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Oakland Athletics Redux: Harden My Heart Edition
2008-07-18 13:00
by Cliff Corcoran

As the second-half begins, the surprising A's are a game ahead of the Yankees in the Wild Card race and, like the Yankees, are six games behind in their division. Oakland's success to this point has been almost entirely due to its pitching and defense, the latter of which boasts the best defensive efficiency in baseball. True, the A's get a big boost in run prevention from their home park, but only the Braves have allowed fewer runs per game on the road, which isn't the best news for the Yankee offense, which really needs to hit the ground running in the second half.

Continuing to rebuild despite their unexpected run, the A's have, in the last ten days, traded three of their top six pitchers by innings pitched. Joe Blanton, who was dealt to the Phillies yesterday for a trio of minor leaguers, is no big loss. His 4.96 ERA was the worst on the staff and the worst in the A's rotation by nearly a run and a half. Twenty-four-year-old lefty Dallas Braden, who had a rough rookie season last year but has continued to pitch well at triple-A, should be able to replace Blanton in the rotation with little difficulty.

Less clear-cut was the earlier deal that sent fragile ace Rich Harden and swing man Chad Gaudin to the Cubs. I understand why the A's traded Harden. Though immensely talented, Harden has been unable to stay healthy. After an injury-shortened 2005 campaign, he made just 13 starts in the 2006 and 2007 seasons combined and missed more than a month at the beginning of this season with a shoulder strain. After returning from the DL, however, he dominated over 11 starts (2.59 ERA, 77 K in 66 IP), and Billy Beane cashed him in while he was still healthy. I get that. After losing all of that time to injury, Harden is now 26 and starting to get expensive (the long-term deal he signed before the 2005 season pays him $4.5 million this year and has a $7 million option for 2009). I get that. What I don't get is the fact that Beane also included Chad Gaudin in the deal and only got back two aging prospects and one young low-risk/low-reward pitcher.

That's not to make Gaudin out to be something he's not. He's a short, 25-year-old righthander with a league-average career ERA, who fell something short of that in his only full season as a starter last year. Gaudin's also in his arbitration years. Still, given his innings-eater/swing-man role, he's unlikely to get terribly expensive (he settled for $1.775 million this past winter). Thus, Gaudin was an established and affordable major league arm that could have served as a safety net for younger starting options such as Braden or Gio Gonzalez (part of the Nick Swisher swag) as the A's continue to try to establish their next generation of starters.

The pitcher obtained from the Cubs, 22-year-old righty Sean Gallagher, who will pitch Sunday, replaces Harden in the rotation, but he was merely average in ten starts for the Cubs, and despite his youth, isn't projected to get much better than that (though he did ace his A's debut: 7 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 7 K). In making that swap, Beane was trading fragile brilliance for ordinary dependability.

Still, it could well pay off for him. Harden could go Mark Prior on the Cubs and their pitcher-hating manager, Lou Piniella, in which case Beane will have upgraded from Gaudin to Gallagher and gotten a couple of useful pieces for his trouble. And Matt Murton and Eric Patterson are useful pieces. Unused in Chicago, Murton has gone straight into the A's lineup as their left fielder. Once the Red Sox prospect who accompanied Nomar Garciaparra to the Cubs in that famous three-way deadline deal in 2004, Murton is now 26, but still a high-on-base righty slugger, and the A's are likely hoping he'll become another Jack Cust if given proper exposure. Fact is, Murton could be better than Cust, as he's younger, hits for a better average, and doesn't strike out nearly as much.

Patterson, meanwhile, receives high marks for his well-rounded offensive game, but his cumulative offensive value is such that his ultimate position will have a great deal of impact on his overall worth. A poor defensive second baseman, Patterson could wind up in the outfield like his older brother Corey, but the A's have him at the keystone in triple-A, and likely envision him as a replacement for pending free agent Mark Ellis. A career .303/.366/.475 hitter in the minors who will steal 20-plus bags a year at a decent clip, Patterson's obvious comp is Ray Durham, himself a former Athletic. Patterson's no kid--a college product, he's 25--but he doesn't have many major league miles, so he should be a cheap alternative to Ellis this winter and for several years to come.

Still, if Harden leads the Cubs to their first World Series in 63 years and goes on to pick up a Cy Young or two, all of which are very likely if he can only stay healthy, Beane's return is going to look awfully light.

As it pertains to this series, the Yankees benefit from not running right into Harden out of the break, but also would have been better off facing Blanton tonight. Facing Gallagher on Sunday splits the difference to a certain degree. In place of Blanton, the Yanks face rookie Greg Smith tonight, himself rebuilding booty from the Dan Haren trade (Beane has now traded 60 percent of his 2007 rotation). A 24-year-old lefty, Smith has an ERA nearly a run higher on the road, but that road mark is a still-strong 3.86. Smith gets by on his curve and changeup, but is far from dominating. Over his last six starts, he's posted a 2.78 ERA, but has walked more than he's struck out.

Expect newest Yankee Richie Sexson to get a start against the lefty Smith with Jose Molina continuing to serve as personal catcher for Mike Mussina. That will leave Jason Giambi and Jorge Posada to duke it out over DH duties. The Yankees have never faced smith before and Giambi has faired better against lefties than switch-hitting Posada, but Smith smokes lefties (.205/.250/.265 on the season), so maybe the pitcher's splits trump the hitters' here.

Oakland Athletics

2008 Record: 51-44 (.537)
2008 Pythagorean Record: 56-39 (.585)

Manager: Bob Geren
General Manager: Billy Beane

Home Ballpark (multi-year Park Factors): Oakland Coliseum (93/93)

Who's Replaced Whom:

Matt Murton replaces Travis Buck (minors)
Donnie Murphy (DL) replaces Bobby Crosby (DL)
Jack Hannahan (bench) replaces Eric Chavez (DL) at third base
Ryan Sweeney (DL) replaces Chavez on the roster
Sean Gallagher replaces Rich Harden
Dallas Braden (minors) replaces Joe Blanton
Santiago Casilla (DL) replaces Keith Foulke (DL)
Jerry Blevins (minors) replaces Kiko Calero
someone replaces Chad Gaudin

25-man Roster:

1B - Daric Barton (L)
2B - Mark Ellis (R)
SS - Donnie Murphy (R)
3B - Jack Hannahan (L)
C - Kurt Suzuki (R)
RF - Emil Brown (R)
CF - Carlos Gonzalez (L)
LF - Matt Murton (R)
DH - Jack Cust (L)


L - Ryan Sweeney (OF)
R - Rajai Davis (OF)
R - Gregorio Petit (IF)
S - Rob Bowen (C)


R - Justin Duchscherer
R - Sean Gallagher
L - Dana Eveland

L - Greg Smith


R - Huston Street
L - Alan Embree
R - Santiago Casilla
R - Andrew Brown
R - Brad Ziegler
L - Dallas Braden
L - Jerry Blevins

15-day DL: L - Eric Chavez (3B), R - Bobby Crosby (SS), R - Frank Thomas (DH), R - Keith Foulke, R - Joey Devine
60-day DL: R - Mike Sweeney (1B)

Typical Lineup:

R - Kurt Suzuki (C)
R - Matt Murton (LF)
L - Jack Cust (DH)
R - Emil Brown (RF)
L - Carlos Gonzalez (CF)
R - Mark Ellis (2B)
L - Daric Barton (1B)
L - Jack Hannahan (3B)
R - Donnie Murphy (SS)

Comments (164)
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2008-07-18 16:02:11
1.   JL25and3
Gaudin pitched a one-hitter against the Yankees at the Stadium last year. That was, without question, the most boring baseball game I've ever been to. It wasn't even bad, it just wasn't anything.
2008-07-18 16:05:21
2.   RIYank
Couple things. First, much as I admire Beane, the turnover must make it difficult to be an A's fan.
Second, here

is an article about Jack Cust. He's a weird batter. In 364 plate appearances, Cust has walked 67 times and struck out 114 times. Since he's been hit-by-pitch twice, this makes the chance that he puts the ball in play at all, in a given appearance, under 50%. That's pretty peculiar.
Peculiar isn't bad, though. He leads the team in RBI, and the American League in OBP.

Moose had better throw him strikes.

2008-07-18 16:16:10
3.   monkeypants
2 Peculiar yes...but WE have Brett Gardner!

; )

2008-07-18 16:17:31
4.   RIYank
Yep, that was Jack Cust.
2008-07-18 16:26:48
5.   Bob Timmermann
If anyone has any more light to shed on this issue, please weigh in.

2008-07-18 16:29:30
6.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
2 i find players like Cust to be sleep-inducing..

35Centigrade and humid here at 8:30 in the morning, need a Yankees win to make the day bearable!

2008-07-18 16:33:50
7.   RIYank
Hm, I'm starting to like the new kid.
2008-07-18 16:34:04
8.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Sexson with the RBI!! I'm shocked!! am sure the 0-4 with 3K games are coming though..Seattle always on tv here
and man, he had some ugly ugly at bats
2008-07-18 16:36:34
9.   OldYanksFan
Sexson has alread earned his $173,333.16
2008-07-18 16:38:05
10.   RIYank
Hm. Well, that wasn't bad, though with just a little luck it could have been great. A-Rod out on a great throw, Jeter out on a great catch, Posada's line drive straight at an outfielder.

Also, 26 pitches for Smith and that's with two one-pitch outs!

2008-07-18 16:38:10
11.   Just fair
Meacham is bound and determined to lead the league in
(guys thrown out at home plate)
2008-07-18 16:39:36
12.   RIYank
8 Not against lefty pitchers, though, I bet. Not this year. Check out his platoon splits this year.
2008-07-18 16:40:25
13.   RIYank
9 Hey, yeah, isn't that what A-Rod gets per RBI? Actually, I guess he gets more than that per RBI.
2008-07-18 16:46:05
14.   ms october
11 there might be a second part to that - GTOAHPAIWC - guys thrown out at home plate and it wasn't close

hopefully moose is settling in.
doesn't look like he is going to get those close calls tonight though.

2008-07-18 16:56:21
15.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
quiet this morning...everyone asleep in NYC?
2008-07-18 16:58:43
16.   OldYanksFan
13 ARod makes about $50,000 per AB.
2008-07-18 16:58:49
17.   Chyll Will
15 zzzzz...
2008-07-18 16:59:30
18.   OldYanksFan
2008-07-18 17:01:08
19.   Chyll Will
14 If the Yanks wanted to find a spot for Willie, maybe they can pay him to teach Meacham how he overcame his own pinwheel-arm when he started out...
2008-07-18 17:01:20
20.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
17 18 Konichiwa!
[16} thats unreal....then again, Nicole Kidman got pais 20million to make "Stepford Wives" so in that sense, A-Rod good value..
2008-07-18 17:04:53
21.   rbj
I just got in, been mowing the lawn. Hot & humid here in Toledo, totally unlike the past week when I was in Portland (OR). Even with the 3 hour difference the ASG was getting late.
2008-07-18 17:08:45
22.   OldYanksFan
Wow! Molina is historically MUCH MUCH better against LHP then RHP (+210 OPS) but this year both his BA and OPS are 50 pts LOWER. So in his own limited way, Molina is also underperforming compared to his historical numbers.
2008-07-18 17:10:21
23.   OldYanksFan
2008-07-18 17:12:26
24.   Chyll Will
"Sexon's susceptible to the strikeout"

and somewhere Reggie laughs. However, that one was not that funny...

2008-07-18 17:12:27
25.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Cano has a .286 OBP...
2008-07-18 17:14:31
26.   Chyll Will
25 Not anymore >;)
2008-07-18 17:14:56
27.   rbj
Yes, let's hope this is the beginning of a torrid second half for Cano.
2008-07-18 17:15:19
28.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-18 17:15:20
29.   ms october
yeah - robbie's second half surge is off to a nice start.
2008-07-18 17:15:38
30.   Travis08
Career post-All-Star break, Cano's hitting .334/.366/.540.

He's off to a good start this year.

2008-07-18 17:15:38
31.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Schweet Schwing!
2008-07-18 17:16:46
32.   cult of basebaal
ah, hacky ... you are nothing but consistent ...
2008-07-18 17:19:58
33.   cult of basebaal
i wasn't around earlier, did go-go meacham get another runner thrown out at home???
2008-07-18 17:20:50
34.   ms october
singleton and cone said robbie is (was) hitting leftys much better than he was rightys - which i wasn't fully aware of.

against rhp:
against lhp:

2008-07-18 17:21:17
35.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
33 indeed..great throw though. wish A-Rod would not risk collisions like that..
2008-07-18 17:21:49
36.   Chyll Will
33 Bobby Pinwheels? sho 'nuff...
2008-07-18 17:21:56
37.   ms october
33 yes - robbie hit a ball sharply to the rf and alex was at 2nd and go-go meachem waved him home and he was out very easily
2008-07-18 17:22:04
38.   Travis08
33 Yes, but with 2 outs and Melky on-deck.
2008-07-18 17:22:39
39.   ChrisS
26 Some where Earl Weaver is smiling.
2008-07-18 17:23:17
40.   Chyll Will
Jinx, all y'all owe me root beers >;)
2008-07-18 17:24:23
41.   ms october
40 should i send it to aruba :}
2008-07-18 17:25:11
42.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
40 I got a can of Clamato here if you like..or maybe the latest local drink craze, "Vegetable Water"...yep, like it sounds..
2008-07-18 17:25:42
43.   Chyll Will
40 That would be you 35 , you 37 and you over there 38 ...
2008-07-18 17:27:14
44.   Chyll Will
41 , 42 The word I'm looking for sounds like no... oh wait, it is no >;)
2008-07-18 17:28:40
45.   Chyll Will
42 Do they sell that in recycled V8 cans?
2008-07-18 17:29:11
46.   rbj
2008-07-18 17:29:52
47.   cult of basebaal
38 i guess that's okay then, lord knows hacky wouldn't have come through ...
2008-07-18 17:30:41
48.   ms october
nice pitch moose!
2008-07-18 17:31:59
49.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
45 clear plastic bottles...corn soup in a can also available!
Molina, .261 OBP..sigh...
2008-07-18 17:31:59
50.   Chyll Will

If he did, would that have been a Hacky Sock?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-18 17:33:40
51.   Travis08
Gardner's taking lessons from Melky.
2008-07-18 17:33:40
52.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
50 ...rolling tumbleweed...

broadcast here showing lots of Nomo Hideo highlights, he was really impressive for awhile, love that delivery!

2008-07-18 17:33:49
53.   rbj
Do not slide at first!
2008-07-18 17:33:52
54.   ChrisS
There's the answer to Hacky.
2008-07-18 17:34:43
55.   ms october
damn he's fast.

but hmm a headfirst slide.

2008-07-18 17:35:06
56.   cult of basebaal
if that bunt was down, he would have been safe. out by that much.
2008-07-18 17:35:08
57.   rbj
50 Given the thread's title, I think bad puns are the order of the day. And isn't "bad pun" redundant?
2008-07-18 17:35:21
58.   Chyll Will
52 Crickets work better (and cheaper)... Hey, at least I warned you!!! >;)
2008-07-18 17:36:18
59.   OldYanksFan
55 That was really a bad bunt and it was still very close. It looks like any groundball bunt past the pitcher will be a BH.
2008-07-18 17:36:26
60.   cult of basebaal
50 i dunno, but if it were a really clutch situation, you could say it was a showing of some hacky sack!
2008-07-18 17:36:27
61.   Chyll Will
57 Yeah, but that was really bad, even for me...
2008-07-18 17:37:19
62.   3rd gen yankee fan
Fine Gardner. We already have a guy who slides headfirst into first base.
2008-07-18 17:37:49
63.   Chyll Will
A's incompetence saves the day for Bobby Pinwheels!
2008-07-18 17:38:16
64.   cult of basebaal
yeeesh, that should have been 2 for go-go meacham.
2008-07-18 17:38:16
65.   ms october
christ if the cathcer could have caught that ball he would have been out by a mile too.
2008-07-18 17:38:57
66.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
anyone familiar with the bad puns of Tobias Funke, frmo Arrested Development?
2008-07-18 17:39:08
67.   Schteeve
Can i point out that I advocated the Yankees trading Gardner for Murton earlier this season?
2008-07-18 17:39:30
68.   ms october
so this is what it feels like to score runs. quie nice i must say.
2008-07-18 17:39:41
69.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
A-Rod with the ribbie..this game looks to be over
2008-07-18 17:40:34
70.   OldYanksFan
Can someone tell me why with 2 outs Jeter is jogging to 2nd? That play should not even have been close. Has Jeter given up?
2008-07-18 17:41:07
71.   Chyll Will
Scariest words to hear in tonight's game: "They're sending him home!"
2008-07-18 17:41:53
72.   rbj
Suzuki certainly doesn't seem to be Swift tonight

2008-07-18 17:42:05
73.   ChrisS
and here comes Dicklock Sexy.
2008-07-18 17:42:28
74.   Chyll Will
66 From the group or the TV show?
2008-07-18 17:43:03
75.   OldYanksFan
Man... the guy who might hit 800 HRs is 14 for 15 in SBs this year. ARod just plays this game right.
2008-07-18 17:44:38
76.   cult of basebaal
walks! stolen bases!! 2 out hits!!!


2008-07-18 17:44:43
77.   Chyll Will
Those numbers look positively Tony Clarksian...

Ya walk Sexon, ya lose, kid...

2008-07-18 17:44:44
78.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
74 tv show. one of the funniest characters in tv history methinks. he thought himself both an analyst AND a therapist, so printed business cards that said "Dr.Funke, qualified analrapist"...
2008-07-18 17:47:31
79.   Chyll Will
Cano should continue to play the phoenix here...
2008-07-18 17:47:32
80.   ChrisS
78 The funniest bit was when Bateman's character suggested that Tobias tape record himself in order to identify what he was saying that made people misunderstand him.
2008-07-18 17:49:26
81.   Shaun P
Helllooooo offense!

What did I miss? =)

2008-07-18 17:49:34
82.   Just fair
Cone loves talking about beer and partying. Too funny. : )
2008-07-18 17:49:42
83.   ChrisS
If Blevins leaves one up it's going to get creamed.
2008-07-18 17:50:04
84.   cult of basebaal
c'mon RIPPER!
2008-07-18 17:50:15
85.   rbj
Shoot. Still a good inning.
2008-07-18 17:50:56
86.   cult of basebaal
84 guess not.
2008-07-18 17:52:21
87.   ms october
oh well, would have been nice to really break it open but i'll take it.

81 hits! with risp!! often with 2 outs!!!
and mosse pitching pretty good.
and bad puns.

82 he is hilarious. he gets so excited about his exploits.

2008-07-18 17:52:45
88.   Just fair
The Yankees next see a lefty on Wednesday vs. Perkins and the Twins. Will he get a chance against righties with his new team or will he get to know the bench? Just typing aloud.
2008-07-18 17:54:43
89.   ChrisS
88 After tonight, I can see him getting DH ABs while Posada catches or hell, even supplanting Giambi at first.

As much as I would like to see him clobber 22 HRs in the second half, I don't see him being particularly good, though.

2008-07-18 17:55:35
90.   Chyll Will
88 Bench, period
2008-07-18 17:55:44
91.   cult of basebaal
charter member of 3TO up here in cust ...
2008-07-18 17:56:09
92.   ms october
88 yeah good typing aloud - i guess a lot depends on how much posada catches over the week or so and then after this week how quickly damon is ready to play and if they try to dh damon a lot when he comes back.
2008-07-18 17:56:11
93.   RIYank
Another 'true outcome' for Jack Cust.
2008-07-18 17:57:56
94.   ms october
nice play robbie!!!
2008-07-18 17:58:07
95.   rbj
Wood and leather night for Robbie.
2008-07-18 17:58:20
96.   Chyll Will
A One Man Wrecking Cano...
2008-07-18 17:58:51
97.   Just fair
Any runner that gets caught like by the 2nd baseman should be fined and feathered. Just awful baserunning. Good for the hometeam, though.
2008-07-18 18:00:22
98.   cult of basebaal
man, if we could only brainwash 1st Half Rotten Robbie into becoming 2nd Half Robbie the Ripper without having to wait for half the damn season to pass ... we'd have a freaking star on both sides of the ball
2008-07-18 18:00:42
99.   Chyll Will
95 Whoa, that's none of my business...
2008-07-18 18:01:22
100.   ms october
let's hope a strong second half is something melky is interested in as well
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2008-07-18 18:02:01
101.   rbj
99 But it sounds like Cone would join the party.
2008-07-18 18:02:16
102.   cult of basebaal
wow ... another hit against a lefty for melky ... mirabile dictu!
2008-07-18 18:03:00
103.   Chyll Will
97 No tar, cuz if he was tarred, he'd have to lye down (and we'd never recognize him after that...)
2008-07-18 18:03:20
104.   Shaun P
87 Thag you very buch!

I see Bobby M is trying to earn his way out of town again.

2008-07-18 18:04:02
105.   Chyll Will
101 la-la-la-la-la...
2008-07-18 18:05:19
106.   cult of basebaal
gardner back to being overmatched.
2008-07-18 18:06:01
107.   Just fair
Have they made the rookies dress up yet? They should make Gardner wear an oversized wet, brown, paper lunch bag.
2008-07-18 18:07:17
108.   rbj
107 But he wouldn't be able to get out of it.
2008-07-18 18:07:49
109.   ms october
107 poor thing wouldn't be able to hit his way out of it
2008-07-18 18:08:18
110.   ms october
108 damn - beat me to it
2008-07-18 18:08:59
111.   Max
70 That play didn't look almost looked like Jeter forgot how many outs there were. With that said, I have no idea why Meacham sent him given how late he got to others said, thank goodness for the A's incompetence, because he was way out.
2008-07-18 18:09:30
112.   Chyll Will
107 Or maybe one in flames (fake ones, hopefully...)
2008-07-18 18:10:38
113.   Just fair
108 109 Or they coulld make him ride a camel while carrying a bunch or hourglasses. Or is that stretching It? : )
2008-07-18 18:12:18
114.   rbj
109 Jinx, I'll take a Stewart's cream soda.
2008-07-18 18:14:28
115.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
god, are they really playing David-Clayon Thomas era BS&T at the Stadium?? did they lose their Best of Chicago cd or something??

really, there is no excuse not to play Duke Ellington at the new Stadium..

2008-07-18 18:15:49
116.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
2008-07-18 18:16:08
117.   Chyll Will
All things considered, that was not a surprise...
2008-07-18 18:16:10
118.   rbj
I don't want to jinx it, but I think Mo has the night off.
2008-07-18 18:16:32
119.   Just fair
Desperately Seeking Seven (runs that is)
2008-07-18 18:16:54
120.   ms october
114 sure thing - i'll throw it in the fridge with chyll's root beer.

look out mike schmidt - you ar going to get passed soon!!

2008-07-18 18:18:36
121.   Chyll Will
118 If Sexson goes yard, you won't have to think...
2008-07-18 18:19:42
122.   Chyll Will
Well, that's what I call a jinx 121 (sorry)...
2008-07-18 18:20:42
123.   cult of basebaal
if sexson started growing a mustache ... and then had a big second half ... he and giambi could be the 'stache brothers!
2008-07-18 18:22:56
124.   Chyll Will
123 They could form a band called "Porn 'Stache"...
2008-07-18 18:23:37
125.   rbj
And thank you for playing, Donnie Murphy.
2008-07-18 18:24:42
126.   rbj
And thank you for playing, Mark Ellis.
2008-07-18 18:24:59
127.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
i'm not up to date..who is this Robertson kid? is he actually a young power arm that can match those TB Rays and Sox pitchers?
2008-07-18 18:25:05
128.   ms october
123 but then how would we tell them apart?:}

since robertson is in i wouldn't mind edwar getting some work in too (though i am quote pleased with robertson). haven't looked up any numbers, and maybe it is just the disaster of last year leaving a strong impression in my mind but he doesn't seem to do well with long layoffs.

2008-07-18 18:26:16
129.   Just fair
Hey, Roberstson. Atta boy, Kid.
2008-07-18 18:26:37
130.   rbj
And thank you for playing, Kurt Suzuki.

All three of you will get a year's supply of turtle wax.

2008-07-18 18:28:26
131.   Chyll Will
128 Ha! They'd be like the Super Mario Brothers!
2008-07-18 18:29:46
132.   ms october
127 yes he can definitely get strikeouts. hasn't really pitched that many innings since being called up, so not sure how much we can read into his stats, but whip is 1.125 and era+ is 181. i think he had a minor bout with control issues in the minors but seems to mostly be over that.
plus he is a bama yankee
2008-07-18 18:30:43
133.   cult of basebaal
127 this is a write up from kevin goldstein before robertson got called up ...

David Robertson: As a small righty, Robertson doesn't pass the scouting sniff test, but he keeps getting hitters out, easing concerns about his height. In over 130 innings as a pro, he's yet to give up a home run, and in 28 appearances between Double- and Triple-A this year, he has a 1.74 ERA and 71 strikeouts in 49 2/3 innings. With a low-90s fastball and outstanding slider, Robertson may not have Melancon's upside, but he might get the call sooner.

2008-07-18 18:31:47
134.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
thanks for the info on Robertson!
Is Melancon due to come up soon?
2008-07-18 18:32:07
135.   cult of basebaal
133 except it isn't a slider, it's a curve ... strange he missed that
2008-07-18 18:33:19
136.   Shaun P
134 Well, supposedly Mark Newman has said that Melancon is going to stay in AA all year - but I could see him being a September call-up.
2008-07-18 18:33:54
137.   cult of basebaal
134 i'd bet no. the yankees are on record that they'd like him to spend the year in AA. with the way the bullpen is pitching and with the other arms still down in AAA, i think the team is content to get melancon through the year uninjured.
2008-07-18 18:34:39
138.   ms october
131 oh good - they will wear different color suspenders.
speaking of the stache i haven't seen him on any of the bench shots - hope he made it back okay (or i just missed seeing him).
2008-07-18 18:38:40
139.   Just fair
IF Edwar could learn a 3rd pitch.....well, he could be a bit nasty.
2008-07-18 18:39:53
140.   cult of basebaal
139 he has a 3rd pitch ... it's a slider.
2008-07-18 18:40:28
141.   Travis08
Is this lead Hawkins-proof?
2008-07-18 18:41:34
142.   cult of basebaal
so ... 2ips by the bully so far ... 6 batters faced, 5 strike outs ...
2008-07-18 18:42:51
143.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
yikes, Ponson in the dugout looks truly rotund
2008-07-18 18:44:37
144.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Jeter has Cameo's "Candy" as his at-bat music..that is cool..
2008-07-18 18:45:05
145.   cult of basebaal
man ... the A's have an never-ending parade of lefties ...
2008-07-18 18:45:07
146.   Just fair
[140} Thanks. All I have ever heard is fastball, change-up. Fastball, change-up.
2008-07-18 18:46:11
147.   cult of basebaal
146 the slider's a get me over pitch he tends to throw for strikes early in the count from what i've seen.
2008-07-18 18:53:01
148.   OldYanksFan
I wonder if Guidrey 'passed the scouting sniff test'.
2008-07-18 18:54:02
149.   rbj
141 All signs point to Yes.
2008-07-18 18:55:25
150.   OldYanksFan
Moose with another excellent start. Dare I say he is truly our Ace?
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2008-07-18 18:55:48
151.   monkeypants
Traber was optioned down to make room for Sexson. Christian or Gardner will go down when Damon returns. So, who will get the axe when Bruney gets back (according to Pete Abe he's getting close)?

I have a feeling that Hawkins' days are numbered.

2008-07-18 18:56:22
152.   Chyll Will
144 Shouldn't that be Abreu's?
2008-07-18 18:56:37
153.   monkeypants
151 Maybe, if he has afew nice showings like today, the team van get something for him?
2008-07-18 18:56:51
154.   rbj
[151 He might be decent trade bait at this point.
2008-07-18 18:57:53
155.   OldYanksFan
Moose now 12-6 with a 3.49 ERA. Is 20 possible? Just how cool would that be!
2008-07-18 18:58:59
156.   Chyll Will
148 Please see 99
2008-07-18 19:00:27
157.   monkeypants
148 Well, he wasn't really used until he was 26. I remember my older brother telling me at the time that he would "burn out" because he was skinny, so there may have been some skepticism.

But you're right, if he keeps getting people out forget what he looks like.

2008-07-18 19:02:49
158.   monkeypants
155 Close. Eight wins in what, 13 or so more starts? Might be tough, but it would certainly be awesome.
2008-07-18 19:03:36
159.   OldYanksFan
If you are going to look at size, yet see that Edwar gets guys out, well.... I guess size doesn't matter. Am I correct Ms. October?
2008-07-18 19:07:58
160.   Chyll Will
157 This guy had a helluva curve...

2008-07-18 19:15:17
161.   monkeypants
148 Hey OYF, your comment about Guidry got me thinking, so I looked at his MiL numbers on Baseball Cube. Wow, they really weren't very good--decent ERA and lots of Ks, but also tons of walks and few innings.

Can you imaging Mattpat11' reaction if he were around in 1975 when Guidry was first called up to the bigs, the year after he posted a 1.73 WHIP in AA?

2008-07-18 20:46:39
162.   RIYank
Boy, this Red Sox game is almost as much fun as the Yankee game. David Aardsma, how do you spell relief?
2008-07-18 20:50:45
163.   Raf
Just wanted to give a shout out to Jen for coming through with the tickets. My cousins and I had a blast @ the game :)
2008-07-18 21:31:34
164.   Jen
Anytime Raf. Glad you guys enjoyed it.

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