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2008-07-04 09:12
by Alex Belth

The Yanks were thoroughly out-played last night. Today, they get Josh Beckett. Could be a long weekend.

Regardless, here is something to kick off the game in style.

Have a safe and Happy holiday, everyone and Let's Go Yan-Kees!. 

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2008-07-04 09:46:44
1.   mehmattski
The Yankees did beat both Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez last week. Anything can happen...
2008-07-04 09:55:03
2.   monkeypants
Not too many people here today, I assume.
2008-07-04 09:58:25
3.   SF Yanks
I'm a pretty optimistic person, but last night gave me a really bad feeling about this season. I think the pitching is just too thin. I'm still holding out hope but it's fading fairly fast.
2008-07-04 10:07:10
4.   mehmattski
2 My plans aren't until tonight, so let's rock on with Rasner!
2008-07-04 10:11:47
5.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm here, beaten down but not defeeted. LET'S GO YANKS!
2008-07-04 10:12:24
6.   mehmattski
Not a good start, Ras.
2008-07-04 10:14:13
7.   rbj
I'm here. Mudhens' game is tonight, with fireworks at the park and then the Toledo city fireworks.

I could stand going downtown in a good mood, with a Yankees' win, if it isn't too much trouble for the Bronx Bombers.

2008-07-04 10:18:05
8.   Mattpat11
Are there eight more terrifying words in the English Language than "Manny is in a bit of a slump?"
2008-07-04 10:20:49
9.   OldYanksFan
Giambi has good hands.... his feet, another story.
2008-07-04 10:22:03
10.   mehmattski
That was very Ponsonian.
2008-07-04 10:22:18
11.   monkeypants
8 Funny! : )
2008-07-04 10:22:53
12.   monkeypants
Rasner with his best Ponson impersonation.
2008-07-04 10:23:20
13.   Mattpat11
The hat looks like something someone made at the mall.
2008-07-04 10:23:20
14.   monkeypants
10 Doh! 12
2008-07-04 10:25:32
15.   OldYanksFan
Jeez... this looks like a ballgame so far.
Common Derek!!!
2008-07-04 10:25:41
16.   monkeypants
Dear Johnny Damon,

I was so wrong about you earlier this year. I am sorry.



2008-07-04 10:26:26
17.   mehmattski
16 Someone admits they were wrong.... on the internets?!?!? The apocalypse is neigh!
2008-07-04 10:26:50
18.   Mattpat11
Jason Varitek looks like Wonder Woman.
2008-07-04 10:26:59
19.   OldYanksFan
Dear Derek,
Please don't be afraid to pull an inside pitch.
2008-07-04 10:27:49
20.   monkeypants
Hey, Jason Varitek is dressed like Wonder Woman--does he have a fancy dress party to go to or something?
2008-07-04 10:27:53
21.   mehmattski
19 Pull a pitch? With a runner on second and less than two outs? But that wouldn't be Getting the Job Done! You've got to Move The Runner Over!
2008-07-04 10:28:39
22.   monkeypants
18 Goddammit, you guys keep typing faster than me. 20
2008-07-04 10:29:24
23.   OldYanksFan
Dear Derek,
I hope William is wrong about you.
Frightfully yours,
2008-07-04 10:30:47
24.   OldYanksFan
I do luv that Bobby takes pitches.
2008-07-04 10:32:18
25.   Yankees Brasil
Now would be a good time to get a hit A-Rod!
2008-07-04 10:33:29
26.   OldYanksFan
Bobby injured his pants.
2008-07-04 10:33:38
27.   rbj
Yes! A-Rod comes through!

Quite frankly I wasn't expecting the Yankees to cash in on Damon's lead off double.

2008-07-04 10:33:44
28.   Yankees Brasil
25 That's what I'm talking about!!
2008-07-04 10:34:48
29.   monkeypants
I blame Meacham!!
2008-07-04 10:35:00
30.   OldYanksFan
Dear Jason,
I know you are much better then Adam Dunn.
Faithfully yours,
2008-07-04 10:35:19
31.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-07-04 10:35:38
32.   Bob Timmermann
Are Arbeu's pants going on the DL?
2008-07-04 10:36:14
33.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow he was lookin at an inside the park-er.
2008-07-04 10:36:17
34.   OldYanksFan
I had hoped for more, but I still luv the Big Luv.
2008-07-04 10:36:28
35.   monkeypants
32 Who knows...Girardi said they were day to day.
2008-07-04 10:37:04
36.   Yankees Brasil
Can't believe my eyes.
2008-07-04 10:37:17
37.   monkeypants
30 ; )
2008-07-04 10:38:28
38.   monkeypants
Wow...that may have been the single worst swing I have ever seen.
2008-07-04 10:39:34
39.   Yankees Brasil
38 I was thinking just that. Fugly.
2008-07-04 10:40:47
40.   OldYanksFan
35 Giardi said that? OH NO!
We are batting 1.000 with RISP!
2008-07-04 10:41:05
41.   RIYank
Hey. I'm here.
2008-07-04 10:41:46
42.   OldYanksFan
37 Jussoyaknow... I'm not against Dunn.. just semi-erect.
2008-07-04 10:41:50
43.   monkeypants
40 Sadly, only .500 with RISP (tsk, tsk Jeter).
2008-07-04 10:42:08
44.   RIYank
This game is just so typical of the Yankees. All the adversity and failure yesterday, and they bounce right back with RISP hitting and some good pitching from a back-of-the-rotation rookie. Energy, toughness.
2008-07-04 10:42:27
45.   SF Yanks
Posada just got owned badly.
2008-07-04 10:42:28
46.   RIYank
(I'm practicing being the anti-William.)
2008-07-04 10:42:32
47.   Mattpat11
What are A-Rod's numbers since Madonna-gate?
2008-07-04 10:43:07
48.   Yankees Brasil
Nice job not walking Crisp. That would've been bad.
2008-07-04 10:43:27
49.   monkeypants
Nice quick overhead of the new stadium.
2008-07-04 10:43:46
50.   Mattpat11
That was embarrassing
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2008-07-04 10:46:51
51.   monkeypants
Sydney Rasner!!
2008-07-04 10:47:45
52.   RIYank
51 Sy Rasner?
2008-07-04 10:50:45
53.   RIYank
Long out. I like what we're seeing from Cano.
2008-07-04 10:51:20
54.   mehmattski
If Cano turns it on the rest of the season, that would be three straight poor starts followed by great second halves. I say the Yankees should forbid him from playing in any winter leagues at those lower latitudes. He needs to get used to hitting in lower temperatures- maybe a winter league in Sweden?
2008-07-04 10:53:10
55.   monkeypants
I've made my peace with the new stadium. I don't need to hear Kay shill for it.
2008-07-04 10:54:01
56.   RIYank
Another long out, from Melky, which is slightly encouraging.

54 I figure we should slap a dome on the new stadium and heat it to 86 degrees in April.

2008-07-04 10:58:06
57.   monkeypants
OK, maybe a little too much like Ponson.
2008-07-04 10:58:26
58.   rbj
Well this isn't good.
2008-07-04 10:59:31
59.   RIYank
I'm actually kind of pleased that Jason didn't have a chance to throw to second...
2008-07-04 10:59:32
60.   monkeypants
Maybe for the best that Giambi bobbled that...otherwise he would have been tempted to throw to 2B.
2008-07-04 11:00:06
61.   Yankees Brasil
At least we got one out.
2008-07-04 11:00:07
62.   RIYank
That's one Stewart's root beer for me, monkeypants.
2008-07-04 11:00:32
63.   OldYanksFan
Did that ball bounce off Giambi's chest? Or glove?
2008-07-04 11:00:53
64.   monkeypants
59 OK, now this is getting freaky. 60
(10 12 , 18 20 )
2008-07-04 11:01:31
65.   RIYank
Lowell already has two salamis this season.
2008-07-04 11:02:07
66.   monkeypants
All right, Daryl, you got 'em right where you want 'em.
2008-07-04 11:03:02
67.   RIYank
Wow, that is kind of freaky. Monkey-"just a few seconds late"-pants.
2008-07-04 11:03:44
68.   RIYank
They keep hitting the ball to our non-throwing players. That's not fair.
2008-07-04 11:04:03
69.   Yankees Brasil
I wonder how many more starts will Rasner get.
2008-07-04 11:06:43
70.   RIYank
2008-07-04 11:07:12
71.   RIYank
Crud, Damon's hurt.
2008-07-04 11:07:45
72.   Bob Timmermann
That play went from being really good for the Yankees to Worst Case Scenario in a matter of seconds.
2008-07-04 11:07:48
73.   Yankees Brasil
That sucks.
2008-07-04 11:08:10
74.   mehmattski
The ball sat on top of the fence. And I thought I'd seen everything.

I think Damon might have fractured a rib.

2008-07-04 11:08:11
75.   RIYank
That was very strange.
2008-07-04 11:09:09
76.   rbj
Crap on the hit, double crap on Damon.
2008-07-04 11:09:28
77.   mehmattski
All right, now's your chance, Brett "Wally Pip" Gardner.
2008-07-04 11:10:40
78.   OldYanksFan
Some behind the wall hit it to move the ball. It had stopped motion.
I don't believe we can survive losing JD.
2008-07-04 11:10:58
79.   mehmattski
Credit to the guy behind the left field fence who yelled at Damon that the ball was on the ground.
2008-07-04 11:11:47
80.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-07-04 11:13:03
81.   mehmattski
78 Yeah, losing him for an extended period probably pushes this team into "Too Many Injuries to Contend" territory.
2008-07-04 11:13:58
82.   monkeypants
That was the damnedest play I've seen. And now Damon is hurt...this team is cursed.
2008-07-04 11:16:11
83.   Yankees Brasil
This team is cursed.
2008-07-04 11:18:31
84.   monkeypants
It's like all the good luck, favorable bounces, questionable calls, career years, etc from 1996 to 2000/2001 are being paid back with interest.
2008-07-04 11:19:16
85.   Yankees Brasil
And now the Yankees go back to hack mode.
2008-07-04 11:19:33
86.   OldYanksFan
Bobby Abreu is saying "You see... YOU SEE!"
2008-07-04 11:20:06
87.   Mattpat11
82 83 Yay!
2008-07-04 11:20:48
88.   monkeypants
87 I win, I win, I win!!!

: )

2008-07-04 11:23:15
89.   monkeypants
69 Does it really matter now?

Really, though, Rsner hasn't been that bad. He'll struggle through five innings against a good hitting team, like a decent fifth starter will do. Unfortunately, there are too many fifth starters on the staff, and too many injuries and slumps in the lineup.

2008-07-04 11:23:43
90.   OldYanksFan
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
2008-07-04 11:25:30
91.   OldYanksFan
These eating contests are nuts. I gotta wonder what Europeans think about them. Can you imagine having to use the bathroom at one of those things?
2008-07-04 11:26:41
92.   OldYanksFan
I didn't think Jeter got him. Trying to outrun Ellsbury?
2008-07-04 11:26:46
93.   monkeypants
Lollipop throw by Giambi, but at least he didn't air mail it. And nice run down by Jeter.
2008-07-04 11:26:47
94.   mehmattski
I was sure that Giambi's throw during the pickle would have ended up in left field.
2008-07-04 11:27:59
95.   monkeypants
92 Ellsbury acted like he wasn't tagged. Be nice to see a replay on that one.
2008-07-04 11:29:28
96.   mehmattski
He was tagged on the shoulder before Ellsbury got back. At first I thought that Jeter still had the ball in his right hand while tagging with the glove, but he made the switch in time. Also, he wasn't in a true footrace with Ellsbury, since the runner had to keep looking over his shoulder. Jeter did a nice job with the pump fake.
2008-07-04 11:30:15
97.   Mattpat11
Mattingly and Boggs, BTW for the trivia question
2008-07-04 11:31:19
98.   monkeypants
Fun at bat--nice battle between Beckett and A-Rod.
2008-07-04 11:32:45
99.   mehmattski
I think A-Rod should do a double steal here. Take off for second and then just wheel for third. He'd beat Lowell easily.
2008-07-04 11:33:25
100.   monkeypants
I normally advocate a slugger hitting the ball over the shift, but in this situation, with a man on, if Giambi can bunt to third he should. There's a pretty good chance A-Rod would end up on 3B.
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2008-07-04 11:35:51
101.   OldYanksFan
Shit! Just missed.
2008-07-04 11:37:07
102.   mehmattski
This at bat is epic.
2008-07-04 11:37:09
103.   OldYanksFan
If Giambi continues to rake...
If the Yankees win it all...
There will be a parade...
and 100,000 men, women, children and babies...
will all have staches!
2008-07-04 11:37:53
104.   monkeypants
Two fun ABs in a row.
2008-07-04 11:38:02
105.   OldYanksFan
ARod should have been tagging there. No way Crisp throws him out.
2008-07-04 11:39:02
106.   mehmattski
105 He was running on the pitch, so that would be unrealistic...
2008-07-04 11:40:40
107.   Yankees Brasil
At least we're seeing some good AB's now.
2008-07-04 11:41:22
108.   mehmattski
Is Cano wearing one of Jeter's helmets? Or did the number 4 just wear off?
2008-07-04 11:42:49
109.   mehmattski
So, after all these 3-2 counts, Cano grounds out to second or pops to left on the first pitch?
2008-07-04 11:47:35
110.   mehmattski
The last American League pitcher to get a hit in the world series is.... Dice-K, last year.

2008-07-04 11:47:37
111.   Yankees Brasil
109 Third pitch. Ugly.
2008-07-04 11:47:56
112.   monkeypants
Melky plunked on the hand...looked painful. Maybe Gardner can play all the OF positions at once, sort of like Bugs Bunny.
2008-07-04 11:49:18
113.   randym77
Well, I guess it's reasonably good news on Damon. Shoulder contusion. Which is medspeak for a bruise.
2008-07-04 11:49:39
114.   monkeypants
I would normally advocate a PH for Molina here, utilizing the 3rd catcher. But who's left on the bench? Betemit I guess.
2008-07-04 11:50:44
115.   monkeypants
113 Which is unfortunately Yankeespeak for catastrophic injury.
2008-07-04 11:50:55
116.   mehmattski
Yeah how many pitchers are the Yankees carrying now? 13? 14?

Meanwhile Mr. Play The Game Right screams on the mound after getting out of the jam... but I thought you weren't allowed to show emotion on the mound in the regular season?

2008-07-04 11:54:18
117.   Yankees Brasil
How many pitches for Beckett?
2008-07-04 11:54:41
118.   monkeypants
116 Thirteen, I believe.
2008-07-04 11:56:25
119.   mehmattski
117 76
2008-07-04 11:56:31
120.   SF Yanks
117 Beckett's at 76.
2008-07-04 11:56:59
121.   OldYanksFan
76 pitches for Beckett
2008-07-04 11:59:00
122.   OldYanksFan
Not getting into the Sox BP yesterday will really hurt us. They used a lot of pitchers in the TB series, including 5 in the last game. If we put up good ABs in the next 2 innings, Beckett should be gone after 6.


2008-07-04 11:59:06
123.   mehmattski
Rasner ran out of magic juice.
2008-07-04 11:59:14
124.   monkeypants
Fortunately Garner didn't hurt himself running back to the fence.
2008-07-04 12:01:20
125.   Yankees Brasil
This is horrible.
2008-07-04 12:02:58
126.   rbj
Should we be hoping for a big rainstorm right now to wash the game away?
2008-07-04 12:03:12
127.   monkeypants
Might as well let him try to get through the inning.
2008-07-04 12:09:19
128.   Yankees Brasil
10 hits, 3BB's and a HBP in 5 IP. That's Ponson bad.
2008-07-04 12:10:45
129.   3rd gen yankee fan
126 Was thinking the same thing myself.
2008-07-04 12:12:43
130.   monkeypants
Gardner has not been too very impressive so far. Rookies + slow starts + Yankees is usually a bad combination.
2008-07-04 12:17:00
131.   mehmattski
130 Gardner does strike out a lot, it's part of his "be as patient as possible" approach at the plate. He's just not getting the calls thus far.
2008-07-04 12:20:37
132.   dianagramr
Gold Glove for A-Rod.
2008-07-04 12:22:06
133.   mehmattski
132 Not with Scott Rolen in the AL.
2008-07-04 12:24:24
134.   dianagramr
Wow .... the Braves sent Jeff Francoeur all the way down to Double-A.
2008-07-04 12:30:46
135.   monkeypants
Offense...making sleepy.....
2008-07-04 12:33:48
136.   mehmattski
All right, that's enough for me. Have a good holiday everyone.
2008-07-04 12:35:22
137.   Yankees Brasil
What started out as a good game has quickly gone bad. I don't think there's any hope for this team.
2008-07-04 12:36:58
138.   randym77
Lowell the Yankee-killer.
2008-07-04 12:45:59
139.   monkeypants
137 Maybe Girardi needs to yell at the team every two or three innings?
2008-07-04 12:58:01
140.   rbj
Steal 2nd Gardner
2008-07-04 12:58:51
141.   monkeypants
Tough luck for Gardner there--no Molina and he has an infield hit. Now, let's see this young man run.
2008-07-04 13:03:13
142.   rbj
C'mon Bobby.
2008-07-04 13:04:10
143.   monkeypants
2008-07-04 13:04:26
144.   Mattpat11
God damnit.
2008-07-04 13:05:22
145.   randym77
A-Rod up with the bases loaded, two outs. Be clutch, Alex!
2008-07-04 13:08:34
146.   rbj
Crappity crap crap.
2008-07-04 13:10:08
147.   Mattpat11
This team really is no good at all.

I'd also have no problem with Hank firing Cashman and Girardi tonight to make a point. If I can't get good baseball, I'll take chaos.

2008-07-04 13:10:48
148.   monkeypants
Now it's not a huge thing, and ultimately makes no real difference, but Molina getting forced out at 2B was pretty key to that inning. But why was Molina still in the game, instead of a PR? Or for that matter, why did he hit (even though he did work a walk). Girardi is a bit hamstrung because Damon got hurt. Still, carrying three catchers and never using one of them is perverse.
2008-07-04 13:11:13
149.   Yankees Brasil
Story of the season. They never seem to get that big hit.
2008-07-04 13:11:44
150.   monkeypants
147 It would be entertaining...perhaps a fitting way to honor Big Stein's birthday by recalling the old Bronx Zoo days.
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2008-07-04 13:13:33
151.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well guys, I've about had it with this game. Gonna go try to preserve what's left of my sanity.
2008-07-04 13:13:52
152.   monkeypants
149 Forget the big hit...what about the occasional sac fly? Even getting one or two runs in that inning helps them claw back into the game. I don't put much stock into things like "clutch," and I imagine that BA w/RISP is fluky. But man, this team has been uncannily bad this season at scoring in these circumstances.
2008-07-04 13:14:25
153.   nick
Delcarmen and Okijima, who've been absolute horseshit lately--our best RISP guy, followed by A-Rod--& could we score? could we?

that inning is a microcosm of thisseason....

2008-07-04 13:14:49
154.   randym77
A lot of managers are really reluctant to burn their last catcher. Just in case.

Do the Yankees have an emergency catcher? Like Miguel Cairo used to be?

2008-07-04 13:15:31
155.   nick
148 yeah, I thought about PR for Molina--you know, I think they carry the third catcher because they don't know what the fuck they're doing--at this stage, no other theory seems to make sense....
2008-07-04 13:15:38
156.   Mattpat11
150 Also, while I don't know if dumping both these guys will help, I really don't think it can possibly hurt.
2008-07-04 13:16:19
157.   monkeypants
154 Well, I imagine the emergency catcher today is Posada, right?
2008-07-04 13:16:59
158.   Mattpat11
155 Moeller could have been hit by lightning and what would we have done then? HUH?
2008-07-04 13:17:34
159.   monkeypants
Hey, Farnsworth is the 8th inning guy again!!
2008-07-04 13:19:50
160.   monkeypants
I really hope they just call the game here.
2008-07-04 13:20:14
161.   randym77
Rain delay.
2008-07-04 13:22:08
162.   Yankees Brasil
Umps are not the smartest creatures. Why wait all that long before calling for the tarp?
2008-07-04 13:22:24
163.   nick
you know, it's such a frustrated fanboy thing to say, but a bomb there from Abreu or A-Rod could've turned the season around. /fanboy

naah--we aren't good enough. with the injuries, we're an 86 win team.

2008-07-04 13:24:52
164.   monkeypants
162 The umps are under pressure--from the home team and the league no doubt--to get games in. No one likes rain outs because they are a bitch to reschedule with so few off days. And no one likes long rain delays. I think they figured they could limp through the end of the game, but the Yanks' long half inning threw a wrench in the system.
2008-07-04 13:25:30
165.   monkeypants
163 No, not turn the season around. But it would be nice to get an occasional bone.
2008-07-04 13:28:12
166.   Yankees Brasil
164 Certainly. What I thought was dumb was to start the 8th inning. After that long bottom of the 7th, there was no way they would be able to finish the game with the way it was raining.
2008-07-04 13:32:58
167.   rbj
If they called the game now, it's a Boston win -- just a shorter game. I suppose it would help the bullpen, but otherwise there's no real upside to ending it now.
2008-07-04 13:37:44
168.   Yankees Brasil
Might help our mood if they just call the game now. I have a feeling the Yankees will bring the tying run to the plate in the 9th, but they will not score, obviously.
2008-07-04 13:37:55
169.   Jeb
Anyone still love this team? I'm still finding it hard to do so. I walk in the movies with my son and its 3-0 Yanks; we come out and they're losing again.

I guess Girardi agreed with my assessment of
how much they're trying or he wouldn't have had the dreaded team meeting.

Anyway the Sox had to go through this in 2006 and came out okay. As Steve miller said, sometimes "you got to go through hell before you get to heaven".

2008-07-04 13:45:39
170.   monkeypants
167 I have about zero faith in a comeback, so assuming they will lose in 7 or lose in 9 innings, I would prefer the shorter version. Less strain on the BP, less of me waiting around checking the TV. Also, I am pulling for Jeter a lot this season, and I just as soon see him finish the game 1-3 BB--raises the BA and OBP.
2008-07-04 14:52:11
171.   Mattpat11
Bottom 8
2008-07-04 14:53:51
172.   randym77
Holy crap. Delcarmen still in.
2008-07-04 14:57:17
173.   Mattpat11
A shot of Ponson's enormous ass. Perfect in many ways
2008-07-04 15:01:12
174.   Mattpat11
This team fucking sucks
2008-07-04 15:07:06
175.   Vandelay Industries
174 You don't seriously expect them to hit as well as the Pirates do you?
2008-07-04 15:26:16
176.   Mattpat11
He caught that ball.
2008-07-04 15:29:17
177.   Mattpat11
Another fine showing from the New York Yankees.

Remember when they punted all those games against terrible teams? It would have been nice ro have that cushion now.

2008-07-04 15:30:20
178.   randym77
That was a lousy call.

But in the end, it doesn't matter.

2008-07-04 15:30:41
179.   Mattpat11
Hell, just call up Igawa and Karstens. This team is a total disgrace, might as well make it an open joke.
2008-07-04 15:33:40
180.   Mattpat11
Also, can we cut Wilson Betemit? He's the worst defender at any position I've ever seen. He's a pinch hitter than can't hit. What does he offer?
2008-07-04 15:34:17
181.   nick
so the consensus is that neither Moose nor Petitte are tradable? I'd move either one for hitting prospects in a second...
2008-07-04 15:37:18
182.   Mattpat11

As long as its a hitting prospect. It would be a shame to lose them so Cashman could acquire another bomb of a starter, generic right handed reliever, or walking wounded

2008-07-04 19:48:55
183.   Bruce Markusen
I think it's probably too early for the Yankees to throw in the towel, but if they fall as much as ten games out of the wild card, they should probably move into "sell" mode. Giambi and Mussina have far more value today than they did on Opening Day; I'd be willing to move either guy for the right price. If Damon's healthy, I'd consider moving him, too. (He'd have to waive his no-trade clause.)

Mussina, in particular, should be attractive to any number of contending teams, almost all of whom need pitching. He has 10-and-five rights, though, and would have to give his OK.

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