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2008-07-01 12:58
by Alex Belth

Our Man Joba is on the hill tonight. This is the first really good hitting club he's faced since becoming a starter. Let's hope the Yankees' maddeningly uneven offense puts it together against Kevin Millwood and tells us something good.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.


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2008-07-01 14:18:30
1.   tommyl
The Yankees will be playing with six homegrown players tonight: Cano, Melky, Jeter, Posada, Gardner, and Joba. Wow.

Let's hope Brett has a few walks or hits tonight and a couple of steals. Man that kid is fast. When I saw his first AB last night I thought they should paint CGI flames on his feet, like they used to do for hockey pucks one year.

2008-07-01 14:31:11
2.   Peter
1 We only get five tonight. Jeter has the day off.
2008-07-01 14:33:07
3.   tommyl
2 Ah, shoot, you're right. Still, pretty amazing.
2008-07-01 15:13:05
4.   ieddyi
2008-07-01 15:15:39
5.   JL25and3
GodDAMN, how bad does Melky have to be before he grabs a little pine, even for one friggin' day? I know he's not the only problem, but come on, since the first 3 weeks of the season, he's batting so far below replacement level it's not even funny. And the longer the "slump" goes, the worse he gets.
2008-07-01 15:24:11
6.   Cliff Corcoran
4 No doubt. Vintage Chaka. Good stuff, Alex.
2008-07-01 15:24:18
7.   JL25and3
With all due respect to the babes photographed with Pete Abe and Will Carroll, Chaka Khan is sexier than either of them - without even being pretty.
2008-07-01 15:26:24
8.   cult of basebaal
sorry mehmattski, i've got bitch about the lineup tonite ...

melky still in the lineup, so you can play betemit at SHORT??? the man plays the middle infield like a drunk falling down stairs, fer chrissake.

you wanna sit jeter, how about doing joba a favor and replacing him with someone who can field ... like The AG?

unless the yanks are lying about an injury, like usual and damon can't really play the field ... damon in left, gardner in center, betemit at 1st, giambi at DH (or swap those two) and AG at short. IS IT THAT FUCKING HARD TO FIGURE???

2008-07-01 15:38:11
9.   ChrisS
Pasta Diving Betemit?

Alrighty, Joba line prediction:

7IP 2BB 8K 2R and the coveted W.

2008-07-01 15:38:19
10.   Zack
7 Yeah, in another league entirely...
2008-07-01 16:27:10
11.   cult of basebaal
wow ... joba start with only 10 comments, everyone must be tired from last night
2008-07-01 16:27:33
12.   Alex Belth
Jeez, those were two cruddy at bats by Bobby and Alex in the first there. C'mon, guys, for crying out loud.
2008-07-01 16:29:00
13.   OldYanksFan
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby... we were counting on you.
2008-07-01 16:30:31
14.   Alex Belth
I just get the feeling that Joba is going to throw a TON of pitches tonight.
2008-07-01 16:32:51
15.   Eirias
8 Wouldn't a drunk be almost uniquely skilled at falling down stairs?
2008-07-01 16:32:54
16.   Alex Belth
Dude, he's got NO command. Two straight walks to start the second.
2008-07-01 16:33:52
17.   Alex Belth
Horrible play by Betemit.
2008-07-01 16:34:44
18.   cult of basebaal
17 didn't see that coming!
2008-07-01 16:35:07
19.   bobtaco
Even with a good throw I don't think he would have gotten him.
2008-07-01 16:35:12
20.   randym77
Anyone need a first baseman? The Mets DFA'd Andy Phillips.
2008-07-01 16:35:45
21.   Alex Belth
Um, this smells bad.
2008-07-01 16:36:26
22.   Alex Belth
Hey, Joba throw it right down the c* and that's what's gunna happen, sport.
2008-07-01 16:36:34
23.   Eirias
That was a NICE throw.
2008-07-01 16:36:42
24.   randym77
Melky does have a nice arm.
2008-07-01 16:36:52
25.   Mattpat11
17 Redundant.
2008-07-01 16:37:21
26.   cult of basebaal
21 i think it's gonna smell giese pretty soon ...
2008-07-01 16:38:57
27.   Alex Belth
No way, A rod tagged him..
2008-07-01 16:39:23
28.   Alex Belth
Good sales job
2008-07-01 16:40:15
29.   bobtaco
strange inning.
2008-07-01 16:40:34
30.   Alex Belth
The good salesmanship hides a very poor choice by Betemit. I think you are right, even a good throw wouldn't have nailed the runner at the plater earlier in the inning.
2008-07-01 16:40:44
31.   cult of basebaal
27 or, no way arod tagged him.
2008-07-01 16:41:55
32.   Alex Belth
All considered, the Rangers base running and a fortunate ump call got em out of it only down 2-0...not horrible.
2008-07-01 16:42:01
33.   randym77
Phantom tag if ever I saw one.
2008-07-01 16:43:00
34.   cult of basebaal
24 unfortunately, that 1 out for our team will probably lead to about 60 more outs for other teams
2008-07-01 16:43:24
35.   bobtaco
It seems to be a very Hughes-like, vintage 2008 performance so far. Perhaps Joba is over thinking and giving the Rangers too much credit. Was he trying to paint corners and that was giving him bad command?
2008-07-01 16:44:44
36.   Mattpat11
30 What is Betemit's alleged "natural" position?
2008-07-01 16:44:48
37.   SF Yanks
Joba currently at 47 pitches.
2008-07-01 16:46:21
38.   Alex Belth
Way to go Round Boy!
2008-07-01 16:46:41
39.   Alex Belth
No dp, no dp...Posada, bunting?!?! Wha?
2008-07-01 16:47:08
40.   Mattpat11
Did Jorge Posada just offer a bunt?
2008-07-01 16:47:18
41.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-01 16:48:14
42.   OldYanksFan
I think Joba is trying to prove he's a 'pitcher' and not just 'a hard thrower'. He may indeed be going overboard in trying to be 'not just overpowering'.

Again, experience will take care of this. I admire his maturity. He will find his way in time. He is just too talented.

2008-07-01 16:48:20
43.   cult of basebaal
41 stupid delay
2008-07-01 16:49:24
44.   Mattpat11
That was quite the AB.
2008-07-01 16:49:24
45.   Mattpat11
That was quite the AB.
2008-07-01 16:49:45
46.   Mattpat11
stupid double posts.
2008-07-01 16:50:02
47.   bobtaco
Come on Robbie, it's July 1st now...
2008-07-01 16:51:18
48.   williamnyy23
If you were hoping for a bounce back game, the early returns aren't very good.
2008-07-01 16:51:49
49.   JoeInRI
I'm watching on Gameday, what's the injury delay?
2008-07-01 16:53:08
50.   williamnyy23
49 Cano grounded out off of Milwood's leg.
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2008-07-01 16:53:19
51.   cult of basebaal
man ... it's a good thing i'm already drinking tonite, this game sucks and blows.

on the other hand ... the home plate ump is totally rocking a "Megan's Law" 'stache!

2008-07-01 16:54:17
52.   williamnyy23
We want Seattle!
2008-07-01 16:54:46
53.   SF Yanks
Betemit isn't very good. At least that's what my eyes tell me.
2008-07-01 16:54:47
54.   Alex Belth
Betemit you ain't no treat.
2008-07-01 16:55:40
55.   bobtaco
Tampa's up 1-0 on the Sox.
2008-07-01 16:56:25
56.   JoeInRI
Millwood's looking like Scott Feldman tonight . . .
2008-07-01 16:56:44
57.   Mattpat11
53 I really, really don't like watching him play the baseball.
2008-07-01 16:57:18
58.   bobtaco
56 and the Yankee offense is looking like Marty Feldman.
2008-07-01 16:57:25
59.   Alex Belth
G**damn Kings of Comedy out here...
2008-07-01 16:57:41
60.   JoeInRI
Maybe I should sell my Saturday tix . . .
2008-07-01 16:57:46
61.   williamnyy23
I think that throw confirms Posada's shoulder is far from healthy. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of Molina behind the plate in the future.
2008-07-01 16:57:53
62.   Alex Belth
56, that is AWESOME. (Too late!)
2008-07-01 16:58:12
63.   JoeInRI
58 Don't dis Marty like that . . .
2008-07-01 16:58:16
64.   Alex Belth
I say Joba doesn't make it through the fourth.
2008-07-01 16:59:16
65.   Mattpat11
Jorge is really on a roll.
2008-07-01 16:59:25
66.   JoeInRI
Damn . . .
2008-07-01 17:00:08
67.   williamnyy23
Ponson to avoid a sweep heading into the Boston about exactly as you draw it up.
2008-07-01 17:00:19
68.   cult of basebaal
jesus, joba couldn't the plate if you gave him a guide dog, a sherpa and a fucking map ...
2008-07-01 17:01:37
69.   JoeInRI
Keep piling on the pitch count . . .
2008-07-01 17:01:48
70.   bobtaco
Here comes Polter Geise...
2008-07-01 17:02:45
71.   Eirias
K or no K, 63 pitches is "urgh" after only 2 1/3.
2008-07-01 17:03:10
72.   JoeInRI
70 Oh my . . .
2008-07-01 17:03:21
73.   williamnyy23
Chris Britton is off the DL by the way. If LaTroy Hawkins remains employed much longer at the expense of Britton, then they should just release him and allow him to get going in his career.
2008-07-01 17:04:02
74.   Eirias
67 Ponson to the rescue? Whatever happened to:

There once was a knight from Aruba,
Whose body was shaped like a tuba,
He talked trash to the Yanks,
And twice he was spanked,
Have another twinkie, you goober.

2008-07-01 17:04:52
75.   williamnyy23
Kay raised the notion of whether the extra day is affecting Joba. I said it at the time and will repeat it again: whether it's a valid excuse or not, why the hell did Joba throw 114 pitches in a blowout anyway?
2008-07-01 17:06:25
76.   Alex Belth
I'm going to throw something if he lets Byrd get a hit here
2008-07-01 17:06:33
77.   bobtaco
Would you send him back out for the 4th if he gets out clean here?
2008-07-01 17:07:34
78.   williamnyy23
77 Why wouldn;t you? If this bullpen has to get 6 innings, you might as well take the team off the field and go home.
2008-07-01 17:07:49
79.   JoeInRI
77 I don't see how you can't . . .
2008-07-01 17:08:46
80.   JoeInRI
2008-07-01 17:09:34
81.   bobtaco
Because Geise is warm and Joba is struggling, also to keep his total inning count down for the year...

but he probably will come back out for the 4th i'd imagine.

2008-07-01 17:12:28
82.   JoeInRI
Melky pops out a lot . . . or is it just me . . .
2008-07-01 17:13:47
83.   Eirias
2008-07-01 17:13:52
84.   Alex Belth
Dude, at least Johnny is here to play. C'Mon get his ass home now!
2008-07-01 17:15:10
85.   cult of basebaal
johnny, en fuego!
2008-07-01 17:15:56
86.   cult of basebaal
83 already 1 out, with no outs, i'd put money down in vegas on a bunt ... fuckin' joey joe joe jr
2008-07-01 17:16:31
87.   Alex Belth
Welcome to the big leagues, kid.
2008-07-01 17:17:42
88.   JoeInRI
C'mon Bobby, turn on one.
2008-07-01 17:18:08
89.   cult of basebaal
when michael kay questions the strategy of bunting in the 1st inning ... and is right ... it's time to rethink said strategy
2008-07-01 17:18:28
90.   Alex Belth
Man, Bobby looks lost against Millwood.
2008-07-01 17:19:40
91.   Alex Belth
2008-07-01 17:20:32
92.   Mattpat11
90 When someone has something like a 3-1 K/Ball ratio, I'm not a fan of taking the first three pitches. Chances are you're going to be in a hole.
2008-07-01 17:21:04
93.   cult of basebaal
91 D-R-I-N-K
2008-07-01 17:24:55
94.   cult of basebaal
totally off topic, but has anyone played the new Out Of The Park Baseball? Is it worth getting?
2008-07-01 17:27:04
95.   bobtaco
Actually this is looking more like a Kazmir start from 2 years ago.
2008-07-01 17:27:08
96.   OldYanksFan
Well... now for the good news:
2 runs down is not that bad against Texas.
Joba is terrible tonight but has 6 Ks in 4 IP.
I have some Raspberry Chip ice cream left. Getting it... now!
2008-07-01 17:30:46
97.   cult of basebaal
okay boys, how 'bouts some runs!
2008-07-01 17:31:26
98.   OldYanksFan
Joba at 91 pitches. Does he come out for the 5th?
2008-07-01 17:32:48
99.   bobtaco
98 Doubt it
2008-07-01 17:33:30
100.   monkeypants
98 Yes. He threw 100 and 114 pitches in his last two starts. he should at least start the fifth.
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2008-07-01 17:35:48
101.   cult of basebaal
100 why? why push it tonite?

at least that was a hard

2008-07-01 17:36:26
102.   monkeypants
I agree that Jeter could use a day off, but unfortunately that still leaves Melky in the line up. Maybe Girardi should think about using Jeter more at DH, with Damon in LF and Gardner in CF, at least for now to see if that jump starts the offense.
2008-07-01 17:36:40
103.   cult of basebaal
101 grounder from arod ... never mind ... stupid D-R-I-N-K!
2008-07-01 17:37:39
104.   Eirias
Giambi sprayed on the ball repellent.
2008-07-01 17:38:43
105.   monkeypants
101 What's being pushed? the kid has shown he can throw 100 pitches. I don't think that it's wrong to try to get five out of your starter, especially in a 2-run game. If he's efficient, let him finish the inning. if he gives up a hit or labors to the first couple of batters, then yank him. he's gone for the 6th anyway, so someone should be warmed.
2008-07-01 17:39:05
106.   cult of basebaal
dammit, how many pitches are we going to just miss ... grrrr!
2008-07-01 17:39:37
107.   cult of basebaal
105 see 103
2008-07-01 17:39:53
108.   Alex Belth
OK, no more "yankee" bad luck here, time to score a freakin run.
2008-07-01 17:40:04
109.   bobtaco
105 If they score here, I'd say fine, let him pitch. Otherwise, keep his overall inning limit down. He's thrown some high stress innings tonight.
2008-07-01 17:40:34
110.   Just fair
Posada, laces ones off the Sony sign. C'mon Cano. Do something REAL NICE.
2008-07-01 17:40:47
111.   Alex Belth
Why do I feel that Robie will hit into a dp?
2008-07-01 17:41:23
112.   Alex Belth
No! Tough strike.
2008-07-01 17:42:05
113.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-01 17:42:27
114.   Alex Belth
Hey, whatta ya say!
2008-07-01 17:42:35
115.   Just fair
Robbie and the Cano's.
2008-07-01 17:42:47
116.   Alex Belth
The softest hit ball of the inning and it goes for a base hit.
2008-07-01 17:43:17
117.   bobtaco
The spell has been broken
2008-07-01 17:43:38
118.   monkeypants
109 don't send him out for the 5th for the sake of his innings limit. But really, does one inning make a difference? This can't be made up elsewhere, like if he is pitching with a big lead?

Naw, I've got to think that part of developing as a starter is, well, pitching at least 5 innings and throwing 100 pitches.

2008-07-01 17:43:41
119.   rbj
Something good. Hm. Well, I am back from a week visiting family. First up was my parents' 50th wedding anniversary (in Virginia). Then came a family reunion with the cousins in Patterson. My one cousin (once removed) had a birthday, so there was ice cream cake -- no Fudgie the Whale, but better was that it was a Yankees theme.

And just like that the Yankees score.

2008-07-01 17:44:18
120.   Eirias
.277 OBP. Now that is what I like to see in my Yankees hitters.
2008-07-01 17:44:57
121.   Eirias
117 So, pumpkin time for Millwood?
2008-07-01 17:45:14
122.   Alex Belth
OW! Jeez, each hitter save A Rod and Jorge has JUST MISSED one.
2008-07-01 17:45:40
123.   Alex Belth
Sit down you fat bastid. You stink.
2008-07-01 17:45:53
124.   SF Yanks
53 Like I said.
2008-07-01 17:45:58
125.   Eirias
Can we get Rasner to hit for Melky?
2008-07-01 17:46:29
126.   Alex Belth
Big spot in the game here...
2008-07-01 17:46:34
127.   Just fair
Why's the effin' ump gotta rip off his mask immediately to answer Wilson's bithing. Get over yourself, dude.
2008-07-01 17:47:00
128.   Alex Belth
What is he swinging at?


2008-07-01 17:47:47
129.   cult of basebaal
quit yer bitchin' betemit, you missed a fat fastball that screamed "CRUSH ME". shut up and sit down.
2008-07-01 17:48:14
130.   Just fair
Ofer 17, Melky. Time for a breather.
2008-07-01 17:48:43
131.   monkeypants
Maybe replace with Melky with Duncan? Shelley or Eric.
2008-07-01 17:49:02
132.   bobtaco
118 It's Hamilton, Bradley, Murphy so it won't be a easy inning... I think Joba will start it.
2008-07-01 17:49:10
133.   cult of basebaal
123 i owe you a coke it seems
2008-07-01 17:49:38
134.   tommyl
Melky does know you're supposed to hit it where the fielders aren't, right? He seems to be aiming right for them lately.
2008-07-01 17:50:02
135.   bobtaco
Guess not...
2008-07-01 17:52:59
136.   tommyl
Are we seriously losing 2-1 to Kevin Milwood?!
2008-07-01 17:55:53
137.   cult of basebaal
136 i dunno, we've proven we can lose 2-1 to Scott Feldman ...
2008-07-01 17:57:37
138.   cult of basebaal
giese is nice!
2008-07-01 18:00:42
139.   rbj
137 How about to Marty Feldman?
2008-07-01 18:00:48
140.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Deja Vu..just logged into Gameday and see the Yankees losing this Tuesday again??
2008-07-01 18:01:35
141.   cult of basebaal
c'mon brett ... time to start forcing shabadoo's hand
2008-07-01 18:02:01
142.   cult of basebaal
141 uh, no.
2008-07-01 18:02:29
143.   Alex Belth
Hang tough, Bobby.
2008-07-01 18:03:16
144.   Alex Belth
2008-07-01 18:03:17
145.   Just fair
Millwood is simply too good.
2008-07-01 18:03:58
146.   SF Yanks
What the HELL is wrong with this damn team?


2008-07-01 18:04:11
147.   cult of basebaal
why is robertson warming now? why can't giese go for a couple and then robertson? you've still got 4 fucking innings to cover. are you thinking about this joe??? are you trying to turn me into william???
2008-07-01 18:06:22
148.   Alex Belth
He struck Abreu out the last two times on similar pitches--slider, then a curve, insides off the plate.

Nothing like A Rod leading off the inning.

2008-07-01 18:06:29
149.   cult of basebaal
144 well, i guess alex is allowed to break Banter if anyone is ...
2008-07-01 18:06:48
150.   nick
absolutely fucking horseshit ballclub.

(evening, folks...)

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2008-07-01 18:07:07
151.   OldYanksFan
144 Alex... please remove your screen STRETCHING comment
2008-07-01 18:07:16
152.   monkeypants
147 Joba for 4 and 90 pitches = confusing.

Giese the long man for 1 inning = more confusing.

The ways of Girardi are indeed mysterious, but I will hold judgement.

2008-07-01 18:07:35
153.   Alex Belth
At least Gardner HEARS well...
2008-07-01 18:07:37
154.   randym77
Put a couple of spaces in the "Boooo"? Please?
2008-07-01 18:07:39
155.   williamnyy23
147 What would be so wrong with that?

If this score holds, I hope Girardi doesn't give is the Rich Kotite treatment again and talk about how good the ABs were, and I really hope Jeter doesn't explain to us about how you have to give the pitchers credit. The Yankees offense has been awful for another stretch. I am sure they are trying and have the appropriate moral base, but they still failing miserably and should be be embarassed by it.

2008-07-01 18:08:00
156.   Just fair
No, Sir. They're saying Booooo-urns. Boooooo-urns.
Thanks, Smithers.
2008-07-01 18:08:09
157.   Alex Belth
144, oops. Can't. My bad.
2008-07-01 18:08:39
158.   unmoderated
i had to take a break from watching the game, i fell asleep 4 times.

this one is a snoozer.

2008-07-01 18:09:22
159.   nick
so why is Geise now a 1-inning guy? 5th-inning specialist??
2008-07-01 18:09:28
160.   williamnyy23
Classic second guess, but why is the untested rookie batting second? Without Jeter on the bench, Girardi finally had the chance to stack Damon, Abreu, Arod and Giambi, but instead he placed Gardner in the middle (of course, with Abreu has sucked anyway).
2008-07-01 18:09:32
161.   unmoderated
by the way, can you believe the jete-in-the-stands play was 4 years ago?
2008-07-01 18:09:42
162.   Alex Belth
Aha, there's a nice curve ball for a strike.
2008-07-01 18:09:44
163.   Jeb
146 that's how I felt last night. Someone asked me to prove that the Yankees weren't playing hard (or otherwise played like they didn't care). Frankly, I don't know how to prove that anymore than anyone can prove that they are playing really hard either.

BUT, with a team that has this much offensive talent to have 1, 1 and (so far) 1 run in consecutive games, it makes me think there must be something wrong. I guess my only argument is res ipsa loquitur which is the best I can do -- a team this talented should be playing better.

Anyway, I know that I "lobbied" for Duncan to get sent down and now all my energy will be directed at getting rid of Ruppert Jones (err Melky Cabrera). He's really hurting the team with his poor hitting.

But if we can steal this one somehow and Ponson is fired up for tomorrow, we can still win the series, get a split with Boston and head into the all-star break 4-5 games back. So I hope that colors me optimistic.

2008-07-01 18:09:55
164.   rbj
I'm not so worried about Girardi's pitching moves. I'm worried about the freaking cold bats.
2008-07-01 18:10:36
165.   Alex Belth
Very impressive inning, young man. Now, time to make Millwood cry uncle.
2008-07-01 18:10:38
166.   williamnyy23
159 If he can get outs doing it, I'll take it.
2008-07-01 18:10:56
167.   Just fair
Atta boy, Robertson. Now grab a bat and show these
clowns how to hit.
2008-07-01 18:11:24
168.   OldYanksFan
With Matsui now out, and Posado only 1/3 a catcher, our injuries are pretty extensive. I hate the idea of missing the PS, but I have to admire that we are treading water using our farm, a system that was in the bottom third just 4 years ago.

Cashman is really staying with the plan.
Our farm keeps getting stronger while big contracts come off the books.

2008-07-01 18:12:26
169.   Jeb
161 somehow it feels like 10 years ago...that was back when we won the division - with 101 wins and Bawston hadn't won a world series for 86 years. Somehow that play was the high water mark that year.
2008-07-01 18:12:29
170.   cult of basebaal
155 anger, william, anger ... i believe i posted earlier where that leads ...
2008-07-01 18:13:20
171.   williamnyy23
163 The stats-guy in me doesn't like to go here, but I am starting to think the problems are 1/2 mental...well, at least 90% of them. I also wonder if having your manager bunt in the first inning compounds those issues, especially when you wind up stranding a man at third base.
2008-07-01 18:13:37
172.   cult of basebaal
157 at least the passage of time, or of gibbering into the intertubes, heals all ills ...
2008-07-01 18:13:41
173.   unmoderated
169 not to get all Michael Kay on ya, but it was one of the best games you'll ever see.
2008-07-01 18:14:14
174.   rbj
OK, effective pitcher taken out. Can the Yankees do anything against the bullpen? Anyone? Bueller?
2008-07-01 18:14:30
175.   Alex Belth
good eye, Alex...
2008-07-01 18:15:00
176.   randym77
168 You think he's going to stay with the plan? I'm half-expecting some blockbuster deadline trade this year.
2008-07-01 18:15:03
177.   williamnyy23
168 You do have to admire some of the contributions from the farm, but that good will gets erased by the negative contributions by certain veterans as well as the awful showing by IPK and Hughes.
2008-07-01 18:15:07
178.   Just fair
168 And he didn't sign Barry Zito. : )
2008-07-01 18:15:08
179.   Alex Belth
No, don't CHASE that, Papi.
2008-07-01 18:15:37
180.   williamnyy23
I think Arod is entering "I need to hit a HR every time" mode, which as we all know, would be a bad thing.
2008-07-01 18:16:29
181.   Alex Belth
Man, this dude's got a nice sinker.
2008-07-01 18:16:50
182.   williamnyy23
170 You'll seldom get anger from me with this team...critical analysis, but not anger. This team hasn't shown me enought o warrant anger.
2008-07-01 18:17:13
183.   Just fair
Mountain Man 1. Porn Star 0.
2008-07-01 18:17:25
184.   cult of basebaal
163 i prefer rick manning, he's on his comp list on baseball-reference ... of course, so is Johnny Dickshot!
2008-07-01 18:18:26
185.   Alex Belth
Wow, the 0-1 pitch to Jorge really moved, even if it was a ball.
2008-07-01 18:18:41
186.   Alex Belth
Hey, there you go. Two out rally.
2008-07-01 18:18:44
187.   monkeypants
163 "...a team this talented should be playing better."

Agreed, but that does not prove that they are not playing better because they are not trying hard enough. Still, the continued stinkyness does raise questions. Perhaps the reality is that the team is not really "this talented."

2008-07-01 18:18:50
188.   williamnyy23
174 I've seen enough to conclude that it isn't about "effective" pitchers, but ineffective pitchers. There is no reason to expect anything different from the relievers. The Yankees have been repeatedly dominated by mediocre to fairly bad pitchers all season.
2008-07-01 18:19:47
189.   Alex Belth
Okay, sucker got that one up, nice bit of hitting Cano.

Now, Betemit.. A pinch hitter maybe?

2008-07-01 18:20:12
190.   Alex Belth
No, way he gets a hit.
2008-07-01 18:20:31
191.   Alex Belth
Like I said!


The Jinx worked!

2008-07-01 18:20:42
192.   SF Yanks
Bout damn time.
2008-07-01 18:20:43
193.   monkeypants
Betemit batting lefty = not too bad.
2008-07-01 18:21:00
194.   rbj
Hey wait, is that one of them thar 2 out rbi hits? I thought they were extinct.
2008-07-01 18:21:08
195.   williamnyy23
Great job of hitting Wilson (if you meant to do that).
2008-07-01 18:21:26
196.   Alex Belth
Wow, that's remarkable. Kid looked so good against A Rod and Giambi. Then, pitches up to Betemit and Cano.
2008-07-01 18:21:27
197.   Eirias
Alright Betemit, you've bought yourself an anger reprieve! Don't waste it.
2008-07-01 18:21:43
198.   dianagramr
wonder if Millwood was hurt by that shot off his shin earlier ...
2008-07-01 18:21:43
199.   nick
Wilson! We loved ya all along, baby...
2008-07-01 18:21:47
200.   Just fair
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-01 18:21:50
201.   Alex Belth
Now, Melky....
2008-07-01 18:21:58
202.   williamnyy23
If a hitter ever needed a Melky.
2008-07-01 18:21:59
203.   monkeypants
PH anyone for Melky. Move Dampn to OF. Lose DH (pitcher in Melky's spot).

that's my recommendation.

2008-07-01 18:22:08
204.   cult of basebaal
2008-06-30 19:22:27
382. williamnyy23
I think there is a little room for optimism and a lot of room for anger ...
2008-07-01 18:22:35
205.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, what are we going to do about Melky?

I'm losing patience.

2008-07-01 18:22:42
206.   Jeb
Anyone feel like Melky has ANY chance to get a hit?
2008-07-01 18:22:45
207.   Alex Belth
You bum! You know the worst of thing there was that Melky is in such a slump it didn't look like he swung the bat with ANY confidence. I mean, that was ANOTHER fat pitch and he just waved at it. Weak.
2008-07-01 18:23:17
208.   williamnyy23
202 I am a big Melky fan...probably the biggest one here...but even my patience is wearing thin. He has become a lazy fly ball hitting machine, which perplexes me because he seemed to have a line drive stroke down all April.
2008-07-01 18:23:21
209.   nick
what, Melky didn't hit a 3 run bomb?
2008-07-01 18:23:53
210.   cult of basebaal
melky, melky, melky ... could you hit water falling out of a boat in the mid-atlantic???
2008-07-01 18:24:03
211.   williamnyy23
204 I was referring to the sentiments being expressed by posters in last nights game thread...not to my own emotions.
2008-07-01 18:24:11
212.   monkeypants
205 On the bright side, he's stopped hitting those dreaded HRs.

Seriously, he needs bench time, or maybe even some time in AAA to get his head straight.

2008-07-01 18:24:49
213.   Eirias
As much as I hate the Sox, when is it time to start rooting for them to split series with the Rays?
2008-07-01 18:25:18
214.   weeping for brunnhilde
212 :)
2008-07-01 18:25:44
215.   dianagramr
Uncle Jack's cheapest dinner steak is $40 ....
2008-07-01 18:25:44
216.   weeping for brunnhilde
213 Never root for Boston.
2008-07-01 18:25:49
217.   OldYanksFan
176 That would not be going outside the plan. Money is coming off the books, and I expect some quality FAs and trades are a-coming. But he is staying away from 'washed up vets' and 'average players', using the farm instead. I said before, he's not doing deals just to 'do something'. He is waiting for the right trade and the right FAs.

I mean, it's amazing that we have not HAD to get a SP or RP and have hung in with the farm.

As bad as things look, look at Detroit. 2 hot weeks and we can turn this season around.

And it's a tied game on a 2 out rally.
How about that!

This season has basically been saved by uncharacteristically good years from Moose, Giambi and JD. Giambi being able to play the field most of the year had kept the DH spot open for rotating our semi-crippled players.

2008-07-01 18:26:08
218.   williamnyy23
The dreaded lead off walk...not the way to start the inning after finmally scratching through.
2008-07-01 18:26:22
219.   Alex Belth
what are the odds that Kinsler scores?
2008-07-01 18:26:23
220.   weeping for brunnhilde
Btw, how fucking cool is it that on a bad night, Joba's still pretty damned good?
2008-07-01 18:26:26
221.   monkeypants
213 Never. If we have to play the watch-the-scoreboard game this early in the season, I would rather TB ran away with the division and buries the Sox...that would make it easier for the Yanks to catch them for the WC.
2008-07-01 18:27:10
222.   cult of basebaal
ummm, leadoff walk here, not good robertson!
2008-07-01 18:27:15
223.   Just fair
Recipe for disaster.
Walk the g-d lead off hitter.
Bring up the top of the lineup.
Fall behind the second batter
Be sure your team just tied it up in the bottom half
Steal on the sore armed catcher
2008-07-01 18:27:31
224.   williamnyy23
Posada is going to be victimized all season with that arm. This is a big problem slowly boiling to the surface.
2008-07-01 18:28:04
225.   williamnyy23
220 If you want to look on a bright side, that's it. Joba is clearly awesome.
2008-07-01 18:28:21
226.   Jeb
187 I don't know what it is. I wonder why I have the burden of proof that they are trying hard though?

Maybe they're not that talented. Or maybe they're all just having career bad years (hell the '82 Braves and '98 Yanks practically all had career GOOD years). or maybe they're too old. I don't know. BUT I'm tired of having an automatic out at the end of the lineup.

I didn't realize that Melky was so horrible until I looked at his OPS+ from 2006:

2006 - 95
2007 - 89
2008 - 78

What a shitty trend. And it's not like peak was all that much to write home about.

2008-07-01 18:29:15
227.   Just fair
If you can make that a good hitter flinch that badly.
Hot Damn. Paging Uncle Charlie.
2008-07-01 18:29:15
228.   Jeb
um....I am embarrassed to ask this, but I was so busy bantering (and then my son showed up outside with a turtle) that I didn't realize we tied the score. Can someone fill me in, please?
2008-07-01 18:29:16
229.   williamnyy23
217 You identified the three Yankees that I give the most credit to this year, excluding Mo, who has an eternal creit at my bank.
2008-07-01 18:29:40
230.   cult of basebaal
that's a NICE curveball
2008-07-01 18:30:10
231.   cult of basebaal
227 that's Lord Charles, to you!
2008-07-01 18:30:32
232.   rbj
217 And Moose & Jason are in contract years. Hmmmm.
2008-07-01 18:30:34
233.   ny2ca2dc
Well now, that was a nice pitch.

With Matsui out, Po should be DHing nearly every game. They would be able to get his bat into almost every game then, and Molina is at least good defensively.

Of course, I'd prefer Gardner in CF over Melk, like lot's of y'all..

2008-07-01 18:31:48
234.   ny2ca2dc
229 Damon gets a lot of credit too.
2008-07-01 18:32:07
235.   Just fair
Drop the hammer on him, Kiddo.
2008-07-01 18:32:18
236.   williamnyy23
232 Maybe that's the key to Moose? He was excellent in 2006, his last contract season, as well.
2008-07-01 18:33:01
237.   williamnyy23
234 OYF cited Damon along with Jason and Moose.
2008-07-01 18:33:04
238.   rbj
236 So year to year contracts for Moose.
2008-07-01 18:33:21
239.   Jeb
one thing about Melky and then I'll shut up about him, I promise. I compared him to Ruppert Jones in 1980. Ruppert's OPS+ in 1980 was 81 and the Yanks cut bait on him pretty fast. Maybe they did so too fast as he up up OPS+ numbers of 101, 128, 96, 136, 111, 109 and 99 after that.

But Melky's never been over 100 in three seasons. WTF?!! I hope Gardner can get hot and force Melky to the bench.

2008-07-01 18:33:43
240.   ms october
228 jeb - back to back singles from posada and cano - then betemit singled posada home
2008-07-01 18:33:48
241.   rbj
I hate the wave. Yankee fans should not be doing that.
2008-07-01 18:34:02
242.   weeping for brunnhilde
What's with this wave bs?
2008-07-01 18:34:18
243.   Alex Belth
Uncle Milty will drive the run home...
2008-07-01 18:34:19
244.   ny2ca2dc
I'm so glad we could watch the wave instead of the game.
2008-07-01 18:34:20
245.   Jeb
ny2ca2dc, I am glad that you're here b/c I wanted to mention something to you.
2008-07-01 18:34:46
246.   williamnyy23
233 If you sit Melky and Gardner brings something to the table, it would be much easier to live with Molina's bat.

The scouting report on Gardner was he had a weak arm...that was a solid throw.

2008-07-01 18:34:47
247.   Jeb
240 wow thanks.
2008-07-01 18:35:02
248.   Alex Belth
No, I guess he won't.
2008-07-01 18:35:16
249.   monkeypants
226 "I wonder why I have the burden of proof that they are trying hard though?"

Well, because you have basically accused the players of not trying, which I imagine is a pretty serious thing to say about a professional athlete. It's one thing to note that players are not doing well--that is verifiable with objective data. It's one thing to draw the conclusion that a player is "bad"--tis too is based on empirical, historical, verifiable data.

But to blithely call into question players effort without any shred of evidence, that's something else. And for that I think the burden of proof falls on you, in as much as anyone who posts on this site is burdened to prove something.

That said, you are right about Melky. Stinky City.

2008-07-01 18:35:19
250.   rbj
Walking Milton Bradley? Is there some gamesmanship going on here?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-01 18:35:40
251.   Just fair
Um, Milton Bradley has not had a very good series.
2008-07-01 18:35:44
252.   ny2ca2dc
237 I am teh stoopid.

Hey now, that arm on Gardner ain't so bad. Later Melks!

2008-07-01 18:35:54
253.   williamnyy23
244 I guess the fans don't want the players to be more embarassing than they are?
2008-07-01 18:36:02
254.   cult of basebaal
hmmm, gardner ain't got no pissy little Damon arm out there.
2008-07-01 18:36:44
255.   williamnyy23
That curve ball scares me to a lefty.
2008-07-01 18:37:16
256.   Jeb
249 blithely? My shred of evidence is that they haven't scored many runs and struggle against poor teams. That's at least a scintilla for goodness sakes.
2008-07-01 18:37:25
257.   tommyl
Guess Joe doesn't believe in easing kids into it. Wow.
2008-07-01 18:37:43
258.   ny2ca2dc
Lot of pitches for Dave...
2008-07-01 18:38:18
259.   randym77
Yeah, that's what bothers me about Melky. He's still young...but the trend is not good. He's not improving on anything. He's getting worse.

We shoulda traded him...

2008-07-01 18:38:20
260.   ms october
208 william, since i feel the same way about melky as you - just curious if you noticed anything about his plate appearances - especially his swing that seemed different when he was at least sort of hitting at the beginning of the season
2008-07-01 18:38:23
261.   weeping for brunnhilde
Drop the hook, drop the hook!
2008-07-01 18:38:32
262.   Just fair
Please. Stay. With. Robertson. Even if they are loaded.
2008-07-01 18:39:37
263.   cult of basebaal
man, when gardner stops overthrowing crucial pitches, he might be pretty good ...
2008-07-01 18:39:42
264.   monkeypants
233 The problem with Posada at DH every day is that it doesn't allow Girardi to use the DH to rest Damon and Jeter. More importantly, it means Molina in the lineup every day. No matter how poorly Posada throws, does that really offset carrying Molina's bat every game?

On the other hand, playing Po at C means that someone else has to DH. With the current roster, who would that be? I guess Betemit. So, the question really comes down to:

Is Posada (bat) + Molina (bat+arm) > Posada (bat+arm) + Betemit (bat)?

Could be.

2008-07-01 18:40:14
265.   Just fair
2008-07-01 18:40:23
266.   Alex Belth
Outstanding. Get that man laid tonight!
2008-07-01 18:40:26
267.   tommyl
Oh man, I love David Robertson!
2008-07-01 18:40:45
268.   rbj
God bless you please Mr. Robertson.
2008-07-01 18:40:53
269.   weeping for brunnhilde
Wow, I'm amazed.

I thought for sure he'd get burned throwing fastball after fastball.

Nice job, Robertson.

Dude can pitch.

2008-07-01 18:41:07
270.   ny2ca2dc
264 You nailed it. Sure, when someone needs a rest, they can DH and Po plays C - but 50-60-70% of the time, I vote for Po at DH.
2008-07-01 18:41:39
271.   cult of basebaal
hmmm ... nolan ryan is looking half-hamster, half-gerbil ... and by gerbil i mean don zimmer!
2008-07-01 18:41:54
272.   nick
45's Mr. Robertson's neighborhood!
2008-07-01 18:42:25
273.   tommyl
Ok, I'm still gushing. Kid goes two innings, in his second major league appearance through the teeth of the best offense in baseball and doesn't give up anything but a walk and notches 3Ks. Wow, I mean wow, I'm impressed.
2008-07-01 18:42:28
274.   Jeb
ny2ca2dc, I wasn't trying to be hurtful a couple of weeks ago when I wrote "don't be God-o-phobic". I was trying to make a point that some people get really upset (at least where I live) when someone says (or writes) GD. The larger point though is that I think if someone wants to be sensitive, they should be sensitive to everyone or they run the risk of unfairly selective about who they'll worry about insulting.

I still don't consider calling Shelly Duncan "Sandy" to be a homophobic comment (anymore than when Pete Abraham calls JD Drew "Nancy" to be homophobic) because I think the intent behind the comment matters.

But at the end of the day, I don't really care if you want to write GD and won't criticize you for doing so, but unless I make a truly improper comment, which cannot survive any scrutiny, please don't label me, okay?

2008-07-01 18:42:34
275.   ms october
robertson has some pretty good stuff

i don't know why but ever since i was a kid i hated nolan ryan - and i don't really hate that many people - so i wish yes would stop showing his smug self

2008-07-01 18:42:48
276.   OldYanksFan
When you have an above average fileding CFer with an outstanding arm, a 100 OPS+ would be just fine. That's basically a .770-780 OPS, which I thought Melky was capable of.

At the beginning of 2007, what if I told you we would have a game in 2008 where we gave up 2 ERs in 7 IP, pitched by Chamberlain, Geise and Robertson, for a total salary of under $1.5m? No one would have believed it.

2008-07-01 18:43:03
277.   tommyl
LaTroy Hawkins your days are numbered...
2008-07-01 18:43:40
278.   Jeb
do I hear a big "ROLL TIDE" for my boy Robertson???!!!!
2008-07-01 18:44:16
279.   tommyl
275 You gotta love his policy with pitchers in his organization. Make them finish games, be damned of pitch counts at every level. Texas should lead the league in TJ surgeries soon.
2008-07-01 18:44:22
280.   Jeb
275 hey Ms October, guess what my sons' names are?
2008-07-01 18:44:33
281.   monkeypants
270 Or Posada at 1B, Molina at C, and Moeller at DH, just because they can...
2008-07-01 18:44:42
282.   williamnyy23
260 What I have noticed is it seems the book on Melky is to pitch him off the plate. Melky is essentially an opposite field hitter, but he seems to have much more plate discipline on the inside corner. So, in a sense, Melky's strength works against him. When he is going well, he swings at better pitches and waits back more. Now, he is jumping at pitches off the plate and lofting flyballs.

Melky has historical been awful in every month except July and August, during which he has career OPS of .850 and .834. Hopefully, he can start to work on that before it's too late.

I really want Melky to succeed, and at only age 23, I think he still has a lot of potential. He needs to convert that into more consistent performance or he'll be on the scrap heap.

2008-07-01 18:45:11
283.   cult of basebaal
279 and every pitcher gets wrasslin' lessons from the WWE!
2008-07-01 18:45:31
284.   tommyl
280 Kobe, Korry and Kyle? ;)
2008-07-01 18:46:14
285.   cult of basebaal
alright, time for go-go gardner to start the rally!
2008-07-01 18:47:26
286.   Jeb
282 I'd love to comment, but I promised to shut up about our 2008 version of "1980 Ruppert Jones"...
2008-07-01 18:48:15
287.   OldYanksFan
A routine grounder and Brett makes it close. Can this kid bunt?
2008-07-01 18:48:35
288.   ms october
279 yeah his philospohies certainly seem like that of a smug ass

280 uh nolan & ryan?

281 thanks william - makes sense - there is something odd going on with his numbers pulling the ball versus going opposite field

2008-07-01 18:48:41
289.   williamnyy23
I was hoping to see at least one drag bunt from Gardner...instead, we got a silly sacrifice in the 1st.
2008-07-01 18:48:56
290.   williamnyy23
Do Ranger pitchers take PFP?
2008-07-01 18:48:57
291.   Alex Belth
So A Rod gets up with a runner on.

Let's Go Dude!

2008-07-01 18:49:54
292.   Jeb
288 yes, but it wasn't deliberate. I really don't like the pitcher either.
2008-07-01 18:50:12
293.   nick
A-Rod time...
2008-07-01 18:50:32
294.   Alex Belth
Yeah, Alex is trying to go yard too much now...
2008-07-01 18:50:39
295.   weeping for brunnhilde
Is it that hard to score a run?
2008-07-01 18:51:45
296.   cult of basebaal
grrr. missed it again.
2008-07-01 18:51:55
297.   ms october
damn, home run swinging arod is back

292 do people ask you all the time if you named your boys after him?

2008-07-01 18:51:58
298.   weeping for brunnhilde
275 Yeah, but he's got nothing on Schilling.
2008-07-01 18:53:07
299.   Alex Belth
Frankie C...Yankee killer.
2008-07-01 18:53:19
300.   Eirias
Nolan Ryan is one of the most overrated AND underrated pitchers ever. His stuff was unbelievably dominating, what with him being the strikeout king, but he also walked 962 more batters than the 2nd place walk king. He also only won 32 more games than he lost (sure, wins are meaningless and the Rangers sucked, but...).
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-01 18:55:06
301.   quacks25
Notice that Giradi only uses Kyle as 8th inning man (or any inning for that matter) when the Yankeed are leading.
With that being the case, maybe its a blessing in disguise that the yankeed dont lead till after the top of th 8th (though keep it close as to have the likes of Veras pitch and not latroy) then the Yanks will pull ahead in the bottom of the 8th and let Mo close it out!
everything was in plan yesterday but they didnt score, hopefully tonigh thatwill change!
2008-07-01 18:55:20
302.   williamnyy23
This is one of the most shocking stats about the 2008 Yankees. To date, they have only won 13 games by 5 runs or more. That's a pace for 26. In 2007, they had 46 such victories, preceeded by 38 in 2006.
2008-07-01 18:55:38
303.   nick
Veras seems to have locked down the setup role...
2008-07-01 18:56:06
304.   nick
sorry, I meant the short role...
2008-07-01 18:56:15
305.   tommyl
300 I just hate this shit of people like him where he says something worked for him so lets make it policy. Look David Wells ate and drank his way through the majors. He was lucky enough to be so gifted that he could overcome that and be a good pitcher. I still don't think we should make that policy for every pitcher in the majors. Nolan Ryan was a freak of nature. You can't base team policies on an outlier.
2008-07-01 18:56:28
306.   Just fair
Strike 3, BLUE!!
2008-07-01 18:56:29
307.   Jeb
[297[ defininitely, particularly when I yell their names at the mall.
2008-07-01 18:57:34
308.   51cq24
i'll be shocked if this illegitimate baserunner doesn't score
2008-07-01 18:57:35
309.   Eirias
305 What policies does Ryan demand?
2008-07-01 18:57:43
310.   cult of basebaal
thanks, blue.
2008-07-01 18:57:45
311.   williamnyy23
306 When an ump blows a call, a walk and a rally seem to follow (unless I just dont remember the times they don't).
2008-07-01 18:59:15
312.   weeping for brunnhilde
Totally random question: why can't catchers be lefties?
2008-07-01 18:59:38
313.   williamnyy23
303 But he still makes me very nervous.
2008-07-01 19:00:37
314.   monkeypants
312 I think it has to do with making the throw to third.
2008-07-01 19:02:28
315.   Alex Belth
Hey, good job by Veras. Time for a cheapy run and then Mr. Mo.
2008-07-01 19:02:38
316.   51cq24
i guess i'm shocked
2008-07-01 19:02:39
317.   williamnyy23
312 The can of course, but I'd imagine the evolution has occured because it would be more diffiuclt for a lefty to throw out a would-be basestealer at third.
2008-07-01 19:03:47
318.   ny2ca2dc
274 Making the same comment twice sure came off as an attempt at being hurtful, but I figured there was at least an even chance it wasn't so I ignored it. "He's probably being a jerk, but maybe not, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt"

I don't buy your assertion that using the word god, or taking the lord's name in vain etc., is akin to making, say, homophobic or racist or whathaveyou comments. I'm not interested in arguing about it, it ought to be obvious.

I do think calling a man a girls name is "bad", and I don't think citing Pete Abe's term for Drew is much of a excuse. The intent surly matters, so when one's writing in a public forum where people don't know each other personally and can't see your body language, discretion is not a bad thing.

Regardless, I never labeled you anything. I don't know you, I'm not familiar with your posts (if you've been around for a while, sorry), I have no basis for calling you anything. Nor would that be very friendly. I'm not even sure "homophobic" is the right way to characterize calling men girls names, maybe it's "misogynist" or something else. If I have, I apologize for misusing the term. I'll just use "bad" or something. I don't consider you homophobic, and I never intended to imply anything otherwise. If my wording was insensitive or boneheaded and I did indeed come across as making some comment about you and/or your character, I'm deeply, deeply sorry. That was "one million percent" not my intent, and the last thing anyone should expect for the (admittedly not-earth-shattering) offense of calling a man a girls name.

I still wish we had gotten Salty. IPK + Melky + Betances + maybe Tabata, maybe ya get away with something less? I'm biased 'cuz I dig the name.

2008-07-01 19:03:49
319.   nick
313 leave the room when the Yanks pitch in a close game--it got me through the 1980s....
2008-07-01 19:03:54
320.   51cq24
314 317 but righties don't seem to have difficulty with the snap throw to 1st. in some ways i'd think a lefty could get a better angle to 3rd, especially with a righty hitter up.
2008-07-01 19:04:51
321.   Just fair
312 If you are a smart coach at any level who has a lefty that can throw the ball well, you probably want that kid on the mound. There have a few from year's past. None of which come to mind right now. : )
2008-07-01 19:04:54
322.   Jeb
what a pen we're developing! (See I can be positive -- like a ray of sunshine) I am liking Veras, Giese, Robertson, and Edwar (sometimes). If only we could DFA Sparky Hawkins and call up someone like Melancon (or any number of rotating relievers until we find one that works). No one could be a horrible as Hawkins.
2008-07-01 19:04:59
323.   weeping for brunnhilde
314 317 Yeah, I guess that makes sense, but a lefty would could pick guys off first. I guess throwing 'em out at third is more crucial, though.

Fair enough.

2008-07-01 19:06:09
324.   cult of basebaal
319 hard core narcotics got me through the yankees games in the 1980's ... oh, wait, that was the early 90's ... carry on!
2008-07-01 19:06:15
325.   williamnyy23
320 The snap throw to the first is a rare play and it's failure affords no benefit to the offense. I don't think a snap throw to 3B would nab many base steallers.
2008-07-01 19:06:51
326.   ms october
307 oh that's funny - (or maybe not for you)

312 my dad is lefty and he told me once it is because more hitters are rh and lefty catchers would have a harder time making the throws - could be off target though

2008-07-01 19:07:17
327.   Alex Belth
Check out all those moths...Giambi had at least three near miss cuts tonight.
2008-07-01 19:07:25
328.   Jeb
318 that's all fine. I'd feel more comfortable explaining to God someday why I called a Yankee first baseman "Sandy" than I would explaining why I took his name in vain all the time, but to each his own. I think it's fair to say that God would know my intent.
2008-07-01 19:07:50
329.   williamnyy23
It could also be that lefties are not smart enough to catch (ducking).
2008-07-01 19:08:12
330.   cult of basebaal
327 another one there ... i call a betamax blast!
2008-07-01 19:08:27
331.   williamnyy23
328 Lets send the talk of religion and politics to the juice blog...please?
2008-07-01 19:08:39
332.   Jeb
326 no I'm amused by it. But they always assume I like him. Of course, when he endorsed W in 2004 my friends made fun of me over that.
2008-07-01 19:09:16
333.   nick
Rays extend their lead in the East...
2008-07-01 19:09:58
334.   Alex Belth
Guys, let's try and keep it civil. Sounds like a misunderstanding or just a disagreement. Let's keep it at that and try to enjoy the rest of the game.
2008-07-01 19:10:07
335.   williamnyy23
Nice statement by the Rays...I wish the Yankees would start making one too.
2008-07-01 19:10:31
336.   Alex Belth
I think Rivera will lose this game in the ninth.
2008-07-01 19:10:36
337.   williamnyy23
Mo in the 9th?
2008-07-01 19:10:57
338.   Jeb
331 Sorry william but I was responding to one person regarding something from a couple of weeks back. I agree that religion, politics or even gay rights parades are things to be discussed elsewhere.
2008-07-01 19:11:00
339.   tommyl
309 He wants pitchers throughout the system to finish as many games as possible, pitch counts be damned.
2008-07-01 19:11:20
340.   51cq24
336 you just said to keep it civil!
2008-07-01 19:11:36
341.   monkeypants
320 Here's a baseball-fever thread on the topic:

The orthodox position sees to be that lefty catchers have a more difficult time making throws to third, especially given that most batters are right handed. Whether there is any evidence to support this old contention is, of course, a matter of debate.

2008-07-01 19:11:38
342.   cult of basebaal
318 328 ixnay on the eligion-ray
2008-07-01 19:11:48
343.   ms october
336 reading that was a stomach punch :{
2008-07-01 19:11:48
344.   Jeb
334 I agree man. No problem.
2008-07-01 19:11:49
345.   tommyl
336 Boo, go do the wave or something Alex ;).

I think Gardner will hit an inside the park HR to win it in the bottom of the ninth.

2008-07-01 19:12:48
346.   Jeb
342 see 338 and 334
2008-07-01 19:13:07
347.   cult of basebaal
336 as mehmattski would say, "et tu, belthus???"
2008-07-01 19:13:24
348.   Jeb
I'm positive we'll win this game.
2008-07-01 19:13:45
349.   weeping for brunnhilde
336 Wtf???
2008-07-01 19:13:49
350.   williamnyy23
345 If that happens...
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-01 19:14:32
351.   Alex Belth

"He's never been as good as this. He might of pitched as well, but never better." Michael Kay on Mariano.

Cutter, outside, ball one.

Fastball, fouled back.

Fastball, laced to left. Double.

2008-07-01 19:14:40
352.   Eirias
347 No "us." Et tu, Belthe?
2008-07-01 19:14:41
353.   williamnyy23
Yikes...there's the Damon arm...and there's the winning run :(
2008-07-01 19:14:41
354.   tommyl
336 I hate your psychic abilities.
2008-07-01 19:14:49
355.   weeping for brunnhilde
That one's on Alex.

Thanks, Alex!

2008-07-01 19:15:17
356.   Knuckles
336 Who brung the party pooper?
2008-07-01 19:15:50
357.   Jeb
wow...alex could be right...weak throw by Brett too. Can we put Melky's arm on Brett's body?
2008-07-01 19:16:05
358.   cult of basebaal
okay, okay ... 3 walks, 42 k's ... ummm, THAT'S A 17 TO 1 K/W RATIO!!!

meanwhile, bugger!!!

2008-07-01 19:16:09
359.   williamnyy23
I think a loss here would really take a lot out of the team. Rivera is the last line of mental defense.
2008-07-01 19:16:41
360.   williamnyy23
I hate to say this, but you can't have Posada catching in a close game anymore. His arm is shot.
2008-07-01 19:16:46
361.   Jeb
352 now write it on the wall 100 times before sunrise.
2008-07-01 19:16:55
362.   Alex Belth
Michael Young.

Cutter, away, ball one.

Fastball, way high and outside, Young slaps at it, looking to advance the runner. Foul.

Fastball outside, Kinsler steals third...easily. The throw was awful, to the foul-side of the bag.

Infield in, base hit up the middle.

Good night folks.

2008-07-01 19:17:00
363.   cult of basebaal
336 if you prove to be right, i'm gonna have to go back in time to the BP pizza feed last night and kick yer ass!
2008-07-01 19:17:33
364.   Just fair
That figures. F@#@ a duck.
2008-07-01 19:17:48
365.   Alex Belth

Cutter...slow grounder to Cano. Goes to second for the force.

One out.

2008-07-01 19:17:58
366.   monkeypants
339 Well, I guess we'll see in a few years if his idea has merit. in general i agree with your irritation at someone basing a general policy on an exception. On the other hand, Ryan came of age when most pitchers finished a lot more games. Maybe the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction and pitchers should be pushed to go deeper into games.

At the very least, the threat that a young pitcher will go deeper into the game might limit the opposing team doing what Toronto did to Joba earlier this season, just sit with the bat on their shoulders using up his pitch limit.

2008-07-01 19:18:00
367.   Jeb
wow....and I thought I felt bad LAST NIGHT!
2008-07-01 19:18:24
368.   rsmith51
Mo is worthless in tie games. Sadly, I fully support the move by Joe G.
2008-07-01 19:18:30
369.   cult of basebaal
363 man i hate being 45 seconds behind LIVE in these moments ... bah!
2008-07-01 19:18:59
370.   williamnyy23
It's becoming way too difficult a task for this team to get a win. I'd feel much better if I could get angry, but all I can come up with is sad.
2008-07-01 19:19:03
371.   ny2ca2dc
368 It has been uncanny, no?
2008-07-01 19:19:44
372.   Chyll Will
(writing in chalk) "Alex Belth Told The Truth"
2008-07-01 19:20:11
373.   monkeypants
360 But can they afford to have Molina batting in a close game? It's all a balance.
2008-07-01 19:20:23
374.   51cq24
360 i don't think he can catch anymore at all
2008-07-01 19:20:41
375.   tommyl
366 But to make that a blanket policy, even in the minors is just stupid. I'm sorry, it is.
2008-07-01 19:20:47
376.   williamnyy23
Watching Posada get abused is very sad...I don't want to see it anymore. Jorge's days behind the plate this season look to be coming to an end.
2008-07-01 19:21:20
377.   tommyl
368 Wait, are you suggesting we should have brought in Kyle?!
2008-07-01 19:21:25
378.   Alex Belth
Milton Bradley.

Strike one, strike two, ball one, throw to first, ball two, ball three, Hamilton steals second, foul, foul, tapper towards third...infield hit. Runner to third.

2008-07-01 19:21:30
379.   yankee23
Well there's always CJ Wilson to close it out. He's got a 4.58 ERA and isn't exactly Mo in save situations.
2008-07-01 19:21:58
380.   williamnyy23
373 Maybe they need to keep the 3 catchers and use the spot for multiple pinch hitters? Either way, this inning is as much Posada's fault as Mo's.
2008-07-01 19:22:10
381.   cult of basebaal
368 i think that's "po's" worthless ... in any game ... which is bad news for us ...
2008-07-01 19:22:23
382.   Jeb
379 He was last night.
2008-07-01 19:22:28
383.   williamnyy23
379 But there's Betemit, Melky and Gardner coming up.
2008-07-01 19:22:30
384.   tommyl
374 376 This year, perhaps, but if he has that surgery in the offseason he could come back strong as ever.
2008-07-01 19:22:35
385.   OldYanksFan
Teams are going to be running on Po all year.
2008-07-01 19:22:45
386.   Alex Belth
David Murphy.

Fastball, delayed call strike.

Pop up up to Giambi. Two out.

2008-07-01 19:22:45
387.   monkeypants
375 I'm not arguing with you. Like I said, we'll know in a year or three if it's "just stupid." Let's wait for the evidence.
2008-07-01 19:23:12
388.   cult of basebaal
381 throwing that is, not with the stick, just to clarify ...
2008-07-01 19:23:19
389.   tommyl
383 Damon follows Melky.
2008-07-01 19:23:28
390.   williamnyy23
383 And Betemit and Melky from the right side no less.
2008-07-01 19:23:48
391.   51cq24
384 that's what i meant
2008-07-01 19:24:17
392.   nick
Posada batted in the 8th--why was he in to begin with? It's not like Molina has any other usefulness..
2008-07-01 19:24:23
393.   cult of basebaal
386 who for you announcing this? you spoileth the action for us suckers that paid out for the feed!
2008-07-01 19:24:24
394.   Jeb
If Girardi let's Melky bat with Jeter on the bench I'll puke.
2008-07-01 19:24:54
395.   williamnyy23
384 Hopefully, and for that reason, I would hesitate to have the surgery asap to ensure he is ready next year. Slowly, but surely, the Yankees may need to start turning the page.
2008-07-01 19:25:13
396.   Alex Belth
Boggs. Wait, Boggs?!?!

Fouled back.

Cutter, inside for a ball.

Late, called time.

Tapper to Cano. 5-3.

Is it too much to ask for a rally here?

I wish I felt more confident.

What do you say, Jeter pinch hits for Betemit?

2008-07-01 19:25:20
397.   51cq24
392 because it's a tie game and he's one of our best hitters?
2008-07-01 19:25:24
398.   rsmith51
392 Good call. Miss by Girardi...
2008-07-01 19:25:34
399.   weeping for brunnhilde
341 Cheers, mp.

As for you, Alex, I thought we were on the same side?

2008-07-01 19:25:37
400.   williamnyy23
389 I know, but I'd imagine a rally would require getting through four batters.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-07-01 19:25:53
401.   ms october
it is sad to see jorge this ineffective - maybe a libuc is in order
2008-07-01 19:26:06
402.   monkeypants
380 In theory that is the way to go. Unfortunately:

1. Moeller has only had about 6 PAs in the last month, as Girardi seems not to employ the three catchers/PHs very often.

2. Three catchers limits the number of other players on the bench to PH.

3. Right now, multiple PHs would usually mean batting Betemit or AG. that does not exactly strike fear in the hearts of pitchers.

2008-07-01 19:26:38
403.   Jeb
395 I agree. If he's going to turn into Matt Lecroy behind the plate just shut him down (or move him to DH if Matsui is shut down) so he can get well. Mail in the season and go all in for CC next year.
2008-07-01 19:26:55
404.   ny2ca2dc
Maybe they'll finally dump vets for prospects and do a proper rebuild.
2008-07-01 19:27:02
405.   williamnyy23
392 Excellent point...Girardi should have been proactive there. No way Kinsler steals third of Jose, and that single isn't a hit with the infield back. That's precisely a spot where a good manager helps a team steal a game.
2008-07-01 19:27:06
406.   weeping for brunnhilde
347 Actually, it would be Belthe, vocative case.

(Sorry. :)

2008-07-01 19:27:11
407.   Alex Belth
Betemit, batting righty?!?!
2008-07-01 19:27:26
408.   nick
let Betemit hit, PH for Melky...
2008-07-01 19:27:33
409.   williamnyy23
I guess Girardi is saving Jeter for Gardner?
2008-07-01 19:27:46
410.   cult of basebaal
397 yeah, but it's pretty obvious that teams are running on him with increasing impunity
2008-07-01 19:28:02
411.   Alex Belth
Betemit ahead 2-0. Whatta ya know?

This is as good as it'll get...

Ball three, I was wrong.

2008-07-01 19:28:05
412.   Jeb
396 Alex, I'd let Betemit bat; after all he has power from the right side, and then pinch hit for the automatic out -- 1980 Ruppert Jones.
2008-07-01 19:28:24
413.   ny2ca2dc
Too bad Shelly and Ensberg both flopped. How is it that Kevin Millar is still not on this team. What could it possibly cost?!
2008-07-01 19:28:44
414.   Alex Belth
Ruppert Jones? LOL. That's great.

NICE, a base runner, baby!

2008-07-01 19:28:57
415.   Eirias
If Gardner somehow wins this game, I'll be elated.
2008-07-01 19:29:02
416.   cult of basebaal
406 see 352 ... but i stand deserving of shame, i took 4 years of Latin in HS ...
2008-07-01 19:29:08
417.   tommyl

a) Melky hits into a DP

b) strike'em out throw'em out DP on a hit and run

You choose!

2008-07-01 19:29:10
418.   williamnyy23
402 All great points...depressing.
2008-07-01 19:29:17
419.   Alex Belth
Ah, Melky. Folks, what do we think here? I mean, I know we don't think much, but will he break his slump right here or hit into a dp?
2008-07-01 19:29:31
420.   williamnyy23
Ironically, this is exactly the spot you'd love to have Gardner on the bench as a PR.
2008-07-01 19:29:40
421.   ny2ca2dc
Um, where's Jeter?
2008-07-01 19:29:46
422.   Jeb
I know this is crazy, but what's good for the goose -- let's steal second here.
2008-07-01 19:29:59
423.   cult of basebaal
409 no, it's brilliant, he let's betemit walk, then pinch-RUNS!!! with jeter!
2008-07-01 19:30:00
424.   Alex Belth
Melky a statue.
2008-07-01 19:30:06
425.   yankee23
419 Nah, he'll manage to go deep and earn himself a couple more weeks of starting duty.
2008-07-01 19:30:26
426.   tommyl
2008-07-01 19:30:29
427.   Alex Belth
There it is, way to go, kiddo.
2008-07-01 19:30:39
428.   cult of basebaal
423 well, or ... with The AG ... same thing, right?
2008-07-01 19:30:40
429.   Eirias
If that doesn't force a day off for him, nothing will.
2008-07-01 19:30:41
430.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fire Joe Girardi.

Fire. Joe. Girardi.

2008-07-01 19:30:48
431.   williamnyy23
WOW...Girardi couldn't have managed a worse game.
2008-07-01 19:30:49
432.   randym77
Thanks, Leche. Just what we needed.
2008-07-01 19:30:50
433.   bobtaco
Execuse me, but what the fuck?
2008-07-01 19:31:02
434.   monkeypants
I was going to write a comment on how Girardi would probably PH Jeter for Gardner. I wonder if that DP will be the last straw?
2008-07-01 19:31:21
435.   yankee23
And here I was trying to be the optimist.
2008-07-01 19:31:35
436.   nick
2008-07-01 19:31:43
437.   Just fair
Gross. C'mon!!
2008-07-01 19:31:47
438.   tommyl
Thing is, Melky can't bunt either. Remember last time he tried?
2008-07-01 19:31:48
439.   Alex Belth
2008-07-01 19:31:52
440.   Jeb
Really creative managing by Girardi letting Ruppert bat there. Great job by Joe and what a fine hit by Ruppert. Hell, let's just have him start every game so we can see if he can get to below .100 for the season.
2008-07-01 19:32:08
441.   cult of basebaal
huh ... uh ... can i just say ... FUCK YOU JOE.
2008-07-01 19:32:10
442.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fucking horse manure.
2008-07-01 19:32:20
443.   monkeypants
431 Perhaps a bit strong, but his use of the bench/lineup in the late innings was certainly suspect.
2008-07-01 19:32:28
444.   51cq24
i've been defending girardi sometimes but letting melky hit there is absolutely inexcusable.
2008-07-01 19:32:38
445.   Jeb
Let's all get our brooms out for tomorrow's game. It should be special as Melky plans to go 0-5
2008-07-01 19:32:40
446.   ms october
yes michael kay - i am down in the dumps on this one - that was a three course meal of crap
2008-07-01 19:32:41
447.   williamnyy23
434 Last straw? That's on Girardi more than Melky. I am very worried about the future of this team in Girardi's hands.
2008-07-01 19:32:52
448.   cult of basebaal
right-handed? left-handed? MELKY'S 0 FOR 17 RIGHT NOW, BUNT THE STUPID BASTARD!!!
2008-07-01 19:33:02
449.   Alex Belth
2008-07-01 19:33:24
450.   ny2ca2dc
WTF joe? This is just so perplexing. Only possible way I can figure letting Melky hit is to give him one. last. chance. And he blew it, as we all knew he would.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-07-01 19:33:29
451.   monkeypants
438 But much like the NL where pitchers bat, one can only hope that a bunt attempt will at least limit the chances for a DP.
2008-07-01 19:33:31
452.   tommyl
Ok, sorry, Melky has to sit, for awhile. At this point he is killing this team. He's 0 for his last 19 or something with no walks.
2008-07-01 19:33:35
453.   nick
and no Jeter PH against the lefty--un-fucking-believable!
2008-07-01 19:33:37
454.   weeping for brunnhilde
438 Then put Derek in, move Damon to center, whatever.


What the fuck was going through that man's head, I'd love to know.

2008-07-01 19:34:07
455.   williamnyy23
What more is there to say?
2008-07-01 19:34:12
456.   Alex Belth
Okay, I'm calm now...


2008-07-01 19:34:26
457.   51cq24
447 but i don't really see how letting a shitty hitter hit is worse than being a shitty hitter
2008-07-01 19:34:40
458.   OldYanksFan
404 I hate to break this to you, but aside from Jeter, our vets (JD, Matsui, Giambi, ARod, Moose, Pettitte, Abreu, Mo) are doing pretty good. The kids, Melky, Cano, Phil, IPK, not so good.

It's not a matter of kids or vets, but a matter of who is a good baseball player.

2008-07-01 19:35:11
459.   cult of basebaal
yeah, way to crush that dying kid's tiny hopes and dreams, i hope you all sleep comfortably on your golden toilets tonite ... BAH!!!
2008-07-01 19:35:29
460.   tommyl
451 Except Melky is just as likely to pop the bunt up into a DP. That said Joe should have either bunted Melky or had Jeter hit for him (unless he's hurting).

Ugh, we're back to sucking I guess, sigh.

2008-07-01 19:35:31
461.   monkeypants
447 I meant the lat straw for Girardi "trusting" Melky over Gardner. Since Garnder has been called up (two whole games), Melky has started both times, and tonight Girardi clearly planned to PH for Gardner instead of Melky.

At some point this hierarchy will change. The question is, will it be too late?

2008-07-01 19:35:44
462.   weeping for brunnhilde
456 You, Mister, have no one to blame but yourself!

You and your inexplicable hex.

2008-07-01 19:35:47
463.   Alex Belth
Doesn't make me feel much better but BOOO



2008-07-01 19:35:53
464.   Jeb
Dear Mr. Girardi,

Melky Cabrera sucks. If you persist in playing him, you will ultimately be fired.


The ghost of Ruppert Jones

2008-07-01 19:35:59
465.   Max Nomad
I haven't commented in over a year, just holding back, but WOW. I am as shocked as most of you, and I agree that if it wasn't Melky's "last chance," that was really inexcusable. I don't think I need to explain. Wow...
2008-07-01 19:36:19
466.   williamnyy23
457 Because one can be avoided; the other can't.
2008-07-01 19:36:21
467.   Chyll Will
ah. Post game will be... interesting.
2008-07-01 19:37:01
468.   Alex Belth
Dude, with the Rangers hitting well, top of the order, two righties against Mo, I just had a baaaaad feeling. Especially in a non-save spot, especially with these moronski Yankee hitters.
2008-07-01 19:37:02
469.   monkeypants
460 Jeter was not hurting; he was in the on deck circle for Gardner. No, Melky is still in the Girardi circle of trust, Gardner is still the new guy. For what it's worth, Gardner has yet to get on base himself.

But I agree with you, Jeter should have batted for Melky, and then worry about Gardner's spot later.

2008-07-01 19:37:06
470.   williamnyy23
458 I was referring to Jeter and Cano (who is now a vet), which is a huge part of the lineup.
2008-07-01 19:37:19
471.   yankee23
The way this team scores (getting as close to the other team's score without actually tying or winning) just makes me think of that scene in Uncle Buck:

"If the object of the game were to get the ball as close to the pins without knocking any of them over, you would be champion of the world."

2008-07-01 19:37:44
472.   tommyl
Its also odd that Joe bunted waaaaaayyyy back in the first inning with Gardner (who can clearly bunt).

At this point, I sit Melky, play Gardner in CF, Damon in LF and let anyone else DH. Melky may play a decent CF but he's atrocious at the plate right now. Waiting around for Giambi or A-Rod to pull out of a slump is one thing, but this is Melky Cabrera. I love the kid, but sheesh.

To quote a great man: BOOOOOOOOOOO

2008-07-01 19:37:58
473.   cult of basebaal
and the unfortunate thing is that i don't think 1 beat writer has the sense or balls to ask the tough question, "Why in the world was Melky 0-for-the-fortnight swinging away in the bottom of the 9th???"
2008-07-01 19:38:02
474.   nick
461 yeah, I agree, and "planning" for a situation that might not happen is classic bad managing--was Joe waiting for somebody to give him a fucking pony?

all right, I'm calm now....

2008-07-01 19:38:07
475.   51cq24
466 yes but if it's the last straw, it should be the shitty hitter's, not the manager who let the shitty hitter hit
2008-07-01 19:38:19
476.   Alex Belth
2008-07-01 19:38:57
477.   weeping for brunnhilde
468 Oh, don't talk reason to me, just keep your hexes to yourself.

And speaking of hexes, you'll all be saddened to know that my wife is responsible for 2001.

In the eighth inning she asked if she should go get the champagne.

The rest is history.

2008-07-01 19:39:21
478.   weeping for brunnhilde
2008-07-01 19:39:31
479.   williamnyy23
I think we are in dead horse territory with this team...there is no more new ground to explore. The gaping holes and flaws are obvious and the solutions aren't evident.
2008-07-01 19:39:41
480.   ny2ca2dc
458 Thanks for pointing that out ;). The point is, you don't have any other choice - the old guys are only going to decline, so it's get younger and hope for the best, or you're back in the 80's.

Sure, it's a matter if goodness, but age is really important too - we know this. And the vets have some trade value, while the shit the kids have been laying have sapped theirs. Abreu may be declined, but he's still solid and has his track record - pick up his salary and he's worth something for sure. Ditto Giambi, Damon, maybe Matsui (injury might make that impossible, and I love Mats anyway). Lose the guys that aren't going to get better, there's no other way.

2008-07-01 19:39:50
481.   nick
458 the kids absolutely stink, with the exceptoin of Joba, and as a 30-yr Yankee fan I constantly fear that one day they'll all be traded and we'll never get to watch homegrown talent again...
2008-07-01 19:39:57
482.   tommyl
477 Wait, its your wife's fault?! What else can be blame on her?
2008-07-01 19:40:02
483.   Jeb
and Tampa won so now we're 7.5 games behind. We'll be 10 back by the all-star break and no comeback this year. But the suckitude could be cleansing for our team. I am done with Cashman and I hope he goes first because I don't like many of his trades and signings. I agree with the "get young" and draft strategy, but Damon Oppenheimer could do that.
2008-07-01 19:40:03
484.   Jeb
and Tampa won so now we're 7.5 games behind. We'll be 10 back by the all-star break and no comeback this year. But the suckitude could be cleansing for our team. I am done with Cashman and I hope he goes first because I don't like many of his trades and signings. I agree with the "get young" and draft strategy, but Damon Oppenheimer could do that.
2008-07-01 19:40:12
485.   Alex Belth
Do you think Girardi was in a damned-if-he-does, damned-if-he-doesn't spot there with Melky. Melky can't bunt and can't hit...
2008-07-01 19:40:53
486.   tommyl
479 Now c'mon, tomorrow night Melky might hit into a quadruple play, deducting outs from the next inning. It could happen!
2008-07-01 19:40:53
487.   monkeypants
479 Well, we could try moving Jeter down in the order and bat the dead horse #2. ; )
2008-07-01 19:40:54
488.   51cq24
477 no my girlfriend said "i think they need to score another run" in the top of the 9th. definitely worse.
2008-07-01 19:41:16
489.   tommyl
485 Yes, but the correct response is: Melky ain't playing.
2008-07-01 19:41:17
490.   Alex Belth
Dude, my good baseball friend Alan called me after Rivera struck out the side in the 8th in Game 7 of 01 and said, "Well, looks like it's done..." I won't let him live it down to this day, sommabeech.
2008-07-01 19:41:59
491.   51cq24
485 no, jeter can do both
2008-07-01 19:42:31
492.   bobtaco
486 Pinch hit for him. Period. Full stop.
2008-07-01 19:43:52
493.   cult of basebaal
483 484 twice the inanity!
2008-07-01 19:43:55
494.   Alex Belth
7 1/2 back. That is starting to look formidable, especially with the Tigers charging hard now.
2008-07-01 19:44:10
495.   ny2ca2dc
485 Yes, it was. Maybe they just walk Jeter there, and then you have 2 on no outs for Damon then Gardner then Abreu, all lefties. But he still should've bunted (despite his recent suck, Melky's one of the best bunters on the team - faint but real praise) or preferably PH Jeter.
2008-07-01 19:45:00
496.   OldYanksFan
Why was Po still catching in the 8th?
Choice 1: Bunt Melky
Choice 2: PH Jeter for Melky
Choice 3: Give Melky the TAKE sign until there are 2 strikes
Option. Make sure Melky's elbow is over the plate.
Girardi chose Choice 4:
2008-07-01 19:45:34
497.   cult of basebaal
495 i dunno, i've only seen melky flail, whenever he's been asked to bunt ...
2008-07-01 19:46:38
498.   ny2ca2dc
497 Maybe I haven't adjusted my impression enough based on recent crappyness, but he USED to be one of the best bunters. Also used to be a league average hitter. oops.
2008-07-01 19:47:23
499.   DarrenF
464 What an insult to Ruppert Jones. Melky is the modern-day Dave Collins.
2008-07-01 19:47:33
500.   Chyll Will
Here it comes. "The Explanation"...
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2008-07-01 19:48:15
501.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, mp, et. al., from that link:

"Lefty catchers are rare, but that's not to say that no left-handers have ever played the position. According to sites we found by searching on "left-handed catchers," both Mike Squires and Dale Long moved over from their regular positions and played multiple games at catcher. "

Wasn't Dale Long the guy whose record Mattingly tied?

2008-07-01 19:48:30
502.   Bruce Markusen
So many problems with tonight's game. Girardi could have pinch-hit for Cabrera or had him bunt, instead does neither of these sensible options. Jeter doesn't get into the game, even though he's the only capable righty bat off the bench.

The roster is an absolute mess. They've got three guys on the bench who couldn't hit .650 if you added all their averages together (Moeller, Molina, and Gonzalez). Most games, there is no right-handed hitting available to pinch-hit, which becomes especially problematic against teams that have lefty closers (like the Mets and Rangers). They'e got only one bench guy who can hit at all (Betemit) and he was in the starting lineup today.

This team has so many needs, where to start. They need righty hitting, bench help, another starting pitcher, a lefty reliever--and a new GM. I'm with you Jeb.

2008-07-01 19:49:16
503.   ny2ca2dc
479 When ARod was out and the team was flailing, I think you were right on to favor waiting till he returned to make any conclusions. Likewise, I think the Sawx series and the rest leading up to the ASB (play Gardner everyday, see if that lights a fire, and so on) should end the analysis.
2008-07-01 19:49:24
504.   nick
Basically, every hitter we employ, with the exception of Alex, is either
a) 34 or over
b) sucks
I'd like to see Alex win a WS in a Yankee uniform, but I'm getting worried.
2008-07-01 19:49:51
505.   cult of basebaal
499 goddammit! that's Rick Manning to you, BUDDY!
2008-07-01 19:49:51
506.   ny2ca2dc
For us on, what does Joe say about the no-PH?
2008-07-01 19:50:33
507.   monkeypants
496 I'm not convinced that Posada catching in the 9th had any bearing on this game. There was a leadoff double and basehit--the stolen base was very likely irrelevant to the outcome of the game. Moreover, given that it was a tie, I prefer to keep the better hitter in the game (though he had batted the inning before, and would not have come up again, probably, for at least two innings, so one can make a case for a defensive swap).
2008-07-01 19:50:42
508.   cult of basebaal
501 yeah
2008-07-01 19:51:36
509.   Bruce Markusen
Yes, Long was the guy before Mattingly. Griffey Jr. later tied it.

P.S. Ruppert Jones was actually a decent player, though he was pretty bad in his one year with the Yankees. About as bad as Cabrera has been lately.

2008-07-01 19:52:51
510.   cult of basebaal
504 dammit! NOT YOU TOO!!!

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

2008-07-01 19:53:37
511.   monkeypants
504 He has about a decade...he's got the best chance of just about anyone on the roster to win one.
2008-07-01 19:53:41
512.   51cq24
507 i agree with you overall, but the hit wouldn't have been a hit if the infield had been back
2008-07-01 19:53:50
513.   tommyl
Does anyone else remember when Melky was leading the team in HRs? Man, that seems like a long time ago.
2008-07-01 19:54:43
514.   ny2ca2dc
513 It was a long time ago, but the team still... sucked.
2008-07-01 19:56:26
515.   cult of basebaal
514 a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... JOE GIRARDI STILL SHOULD HAVE PINCH HIT FOR MELKY CABRERA!!!
2008-07-01 19:59:25
516.   williamnyy23
Girardi's explanation that Damon (1-5 with 2 BBs) and Abreu (0-2) haven't had a lot of success against Wilson is AWFUL. In fact, it's worse than the decision itself. The explanation is so bad, that I now have to look at Girardi in a new light. If there is a house cleaning after this season, Girardi should not be immune to it.
2008-07-01 20:00:24
517.   Chyll Will
515 Is it me or is Joe trying to fall on his sword for Melky? I'll say nothing now.
2008-07-01 20:01:07
518.   ny2ca2dc
516 What does that even have to do with the issue at hand? Was he going to PH Jeter for Damon (he didn't) or Abreu?!?!?! Joe, where's yo head at?!
2008-07-01 20:02:12
519.   cult of basebaal
516 christ, what awful thinking ... random small sample sizes of the past overcome an 0-for-a-week-slump by melky-hacktastic-cabrera ...once again, BRILLIANT!!! joey joe joe jr!!!
2008-07-01 20:03:02
520.   williamnyy23
518 He said he expected that Jeter would be walked. I am sorry, but that only makes the move more valid. Basically, you had a crack with Damon, and then the Rangers were going to give you the tying run in base for free? Geez...if you don't have confidence in Damon and Abreu against CJ Wilson, I think it's time to pack it in.
2008-07-01 20:04:13
521.   nick
516 "Hi, I'm your host Joe Girardi--welcome to Small Sample Size Theatre!"
2008-07-01 20:04:33
522.   williamnyy23
519 I wish someone would have quickly quized Girardi on Melky's BA against left handers.'s .198!
2008-07-01 20:05:22
523.   nick
521 (that should be with Troy McClure's voice)
2008-07-01 20:06:09
524.   williamnyy23
Adding to the insanity is that Girardi bunted in the first inning! I keep thinking to myself, you know what, it really doesn't matter anyway because stealing a win or two isn't going to make a difference for this team, but that's even more depressing.
2008-07-01 20:06:50
525.   monkeypants
502 It's amazing how a perceived strength at the start of the year (the bench) is so atrocious now. It's been a deadly combination of too many injuries to plug all the gaps and too many players falling well below expectations.

I tend to defend Cashman, but for sake of argument I'll accept that he should take much of the blame.

I have a particular beef with this "strategy" of carrying three catchers--it's silly on its own right, made worse by the way they are not even being used. Whose fault is this, the general manager or the manager, or both?

2008-07-01 20:07:00
526.   ny2ca2dc
520 right, and if he was convinced they would walk Jeter, bunt Melky (who can't hit lefties AT ALL). Mr Preperation indeed... Talk about overthinking a situation.
2008-07-01 20:07:41
527.   Bruce Markusen
What does everyone here think about the possibility of demoting Cabrera to Scranton right now? On the one hand, it might crush his psyche; on the other hand, it might send a message that positive production is necessary.
2008-07-01 20:09:36
528.   weeping for brunnhilde
473 "O-for-the-fortnight."


Meanwhile, another day at the office for Mo, Robertson seems like a nice kid with his head screwed on right and Joba's coming up.

And for his part, Joe offered up some weak borscht about how our lefties can't hit that guy and so he just had to let Melky hit.

Or something.

2008-07-01 20:10:14
529.   ny2ca2dc
527 The downside is, what, that he never returns as a major leaguer? Isn't that where he's at now, and is trending? If they dump vets for prospects, fine, play Melky and see if he can develop. But if they want to win this year, there is no easier immediate upgrade than plugging in Gardner and sending Melky down. Even if Gardner doesn't hit (he can't be much worse than Melk has been - his season line is padded by the first month), maybe Melky gets straight.
2008-07-01 20:12:15
530.   cult of basebaal
527 here's my thought. if demoting him is the thing that crushes his psyche, we're doomed here anyway. he's NOT changing to adapt to the challenge he's being presented with. hack away! slide away! what does it matter, he's still playing. ARGH! BENCH. HIM. NOW!
2008-07-01 20:14:28
531.   cult of basebaal
528 yeah, thanks, but by the time 519 rolled around, i'd forgotten the momentary high of wit i'd reached back then ... stupid D-R-I-N-K!
2008-07-01 20:14:33
532.   monkeypants
527 Melky is one of the few players with options left, correct. So, either he must ride the pine for a while, used only as a defensive replacement (which might also hurt his psyche), or he has to be demoted.

i would demote him if only to free up a roster spot so they can try to get another bat from somewhere...anywhere. It might be time for Shelley Duncan Mach II, platooning with Betemit. Unfortunately, Duncan has not done that much since getting sent down.

In any case, how much damage can demotion really do? Maybe he'll get his act together at AAA.

As I have posted before, the most generous comparison was between Melky and Bernie. Bernie spent two years splitting time between Columbus and NYC.

2008-07-01 20:15:44
533.   weeping for brunnhilde
Joba the consummate professional.

Dude sounds like a grizzled veteran.

Basically, his mechanics were off, he'll learn to adjust for it next time, let's move on.

2008-07-01 20:15:46
534.   OldYanksFan
525 That's 2.5 catchers.
2008-07-01 20:17:29
535.   randym77

Send Melky to Scranton.

Given Jorgie's shoulder problems, I think we have to carry three catchers.

2008-07-01 20:21:33
536.   williamnyy23
Being a sports fan can really suck at times. If you are in a relationship that you know is going to end poorly, you get out of it. If you buy a stock and all the fundamental tell you it will continue to decline, you cut your losses and sell. If you car is breaking down and every sign tells you to junk it, you get a new one. But when you are a diehard fan, even if every rational thought tells you there is no hope for the season, you show up the next day and watch Sydney Ponson get hammered, only to be left wondering why.
2008-07-01 20:22:04
537.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-01 20:41:15
538.   monkeypants
535 I just don't understand the "Jorge has shoulder problems so we need three catchers."

Why are three catchers necessary if one of them is never used? Why can't Molina back-up Posada a couple days a week, and go in as a LIDR the other days?

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