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Manny Being Manny
2008-06-30 09:50
by Alex Belth
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Before there was Manny being Manny, there was Rickey being Rickey.  At least according to a New York Times piece from the late 1980s I read about Henderson not too long ago.  Manny being Manny is cute so long as he hits like a Hall of Famer.  Sammy Sosa was chased out of Chicago the moment his skills declined.  While I don't think the same holds true for Ramirez in Boston--hey, two championship rings buy a lot of rope--have you noticed that Manny being Manny has become a catch-phrase to take Ramirez off-the-hook whenever he acts like a putz?  Chacon got released.  Manny apologies.  Chacon is washed-up, Manny still rakes.  Manny being Manny.  Sort of like Shaq being Shaq

2008-06-30 10:31:02
1.   dianagramr
I'd love to see the Sox suspend Manny for a week over this, but I highly doubt this will happen, especially given the absence of Ortiz and the closeness of the AL East race.

As for Manny being Manny, how about an even more severe case .... Steve Howe being Steve Howe? I'm all for giving a guy a second chance .... but 7 chances? .... having a golden arm makes people look the other way.

2008-06-30 10:44:54
2.   RIYank
Oh, there's no way they'll discipline Manny at all. Tito announced that it had been handled 'in-house' and that was the end of it, Manny had apologized and the apology was accepted.
(Hm, let me just try to imagine the Sox travel secretary saying, "No, you schmuck, I don't accept your apology.")
2008-06-30 12:52:02
3.   mehmattski
But what about the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary?

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