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Mr. Magic
2008-07-17 10:07
by Alex Belth

From Johnny's last show, Ladies and Gents...The Great Flydini.

2008-07-17 10:26:30
1.   dianagramr
(ahem) .... have you been boning up on the infield fly rule?

Classic stuff Alex ... thanks for the trip down memory lane.

2008-07-17 10:37:33
2.   RIYank
OT, but has everyone seen this bombshell yet:

Embattled former Giants slugger Barry Bonds has entered into formal contract negotiations with the Yankees, and a consummation of the deal is anticipated forthwith, a confidential clubhouse source told

(the mlbnewsonline web site)

2008-07-17 10:45:08
3.   dianagramr
have you been boning up on the infield fly rule? :-)

Classic stuff Alex ... thanks for the trip down memory lane.

2008-07-17 10:52:23
4.   bp1
Stuff like that is when Steve Martin is at his best, imho. How he plays that straight is beyond me. I'd be dying.

2 Don't tease. Holy crap. Now how am I gonna work with something like that rolling around the noggin?

2008-07-17 11:13:38
5.   JL25and3
"The incentive-laden deal, being hammered out between Bonds' agent Jeff Borris and general manager Brian Cashman, will well exceed the major league $200,000 minimum..."

$200,000? What decade are you living in?

That's not what the pro-rated minimum would be, either.

2008-07-17 11:26:36
6.   Raf
Wrong Mr. Magic... Damn

2 Interesting.

2008-07-17 11:35:16
7.   rbs10025
2 6 The word is that the Yanks have a deal with Richie Sexson.
2008-07-17 11:41:01
8.   OldYanksFan
Yankees have tentative deal with first baseman Sexson
By Buster Olney
ESPN The Magazine
Updated: July 17, 2008, 2:24 PM ET
The New York Yankees have reached a tentative agreement with Richie Sexson, who was released by the Seattle Mariners a week ago.

UNFORTUNATELY, The Bonds info from the above link appears to be BS.

2008-07-17 11:44:13
9.   OldYanksFan
FWIW, it's nice to see Cashman not screw around and do the Sexson deal. Can he be any worse then FrankenShelly was?

I guess JC goes down? Maybe Moeller? We need JC as a BUOF, yes?

2008-07-17 11:46:48
10.   Shaun P
9 If not Moeller, then Traber, OYF. Carrying 8 relievers is crazy.
2008-07-17 12:51:01
11.   The Mick 536
High point of my day. Very funny.Steve Martin, the genius, not the Jerk. Miss his standup. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid or Man with Two Brains? Which did you like more? Not happy with Clouseau, but nobody does it better than Peter Sellers.
2008-07-17 13:00:51
12.   Alex Belth
Steve's stand up was great. I'm a huge fan. And the early movies, up through Roxanne really, were terrific fun.
2008-07-18 07:53:39
13.   Matt B
Great clip, great moment. Although I believe this was from Carson's last week, but not the last show. The last show with guests was Robin Williams and Bette Midler, I believe, and then the final night was just Johnny, Ed and Doc.

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