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...Do We HAVE to Play Two?
2008-06-27 14:58
by Emma Span

Alternate title: Giese Guys Finish Last



The Subway Series got off to an ever so slightly rocky start for the Yankees this afternoon with a muggy, slow 15-6 crushing. Dan Giese was both uncharacteristically sloppy and, apparently, contagious, as the Yanks' bullpen spent much of the afternoon in the throes of a prolonged nervous breakdown. The result was a rout that … wait, what was that noise?! Did you guys hear that? Oh, never mind – it's just Carlos Delgado's massive sixth inning grand slam finally landing.

Ahem. Anyway, neither starter was all that great today– Pelfrey only made it through five innings – but the Yankees kept stranding runners like it was going out of style, for a grand total of lucky 13, while the Mets let neither Giese or any of his ineffective replacements off the hook.

But, on the plus side... it only took four hours!

There were too many big hits today to recap in full, but here are the essentials: the Mets took the lead in the first inning on a David Wright RBI single, then again in the third on a Carlos Beltran home run, and finally for good on a Carlos Delgado double off Edwar Ramirez in the fifth. Delgado's back-breaking grand slam -- deep, deep, DEEP into the right field bleachers -- came just an inning later, off of Ross Ohlendorf, and Delgado went on to set a new Mets franchise record with nine RBIs, after an additional three-run homer two innings later.

The Yankees did have their moments early on – Giambi and his 'Stache of Doom came through again; Jeter banged out his 400th career double; A-Rod 3 for 4 with a long home run – but nothing that really constitutes an even silver-ish lining.

In fact, this could be a pretty tough weekend all around for the Yankees, given the pitching matchups. Obviously it goes without saying that baseball's a funny game, and anything can happen on a given day, and blah blah blah, but: Sir Sidney Ponson vs. Pedro Martinez? Oy. Sure, Pedro's not his old self, and his last start was a disaster... that still just doesn't sound good, does it?

Those of you brave enough to face the Ponson Adventure this evening, comment away here. I'd recommend emulating tonight's starting pitcher in at least one regard, though, and keeping plenty of booze on hand.

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2008-06-27 16:09:45
1.   cult of basebaal
You forgot the triumphal return of Kei Igawa, what could possibly be more potentially more exciting that that???
2008-06-27 16:18:53
2.   randym77
They're talking about maybe bringing back Shawn Chacon on The Fan. Cashman thinks he can take him, but I dunno. He's kinda skinny.
2008-06-27 16:22:38
3.   cult of basebaal
2 i think cashman vs edwar is the only fair fight either could get on this team ...
2008-06-27 16:23:31
4.   mehmattski
I'm confused. Which one was Bambi?
2008-06-27 16:24:14
5.   weeping for brunnhilde
You're crazy, Emma, with that video (which, btw, makes nice use of the "Day in the Life" chord!).

We'll tag Pedro tonight, the way the guys are swinging the clubs, but I can't speak for Ponson.

2008-06-27 16:25:52
6.   randym77
Well, Jeter has spoken up in support of Chac. Says he's willing to be a character witness for him.
2008-06-27 16:26:32
7.   cult of basebaal
5 i'm insisting that he only be referred to as he is on RLYW ... as "snacks pontoon" ... which is just sounds totally awesome and old school, like 1930's old school
2008-06-27 16:29:19
8.   cult of basebaal
4 i was confused myself, i couldn't tell if bambi was supposed to look like giese, ramirez, or ohlendorf

i know who godzilla looked like, though

2008-06-27 16:34:15
9.   randym77
Looks like the game will start on time.

I wonder why the Mets arrived at Yankee Stadium today wearing their uniforms?

2008-06-27 16:43:34
10.   Emma Span
1 You're right, how could I have neglected to mention Kei Igawa, the tinsel on the Yankees' Christmas tree of a day?

9 I dunno, but if I'm Carlos Delgado I'm wearing my uniform to the ballpark for every game from now on.

2008-06-27 16:51:22
11.   mehmattski
8 I guess that's how Matsui hurt his knee, stomping on Bambi...
2008-06-27 17:01:13
12.   mehmattski
At least I get YES for the nightcap, I've missed those guys.
2008-06-27 17:01:30
13.   cult of basebaal
on another front, chad jennings reports the following:

Back here in Buffalo, Brett Gardner is getting another start in left field, with Matt Carson taking another turn in center. Gardner was getting occasional starts in left field earlier this season, but he seems to be playing there a lot more often lately.

2008-06-27 17:02:12
14.   3rd gen yankee fan
Delgado has nine RBI on the day? Okay kids, I'm calling it, we have officially hit rock f'in bottom. It can't get any worse. We can only go up from here. Hooray!
2008-06-27 17:02:42
15.   cult of basebaal
i have a feeling that sunday night / monday morning is going to be a busy time for yankees transactions
2008-06-27 17:03:32
16.   cult of basebaal
14 is that like the rock bottom that the housing market keeps hitting ... on the way to its new bottom???
2008-06-27 17:10:00
17.   randym77
I get to choose between YES and Channel 11.
2008-06-27 17:13:44
18.   mehmattski
Pedro Martinez and Sidney Ponson have faced off before:

Let's hope it's more like 2004 than 2002.

2008-06-27 17:14:46
19.   mehmattski
And, I posted the same game twice. Here's the epic Ponson-Martinez opening day matchup in 2004:

2008-06-27 17:17:41
20.   cult of basebaal
damn, just missed it ... not bad for 1 handed, though
2008-06-27 17:17:57
21.   mehmattski
Nuts. Not quite the wind currents from Yankee Stadium, there A-Rod.

Time for Sir Sidney and the Dolorous Stroke!

2008-06-27 17:17:58
22.   Yankees Brasil
Damn, almost a HR.
2008-06-27 17:19:25
23.   cult of basebaal
c'mon Snacks Pontoon!
2008-06-27 17:19:28
24.   tommyl
Sir Sidney!
2008-06-27 17:19:53
25.   Eirias
A strikeout? Who is this Ponson kid and how do we sign him!
2008-06-27 17:20:55
26.   3rd gen yankee fan
16 No, this is the REAL bottom! Rock f'in bottom!
2008-06-27 17:21:17
27.   Mattpat11
They didn't really call up Kei Igawa did they?
2008-06-27 17:21:22
28.   cult of basebaal
nice play, cap'n!
2008-06-27 17:21:30
29.   mehmattski
Aww, there goes the perfect game and the no-hitter.
2008-06-27 17:21:37
30.   Yankees Brasil
Nice play by Jeter. Ponson looks good so far.
2008-06-27 17:23:27
31.   tommyl
27 They did. They figured if we're gonna lose the game, we might as well go for some records in sucking.
2008-06-27 17:24:35
32.   3rd gen yankee fan
27 I said, rock f'in bottom!
2008-06-27 17:26:28
33.   weeping for brunnhilde
7 "Snacks Pontoon."


2008-06-27 17:27:31
34.   Mattpat11
31 I actually hate Brian Cashman. I really, truly, honestly believe he runs this team for is own ego to the detriment of the team.
2008-06-27 17:29:13
35.   cult of basebaal
34 "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."
2008-06-27 17:29:59
36.   tommyl
35 Though you do get a pretty swanky super star destroyer.
2008-06-27 17:30:53
37.   3rd gen yankee fan
Pedro laughed when he saw Robbie get into the box, didn't he?
2008-06-27 17:31:15
38.   mehmattski
36 Swanky, but with glaring engineering flaws easily exploited by anyone with a ship that flies.
2008-06-27 17:31:45
39.   randym77
What exactly did Ponson do to get fired from his last job?
2008-06-27 17:32:20
40.   Mattpat11
34 I want a rational argument for why Igawa is still in the organization, let alone on the 25 man.
2008-06-27 17:33:21
41.   mehmattski
39 Unknown, "disrespectful and adverse reactions to situation unbecoming of teammates."

You can read more here:

2008-06-27 17:33:51
42.   tommyl
38 Well, you just need to protect the bridge deflector shields. Any idiot knows that.
2008-06-27 17:33:58
43.   cult of basebaal
38 only if you've got the mad skillz to bullseye womp rats!
2008-06-27 17:34:34
44.   mehmattski
40 Brian Cashman is Inigo Montoya, and you are Count Rugen.
2008-06-27 17:34:44
45.   Yankees Brasil
And we finally break the streak of innings with somebody left on base.
2008-06-27 17:35:09
46.   OldYanksFan
I heard he got drunk and nasty at the hotel bar during one of the road trips. Basically they said he was a 'bad character' and influence. AND he wasn't doing as well as Milton Bradley.
2008-06-27 17:36:53
47.   mehmattski
41 I'm also remembering that the incident came after the Rangers committed like five errors behind him in a start, and he was pissed off and ran his mouth in the dugout. That's the rumor anyway.

My theory: Cashman is testing to see if the clubhouse can tolerate a malcontent. Next stop: Barry Bonds.

2008-06-27 17:37:01
48.   OldYanksFan
I'm calling it now. 'Snacks' goes 11-0 and they interview him and Aaron Small together.
2008-06-27 17:37:15
49.   Mattpat11
44 I think he's a stubborn son of a bitch that can't take the blow to the ego that his 46 million dollar investment sitting in AAA is.
2008-06-27 17:37:52
50.   Yankees Brasil
Damon should have had that ball.
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2008-06-27 17:38:01
51.   OldYanksFan
JD 'Matsuied' it.
2008-06-27 17:38:57
52.   randym77
41 Wow. Sounds like he had a tantrum because of bad fielding.

Al Leiter says you never, ever do that. No matter how terrible the fielding, you never, ever criticize your fielders.

And here I thought he'd fallen off the wagon or something.

2008-06-27 17:39:23
53.   mehmattski
Pedro is going to hit a grand slam here.
2008-06-27 17:39:33
54.   cult of basebaal
49 whatever you do for a living, you're obviously in the wrong field, your powers of psychological analysis are stunning
2008-06-27 17:39:59
55.   SF Yanks
This Pontoon guy is most excellent! I'm glad he's apart of the squad.
2008-06-27 17:40:23
56.   Eirias
Triple Play, Triple Play, Triple Play, Triple Play, Triple Play, Triple Play, Triple Play, Triple Play
2008-06-27 17:40:36
57.   mehmattski
How dare Ponson disgrace the name of Ron Villone by taking his number?!?
2008-06-27 17:40:40
58.   randym77
48 Not off to a promising start here.
2008-06-27 17:40:56
59.   OldYanksFan
However, Snacks did NOT grab his GM by the throat and throw him to the ground.
2008-06-27 17:41:42
60.   Eirias
How far out can the infield fly rule be called? The start of the grass?
2008-06-27 17:41:57
61.   cult of basebaal
way to go, Snacks!
2008-06-27 17:42:15
62.   Yankees Brasil
59 I bet Mattpat11 wishes he'd do that now.
2008-06-27 17:42:18
63.   OldYanksFan
ohoh. Pedro will now have to bean Syd.
2008-06-27 17:43:10
64.   Eirias
Typhoon Sidney blew on through.
2008-06-27 17:43:14
65.   mehmattski
If you think watching Sidney Ponson pitch for the Yankees is bad, imagine being a Mets fan, cursing at the TV because the Mets haven't scored an f'ing run off Ponson yet...
2008-06-27 17:44:06
66.   OldYanksFan
Wow. The Mets there were kind of Yankeelike.
2008-06-27 17:44:47
67.   mehmattski
60 I'd imagine it's not literal, it's at the ump's discretion... if they think the fielder could get a double play by letting the ball drop, they'll call it.
2008-06-27 17:45:01
68.   Eirias
66 They are the Milwaukee's Best of Yankees.
2008-06-27 17:45:17
69.   Yankees Brasil
Now it's time for us to score. A Ponson homer, I say.
2008-06-27 17:46:08
70.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-06-27 17:46:12
71.   OldYanksFan
Look... Colon is 4-2 with a 4.09 ERA for the Sox. So if you think Snacks is a real asshole, well... what about Colon?
2008-06-27 17:47:28
72.   mehmattski
There is no infield fly rule on a bunt, by the way. Delgado remembered this too late.
2008-06-27 17:47:57
73.   ms october
evidently there is something about the yankee uniform that keeps anyone from being able to bunt
2008-06-27 17:49:07
74.   cult of basebaal
i think that if snacks pitches well in this game, he should start growing a giambi 'stache as well ... i think in a couple of weeks he'd look like Ned Beatty playing Arthur Jensen in Network
2008-06-27 17:51:06
75.   mehmattski
74 I think he'd look more like this guy:

2008-06-27 17:52:56
76.   Yankees Brasil
It would be a miracle for us to win this one.
2008-06-27 17:55:42
77.   cult of basebaal
baffled him with a hanging meatball ... don't think i'd want to try that one too many times tonite
2008-06-27 17:58:24
78.   jalexei
Wait a minute - what the hell is going on? - I've been crazy busy at work the past week or so, haven't seen a snippet of baseball in two days, I get home from work, help get the kids to bed, and turn on to see....Hmmm, #47? Who? Oh, that's odd, it must be a "Yankee Classic" covering a rain delay, though I'll be a monkey's uncle if I can remember any game Aruba's favorite son started that could remotely be considered....Wait, is that? On his shoulder? No, that can't be a Yankee Stadium patch. It just....can't be.

Oh my God - it's now - it IS happening, like some bizzaro parallel universe where everyone is forced to make bad decisions. Like some weird retake on an even unfunnier "Liar Liar" - I...I'm speechless. Speechless until I wander out to the front porch and start screaming "Fire Cashman!" 'till I'm hoarse (or the neighbors call the police).

No, just no. Really, no. C'mon guys, someone yell "Gotcha!" Ha, Ha, April Fool in June....guys? Anyone?

2008-06-27 18:00:23
79.   mehmattski
78 At least Miguel Cairo isn't playing first base...
2008-06-27 18:00:25
80.   cult of basebaal
78 if i told you that the yankees called up kei igawa, would your head explode?


hold on, i'll get popcorn!

2008-06-27 18:03:07
81.   cult of basebaal
this has got to totally be the Snack Pontoon Experience, circa 2008 ... not so many runs, but always with the base runners ...
2008-06-27 18:04:11
82.   Yankees Brasil
He has no idea where the ball is going. Don't we have enough of these kind of pitchers already?
2008-06-27 18:05:01
83.   Mattpat11
Look at the size of this man's head.
2008-06-27 18:05:34
84.   nick
what a bloodbath!
2008-06-27 18:06:20
85.   cult of basebaal
83 it's like an orange on a toothpick!


2008-06-27 18:06:27
86.   Mattpat11
This must be what facing it feels like facing the Yankees.
2008-06-27 18:06:27
87.   mehmattski
Ponson is a Magician!
2008-06-27 18:06:44
88.   cult of basebaal
oh boy, iggy is warming!
2008-06-27 18:07:16
89.   Mattpat11
I wasn't sure why Kay has been gushing over Ponson for two weeks.

Then I saw 95 mph, and it made all the sense in the world.

2008-06-27 18:07:36
90.   nick more, and then Iggy, no doubt. fun for the whole family....
2008-06-27 18:07:46
91.   ms october
so far, that is one lucky fat bastard
2008-06-27 18:08:06
92.   cult of basebaal
87 obviously, we should have used him as our secret weapon out of the bullpen in the bases loaded situation in game 1!
2008-06-27 18:08:45
93.   Mattpat11
Darryl is one of the three players to play for all four NY teams
2008-06-27 18:09:16
94.   Dimelo
I'd just like to say one thing, I am so f-ing pissed that the Yanks let that f-er piece of garbage get 9 RBIs today.

Plus I am getting even more pissed at this Sir Ponson f'er.

2008-06-27 18:11:18
95.   nick
Sid and Iggy--it's a buddy movie! What say we send them both on a wacky road trip to Scranton, asap?
2008-06-27 18:12:05
96.   RIYank
Awesome, I see that Sir Syd is toying with the Mets this evening.
2008-06-27 18:12:41
97.   cult of basebaal
man, abreu is a ball magnet the last couple of steal attempts
2008-06-27 18:17:03
98.   ms october
alright - let's not make pedro look like ponson
2008-06-27 18:17:14
99.   mehmattski
I bet Pedro Martinez is no Sidney Ponson when it comes to getting out of bases loaded jams!
2008-06-27 18:17:29
100.   RIYank
As I understand it, loading the bases is a bad thing.
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2008-06-27 18:17:52
101.   mehmattski
Cano's bat... please meet the baseball. Even one of your weak grounders to second would do here.
2008-06-27 18:18:04
102.   OldYanksFan
I (heart) Jason! (the Big Lug)
2008-06-27 18:18:19
103.   cult of basebaal
c'mon Ripper!
2008-06-27 18:18:40
104.   mehmattski
101 Just as I ordered.
2008-06-27 18:19:14
105.   OldYanksFan
Let's be positive here.
We can't do worse then the Mets did last inning (can we?).
2008-06-27 18:19:17
106.   mehmattski
Make them pay, Molina!
2008-06-27 18:19:56
107.   OldYanksFan
101 You win a Snacks!
2008-06-27 18:20:04
108.   nick
101 ah, yes, with Sir Syd on the hill, one-run strategies for the offense are surely advisable!
2008-06-27 18:20:49
109.   nick
I wanna see Matsui limp out here and hit a ph slam--whoops...
2008-06-27 18:21:24
110.   cult of basebaal
with 3 catchers, i think i'd pinch hit here
2008-06-27 18:21:51
111.   mehmattski
What clutch groundouts!

Ponson bash time!

2008-06-27 18:22:33
112.   cult of basebaal
well, not exactly as great as a posada pinch hit granny, but ok ... that could have been MUCH worse
2008-06-27 18:22:50
113.   mehmattski
Or not.... clearly Ponson was instructed not to swing by new Coach In Charge of Acceptable Risk, williamnyy23....
2008-06-27 18:23:10
114.   OldYanksFan
We are SMASHING the ball.
My God, is Molina slow. He was almost out on that.
2008-06-27 18:23:15
115.   nick
Mighty Sidney has struck out...
2008-06-27 18:23:39
116.   RIYank
113 Where is the old Adjuster, anyway?
2008-06-27 18:24:36
117.   OldYanksFan
113 NCCAR. I LIKE it. Let's make it official!
2008-06-27 18:24:50
118.   cult of basebaal
116 i think you just have to say his name thrice, like with candyman or beetlejuice and he'll appear!
2008-06-27 18:25:02
119.   ms october
113 i can't believe i am saying this, but i hope with that swing sydney don't go bartolo colon on us and hurt himself
2008-06-27 18:25:15
120.   OldYanksFan
116 Gotta wait until the Yankees are behind.
2008-06-27 18:26:25
121.   OldYanksFan
ms October ms October Giambi got a RISP hit Giambi got a RISP hit
2008-06-27 18:26:56
122.   cult of basebaal
hmmm ... it may only be because he can't find the plate with a Garmin, but it's nice to see Snacks coming inside every once in a while ...
2008-06-27 18:27:00
123.   RIYank
120 Ah! Of course. Was he around for the first game? He would really have enjoyed that one.
2008-06-27 18:27:14
124.   Jeb
can we survive 2 or possibly 3 more innings of Syd Barrett?
2008-06-27 18:28:09
125.   cult of basebaal
124 i've got a feeling it's gonna have to be 2-3 innings of the Snacks and Iggy show
2008-06-27 18:28:18
126.   ms october
121 of course - mustachioso doesn't disapoint - i am firmly luving the big lug

119 please forgive my ridiculous grammar

2008-06-27 18:29:25
127.   RIYank
124 No.
(Why not Syd Cherise???)
2008-06-27 18:30:16
128.   mehmattski
123 Oh he was, and it was a treat.
2008-06-27 18:30:49
129.   mehmattski
Take that, rabbit eyes!

Michael Kay: "We've completed four... interesting innings at Shea..."

2008-06-27 18:30:59
130.   ms october
molina !!!!!!!

wow, what a nice throw

2008-06-27 18:31:24
131.   RIYank
Let's see, Ponson has faced three batters so we must be half way done with the bottom of the fourth, right?
2008-06-27 18:32:13
132.   RIYank
128 I might just go look through that game thread.
2008-06-27 18:32:43
133.   OldYanksFan
123 He was in prime form. Of 280 comments, William was 54 of them.
2008-06-27 18:35:02
134.   RIYank
133 54 isn't prime. Come on, dude, THINK!
2008-06-27 18:35:24
135.   Jeb
124 I realize my comment was psychedelic-o-phobic though ;o)
2008-06-27 18:35:34
136.   Eirias
I have to admit. There isn't really anything more we could have asked from Ponson.
2008-06-27 18:36:19
137.   Eirias
136 I really shouldn't have said that, no?
2008-06-27 18:36:46
138.   RIYank
136 We could have asked him to bring refreshments.
2008-06-27 18:36:51
139.   cult of basebaal
ah, another charming "yankees suck" chant ... yet another gift of class from red sox fans to the world
2008-06-27 18:37:23
140.   Eirias
Edwar will likely go over to Pedro after the game and ask him how he is supposed to do it, again.
2008-06-27 18:37:32
141.   cult of basebaal
138 with a nickname like "Snacks", he ought to have done it without having to be asked!
2008-06-27 18:37:46
142.   OldYanksFan
134 You are right. That's only a .193 avg. My bad.
2008-06-27 18:38:02
143.   Eirias
Wow. Pedro doesn't get to call his own pitches?
2008-06-27 18:38:48
144.   OldYanksFan
138 Snacks... bring snacks?
2008-06-27 18:38:53
145.   cult of basebaal
142 he's the wil nieves of Banter posters?
2008-06-27 18:39:21
146.   RIYank
This is a good at-bat. (3-2 as I type)
2008-06-27 18:39:28
147.   Eirias
142 193 is prime, however.
2008-06-27 18:40:14
148.   OldYanksFan
147 It's below the Mendoza line. Unacceptable.
2008-06-27 18:40:39
149.   RIYank
I think Pedro is tiring. (I don't mean he's exhausting -- he's getting tired.)
2008-06-27 18:40:47
150.   mehmattski
Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, the time is growing late. Slow down now, and seal your fate!
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2008-06-27 18:41:14
151.   cult of basebaal
150 yes! Lemmiwinks!!!
2008-06-27 18:41:21
152.   RIYank
147 Oh, okay! So it's second-order prime. That's fine, then.
2008-06-27 18:42:06
153.   RIYank
And Donuts helps out Snacks!
2008-06-27 18:43:13
154.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-06-27 18:43:24
155.   OldYanksFan
Holy Shit! Could we win the game? Chyll.... you there?
2008-06-27 18:43:26
156.   cult of basebaal
Just think what he would have done if we'd gone with "fat hamster!"

meanwhile, JD almost broke off his legs with that "slide"

2008-06-27 18:44:03
157.   cult of basebaal
150 well played, sir!
2008-06-27 18:44:06
158.   mehmattski
I just did the pitching rotation math... and if Ponson gets two more starts, the second one will fall on my final visit to Yankee Stadium.... wooo!
2008-06-27 18:44:17
159.   OldYanksFan
Cool. JD sliding after touching home plate.
2008-06-27 18:45:21
160.   OldYanksFan
Pedro still has a good curveball.
2008-06-27 18:45:48
161.   cult of basebaal
and change
2008-06-27 18:46:00
162.   mehmattski
157 All hail the Gerbil King!
2008-06-27 18:47:58
163.   ms october
158 luck you - i think andy's going to pitch my last ys game
2008-06-27 18:48:05
164.   cult of basebaal
that was an amusing swing
2008-06-27 18:48:51
165.   ms october
160 and a good throw at you pitch
2008-06-27 18:49:16
166.   mehmattski
Ah, Scot Schoenwiess, one of the few fellow Dukies in the majors.
2008-06-27 18:49:57
167.   jalexei
Igawa? Next you'll tell me Bernie is warming up in the cages under the bleachers.
2008-06-27 18:50:03
168.   Jeb
William knows baseball though.
2008-06-27 18:50:09
169.   cult of basebaal
will it be Rotten Robbie, or Robbie the Ripper???
2008-06-27 18:50:32
170.   Jeb
166 you a dukie?
2008-06-27 18:50:47
171.   RIYank
We've scored three runs on outs!
Now, does Rob get a 'sac' for that, officially?
2008-06-27 18:51:05
172.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow, we scored again! Cool!

Told you guys it couldn't get any worse.

2008-06-27 18:51:15
173.   mehmattski
166 Yep, class of 2006 and I've returned for graduate school.
2008-06-27 18:51:54
174.   cult of basebaal
well, that's 2 rbi tonite for cano, but that's been 2 Rotten Robbie appearances ... blech
2008-06-27 18:55:26
175.   RIYank
Pedro won't be back out, will he?
2008-06-27 18:55:35
176.   OldYanksFan
174 And that last one doesn't even count as an AB. So Robbie is 0 for 2 w/2 RBI. He could have a lot more.
2008-06-27 18:57:52
177.   mehmattski
Sir Sidney Ponson has probably earned himself another start. Probably against the Red Sox. Wonderful.
2008-06-27 18:58:08
178.   Jeb
oh shit the ghost of igawa is up!!!
2008-06-27 18:58:29
179.   cult of basebaal
ya know, if he wasn't Snacks Pontoon, i think i'd have to call him Flounder

"fat, drunk, and stupid's no way to go through life, son!"

2008-06-27 18:58:37
180.   RIYank
176 That's what I was wondering at 171 .

Uh. So, he faces 17 batters in the first three innings, and 6 in the next two innings. Do you think the Mets are like, "Ah, fuck it, we can't score anyway, let's get this over with quick"?

2008-06-27 18:59:06
181.   Jeb
173 nice. I went to their basketball camp in 1981 and 83....not quite as good, but I've always rooted for them and coach K.
2008-06-27 18:59:27
182.   RIYank
177 I figure he gets a start against Texas. For revenge, kinda thing.
2008-06-27 19:00:28
183.   nick
No Iggy PLEASE--Mo is begging for work--one more outta Sid, then Farns and Mo split the rest.
2008-06-27 19:00:47
184.   cult of basebaal
well done, pedro!
2008-06-27 19:01:08
185.   Jeb
Pedro exceeding 100 pitches? My goodness what would Theo and Grady think?
2008-06-27 19:01:16
186.   cult of basebaal
183 and veras, he's rested and could go at least 1
2008-06-27 19:01:27
187.   RIYank
Snacks to Molina: "With your speed and my bunting ability, kid, we can manufacture runs. Got any crullers or anything like that?"
2008-06-27 19:03:34
188.   RIYank
Excellent! Molina has no problem whatsoever scoring from third on the double!
2008-06-27 19:03:36
189.   OldYanksFan
"fat, drunk, and stupid's no way to go through life, son!"
Snacks says: I resent that! I am not FAT!
2008-06-27 19:03:47
190.   mehmattski
181 Oh so you were one of those kids. Just kidding... They have been invading the campus the last few weeks. There's a camp for everything now- tennis, soccer, lacrosse.

If you ever get a chance to return to Durham and see a game in Cameron, it's the most unique fan experience you'll ever have. Imagine the Yankees playing a World Series game in a high school gym...

2008-06-27 19:04:24
191.   cult of basebaal
well, the last couple of games have been VERY encouraging for the ole cap'n
2008-06-27 19:04:25
192.   RIYank
185 Yeah, I was just thinking about Grady. For that same reason.
Well, who's your daddy, Pedro?
2008-06-27 19:04:58
193.   ms october
moose has probably headed back to the clubhouse to hide the ice cream
2008-06-27 19:05:00
194.   OldYanksFan
And Molina is........ SAFE at the plate!
4' from a HR for Jetes. Maybe he's coming back.
2008-06-27 19:05:18
195.   nick
S & W can't believe Pedro even started the inning--you'd think he was a fragile rookie or something...
2008-06-27 19:05:27
196.   cult of basebaal
185 probably that jerry manuel should have learned from their mistake.
2008-06-27 19:05:39
197.   RIYank
191 The last eight or ten days, I believe.
It was the hurt hand, had ta be.
2008-06-27 19:06:10
198.   Jeb
190 My dad was late picking me up in 1981 and I got to sit in coach K's office. Also, they set up Gene Banks game winning shot against UNC from the 1981 season (with the clock set up and Kenny Dennard on the inbound) and I banked in the shot. I won an ADIDAS shirt. Yay. haha.
2008-06-27 19:06:23
199.   3rd gen yankee fan
192 Wow. Never thought we'd get to ask that question again!
2008-06-27 19:06:30
200.   mehmattski
189 "Doughnuts. Is there anything they can't do?"
~Homer Simpson
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2008-06-27 19:07:00
201.   Jeb
196 should Derek ask Pedro, "how's my ass taste"?
2008-06-27 19:09:46
202.   RIYank
200 Apparently not! Donuts does it again! Four plate appearances, two singles a double and a walk. Man.
2008-06-27 19:10:14
203.   cult of basebaal
2008-06-27 19:10:32
204.   Jeb
apparently manuel didn't realize Bobby was 3-3 against schoenweiss either.
2008-06-27 19:11:05
205.   cult of basebaal
dude, they dare to face the 'stache???
2008-06-27 19:11:12
206.   mehmattski
197 Derek Jeter, June:

102 PA, .322/.396/.456

13 game hitting streak:

57 PA, .353/.421/.490

Not including today's games, of course.

2008-06-27 19:11:12
207.   RIYank
IBB for A-Rod, smart. They figure, if the Yankees score another run, the game's over anyway, so what the heck.
2008-06-27 19:11:23
208.   OldYanksFan
We make fun guys, but
Brian Cashman
Snacks Ponson
Remember the year when our heros were
Small and Chacon?
Maybe this year it will be
and Chacon?
2008-06-27 19:11:44
209.   williamnyy23
113 Mock all you want, but if I had my way there'd be no need to have either Sir Sydney or Yankei Igawa.
2008-06-27 19:13:53
210.   RIYank
2008-06-27 19:14:36
211.   OldYanksFan
6-0 after 5 1/2. Is it Farnsproof yet.
Really, if you don't count HRs, Farns has been very good this year.
2008-06-27 19:15:27
212.   mehmattski
211 If you don't count the murders, the Unabomber was a pretty smart guy....
2008-06-27 19:15:53
213.   RIYank
211 Excellent, I love that metric.
But, uh, they do count HR, don't they?
2008-06-27 19:15:54
214.   cult of basebaal
209 that's Snacks "shut-out" Pontoon, to you, sir!
2008-06-27 19:15:58
215.   nick
209 we mock because we love, william...
2008-06-27 19:16:11
216.   OldYanksFan
212 Funny.
2008-06-27 19:16:26
217.   nick
210 ps: how's Sydney's ass taste?
2008-06-27 19:16:33
218.   RIYank
If you don't count the fire, the Hindenburg was a tremendous success.
2008-06-27 19:17:13
219.   nick
217 whoops, that should've been 209 ....I'll be quiet now.
2008-06-27 19:17:39
220.   mehmattski
If you don't count the Last Stand, General Custer was a great success.
2008-06-27 19:17:54
221.   RIYank
217 ???
Oh, did you mean that to refer to 201 ?
2008-06-27 19:18:00
222.   williamnyy23
Speaking of Igawa, I am hoping he was only up here in guess Sydney exploded (on the mound that is). Common sense would dictate an Igawa demotion after the game in favor of another arm. Now that the Yankees seem to have embraced the portly, maybe Britton can final take on a role when he gets healthy.
2008-06-27 19:18:44
223.   nick
frankly, a start this effective worries me--we could have the big drunk knight in the clubhouse for some time now...
2008-06-27 19:18:50
224.   OldYanksFan
209 William... you're late. Nice to see you.
Cliff... clear up some disk space.
2008-06-27 19:18:51
225.   williamnyy23
215 I'd laugh too if the thought the Wanger in a boot didn't make me sick to my stomach.
2008-06-27 19:19:08
226.   RIYank
This is a good game. Fill in the blanks:

If you don't count the iceberg, ______ .
If you don't count _______ , that play was a lot of fun.

2008-06-27 19:19:48
227.   cult of basebaal
222 i wouldn't be surprised to see igawa down, giese back to long relief and Snacks getting another start or two
2008-06-27 19:20:46
228.   RIYank
225 Oh, well, think of Sydney P. in the showers after the game, that will make you feel better.
No, wait, that's not a good prescription.
2008-06-27 19:20:56
229.   williamnyy23
224 Had to take the old lady out to eat. A meal doesn't taste very good when the TV overhead has Sydney the Magnificent trying to work his way out of a bases loaded no out jam.
2008-06-27 19:21:05
230.   OldYanksFan
Honestly... it's a great start by Snacks.
To celebrate, he's going to grab Cashman by the throat and throw him to the ground.
2008-06-27 19:21:51
231.   Jeb
If you don't count the assassination, Our American Cousin was a fine production at the Ford's Theater.
2008-06-27 19:21:56
232.   OldYanksFan
229 Blaming the old Lady? Low.
2008-06-27 19:22:38
233.   RIYank
229 Ah, but the dessert tastes so good when he does it. And then you can have coffee when he works his way out of a one-out bases-loaded jam the next inning, so it's all good!
2008-06-27 19:22:46
234.   mehmattski
222 Clearly, Igawa's going to be a LOOGY.

There was a discussion on SNY during the first game, where Keith Hernandez ripped the Yankees because they don't have a lefty in the bullpen. Cohen was like "well, would you rather have a bad lefty or a good righty." And then reminded Hernandez that Mike Myers gave up a home run to Ortiz the first time they met.

Hernandez laughed and said "well, but... lefty specialists... just work!"

The logic is impeccable.

2008-06-27 19:22:47
235.   williamnyy23
232 I was going to blame Edwar, but I got that out of my system this afternoon.

I think Robbie may be on the way back.

2008-06-27 19:22:50
236.   3rd gen yankee fan
230 Classic. :-D
2008-06-27 19:22:57
237.   cult of basebaal
wow ... bad swing, BIG hit!
2008-06-27 19:23:08
238.   nick
Cano wielding the lumber!
2008-06-27 19:23:29
239.   RIYank
231 AHEM. 226 .
Play the game, Jeb. Sheesh.
2008-06-27 19:23:39
240.   OldYanksFan
Robbie! Sweet.
2008-06-27 19:23:42
241.   cult of basebaal
235 melky on the other hand ...
2008-06-27 19:24:05
242.   williamnyy23
234 Spoken like a lefty who probably didn't like facing quirky lefties.
2008-06-27 19:24:15
243.   Jeb
If you don't count his drinking, DUI's, .457 winning percentage and general classlessness that has typified his career, this Ponson kid is pretty good.
2008-06-27 19:24:59
244.   Jeb
239 didn't see your post when I typed that .... same wavelength though, right?
2008-06-27 19:25:54
245.   RIYank
244 Indeed.
2008-06-27 19:26:23
246.   Jeb
Oh...If you don't count my wife making us miss our plane on Sunday, and sitting around the Laguardia for 10 hours, waiting for her to put on her makeup in the hotel was a great idea.
2008-06-27 19:26:40
247.   nick
they say the letter-high changeup is a great pitch to neutralize lefties...
2008-06-27 19:26:54
248.   williamnyy23
It's seems like no matter whom the Yankees employ in the rotation, they have a solid couple of starts before reverting to the norm. Maybe they should just continually rotate pitchers?
2008-06-27 19:27:48
249.   Jeb
If you don't count his speed, Molina is fast.
2008-06-27 19:27:54
250.   williamnyy23
246 Is she related to Dan Geise? He missed his plan yesterday because he decided to get a hamburger.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-27 19:29:06
251.   OldYanksFan
Baseball is so wonderfully random and chaotic.
We get our asses kicked at home, and 3 hours later, in flushing, with Snacks vs. Pedro, we embarass the Mets.
You simply cannot predict this game.
If I were a Mets fan, I would say:
2008-06-27 19:29:07
252.   RIYank
248 Yes! We could makes some trades with the Pirates, say, or the Royals. Chacon can pitch a game or two.
2008-06-27 19:29:32
253.   Jeb
250 I'm afraid she is. BUT if we weren't late I wouldn't have met Brian Bruney so there was that.
2008-06-27 19:30:00
254.   RIYank
249 If you don't count the first three seconds, he gets down the line to first real quick.
2008-06-27 19:31:07
255.   RIYank
Okay, Cap., let's FARNSPROOF this thing!


2008-06-27 19:31:32
256.   mehmattski
It's really too bad that Cliff is out of town during all of this. Big Ponson fan that he is and all...
2008-06-27 19:34:08
257.   williamnyy23
The Yankees have mastered the weak grounder with men on third and less than two outs in this game. Very nice.
2008-06-27 19:34:13
258.   OldYanksFan
Not counting the Yankees first 79 games, this team is GREAT!
2008-06-27 19:35:17
259.   OldYanksFan
And the poorly hit, weak groundball/popup RBI strikes again.
2008-06-27 19:35:47
260.   RIYank
257 Girardi told them he wanted to work on that tonight.
2008-06-27 19:36:17
261.   RIYank
And this game is FARNSPROOF!
2008-06-27 19:36:34
262.   williamnyy23
260 If they could have managed some of them at crucial moments this season, they might have 2 or 3 more wins.
2008-06-27 19:37:47
263.   williamnyy23
Run differential for the day is even...15 to 15. Maybe they should play double or nothing based on who scores the most from this point forward?
2008-06-27 19:38:34
264.   RIYank
Too bad we don't have a 3B guy who can hit, we'd have a bunch of runs by now. Although that Betemit looked good.
2008-06-27 19:39:21
265.   williamnyy23
I never thought I'd say this, but do the Rays ever lose??
2008-06-27 19:40:08
266.   Travis08
Assuming a Yankee win today ...

Yankees record in pitcher-starts, 1995-2008, minimum 3 starts:

1.000 Ed Yarnall 3-0
0.833 Tyler Clippard 5-1
0.800 Joba Chamberlain 4-1
0.750 Aaron Small 9-3
0.750 Jason Grimsley 3-1
0.750 Sidney Ponson 3-1
0.750 Tanyon Sturtze 3-1
0.727 Randy Keisler 8-3
0.695 Chien-Ming Wang 66-29
0.683 David Wells 84-39

2008-06-27 19:41:03
267.   mehmattski
Kyle Farnsworth has his ring and pinky fingers taped together.

New nickname: The Three-Toed Sloth.

2008-06-27 19:41:08
268.   williamnyy23
255 Are you sure?
2008-06-27 19:42:48
269.   RIYank
Yeah, I'm sure.
Here we go, Farns! Mo needs work!
2008-06-27 19:42:52
270.   nick
the Farns, the Farns...
2008-06-27 19:44:43
271.   nick
265 google for "do the rays ever lose"=
2 hits! (both from this month)
2008-06-27 19:46:02
272.   RIYank
Yeah, Farns! Three True Outcomes Farnsworth!

You'd almost like to see the two-run homer here, just so Girardi doesn't get the wrong idea in his head.

2008-06-27 19:48:20
273.   RIYank
Oh, okay. So we do need fielders too.
2008-06-27 19:53:03
274.   Jeb
raise your hand if you thought, when it was 15-5 today, we still might have an equivalent or possibly positive run differential today.

By the way, Will Leitch is leaving Deadspin today. Kind of a bittersweet day in the blogosphere today. Somewhere Buzz Bissinger is slapping someone with a WC Heinz book.

2008-06-27 19:55:43
275.   RIYank
Carlos needed some work on his grounders. The boys were happy to oblige.
2008-06-27 19:58:14
276.   RIYank
No Britton.
2008-06-27 19:58:53
277.   mehmattski
Chad Moeller is probably a better first baseman than Wilson Betemit.
2008-06-27 20:00:45
278.   RIYank
277 Now you know why we have three catchers.
2008-06-27 20:14:12
279.   mehmattski
Alberto Gonzales ends the torture for the Mets....
2008-06-27 20:16:24
280.   mehmattski
Oh no.... is this game Igawa-Proof?
2008-06-27 20:17:20
281.   RIYank
Oooh, took a minute for that one to sink in.

Good use of the closer by the Mets today, by the way.

And here's Kei after all!

2008-06-27 20:18:48
282.   Mattpat11
I come back to see Igawa in the game.
2008-06-27 20:19:22
283.   mehmattski
Glad you're still here RIYank... I raise my Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde to you!

I watched over seven hours of the Yankees today. And I'll be back tomorrow for one of the best pitching matchups of the season. I actually get to watch the Yankees play on Saturday afternoon! Woohoo!

2008-06-27 20:20:33
284.   RIYank
280 Well, in the entire Retrosheet data base 1977 to 2006, no team has ever come back from nine runs back in the ninth with one out.

So I guess, almost Igawa-proof.

2008-06-27 20:21:17
285.   RIYank
Oh, hey, Cheers to both of you.
Mine's bourbon on ice. Nice night for it, actually.
2008-06-27 20:21:32
286.   Mattpat11
Cashman has seen enough. Igawa is here to stay.
2008-06-27 20:23:00
287.   RIYank
And that'll do it.
Well, a final toast to Emma: yep, we HAD to play the second, and it all worked out. Tomorrow's headline:


2008-06-27 20:24:46
288.   OldYanksFan
2008-06-27 20:26:19
289.   OldYanksFan
Excellent win. No complaints. We have finally found the perfect situation for Iggy. Could have been a terrible day but turned out to be as good as could be expected. See yuz all tomorrow.
2008-06-27 20:28:09
290.   mehmattski
287 Or....






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