lineup (LF, CF, C).

2008-07-21 16:31:14
37.   Travis08
18 Aaron Cook with 11.

19 My guess is Betemit.

2008-07-21 16:31:40
38.   Mattpat11
2008-07-21 16:32:09
39.   RIYank
Mean while, Sir Sidney has the Twins right where he wants them! Bases all clogged up for that weak top part of the order.
2008-07-21 16:33:13
40.   cult of basebaal
c'mon snacks ... pick it up
2008-07-21 16:33:34
41.   Mattpat11
If that was a Yankee, I'd be flipping out
2008-07-21 16:33:40
42.   RIYank
38 No problem, I'm using Firefox.

The Twins' line-up construction is peculiar. Shouldn't the #9 and #1 guys be swapped?

2008-07-21 16:35:42
43.   rbj
Don't get thrown out Jose.
2008-07-21 16:36:09
44.   williamnyy23
Think about what the Yankees have been and are missing: Damon, Matsui, Posada, Arod, Hughes and Wang. Now, consider the replacements: Gardner, Christian, Betemit/Ensberg, Molina, Moeller, Ponson, Rasner, et al.

As tough as I have been on the Yankees, and deservedly so at times, that laundry list of injuries is daunting. While Cashman could have done a better job preparing or reacting to the injuries, you simply can not compensate for that volume.

2008-07-21 16:37:00
45.   mehmattski
Molina definitely hit Harris' hand there. Out. Terrible call.

And Ponson's jam-magic may have run out.

2008-07-21 16:37:08
46.   williamnyy23
Molina has to block the plate there. He left an opening for the umpire to call him safe.
2008-07-21 16:37:14
47.   rbj
I dunno, looks like he got him on the hand in at least some of those replays.
2008-07-21 16:37:21
48.   ms october
crap he looked out to me.

but the ponson magic is wearing off.

2008-07-21 16:38:11
49.   cult of basebaal
he got his hand. that's an out.
2008-07-21 16:38:34
50.   Eirias
38 I meant ice cream, in regards to the the Fudgie the Chocolate Whale comment. Thanks, though.
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2008-07-21 16:38:38
51.   RIYank
I was kind of hoping that seeing Ponson would give the Twins' batters scary flashbacks. Guess not.
2008-07-21 16:39:03
52.   Eirias
48 And if this is all he gives up?
2008-07-21 16:39:14
53.   OldYanksFan
45 Nope. Molina lifted his glove in a sweep type motion and the runners hand got in under the glove. If he keeps the glove down, it's an easy out.

Perefct throw by Bobby. Molina missed the tag.

2008-07-21 16:39:24
54.   Just fair
I think he was safe. But, man, 99 out of 100 times on a play like that the runner is called out. WTF!
2008-07-21 16:39:44
55.   mehmattski
38 18. Mussina, Mike NYY SHO 23 30 Next Season thinks that Mussina will have 7 shutouts before the end of next season?

2008-07-21 16:40:55
56.   rbj
50 Ah. Maybe when Moose gets to 15 wins Mr. Girardi takes everyone out for ice cream. Including the fat kid.
2008-07-21 16:41:17
57.   mehmattski
53 I thought that Harris' hand snapped back in response to getting hit with the glove, prior to slipping by to touch the plate.
2008-07-21 16:41:28
58.   cult of basebaal
45 and it's not even complete. ipk, bruney, albaladejo, britton, karstens, horne, aceves.

that's not just the front line, that's a lot of the primary replacements too ...

2008-07-21 16:41:48
59.   Mattpat11
50 Wasn't it donuts at 15 wins?
2008-07-21 16:42:14
60.   Mattpat11
58 Karstens may have been a blessing.
2008-07-21 16:42:35
61.   ms october
52 no, if that's it, i'll take back what i said. but i don't have a lot of faith that 2 runs will be it (though i am certainly hoping for the best).

btw, i think all the sweet treat milestones are related to moose's wins - 10=ice cream, 15 was candy or something, etc.

2008-07-21 16:42:40
62.   cult of basebaal
57 pretty clearly so ... molina's glove snapped the hand back as he swept it across and up ... that was before the hand touched the plate ... he was out.
2008-07-21 16:43:14
63.   cult of basebaal
hacky mcheadfirstslide!!!
2008-07-21 16:43:23
64.   Just fair
ok. 100 sprints from home to 1st for Melky before every game until he gets that hang of running through the bag.
2008-07-21 16:44:11
65.   mehmattski
Now, I'm a former track runner and I have been an ardent critic of anyone who has ever tried to dive into first base.

However, I was watching the US Olympics qualifying for track, and in the 200 meter women's event, Marshevet Hooker was in fourth place going to the finish line when she tripped. In falling, her chest crossed the finish line just barely ahead of the third place woman. She qualified for the Olympics by diving over the finish line...

2008-07-21 16:45:20
66.   Just fair
65 Somebody call MythBusters. : )
2008-07-21 16:46:08
67.   williamnyy23
65 While diving into 1st slows you down in most cases, I don't think it's a universal axiom. There are times when you approach the bag that your stride if off a little, requiring you to either take one choppy step or one larger step. Both slow you down, so I am not sure if a dive isn't the better way to go.
2008-07-21 16:46:51
68.   RIYank
31 Good, base runners to triple the value of Gardner's...
Nah, never mind.
2008-07-21 16:47:04
69.   mehmattski
66 Gave her an extra 0.01 seconds:

True fact: in the Imperial Measurement system, one one-hundredth of second is officially known as a "jiffy."

2008-07-21 16:47:07
70.   Travis08
65 The same thing happened in the 800 qualifier.
2008-07-21 16:47:38
71.   Just fair
Dear Brett,
Hit it on the ground.
Your ol' buddy,
2008-07-21 16:47:40
72.   RIYank
67 Yeah, that sounds very plausible.
Still, it would be nice to see someone really study this, with nicely set up cameras or something.
2008-07-21 16:48:04
73.   Eirias
I swear to God, if Gardner bunts... the world will feel my wrath.
2008-07-21 16:48:05
74.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-21 16:48:53
75.   Mattpat11
The man's name is "Denard?"
2008-07-21 16:49:24
76.   williamnyy23
Damn you hate to waste a swing like that from Gardner.
2008-07-21 16:49:30
77.   RIYank
73 74 Hee hee.
2008-07-21 16:49:36
78.   mehmattski
73 Hey, bunting for a hit, especially down the third base line, would not be a terrible thing. Sacrificing is a terrible idea, of course.

68 Almost...

2008-07-21 16:49:43
79.   Eirias
74 You want the world to feel my wrath?
2008-07-21 16:49:48
80.   Eirias
2008-07-21 16:50:13
81.   williamnyy23
Thatta boy Meacham! Still, I hate bases loaded and 1 out this season.
2008-07-21 16:50:15
82.   ms october
molina and gardner get back to back hits AND meacham doesn't wave melky home!!!
2008-07-21 16:50:23
83.   RIYank

This is a sign that Nick Blackburn isn't a good pitcher.

2008-07-21 16:50:27
84.   rbj
Yay! Base hit for Gardner! And Meacham doesn't send the runner to get thrown out at home!
2008-07-21 16:50:30
85.   Eirias
Gardner knows what's what.
2008-07-21 16:50:45
86.   Eirias
I can sense his fear from my computer.
2008-07-21 16:50:49
87.   cult of basebaal
68 sooooo close (well at least for a gardner "shot")
2008-07-21 16:52:05
88.   cult of basebaal
82 get the guns and the canned beans, head for the underground zombie-proof bunker ... apocalypse is nigh!
2008-07-21 16:52:17
89.   RIYank
I was listening in to the conference on the mound.

"You just gave up hits to Melky Cabrera, Jose Molina, and Brett Gardner. You are not a good pitcher."

2008-07-21 16:52:35
90.   williamnyy23
This home plate umpire is awful.
2008-07-21 16:53:12
91.   Eirias
Bunt Johnny, Bunt!
2008-07-21 16:53:57
92.   mehmattski
Triple steal!
2008-07-21 16:54:20
93.   RIYank
2008-07-21 16:54:45
94.   ms october
we'll take it!
2008-07-21 16:54:48
95.   Mattpat11
Good enough
2008-07-21 16:54:51
96.   rbj
I think that's what's known as a lucky break.
2008-07-21 16:55:10
97.   Travis08
Awful defensive play. You don't play to prevent one run with Sidney Ponson pitching for the other team.
2008-07-21 16:55:27
98.   williamnyy23
Yankees caught a big break there...

I wonder if the players feel it, but it seems like when the Yankees have a rally going, the pressure is on them to score and not the opposition to prevent the damage.

2008-07-21 16:55:29
99.   RIYank
Wow, that was a dumb play. Both trying to tag Gardner and then the choice to go home.
2008-07-21 16:55:55
100.   RIYank
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2008-07-21 16:56:21
101.   mehmattski
The Yankees are 3 for 4 with RISP tonight.
2008-07-21 16:56:28
102.   Eirias
97 Cy-dney Ponson, you mean?
2008-07-21 16:56:38
103.   williamnyy23
99 Give Gardner credit...another runner could have been a 4u-3 DP.
2008-07-21 16:56:46
104.   Eirias
Heh. Boof.
2008-07-21 16:57:13
105.   cult of basebaal
ok, cap'n no friggin' DP ...
2008-07-21 16:58:03
106.   OldYanksFan
This just in from the Post:
Meecham has shoulder bursitis and cannot lift his arm above his shoulder.
Thank God!
2008-07-21 16:58:06
107.   cult of basebaal
105 stupid delay ...
2008-07-21 16:59:05
108.   RIYank
107 I was going to ask you about this.

Good hustle, Bobby!

2008-07-21 16:59:31
109.   rbj
Wheels Abreu.
2008-07-21 16:59:40
110.   Eirias
Bobby Abreu... hot buttered lightning.
2008-07-21 17:00:27
111.   williamnyy23
Two things I've noticed about Bobby:

1) He seems more likely to swing at bad pitches with men on base;

2) He really hustles down the line to avoid double plays.

2008-07-21 17:00:33
112.   RIYank

(Not a home run, cult of b)

2008-07-21 17:00:49
113.   Eirias
What is Blackburn's BAPIP now?
2008-07-21 17:01:11
114.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Ohayo Gozaimasu! A-Rod with the tater, good news to log on to. How is Sir Sidney the Rotund?
2008-07-21 17:01:19
115.   cult of basebaal
not pretty, but i'll take it ... c'mon alex ... park this game into hawkins-land
2008-07-21 17:01:29
116.   rbj
Leave him in!
2008-07-21 17:01:50
117.   OldYanksFan
Questionable defense has cost Minn 3 or 4 runs. YA SEE!
2008-07-21 17:01:51
118.   mehmattski
That has to be the worst four-run rally I've ever seen. Who had the hardest-hit ball? Gardner, maybe?
2008-07-21 17:02:02
119.   RIYank
113 I guess we're 7 for 12 against him, leaving out the strikeout. That's BABIP, right?
2008-07-21 17:02:10
120.   OldYanksFan
And poof! It's Boof!
2008-07-21 17:02:26
121.   cult of basebaal
115 yikes, i must be like 2 minutes behind the game ... it's not normally so tardy.
2008-07-21 17:03:33
122.   Eirias
114 14.4 ERA points better than Blackburn.
2008-07-21 17:03:43
123.   RIYank
114 Not good. Actually, about as good as usual, but less fortunate.

118 I know, I feel we should give them back.

2008-07-21 17:03:48
124.   mehmattski
119 Take out the homer, too.
2008-07-21 17:04:36
125.   Eirias
'Stash and Bash? Is the Mustache one of the Three True Outcomes?
2008-07-21 17:04:39
126.   ms october
thankfully liriano is still in aaa instead of coming into this game
2008-07-21 17:04:55
127.   cult of basebaal
118 quiet, you. we just might ... or at least snacks might ...
2008-07-21 17:05:02
128.   RIYank
No Ponson magic, and no Stache power tonight. The boys are going to have to win this one the old fashioned way.
2008-07-21 17:06:28
129.   Eirias
126 Given his record, should we be glad about that?
2008-07-21 17:06:32
130.   RIYank
124 Oh, good point. So, 6 for 11.

126 Yikes! No kidding.

2008-07-21 17:06:38
131.   ms october
128 could it be that the ponson magic detracts from the stache power?
2008-07-21 17:06:59
132.   RIYank
129 I think so. Check out Boof's numbers.
2008-07-21 17:07:53
133.   ms october
129 it seems liriano has regained his form of late.
2008-07-21 17:08:09
134.   OldYanksFan
ESPN Boxscore has all 4 of those runs earned. I think only one is earned, as the 2nd baseman should have had the 2nd out. The run Jeter drove in should be the only earned run, no?
2008-07-21 17:08:10
135.   RIYank
131 Ah... kind of canceling each other out, maybe? Or an interference pattern?
2008-07-21 17:09:43
136.   RIYank
134 Yep, I think that's right.
And check again, I think they may have just changed it. (They did just change it on Gameday.)
2008-07-21 17:10:13
137.   OldYanksFan
128 Steroids? Cletes high slides? Spit balls? Stealing signls with a camera?
2008-07-21 17:10:26
138.   RIYank
Whoa, the magic is back!
2008-07-21 17:10:57
139.   Eirias
138 And you all doubted him.
2008-07-21 17:11:04
140.   rbj
Hmm, Yankees put up a crooked number and Sidney doesn't give it right back?
2008-07-21 17:11:32
141.   ms october
138 135 see, ponson is usurping the stache power
2008-07-21 17:12:28
142.   OldYanksFan
After this game, the Yankees will have won all of Pontoons starts. Does that make Sir Toad our best pitcher?
2008-07-21 17:13:06
143.   Eirias
2008-07-21 17:13:21
144.   RIYank
Yep, it's July!!!!
2008-07-21 17:13:28
145.   ms october
wow, robby is taking this second half surge seriously.
2008-07-21 17:13:42
146.   Eirias
142 Haven't you received the memo RE: chickens?
2008-07-21 17:13:47
147.   vockins
Who is the mack, Cano haters?
2008-07-21 17:13:56
148.   OldYanksFan
I missed that. Did Mrs. Kaat just die?
2008-07-21 17:14:19
149.   Eirias
Melky would have had a double if he slid.
2008-07-21 17:14:34
150.   Eirias
148 Yes.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-21 17:14:54
151.   dianagramr
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Adam LaRoche of second basemen, Mr. Robinson Cano.
2008-07-21 17:14:58
152.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-21 17:15:06
153.   RIYank
I love Boof. He's awesome. The Twins always get the coolest pitchers. Very few pitchers can throw that... high.
2008-07-21 17:16:03
154.   OldYanksFan
150 Jeez... another serious bummer. I wounder if Kaat comes back to work now that he has lost his wife. Crap.
2008-07-21 17:16:10
155.   cult of basebaal
147 who's a cano hater, mack?
2008-07-21 17:17:06
156.   rbj
150 Man. My condolences to Jim and the whole Kaat family.
2008-07-21 17:17:33
157.   RIYank
Meacham is gun shy now.
2008-07-21 17:17:36
158.   seattleyank
Gardner needs to grow a 'stache like Giambi.
2008-07-21 17:18:32
159.   cult of basebaal
wow ... we're scoring 8.3 runs per game for Snacks!

he is the answer to our problems that Joba only wished he could be.

we'll make Pontoon an everyday reliever and crush our opponents underfoot!!!

2008-07-21 17:18:45
160.   dianagramr
Gardner needs some hgh ....
2008-07-21 17:19:22
161.   cult of basebaal
157 i was wondering that the other day, is going from 3rd the base coach's call, or the runners?
2008-07-21 17:20:04
162.   RIYank
A Damonic double!
2008-07-21 17:20:13
163.   Jeb
Gentlemen, raise your hand if you're starting to love Snacks Ponson...

[Jeb, slowly raising his hand]

2008-07-21 17:20:14
164.   mehmattski
There's another hit with RISP.
2008-07-21 17:20:25
165.   Eirias
Nice use of rhetoric there by Kay.
2008-07-21 17:20:26
166.   rbj
Bounces are going the Yankees' way tonight.
2008-07-21 17:20:31
167.   dianagramr
that ground near the foul line is rock-hard ...
2008-07-21 17:20:52
168.   OldYanksFan
I like these low tension Wins.
2008-07-21 17:21:14
169.   RIYank
161 Ah. I was assuming it was Meacham's call. But maybe Melky watches the throw and has the authority or something.
Anyway, it worked out!
2008-07-21 17:21:40
170.   ms october
160 to hit or to grow a stache?

161 i think it depends on the runner - i am pretty sure i have seen damon, jeter, and arod go on their own at least once this year.

2008-07-21 17:21:53
171.   cult of basebaal
168 i like these games where we score more than 2 runs ...
2008-07-21 17:21:54
172.   OldYanksFan
If this team can hit with RISP we have a chance for October.
2008-07-21 17:22:36
173.   mehmattski
Is this lead Snacks/Hawkins/Giese proof?
2008-07-21 17:22:45
174.   RIYank
163 I don't love him. But I love what he does for our batters.
2008-07-21 17:22:49
175.   OldYanksFan
Leiter and Kaye must be good friends as Kaye has been on Al's ass all game.
2008-07-21 17:23:48
176.   RIYank
173 Yes, as long as Hawk's contribution is confined to yelling and clapping. In Giese We Trust.
2008-07-21 17:24:02
177.   cult of basebaal
"what are you talking about? 4 of 9 is NOT over .500???"

i'm guessing math wasn't one of al leiter's top subjects in school ...

2008-07-21 17:25:30
178.   cult of basebaal
173 one of these things is NOT like the other ...

giese as a reliever:

0.71 12.2/8/3/8

2008-07-21 17:25:31
179.   RIYank
177 What do you figure his top subject was, cult?

The Melkman delivers! Good game for Melky.

2008-07-21 17:26:25
180.   rbj
The Melkster flashing some leather.
2008-07-21 17:27:16
181.   cult of basebaal

i may disparage your bat, but i'll always respect your glove ...

2008-07-21 17:27:16
182.   mehmattski
That hit got out to the wall in a quick span.
2008-07-21 17:27:16
183.   RIYank
Sid is toying with them.
Your two-out triples cannot harm me!
2008-07-21 17:28:04
184.   RIYank
182 What we call an 'Emma' in the business.

(I hope dianagramr is still reading.)

2008-07-21 17:28:13
185.   cult of basebaal
179 probably coeds ...
2008-07-21 17:28:44
186.   cult of basebaal
that's how you do it, gardner ... gap it and run.
2008-07-21 17:28:45
187.   williamnyy23
175 They've been good friends since Kay worked for the Post and Leiter was called up in the 1980s.
2008-07-21 17:28:49
188.   mehmattski
178 Sure, I was just trying to predict the pitching choices the rest of the game. Maybe Hawkins will get his last action as a Yankee before Bruney is ready to return.
2008-07-21 17:29:27
189.   Schteeve
Ponson has so exceeded my expectations for him.
2008-07-21 17:30:32
190.   mehmattski
185 Jersey Girls! Woooo!

(insert joke about the relationship of said girls to refuse...)

2008-07-21 17:30:53
191.   cult of basebaal
188 could be ... i expect that if things go as planned tomorrow and wednesday night in Scranton, Ba-ba Bruney will be activated for the start of the Boston series ...
2008-07-21 17:35:00
192.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
187 is is true that Leiter is a big George W fund-raiser? or am I confusing him with Billy Wagner?? (or am I way off on both of them??)
2008-07-21 17:36:00
193.   RIYank
At least the Stache still has some pitch-repulsion power today.
2008-07-21 17:36:05
194.   williamnyy23
192 Leiter is a Republican, but I don't know if he fundraises for W.
2008-07-21 17:36:26
195.   Eirias
Leiter was considering government in NJ for a while.
2008-07-21 17:37:06
196.   Eirias
Cano... Why must you disappoint us?
2008-07-21 17:37:46
197.   cult of basebaal
c'mon RIPPER, keep slashin'!
2008-07-21 17:38:20
198.   williamnyy23
If Jeter could kick it into gear and Cano is really ready for his second halg surge, then the Yankees still have a potent lineup 1 through 6. I don't think they can live with such a weak 7-9, however, so I'd still really like to see an impact right handed bat added to the team. We've already discussed the usual subjects, but I wonder if there is a David Justice out there waiting to be had?
2008-07-21 17:38:29
199.   cult of basebaal
197 there i go again ...
2008-07-21 17:40:14
200.   Schteeve
198 There is a guy named Harry Honds. Used to hit a ton of HR.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-21 17:40:45
201.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
198 so the Richie/Wilson platoon doesn't wet your whistle?
2008-07-21 17:40:58
202.   Eirias
200 He's nice but I hear his cousin is even better.
2008-07-21 17:41:24
203.   RIYank
200 Harry G. Honds? Often goes by his initials?
2008-07-21 17:41:43
204.   williamnyy23
200 You don't need to convince me, but it just doesn't seem like something the Yankees are willing to do.
2008-07-21 17:42:09
205.   cult of basebaal
198 it's kinda slim pickin's (whaaaaaahoooooo , whaaaaaaaaaahhooooooooooooooo!!!) for RHB.



bay's not been great vs lefties this year, but he's been slightly better against them than righties for his career.

nady is the much better lefty masher year over year; probably costs a little less, too.

2008-07-21 17:42:34
206.   RIYank
202 No cousin. You're thinking of his dad, Hobby.
2008-07-21 17:43:10
207.   RIYank
Our shortstop is awesome.
2008-07-21 17:43:24
208.   cult of basebaal
ruh roh ... snacks was getting bored with the way this game was going ...
2008-07-21 17:44:08
209.   williamnyy23
205 That's why I wonder if there is someone flying under the radar. I know when the Yankees snagged Justice in 2000 my jaw dropped. It'd be nice if Cashman was working on a similar surprise.
2008-07-21 17:44:17
210.   Schteeve
203 Yes! Harry Gerald Honds. He played for the Winstrol Salem Durabolins for a while. Put up some big numbers.
2008-07-21 17:44:26
211.   monkeypants
So, Ponson is channeling his inner Wang?
2008-07-21 17:44:45
212.   rbj
So, send Sidney out for the sixth? Definitely not for the 7th, that's pushing things far too much.
2008-07-21 17:45:12
213.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
205 it's the water...the impurities in the water...
2008-07-21 17:45:41
214.   monkeypants
OK, the magic pixie dust is wearing off. Come on Sir Sidney, just get through five or six without giving up the big lead...
2008-07-21 17:46:00
215.   RIYank
207 208 Hee hee.
2008-07-21 17:46:19
216.   mehmattski
Imagine if Joba got Snacks' run support...
2008-07-21 17:46:57
217.   monkeypants
212 Yep..definitely with a five run lead.
2008-07-21 17:47:14
218.   RIYank
Wait, how far behind are you guys???

Jeter: "Guess I'll have to do everything myself this inning. Good thing the Stache can catch."

2008-07-21 17:47:45
219.   RIYank
212 Dude, we're looking for a CG from Sir Sid.
2008-07-21 17:48:17
220.   Jeb
211 I hope Cashman channels his inner "trade for Jason Bay and his 29 year old bat, which has a lifetime 130 OPS+ which is only 2 points lower lefty Holliday (who may need Coors as his crutch) and only 1 point lower than Teixera!
2008-07-21 17:49:17
221.   cult of basebaal
209 not sure who it might be. most teams are still bunched up and within striking distance and thus unwilling to sell, except at a premium.

or they suck (like the mariners) but don't have a suitable OF (like ibanez, who's a lefty and also plays the field about as badly as abreu).

we might have to wait until after the non-waiver deadline and see who teams try to pass through ...

2008-07-21 17:50:20
222.   monkeypants
220 I like that move a heckuvalot better than trading for Teixera (or signing him to a monster deal).
2008-07-21 17:50:30
223.   cult of basebaal
213 i don't fear women, mandrake ... but i do deny them my essence ..."
2008-07-21 17:51:45
224.   Eirias
Ah, just what we wanted to describe the Yankees' lineup as like... National League.
2008-07-21 17:52:08
225.   Eirias
223 I fear mandrakes.
2008-07-21 17:53:44
226.   Eirias
Jorge who?
2008-07-21 17:54:05
227.   RIYank
We have a lot of hits. And everyone's contributing except Giambi.
2008-07-21 17:54:25
228.   RIYank
226 Oooh, that was quick.
2008-07-21 17:54:50
229.   cult of basebaal
220 the question is ... what will it take?

rumor is the price is going to be HIGH. 2 top prospects and a secondary one.

i don't know that we can do it.

i don't know that we have it to spare right now.

that's probably 2 from the short list of: joba, jackson, montero and maybe hughes

that's a lot.

now, if cashman could get bay for something like, IPK, tabata and melancon ... that might be worth it.

2008-07-21 17:56:07
230.   RIYank
229 I say no. Because he's only got a year and a half left on his contract.
2008-07-21 17:56:46
231.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
229 Don't give up on Tabata please! or Melancon! (IPK can about him, Melky and 5million to Pittsburgh?)
2008-07-21 17:57:28
232.   mehmattski
231 Gotta give up quality to get quality.
2008-07-21 17:57:28
233.   rbj
Jeebus, Brett can't catch any breaks.
2008-07-21 17:58:11
234.   RIYank
231 They don't want Melky, word is.
2008-07-21 17:58:17
235.   cult of basebaal
230 maybe. maybe not. the problem is, Dave Littlefield isn't the GM in Pittsburgh anymore. If we want Nady or Bay, it's gonna take some pain on our part.
2008-07-21 17:58:54
236.   Raf
"You may run like Hayes. but you hit like shit."
2008-07-21 17:59:37
237.   cult of basebaal
234 who does? if IPK is pocket lint, hacky mcheadfirstslide is toe cheese.
2008-07-21 18:00:31
238.   RIYank
235 Maybe/maybe not what? The years left on his contract??
2008-07-21 18:00:39
239.   cult of basebaal
236 wish it weren't, but sadly true ...
2008-07-21 18:01:18
240.   cult of basebaal
238 worth it, based on everything (including the time of possession)
2008-07-21 18:03:03
241.   RIYank
240 Oh, I get it. Hm.
Look, if it makes the difference between playoffs and no playoffs, then maybe it's worth it. But otherwise, one more year of Jason Bay just can't be worth all that much.
2008-07-21 18:04:37
242.   RIYank
Calling Dan Giese...
2008-07-21 18:06:30
243.   Eirias
The anti-Meecham is infectious.
2008-07-21 18:06:51
244.   RIYank
Oh, nice. I guess Harris was stuck there, cool.

Come on, Sid, let's see the magic!

2008-07-21 18:06:59
245.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
The Twins do they score any runs? What am I missing??
2008-07-21 18:07:04
246.   OldYanksFan
241 If Jason Bay was a Yankee, why would he NOT re-sign? Someone gonna offer more money AND a better chance to Win? And if he did leave, we would get 1 (or 2) draft picks.
2008-07-21 18:07:23
247.   RIYank
Nope, no magic. And no Giese.
2008-07-21 18:07:29
248.   Jeb
I wouldn't trade IPK for Bay. I still think that IPK is going to be a quality starter -- it's just going to take a couple of years. All those Rays starters that are doing so well didn't start out like Joba; there was a bashing period they had to go through.

I'd traded Tabata (because he seems like a head-case, some other minor league pitching prospects -- maybe Horne or Marquez as a player to be named later). If they won't do that then just pass

By the way, if this is our equivalent of Boston's 2006, there could be worse things. We shed payroll and then we go get Tex and CC for 2009 and our prospects are a year closer to the Bronx

2008-07-21 18:07:42
249.   OldYanksFan
Man... Robbie is just awesome on the pivot.
2008-07-21 18:07:56
250.   rbj
I'll join in applauding Sidney.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-21 18:09:11
251.   monkeypants
Interesting..I would have pushed him for one more batter. I like Edwar, but I'm not sure he's the best to bring in with men on base. Then again, what reliever is?
2008-07-21 18:09:29
252.   RIYank
246 That doesn't really affect my point. If the Yankees are going to throw more money at him and scoop him up, then we'll have him after '09 without trading anything. So it's still a year and a third of service that you're trading for.
2008-07-21 18:09:45
253.   Jeb
250 Snacks just earned another box of twinkies and Arod's Famous "Ho-Cakes"
2008-07-21 18:10:03
254.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
248 Tabata is 20 years old..
Any Humberto sitings on the horizon??
2008-07-21 18:10:04
255.   Schteeve
248 Is there a chance that Tabata is a head case in the same way that Manny Ramirez is a head case?
2008-07-21 18:10:37
256.   Schteeve
251 JOBA!!!11111
2008-07-21 18:10:45
257.   OldYanksFan
If Cash were in charge instead of George, I don't think we get RJ. Too costly.
So instead of AGon, Dorf and (who else?) we have Vaquez, Navarone and Beltran. With Navarone, Jorge gets 2 or 3 years, not 4. HUGE dofference.
2008-07-21 18:11:15
258.   cult of basebaal
241 well, except we're gonna have to do something about the OF for next year. there's a good chance that we can punt CF with melky, assuming of course that jackson continues to hit this year and seems on course for a likely mid-year callup.

but abreu's done here, i think. so we're looking at needing a RF. Now, i think my first choice would be to get brian giles from the padres, given that he really does duplicate the OBP machine that abreu should have been for us this year, but someone like bay would give us a little more balance as a RHB.

i dunno, of the trio i mentioned, i think melancon's the biggest loss, at least for next year. i think we can cover for the loss of IPK and i think tabata's 2-3 years away at the least. there's gonna be replacements for him in that time.

difficult decisions ...

2008-07-21 18:11:25
259.   Jeb
damn Snacks had almost a 2.00 WHIP tonight. That's not good pitching, that's just lucky
2008-07-21 18:11:30
260.   rbj
253 LOL! Personally I've sworn off "Ho-Hos"
2008-07-21 18:11:51
261.   monkeypants
256 : )

Yeah, but only in the eighth inning!!!!

2008-07-21 18:12:21
262.   RIYank
2008-07-21 18:12:33
263.   Jeb
258 But Brian made it clear that he didn't want to be a Yankee already.
2008-07-21 18:12:43
264.   Eirias
2008-07-21 18:13:04
265.   OldYanksFan
252 True. That would be the cost of trying to win this year. Although NO WAY do I give up any of joba, jackson, montero and maybe hughes.
2008-07-21 18:13:40
266.   Jeb
260 but Arod's "Ho-hos" or "Ho-cakes" are the best!
2008-07-21 18:13:43
267.   RIYank
Scott Schoeneweis was amazing last year (with inherited runners).
2008-07-21 18:14:22
268.   mehmattski
Hey william, is Edwar "consistent" enough for you yet?
2008-07-21 18:14:45
269.   monkeypants
257 I am a Cashman apologist, but at some point we have to stop with the bad moves = George signings trope. After all, Cashman was the GM, and we really don't know how much he agred with (or even encouraged) those moves.
2008-07-21 18:14:55
270.   RIYank
Holy cow.
Captain is blazing.
2008-07-21 18:15:14
271.   mehmattski
Psh. That's just like Jeter, hitting a homer when it doesn't matter. What a hack.
2008-07-21 18:15:15
272.   monkeypants
Jeter! Vindicate my faith!!
2008-07-21 18:15:40
273.   Max
251 Ponson hadn't been able to get Casilla out all night...with that said, I was a little nervous with that move as well.

Then again, having Ponson on the mound in general makes me nervous (like tap dancing in the vicinity of the third rail), so bringing in Edwar with men on base wasn't going to increase my blood pressure too much.

2008-07-21 18:15:51
274.   cult of basebaal
248 horne is twice injured this year, with a history of injuries. he's no major chip. marquez's also injured and is almost certainly a reliever, he's an even lesser chip.

like mehmattski said, to get quality, you have to give quality ...

this ain't dave littlefield's pirates any more.

2008-07-21 18:16:07
275.   RIYank
268 Oooooooh.
That could be considered a low blow, sir.
2008-07-21 18:16:21
276.   Jeb
It's nice how fun, civil, conversant, and even relaxed the Banter is when we're up 9-3. I like it; it's been awhile.
2008-07-21 18:17:19
277.   RIYank
271 It's why he'll never be a true Yankee.
2008-07-21 18:17:31
278.   cult of basebaal
263 well, that's inconvenient. i'd missed that.
2008-07-21 18:17:59
279.   RIYank
276 Shut up, loser.
2008-07-21 18:18:29
280.   Eirias
I'd forgotten about the arbitration issue with Liriano.
2008-07-21 18:18:30
281.   Schteeve
Does anyone know the largest number of HR hit in a single game by the Yankees this season?
2008-07-21 18:18:59
282.   RIYank
276 Seriously, winning 3 in a row before today has got to be part of it, too, huh?
2008-07-21 18:19:12
283.   Jeb
274 that's why they're players to be named later. Give them a list and let them choose.

What about Abreu? We gave up shit and money for him. I'm not saying the Bucs are in that position but I'd just rather eat this season than overpay for Bay.

2008-07-21 18:19:18
284.   rbj
266 Some of them are way past their expiration date.
2008-07-21 18:19:42
285.   RIYank
281 Yes, Travis certainly does. But nobody here.
2008-07-21 18:20:01
286.   Eirias
274 How much can we pay the Pirates to take Dave Littlefield back on?
2008-07-21 18:20:19
287.   Travis08
284 4, done three times (4/14, 5/8, 5/27).
2008-07-21 18:20:58
288.   RIYank
The Bay/Abreu analogy actually is pretty good. Hm. Well, we can always dream and hope.
2008-07-21 18:21:06
289.   mehmattski
281 Four, twice:

April 14 at Tampa Bay
May 27 at Baltimore

2008-07-21 18:21:13
290.   Schteeve
thank you.
2008-07-21 18:21:32
291.   Jeb
279 HA!

282 definitely.

2008-07-21 18:21:41
292.   Eirias
Go Biochemists!
2008-07-21 18:21:49
293.   mehmattski
287 D'oh. I am beat, and embarrassed.
2008-07-21 18:21:52
294.   monkeypants
255 Not likely, for a few simple reasons:


Age 19, RK, 1105 OPS
Age 20, A+, 881 OPS
Age 21, AA, 995 OPS
Age 21, AAA, 1114 OPS


Age 16, RK, 799 OPS
Age 17, A, 797 OPS
Age 18, A+, 763 OPS
Age 19, AA, 630 OPS

I know he's younger, but Manny was a beast in addition to bein' Manny.

2008-07-21 18:22:19
295.   RIYank
Hm, well, I was right that Travis would know, but wrong in the rest.
2008-07-21 18:23:12
296.   cult of basebaal
283 actually, we're in agreement with the progression of choices. i'm fine with missing the playoffs this year. hell, i'd like the chance to draft before at least a couple of damn teams. i'm just saying, horne and marquez and IPK are not going to bring back anything close to bay.

they're not going to bring back much of anything from anyone.

our best trade chips are worth more to us as keepers than they are as trade chips right now ...

2008-07-21 18:25:38
297.   rbj
Speaking of Manny, if Beantown doesn't pick up his options, anyone want him in pinstripes next year? Normally I'd say yes, even considering his subpar defense and flakiness, but not after he throws down a 64 year old guy.

OK, that's a bit of weirdness.

2008-07-21 18:25:46
298.   Jeb
Same Travis who wrote the guest piece at River Avenue Blues?
2008-07-21 18:26:16
299.   RIYank
Time for Stache to join the parade...
2008-07-21 18:26:43
300.   Travis08
297 How old was the judge in Aruba?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-21 18:26:54
301.   Travis08
298 No.
2008-07-21 18:27:19
302.   RIYank
297 Frankly, I believe he's in steep decline. Check out his numbers, and his age. And he'll want at least a 4 year contract.

So, no.

2008-07-21 18:27:25
303.   cult of basebaal
288 well, except for the fact that philly phans thought abreu was a fat lazy hamster who was a pussy for avoiding the wall and sucked at the plate; they couldn't wait to see the back of him and that did factor into the willingness of the phillies to get whatever deal they could for him.
2008-07-21 18:27:39
304.   rbj
300 Good point. I'd rather not have Sidney on the team.
2008-07-21 18:28:00
305.   RIYank
Let's not trade for Breslow.
2008-07-21 18:28:20
306.   Jeb
296 I still see quality in IPK. Call it his minor league numbers, plus he's young. Selling him now is kind of the ultimate in selling low to me

297 after what I saw this weekend I have no interest in Manny; I wonder if he's doing this to get un-signed.

2008-07-21 18:28:22
307.   monkeypants
296 I can't believe I'm going to say this, but with Joba looking like the real deal, it may be time to consider Hughes a more tradable asset. You're right that Horne/IPK are worth more as keepers, and I still think that one one of them will turn into at least a back of the rotation starter.If someone told us we would get a verging ace and a #3 or #4 out of Hughes, Joba, and IPK, we'd be pretty happy.

If Hughes could be flipped into a good, young slugger who is a more or less safe bet, I might do it.

2008-07-21 18:30:23
308.   RIYank
It's Droopy Stache Night at Yankee Stadium.
2008-07-21 18:31:17
309.   monkeypants
303 My sarcasm receptors are low tonight. You wouldn't also be describing Yankees fans there, would you?

302 Yep. One or two year contract, sure. But he'll want (and get) too much $$$ and years. And really, do you want him in the OF as he ages?

2008-07-21 18:31:50
310.   cult of basebaal
307 i think i agree. problem is, hughes' stock is down as much as anybodys. he can't stay healthy. i think that if he can come back and pitch again successfully in the majors this year, he'd have decent worth in the offseason.

i hate to sell on him for .25 on the dollar ...

2008-07-21 18:32:23
311.   Jeb
303 Abreu's OPS+ from 2002-2006 in Philly:

151, 136, 145, 126, 118

Definitely in decline but they got NOTHING for him and his OPS+ since is still well over 100.

No one ever accused the fans of Philadelphia of being smart.

2008-07-21 18:32:35
312.   RIYank
Rbi Cano!
2008-07-21 18:33:03
313.   Eirias
Cano... why must you disappoint us?
2008-07-21 18:33:17
314.   cult of basebaal
309 well, to be fair to yankees fans, they're getting frustrated with a below average Abreu, phillies phans were irrationally hating a very good player.
2008-07-21 18:33:18
315.   OldYanksFan
"That's good.... you're growing.... emotionally"
Great stuff.
2008-07-21 18:33:51
316.   ny2ca2dc
Whatdaya know, Robinson Cano lives.
2008-07-21 18:33:52
317.   Travis08
Cano, post All-Star break: 10 for 18, 2 doubles, 2 HR, 5 RBI.
2008-07-21 18:33:59
318.   OldYanksFan
2008-07-21 18:34:24
319.   cult of basebaal
313 oh, you sneaky people, you ...


2008-07-21 18:35:54
320.   Eirias
Check out Robertson's Gameday pic.
2008-07-21 18:37:14
321.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
anyone watching Gameday? Robertson's photo is an "action-photo"..kind of cool...

ok, a bit bored with this game now so looking for distractions..

2008-07-21 18:37:16
322.   monkeypants
310 I agree entirely. I just meant that the team has the "luxury" (for lack of a better word) to move him from the untouchable list. But I would sure hope they don't squander him on a stupid trade.

And, with all that being said, I still really believe he's going to a be a very good starter, and I would love to see the team keep him and develop him.

2008-07-21 18:37:42
323.   Jeb
320 nice. I hope that pitcher for the Twins who has the really bad mumps pitches this week against us (basically because I like it when people comment on him having the mumps).
2008-07-21 18:37:54
324.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
320 Jinx! Can O' Corn Pottage from you, please!
2008-07-21 18:39:51
325.   Travis08
Girardi should probably save Giese for tomorrow. Rasner hasn't gone more than 5 innings in his last 6 starts.
2008-07-21 18:40:24
326.   monkeypants
314 Sure, of course. I just find it interesting that some Yankees fans are saying the same things--that he's lazy or lethargic or whatever. I just don't have a lot of patience for that, as you know. I'm more concerned about the verifiable. Declining OBP and SLG at the corner position, dwindling RF, etc. That's why the man is frustrating to me right now. And even then, the team more or less got their money's worth out of him. Now it's time to say goodbye.
2008-07-21 18:40:27
327.   cult of basebaal
wow. michael kay is right. the best thing about girardi's managing has been his bullpen management. guys come up (except for chris britton, cough, cough) they get a chance to show what they've got.

torre wouldn't know WTF to do with this pitching staff ...

2008-07-21 18:40:45
328.   ny2ca2dc
These stats Kay is reciting on the BP are awe inspiring. So ya, I'd say Joe G is better with the BP than Joe T.
2008-07-21 18:40:47
329.   Eirias
324 I don't understand a single word you typed after "Jinx."
2008-07-21 18:40:56
330.   ms october
307 310 i agree too - maybe phil can come back and establish value and the be flipped for a very good young bat.

i just hope some good young position players have boras as an agent. i know some people think the yanks can get their position player needs via fa, but there is not much on the horizon with a lot of the good young players being locked up so quickly. likewise, i don't think teams are going to be inclined to trade their young players they have locked up with good contracts.

2008-07-21 18:41:24
331.   Jehosephat
Alright, how about some closer talk? Is there any chance that Edwar can morph into a future closer? If not, who is the most likely candidate from within? What about signing K-Rod in the off season?
2008-07-21 18:41:36
332.   RIYank
Folks, we have ourselves a bullpen.
2008-07-21 18:41:51
333.   cult of basebaal
326 agreed, agreed. he was a good pickup and a smart re-up this year. i like Lemmiwinks, but he's crossed the line from + to - (overall) this year, so we're gonna have to find a replacement for 2009 ...
2008-07-21 18:42:31
334.   rbj
I'd like to see if Phil can be the future closer.
2008-07-21 18:42:51
335.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
329 Sorry, that was too obscure..vending machines here in Japan, in addition to "variating" beverage types, also sell hot cans of "Corn Pottage soup"...
2008-07-21 18:43:12
336.   cult of basebaal
331 we've got a couple of years ... but i'd guess "dirty" sanchez or melancon are the top candidates ... maybe brackman
2008-07-21 18:44:39
337.   RIYank
NO! (Covers ears with hands, shakes head violently.)
Mo will be the closer forever.
2008-07-21 18:45:25
338.   Jehosephat
337 Well, uh, of course. I was speaking...hypothetically.
2008-07-21 18:45:50
339.   Max
I really like this Robertson kid.

BTW, even though the iPhone is the most overhyped thing in technology these days, the MLB video app is really pretty nice. I actually prefer to watch the clips on the phone, even if I'm using Gameday on my main computer, because they look nicer and they get posted quickly.

2008-07-21 18:46:06
340.   Jeb
336 Dirty Sanchez? NICE.

How about Daniel Blumpkin or "Hot Carl" Pavano as our closer?

2008-07-21 18:46:45
341.   Eirias
335 Good to know. I love learning things like that.
2008-07-21 18:46:46
342.   Jehosephat
Molina es muy en fuego. Y guapo. Y mas macho.
2008-07-21 18:47:09
343.   cult of basebaal
340 wow. how did we not think of "hot carl" pavano before this?!?!?!?!?
2008-07-21 18:47:54
344.   rbj
340 Pavano! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, can't ha ha ha stop ha ha ha ha laugh-ha ha-ing!

He can sweep the stadium after the game.

2008-07-21 18:47:57
345.   RIYank
342 Pero Jason es el mas macho.
2008-07-21 18:48:18
346.   Jeb
343 because who'd want a hot carl from him?

I'd like to get the Twins reliever with the mumps and let him close....because I like reading about how he has the mumps!

2008-07-21 18:49:09
347.   Eirias
336 Brackman better not be in the 'pen.
2008-07-21 18:49:24
348.   Jeb
344 I don't really want Carl as our was an excuse to type Hot carl...I assume you're unfamiliar with a "hot carl"
2008-07-21 18:50:22
349.   cult of basebaal
wait, what? moeller pinch hit? oh, okay ... if molina is mauled by a bear, we can drop the dh and make a pitcher bat. moeller must feel so loved.
2008-07-21 18:50:37
350.   Raf
This Old Timers Day is really going to suck without Murcer doing commentary from the field
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-21 18:50:52
351.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
what does "hot carl" mean?? 343
2008-07-21 18:51:00
352.   Eirias
342 ¿Quien Es Mas Macho? ¿Lorenzo Lamas o Ricardo Montalban?
2008-07-21 18:51:16
353.   cult of basebaal
348 i assumed that about rbj as well ...

2008-07-21 18:51:33
354.   Eirias
351 Check Urban Dictionary, then regret it.
2008-07-21 18:51:33
355.   Jehosephat
Quien es mas macho? Bigote del Senor Giambi o los braidos del Senor Ramirez?
2008-07-21 18:52:08
356.   Eirias
353 Jinx! Can O' Corn Pottage from you, please!
2008-07-21 18:52:09
357.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
353 oh dear....Pavano, we'll never see you the same again...
2008-07-21 18:53:25
358.   Jehosephat
352 Senor Montalbaaaaahn.
2008-07-21 18:53:28
359.   cult of basebaal
348 "dirty" sanchez and "hot carl" pavano are easy ... try finding a player to pair with "the new jersey meathook"!
2008-07-21 18:53:51
360.   RIYank
Los braidos del Sr. Ramirez son muy macho. Perdo El Bigote es tan macho! Es el mas macho del mundo!
2008-07-21 18:53:59
361.   cult of basebaal
356 is that better than a porn cottage?
2008-07-21 18:54:22
362.   Jeb
yeah, it's a horrible term. But you have to admit that it does describe what Carl Pavano has brought to our team for 4 years.
2008-07-21 18:54:36
363.   cult of basebaal
359 or, the "grumpy asner".
2008-07-21 18:54:36
364.   Jehosephat
359 I thought we agreed that that was Al Leiter?
2008-07-21 18:55:14
365.   RIYank
Okay, now I understand why we have Chad Moeller. It's so he can enter the game late in a blow out... as the DH.


2008-07-21 18:55:30
366.   rbj
Hot Carl. Hmmm. Really not my thing, didn't know about that. Actually makes an A-Rod - Madonna hook up seem, er, not so bad.
2008-07-21 18:55:44
367.   Jeb
359 I just wish we had a player named "Rusty" so we could refer to the "Rusty Trombone"
2008-07-21 18:56:06
368.   RIYank
Yes! Perfect LaTroy situation!
2008-07-21 18:56:20
369.   cult of basebaal
365 yes, well, that's girardi being crafty ... if molina gets hurt, he still has a catcher.
2008-07-21 18:56:28
370.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
356 there are worse things in vending machines here..I once saw one that sold hamburgers in a foil bag, just drop in the coins and get a hamburger and vegetable water drink to go with it..
2008-07-21 18:56:32
371.   Eirias
I agree cult, those bullpen stats are amazing.
2008-07-21 18:56:55
372.   cult of basebaal
367 rusty "trombone" kuntz?!?!?
2008-07-21 18:57:27
373.   monkeypants
Uh-oh. The vultures must be circling around Hawkins, because Sterling and Waldman are talking about how "things didn't turn out for him like he thought," and that "he's really been a mentor" for all the young guys in the BP who say "he's really taught them a lot."

It's like a eulogy.

2008-07-21 18:58:17
374.   cult of basebaal
370 dear god, there have been far worse things dispensed in vending machines in japan than that ...
2008-07-21 18:58:36
375.   Just fair
I flipped on ESPN earlier to see Rich Ankiel smash a single up the middle. It got me to thinking, maybe Pavano can be sent to the minors to work on his swing. He could very well be manning right field next year. Hee-hee-hee.
2008-07-21 18:58:46
376.   Jehosephat
I just hope that in early September the Yanks give the Sawx the ol' Tony Danza...(again refer to urban
2008-07-21 18:58:51
377.   mehmattski
373 Lesson 1: Don't take Paul O'Neill's number.

Lesson 2: Don't suck.

2008-07-21 18:58:58
378.   cult of basebaal
373 like i said, i think the bell tolls for latroy on friday.
2008-07-21 18:59:51
379.   mehmattski
It appears as though my Extra Innings has had enough of this game.
2008-07-21 19:00:35
380.   RIYank
Speaking of odd managerial moves, I just noticed that Breslow is about the best Twins relief pitcher (well, best non-closer). It's very nice of them to burn him today in maximally low-leverage innings.
2008-07-21 19:01:02
381.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
374 er, yes, but was tyring to move the conversation away from that area...can honestly say my world-view would not have suffered had I not learned what a hot-carl was...
besides, the whole panty thing was outlawed a few years back..
2008-07-21 19:01:13
382.   Eirias
370 Would that be Water Salad?
2008-07-21 19:01:33
383.   Travis08
380 It's payback for the Twins' horrible bullpen usage in the recent Red Sox series.
2008-07-21 19:02:58
384.   RIYank
LaTroy's trade value is at a max! Pull the trigger, Cash.
2008-07-21 19:04:34
385.   monkeypants
378 It'll be too bad if the Yanks can't flip him for something...anything...even if they have to eat his whole contract (which they will anyway when he's DFA'd).
2008-07-21 19:04:47
386.   Jehosephat
384 Will Cash trade straight up for a dozen Krispy Kremes for the clubhouse?
2008-07-21 19:04:54
387.   williamnyy23
257 But Randy Johnson pitched very well in 2005. In fact, without him, the Yankees might not make the playoffs.

268 Not yet...sometimes he dominates with the change and other times with the fastball! Make up your mind. I gladly admit I was wrong about Edwar (although he was a bit inconsistent at the time I made that point). Hopefully, I can do an I told you say about Melky in about a month.

2008-07-21 19:05:33
388.   Jehosephat
386 Then they could literally eat his whole contract...
2008-07-21 19:05:53
389.   cult of basebaal
381 indeed, that's why i said "have been".


besides, the "hot carl"'s got nothing on this ... from 1820 no less.

2008-07-21 19:06:27
390.   Eirias
Stop this! We're wasting our runs!
2008-07-21 19:07:07
391.   OldYanksFan
Wow... we don't usually talk 'shit' here unless the Yankees are losing.
"Jessie: I so want you to hot Carl me.". Really.
2008-07-21 19:07:09
392.   cult of basebaal
382 given the recent run of "dirty sanchez" and "hot carl"s', i shudder to think of what this "water salad" might be ...
2008-07-21 19:07:53
393.   Eirias
389 As opposed to wholesome Western erotica?
2008-07-21 19:08:11
394.   ny2ca2dc
Sexon ain't going to sell many Yankee unis/jerseys
2008-07-21 19:08:28
395.   Eirias
392 A very odd tasting drink I had in Hong Kong.
2008-07-21 19:08:59
396.   Jehosephat
Three run triple for Cano?
2008-07-21 19:09:21
397.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
389 hah-hah..havn't seen that one in awhile. Hokusai's tsunami and Fuji portraits much more well-known, but he did get on some rather naughty subjects as well.
2008-07-21 19:10:29
398.   OldYanksFan
I wanted to see Sexson leap over the 2nd baseman.
2008-07-21 19:10:52
399.   cult of basebaal
393 i suppose it's no worse than most things coming out of germany these days ... i was just impressed that there was octopus porn waaay back in 1820 ...
2008-07-21 19:11:03
400.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
395 yeah, the "Water Salad" boom didn't last too long here. Plastic bottle of water with bits of salad inside..i believe the slogan here was "refresh and nutritious"...
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-07-21 19:11:18
401.   Jehosephat
396 ...or that.
2008-07-21 19:11:49
402.   ny2ca2dc
398 Or accidentally kick him into the outfield (queue line from Shrek, "I AM AN OGRE!")
2008-07-21 19:12:25
403.   Eirias
400 I've always wanted to try Pepsi Ice Cucumber. I've heard that it is actually quite good.
2008-07-21 19:12:59
404.   OldYanksFan
397 I guess that is why Squid is so popular in Japan?
2008-07-21 19:13:17
405.   RIYank
If Los Chicos are going to get us three outs in two pitches, I guess this is a good time for it.
2008-07-21 19:14:06
406.   RIYank
Doesn't "DENARD SPAN" look like it was invented as an anagram?
2008-07-21 19:14:27
407.   Jeb
390 we're not wasting runs...we're improving our expected wins...

Sorry for mentioning hot carls. I figured everyone knew what that meant. Oh and I thought it meant definition number 5 not the first four.

2008-07-21 19:14:33
408.   Eirias
400 As our man on the street, what would you say is the most interesting product available right now? The canned tomato juice was interesting, but I'm sure that there are new heights of canned cuisine out there.
2008-07-21 19:14:35
409.   Max
282 I'm happy we're winning, and I like the extra pep in the step of Cano and others. With that said, as far as four game winning streaks go, this one has been far from pretty. In fact, as late as 6-2 in this ballgame, it was pretty ugly.

I'll take it anyway.

2008-07-21 19:14:43
410.   cult of basebaal
from over at RAB:

tommiesmithjohncarlos says:
July 21st, 2008 at 9:49 pm

And can we start calling Latroy Hawkins "The Fat Lady"?

2008-07-21 19:15:20
411.   OldYanksFan
Kazmir 2 hit the A's.
2008-07-21 19:16:01
412.   cult of basebaal
409 looks like a line drive in the box score, as they say ...
2008-07-21 19:17:54
413.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
408 no idea if this is also being sold in teh US now, but I have always been mystified by the "energy" drinks here that have little bits of botox-jelly in them. Supposedly good for the skin and body after exercising..
2008-07-21 19:18:02
414.   RIYank
The Twins must be ready to trade for LaTroy now, right?
2008-07-21 19:18:34
415.   Chyll Will
Don't know if anyone's mentioned it yet, but some of the bats, when hit, were making an odd, tinny-resounding noise. Anyone else pick up on that or can point me to the answer?
2008-07-21 19:19:03
416.   cult of basebaal
413 is that like "royal jelly"? frankly, i've always been scared of that ...
2008-07-21 19:20:19
417.   RIYank
415 Was it more of a 'boof', or kind of 'pon-SON'?
2008-07-21 19:21:53
418.   OldYanksFan
Kim and Molina and a Hot Carla?
2008-07-21 19:22:28
419.   mehmattski
413 It still amazes me, as a biologist, that each day thousands of people, voluntarily inject into themselves the most dangerous toxin on the planet.
2008-07-21 19:23:57
420.   OldYanksFan
419 Remember the movie "I am Legend"?
2008-07-21 19:25:51
421.   Chyll Will
417 Seriously, it sounded like they were using metal bats... (a muffled PING!)
2008-07-21 19:27:04
422.   mehmattski
420 Attack of the puffy-lipped zombies?
2008-07-21 19:28:22
423.   Chyll Will
419 Oh, you mean Wrinkle Crack? That stuff's crazy...
2008-07-21 19:28:28
424.   Eirias
419 mehmattski, as a molecular biology grad here, what kind of bio?
2008-07-21 19:31:19
425.   pistolpete
Ponson's performace sponsored by the U.S. Army? That's irony if I've ever heard it...
2008-07-21 19:32:47
426.   mehmattski
424 Evolutionary genetics, particularly population genetics and mating systems. My current organisms of choice are mosses. I just finished my first year as a grad student at Duke. How about you?
2008-07-21 19:32:50
427.   Jeb
Botox is "the most dangerous toxin on the planet."

Okay, wouldn't mercury or used plutonium be a bit more toxic than botox?

2008-07-21 19:33:42
428.   RIYank
The BoSox have two hits in two innings, but both erased by GIDP.

Not that I'd trade ours, but Dustin Pedroia has a 21 game hitting streak. Maybe it's 22 now. And for some reason, they still have Ellsbury (who isn't getting on base at all) leading off.

I'm rooting for a pitcher's duel, then the M's roast the Boston bullpen.

2008-07-21 19:34:37
429.   RIYank
BoSox, Botox. Never noticed that before.
2008-07-21 19:34:56
430.   Jeb
428 I'm rooting for the clap to get passed around the Sox clubhouse.
2008-07-21 19:35:46
431.   Jeb
429 If you inject yourself with BoSox though it makes your ankle bleed.

Ok that was bad.

2008-07-21 19:36:07
432.   RIYank
Jesus. The Mariners' DH is...
Good lord.
2008-07-21 19:36:51
433.   RIYank
431 No, that was pretty good.

Wait, maybe not.

I have no judgment right now, don't count on me.

2008-07-21 19:37:38
434.   mehmattski
427 It is possibly the most acutely toxic substance known, with a median lethal dose of about 1 ng/kg3 , meaning that a few hundred grams could theoretically kill every human on earth (for perspective, the rat poison strychnine, often described as highly toxic, has an LD50 of 1,000,000 ng/kg, and would thus take about six metric tons to kill every human).


I'm too lazy to look up an actual source, but that number is not an error. About ten ounces of botulism toxin could kill the entire human population.

2008-07-21 19:39:33
435.   mehmattski
Also the lethal dose for mercury poisoning is 14-57 mg/kg, more than 14 million times less lethal than botox.
2008-07-21 19:39:47
436.   Jeb
434 Wow....I did not know that. I guess I'll stick to drinking Mercury and smoking Plutonium


2008-07-21 19:40:01
437.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
432 is still more horrifying than the botox did all go so wrong??
2008-07-21 19:41:12
438.   Eirias
426 Molecular biology at Hopkins. I did my undergrad research on S. pombe repair mechanisms in response to cisplatin analogues. Sadly, I've fallen to the dark (med) side.
2008-07-21 19:43:26
439.   Jeb
OMG - Miguel Cairo -- DH!!!???
2008-07-21 19:43:26
440.   Jeb
OMG - Miguel Cairo -- DH!!!???
2008-07-21 19:44:01
441.   RIYank
This is great. I was just trying to decide whether to snort a milligram of botox or slug down 10 kilos of mercury. Now I know the mercury is less dangerous.
2008-07-21 19:44:50
442.   Jeb
441 and with mercury you can determine your temperature more quickly.
2008-07-21 19:46:00
443.   Jeb
my serious question about Botox is this -- even if it's that dangerous, have their been reported cases of the injections killing people? Why hasn't the FDA stepped in - present administration notwithstanding.
2008-07-21 19:46:35
444.   Jeb
there NOT their.
2008-07-21 19:46:56
445.   Eirias
Wow. I wouldn't have thought of poisoning someone with deuterium oxide.
2008-07-21 19:47:08
446.   RIYank
442 Yes! And after a short while, you can determine both your own temperature and room temperature in one easy measurement!
2008-07-21 19:48:21
447.   Eirias
441 When Polonium-210 is less dangerous... stay away.
2008-07-21 19:48:55
448.   Eirias
426 And where you like mosses, I like yeast.
2008-07-21 19:50:23
449.   Jeb
and lo and behold, a July 21, 2008 article on CBS news entitled, "FDA warns of Botox Death Risk".

2008-07-21 19:51:24
450.   Eirias
The Yankees offense averaged 9.7 runs per game for Ponson. Before tonight.
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2008-07-21 19:52:03
451.   RIYank
Only by a nearly miraculous confluence of events could the Mariners score at all. If you sum the batting averages of the their #6 - #8 hitters, you get an astonishing .398. (Admittedly Brian LaHair is 0-for-5 for his career, which brings down the average a bit unfairly.)
2008-07-21 19:52:25
452.   mehmattski
443 Well, the typical cosmetic dose is about 1,000 times less than the lethal dose. The dose is slightly higher for actual medical uses, like treating lazy eyes and other muscle problems. Just like plenty of other medicines, moderation is good while a big dose can kill pretty easily.

I just find it interesting, given our society. Many people refuse to eat saccharin because one study once found a connection between it and cancer (in ridiculously high doses). Other people refuse to eat at restaurants that use MSG because a guy in the 1970s said it gave him headaches. The latest example is that somehow, Nalgenes give us cancer.

And yet, we accept the most lethal toxin known, for vanity's sake. Says a lot, doncha think?

2008-07-21 19:52:54
453.   RIYank
And yet, they threaten with a Betancourt one-out double, Ichiro up with a RISP!
2008-07-21 19:53:13
454.   Jeb
449 and I love this sideline article, "Thinking Of Backroom Botox? Think Again"

Yeah, I guess I'll cancel tomorrow's backroom Botox appointment!

2008-07-21 19:54:35
455.   mehmattski
448 Hooray for haploid organisms!
2008-07-21 19:56:07
456.   Jeb
452 absolutely. What was it Pacino said in Devil's advocate? "Vanity...definitely my favorite sin." (and yes, it's not a good movie, but it's still Pacino)

This has been quite enlightening.

2008-07-21 20:01:05
457.   Eirias
Much as I want Seattle to win, I think that the irresistible force is about to collide with a very moveable object.
2008-07-21 20:05:16
458.   Eirias
19-0. Looks like Soria won't be getting me a save.
2008-07-21 20:05:55
459.   Chyll Will
Okay, WHY am I the serious one tonight??
2008-07-21 20:08:24
460.   RIYank
459 Lighten up, Will. Here, have a BoTox.
2008-07-21 20:09:03
461.   RIYank
Sox can't score, but Lester is on pace for a CG shutout.
2008-07-21 20:10:38
462.   Jeb
459 here Chyll, have a hit off the mercury pipe.
2008-07-21 20:13:43
463.   Chyll Will
460 yummy...
2008-07-21 20:14:35
464.   mehmattski
Ouch, Rich Harden has a no-hitter broken up by a solo home-run in the sixth. Old pal RJ also pitching a gem, DBacks lead 1-0.
2008-07-21 20:17:29
465.   RIYank
Ah, well, that was too good to last.
A two run lead is insurmountable. Well, at least it's Jon Lester.
2008-07-21 20:18:10
466.   RIYank
Oh, sorry, 465 was about the Sox/Mariners -- I didn't see 464 .
2008-07-21 21:10:48
467.   OldYanksFan
Wow... you two are into yeast and moss. If only to be a fly on the wall if you two ever get tother...
2008-07-21 21:11:22
468.   rsmith51
Miguel Cairo is the DH for the Mariners tonight against the Red Sox. Does being in Seattle just make you stupider? Too bad there aren't any players that Cashman could fleece from the M's.

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