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2008-07-12 09:26
by Alex Belth

Time for a win.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2008-07-12 09:29:57
1.   tommyl
Posted just before the new thread:

I'm beginning to think the problem with this offense is the non-stars and their OBP woes. Its true that during the championship run not every player was a star, but most if not all could walk and had OBP of .350 or higher. Right now, Melky, Cano, Gardner, Molina all have OBPs either just above .300 or well below. You just cannot win with that many players in your lineup not getting on base. Its way too many outs. Its true that we've been a bit below average with RISP but we just don't have that many opportunities. Those great teams were built on OBP, much more so than slugging. In our current lineup we have three players OBP over .350. Three! Giambi, A-Rod and Posada. Jeter and Abreu are right below. I did a quick glance at team EQA and we're something like 16th, below such offensive powerhouses as the Rockies, the Orioles and the Marlins. Hell, we're two above Toronto! Boston by comparison is third and Tampa is sixth. This is not a team going somewhere.

2008-07-12 09:31:26
2.   tommyl
1 For comparison, looking at the 1998 Yankees (not a HR hitting team). Not a single player in the starting 9 had an OBP below .350. That's the difference in the two teams, right there.
2008-07-12 09:45:59
3.   cult of basebaal
1 which to my mind, is the only explanation needed as to why we weren't in on sabathia or harden ... the pitching isn't the true problem on this team, the bats are ... and the problem is deep enough and wide enough, that i don't think 1 bat, regardless of who it belongs to, is going to solve our problems.
2008-07-12 10:02:00
4.   tommyl
3 Agreed, if the offense was performing at even 90% of projections we would be dominating with our current pitching. We've scored two or less runs in something like 33 games now. You just can't win like that. I'm amazed this team's record is even where it is.
2008-07-12 10:05:01
5.   monkeypants
1 Agreed. But that only underscores how silly it has been to give so many starts to Molina, no matter how good his throwing has been. And, if you are going to play Molina AND carry Chad Moeller, then you HAVE to PH more often in high leverage situations--I would say in any big spot starting in the 5th inning.

I've beaten this horse before, and I'm gonna keep on it.

2008-07-12 10:09:03
6.   tommyl
What's this "run" thing we have? Is it a new stat?
2008-07-12 10:12:34
7.   monkeypants
6 I don't like the lead off kills rallies. The lead off man shouldn't hit HRs.
That was sarcasm.
2008-07-12 10:15:26
8.   cult of basebaal
man, arod's the ice-man right now. he needs to find a "slump buster" and soon.
2008-07-12 10:17:36
9.   tommyl
5 Yeah, I think I agree with you. It still doesn't matter, with Melky and his .303 OBP and Cano with his sub .300 one we're not going to score many runs. As Steve Goldman has pointed out to death, a player who walks a lot still walks when he's in a slump. Hence he still has some value. When Cano is hitting below about .320 he doesn't have much value. Melky, sheesh, .303 OBP?! I guess he's still got 10 points on Miguel Cairo, but c'mon!
2008-07-12 10:18:00
10.   tommyl
8 Isn't that Madonna?
2008-07-12 10:19:24
11.   cult of basebaal
10 evidently not ...
2008-07-12 10:19:42
12.   tommyl
Well that good feeling lasted about 5 minutes. Whee!
2008-07-12 10:19:49
13.   monkeypants
OK, so is THAT an error?
2008-07-12 10:19:51
14.   Eirias
Weak Abreu. Just weak.
2008-07-12 10:21:12
15.   cult of basebaal
wow. what 14 said. that was pathetic.
2008-07-12 10:22:33
16.   monkeypants
Paging Eric Milton...Paging Eric Milton...Mr. Eric Milton...
2008-07-12 10:23:48
17.   tommyl
Well I see we're back to the sucking Yankees again this week. Lets just try to not get swept here. That'd suck. Lots.
2008-07-12 10:24:09
18.   Bob Timmermann
If Eric Milton is the answer, the question better be "who threw the cheapest no-hitter ever?"
2008-07-12 10:25:21
19.   Travis08
Griddle alert: Kyle Overbay reaches on catcher's interference by Chad Moeller.
2008-07-12 10:25:22
20.   tommyl
16 He's also six weeks away from even throwing in a game. He's getting a look for 2009.

Ok, over/under how many outs does Rasner get before getting pulled? Do they have a bus ready to take him back to Scranton?

2008-07-12 10:25:55
21.   monkeypants
Catcher interference? Well, that's something you don't see everyday. Wow, having Chad Moeller on the roster looks more and more genius each game
2008-07-12 10:26:08
22.   Travis08
19 Lyle Overbay, obviously.
2008-07-12 10:26:41
23.   monkeypants
20 I was joking. He's not MY answer...I fear that he will end up being the organization's answer.
2008-07-12 10:26:48
24.   cult of basebaal
i dunno, the more we sucketh, the better our draft position will be next year ... maybe we can suck enough to get a protected draft position ... then we can sign free agents and still keep a high draft spot.
2008-07-12 10:31:02
25.   Eirias
So... McCutchen?
2008-07-12 10:31:29
26.   cult of basebaal
23 why? he isn't even throwing yet. he's still on the DL. eric milton will not throw a meaningful pitch for the yankees this year. by the time he'll be ready, so will a bunch of other options, including probably phil hughes and wang. relax and find something else to bitch about ... like pumpkin rasner and his vortex of suck.
2008-07-12 10:33:28
27.   monkeypants
Abreu looks good out there today. Quick to the ball, etc.
2008-07-12 10:33:49
28.   tommyl
26 Carl Pavano! Carl Pavano will pitch the Yankees to the World Series this year. You heard it hear first!

Three run triple! Perhaps Rasner can't even get the Yankees out. I'm beginning to think the league has some video on him now.

2008-07-12 10:34:25
29.   tommyl
27 Good thing his offense is carrying him. Oh wait...shoot. Ok, hell with this, I'm going to read at Hudson Park.
2008-07-12 10:34:50
30.   williamnyy23
I wonder if the Yankees actually send Rasner to the mound expecting a win. If Cashman isn't going to get another viable arm or bat, then he needs to start dumping veterans now. This team has past the point of disfunctional.
2008-07-12 10:35:37
31.   cult of basebaal
wow ... booby abreu's already on his all-star break ... man, this team looks lost.
2008-07-12 10:37:07
32.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks, I'm already on it.

All the runs Rasner gave up should be earned even though there was an error for the CI.

It's one of those things.

2008-07-12 10:37:19
33.   williamnyy23
31 This team has run its course. It may simply be time to clean house and start over. More and more, it looks as if the Yankees are going to require a more significant rebuild.
2008-07-12 10:37:39
34.   monkeypants
26 I a very relaxed. Game on CBC today, nice lager on the coffee table.

By joking that Cashman (or Hank) would be paging Eric Milton as "Pumpkin Rasner" gets lit up was a clever way (I thought) to comment on his "vortex of suck."

I don't really believe that Eric Milton is getting called up any time soon, especially not on an old hospital PA system like in the Three Stooges shorts ("Paging Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, Dr. Curly").

At the same time, the team eschewed "a bunch of other options" to sign Sydney Ponson.

2008-07-12 10:38:32
35.   cult of basebaal
30 what's the point of adding "an" arm or bat at this point. this team needs a lot of mending and not just for this year. i'd be looking to dump.
2008-07-12 10:38:44
36.   OldYanksFan
Anyone else think that our FauxPas defense cost us and Rasner 4 Barely earned runs?
2008-07-12 10:39:42
37.   Travis08
32 If you haven't already corrected it, it was Moeller catching, not Posada.

I'm pretty sure Overbay's run is unearned, but the other two aren't.

2008-07-12 10:40:14
38.   tommyl
34 Eric Milton is rehabbing from TJ surgery. He is nowhere near ready to pitch for Staten Island, much yes the Yankees. Relax.
2008-07-12 10:41:25
39.   cult of basebaal
34 like whom? horne was hurt, aceves was hurt, mccutcheon had only had like 5 starts in AAA and wasn't pitching well enough to warrant a callup ... freddy garcia isn't even ready to throw for scouts now, let alone then. what would you have done?
2008-07-12 10:41:35
40.   monkeypants
34 Do you people understand sarcasm?
2008-07-12 10:41:58
41.   williamnyy23
36 I think Rasner being a awful pitcher contributed to the inning as well.
2008-07-12 10:41:59
42.   cult of basebaal
sweet ... now we enter the true vortex of suck ... our 6-9 spots in the lineup.
2008-07-12 10:42:17
43.   cult of basebaal
c'mon hacky!
2008-07-12 10:43:59
44.   tommyl
Wow, see how much better we are when these guys just get on base?
2008-07-12 10:44:25
45.   Eirias
Gardner got a hit AND someone was held up at third? Amazing!
2008-07-12 10:45:17
46.   Bob Timmermann
Overbay's run should be earned.

This is from the notes from a similar situation between the Mets and Dodgers earlier this year:
While Martin was charged with an error for the catcher's interference that let Vargas reach, the runs that scored after the two-out play were officially earned. According to scoring rules, it couldn't be assumed that Vargas would have made the third out.
While Martin was charged with an error for the catcher's interference that let Vargas reach, the runs that scored after the two-out play were officially earned. According to scoring rules, it couldn't be assumed that Vargas would have made the third out.

2008-07-12 10:45:33
47.   cult of basebaal
45 well, i think it was obvious to even meacham ... centerfielder was playing gardner about 15 feet behind 2nd base
2008-07-12 10:46:24
48.   Eirias
2008-07-12 10:48:10
49.   monkeypants
39 Sydney Ponson is a bad pitcher. On that point we can agree. He was pitching badly when he was dumped by Texas. Essentially ANYONE would have been a better option than him. Now, the move has worked out, and they have won every start he has had made.

What would I have done? The primary reason he was called up was because of the DH. I would have called up an extra BP arm (which they ended up doing anyway) and pitched a few guys two and three innings. I would have a long man on the staff who is used as a real long man: a swing starter/spot start/used for multiple innings at times.

I would not carry three catchers an never use one, so that there would have been extra room on the roster to accommodate the thirteenth pitcher without crippling the bench too much.

40 Was meant for 39 .

2008-07-12 10:48:32
50.   cult of basebaal
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2008-07-12 10:48:45
51.   Bob Timmermann
Oh wait, Overbay is unearned, but if anyone had scored after him, it would have been earned.

I'm under great psychological distress now at work. I am sitting by an escalator that is having problems working and every 10-25 seconds it issues an ear-splitting noise to alert people that it may not be working.

I think this should be adopted by the folks at Gitmo.

2008-07-12 10:48:47
52.   tommyl
Way to go Bobby. Way to go.

It's Kabbalah time!

2008-07-12 10:49:10
53.   williamnyy23
Abreu is a maddeningly lethargic player. I can definitely see why the Phillies were happy to get rid of him.
2008-07-12 10:51:11
54.   OldYanksFan
ARod trying to pull everything. A bad sign.
2008-07-12 10:51:16
55.   Eirias
A-Rod, I am sorry I doubted you.
2008-07-12 10:51:23
56.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to take an axe to that escalator pretty soon.
2008-07-12 10:51:36
57.   tommyl
See! If the bottom of the lineup gets on base A-Rod and co. have more chances to drive them in. It won't last, but this is how the Yankees offense should be.
2008-07-12 10:51:56
58.   tommyl
54 A-Rod getting a single to center. Good sign ;)
2008-07-12 10:53:19
59.   OldYanksFan
Holy Guacamole
2008-07-12 10:53:32
60.   cult of basebaal
53 how was that at bat lethargic? i could hear bobby scream FUCK all the way out here in california after he struck out.
2008-07-12 10:54:32
61.   OldYanksFan
57 Of course, here was still the Jeter DP that wasn't.
2008-07-12 10:55:20
62.   OldYanksFan
Bobby has had a few BIG RBI lately.
2008-07-12 10:56:19
63.   monkeypants
60 Yep. He was as pissed as I've seen him.
2008-07-12 10:59:35
64.   williamnyy23
Inning after inning, this team finds a new way to play poorly.
2008-07-12 10:59:45
65.   cult of basebaal
sweet, we're gonna get one of those games today. sigh.
2008-07-12 11:00:25
66.   cult of basebaal
oh great, now melky will never stop sliding headfirst.
2008-07-12 11:02:44
67.   williamnyy23
60 61 It isn't that he isn't a pretty good hitter or that he doesn't care...he just always seems to be playing the game in slow motion and it is maddening to watch.
2008-07-12 11:04:55
68.   monkeypants
Nice play by Jeter ranging well behind 2B.
2008-07-12 11:06:47
69.   monkeypants
66 That's funny! I was going to post something similar, but figured I would get jumped on for being too negative. I have images of Girardi or Meacham or whoever jumping out of their seats and covering Melky's eyes, like a parent with their child when some inappropriate program flashes on TV. Funny stuff. : )
2008-07-12 11:08:00
70.   jdk
a three-hour game, at least. fun but sloppy. is the lst base ump seeing right?
2008-07-12 11:08:11
71.   monkeypants
Cano was out. But then, I'm not sure Scutaro was safe the inning before.
2008-07-12 11:10:48
72.   cult of basebaal
71 i agree on both counts.
2008-07-12 11:15:38
73.   jdk
I'm new here and really appreciate this site,and thanks for it. are others excited by Gardner?
2008-07-12 11:15:48
74.   monkeypants
Yay Brett Gardner! Christ, he is fast--he went into 2B standing by the time the throw even got to the catcher. If only he could hit consistently...
2008-07-12 11:16:18
75.   cult of basebaal
wow ... i hereby recind all the nasty cracks i made about the OBP black hole at the bottom of the lineup.
2008-07-12 11:18:03
76.   monkeypants
Yay Derek Jeter! Where's OYF?
2008-07-12 11:19:20
77.   OldYanksFan
Gardner's numbers are still pretty crappy, except these 2... in 11 games started: 6 RS, 6 RBI. Hey! Make thay SEVEN RS!!!!
2008-07-12 11:20:24
78.   OldYanksFan
Go Derek. I love you Derek. I really, really love the way you play (last innings DP ball included)!
2008-07-12 11:22:17
79.   monkeypants
77 He is crazy if he can get on base. But that's the big question with him. I am weirdly glad that injuries will force the team to give him more than a passing look. If his BA and OBP are still crappy after 60 or 100 PAs, then I'll relent in my optimism.
2008-07-12 11:26:26
80.   monkeypants
Holy Cow, the Jay's announcers on CBC just gave an even-handed assessment of the Yankee organization's popularity (both positive and negative) and its impact on baseball. The conclusion: having an organization like the Yankees is good for baseball. Stunning.
2008-07-12 11:34:07
81.   cult of basebaal
wow. did arod find his slump buster mid-game???
2008-07-12 11:41:03
82.   cult of basebaal
80 they're now slobberknocking all over hacky right now, so maybe it was a "blind squirrel, nut" kinda moment.
2008-07-12 11:41:59
83.   monkeypants
That was a swing? First base ump is not having his finest game, it would seem.
2008-07-12 11:44:15
84.   monkeypants
82 As with athletes, the longer they play the more likely it is that weaknesses and holes are exposed. Jesse Barfield, God bless 'em, is not a real good announcer.
2008-07-12 11:46:44
85.   monkeypants
Rasner on the mound, Pettitte going tomorrow, all start break after that. Gotta have the quick hook today and go to that eight man BP.
2008-07-12 11:46:59
86.   cult of basebaal
i think it's time to get giese warm. 9-4 isn't rasner proof.
2008-07-12 11:48:15
87.   nick
two consecutive hits? if it's me I come out here with a Gong Show-sized hook for Raz...
2008-07-12 11:55:33
88.   nick
as of today we were 8th in the AL in runs, 7th in ERA--when was the last time a Yankee team had better pitching than hitting?
2008-07-12 11:58:55
89.   The Giambino
Wauw!! Three K's in a row for Rasner with two on - very impressive...
2008-07-12 12:00:36
90.   jdk
one of the ugliest stadiums in baseball
2008-07-12 12:01:59
91.   monkeypants
I wonder if Girardi will continue to bat Jeter lead-off for a few weeks, at least until Damon gets back?
2008-07-12 12:03:09
92.   jdk
Gardner has a great eye today.
2008-07-12 12:03:44
93.   cult of basebaal
well, gardner got the walk he spent the last half of the at bat looking for ...
2008-07-12 12:06:08
94.   monkeypants
Jeter is hitting much, much better the last month and a half. He may still ground into 30 DPs this season.
2008-07-12 12:06:34
95.   OldYanksFan
Mr. DP (take that anyway you like).
2008-07-12 12:06:54
96.   cult of basebaal
well, that was brilliant strategy joey joe joe. why do something silly like having gardner steal 2nd???
2008-07-12 12:17:53
97.   cult of basebaal
well, it was a struggle, but rasner wiggled his way to 5 innings pitched.
2008-07-12 12:18:00
98.   monkeypants
96 I'm surprised he didn't send him, but again Jeter swung at the 1st pitch and the Jays pitched out once.

95 This is Jeter's 87th game, the teams 94th (if I add correctly). He has now hit into 14 DPs, or .16/G. If he plays in all of the remaining games, he will hit into another 11 DP for a total of 25 for the season. That would be his career high, but not way out of norm for his last few seasons. From 2004 to 2007 he hit into 19, 15, 13, and 21.

Lower line drive rate + higher GB/FB ratio = more DPs.

2008-07-12 12:18:34
99.   OldYanksFan
Cy Razzles going for the Quality Start...
2008-07-12 12:20:08
100.   OldYanksFan
Raz with 108 pitches so I imagine he's done.
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2008-07-12 12:21:29
101.   The Giambino
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!! A hit for Abreu!!
2008-07-12 12:22:04
102.   OldYanksFan
Bobby running really hard made it VERY close.
2008-07-12 12:22:29
103.   cult of basebaal
um, abreu was safe before the drop. meanwhile alex just about swung himself out of his shoes on that pitch.
2008-07-12 12:24:27
104.   OldYanksFan
If only ARod could read the breaking pitch.
2008-07-12 12:34:55
105.   nick
the Giambino hitting in bad luck again these days, I think...
2008-07-12 12:48:25
106.   jdk
Cone and Singleton seem comfortable with each other.
2008-07-12 12:50:56
107.   The Giambino
This game is so over... And I like it!
2008-07-12 12:58:55
108.   cult of basebaal
man ... abreu's just LOST up there.
2008-07-12 13:02:07
109.   OldYanksFan
If only ARod could read the breaking pitch.
2008-07-12 13:04:14
110.   The Giambino
OldYanksFan, A-Rod is 2-5 with a HR and three RBI's! Relax, we're winning.
2008-07-12 13:19:27
111.   cult of basebaal
whooo boy ... it's hawkins time!
2008-07-12 13:47:39
112.   monkeypants
Hawkins and Moeller in the same game?!
2008-07-12 14:30:07
113.   Bruce Markusen
Some sad news to pass along. I just read over at that Bobby Murcer has died. He was 62.

Bobby was simply one of baseball's best people.

2008-07-12 14:43:33
114.   Alex Belth
Man, just heard that too about Bobby. Sad. This one definitely hits home because I saw him play when I was growing up.

Here's the greatest Bobby moment I saw live--I was there with my brother and my old man.

2008-07-12 15:06:47
115.   Zack
Of course, while I don't remember ever seeing Bobby play, all I can ever think of is this game: Bobby always represented to me the best of the 1970s Yankees that I just missed, the bridge between the two eras--just missing the glory days of the Mantle Yanks and arriving back again a year too late for the revival. I grew up watching Bobby and Phil on WPIX and he without a doubt shaped my vision of baseball and the Yankees
2008-07-12 15:10:00
116.   dianagramr
Short times story on Murcer ...

(Coming off the high of attending the All Star fab fest this afternoon, I now feel sick to my stomach ...)

2008-07-12 15:13:05
117.   dianagramr story on Murcer ...


2008-07-12 15:15:47
118.   3rd gen yankee fan
RIP Bobby... hope you got to see the game today... :-(
2008-07-12 15:18:22
119.   dianagramr
I've said it here many times before .... Murcer is my all-time favorite player. I grew up watching him on some mediocre Yankee teams, and like Mattingly, he just missed being involved in the run of playoff years.

Sigh ....

2008-07-12 15:28:16
120.   horace-clarke-era
Hard to banter baseball with the Murcer news. A fine ballplayer on a bad run of teams, and - by all accounts - a fine man. Someone to miss. I'll expect the All-Star opening will remember him. I hope they do.
2008-07-12 15:30:40
121.   bp1
Boy oh boy ...

RIP Bobby Murcer. We're sure gonna miss ya.

2008-07-12 15:54:52
122.   monkeypants
I remember seeing him play, but only in his later, much diminished second Yankee career. I never understood the reverence that somewhat older Yankee fans had for him. But as I got older, I saw him grow into a very god announcer, and I too grew in my appreciation for his career--he put up two or three HOF-type seasons with the Yanks--and also to see him as a tangible to link between the Yankees of my formative years (Winfield, Mattingly, Righetti) and the last of the legends Yankees (the Yankees of Mantle and Maris).

He will be missed.

2008-07-12 16:08:02
123.   bobtaco
What a sad an ironic title for today's post now.
2008-07-12 16:36:13
124.   OldYanksFan
Wow... I knew he had Cancer and a small chance at survival, but didn't know he was sick currently. Very sad. A great man and a great Yankee.

He was the team... our only hope for many years. Our All-Star.

I was at THE Cleveland double-header. In those days, the Stadium was 2/3rds empty, so we were able to sneak down to good seats by the 8th inning of the first game. Between home plate and 3rd base, about 15 rows back. Man! Those were seats. As a young teenager, I felt like a King.

And it was a perfect view to see Bobby at the plate. A HR in his last AB in game 1, a HR in his 1st AB of the 2nd game, a HR in his 2nd AB, then a walk, and finally in his last AB, when he pulled a number of LDs foul, and a foul HR or 2, after what seemed like a 100 pitch at bat, making a HR even more and more impossible, Bobby did it again. HRs in 4 consecutive ABs. My friend and I were actually in tears from the grueling anticipation.

An amazing feat, that maybe 15,000 people saw live. A minor note in a grand Yankee history... but an amazing feat.

God damn! What a bummer. I hope they do him right at the ASG, one I hoped he might throw out the first ball for. I hope they do it right for Bobby, for the whole world to see.

Goodbye Bobby. I hope you know what you meant to so many of us.
Wow... As I'm proofing this, I hear on the News that Tony Snow, 53, just died from his cancer.

2008-07-12 17:13:31
125.   weeping for brunnhilde
Rest in peace, Bobby Murcer.

Rest in peace.

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