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2008-06-28 06:58
by Alex Belth
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The Yanks and Mets took turns kicking each other in the ass yesterday. The Yankees wasted scoring opportunities early against Mike Pelfry in the first game and the Mets returned the favor against Sir Sidney later at Shea. Writing in the New York Times, Jack Curry, who ghosted Derek Jeter's autobiography, was critical of the Yankee captain in Game One:

Before the Yankees' bullpen imploded, Derek Jeter made a questionable choice in the fourth. With Melky Cabrera on first and no outs, Jeter, who entered the day with a .386 average against the Mets, sacrificed Cabrera to second. The Yankees pay Jeter $19 million a season to hit, not to bunt. While it would be illogical to blame a nine-run loss on one misguided bunt, the Mets outscored the Yankees, 12-2, after the Yankees left the bases loaded in the fourth.

It was one forgotten bunt in a marathon game, but it was one of the plays that wounded the Yankees and revived the Mets. The Mets used some erratic Yankee relievers as their smelling salts, pelting them the way Jeter usually pelts the Mets. But Ponson, the unlikely savior, made sure it was not a futile day for his new team, helping it gain a split.

Today's game doesn't start until close to four. Pettitte v. Santana promises to be a good one.

2008-06-28 07:21:31
1.   mehmattski
I haven't actually read Jeter's autobiography because the copy I have was signed by both Jeter and Curry and is currently wrapped in plastic...

Someday I will put my kid through college with that book. Someday.

2008-06-30 15:43:57
2.   Murray
I'd love to stand around and chat, but we have to go sit in the lobby and wait for the limo.

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