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Toronto Blue Jays III: Gimme A Break Edition
2008-07-11 12:46
by Cliff Corcoran

When Dustin McGowan hit the DL, the Yankees thought they were going to get through their final series of the first half without having to face any of the Blue Jays' best pitchers, but now the Jays have Roy Halladay going tonight and A.J. Burnett going on Sunday. That's not going to help the Yankees break out of their offensive funk. The Yankees have gone 4-2 against Toronto thus far this season, but their two losses came against Halladay and Burnett and saw the Yankees score a total of 5 runs.

The good news is that the Yanks have Joba Chamberlain and Andy Pettitte opposing those two. Pettitte, who faces Burnett on Sunday, has a 1.82 ERA and a 5-1 record over his last six starts, which includes his stinker against the Red Sox. Since pushing his pitch counts into the 80s with his start against the Astros, Chamberlain, who starts against Halladay tonight, has a 2.22 ERA with 29 Ks in 28 1/3 innings over five starts. The Yankees are 4-1 in those games, though Joba has gotten the decision just once due to the offense's struggles.

Chamberlain's only weakness since becoming a starter has been the base on balls, as he has a 5.08 BB/9 over those five starts and has thus only made it past the sixth inning once. That trend started with his first major league start, which came against the Blue Jays at the Stadium and saw the Toronto hitters exploit his pitch limit by taking an inordinate number of pitches. It will be interesting to see if the Jays' approach differs tonight now that Joba's no longer on an artificially-low pitch count.

As for Halladay, he's 1-1 with a 3.46 ERA in two starts against the Yankees this season. He was out-dueled by Chien-Ming Wang on the rain-delayed Opening Day Night, and was the beneficiary of the Jay's approach against Chamberlain in the start described above. Tonight could be the first of many unencumbered duels between these two AL East aces.

Jorge Posada is finally back behind the plate, as Jason Giambi returns to the lineup as the DH in the American League park, Wilson Betemit slips into Jose Molina's spot in the lineup at first base, and Brett Gardner returns to the leadoff spot and left field.

If the Yanks can pull out two of three this weekend, it should give the team a boost heading into the break, even if they have to do it with pitching rather than hitting. The Jays have the third-worst offense in the AL and just lost Vernon Wells to the DL with a hamstring strain, so the opportunity is there, but the pressure is on Joba and Andy get it done.

Toronto Blue Jays

2008 Record: 45-47 (.489)
2008 Pythagorean Record: 48-44 (.527)

Manager: Cito Gaston
General Manager: J.P. Ricciardi

Home Ballpark (multi-year Park Factors): Rogers Centre (100/99)

Who's Replaced Whom:

Adam Lind (minors) replaces Shannon Stewart (DL)
Joe Inglett replaces Aaron Hill (DL) in the lineup
John McDonald (DL) replaces Inglett on the bench
Gregg Zaun (DL) replaces Curtis Thigpen (minors)
John Parrish (minors) replaces Shawn Marcum (DL)
Brian Tallet replaces Dustin McGowan (DL) in the rotation
Brian Wolfe (DL) replaces Tallet in the bullpen
Brandon League (minors) replaces Armando Benitez (minors)

Opening Day Roster:

1B - Lyle Overbay (L)
2B - Joe Inglett (L)
SS - David Eckstein (R)
3B - Scott Rolen (R)
C - Rod Barajas (R)
RF - Brad Wilkerson (R)
CF - Alex Rios (R)
LF - Adam Lind (L)
DH - Matt Stairs (L)


R - Marco Scutaro (IF)
R - Kevin Mench (OF)
R - John McDonald (IF)
S - Gregg Zaun (C)


R - Roy Halladay
R - Jesse Litsch
L - Brian Tallet
R - A.J. Burnett
L - John Parrish


L - B.J. Ryan
L - Scott Downs
R - Jason Frasor
L - Jesse Carlson
R - Shawn Camp
R - Brandon League
R - Brian Wolfe

15-day DL: R - Dustin McGowan, R - Shaun Marcum, R - Jeremy Accardo, R - Vernon Wells (CF), R - Aaron Hill (2B), R - Shannon Stewart (OF)
60-day DL: R - Casey Janssen

Typical Lineup:

L - Joe Inglett (2B)
R - David Eckstein (SS)
R - Alex Rios (CF)
L - Matt Stairs (DH)
R - Rod Barajas (C)
R - Scott Rolen (3B)
L - Brad Wilkerson (RF)
L - Lyle Overbay (1B)
L - Adam Lind (LF)

Update: More good news for Yankee pitchers: Alex Rios will miss the series because his girlfriend is having a baby, so move Wilkerson to center, Inglett to right, and put Scutaro at second base. Overbay moves up to third in the order with Scutaro batting eighth.

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2008-07-11 15:54:26
1.   monkeypants
Mot having the "concede defeat lineup" is nice. I still like Gardner--can he please not bat leadoff?
2008-07-11 16:05:57
2.   Eirias
Why does Toronto start its games at _:07?
2008-07-11 16:06:10
3.   OldYanksFan
Alex Rios is out for the whole series, a big break. We should really sweep 'em.
2008-07-11 16:09:01
4.   Eirias
Gardner is on base!
2008-07-11 16:09:09
5.   Cliff Corcoran
2 Because of the extra national anthem.
2008-07-11 16:12:16
6.   monkeypants
4 Take that, Monkeypants 1 !
2008-07-11 16:12:29
7.   cult of basebaal
ummm ... he might not be much of a hitter, but waterbug brett is a MLB quality base stealer ... he knows what he's doing out there.
2008-07-11 16:13:32
8.   monkeypants
7 Yep. In the old days, when teams carried 10 or 11 pitchers, there was definitely room on the roster for such a player.
2008-07-11 16:17:02
9.   monkeypants
We seem to have the "always 0-2 count A-Rod" these last few days.
2008-07-11 16:17:38
10.   cult of basebaal
why are they booing arod, do they disapprove of his promotion of the employement of mannish strippers within the confines of their fair city???
2008-07-11 16:19:36
11.   cult of basebaal
just another patented "runner left in scoring position" performance from the yankees offense, circa 2008 ...
2008-07-11 16:21:41
12.   OldYanksFan
Alex Rios is with his girlfriend who is about to give birth.
Girlfriend! Not wife! Not married!
Rios, that scum, has knocked this poor girl up!
Hey... at least ARod's kids are legitimate!
Where's the hate for Rios?
2008-07-11 16:25:22
13.   monkeypants
12 ???

Presumably, for those who care, monogamous fornication (Rios' case) is less serious than fornication and adultery (Rodriguez' deal with Madonna).

Let's focus on baseball now...

2008-07-11 16:26:13
14.   monkeypants
Catch. The. Ball.
2008-07-11 16:26:27
15.   JL25and3
I'm really surprised by the new "grip-it and rip it" philosophy of the new BJ hitting coach, "Walkin' Gene" Tenace
2008-07-11 16:29:59
16.   OldYanksFan
AP - TORONTO -- The New York Yankees signed left-hander Eric Milton to a minor league contract Friday, returning Milton to the organization that originally drafted him.
2008-07-11 16:30:07
17.   randym77
Eric Milton? Please tell me it's not true.
2008-07-11 16:30:37
18.   JL25and3
The thing that really astonished me about that story: Eric Milton is only 33.
2008-07-11 16:32:38
19.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Doc H is nasty...they won't get more than 1 or 2 off him tonight
2008-07-11 16:32:54
20.   OldYanksFan
Giambi has slowed down a bit of late. Time for mutton chops?
2008-07-11 16:33:01
21.   monkeypants
16 I was going to write some funny response, but really, I'm dumbstruck. I'm not convinced I could say "at least he's better than Ponson" and mean it.
2008-07-11 16:33:44
22.   OldYanksFan
If Brett gets on base, Jetes needs to take enough pitches to let Chauncey steal 2nd and 3rd.
2008-07-11 16:34:02
23.   monkeypants
The Yankees seem to have adopted an interesting "every one strikes out looking" approach to this game
2008-07-11 16:35:18
24.   cult of basebaal
relax everybody ...

from petey:

UPDATE, 6:53 p.m.: Just spoke to Brian Cashman to get his take on Eric Milton: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," he said. "We'll make an assessment of how he is physically and try and get him going. I have no expectations of whether he can pitch for us this season, either in the majors or minors. But I can't tell you he won't

2008-07-11 16:36:22
25.   cult of basebaal
wow ... a cano WALK ... the apocalypse must be pending!
2008-07-11 16:36:23
26.   Shaun P
16 Why the heck not! Maybe getting out of fly ball hell means he gets something back.

21 monkeypants, I will help you out.

At least he's better than Igawa.

At least he's better than Pavano.

2008-07-11 16:37:44
27.   JL25and3
26 If he never actually pitches, he'll be better than Igawa.
2008-07-11 16:37:45
28.   OldYanksFan
17 pitches for Joba after 1.
37 pitches for Doc after 2.
Sox down to the Birds 2-0 after 1.
TB down to Cleveland 1-0 after 1.
2008-07-11 16:38:30
29.   cult of basebaal
24 more on Milton ... from the star ledger story:
Milton, who turns 33 next month, is still recovering from "Tommy John" surgery. He threw on flat ground today in Tampa, Fla., and is at least six weeks away from pitching in games.

"If he does anything to help us this year, that's fine," Cashman said. "We're just going to have a chance to get an advance look (for 2009)."

2008-07-11 16:40:10
30.   monkeypants
24 26 I would rather see them take flyers on RH batters than on washed up pitchers, especially given the relative pitching depth in their MiL.

That said, no harm I guess.

2008-07-11 16:40:31
31.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
wow, breaking news, Brett Favre will have his in-grown toenail removed! Details on Sportscenter!
I F#ucking hate the NFL...
2008-07-11 16:41:19
32.   monkeypants
27 Thus, perhaps ironically, making Carl Pavano more valuable than Kei Igawa?
2008-07-11 16:42:16
33.   Shaun P
29 Wasn't that Milton's 2nd TJ surgery?

30 If by "RH batters" you mean Sexson, I agree. I wonder if there's anyone else floating around out there.

2008-07-11 16:43:20
34.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
33 Sexson is so so done..still holding out hope for Bonds..
2008-07-11 16:44:42
35.   monkeypants
33 Sexson for sure, but sign anyone with RH bat who is as "good" of a gamble as Milton as a potential a pitcher. Is Rickey Henderson still playing in some independent league? (I kid. Maybe.)
2008-07-11 16:45:43
36.   Shaun P
31 ESPN - creating more news out of nothing because, you know, actual sports new just ain't that interesting. Watch our loud music overlays, intrusive graphics, and obnoxious catch phrases explain why!

ESPN - if our legion of ignorant screaming heads don't have something to complain about on all our platforms, by golly, we'll give it to them!

The sad thing is, in terms of the overall media, ESPN is not alone in terms of manufacturing news, instead of reporting it.

2008-07-11 16:48:38
37.   monkeypants
34 Sexson had really good splits v. LHP this season, though last season was not so great. Still, if he could be platooned with Betemit at DH, with Giambi at 1B, and Posada at C, that might eliminate additional appearances by yesterday's pathetic lineup.
2008-07-11 16:50:06
38.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
36 Agree totally. I don't have ESPN on tv here so thankfully can ignore it for the most part. But I find their website to be irritating as well, and my god I am sick o Brett Farvre...
2008-07-11 16:50:48
39.   OldYanksFan
42 pitches for Joba. Could still use to be more efficient.
2008-07-11 16:52:37
40.   monkeypants
39 Yeah, he uses tons of pitchers to get people out. If he doesn't give up any hits, he keeps the total manageable. But any inning with a base hit or walk seems to turn into a 25 pitch inning.
2008-07-11 16:59:14
41.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Jorgie..what was that?!?!
2008-07-11 17:04:51
42.   Mattpat11
And that's the ballgame.
2008-07-11 17:06:28
43.   Mattpat11
I really, really, REALLY don't like Wilson Betemit.

I'm still looking for something he does well enough to justify not only his employment, but the massive amount of playing time such a lousy all around baseball player gets.

2008-07-11 17:08:40
44.   nick
every Joba bad inning seems bad in the same way: singles, wild pitches, steals--a catcher who can catch the wild slider is absolutely crucial to his performance imo...
2008-07-11 17:09:02
45.   OldYanksFan
I missed Po's play. Was it a defensive Faux Pas? Was one of those runs 'barely' earned?
2008-07-11 17:09:46
46.   nick
43 why don't you sit down with bb-ref, read a little, say to yourself "above-average bench guy", recall who's hurt right now, and have a stiff drink?
2008-07-11 17:10:23
47.   OldYanksFan
Have all the hits against Joba been groundballs?
2008-07-11 17:12:07
48.   Mattpat11
46 He's a bench player that can't field a lick and can't pinch hit.

I'd define that as a shitty ass bench player, personally.

2008-07-11 17:13:29
49.   Yankees Brasil
47 Overbay's first hit was a line drive.

Jeter, Abreu and A-Rod struggling at the same time really gives us no chance to score at all.

2008-07-11 17:14:18
50.   Yankees Brasil
There goes the no-hitter.
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2008-07-11 17:16:09
51.   monkeypants
43 Can play every position + good numbers v. RHP + 13 man pitching staff + three catchers on the roster + lots of injuries = Betemit is a good bencher and a good player to have on your 25 man roster.
2008-07-11 17:16:34
52.   claybeez
45 Posada with a passed ball and let a slider get past him for a WP for Joba. Then, on a bunt he and Joba both go to make the play. Joba backs off and Posada, who still has time to make the play, throws something like a super-eephus over the head of Betemit that Cano, backing up, was in postion to snare. Runner safe.

He has looked TERRIBLE tonight.

2008-07-11 17:16:44
53.   Shaun P
43 Who do you dislike more: Betemit, or Lyle Overbay?

I'm laughing right now because I was away, then when I looked at Gameday and saw the Overbay drove in the first Jays run, I thought, "Mattpat is going to be pissed."

Then I come here and there you are! =)

2008-07-11 17:17:25
54.   nick
48 well, he's having a mediocre year for us, but all our other astute bench pickups turned out even shittier...
2008-07-11 17:19:15
55.   nick
52 I am so scared that Jorge's days as an acceptably mediocre defensive catcher are over for good...
2008-07-11 17:19:44
56.   monkeypants
49 Jeter. Is. Not. Really. Struggling. That. Much.

This is not aimed at your post per se, but I think some need to stop slagging on Jeter. He has batted .800 OPS since the beginning of June--below his career average but pretty damn good for a SS in 2008. In fact, consider the following numbers at the start of play tonight:

MLB SS .266/.321/.383/.704

AL SS .260/.311/.365/.676

MLB DH .246/.331/.412/.743

AL DH .246/.332/.413/.746

Jeter .286/.349/.389/.738

Jeter is out hitting the average MLB SS, and well-out hitting the average AL SS. He is also hitting right on par or a tick below the typical designated hitter.

2008-07-11 17:20:54
57.   Shaun P
54 No kidding. PECOTA projected that Ensberg would hit .246/.353/.443 in limited playing time, good for 5.2 VORP. Instead, he hit .203/.262/.243, good for -6.3 VORP.

Molina, too, has been horrible, caught stealing % be damned: projected VORP of -1.0, actual VORP of -6.4.

It goes on and on.

2008-07-11 17:21:21
58.   Yankees Brasil
51 Actually a sub .280 OBP is terrible, even for a bench guy.
2008-07-11 17:23:10
59.   Mattpat11
51 He can play every position in the sense that any warm body can play them all. He sucks at all of them. He can't pinch run. He can't pinch hit.

Being an okay hitter against righties isn't good enough when he can't play the field or face a righty off the bench.

2008-07-11 17:23:26
60.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
58 but what to do, bring back Miguel Cairo? I wouldn't expect something more creative from Cashman...(I am so down on Cashman these days..)
2008-07-11 17:24:17
61.   nick
57 that's what makes me think it just isn't our year....Cash planned to have good backups for our older guys, our older guys, as predicted, went down, and rather than an above-average bench, we have a total bench meltdown, leading to the Gardner Corollary....
2008-07-11 17:25:32
62.   monkeypants
58 OK, but that's no worse than the more or less starting catcher's (Molina) OBP, and not far from Cano's. And he plays all IF positions and was for one day the BUOF.

Hey, if the team carries a real bench, cuts one of the useless catchers, drops one of two useless pitchers (Traber or Hawkins), then we can talk about replacing Betemit. But otherwise, they need someone who can play, however poorly, the entire bench.

2008-07-11 17:25:40
63.   Mattpat11
54 Mediocre is being generous.

He's the worst player on the team.

2008-07-11 17:25:56
64.   nick
Joba could turn into Brandon Webb--why not call up the AG just for Joba starts?

I'd just like to see a little fucking flexibility and innovation from this huge dopey dinosaur of a ballclub...

2008-07-11 17:26:14
65.   JL25and3
56 You're right about Jeter. Here's what I think the problem is: he's no longer a great player, and probably never will be again. He's merely a very good one, and I think it's tough for Yankee fans to adjust to that.
2008-07-11 17:27:37
66.   monkeypants
59 It's bullshit that he "sucks" at every position and that he's no better than a warm body, and you know it, whether you admit it or not.

I'm not defending him as "good", but he surely can play, say, 2B better than Brett Gardner or Chad Moeller or Jose Molina or Justin Christian.

2008-07-11 17:28:49
67.   JL25and3
By the way, I really enjoy these broadcasts without Michael Kay.
2008-07-11 17:28:51
68.   Yankees Brasil
65 It's a little bit sad that Melky has twice as many HR's as Jeter.

Why would Betemit even try to swing at that pitch.

2008-07-11 17:30:18
69.   monkeypants
63 Someone has to be the worst player on a 25 man roster. That is an irrelevant observation vis-a-vis a players value as a bench player.

And I would argue that Chad Moeller is the worst player, or at least the most useless. Hawkins is not far behind.

2008-07-11 17:30:28
70.   JL25and3
68 Even worse, they have the same number of walks.
2008-07-11 17:30:36
71.   Shaun P
Hey, here's the name of a right handed bat who kills lefties: how about Kevin Kouzmanoff?

Remember too that, once upon a time, the Padres were very interested in Mr. Kei Igawa . . .

2008-07-11 17:31:46
72.   nick
Betemit is CLEARLY our best bench player: he can play, however badly, all infield positions, and he can hit a little bit: he's clearly the best bat on the bench and is outhiting Melky and Robbie, the party boyz, at the moment-

the top of the 5th went faster than I could type that paragraph, and I touch type....

2008-07-11 17:32:01
73.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
67 Yes,yes. Singleton very smooth and easy to listen to.
2008-07-11 17:32:56
74.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
ugh, by the way, I heard Goose Gossage on the podcast yesterday saying he was better than Rivera because he threw more than one innning..can he go away now please? (note: my fault for listening to the whole interview..)
2008-07-11 17:33:02
75.   dianagramr
Is Kay on vacation?
2008-07-11 17:33:09
76.   monkeypants
68 You're right--it IS sad that the starting CF has only twice as many HRs as the starting SS, especially given Jeter's low HR total (relative to his SLG--he's always been more of a doubles hitter than HR hitter). I wish Melky could hit with more power more consistently.
2008-07-11 17:34:34
77.   cult of basebaal
76 i wish melky could hit anything more consistently ...
2008-07-11 17:36:13
78.   Shaun P
Is anyone else watching on Gameday? Did I just see an add for "One a Day" vitamins after the strikeout announcement?


2008-07-11 17:36:49
79.   nick
Mo inning counter: 995 1/3....
2008-07-11 17:40:27
80.   Yankees Brasil
If you can't hit him, let him hit you.
2008-07-11 17:40:42
81.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
2008-07-11 17:42:54
82.   Mattpat11
66 He's better than me so yeah, I guess he's better than a warm body.

And after watching that man play shortstop two games in Kansas City, I'll take Gardner at second.

2008-07-11 17:44:09
83.   cult of basebaal
what's joba's pitch count?
2008-07-11 17:44:15
84.   monkeypants
82 "And after watching that man play shortstop two games in Kansas City, I'll take Gardner at second. "

The logic of that sentence is, umm, impenetrable. You win.

2008-07-11 17:47:24
85.   cult of basebaal
gar. not a terrible pitch, but could have been higher or lower and been a better result.
2008-07-11 17:47:50
86.   monkeypants
83 One pitch too many? ; )
2008-07-11 17:48:13
87.   nick
Joba makes a pretty nice 4th starter right now, but he's not ready to carry the load we need him to carry...
2008-07-11 17:49:12
88.   nick
94 pitches through 6; if he looks strong I'd be tempted to let him throw 110 or so...
2008-07-11 17:49:16
89.   cult of basebaal
87 you mean allowing negative runs, so that we win the game even if our offense gets shut out???
2008-07-11 17:49:45
90.   cult of basebaal
88 why? what's the point of running up his pitch count in this game?
2008-07-11 17:50:16
91.   monkeypants
89 Maybe Joba can hit?
2008-07-11 17:50:37
92.   Yankees Brasil
Another first pitch pop out for our batters. Will they ever learn?
2008-07-11 17:52:00
93.   monkeypants
90 Usually I argue for pushing the starter, but I agree with you here. This game looks grim right now, and the team is carrying 13 pitchers. This might be one where you err on th side of the lower pitch total for Joba.
2008-07-11 17:52:17
94.   nick
our only base hit was first pitch by Alex, though...
2008-07-11 17:54:22
95.   cult of basebaal
93 especially because joba's on an innings limit this year ... an inning pitched in this meaningless spot, could mean an inning that can't (or shouldn't) be pitched at some later, important date.
2008-07-11 17:54:27
96.   nick
look, we suck and all that, but this is pretty simple: the best pitcher in the AL is kicking our ass...
2008-07-11 17:57:23
97.   monkeypants
87 I'm not sure what you mean by that. Does he need a lower ERA, or does he need to give more innings? If anything, the team can withstand having starters who don't go deep because their BP has been strong and they carry a big staff.

In any case, if he finishes the 7th tonight, that means that since his third start, when he was on a more or less normal pitch count, he has averaged 5.9 INN/GS. That might lead the team.

Really, what more does he need to do, except drive in three or four runs a game?

2008-07-11 17:57:43
98.   nick
95 reasonable argument--but Joba's struggled putting guys away; I like the idea of letting him pitch deep when he can, and when he's looking very good.

3-0 count, ok, make that his last batter.

2008-07-11 17:59:23
99.   cult of basebaal
well, that about sums this season up ...
2008-07-11 17:59:31
100.   monkeypants
That was partly Abreu's fault, because he saw that Cano had no idea where the ball was.

Also, why is that a double and not an error?

Also, why yank Joba because of THAT?

Hey, a Billy Traber sighting. I knew there was a reason to carry 13 pitchers.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-11 18:01:22
101.   yankee23
100 Did anyone touch the ball? I'm watching gameday so I couldn't see. But that's the only way it can be an error.
2008-07-11 18:02:03
102.   ny2ca2dc
97 thank you.
2008-07-11 18:02:26
103.   cult of basebaal
101 fell cleanly
2008-07-11 18:02:46
104.   nick
97 A little of both. He's doing absolutely all I expect of him right now. But he throws too many pitches to go 7 or 8...I loved tonight's walk total. Big zone?
2008-07-11 18:03:24
105.   yankee23
103 Gotcha. So unless there's a "chance", there can be no error. And a ball landing cleanly can't be a chance. Frustrating rule, though.
2008-07-11 18:05:24
106.   monkeypants
101 Wrong. An error can be given by the official scorer for a misplay or a failure to make a play. There is no rule that says it must touch a player.
2008-07-11 18:05:51
107.   JL25and3
That was a really pretty play
2008-07-11 18:06:23
108.   JL25and3
100 That play is always ruled a double.
2008-07-11 18:06:41
109.   cult of basebaal
wow. that was a damn fine play.
2008-07-11 18:06:51
110.   ny2ca2dc
Really think he couldn't have just planted and thrown?
2008-07-11 18:08:17
111.   cult of basebaal
man. that was a nasty pitch.
2008-07-11 18:08:28
112.   yankee23
106 Right, but a misplay is defined as a "fumble, muff or wild throw". Misplaying a fly ball and failing to make a catch is not and has never been an error.
2008-07-11 18:09:09
113.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
what are the chances of 4 in the 9th of Doc now?? just filthy stuff tonight...
2008-07-11 18:09:26
114.   yankee23
Though theoretically the scorer could charge an error when a ball should've been caught with "normal effort". But that rarely happens.
2008-07-11 18:09:34
115.   JL25and3
110 Much dicier, because of his momentum. I think what he did was riskier but better.
2008-07-11 18:10:12
116.   monkeypants
101 103 From MLB rulebook:

"Rule 10.12(a)(1) Comment: Slow handling of the ball that does not involve mechanical misplay shall not be construed as an error. For example, the official scorer shall not charge a fielder with an error if such fielder fields a ground ball cleanly but does not throw to first base in time to retire the batter. It is not necessary that the fielder touch the ball to be charged with an error. If a ground ball goes through a fielder's legs or a fly ball falls untouched and, in the scorer's judgment, the fielder could have handled the ball with ordinary effort, the official scorer shall charge such fielder with an error. For example, the official scorer shall charge an infielder with an error when a ground ball passes to either side of such infielder if, in the official scorer's judgment, a fielder at that position making ordinary effort would have fielded such ground ball and retired a runner. The official scorer shall charge an outfielder with an error if such outfielder allows a fly ball to drop to the ground if, in official scorer's judgment, an outfielder at that position making ordinary effort would have caught such fly ball."

2008-07-11 18:10:31
117.   nick
Has anybody hit the ball hard for us tonight?
2008-07-11 18:10:39
118.   yankee23
114 *except in the minors, of course.
2008-07-11 18:11:04
119.   Yankees Brasil
I predict a 5 pitch 9th to end this game for Doc.
2008-07-11 18:11:08
120.   yankee23
116 see 114
2008-07-11 18:11:57
121.   ny2ca2dc
Might as well dive for it down by 3
2008-07-11 18:12:21
122.   monkeypants
108 It IS always ruled a double. I guess I was griping about official scoring praxis not matching the rule. If they are going to bother to have a category called errors, then that play should not be a double.

Mostly, I'm frustrated and bored.

2008-07-11 18:12:40
123.   yankee23
116 Losing a ball in the lights/sun/whatever doesn't fall in the realm of an error because it requires effort beyond "normal" (by the general scorers definition, that is).
2008-07-11 18:12:52
124.   cult of basebaal
chauncy took a damon-esque route to butcher that ball ... blech.
2008-07-11 18:13:41
125.   monkeypants
Ahhh, so THAT'S why they carry 13 pitchers...
2008-07-11 18:13:55
126.   yankee23
Yeah, I hear that. Whenever I've scored a game it drives me nuts having to rule those hits.

And most of the games I've scored are rookie ball, which doesn't lend itself to spectacular fielding.

2008-07-11 18:14:03
127.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
well, hope you all sleep well. i have to now face a long Saturday in 97 degree weather with this awful loss on my mind...blecchh...
2008-07-11 18:15:04
128.   yankee23
But here's the real question: In what inning does Boston score the go-ahead runs against the O's?
2008-07-11 18:15:46
129.   cult of basebaal
well, that about wraps this up ...

see y'all tomorrow for more ...

2008-07-11 18:19:26
130.   monkeypants
97 87 As a follow up:

Mussina: 5.64 INN/GS
Rasner: 5.64 INN/GS
Ponson: 5.67 INN/GS
Pettitte: 6.26 INN/GS
Wang: 6.33 INN/GS
Joba: 5.83 INN/GS (last six starts)

So, with Wang injured Pettitte is the innings eater. But Joba has provided the second most INN/GS on the staff over his last six starts when his pitch count was c. 90+ pitches.

In other words, he has a good ERA as a starter and he's the second most durable starter. He might just be the #1 starter on the team right now, sad as that may be.

2008-07-11 18:24:31
131.   Shaun P
One out rally?

My gosh this game has gone fast - what is it with the Yanks and quick Friday night games?!

2008-07-11 18:25:54
132.   monkeypants
131 Kabbalah?
2008-07-11 18:27:34
133.   Shaun P
Bobby is going to force Halladay from the game all by himself, dang it!
2008-07-11 18:28:37
134.   monkeypants
Tough AB, but the result is oh so familiar.
2008-07-11 18:29:13
135.   Shaun P
{132] Gesundheit!
2008-07-11 18:29:13
136.   OldYanksFan
Professional AB here.....
2008-07-11 18:30:16
137.   nick
he deserved the compete game shutout...
2008-07-11 18:34:33
138.   monkeypants
Injuries notwithstanding, it blows my mind that this team can go from 968 runs to this, especially when one considers that 2008 Giambi should have offset some regression/decline by other players. Stunning.
2008-07-11 18:40:19
139.   Shaun P
138 Too many key cogs guys on the wrong side of 33. And the only two key cogs on the right side of 30 have sucked.

Here we are.

137 Doc is awesome. I respect him a lot, not least because he got sent to single A, from the majors, but came back and dominated.

Come to think of it, Edison Volquez also got sent all the way to single A, and now he's dominating.

I'm thinking Hughes should spend some time in single A before he comes back. =)

2008-07-11 18:40:34
140.   Shaun P
WOE distraction, in homage to Cliff's title:

Good night.

2008-07-11 18:42:23
141.   monkeypants
139 Sorta like IPK has?
2008-07-11 20:15:28
142.   Bruce Markusen
Here are the moves I want to see over the All-Star break, if not sooner:

*Moeller designated for assignment
*Traber sent back to Triple A
*Hawkins given his release or sold to the Japanese Leagues

*Replace them with three bench players who can do SOMETHING, like Hatteberg, Sexson, Jason Lane, someone, anyone who can hit better than Moeller and Justin Christian.

2008-07-12 06:16:55
143.   monkeypants
142 I like your thinking, but one thing confuses me: how would anyone know how well Moeller hits?

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