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2008-06-26 12:49
by Alex Belth
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Yo, I just wanted a chance to post a picture of Kent Tekulve, a name that I couldn't pronounce for the life of me when I was a kid. 

Let's Go Moose!

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2008-06-26 14:08:39
1.   mehmattski
So, Donald Sutherland will be playing him in the movie, then?
2008-06-26 14:28:11
2.   Mattpat11
Really a must win tonight with the matchups over the weekend.

I also really, really want to see Moose win 20.

2008-06-26 14:59:24
3.   SF Yanks
2 I second both of those statements.
2008-06-26 14:59:50
4.   Matt B
Odd-looking guy, odd-looking glasses, odd-looking delivery. Pitched in a ridiculous number of games. I always liked him.
2008-06-26 15:15:38
5.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
1 4 Yes, Yes! Fantastic uniform, and one of the great all time wind-ups. My buddy was a huge Pirates fan when we were kids and they had Pops Stargell and the Family, he used to always try and pitch like Tekulve. Didn't he hold the all time appearences record until Jesse Orosco broke it?
2008-06-26 15:22:16
6.   cult of basebaal
6 tekulve pitched in 91 and then 94 games in consecutive years ... he's joe torre's wet dream
2008-06-26 15:36:50
7.   Biscuit Pants
0 The Don Mossi of the 70's-80's
2008-06-26 15:39:27
8.   randym77
Holy guacamole. That's unreal about Shawn Chacon. He attacked the Astros GM, choking him and throwing him to the floor. He was angry at being demoted to the pen. He's been released.

His career is likely over, and should be.

I had no idea he was like that.

And too bad about KT. He had season-ending surgery on his hand, and was released by the Pirates.

2008-06-26 16:08:11
9.   tommyl
Woah, new gameday is pretty badass.
2008-06-26 16:08:37
10.   SF Yanks
Aggressive base running, but necessary?
2008-06-26 16:10:01
11.   randym77
9 Yeah, it's pretty cool. You can see the pitches in 3D.
2008-06-26 16:10:57
12.   mehmattski
9 It's like a video game! That I can't control!
2008-06-26 16:11:44
13.   Just fair
Oy. Make mine a double. Screw it. Make that a triple.
2008-06-26 16:13:27
14.   RIYank
Whoa, this is unreal.
2008-06-26 16:13:59
15.   randym77
12 That's what Paul Maholm is thinking.
2008-06-26 16:14:08
16.   tommyl
Weeee...this is fun Yankee baseball
2008-06-26 16:14:24
17.   RIYank
I'm stuck listening to John and Suzyn only today. I guess it's nice that they're enthusiastic.
2008-06-26 16:14:34
18.   ms october
is this batting practice? normally the announcers aren't on during bp - but maybe this is something new.
2008-06-26 16:15:12
19.   mehmattski
The Yankees are currently hitting 1.000/1.000/2.250 in this game.
2008-06-26 16:15:24
20.   tommyl fun Yankee baseball
2008-06-26 16:16:21
21.   randym77
A-Rod's baserunning has been...interesting so far.
2008-06-26 16:18:18
22.   mehmattski
Yankees ran themselves out of several runs in the first there.
2008-06-26 16:19:28
23.   RIYank
21 It's kind of hard to blame A-Rod for that, isn't it? (Keep in mind that I didn't see it.)
2008-06-26 16:20:46
24.   Biscuit Pants
I always get the feeling A-Rod isn't the brightest led on the scoreboard . . .
2008-06-26 16:21:10
25.   Eirias
23 Absolutely not. It was mere bad luck that Giambi popped it up. A-Rod had that base stolen cold.
2008-06-26 16:21:44
26.   Just fair
My sister when to St. Mary's, which is across the street from Notre Dame. She had a roommate from Montoursville who dated Mussina in High School. I always thought that was mildly interesting.
2008-06-26 16:21:45
27.   Eirias
25 You should absolutely not blame A-Rod, is what I mean.
2008-06-26 16:22:28
28.   RIYank
Maybe we should station Abreu in the power alley in right-center.
2008-06-26 16:22:29
29.   ms october
22 23 i really have no idea if any yankees are able to steal on their own - but if arod went on his own, it wasn't that smart as it was unnecessary (though i do like some of the aggressiveness over the last few weeks) - can't blame him for getting doubled off on a pop up to the catcher though
2008-06-26 16:23:00
30.   Eirias
Come on Moose! Don't you want donuts soon?
2008-06-26 16:23:28
31.   randym77
23 It was more the way he stopped between 1B and 2B to look at where his ball hit. I guess he thought it was a home run or ground-rule double. But jeez, if there's any doubt, get your butt over to 2B.
2008-06-26 16:23:33
32.   Biscuit Pants
Moose is throwing strikes
2008-06-26 16:23:56
33.   nick
24 really? I'd say he's the smartest ballplayer on the team....
2008-06-26 16:25:14
34.   Biscuit Pants
33 I'd say the guy pitching might have that honor . . .
2008-06-26 16:26:43
35.   RIYank
31 Oh, okay. I thought it was a ground rule double.
2008-06-26 16:27:01
36.   mehmattski
This could be a long game. With the DH tomorrow, I'm sure it's up to Mussina to eat at least six innings no matter the cost.
2008-06-26 16:29:34
37.   Eirias
So what is pFX and degrees?
2008-06-26 16:30:48
38.   Eirias
37 Or, what are pFX and degrees, rather.
2008-06-26 16:31:58
39.   Eirias
Ah, Gameday Blog explains it nicely.
2008-06-26 16:33:26
40.   mehmattski
Um, Moose?
2008-06-26 16:33:45
41.   Biscuit Pants
39 Pitch effects
2008-06-26 16:36:12
42.   mehmattski
90 mph fastball from Mussina?!? Either Pitch F/X is broken, or it's suddenly 2004 again. Complete with mediocre results.
2008-06-26 16:37:34
43.   ms october
alright melky pretend you are the actual leaf-off hitter here
2008-06-26 16:37:51
44.   mehmattski
I rewound my DVR and the FSN Pitt radar gun had the first two fastballs to Bautista at 88 and 86, rather than the 90 and 89 that Pitch F/X had.
2008-06-26 16:38:48
45.   Mattpat11
Not an encouraging inning from Mussina
2008-06-26 16:39:28
46.   Biscuit Pants
43 You mean in October?
2008-06-26 16:40:37
47.   Eirias
41 Not terribly helpful.
2008-06-26 16:41:06
48.   Biscuit Pants
47 Sorry, I'm a simple man
2008-06-26 16:41:50
49.   ms october
46 ah lead-off - though unfortunately some of my man melky's swings could be useful with leaves
2008-06-26 16:42:05
50.   mehmattski
According to the Pitch F/X data, Mussina has thrown 22 pitches more than 89 mph this year, and only one pitch greater than 90 (90.48 mph):

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2008-06-26 16:44:09
51.   Biscuit Pants
49 Maybe we just need Brent Gardner . . .


2008-06-26 16:44:15
52.   RIYank
50 That proves Farnsworth is 10% better than Moose.
2008-06-26 16:46:13
53.   Biscuit Pants
and . . . that should be Brett
2008-06-26 16:50:51
54.   RIYank
Um. Homer Bush. But I'm too lazy to make up a full-fledged pun.
2008-06-26 16:51:47
55.   Biscuit Pants
Sit down Freddy
2008-06-26 16:52:07
56.   Just fair
What the heck was Sanchez belllyaching about. That was right down the pipe. Better, Moose.
2008-06-26 16:52:17
57.   mehmattski
54 Lefty Grove!
2008-06-26 16:54:04
58.   mehmattski
That's one nasty storm rolling in:

2008-06-26 16:55:16
59.   mehmattski
It's a Tarp!
2008-06-26 16:56:19
60.   Mattpat11
Hopefully a quick moving storm
2008-06-26 16:57:02
61.   Just fair
The only thing missing from some of these City-scape shots is the Bat Signal. Blow on through, baby.
2008-06-26 16:57:20
62.   mehmattski
60 ... A Severe Thunderstorm Warning remains in effect until 830 PM EDT
for Allegheny and Washington counties...

At 734 PM EDT... National Weather Service Doppler radar continued to
indicate a severe thunderstorm capable of producing penny size
hail... and damaging winds in excess of 60 mph. This storm was
located near Virsoix..moving east at 28 mph.


2008-06-26 16:57:37
63.   ms october
crap - let's hope moose will be able to still pitch and that this rain does not harm the mustachioso
2008-06-26 16:57:56
64.   cult of basebaal
ugh ... that storm looks NASTY
2008-06-26 16:58:07
65.   RIYank
54 But Brian Cashman told me Lefties don't grow on trees!
2008-06-26 17:01:49
66.   mehmattski
65 That's because the soil is too Al Kaline!
2008-06-26 17:05:20
67.   Shaun P
65 That must be the Kei reason the Yanks signed Igawa!
2008-06-26 17:05:29
68.   RIYank
66 Yipes!

We need Chyll Will to get us through this rain delay.

2008-06-26 17:08:03
69.   Chyll Will
Ah, good to see you all. Alex, I still don't know how to pronounce his name without cheating. So I'll just call him either Tek-Serve or Tek-None. Vote?

And that uni... reminds me of my LL uni, except the letters were royal purple. We couldn't even win for losing, that's for sure...

2008-06-26 17:08:05
70.   Shaun P
68 I can only do a partial impersonation of our buddy Chyll, and sadly, that impersonation is useless during a rain delay. But what the heck:

(cricket, cricket)

2008-06-26 17:08:17
71.   Mattpat11
Yankeeography means stalling
2008-06-26 17:08:38
72.   mehmattski
65 Well, Bob Lemon would disagree (hey, he batted lefty).
2008-06-26 17:09:23
73.   RIYank
Wow, I summoned Will!
2008-06-26 17:09:24
74.   Chyll Will
68 See, and you didn't need a special bat-signal or anything >;)
2008-06-26 17:10:32
75.   RIYank
72 Ah, but if we had a lot of Lemons, the soil wouldn't be so Al Kaline, and then there would be no problem.
2008-06-26 17:10:49
76.   Chyll Will
71 Hopefully it's Carl Stalling...
2008-06-26 17:19:38
77.   mehmattski
75 If life gives you Bob Lemon, make yourself a Troy Glaus of lemonade.
2008-06-26 17:19:41
78.   Chyll Will
Okay, ya summon me and then you ignore me. I'm still getting paid for this, yunnow >;) (POOF!)
2008-06-26 17:19:46
79.   unmoderated
hey rain delay chums, look for me tomorrow at the game, i've got those nify monument park seats.

too bad pedro is starting game two.

2008-06-26 17:21:03
80.   Chyll Will
77 (zip) better that then a David Glass? (zip)
2008-06-26 17:21:53
81.   RIYank
That does it. I'm gonna have a Glaus of TJ's brother Jim. I think the rain delay means we don't have to wait for Farnsworth Time.
2008-06-26 17:23:27
82.   RIYank
I also have gin. If I had some vermouth we could have Martinez all around.
2008-06-26 17:24:09
83.   RIYank
You could have your choice, twist of Lemon or an Oliva.
2008-06-26 17:26:33
84.   OldYanksFan
Good news on the forcast.
Tonights weather is being dominated by a Canadian low... which is not to be confused with a Mexican high.
Tonights forcast..... DARK!
Remaining mostly dark, turning to widely scattered light in the morning.
Play Ball!
2008-06-26 17:28:41
85.   Biscuit Pants
84 I'd rather have a Canadian low than a Kameron Loe
2008-06-26 17:29:46
86.   mehmattski
83 Shaken, or Stirnweiss, Snuffy?
2008-06-26 17:32:29
87.   mehmattski
85 What about a Derek Lowe? Or does that weather pattern suggest too many days of Tim Raines?
2008-06-26 17:34:36
88.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Please stop this alcohol conversation at once, I have 8 hours of work ahead of me on a swelteringly hot Friday morning...
2008-06-26 17:34:57
89.   randym77
Well, I guess Moose's night is done. Who's the long man out of the pen? Can't be Hawkins again so soon, can it?
2008-06-26 17:36:55
90.   RIYank
The Yankees have definitely been dominated by Derek Lowe. But he's not Canadian.
2008-06-26 17:37:19
91.   OldYanksFan
PeteAbe can sometimes be a really funny guy.
He has drawn a hilarious mental picture with this one.
Check out 'When worlds collide' on the Lohud site.
2008-06-26 17:40:03
92.   Shaun P
89 Traber is my guess.

The problem with blowing through the pen tonight is tomorrow is a doubleheader . . . so Traber gets sent down for someone (Patterson, Karstens, Igawa? (shudder)) to help during Giese's start if needed, then that someone gets demoted for Ponson? Then what happens? Does Giese have options? Ponson, I'm sure, does not. Is he one and done? Or do they finally DFA Moeller?

Giese has done too well to get sent packing.

2008-06-26 17:41:00
93.   Biscuit Pants
87 Or J.T. Snow flurries?
2008-06-26 17:46:24
94.   RIYank
94 Bob Hale?
2008-06-26 17:46:25
95.   randym77
92 Traber was sent down when Christian was added to the roster.
2008-06-26 17:46:45
96.   Travis08
89 Traber was demoted to make room for Christian, right?
2008-06-26 17:47:22
97.   mehmattski
The Cleveland game, which had been delayed by this same storm, has just resumed play. The Yankees will be in for a long night, but they will get the rest of the game in.

No idea who's going to pitch. Veras pitched yesterday, but only one inning, so maybe he's good for another. Hawkins can't be ready yet after his 49 pitches on Tuesday. Ohlendorf threw 19 pitches yesterday, I guess he'd be okay for one. Edwar last pitched Tuesday (12 pitches). My guess:

4th and 5th: Ohlendorf
6th: Edwar
7th: Veras
8th: Farnsworth
9th: Rivera

Rather than burn out one pitcher in a close game, just a moderate effort from a bunch of them.

The Pirates, meanwhile, have that pitcher they just traded for, Denny Bautista, who can go for a lot probably.

2008-06-26 17:48:14
98.   Biscuit Pants
94 Or Jim Breazeale
2008-06-26 17:49:25
99.   RIYank
95 Are you sure? Cliff and Alex list him on the 25-man (to the right over there).
2008-06-26 17:50:04
100.   Shaun P
95 96 Whoops, sorry. You guys are correct.

I also forgot that Matsui could go on the DL, which would make all of this simpler.

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2008-06-26 17:50:39
101.   RIYank
Hey, isn't this Pettitte's throw day??
2008-06-26 17:50:47
102.   Shaun P
99 But Cliff's been gone for a few days, and that hasn't been updated (maintaining the roster is his thing). They are correct.
2008-06-26 17:52:49
103.   randym77
99 I don't think it's up to date. No Justin Christian.

Man, that crosstown doubleheader tomorrow makes this rain delay brutal.

2008-06-26 17:54:15
104.   mehmattski
98 Much more of that and we'll have a strong Gale Sayers warning.
2008-06-26 17:55:50
105.   mehmattski
Actually, Farnsworth hasn't pitched in five days... right back, that thought alone makes me want to go restock on beer...

2008-06-26 18:02:37
106.   Alex Belth
Yeah, dudes, the sidebar hasn't been updated in a minute. That's Cliff's dept and what do I know about that stuff? LOL. I'm just a fan like you guys.
2008-06-26 18:02:37
107.   Alex Belth
Yeah, dudes, the sidebar hasn't been updated in a minute. That's Cliff's dept and what do I know about that stuff? LOL. I'm just a fan like you guys.
2008-06-26 18:03:55
108.   Alex Belth
I agree, the longer this game goes, the worse tomorrow looks.

To be honest, I'm just hoping the Yanks can split this weekend. My preference would be for them to win Game 1 at the Stadium and then Sunday simply because I loathe Oliver Perez.

2008-06-26 18:05:37
109.   RIYank
Kyle for three innings tonight!
2008-06-26 18:09:43
110.   RIYank
Hm, any chance they just don't play at all tonight?
2008-06-26 18:10:51
111.   randym77
109 You mean, "Forfeit this game to the Pirates tonight."

Not a bad idea! Sacrifice the game, save the pen.

2008-06-26 18:13:20
112.   Alex Belth
That's the nightmare of this game. If they stick around all night and get part of it in or don't at all, they still don't get home until the wee hours of the morning, then turn around for a day game and THEN a night game.
2008-06-26 18:18:01
113.   randym77
Sigh. Sometimes I really wish the new Yankee Stadium had a retractable roof. I have a feeling it would end up being a pretty big advantage, not having to make up these games via doubleheaders and playing on off days (especially at the end of the season).

It wouldn't help for tonight's game, but if Yankee Stadium had a roof, there would be no need to play a day game tomorrow.

2008-06-26 18:19:14
114.   Shaun P
112 I suppose adrenaline could carry them through tomorrow, but then they have another day game on Saturday - that is going to really, really suck.

Anyone know the forecast/weather was this afternoon in Pittsburgh? So nice of them to not move the game to the day. I can't imagine this storm just appeared out of nowhere.

109 111 I bet he could handle 50 pitches!

2008-06-26 18:19:27
115.   Alex Belth
Am I the only one who has a bad feeling about this series against the Mets?
2008-06-26 18:20:37
116.   Alex Belth
I guess at least Saturday's game isn't until 4.
2008-06-26 18:20:54
117.   Shaun P
113 I've got a simpler idea - eliminate this idiotic interleague crap. The schedule becomes much easier overall, and fairer - and it becomes easier to re-schedule missed games, too.
2008-06-26 18:23:39
118.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
117 you mean Royals-Diamondbacks doesn't it do it for you? I personally like inter-league play, getting to see that young Volquez pitch against the Yanks was a pleasure (except for us losing of course..)
2008-06-26 18:24:15
119.   SF Yanks
117 But then how are the Yankees supposed to make up ground in the standings each year?
2008-06-26 18:26:01
120.   randym77
114 No way would they move the game to the day. The fans would have been furious. They were probably charged extra for this game, and they're at work during the day.
2008-06-26 18:26:31
121.   ChrisS
115 Nah, but my ill feelings are tempered by the fact the Pedro is just a name at this point. Outside of Johan, the Mets' other starters are just as inconsistent as their Yankee counterparts, perhaps moreseo. I trust in the Yankee O a lot more than I'm skurred of the Metsies.
2008-06-26 18:28:26
122.   Shaun P
119 Actually, last year the Yanks had a better record vs the AL then the Red Sox - who road a ridiculous record vs the crappy NL to the division. I don't know how its played out in other years, but its clear that the imbalance of the interleague schedules affects races.

118 Even Yankees-Mets doesn't do it for me anymore. 11 years ago, it was fresh and new and different. Now its linoleum-curling blah, just another over-hyped series that fuels the fish rags and the media machine. It might be different for you City dwellers, but I'd be perfectly happy never if the Yanks never played the Mets in the regular season again.

2008-06-26 18:32:58
123.   randym77
The Mets are pretty bad this season. But I'm still kinda nervous.

We'll probably end up getting tattooed by Andy Phillips...

2008-06-26 18:40:29
124.   RIYank
I just whiled away some time reading Bill James (an actual book, not the internets!). He writes that he studied the question of how much more important the 'relief ace' runs prevented are than the 'starter ace', and he had to try out several different models (based on the way relievers were used in different eras).

It turns out that if you use your relief ace in the most effective way, his runs-prevented have triple the impact of a starter's. A starter adds one win for each 8 or 9 runs prevented. A reliever used in tie games or with a one run lead in late innings gives you an extra win for every 2.5 runs prevented.

Now, no manager has ever used a relief ace like that (James thinks Whitey Herzog basically understood the proper strategy). Even so, moving Joba to starter no longer seems like a no-brainer.

2008-06-26 18:42:43
125.   Shaun P
120 Aren't the fans furious now though? They paid a bunch of money which has gotten them 2 and a half innings of a game. Most of them have probably gone home, so if the game finishes tonight, that's all they got. If there's a makeup game, that's likely to be a day game, in the middle of the week, maybe in September when the kids are back in school. If it even gets made up at all.
2008-06-26 18:50:47
126.   Shaun P
124 But that is going to depend on the team, no? A crappy team is not going to have a lot of instances where the game is tied going into the 8th (or 7th, even), or where they have just a 1-run lead going into the 8th (or 7th). Same thing for a team with a big offense and an OK pitching staff.

Let's be broad and assume you want a tie game or a lead going into the 7th inning. So far, I've found 9 games where the Yanks were tied or up by 1 going into the 7th, and ultimately won the game. I'll let you know if I find anymore.

2008-06-26 18:51:18
127.   randym77
125 But they knew that going in. You know when you buy a ticket there's a chance it will be rained out.

You don't expect the game time to be moved from night to a weekday.

2008-06-26 18:51:50
128.   OldYanksFan
113 Really, a $1.3+ billion dollar stadium and no roof. MLB should design a cost effective roof and mandate it on new stadiums. Even a 1/2 roof which covered the infield would be effective.

If the schedule went to 5 game series, while I haven't dont the math, I'm guessing it would save a dozen days or more. 19 game series could be 4 trips instead of 6. 10 game series could 2 trips instead of 3. That's a bunch of days saved.

2008-06-26 18:54:55
129.   OldYanksFan
124 It wouldn't matter because managers use their 'ace' or closer for the 9th, as opposed to the highest leverage situation. LaTroy and Co. would still come in with bases loaded and no out in the fifth, give up 4 runs, and make Joba and Mo's role 'mute'.
2008-06-26 19:01:21
130.   Chyll Will
128 $1.3 billion and counting. This is New York, after all, where all construction costs are open ended by default >;)
2008-06-26 19:04:42
131.   mehmattski
126 Actually I think that the statistics shows that crappy teams do have a higher percentage of close games, due to the fact that they can't put anyone away with superior offense/pitching.

For example, see the Orioles, and George Sherril's 26 saves on a team that has 39 wins. As a fantasy baseball player, I know this sort of thing happens every year- a crappy team has a valuable closer because they play a lot of close games.

2008-06-26 19:08:36
132.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
130 could be worse, ever read about the New Wembley in London?

anyways, still in shock that there is no roof in Minneapolis..that's beyond stupid..

Bonus Round Q: you're down to Oliver Perez and Kei Igawa to start Game 7...who would you choose?

2008-06-26 19:15:25
133.   Shaun P
126 OK, I found another 11 games: 6 loses, 5 wins. I'm still not sure James is right. How often is a crappier pitcher going to get his team a 1-run lead or a tie going into the 7th to use the ace reliever appropriately?

127 Unless the weather forecast, a couple of days in advance, is for a huge storm the night of the game.

128 I'm no architect, but my understanding is that a retractable roof is simply not cheap, whatever the design.

Besides, how many rain outs in the NYC are there are year? This year, 1 so far. Last year, 2. In '06, 5. In '05, 1 (and it was in October). In '04, 4. So over the last 4 and a half years, the Stadium has averaged under 3 rainouts a year. Is that worth another $350-$500M? I doubt it.

2008-06-26 19:17:12
134.   Shaun P
131 You make a fair point, but I think I'll take the 180-200 innings over the leveraged 80-100 innings.

132 To answer, I quote Pete Abe: "Melky has a good arm."

2008-06-26 19:17:48
135.   Travis08
130 Oliver Perez pitched pretty well in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. 6 innings, 4 hits, 1 run.
2008-06-26 19:20:13
136.   OldYanksFan
This ain't official but PeteAbe says:
UPDATE, 10:16 p.m.: If you're staying up to watch the game, go to bed. They're going to call it any minute now.
2008-06-26 19:20:35
137.   Chyll Will
132 You can expect Perez to show up half the time, though apparently there is absolutely no timetable for those occasions. Kei on the other hand... well, maybe if we tossed him bodily at the other team, but that's about it.
2008-06-26 19:22:15
138.   Chyll Will
135 But does he know anything about capital budgeting? >;)
2008-06-26 19:24:47
139.   Chyll Will
133 Rainouts maybe not, but how much is it worth to prevent the rain delays that could effect the teams travel schedule and play the next day?
2008-06-26 19:27:51
140.   Shaun P
139 But with so few rainouts, my guess is that rain delays on the last day of a series are even more scarce.

And again, the far cheaper solution is to rid the schedule of interleague play. More games against the other non-division AL teams, and so more opportunities to make those games up if needed.

2008-06-26 19:28:00
141.   Travis08
136 The only off-days the Yankees and Pirates share for the rest of the season are July 10 and September 22.

138 That's the second time I've linked to the wrong post today.

2008-06-26 19:30:54
142.   randym77
It's been called. Makeup game is July 10, 7pm.
2008-06-26 19:32:34
143.   OldYanksFan
142 I believe that is very good news. TAXI!
2008-06-26 19:32:47
144.   Jeb
142 Is the game rained out completely; in other words do we go back to the first inning and lose our 3-1 lead? That would suck. What's the rule?
2008-06-26 19:33:02
145.   Shaun P
142 At least the game on 7/9 is a day game. Sucks that the game on 7/11 is in Toronto; nothing like going through customs in the middle of the night!


2008-06-26 19:33:41
146.   Chyll Will
140 But if the polar ice caps melt in the next fifty years, would it not compel MLB to build stadiums on stilts? My point being is, why be reactive and head off any potential trouble, when it will cost more down the line to fix a problem that is foreseen?
2008-06-26 19:37:07
147.   Travis08
145 I don't know if there are special procedures for athletes/charter flights, but for ordinary travelers, customs going into Canada aren't bad. They pretty much wave you through unless they have reason to suspect otherwise.

Customs coming back to the U.S., however, are brutal.

2008-06-26 19:44:39
148.   mehmattski
144 They start over on July 10. Those doubles hit by the Yankees in the first inning never happened.

When Derek Jeter falls one hit shy of breaking Pete Rose's all-time hits record, let's all remember this game....


2008-06-26 19:52:34
149.   Jeb
148 fuck!
2008-06-27 02:37:28
150.   TokyoTom
147 Yeah, U.S. customs and airport security procedures are the worst in the world. Not that they shouldn't be stringent, but they could be a LOT more efficient, effective and friendly. I love coming back to Japan and breezing through customs even though I am not a citizen.

Sorry, way off topic, I know.

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