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2008-07-14 09:01
by Alex Belth

Over at New York magazine, Will Leitch weighs in on the latest Alex Rodriguez circus:

As we watch A-Rod's tabloid excoriation across our tabloid media this week—He's having an affair with Madonna! No, it's only spiritual! He dates strippers and bodybuilders! He's a bad dad!—it's worth considering that the breakup that has landed A-Rod in his predicament isn't necessarily the one with his wife, Cynthia; it's the one he had with Scott Boras last October.

Over the past sixteen years, Boras was the one constant in A-Rod's life. A-Rod's job was simple: Hit baseballs a very long way. Boras, his agent, managed his money, public image, contract negotiations, you name it. Then, when negotiations with the Yankees went haywire, he dumped Boras, and Madonna's longtime manager, Guy Oseary, was hired to remake A-Rod's image. Which has happened now, spectacularly.

You can say that again.

2008-07-14 11:12:43
1.   Schteeve
I really really really hope this story dies. But, given that it's on the front page of People and Us Weekly, I sadly don't think that's gonna happen.


Agree with Will's piece.

2008-07-14 11:23:02
2.   Mattpat11
Alex Rodriguez, at his very core, is a media whore. I've never bought this idea that he is some naive little lamb that's being led astray by all these people.

Alex, just as much as Madonna, loves to be on the front pages. No one as smart as Alex Rodriguez would say and do the things he does without a burning desire to have everyone talk about him. The idea that he's going to traipse around Toronto with that man woman without even wearing a hat and sunglasses and be shocked when someone takes a picture of him is laughable. He wanted to be caught.

I really don't care much for Alex Rodriguez the person. I think he cares for no one but Alex Rodriguez. But god damn can he play baseball, and as long as he does that, I'm glad to have him on the team.

2008-07-14 11:57:46
3.   Sliced Bread
and now, according to the NY Daily News , Boras is back in the picture trying to broker a truce between the third baseman and wifey poo. Go figure. If true, Boras is once again a key player on Team ARod.
2008-07-14 12:52:05
4.   JL25and3
I kind of like seeing Alex involved with a nice religious Jewish girl.
2008-07-14 12:58:56
5.   Jeb
3 Too bad for Boras. Cynthia has already exercised her "opt out" clause.

By the way, it's nice to see stuff from Will Leitch quoted here. I loved him on Deadspin.

2008-07-14 13:42:36
6.   Bama Yankee
I also read somewhere that even David Ortiz has reached out to help A-Rod by offering him some marital advice... To which A-Rod replied: "Papi don't preach, I'm in trouble deep"
2008-07-14 13:45:19
7.   Schteeve
6 Awesome.
2008-07-14 13:50:40
8.   OldYanksFan
2 Yeah.... Seeing as how ARod gets hardly any media coverage, being plastered all over the world as an adulterer a few months after having a baby is everybody's idea of smart publicity.

Is there anything about the Yankees you don't hate?

2008-07-14 13:53:27
9.   Chyll Will
6 Ohh (Desperately Seeking) Susanna, oh don't you cry for me (Argentina...)

(you know the rest, mi amigo >;)

2008-07-14 13:59:12
10.   Chyll Will
8 The pinstripes are slimming?
2008-07-14 14:23:01
11.   weeping for brunnhilde
4 Ha ha ah aha ha ah ah !
2008-07-14 14:23:25
12.   weeping for brunnhilde
6 Oh, that's terrible!
2008-07-14 14:28:05
13.   Bama Yankee
7 Thanks.

9 Very nice.

She's tried everything else, maybe the next time she reinvents herself she'll come from Alabama with a banjo on her knee...

2008-07-14 14:34:32
14.   Bama Yankee
12 You're just upset because I had you going there for a second. Admit it, weeping, you thought Big Papi was turning into Dr. Phil... ;-)
2008-07-14 14:53:26
15.   Schteeve
A-Rod seems to have handled himself pretty well at the media day today. Also, in a country in which 41% of married people ADMIT to infidelity, I really think it's silly when the media and general public gets all sanctimonious about stories like this. Plus, A-Rod is a celebrity and I would suppose the % of celebs who cheat is a few healthy ticks above 41%
2008-07-14 16:39:56
16.   Chyll Will
13 Bada ding-dong-ding-dong-deng-dung-deng... (wait, that's Georgia, right?)
2008-07-14 16:44:56
17.   Chyll Will
15 The sanctimony doesn't end with cheating on wives when it concerns baseball nowadays, as Canseco and others will testify to. However, Alex seems to be above such things... >;)
2008-07-14 17:48:47
18.   weeping for brunnhilde
14 Truth to tell, I laughed.

More than a bit.

Despite myself. :)

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