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2008-06-27 09:50
by Alex Belth
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The first of two will be played in the Bronx.  Then, a trek cross town for the night game at Shea.  I'm hoping the Yanks come away with a split this weekend. 

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2008-06-27 09:56:44
1.   monkeypants
I whole-heartedly support the use of the definite article with venues. from now on, I will speak only of the Yankee Stadium!
2008-06-27 10:52:58
2.   Travis08
The lineups:

Reyes, SS
Castillo, 2B
Wright, 3B
Beltran, CF
Delgado, DH
Nixon, RF
Anderson, LF
Tatis, 1B
Schneider, C

Cabrera, CF
Jeter, SS
Abreu, RF
Rodriguez, 3B
Giambi, DH
Posada, C
Cano, 2B
Betemit, 1B
Christian, LF

No Matsui or Damon, even with a righty starter. Posada starting at C (not DH), which means he won't start tonight.

2008-06-27 10:54:05
3.   51cq24
1 next year they'll be playing in a yankee stadium
2008-06-27 10:57:54
4.   Yankee Fan In Boston
3 very nice
2008-06-27 11:00:26
5.   mehmattski
If Matsui hits the DL for more than a few weeks, there is really only one acceptable response:

Barry Bonds.

2008-06-27 11:01:10
6.   monkeypants
3 Clever, but I will have none of it. Next season I shall go root on the boys in pinstripes in the New Yankee Stadium. I suspect that I shall find the confines more majestic than the Citi Field.
2008-06-27 11:02:12
7.   monkeypants
5 If Matsui hits the DL for any length of time, it will only add grist to my mill about why he wasn't put on the DL to begin with.
2008-06-27 11:16:27
8.   tommyl
Ugh, not the way to start.
2008-06-27 11:18:54
9.   pistolpete
Following on Gameday - can someone tell me how the hell Castillo scored all the way from 1st?
2008-06-27 11:19:25
10.   tommyl
9 He stole second first.
2008-06-27 11:19:58
11.   pistolpete
10 Thanks, that wasn't updated yet on my screen.
2008-06-27 11:22:27
12.   SF Yanks
Yuck...that was an ugly AB by Melk there.
2008-06-27 11:22:58
13.   pistolpete
12 What other kind is there lately?
2008-06-27 11:23:17
14.   williamnyy23
Melky leading off again...great.
2008-06-27 11:23:29
15.   SF Yanks
Wow, where did that miss?
2008-06-27 11:26:28
16.   Raf
5 May as well; how long will it take for him to round into shape?

14 Yeah, I don't know what's up with that...

2008-06-27 11:26:28
17.   SF Yanks
It seems like this ump has a small strike zone. Very small.
2008-06-27 11:27:30
18.   tommyl
The NYY offense, generated by 4 players.
2008-06-27 11:30:15
19.   tommyl
I'm not saying Brett Gardner is a savior, in fact I think he's likely to tank, but isn't he worth a look at this point? Melky is OPSing sub .700 and that includes his hot April. He's kind of below replacement now, isn't he?
2008-06-27 11:30:51
20.   JoeInRI
3 This one's "a" Yankee Stadium too . . .
2008-06-27 11:31:02
21.   mehmattski
Come on, stashe power!
2008-06-27 11:31:04
22.   pistolpete
19 At the very least, maybe he can be Melky from 2006.
2008-06-27 11:31:54
23.   SF Yanks
Gameday has a release speed and a result speed for every pitch. So, a radar gun picks up which one of these? Release speed correct?
2008-06-27 11:33:17
24.   tommyl
23 Neither, usually somewhere in between. The gun will be a bit below the release speed and a bit above the result speed typically.
2008-06-27 11:33:59
25.   mehmattski
Shift this!
2008-06-27 11:34:09
26.   pistolpete
Jeez, is Pelfrey dealing as slowly as it would seem...??
2008-06-27 11:34:23
27.   randym77
22 I think Melky from 2006 was a fluke. As someone here pointed out, he was notable for his patience in 2006. Got a lot of walks. But he never showed that kind of patience in the minors, so you kinda knew his OBP would fall back to earth.
2008-06-27 11:35:13
28.   Yankee Fan In Boston
looks like he was intentionally going the other way with it. good to see.
2008-06-27 11:35:21
29.   Travis08
At this pace, they're going to need helicopters to get everyone to Shea on time.
2008-06-27 11:35:33
30.   tommyl
Stache of doom strikes again!
2008-06-27 11:35:44
31.   pistolpete
27 I'm starting to believe that, but even if Gardner came up and produced in similar fashion, we could at least get through the year.
2008-06-27 11:36:18
32.   tommyl
Well so far 3 of my 4 offensive players have come through. Jorge, make me 4 for 4.
2008-06-27 11:36:38
33.   cult of basebaal
damn, looked like your pitch, cletus.
2008-06-27 11:36:42
34.   ms october
26 yes, i guess it is muggy today - he is taking his hat off between almost every pitch and wiping his head
2008-06-27 11:36:45
35.   JoeInRI
31 I agree . . . I think Gardner's speed is a big plus too.
2008-06-27 11:37:09
36.   OldYanksFan
Gotta luv the Big Lug!
2008-06-27 11:37:38
37.   JoeInRI
Ohh, Jorgie . . .
2008-06-27 11:38:03
38.   SF Yanks
24 I see. So is the goal to pick it up mid flight? That's kind of weird. I guess a 96mph fastball could actually be a 98 or a 94 depending on where it's picked up.

At least Pelfrey threw 29 pitches.

2008-06-27 11:38:52
39.   tommyl
35 Me, I like his OBP and the corresponding ability to walk. If he can carry that through to the majors (and I see no reason why he couldn't) then even his slumps would be more valuable than Melky's. Also, Brett would be unlikely to slide headfirst into first base. That alone is a reason to give him a look.
2008-06-27 11:39:00
40.   ms october
i'll certainly take it, but neither hit was much.
pelfrey actually looks somewhat decent today.
2008-06-27 11:39:33
41.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's amazing what Jason's become.

For years and years he strikes out on that pitch and suddenly he's able to fight it off and dunk it into left field?

Why has it taken so long?

2008-06-27 11:39:55
42.   ms october
40 of course it is the 1st inning and mclellan is the ump
2008-06-27 11:40:55
43.   weeping for brunnhilde
40 That's how you win ballgames, by picking up runs via "not much" hits.

I love it.

2008-06-27 11:41:14
44.   pistolpete
41 His mustache has never had the same mustachio-ness as it does this year, that's why.
2008-06-27 11:41:28
45.   randym77
31 I wouldn't mind giving Gardner a shot. He's a lefty, and we're kind of lefty-heavy as it is. But Melky's been pretty awful hitting from the righty side of the plate, so I don't think we'd lose anything there.

We shoulda traded Melky while he was hot.

2008-06-27 11:41:30
46.   tommyl
38 I don't think its the goal, but you can't measure it right out of the pitcher's hand because then you are just as likely to get his hand I'd think. I'm guessing here, but they are educated guesses.

Radar guns in general aren't all that reliable in a small mph range. Small variations like the type of gun, or say, where the operator is positioned can have big effects on the final reading. Guns give you a ballpark, so you know Joba throws harder than Andy and Moose, but after that its hard to tell if his 98 is faster than his 97.

2008-06-27 11:41:58
47.   weeping for brunnhilde
44 It's gotta be the shoes.
2008-06-27 11:42:11
48.   tommyl
Stop with the walks Dan.
2008-06-27 11:42:13
49.   SF Yanks
Giese reminds me of Karstens, both by how he looks and throws.
2008-06-27 11:42:36
50.   Eirias
38 Yep. Some of K-Rod's pitches are 104 mph at their release point. No-one thinks he throws that.
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2008-06-27 11:44:53
51.   OldYanksFan
Sorry to say I have a bad feeling about today and tonight.
2008-06-27 11:45:07
52.   SF Yanks
46 Yeah, and I suppose as long as it's coming from the same gun, the results will be consistent which is all that really matters.
2008-06-27 11:45:17
53.   pistolpete
Wha hoppen? Did A-Rod muff it?
2008-06-27 11:46:38
54.   randym77
53 No, it was a great stop. Not pastadiving A-Rod. But he ended up sitting on his butt. Kinda hard to throw someone out that way.
2008-06-27 11:47:31
55.   SF Yanks
53 He made a nice sliding grab to his left, but couldn't quite get the ball out of his glove. Then proceeded to throw to first when he should have just held onto it, allowing the runner to advance to third.
2008-06-27 11:48:20
56.   SF Yanks
Nice Giese!
2008-06-27 11:48:25
57.   mehmattski
53 He actually made a great diving stop, but then he unwisely tried to throw to first. Since the runner was going, he made it to third easily. Had A-Rod eaten the ball, it would be 1st and 2nd.

But, Giese gets out of it. Nice.

2008-06-27 11:49:10
58.   pistolpete
57 Wow is GameTrax behind. Still 1-2 on Reyes.
2008-06-27 11:49:24
59.   williamnyy23
51 You don't like Ponson?
2008-06-27 11:50:46
60.   tommyl
50 The point is what are you measuring? The ball starts deccelarating the second it leaves the pitcher's hand. Do you want the average speed? The top speed? The speed as it crosses the plate? These are all different things.
2008-06-27 11:51:28
61.   cult of basebaal
c'mon ripping robby! (the artist formerly known as rotten robbie)
2008-06-27 11:51:35
62.   SF Yanks
I think we can say now that Robbie's officially back.
2008-06-27 11:51:52
63.   weeping for brunnhilde
I was just about to say Cano should really hit this guy.

That action down and away is perfectly suited to Robby's strength.

2008-06-27 11:51:59
64.   mehmattski
59 I think Ponson is going to bomb miserably, and the Yankees lineup, which will feature four automatic outs (Cabrera, Molina, Christian, and Ponson) won't be able to compensate.
2008-06-27 11:52:17
65.   cult of basebaal
oh, that looked nice on gameday, low outside pitch driven into the left-center gap ... that's the robbie we've been waiting for
2008-06-27 11:53:06
66.   SF Yanks
60 Yes, that was precisely my question.
2008-06-27 11:55:04
67.   williamnyy23
60 A radar gun measures the fastest speed recognized by the instrument. Considering the speeds involved and the short distance, I don't think it matters much.
2008-06-27 11:55:45
68.   JoeInRI
what happened with Christian?
2008-06-27 11:56:06
69.   ms october
64 if it's any consolation supposedly damon is going to play tonight

i also think ponson is going to bomb - i witnessed it live the last time he was with the yanks - which was truly miserable - but as the mets announcers have pointed out they have 4 or 5 automatic outs too, so hopefully the damage is someone limited to wright and beltran

2008-06-27 11:56:06
70.   pistolpete
68 4-3, FC
2008-06-27 11:56:16
71.   williamnyy23
A lead off double followed by three anemic ABs. I am glad Girardi has Melky in position to make as many outs as possible.
2008-06-27 11:57:09
72.   JoeInRI
[70} Gameday is slow here, thanks.
2008-06-27 11:57:18
73.   pistolpete
71 Lemme guess, he swung at the first pitch and fisted it weakly to left.
2008-06-27 11:58:18
74.   williamnyy23
64 I am assuming Damon will play tonight. I hope so at least. Tonights game seems like a lock loss anyway. The Yankees better win this game, otherwise they are looking a disaster of a weekend.
2008-06-27 11:59:56
75.   mehmattski
73 The first pitch almost hit him in the shoelaces, so he flied out feebly on the second pitch instead.
2008-06-27 12:00:01
76.   williamnyy23
Mr. Giese doesn't look as sharp today. Losing Wang really, really sucks.
2008-06-27 12:01:46
77.   pistolpete
Castillo is going to give us fits today. He'll be the one hitting a solo HR off of Farnsworth later today to take the lead in the 10th.
2008-06-27 12:06:25
78.   randym77
Gawd, I hope this doesn't go to extras. I don't think our old, beat up team will handle it well. Especially with the heat today.
2008-06-27 12:08:11
79.   mehmattski
Is Mussina available to pitch today?
2008-06-27 12:08:25
80.   OldYanksFan
59 Well, he seems like a very nice guy, but I'm not sure how good a pitcher he is. Who's pitching tonight for the Mets?
2008-06-27 12:09:59
81.   williamnyy23
Yikes...this could get ugly fast. This would have been a perfect weekend to spend on an island with no connection to the outside world.
2008-06-27 12:10:17
82.   OldYanksFan
well shit.
2008-06-27 12:11:03
83.   rsmith51
Wouldn't be a Yankee/Mets game if I didn't complain about the Yanks not signing Beltran. Especially since they signed Damon a year later.
2008-06-27 12:11:36
84.   mehmattski
83 You should check the previous thread for a lengthy discussion of said topic.
2008-06-27 12:12:42
85.   williamnyy23
Geise and Rasner have been nice stories, but I just can't see how the Yankees will be able to survive the summer with those two taking a regular turn.
2008-06-27 12:13:15
86.   monkeypants
71 Pete Abe has made two separate but related posts on his game thread;

UPDATE, 2:22 p.m.: Does anybody else find Melky Cabrera (.317 OBP) a curious choice to hit leadoff? I realize Damon can't play both games on a sore foot. But Jeter? I'd even put Abreu there.

Derek Jeter has played in all 62 games. He has hit .386 against the Mets with a .437 OBP and 26 RBI.

Does Jeter ever get a day off?

2008-06-27 12:13:58
87.   ms october
79 i'm pretty sure i heard the mets announcers say that moose would not pitch all weekend and they might move him up to monday, which would be joba's day. who knows if they know what the hell they are talking about. maybe it makes sense to give joba an extra day of rest after throwing a lot of pitches the last start or so.

i know a lot of people like the mets booth but i am finding keith hernadez annoying.

2008-06-27 12:14:57
88.   mehmattski
Other than the 8-9-1 spots, Pelfrey hasn't looked dominating either. This game is far from over.
2008-06-27 12:15:00
89.   williamnyy23
It's a second guess on my part, but you really can't let Beltran beat you when you see what's hitting behind him.
2008-06-27 12:17:05
90.   mehmattski
87 But he's Keith Hernandez!

Jeter proves my point 88 right on cue.

2008-06-27 12:17:21
91.   monkeypants
86 And of course I misread his post--that's all 62 Mets-Yankees games.

But the point still stands: Posada will only play one game today (he could have DH in game 1 and C in game 2). Giambi will only play one game in the field. Damon will only play 1 game.

I'm glad Jeter will play in both games given that every one else seems to be getting a rest. Still, it would be nice if got a day off, or even a couple of days at DH (especially with Matsui headed to the DL).

2008-06-27 12:17:50
92.   cult of basebaal
c'mon Lemmiwinks!
2008-06-27 12:18:19
93.   cult of basebaal
92 dammit ... too slow with the insult!
2008-06-27 12:18:58
94.   rsmith51
84 Thanks, I will check it out. I would like to see ARod launch one here.
2008-06-27 12:20:50
95.   cult of basebaal
94 damn, you jinxed him ... only a single
2008-06-27 12:25:30
96.   ms october
weeping these "not much" hits are great!!

90 ah but elaine and jerry soured on him too.

2008-06-27 12:25:37
97.   pistolpete
Could we be in a for a mash-fest?
2008-06-27 12:25:43
98.   cult of basebaal
wow ... what happened there?
2008-06-27 12:25:48
99.   tommyl
Pop out or GIDP?
2008-06-27 12:25:53
100.   monkeypants
So, where is everyone complaining about Posada swinging on the first pitch after Giambi walked?
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2008-06-27 12:26:14
101.   OldYanksFan
wow... very, very lucky. That had a LOT of hang time.
2008-06-27 12:27:09
102.   mehmattski
See, the game is far from over.
2008-06-27 12:27:16
103.   weeping for brunnhilde
Great baseball all around!

Great hitting by Robby, great fielding by Reyes.


This is some ballgame.

2008-06-27 12:27:21
104.   OldYanksFan
No way Cano takes a BB here...
2008-06-27 12:28:45
105.   cult of basebaal
man ... that was a bit disappointing ... the pitch on gameday was as fat a meatball as you'll ever see ... i was hoping for another double in the gap

i even had a new nickname ready for robbie, "The Ripper", because when he gets hot, he's always slashing the ball somewhere!


2008-06-27 12:28:50
106.   randym77
Aw, don't bunt, Christian.
2008-06-27 12:28:51
107.   monkeypants
104 Nope, he just hits a rope instead.

103 Well, three runs scored, all on walks, bloops, infield hits and ground outs. Not a home run to be seen. You must be ecstatic!

2008-06-27 12:29:01
108.   pistolpete
Alright Christian, get us another run. Automatic out is on deck.
2008-06-27 12:29:14
109.   OldYanksFan
Great barehand attempt by Wright.
2008-06-27 12:29:46
110.   williamnyy23
At least swing the bat.
2008-06-27 12:29:49
111.   ms october
105 robbie did hit the ball sharply - reyes made a nice diving catch to get the runner at 2nd
2008-06-27 12:30:05
112.   pistolpete
Oh well.
2008-06-27 12:30:31
113.   OldYanksFan
Please bear in mind it is my MLB.TV feed that is slow... not me.
2008-06-27 12:30:46
114.   monkeypants
I have to hit the road. I'll enjoy the game on the radio in the car (as much as one can enjoy Sterling/Waldman), but sadly no more banter today. Ta-ta.
2008-06-27 12:31:04
115.   weeping for brunnhilde
107 I am, I am!

This is baseball!

And nice, nice baserunning by Derek to tag on Abreu's ball.

This is one sweet baseball game.

2008-06-27 12:31:07
116.   randym77
Hey, can't complain. They took the lead.
2008-06-27 12:31:39
117.   weeping for brunnhilde
105 He did, he blistered the ball. Reyes is just that good.
2008-06-27 12:32:14
118.   monkeypants
If 104 and 110 meet, do they end up in oblivion?

OK, now I really am leaving.

2008-06-27 12:32:22
119.   williamnyy23
117 Although he has been struggling in the field this season.
2008-06-27 12:32:58
120.   pistolpete
Fresh start, Giese — lock it down.
2008-06-27 12:33:31
121.   williamnyy23
118 One was an 0-2 count and the other was 2-0, so I don't think any laws of nature need to be broken.
2008-06-27 12:38:40
122.   randym77
Nice, Giese.

I saw him pitch a game for Scranton back in April. I thought I was getting Alan Horne, but Horne pitched only two innings, then went on the DL. Giese had an ERA of about 1.5 at the time.

2008-06-27 12:41:24
123.   cult of basebaal
wow ... a sac bunt ... what an awesome display of strategy ... this has been such a low scoring game, it's a wonder if we'll ever score


2008-06-27 12:41:26
124.   rsmith51
I really hate it when Jeter sacrafices.

If he is bunting for a hit, fine, but I don't think he was there. Especially now that his bat is heating up.

2008-06-27 12:43:55
125.   cult of basebaal
craptacular, alex ... you swung at that first pitch??? ugh
2008-06-27 12:43:58
126.   pistolpete
Alright, Alex. Give Dan some breathing room now.
2008-06-27 12:44:28
127.   pistolpete
126 Oopsie.
2008-06-27 12:49:50
128.   williamnyy23
I hope this is another game in which we lament all the squandered opportunities.
2008-06-27 12:50:26
129.   cult of basebaal
grrrr, dammit! more LOBs.
2008-06-27 12:53:20
130.   williamnyy23
Geise has been asking for trouble all game...4 runs doesn't look like it will be anywhere near close to enough.
2008-06-27 12:53:59
131.   williamnyy23
With Reyes leading off the inning, I wonder why you even bother trying to hit the outside corner.
2008-06-27 12:54:31
132.   cult of basebaal
yeah, a leadoff walk, exactly what we needed there ... especially to rabbit reyes
2008-06-27 12:55:00
133.   mehmattski
The Yankees are 4 for 14 with runners in scoring position tonight. That's .285. The Yankees' team batting average on the year? .274

So I think that 4 for 14 is a perfectly reasonable number to expect from this lineup.

2008-06-27 12:55:29
134.   SF Yanks
God I HATE Reyes and his smug ass.
2008-06-27 12:55:41
135.   williamnyy23
Geise hasn't been throwing strikes...two pitchouts is silly.
2008-06-27 12:56:10
136.   williamnyy23
133 Yes...but that's two men on third stranded with less than 2 outs.
2008-06-27 12:56:47
137.   williamnyy23
135 The two pitchouts pretty much laid out a red carpet to Reyes to steal second and the Mets to have a big inning.
2008-06-27 12:57:42
138.   rsmith51
I never realized that Castillo had that good of an eye, but his OBP is 100 pts higher than his BA. Maybe he swung more in Minn.
2008-06-27 12:58:02
139.   randym77
Geez, what's with all these walks?
2008-06-27 12:58:44
140.   williamnyy23
138 Considering his lack of makes no sense to not go right after him.
2008-06-27 12:58:59
141.   mehmattski
Here you go, Edwar... bases loaded, nobody out. Enjoy!
2008-06-27 12:59:17
142.   Travis08
Anyone warming up yet?
2008-06-27 12:59:31
143.   rsmith51
Let's walk Castillo and pitch to Wright. I can't say I agree with that game plan.
2008-06-27 12:59:41
144.   williamnyy23
139 Geise isn't a 31-year old journeyman for nothing. If the Yankees game plan is to hope he becomes the next Small, it's going to be a long summer.
2008-06-27 13:00:24
145.   weeping for brunnhilde
133 Agreed.

I have no complaints about the team's performance with the sticks today.

Pelfry's pitching a good game and the Yanks are scratching and clawing.

They've taken a winning approach at the plate.

2008-06-27 13:00:47
146.   tommyl
144 I think the Yankees game plan is to replace him with IPK and Hughes when they are healthy again. As for what they could be doing, well how would you replace Wang this early on? What trade would you make?
2008-06-27 13:01:28
147.   mehmattski
144 With Kennedy back probably right after the break and Hughes in August, I don't think the summer will be as long as you think. Sure, they haven't been great so far, but at least they have the potential to be better than Giese and Rasner. Most teams have to turn to 7 or 8 different starter in a year, this is that period for the Yanks.
2008-06-27 13:01:30
148.   pistolpete
Oh god, this reeks of a teary postgame interview.
2008-06-27 13:01:40
149.   cult of basebaal
hmmm ... is edwar the right choice here? i think i might go with veras ... though it's a tough situation for everyone ... i can just here peteyabe warming up his stubby fingers to write snarky shit about edwar if he fails in the slightest.

c'mon edwar, prove that fat bastard wrong!

2008-06-27 13:03:04
150.   pistolpete
Getting out with 1 run would be nice.
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2008-06-27 13:03:32
151.   williamnyy23
146 Hughes is months away and IPK was struggling before his injury. That might not be a good game plan either.

I don't think there is a way to replace Wang (which is why you don't send him on that play, but I digress). Unless the Yankees get incredibly lucky as they did with Chacon and Small, things don't look very good.

2008-06-27 13:03:56
152.   randym77
I don't expect Giese to be Cy Young, but he was known for his good control and low walks. Not today.
2008-06-27 13:04:36
153.   williamnyy23
Open the floodgates.
2008-06-27 13:05:20
154.   cult of basebaal
argh ... gameday is farged ... what's happening?
2008-06-27 13:05:53
155.   williamnyy23
149 I guess he wasn't. Edwar has really struggled lately. The Yankees options in the bullpen are quickly diminishing.
2008-06-27 13:06:10
156.   pistolpete
Of course Delgado picks today to start not sucking.
2008-06-27 13:06:24
157.   cult of basebaal
154 never mind ... it's back ... bugger.
2008-06-27 13:07:08
158.   tommyl
155 David Robertson, JB Cox, Mark Melancon, Scott Patterson, etc. I'd hardly called that quickly diminishing.
2008-06-27 13:07:53
159.   williamnyy23
Also, as bad as Geise was, he might have pitched better than Pelfrey. The difference is the Mets have done more with their chances. The Yankees offense has to be more efficient, but it really hasn't been all season.
2008-06-27 13:07:55
160.   tommyl
155 Also, no Edwar didn't get the job done per se, but he's given up one whole hit so far. Its not like he immolated on the mound. Coming in with no outs and the bases loaded is pretty damn tough.
2008-06-27 13:08:22
161.   mehmattski
Yup, the game's still not over.
2008-06-27 13:08:38
162.   williamnyy23
158 I might be mistaken, but I don't think Girardi can bring any of those guys in.
2008-06-27 13:10:15
163.   williamnyy23
160 I am not worried about that one his as much as his 7.71 ERA over the last 28 days.
2008-06-27 13:10:49
164.   tommyl
162 Today no, but down the road, yes, he can.

There's no team in the league with 5 lights out relievers in their pen.

2008-06-27 13:11:53
165.   cult of basebaal
what was the grounder that beltran hit to cano like? was there any chance of a DP?
2008-06-27 13:11:58
166.   tommyl
163 Which raised his ERA to a whopping 2.96.
2008-06-27 13:12:23
167.   williamnyy23
164 The Yankees need to start winning games now...I also wouldn't count my chickens just yet either. That's a lesson we all should have learned this year. Also, who is asking for 5 lightout relievers? How about 2 or 3 pretty good (and consistent) ones?
2008-06-27 13:12:56
168.   mehmattski
Pitchers in the Mets' bullpen that scare me:


That's it. Bring on Aaron Heilman, please. And Duaner Sanchez.

2008-06-27 13:13:40
169.   tommyl
167 Rivera, Veras are pretty good and consistent so far. Edwar and Dorf a bit below. Kyle and Hawkins suck.
2008-06-27 13:14:02
170.   mehmattski
167 Please define consistency in terms of games pitched and expected results. Then tell me five middle relievers which fit your definition. Thanks in advance.
2008-06-27 13:14:04
171.   williamnyy23
166 ERA doesn't rise when inherited runners score.
2008-06-27 13:16:48
172.   Chyll Will
Don't know if this was already mentioned in this or Bruce's thread, so I apologize if it was...

2008-06-27 13:17:07
173.   williamnyy23
170 Consistentcy is kind of self evident. It means you don't throw 10 shutout innings and follow it up by giving up 10 runs in the next 10. Off the top of my head...Scott Shields, Scott Linebrink; Jason Frasor; Health Bell and Jonathan Broxton.
2008-06-27 13:17:40
174.   tommyl
171 And doesn't lower when preventing them. Edwar has been good this year, not amazing, but good. He was lights out early, then hit a rough stretch. That's basically every relief pitcher around (even Mo sometimes). Could he have done better in that situation just now? sure. But the kid got 3 outs and gave up a single hit. Its hard to demand better than that.
2008-06-27 13:19:17
175.   tommyl
Well, there goes Christian's welcome. Bunt pops out? Yuck.
2008-06-27 13:20:29
176.   pistolpete
If we don't get at least one back here, my confidence for the rest of the game is shot.
2008-06-27 13:20:50
177.   williamnyy23
174 He has been pretty good on the whole, but his recent strecth has been bad, and his season last year was as well. I don't think you can confidently project him to be a key contributor.
2008-06-27 13:24:15
178.   weeping for brunnhilde
2008-06-27 13:24:25
179.   Travis08
The Yankees have left 10 runners on base through 5 innings. The major league (and Yankee) record is 20, set in this game.

2008-06-27 13:25:12
180.   OldYanksFan
Well, at least we may set a record for runners LOB...
2008-06-27 13:25:39
181.   mehmattski
173 Well, Shields had a week in May when he gave up 5 runs in 5 innings (Including coming into a tie game in the 8th, loading the bases, and giving up a grand slam). Heath Bell gave up 3 runs in 6 innings last week.

And most appropriately to your definition: Broxton had a 10 game stretch this year when he gave up 9 runs.

Am I cherry picking stats? Absolutely. But so are you when you say that Edwar is "inconsistent." To me, there are only good pitchers and bad pitchers. Edwar is in the former group this season.

2008-06-27 13:25:50
182.   williamnyy23
You can't pitch poorly and squander opportunities. That recipe doesn't add up to victories.
2008-06-27 13:26:45
183.   pistolpete
182 And the sky is blue. Anything else? ;-)
2008-06-27 13:28:41
184.   williamnyy23
181 All of those names have had consistent bodies of other words, 10 innings out of many ins't conclusive. Edwar has 40 innings. He also has an ERA of 5.48 with 60+ baserunners and 9 HRs. I think we might have a different definition of good.
2008-06-27 13:30:36
185.   mehmattski
179 Clearly, that Elston Howard is a bum:

1. Struck out with the bases loaded in the first. (3 LOB)
2. Popped out to second with two on in the second. (2 LOB)
3. Grounded out with two on in the fourth. (2 LOB)
4. Flied out with a man on first in the sixth (1 LOB)
5. Reached on an error with a man on second in the seventh.
6. Singled with a man on first in the ninth.

2008-06-27 13:32:06
186.   pistolpete
And here's where it may get out of hand now.
2008-06-27 13:33:39
187.   OldYanksFan
A nice note from PeteAbe:
A New York City park will now be known as the Phil Rizzuto Park, in honor of the Yankees shortstop who died last year. Smokey Oval Park in Richmond Hill, Queens, was official renamed after Rizzuto on Friday. Park officials say "The Scooter" grew up in nearby Glendale, Queens, and played high school baseball in Richmond Hill. He died last August at the age of 89.
2008-06-27 13:38:30
188.   williamnyy23
183 The bullpen stinks too :(
2008-06-27 13:39:26
189.   mehmattski
184 I said Edwar was good this year. And he is, he's allowed just 29% of the batters he's faced to reach base:

Rivera: 16%
Veras: 27%
Ramirez: 29%
Joba (Reliever): 31%
Farnsworth: 35%
Hawkins: 36%
Ohlendorf: 36%

Ross Ohlendorf, on the other hand, is a Bad Reliever.

2008-06-27 13:40:29
190.   williamnyy23
189 Yes...for 10 innings, he was all world. I think the rest of his body of work suggests that was more the exception than the norm,
2008-06-27 13:41:43
191.   williamnyy23
With the way that Rasner and Geise have pitched, it's starting to look as if the course of the Yankees season was set when Wang rounded third base in Houston.
2008-06-27 13:42:54
192.   Mattpat11
My patience with Ross Ohlendorf expired many months ago.
2008-06-27 13:43:02
193.   Travis08
Has it been decided who's being demoted/released/DL'd to make room for Ponson?
2008-06-27 13:43:04
194.   tommyl
191 William, we get it. The Yankees suck, they should give up, forfeit all the their games and trade every single veteran.
2008-06-27 13:44:26
195.   tommyl
194 Or you know, you can look and ask whether the Rays can keep this pace up. The Sox can survive with no Schilling and Dice-K being awful in his return, not to mention Ortiz out. Then see that the Yanks have some damn good players at AAA right now, IPK healthy again and Hughes starting a throwing program.
2008-06-27 13:44:43
196.   williamnyy23
194 They shouldn't forfeit; they'd probably have to give back all that money.

I am sorry I can't be more of an optimist, but the handwriting of this debacle was on the wall from early on. Pretty soon, the main topic of discussion very well might be what veterans to trade.

2008-06-27 13:44:46
197.   51cq24
ohlendorff sucks why the hell is he still on this team?
2008-06-27 13:44:53
198.   tommyl
193 I'd nominate Ross Ohlendorf. Yeesh.
2008-06-27 13:45:04
199.   mehmattski
190 Ten innings? By my count, Ramirez has allowed more than one baserunner in 12 of his 22 appearances. He's only allowed runners to score in four appearances. Edwar Ramirez should not be the target of your disdain.

How do middle relievers get to have a large body of work, anyway? By being crucified as soon as they have a couple bad outings?

2008-06-27 13:45:19
200.   Mattpat11
I really, really don't like Ross Ohlendorf.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-27 13:45:54
201.   tommyl
196 This is one game. One game, where we knew we were in trouble with Giese starting. Know what, we'll likely lose tonight as well with Sir Sidney on the mound. I don't think that's a reason to throw in the towel.
2008-06-27 13:45:57
202.   Eirias
Alright. I'm out. I'll be back and chipper for the second game.
2008-06-27 13:46:12
203.   mehmattski
193 PeteAbe says Matsui hits the DL between games to clear room for Ponson.
2008-06-27 13:47:08
204.   williamnyy23
195 So the Yankees get credit for Hughes returning in Aaugust, but the Sox don't get any credit for Dice working his way back into shape and Ortiz returning to a lineup that has been ok without him? If every assumption is in favor of the Yankees, regardless of the painfully evident reality, then yes, there is nothing to worry about.
2008-06-27 13:47:15
205.   cult of basebaal
jesus ... what a shitty game this turned into ... ollie's got a great arm, shitty command ... it's long past time to stop screwing around with him ... bring up robertson, bring up strickland, it's time to find somebody other than Mo who's worth a damn in this bullpen ... this is pathetic
2008-06-27 13:47:19
206.   51cq24
201 but then why are we throwing in the towel today?
2008-06-27 13:47:26
207.   tommyl
Ohlendorf << Robertson
2008-06-27 13:47:47
208.   tommyl
206 I was being sarcastic before.
2008-06-27 13:48:28
209.   Travis08
It's taken 2 hours and 42 minutes to play the first 5-1/2 innings. I doubt they'll start the second game by 8:05.
2008-06-27 13:49:19
210.   randym77
Well, I guess the threat of being replaced by Andy Phillips put the fear of god into Delgado.
2008-06-27 13:49:28
211.   51cq24
208 i mean that the yankees throwing in the towel for 2 straight games isn't a terrible reason for fans to do the same
2008-06-27 13:50:25
212.   williamnyy23
201 It's one game...but the Yankees are in trouble with Ponson going tonight, Rasner on Sunday and possibly every time those two take the mound for the next month. Then, when you consider that the bullpen outside of Mo has been pretty bad and the offense continues to struggle with men in scoring position, the outlook seems bleak. Things aren't going to get better just because they are the Yankees.
2008-06-27 13:50:38
213.   pistolpete
Can a player refuse to go on the DL? Maybe Matsui can prevent Ponson II if he just says 'no'. ;-)
2008-06-27 13:51:05
214.   Mattpat11
210 Hell, it would scare the hell out of me.
2008-06-27 13:52:14
215.   Yankees Brasil
210 It's not the threat of being replaced. It's just that he's facing Yankee pitching, that's all.
2008-06-27 13:53:01
216.   williamnyy23
Not now Arod.
2008-06-27 13:53:13
217.   mehmattski
212 This from a team that has won 22 of their last 34, 14 of their last 20, and 9 of their last 12.

Including the rest of the game after Wang got injured, the Yankees team ERA: 2.81.

2008-06-27 13:53:21
218.   Mattpat11
201 I think the Mets have the advantage all four games. Which is why it would have been great to play and win last night (nothing the team can do about that), to take some of the sting out of a 1-3 or 0-4 weekend.
2008-06-27 13:55:01
219.   mehmattski
I guess I don't really fear Pedro Feliciano either.

Hey, there's no guarantees that Pedro is going to be Pedro Martinez™ tonight either.

2008-06-27 13:55:32
220.   cult of basebaal
216 yeah, that would have been nice in the 3rd ... sigh
2008-06-27 13:55:35
221.   williamnyy23
217 This was supposed to be the stretch when the Yankees made up a lot of ground. I am sorry, but 22-12 against the competition over this stretch is a let down, especially if they make it 23-15 after this weekend.
2008-06-27 13:57:08
222.   Mattpat11
219 It may not matter.
2008-06-27 13:57:17
223.   williamnyy23
The Yankees should try to delay this game as long as possible to see if they'd cancel the game tonight.
2008-06-27 13:57:17
224.   tommyl
212 Do I think the Yankees will make the playoffs this year? No, I don't. They play in the toughest division in baseball and they are in transition. Throw in some key injuries and they are struggling.

Now, do I think they are so bad they have no shot at all? Of course not. A lot of things can happen. IPK and Hughes could come back strong. Bruney could return and shore up the pen. Robertson could come up and dominate. The Sox could lose Dice-K for a longer period, Ortiz could not make it back, etc. This is just one game, tonight is two. If they lose it sucks but I'm not ready to throw the season away and start declaring the writing was on the wall the moment Wang got hurt. They won in '96 without Cone for most of the year.

2008-06-27 13:57:22
225.   mehmattski
Since returning from the DL Pedro has a Ponsonian 5.91 ERA... although that does include 6 runs in 4.1 IP in Coors last time out.
2008-06-27 13:58:08
226.   cult of basebaal
well, jorge sure hasn't helped the effort much today ... on either side
2008-06-27 13:59:06
227.   tommyl
221 22-12 isn't good enough for you? Seriously?
2008-06-27 13:59:39
228.   randym77
Man, this game is going slow.
2008-06-27 14:01:41
229.   Mattpat11
224 I may be the only one who doesn't think Brian Bruney will shore up anything. He got off to a nice start last year and then was Farnsworthian for the last three months.
2008-06-27 14:02:16
230.   Mattpat11
227 We faced some horrible baseball teams in that stretch
2008-06-27 14:02:22
231.   williamnyy23
224 I am not suggesting that they have no shot at all, but simply having a shot isn't what I think we all envisioned in March. This team has major flaws and losing Wang very well could be the tipping point that will spell their demise. I am just pointing out what appear to me as very ominous signs. If a run of incredible luck is just around the corner, great, but I can't factor that into the equation.
2008-06-27 14:02:39
232.   Mattpat11
Kay talking about how HARD Ross throws.
2008-06-27 14:02:39
233.   Mattpat11
Kay talking about how HARD Ross throws.
2008-06-27 14:03:19
234.   cult of basebaal
gah ... this game has reduced me to paraphrasing a quotation from The Joker ... "this team needs an enema"
2008-06-27 14:04:06
235.   tommyl
231 It was what I envisioned at least. To think that the Sox would not be the best team in the AL was a mistake I think. I've said all along I'm happy with them missing the postseason if it means all the kids develop.
2008-06-27 14:04:10
236.   williamnyy23
227 Against predominantly the Blue Jays, Royals, Padres, Astros, Reds, Pirates and Mets? No, it is not.
2008-06-27 14:05:24
237.   tommyl
230 But 22-12 is about a 104 win pace over a season. I don't care who you are facing, that's damn good.
2008-06-27 14:05:42
238.   Yankees Brasil
236 The Mets are mediocre too. We should be adding to the hot streak today.
2008-06-27 14:06:34
239.   williamnyy23
235 Are you happy with the development of IPK, Hughes, Melky and even Cano? What kids are being developed? I guess you could say the realization of Joba as a dominant starter would make everythign worthwhile, but I was hoping for a little bit more than that.
2008-06-27 14:10:01
240.   tommyl
239 Season's not over yet.
2008-06-27 14:10:59
241.   williamnyy23
237 That figure is also a bit of slight of hand. Before the 22-12 stretch, the Yankees had lost 4 in a row. If you add those games plus this loss into the mix, the Yankees are 23-17 against relatively weaker competition. That's just isn't good enough.
2008-06-27 14:12:04
242.   williamnyy23
240 Right, but if you are going to hang your hat on player development, I think you need to see more than 2-3 months of progress.
2008-06-27 14:14:11
243.   Alex Belth
Has Delgado's ball landed yet?

Man, this could be a misbegotten weekend.

Alex's dinger was some shot as well. The Yanks had that sombitch on the ropes early, but more of the same, couldn't kill him. Not that it would have mattered the way Giese and company pitched.

2008-06-27 14:14:25
244.   williamnyy23
For the first time in the Subway Series, the Mets have swept all three games at Yankee Stadium.
2008-06-27 14:15:50
245.   williamnyy23
Why not give Jeter a rest now?
2008-06-27 14:17:00
246.   Yankees Brasil
Why bring Damon into lost game already? Isn't it better to let him rest for the second game?
2008-06-27 14:17:50
247.   williamnyy23
Someone suggested it as a joke, but too bad the Yankees can't just forfeit this game and head to Queens.
2008-06-27 14:20:25
248.   Yankees Brasil
Ohlendorf is still in the game. That's good. Now they should just send him down after this game in favor of a fresher arm.
2008-06-27 14:21:13
249.   Mattpat11
I asked this question last year, and I got yelled at, but I continue to ask it now.

What the hell do people see in Ross Ohlendorf?

2008-06-27 14:21:54
250.   Yankees Brasil
249 He throws hard!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-27 14:28:43
251.   mehmattski
241 Normally I would agree but this time the cutoff is significant. May 20 was the day the best hitter in baseball returned to the lineup.

249 Last year, Ross Ohlendorf was a pitcher with good stuff who had success when he was converted from being a mediocre starter. He was a better option than going after another veteran BellyFullofGuts guy, something you are consistently against. He's cheap, and easily replaced with someone who can step in and show a better job.

Now is that time. Ohlendorf, unlike Ramirez, has shown no stretches of brilliance. I expect to see Robertson within the next few weeks.

2008-06-27 14:29:54
252.   Travis08
The Mets' 15 runs have been driven in by only 3 players.
2008-06-27 14:30:16
253.   randym77
This game is never going to end, is it?
2008-06-27 14:30:17
254.   SF Yanks
I think the Mets just won the World Series! At least that's how it sounded based off the goofball in the Mets booth.
2008-06-27 14:32:23
255.   mehmattski
Okay, so if you were to rank the pitchers on the staff from most to least effective... the three on the bottom of the list all pitched in today's game. You can't expect many wins when that's the case.
2008-06-27 14:32:24
256.   williamnyy23
251 Then the real number is 22-13 because Arod played in the debacle to the Orioles. Hmmm...the Yankees have had a quite a few debacles this season.

Before everyone pronounces the return of Delgado, they need to realize who has been pitching in this game.

2008-06-27 14:34:18
257.   williamnyy23
I would have gladly signed up for a split beforehand, so maybe the Yankees get lucky tonight. I am more worried about the season long implications than being embarassed by the Mets this weekend.
2008-06-27 14:36:50
258.   mehmattski
256 The 22-12 already includes May 20.

Why is Mo warming up?

2008-06-27 14:39:36
259.   Travis08
258 That makes no sense. Why not put Moeller in to pitch the 9th and use Mo in the 2nd game, regardless of the score?
2008-06-27 14:41:47
260.   Jeb
I guess the Nomaas boys get a new candidate for worst game of the year, huh? This is far worse than the Pirates debacle on Tuesday.

What bugs me about this game is that, from a historical perspective, I just wanted to win the last ever game against the Muts at the old stadium. I realize we have them in world series titles, pennants, the 2000 series and head-to-head regular season games, but I just hate having them come to our park and crush us.

I think it would be nice if Girardi made the equipment guys take the "Final Season" patches off the team's uniforms. Frankly, with this kind of effort, they don't deserve to wear them.

On another note, I'd pitch Latroy the rest of this game and then DFA him and call up Robertson.

2008-06-27 14:42:17
261.   williamnyy23
258 Avoid the mercy? Girardi has already used Mo in curious situations, so it wouldn't be a surprise.
2008-06-27 14:45:08
262.   williamnyy23
This team is carrying 3 would have been a good idea to take Jorge out in the 5th and maybe use him again this evening.
2008-06-27 14:46:15
263.   Jeb
259 why pitch Moeller when we've got Latroy "soon to be released" Hawkins to abuse?
2008-06-27 14:48:42
264.   Vandelay Industries
La la la la la. That always makes me feel better when I want to scream. I know I haven't participated as much this year as I have in the past due to work, but given the Yankees' play, perhaps it is for the best.

The way I see it, we don't have a $200,000,000 team. If you take Giambi, who would be lucky to be making $5,000,000 on the open market, Abreu at $10,000, Jeter at $12,000,000, Pettitte who we overpaid to keep, Rivera who we overpaid to keep, Posada who we overpaid to keep, and Damon at $8,000,000, subtract $10,000,000 for Pavano, we basicailly have a $120,000,000 payroll with no pitching. Granted we should be able to win with that, the Angels do not seem to have a problem, even considering the joke division they play in.

We did come into this season with huge question marks on four of our five starters. Even so, taking talent only and ignoring payroll, the Yankees are right about where they should be this season, unless they start running the bases better, play better defense, and pitch at league average or better, they are in trouble.

In other words, our talent doesn't dicate that we be in first or second place in this division.

2008-06-27 14:52:27
265.   williamnyy23
264 Everything else aside, Rivera is not and will never be overpaid.
2008-06-27 14:53:48
266.   Vandelay Industries
Oh, and any discussion about Cashman should end with Farnsworth at $6,000,000 each year for three years. 'Nuff said!
2008-06-27 14:57:11
267.   Vandelay Industries
265 I knew that would get someone. I do not think he is overpaid, only that he would get less than that on the open market. That being said, I was one who advocated giving him a ten year contract if that was what he wanted. I am with you, the discussion last year about how long and for how much Rivera should be kept was disturbing. Anyone who didn't advocate for giving him whatever the hell he wanted, or worse yet, let him go or sign him for one season, should be banned from this and all other blogs and message boards.
2008-06-27 15:02:08
268.   randym77
I have to say...I didn't expect the Yankees to do well this season. Even in spring training, I had serious doubts about this team. Old and injury-prone veterans, young and untried kids, and most of all, suspect pitching. Just looking at our pitching, and looking at Boston's pitching...I didn't like our chances.

So I'm not terribly disappointed this season. I really wasn't expecting much.

2008-06-27 15:08:34
269.   Vandelay Industries
268 Just wait until The Sox send any one, two, or three of the guys that they have brought up who have performed well for CC!

I will say that if the Yankees fall out of it, I will be leading the Ray bandwagon for the playoffs.

2008-06-27 15:39:06
270.   mehmattski
Is the second game still scheduled for 8:05?
2008-06-27 15:42:35
271.   johnnybobster
Yes just announced that ohlendorf has been optioned to scranton and are calling up igawa..sigh.
2008-06-27 15:44:59
272.   cult of basebaal
271 hmmm ... well, there's a need for someone to be available in long relief to "shadow" ponson or rasner if one of them goes boom in the next 2 days ... iggy's on the 40 man, so it's a easy swap
2008-06-27 15:49:49
273.   johnnybobster
272 I guess they dont have many options, but it makes me queasy to think that we have to see igawa pitch in the big leagues again.
2008-06-27 15:56:52
274.   cult of basebaal
well, look on the bright side, if igawa gets to pitch this weekend, it will be because things will have gone so terribly wrong that you'll be nauseous long before he hits the mound!
2008-06-27 16:01:50
275.   johnnybobster
274 Great Point! I know when to turn the game off by that point. For the people attending the games, they wont be so lucky.
2008-06-27 16:09:17
276.   randym77
You know, the scary thing is...I don't have a problem with Igawa getting another shot. The problem with Igawa is consistency. Sometimes he's good, sometimes he's awful. But at this point, I'll take a chance at not sucking too much, versus guaranteed suckitude.
2008-06-27 16:14:28
277.   johnnybobster
at least ohlendorf was sent down. he just plain sucks. hopefully we dont see him back in the bronx this year.
2008-06-27 16:33:10
278.   OldYanksFan
"Giambi, who would be lucky to be making $5,000,000"
Is that the going rate for a guy who is 4th in OPS and 2nd in HRs, and 11th in VORP in the AL?
2008-06-27 16:35:26
279.   OldYanksFan
JD is 10th in VORP and 12th in OPS in the AL. That's about $8m's worth, right?
2008-06-27 17:25:22
280.   OldYanksFan
While the 'Yankees Suck Crowd' likes to throw our patroll in our face, there are circumstances that pushed us beyond 'Bang for the Buck' management.
ARod - We certainly needed him, but $27m for 10 years was nuts. He may be, however, the next Babe Ruth. Babe is still reveered 70 years after he played, and I don't hear much talk about how much he was paid. We are rich and paid a premium, simple because... he's ARod.
Jeter - Jeter's contract year was the same as ARod's. I believe the Yanks offered $11.5 but Jeter was holding out for $13ish. Then Hicks signed ARod signed for $25m. History was made and so was Derek. Jeter got $18.9m.... which is about 76% of an ARod.
Giambi - Jason wanted to be a Yankee his whole life, but The Boss really didn't care and threw him 110%+ what was needed. However, at $17m/yr, looking at ARod, Jeter and Manny, it's not as nuts as it might seem.
Mo and Po, 'True Yankees'. To me, this is what Yankee money is about. Not to waste, or to try to win with $$$ instead of IQ, but to keep iconic Yankees in the fold. Maybe bad for business, but great for us fans. Boston is happy to dump Nomar, Pedro, Carlton and JD if it's a good business decision. Chicago was happy to part with the Big Hurt (13th in career OPS+ ahead of Mantle, Joe D and ARod). I'm glad we don't have to opperate that way.
Andy - see 'True Yankees' above, plus a topping of desperation with a hint of 'He's Andy'.
Pavano - Almost signed for MORE money offered by the Sox but wanted to be a Yankee. Some bad Karma coming to us there.
JD - At $13m, he certainly earned his money his 1st year and is doing so this year. We all knew this would be somewhat costly but it's better then 'Bernie or Bubba'.
Bobby - Remember, this deal WAS a salary dump. I don't think in 2006 Cashman asked 'Is he really worth $16m?' but rather 'Might he help save this season?'. And with a .926 OPS in 2006 as a Yankee, he did, and was a good deal to boot. Not so much in 2007 and 2008, but hell, Nancy cost the Sox $14m last year for a .796 OPS. This is the cost of trying to Win above all else.
Iggy - As I've stated before, because of the tax savings, Iggy cost the same as giving a MLB someone $7.6m. If he had simply been a decent #5, we would all have been happy with this deal. RCNB. What can I say.

So for the Yankees to be the Yankees, they pay a heavy premium. Lots of teams have spent big bucks and been disappointed. Sexson. Beltre. Zito. (Maybe) Nancy. Sori in a few years? And there are more. Again, this is the price of trying to Win.

So on a Bang for the Buck level, we can be very critical. But as fans, we are blessed. Know anyone who saw Ruth play? Mantle? Well, we have ARod. Will any of us be at the Stadium when his breaks Bond's record? Jeter and his posse of phat actresses? We wouldn't want to have missed him. Mo and Po in a different uniform? Andy opening up the new Stadium?

And Jason. GOTTA LUV THE BIG LUG. For all the shit he has taken, he is the only active player to man-up about his steroid use. The only one NOT to lie to Congress. To be creamed with a smorgasbord of injuries in 2004, including an intestinal parasite and a tumor... on TOP of steroid withdrawal, only to make Comeback Player of the Year in 2005 with a .971 OPS. He's a great story and a great guy. He's a character and good for this team. He is.... The Stache!

So let others make fun of us and our bloated payroll, but we, the fans, should be very greatful, that for the Yankees, baseball is not JUST a business.

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