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Lester The Molester
2008-07-03 22:23
by Cliff Corcoran

Jon Lester walked the first two Yankees he faced last night and, after a Bobby Abreu fielders choice, the Yankees had runners at the corners with one out and the heart of the order up in the first inning. Lester then struck out Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi to strand both runners. Lester didn't walk another batter in the game and allowed just a pair of singles over the next six innings. By the time the Yankees picked up their third hit, they were trailing 7-0 in the eighth.

A two-out ground-rule double by Melky Cabrera in the eighth gave the Yankees just their second runner in scoring position of the night. Cabrera was stranded on second when Johnny Damon struck out. Derek Jeter, who made a costly error in the first inning, singled to start the ninth, but was promptly erased by a double play off Abreu's bat. One pitch later, Rodriguez flew out to give Lester a five-hit shutout. Lester needed just 105 pitches to complete the game, 71 percent of which were strikes.

Immediately after the game, Joe Girardi held a 30-minute closed-door team meeting. Johnny Damon and Andy Pettitte, who described his performance as "terrible," called the loss "embarassing." Girardi wouldn't divulge any of the details of his meeting, but was clearly fed up in his post-game press conference.

As for Pettitte, he was Bad Andy last night. More from the man himself: "I couldn't throw anything where I wanted to. Couldn't throw my fastball to either side of the plate. Couldn't throw my offspeed stuff for strikes. It was just an absolute horrible game."

It wasn't quite that bad. Pettitte only walked three men, and only one of those three scored. He was also hurt by his defense in the first inning when, with one out and two on, he got Manny Ramirez to hit a double play ball that would have ended the inning without a run scoring, only to have Derek Jeter's pivot throw sail toward the Yankee dugout, plating one runner and putting Ramirez in position to score on Mike Lowell's subsequent single. The two-RBI double that doubled the Sox's lead in the second inning was a well-placed flare over first base by Jacoby Ellsbury. Still, there's no real way to shine up six runs (five earned) in 4 2/3 innings. LaTroy Hawkins added another run in his lone inning of work to make the final 7-0 Red Sox.

If there were any positives to come out of last night's game for the Yankees they rested in a quartet of individual performances. Dan Giese retired all seven Sox he faced in relief of Pettitte, striking out three of them, including J.D. Drew and Manny Ramirez to end his stint. David Robertson pitched a 1-2-3 ninth and didn't allow a ball out of the infield. Robinson Cano continued his recent resurgence with a 2-for-3 night, his two singles representing 40 percent of the Yankees' hits off Lester. Cano is hitting .393 since being omitted from the starting lineup against the Astros on June 14. Finally, Melky Cabrera, who entered the game on an 0-for-18 skid, also went 2 for 3 against Lester. Both of Melky's hits were hard shots pulled down the left field line. One hit the retaining wall before it turns parallel to the foul line and kicked right to left fielder Jacoby Ellsbury who held Cabrera to a single. The second skipped over the parallel portion of the wall for a ground-rule double. Melky got the day off on Wednesday. Here's hoping that brief respite starts him off on a kick similar to that of his comrade Cano.

The Yankees come off this embarrassing loss and have to face Josh Beckett in a Fourth of July day game. Didn't take long for this series to sour, did it?

2008-07-04 04:30:07
1.   OldYanksFan
I understand that Girardi is not going to say anything earth shattering at these meetings, so I'm not sure what the press hopes to learn. But does anyone else think that most of their questions were lame?

One quy asked how Joe's 'anger' was different after this game then it was after Pittsburg.

No one asked specifically about Melky or Jeter or Abreu. Of course, there would be no telling answer anyway aside from 'they got to play better'.

In reading this and other blogs, it seems there are not many reasonable answers. When the black holes are with your core guys, both defense and RISP, what can you do. Our 2 best OPS guys are our 2 worst RISP guys. Trade Jeter, Cano or JD?

A suggestion here was to try to get a full time catcher so we don't have to carry 3. But Po will catch next year, and this guy will then be a backup. A Zaun type? Maybe. But ultimately, clearing a spot for a new 25th man ain't gonna shake the word.

I think Cashman needs to swing a deal and get a great OFer, especially a CFer. We need one now, and we need one for the future. We don't have enough on the farm to fill these 2 positions. We could look for a Tex-type 1Bman and DH Giambi, but I don't like the idea of a fulltime DH.

I think we have to assume that Melky and Brett are 4th OFers. Matsui is injured for we-don't-know-how-long, and is a liability in the field. And I don't think we can afford anymore liabilities in the field.

It's time to dangle some of our talented kid pitchers and get 'An Ichiro'. I don't really want Dunn, but he's in the ballpark. As much as I like the idea of a lower payroll, IF the Yankees feel they still have a shot this year, it's time to SPEND some money and/or trade some of our prospects.

We know that in 2009, or at the latest 2010, we need and impact OFer and 1BMan, so at least an upgrade there is in line for the future.

Milton Bradley (31)
Pat Burrell (32)
Adam Dunn (29)
Brian Giles (38)
Ken Griffey Jr. (39)
Juan Rivera (30)

Thin pickin's in the 2009 FA market.
It may be blockbuster trade time.

Matt Holliday, Xavier Nady, Nick Markakis, Jose Guillen, Alex Rios, Grady Sizemore, Nate McLouth?

Everyone here wants to be the GM. Let's hear some suggestions.

2008-07-04 05:16:49
2.   RIYank
It would have been pretty weird for Girardi, if asked about Jeter, Melky, and Abreu, to say "they got to play better." Abreu's OPS is .889 over the last 14 days, and Jeter's .833 over that period. Melky got two hits last night, so it would have been strange for Girardi to criticize him in particular in that context (when he'd just got mad about the game).

I like Adam Dunn, a lot. It might be worth trading for him if it's a re-sign-and-trade deal. We'd score a lot more runs with Adam Dunn. In fact, that's my new motto:

Score More Runs
Adam Dunn

Maybe he'll give me 1% of his next contract.

2008-07-04 05:31:22
3.   horace-clarke-era
No to Dunn
We'll be unDunn!

(The boo-birds for that K-rate in the Bronx, switching leagues? Deafening. One doesn't have to go all Ricciardi on him to know that.) I'd rather re-sign Jason for a year or two, myself. Getting attached to the stache.)

I also query the whiff of do SOMETHING here. If our core players are going to be bad, a new body isn't going to rescue this season. If our core players perform, a new body is less needed. I agree that CF is not currently a happy place, but hold to my view that a good D there should be enough for this team. If the worry is the outfield next year, worry about it next year without trading kidlets. Obviously if someone is let-go cheaply that makes a difference, but right now, adrift a bit in the standings, Yankees can too easily be had in a deal.

I expect the vulnerability to increase if Boston wins even one of the next two games. And with tonight's match-up...

I'd even do Barry for a half season over Dunn-Dunn.

The other names offered? Salivation time, some of them, but Sizemore ain't going nowhere. Holliday's on the block I think. Not sure what he'd require. I can't imagine O's trading Markakis, period.

Sounds like Sabathia's likely to go to Milwaukee. If they offer LaPorta, he will.

2008-07-04 05:43:54
4.   monkeypants
1 OYF,

"A suggestion here was to try to get a full time catcher so we don't have to carry 3. But Po will catch next year, and this guy will then be a backup. A Zaun type? Maybe. But ultimately, clearing a spot for a new 25th man ain't gonna shake the word."

I had suggested trading for a C. My thought, however, was to trade for someone mainly for this year only. I was assuming that Posada could catch regularly next season. I think Zaun would be a perfect stop-gap for this season: he is in the last year (I think, maybe second-to-last year) of a contract, he is paid a little bit of money for an organization that should be looking to shed salary, he can catch and sort of play 1B, switch hitter, 37 y.o.

Frankly, if Posada cannot catch any more after this season, there are bigger problems to deal with. His bat is very good, but is not necessarily an "impact" bat for a DH or 1B. And if he occupies one of those positions full time, that makes the remaining roster ever more inflexible.

2008-07-04 05:50:59
5.   OldYanksFan
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2008-07-04 05:52:40
6.   OldYanksFan
2 Is anyone tired of the all-bat, no-glove, no speed kind of guy? Giambi is the best of that group, and you guys have been pissing and moaning about him for years.
2008-07-04 05:57:46
7.   monkeypants
6 Nope. It just depends what position they play. I have little problem with them at DH, 1B, maybe RF, C. Not excited about them in CF. The Oakland A's won a lot of games and a WS with those kinds of guys.
2008-07-04 06:04:48
8.   RIYank
I haven't been moaning about Giambi. I think he could be our most valuable player this year.

Bottom line, the team would win more games with Adam Dunn. I personally don't care whether he strikes out a lot. That aesthetic aspect of baseball is very low on my priorities.

2008-07-04 06:11:11
9.   monkeypants
8 The people who moaned about Giambi the most in the past were those who could not stand to see him in the field. I was never one of those, and neither have you. When he is hitting I'll endure the awkward and at times frustrating sight of him standing at first with a glove tied to his hand.
2008-07-04 06:12:48
10.   Sliced Bread
0 Melky has been successful (near perfect) against Lester in the past. Yeah, miniscule sample size, but I think that has more to do with his success last night than being benched earlier in the week.

A buddy offered me a free ticket to last night's game. Something like fourth row, directly up from first base. Ridiculously primo seat. I surprised myself and decided not to go because my town had it's fireworks show last night, and I really didn't want to miss an evening like that with my sons. My wife appreciated that, but also understood the offer was almost too good to refuse, and she gave me her wholehearted blessing to go to the game.
Man, I'm glad I stayed with family to watch the fireworks from our boat.

As soon as the fireworks ended, I mean not a minute after the finale, thunder, lightning, heavy wind and rain. Literally hundreds of boaters on our lake had to make a run for it. You're supposed to go 5mph at night, and for good reason: you can't see very far, or very much on the surface of a lake at night -- but everybody started rushing more like 15mph, some even faster, which fiercely kicked up the water, and made navigating much more difficult and dangerous.
We had to cross the lake diagonally to get back to our dock, which was sort of like trying to cross a 20 lane highway of cars being driven in full-on panic mode. The thunder, lightning, and rain didn't help.

With the lake kicked up, and the docks slamming up and down, the rain pouring, docking was extremely difficult, but we tied up safely after about 20 minutes of excitement.

Had I gone to the game, my wife would have had to drive the boat with the kids, and her parents aboard. She's a nervous driver in the best conditions. I think she could have done it, but she would have been terrified.

That was a helluva good game to not attend.

2008-07-04 06:16:35
11.   OldYanksFan
4 It ain't a bad idea. I guess Zaun is a reasonable upgrade over Molina? I know his bat is, but Molina's arm has saved us MANY times. Can Zaun throw? If he can't, might as well play Posada.

I still wonder if Ichiro can be had. This is a team that said bye-bye to Junior, RJ and ARod.
Ichiro instead of Melky >>>> Zaun over Molina

"worry about it next year without trading kidlets"
All of a sudden we all love our kidlets. Is this because of the Interwebs? 4 years Ago, most of us had no idea who the hell these kids were, only that 4 out of 5 failed. Now they are all golden children.

In an attempt to see if we have any consensus here, I ask the following. I ask this in the context that over the last 3 years, contrary to the 'Boss Hog Method', we have NOT traded any kidlets of value (and have worked hard [Santana] to hold onto them), and have avoided all [Beltren] longterm contract guys.

1) Are not some of our kidlets trde material to fill position holes?
2) Don't we have to let go of some (potential) talent to get talent in return?

Over the next 2 years, we will shed almost $100 million (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in salary and have NO outfield and NO 1Bman. For those 4 positions, we have AJax, Melky and Tabata.... 3 BIG IFs.

Hoss... if we are going to make moves over the off-season, and we want to try and win this year,
3) Why not move sooner then later?

I agree that IF we conceed the PS this year, we should probably stay pat.

But..... WE ARE THE YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We don't conceed Post Seasons... do we?

Is Tampa that much of a shoe-in?
Papi is out for the year. Manny is slowing down.
Will Nancy, Youk and Dice-K continue to carry the Sox... or are they vulnerable?


(call to arms, call to arms, call to arms)

2008-07-04 06:21:36
12.   monkeypants
4 On a related note, this is the same issue with Jeter. It is easy for his critics to howl at his terrible defense and demand that he change positions. But I would ask, to what position? In the past year or so, posters at this site generally argue that he should be moved to 1B or LF. That's fine, except he will probably not hit well for those positions, and there is no guarantee that he will play defense particularly well either (though it is given that bad defense at 1B is less damaging than bad defense at SS).

The reality is that Jeter at 120 OPS+ hits enough at SS to compensate for his defense. Jeter at 100 OPS+ probably (certainly?) doesn't hit enough to compensate for his defense, but he also doesn't hit enough to occupy a corner position.

The best course of action for the team is to stay the course and ride out the last couple of years of his contract. If he is hurt this year, then we will probably see an uptick in his offense next season. If not, then they may just have to grin and bear his decline, or give him more days off to keep him rested while integrating other players into the lineup. Moving him to 1B (especially) or LF is not a good tratgey.

2008-07-04 06:37:00
13.   OldYanksFan
"I have little problem with them at DH, 1B, maybe RF, C"
In theory, I would absolutely agree with you.
I agree, the glove of a DH doesn't matter much.
Food for thought:
Giambi (at 30) was a career .308/.957 guy
UnDunn (at 28) is a career .247/.900 guy
Some difference there.
At C, Po is much, much better then Molina... but we can see a big difference between Po's issues throwing and blocking the plate Vs. Molina... yes? Molina has saved us many times already, yes?
Piazza was a MUCH better hitter then IRod. But when both D and O were considered, IRod (in Wins) was a MUCH more valuable player. MUCH.
And after watching Matsui in LF (really.... doesn't JD over Mats in LF make a bid difference) and Bobby in RF.... well.... I just think we undervalue defense... except when it is robbing US of wins by other teams.

And Big Mac was not bad with the glove.
But yes, if the bat is big enough, it overshadows the glove. But is Dunn's bat in the Manny, Giambi, Bonds, Big Mac class?

We are trying to get younger, but aren't we also trying to get more athletic? Aren't we already sacrificing D at two (up the middle) important postions with Jeter and Po?

2008-07-04 06:37:53
14.   mehmattski
You know, OYF, Babe Ruth was an all bat, no glove, no speed kind of guy late in his career. Sometimes, it doesn't matter if a guy is a "one trick pony" if that one trick is "hits the ball very very far." Adam Dunn leads the majors in average home-run distance, and has the most "no doubt" homers, ones that would be out in any park.

Dunn will also be a great deal cheaper than Tex, a Boras client who will have every team with money after him. Is it such a foregone conclusion that the Braves won't re-sign him? They gave up a catching prospect for Tex, and we all know that they don't exactly grow on trees...

12 I think Jeter's old-age position should be second base. It's his arm that's going to deteriorate more than anything else, and he already has some trouble getting it there on his "patented" jump throw.

2008-07-04 06:38:43
15.   monkeypants
11 It ain't a bad idea. I guess Zaun is a reasonable upgrade over Molina? I know his bat is, but Molina's arm has saved us MANY times. Can Zaun throw? If he can't, might as well play Posada.

I still think that you exaggerate the dangers of the opposing running game. That said, there is a difference between Posada, who physically cannot throw the ball now and who may risk injury playing his position, and a "normal" catcher who does not have a great arm. By way of comparison, this season Posada has thrown out 17.1% of basestealers. Zaun has thrown out 25.7%. That makes Zaun pretty bad, but still a lot better than Po, and at least somewhat of a deterrence to opposing runners.

Molina has been very, very good (43.2% !!).

I still wonder if Ichiro can be had. This is a team that said bye-bye to Junior, RJ and ARod.

You love Ichiro. He's not going anywhere.

You do know that Ichiro was moved back to RF this season, because CF was wearing him out? He is also batting .741 OPS, SLG < .400.

Stay away.

2008-07-04 06:40:51
16.   williamnyy23
I know it was an awful game, but perhaps Girardi would have been wiser to have is rant after the Beckett/Rasner matchup today? All kiding aside, Girardi's explosion was a long time in coming and long over due. What's more, he should also be very angry with himself too. If I was a player, I'd be thinking in the back of my head "what about the time you let Ohlendorf blow the Indian game, or started a B-lineup against the Mets, or let Melky swing away..."
2008-07-04 06:40:59
17.   monkeypants
14 Good point about Jeter to 2B! I had thought about that before. Of course, now Cano is in the way. I wonder if Cano can play SS? Robbie might also be very, very attractive trade bait.

I am not advocating trading Robbie, mind you. I'm just musing. We know Jeter is unmovable because of his contract.

2008-07-04 06:42:05
18.   williamnyy23
12 The real answer might be a Pete Rose type utility player. Of course, Jeter's ego likely would never allow him to accept that role.
2008-07-04 06:47:32
19.   monkeypants
13 But is Dunn's bat in the Manny, Giambi, Bonds, Big Mac class?

That's not really fair, is it? A player a HOF hitter to warrant being an all bat, no glove 1B/DH?

Dunn has a career .900 OPS, 130 OPS+. I think the team would be improved by adding that sort of bat, which would displace, say, Wilson Betemit.

2008-07-04 06:52:37
20.   mehmattski
13 Dunn is a better first baseman than Giambi (albeit with a much smaller sample):

Revised Zone Rating (THT), 2004-2008

1st base:
Giambi: .724, 2010 innings
Dunn: .778, 326 innings

Of course, this does not cover the ability to scoop throws and hold runners on, but Dunn and Giambi have about the same fielding percentages as first basemen too.

2008-07-04 06:55:58
21.   monkeypants
18 What do you mean Pete Rose "utility player"? At Age 31-33 Rose played exclusively in LF. From age 34-37 he played in 613 games at 3B, 1 in RF, 42 in LF, and 2 at 1B. From age 38 to 41 h played exclusively as a 1B.

He was never a "utility player," but rather the primary starter at his position until he was 42, at which time he was clearly hanging on for the record.

First of all, if you're going to knock Jeter for his "pride", I wouldn't use Rose as the example of a selfless player.

Second, the general sentiment is that Jeter's pride or arrogance or selfishness will not allow him to act in the best interests of the team. Yet what is the actual evidence for this? That he didn't move from SS when S-Rod was traded for? Do we know if he was ever approached with the idea.

Until we actually hear that the team has discussed changing his position and he griped about it (like we heard when they tried to convert Soriano), I'll reserve my judgment about his supposed selfish pride.

2008-07-04 07:04:11
22.   RIYank
Hm, I wonder how many runs that difference (Dunn - Giambi) translates into. I bet it's very few.
I'm for Dunn, but not because of his glove. Because Giambi is getting too old. If we can't sign Dunn, I'd pick up Giambi's option and keep looking.
2008-07-04 07:05:16
23.   monkeypants
18 21 I will admit that there are no end of web pages, mostly blogs, that state Jeter refused to move positions for A-Rod. But I cannot find any actual primary source (or close to primary source). I cannot find a direct quote from the man himslef, or from (say) Torre saying that he was asked but declined. Even a news story from close to events would be persuasive.

Rather, what seems to be the case is a baseball myth that has grown up around speculation that Jeter refused to change positions because many (myself included) think that he should have changed positions.

2008-07-04 07:09:59
24.   OldYanksFan
This is very true in general, but you have to look at our specific situation.
If Jeter plays 1B, who might he be usurping?
Teixeria... or Miggy Cairo... or Dunn?
[Insert: Ya know I love the Big Lug. Are we all ready to pay him $17m to be our everyday 1Bman next year?]

And who would replace Jeter at SS?
Is Nomar 'good enough' at 1st base?

I think you have to look at the entire team, and judge the entirity of the O and D, and not look at it position by position.

And while I am not sure if moving Jetes really has value, he has all the tools to be an above average 1Bman defensively.

... able to field grounders, especially to his right.
... able to go back on high popups
... able to be a good cutoff man, positioning, throwing
... able to charge grounders (bunts)
... able to dig balls out of the dirt
... NOT be a klutz with footwork
... being tall helps a little

Is Dunn a LFer or 1Bman? 90% of his career ABs have been as a LFer. With Po, (maybe) Matsui (maybe) Giambi on the team, if we get someone, do we want a DH type? Again, I am not necessarily against Dunn, I would just rather get a more 'balanced' player.

2008-07-04 07:10:07
25.   RIYank
23 He probably should have volunteered. David Eckstein would have, for sure.
2008-07-04 07:11:18
26.   monkeypants
22 Giambi is making a pretty good case for them to pick up his option no matter what else the do, although having both Dunn and Giambi (for sake of argument) might be too redundant, since both are left-handed, and assuming they split time at DH and 1B means no place to put Matsui.

On the other hand, both Matsui and Giambi are injuries waiting to happen, and the "problem" of too many lefty sluggers would last only one season. It's hard to get too worked up about having too many sluggers.

2008-07-04 07:16:29
27.   OldYanksFan
18 Fuck Jeter's ego. He already has 4 rings. Mabe he doesn't feel he needs anymore.
We will have to wait until next year and see if this year is an aberation. If he is a .750 OPS guy in 2009/2010, we can stand him at SS. However, if he is fading, it's going to be ugly. I don't think the brass can let GODJ hurt this team.
2008-07-04 07:17:35
28.   OldYanksFan
19 Hey! MM 14 was comparing him the the Babe!
2008-07-04 07:17:59
29.   monkeypants
25 But can Eckstein play first base?

24 I have no doubt that Jeter can be an above average defensive 1B, what? Really, first base defense is just not that important, no matter how much we grimace when Giambi chicken-arms a throw. If Jeter played a good 1B and hit 110 OPS+, we'd basically have Lyle Overbay or maybe 2007 Doug Mientkiewicz, and that's not a particularly good thing.

2008-07-04 07:19:09
30.   monkeypants
27 See 23 .

Show me the evidence.

2008-07-04 07:22:27
31.   RIYank
Sure, Eckstein played 1B for a Little League team, he's got experience. (I think it was 2003.)

We could pick up Dunn as a LF/1B, which is after all what he is. If Matsui is at full strength next year, then we have a 3-way platoon for a year (assuming we pick up Giambi's option), or even 4-way with Damon.

2008-07-04 07:22:27
32.   monkeypants
27 Hell, he's a .725-.730 OPS guy this year, with a hand/wrist injury. Despite this being his worst season, by far, since his rookie year, he is still bouncing right around league average OPS. I think the odds are very good that he is around .750 OPS (or a bit better) over the next two years.
2008-07-04 07:26:28
33.   RIYank
32 I'm much more optimistic. I say he can OPS .800.
He was at .840 last year, and (lest we forget) .900 in '06. I doubt he'll decline to .750 so quickly.
2008-07-04 07:27:20
34.   monkeypants
31 There is also a good chance the Abreu is gone, so Dunn/Matsui/Damon could find PT in RF.

Actually, as much as I like Abreu's patient approach, he is a player showing clear signs of steady decline. His OPS since age 30: 145, 126, 126, 114, 114. His power seems to be disappearing. I'm not sure he is a viable option for a corner position going forward.

Maybe I am just dazzled by this season's renaissance, but I would rather take flyer on Giambi for one year, than try to keep Abreu.

2008-07-04 07:28:57
35.   monkeypants
33 Actually, I agree with you. For sake of argument I was being pessimistic. William should weigh in soon and decry the "decline phase of Jeter before our eyes."
2008-07-04 07:42:07
36.   OldYanksFan
Is Jeter's hand healed?
His June numbers: .300 .374 .427 .801
Cano June: .287 .302 .416 .718 + 4 for 9 in July.
So, since June, Melky is really the only black hole (.544 OPS).
So considering our Jume schedule, it seems we should have done better. The culprits? Defense and RISP?
2008-07-04 07:45:54
37.   monkeypants
According to Pete Abe: Billy Traber called up, Melky in CF today.

Surely this means that the Gardner Experiment has come to an end? Or will they option Giese down (pitched back-to-back days)? Or, dare I dream, does this mean DFA time for a certain relief pitcher?

2008-07-04 07:48:34
38.   OldYanksFan
34 I agree on Abreu. A 114 OPS+ considering his D ain't bad, but it ain't great. I might take him for one more year as a stop gap to AJax/Tabata, but I don't think he will sign for one year.

So it seems most are onbord for another $17m worth of the Big Lug (assuming no major injury)?

By the way, Dunn makes $13m.
What might the cost the Yankees? 4/$60? 5/$70?
And how might Dunn's cost/production compare to Tex's?

2008-07-04 07:54:44
39.   monkeypants
37 Or maybe AG is sent down again. They seem only to use him as a PR, and Gardner can do that. Anyway, I'm guessing that its Gardner or AG.

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