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Tainted Love
2008-06-27 19:02
by Alex Belth
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Yanks return the favor, blast Pedro, Mets: 9-0. 

2008-06-27 20:55:01
1.   Gagne55
Lol at your last preview in light of the game's result
2008-06-27 22:19:41
2.   yankee23
1 Wasn't that Emma's post?
2008-06-27 22:38:46
3.   Gagne55
2 touche.
2008-06-28 02:45:21
4.   TokyoTom
Please be kind, but am I the only one thinking, "Ponson? Hmmmm. why not Chacon?"
2008-06-28 05:06:15
5.   unmoderated
i just missed a rod's homer in game one. the guy three seats to my left jumped up and grabbed it from monument park.

great seats! crappy game!@

2008-06-28 06:25:02
6.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Damn, which picture is scarier, Ponson or Igawa...?
How far is it out to the left-field bleachers anyway? A-Rod's tater must have been at least 440 feet...
2008-06-28 06:35:59
7.   mehmattski
6 The homer went 451 feet, A-Rod's second longest of the season:

2008-06-28 06:59:58
8.   mehmattski
As opposed to Delgado's home run in the sixth, which traveled 463 feet and was the longest home run at Yankee Stadium this year:

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