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2008-07-06 08:59
by Alex Belth

Here's a quick look at Mike Mussina's greatest efforts against the Red Sox.

May 24, 2001

May 30, 2001

Sep 2, 2001

Sep 8, 2001

June 1, 2002

July 19, 2002

Aug 28, 2002

July 7, 2003

Sep 19, 2004

July 5, 2008

And of course, the biggest relief outing of Moose's career came against Boston.

2008-07-06 12:14:28
1.   Travis08
Mussina didn't make the AL All-Star team, and the 6 starting pitchers who did all have better stats.

Jason Varitek, with his .219 batting average, .661 OPS, and 83% SB against, made the team, as one of SEVEN Red Sox.

2008-07-06 12:44:50
2.   rbj
Really sucks for Moose.

Heck of a men's final at Wimbledon going on. (and off and on and off and on)

2008-07-06 13:53:02
3.   Shaun P
Could whoever's picking the teams these days have taken any more relievers? Sheesh.

With luck, someone will bow out and Moose can take their place if he wants it.

2008-07-06 14:29:21
4.   unmoderated
they were just showing the july 7th one on YES.
2008-07-06 14:37:27
5.   monkeypants
Too bad for Moose, but more rest for the aging and injured Yankees. Let the entire Sox roster play an extra game.
2008-07-06 17:39:18
6.   OldYanksFan
I'm looking for some Yankees Banter. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Thank you.
2008-07-06 17:51:56
7.   rbj
OYF, new thread.

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