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2008-06-18 09:07
by Cliff Corcoran
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In his last turn, Jake Peavy pitched six scoreless innings in his first start after an elbow-related DL stint. In his last turn, Darrell Rasner was beat severely about the head and neck by the typically mild-mannered Oakland A's offense. Peavy needed just 72 pitches to get through those six innings against the Dodgers. He'll likely be pulled before he hits 100 pitches today. Rasner, despite that beating, has still only allowed three homers and walked just six men in 42 major league innings this season, and hasn't allowed a homer in any of his last three starts. Peavy was the best pitcher in baseball last year, but couldn't deliver the Wild Card to San Diego in their one-game playoff against the Rockies. Rasner is 0-3 with a 6.35 ERA in his last three starts.

So there's that.

Hideki Matsui's left knee is hurting, so he sits tonight and will see a doctor tomorrow. I'm hoping his knee is just reacting to the wacky changes in atmospheric pressure. Here in New Jersey we've had different weather every two hours today. Cool and crisp like an early spring day. Downpour. Overcast and humid, but dry. Downpour. Sunny and hot like a perfect summer day. Downpour. It's not raining now, but the sky is darkening and I can hear thunder in the distance (make that directly overhead . . . yikes!).

With Matsui out, Wilson Betemit will play first base while Jason Giambi moves to DH. In contrast to his persistent career-long split, Giambi has been a better hitter when not playing the field this year (.297/.458/.622 vs. 252/.383/.563). For those of you filling out All-Star ballots, the Big G leads AL first baseman in VORP this year and Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Damon, Giambi, and Matsui are all among the top dozen ALers in the stat.

In other news, the Yankees picked reliever Oneli Perez off waivers from the Indians and assigned him to double-A Trenton. Perez is a 25-year-old Dominican righty with who entered the year with some fantastic career numbers in the minors, but who had never seen triple-A. He had a rough 14 games with the White Sox's double-A affiliate to start the season and was released. The Indians picked him up and got an equally unattractive performance from him across seven games in his triple-A debut. There must be something going on with this guy, as he had been excellent, if old for his league (he was originally a hitter in the Padres' system), the previous three seasons. Chad Jennings quotes Baseball America as reporting that Perez "can drive his managers a little loopy with his laid-back approach to conditioning and peperation." BA also reports that Perez has six fingers on each hand. One of those two things was clearly unpalatable to the Chisox and Tribe.

To get Perez on the 40-man roster, the Yankees moved Jonathan Albaladejo, who was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his pitching elbow and is out for the season, to the 60-day DL. In other injury news, Brian Bruney and Ian Kennedy are throwing bullpens. Kennedy could start a rehab assignment next week. Also, Francisco Cervelli started something of a mini rehab assignment with Tampa on Monday.

Finally, and most frighteningly, the Yankees have added Sidney Ponson to the Scranton roster. Jennings expects this to be a temporary minor league roster filler move like the signing of Runelvys Hernandez was last year. Even still, couldn't they find someone, anyone, else?

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2008-06-18 15:37:33
1.   Kered Retej
Hopefully we can do to Peavy something like what the Jays did to Joba in his pitch-count first start (that means you, Mr. Cano).
2008-06-18 16:05:43
2.   SF Yanks
Any word on the weather and a possible start time?
2008-06-18 16:18:45
3.   ms october
good god - i go out for a few hours and come back home to find out matsui's knee is acting up and as cliff said most frighteningly sir sidney ponson is back for round two in the bronx - time to get rid of the ice cream again
2008-06-18 16:20:57
4.   dianagramr
Somewhere out there, Hideki Irabu is weeping.
2008-06-18 16:25:35
5.   Chyll Will
4 I'm saving that for when Weeping for Brunnhilde shows up again >;)
2008-06-18 16:46:55
6.   rbj
Rain delay and Ponson? Ugh. Isn't the ice cream ban still in place in the Bronx?

"BA also reports that Perez has six fingers on each hand." So is he going to be twice as good as Three-fingered Brown?

2008-06-18 16:47:14
7.   SF Yanks
Any word at all?
2008-06-18 16:49:14
8.   YankeeInMichigan
If the game is postponed, a double-header tomorrow won't be bad for Yanks, as they are staying home and as they have an off-day Monday (so the rotation won't be affected). The Padres, on the other hand, have to fly cross-country to open a weekend series with the Tigers in San Diego, so they won't be thrilled with having to stick around for two games on Thursday.
2008-06-18 16:50:04
9.   rbj
Latest from Peter:
UPDATE, 7:43 p.m.: They're starting to pull the tarp. No word on a start time but likely shortly after 8 p.m.
2008-06-18 16:50:33
10.   YankeeInMichigan
6 No, Girardi had made a deal with Mussina that he would bring back the ice cream after his 10th win (and then it's 12 wins for the candy and 15 for the doughnuts).
2008-06-18 16:51:42
11.   Raf
8 THey should be able to get the game in tonight
2008-06-18 16:52:41
12.   SF Yanks
9 Ahhh...thank you.
2008-06-18 16:58:14
13.   OldYanksFan
Injuries are a DRAG! Could there be more?
from PeteAbe: UPDATE, 6:06 p.m.: The Matsui story continues … he's getting his knee drained today by team Dr. Stuart Hershon. There's a chance he will be getting an MRI, too. "Whenever somebody is out of the lineup, I'm concerned," Cashman said.

I don't think you get an MRI due to the weather. Lets hope this is nothing serious.

2008-06-18 16:58:28
14.   rbj
10 Thanks. Hey Sidney, you can have ice cream after you get your 10th win. Until then it is rice cakes for you.
2008-06-18 17:02:46
15.   ms october
pete says 8:20pm game time
2008-06-18 17:13:58
16.   mehmattski
That's a nice treat for me: come home late and then there's a rain delay, so I get to watch the game in its entirety!

And then the news about Ponson. PeteAbe thinks he can start against the Mets.... I just knew that Cashman would go after him when he was DFA'd by the Rangers. Dammit.

2008-06-18 17:15:51
17.   OldYanksFan
Wow... As Dice-K and Papi go down, the Sox step up. JD Drew for June: .407 .529 1.037 1.566. That's B4 going 4 for 5 today with a HR. His season OPS is now over 1.000.
2008-06-18 17:17:33
18.   Sliced Bread
Well drain my knee, and put a boot on my Wang, Fudgie The Whale is back. You gots to be kidding me.
2008-06-18 17:19:45
19.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ponson, you gotta be... damn I was just going to say that.
2008-06-18 17:20:59
20.   SF Yanks
18 Where do you come up with this stuff? :)
2008-06-18 17:21:42
21.   Raf
Ponson'll probably have a short leash. His signing is Cashman doing due diligence.
2008-06-18 17:22:21
22.   mehmattski
Ah, now the truth... the dynasty Yankees had good pitching because they scuffed the ball! At the direction of the pitching coach!
2008-06-18 17:23:40
23.   Just fair
I just mentioned Sir Sid a couple of nights ago. Yikes.
3 games, 16 ip, and a whip of 2 for the Yanks last time he wore the not so slimming pinstripes. There's desperation and there's pure stupidity. I vote for the latter.
Game on.
2008-06-18 17:24:17
24.   cult of basebaal
19 make mine a cookie puss!
2008-06-18 17:26:19
25.   mehmattski
Cy Rasner is back!
2008-06-18 17:26:35
26.   SF Yanks
Hmmm....good Darrell.
2008-06-18 17:27:09
27.   rbj
Joba's a big kid. Maybe this is Cashman's way of telling him to watch the ice cream: Eat too much and you'll end up like Ponson. Also, watch the booze.
2008-06-18 17:27:30
28.   mehmattski
Wilson Betemit: Still Not a First Baseman.
2008-06-18 17:27:44
29.   SF Yanks
I don't think it gets any easier than that, Wilson.
2008-06-18 17:28:41
30.   Just fair
D'oh, I Betemited myself. God, that was awful.
2008-06-18 17:29:18
31.   OldYanksFan
Ladies and Gentlemen: Our LIDR at 1st base.
2008-06-18 17:31:08
32.   cult of basebaal
still, you gotta give betemit some credit, it's not easy to muff the world's easiest grounder AND roll your ankle at the same time!
2008-06-18 17:31:22
33.   RIYank
27 Yes! An object lesson, a cautionary tale.

Good thing we don't have that big lug at first today, he never would have made that play that Wilson... uh... oh.

2008-06-18 17:33:45
34.   RIYank
When Matsui returns to the line-up, we have four guys hitting over .325.
2008-06-18 17:33:47
35.   rbj
Cashman, while you're busy signing every pitcher under the sun, you might want to look for a defensive firstbaseman too.
2008-06-18 17:35:35
36.   JL25and3
23 It's your fault.
2008-06-18 17:36:14
37.   RIYank
35 He says he's looking all over the place for a guy with two left hands, but so far no luck.
2008-06-18 17:37:28
38.   JL25and3
6 El nuevo Pulpo!
2008-06-18 17:38:15
39.   rbj
Oh wait, maybe there's a black hole at first base for both teams.
2008-06-18 17:39:40
40.   RIYank
Wow, the Padres sort of suck. I mean, they're defense is no better than ours, and they don't have any mustaches or anything, either.
2008-06-18 17:40:44
41.   SF Yanks
WTH was that? Right down the pipe! What's the problem? Too fat?
2008-06-18 17:42:01
42.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Gameday as Peavy looking sharp now or did A-Rod get jumpy?

funny jokes about Ponson guys..i mean, that IS a joke, right? RIGHT??

2008-06-18 17:42:13
43.   OldYanksFan
Ponson has a 3.88 ERA (in Texas) and a .782 OPSA, in 55 IP. Considering this is a scrap heap pickup, it ain't bad.
2008-06-18 17:43:12
44.   SF Yanks
43 No. It's bad. Very bad.
2008-06-18 17:43:17
45.   mehmattski
Yeah, the fifth pitch, called a strike, was more inside than the second pitch, called a ball. Absolutely terrible.
2008-06-18 17:44:14
46.   OldYanksFan
Juuuuuust 6 inches inside.. for a strike.
2008-06-18 17:44:48
47.   SF Yanks
Well, at least Peavy threw 28 pitches.
2008-06-18 17:45:01
48.   mehmattski
43 This just in...
2008-06-18 17:45:48
49.   3rd gen yankee fan
24 You get a cookie, puss. :-)
2008-06-18 17:46:07
50.   RIYank
At this pace Peavy will last three innings. Of course, he doesn't have to face Giambi or Abreu next inning, so he'll probably finish us off in nine pitches.
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2008-06-18 17:46:13
51.   ChrisS
well 29 pitches in the first for Mr. Peavey, not a bad start for the Yankee hitters.

I would have preferred for Arod to not strike out and for Bobby not do that weak groundball nonsense.

2008-06-18 17:47:06
52.   SF Yanks
48 I like Sliced Bread's comment from that thread:
"Ponson eats everything but innings."
2008-06-18 17:48:56
53.   Raf
35 Sexon's not long for the M's, me thinks. Minky's still out there too.
2008-06-18 17:49:10
54.   3rd gen yankee fan
48 That thread is even more hilarious today. Too bad we're living the deja vu though.
2008-06-18 17:49:26
55.   rbj
So Ponson or Pavano, which one is worse?
In Ponson's favor Sidney pitches.
In Pavano's favor Sidney pitches.
2008-06-18 17:50:07
56.   RIYank
51 Peavy's still a good pitcher, though. I mean, you can't get too upset by the K or the grounder.
Mean while, the Padres are mystified by our Raz. That's fun.
2008-06-18 17:50:58
57.   mehmattski
4 Ks in 2 innings!

Can we please play in the NL West for the rest of the season?

2008-06-18 17:51:18
58.   ChrisS
I like Rasner the Good.

How 'bout he shows up next time, too.

2008-06-18 17:51:41
59.   RIYank
55 Well, Sidney is the better value. In the sense that Trenton is a nicer vacation spot than Kabul.
2008-06-18 17:51:49
60.   Sliced Bread
That's not a moustache Giambi's grooming above his lip. That's a chipmunk.
How does he get it to stay still like that?
2008-06-18 17:51:56
61.   Yankees Brasil
55 Lol!

Rasner looks good, but then again he's facing the Padres' offense.

2008-06-18 17:52:51
62.   RIYank
57 Let's go over to Dodger Thoughts and tell them!
2008-06-18 17:53:17
63.   ChrisS
56 Yeah, I just would have preferred different outcomes. I really hate watching a hitter battle a pitcher only to see GIDPs, especially from "good" hitters like Abreu.

Eh, a run's on the board and Rasner is dealing.

2008-06-18 17:54:27
64.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
59 bada-bing! Thank you, take my wife, please!

where IS Pavano now anyway??

2008-06-18 17:55:19
65.   mehmattski
62 Although, we would have to at least have designated-runners for our pitchers. Either that or update the NL West to the 21st century...
2008-06-18 17:55:35
66.   OldYanksFan
Common guys. Yes, Ponson is fat, ugly, mean, and not a very good pitcher. But is that any reason not to like him?
2008-06-18 17:55:36
67.   rbj
53 Richie might not be a bad idea, but what would it cost to get him?
2008-06-18 17:56:22
68.   mehmattski
Cano... sees four pitches... hits it the other way... for extra bases!
2008-06-18 17:56:32
69.   ms october
ooh - just maybe robbie really is turning a corner
2008-06-18 17:56:40
70.   RIYank
Good Robbie.
2008-06-18 17:56:46
71.   SF Yanks
60 LOL! Keep em coming.

Can we officially say that Robbie's on his way out yet?

2008-06-18 17:57:21
72.   mehmattski
71 Out of the slump, right? Not out of town?
2008-06-18 17:57:31
73.   rbj
66 OYF, Sidney doesn't share his ice cream.
2008-06-18 17:57:46
74.   OldYanksFan
Terrible route by the LFer.
2008-06-18 17:57:48
75.   SF Yanks
72 That is correct.
2008-06-18 17:57:51
76.   cult of basebaal
nice at bat robbie, 1st pitch hack or no
2008-06-18 17:58:14
77.   RIYank
65 Oh, that's right. We'd better wait and consult Williamnyy23 first.

69 I guess I owe you a root beer for the ooh, even though mine was much, much longer.

2008-06-18 17:58:48
78.   RIYank
All is forgiven, Wilson!
2008-06-18 17:58:55
79.   ms october
67 sexson may get dfa'd
2008-06-18 17:59:07
80.   ChrisS
Wilson is taking pitches, too. Is this the bizarro bottom of the order?
2008-06-18 17:59:13
81.   rbj
OK, Wilson makes up for his error.
2008-06-18 17:59:15
82.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Wilson!!! and to think some of you still miss Prott Spocktor?
2008-06-18 18:00:23
83.   rbj
79 Thanks. Sign him to a minor league contract and let him find his stroke in Scranton.
2008-06-18 18:00:31
84.   ms october
would we feel differently about sir sidney if he grew a chipmunk on his upper lip?
2008-06-18 18:01:07
85.   RIYank
82 We're really going to have to drop over to Dodger Thoughts. They're playing now, too. And winning, so they'll be in a good mood.
2008-06-18 18:01:12
86.   SF Yanks
Damon's en fuego!
2008-06-18 18:02:08
87.   RIYank
This is so good. Remember when we were pretty convinced that Damon's career was kaput?
2008-06-18 18:02:18
88.   Just fair
I just envsioned Damon and his caveman look shouting "WILSON" as he stood on 1st base. Ah, good times.
2008-06-18 18:02:34
89.   mehmattski
Any time someone complains about the Yankees defense, kindly remind them of this series.

Worst. Defense. Ever.

2008-06-18 18:02:57
90.   OldYanksFan
OK... maybe it's good we didn't DFA JD and Giambino at the beginning of the season.
2008-06-18 18:03:25
91.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
83 please, please,please don't sign Sexson! we get a lot of Mariners games here and beileve me, Sexson is done. My swing at the batting cage looks tighter than his at this point...
2008-06-18 18:04:19
92.   ms october
89 seriously - this team is pretty awful. i know in cliff's post yesterday there was a lot of names under x is replacing y - but this was a playoff contender last year and a playoff team prior to that?
2008-06-18 18:04:21
93.   Chyll Will
77 They looked like Cheerios 70 ...
2008-06-18 18:04:55
94.   cult of basebaal
well, if robbie's coming out of his slump, the only question is when is his average going to cross melky's average going in the other direction?

i'm guessing june 29th

2008-06-18 18:04:57
95.   SF Yanks
Peavy's sitting at 54 pitches FWIW.
2008-06-18 18:05:37
96.   RIYank
93 Was that your Sidney Ponson imitation?
2008-06-18 18:06:51
97.   Chyll Will
94 Maybe if they crossed averages, their offense would explode?
2008-06-18 18:06:54
98.   Alex Belth
Such a nice thing to see Cano put together a couple of games with nice swings, good at bats. Did anyone else notice Girardi trying to catch Melky's attention as Cabrera put his batting helmet away, and then later, down on the bench, talking to him? Pretty cool. Melk hit that ball hard.
2008-06-18 18:07:15
99.   ms october
93 96 ah - i'm in a generous mood - root beers for ya both
2008-06-18 18:07:20
100.   SF Yanks
Ouch, Green has a .271 OBP.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-18 18:07:24
101.   monkeypants
90 And I am guilty as charged: I was calling loudly for both to get the ax!
2008-06-18 18:07:57
102.   Alex Belth
Ugh. A walk to start the third. C'mon, double play.
2008-06-18 18:08:29
103.   monkeypants
100 He's had a pretty weird career. He was pretty good in his first or second year, when he was 24 or 25. I thought he was gonna be a good one, but he has just stunk it up since then.
2008-06-18 18:08:38
104.   rbj
91 I'd only sign him to a minor league contract and make him prove he can hit again. Certainly can't be a more insane idea than signing Ponson. Again.
2008-06-18 18:08:42
105.   Chyll Will
96 You want a Sidney imitation eh? BOOM! "OH, YEAAAAHH!!!!"
2008-06-18 18:10:54
106.   Chyll Will
99 (I'll have a Stewarts tonight, thanks...>;)
2008-06-18 18:11:15
107.   Alex Belth
Ah, horseshit
2008-06-18 18:11:51
108.   rbj
106 Heh. I just finished a Stewarts Cream soda. Mmmm.
2008-06-18 18:12:09
109.   RIYank
Good lord. Two guys with the combined batting average of Chipper Jones are on base now.
2008-06-18 18:14:17
110.   Chyll Will
108 It just feels like a Stewarts kinda night, huh?
2008-06-18 18:14:19
111.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Seriously, the NL is just not very good..painful memories now of the BoSox sweeping aside "Rocktober" to win the Serious...
2008-06-18 18:15:37
112.   Chyll Will
Edgar Gonzalez is the OLDER brother???
2008-06-18 18:18:58
113.   rbj
2008-06-18 18:19:07
114.   Alex Belth
2008-06-18 18:19:24
115.   Just fair
The odd couple. Cone and Flaherty
This threesome really makes me laugh. In spite of Kay.
Bollocks. Don't walk the lead off guy, Rasner.
2008-06-18 18:19:40
116.   Chyll Will
Adrian Gonzalez reminds me of Tuco Ramirez... now that was a hell of a sibling rivalry moment with his brother...
2008-06-18 18:20:12
117.   nick
damn...lousy throw from the captain, but it didn't matter...
2008-06-18 18:23:07
118.   Alex Belth
Tony Clark, Em's favorite player...
2008-06-18 18:23:56
119.   RIYank
Uh oh. Come on, Darrell, you know where that zone is.
2008-06-18 18:24:11
120.   Raf
91 He's still productive against lefties, he's not completely worthless.
2008-06-18 18:24:37
121.   Alex Belth
Wow, he got away with one there...
2008-06-18 18:24:40
122.   JL25and3
If this game is still close in the late innings, watch out for Edgar Gonzalez. Guys named Edgar hit .520/.586/.880 against Mariano.
2008-06-18 18:25:38
123.   Alex Belth
Whoa, another one he got away with...
2008-06-18 18:26:09
124.   Alex Belth
2008-06-18 18:26:15
125.   SF Yanks
He was looking so good too.
2008-06-18 18:26:20
126.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
118 Think I've blocked out most of the painful 2004 memories but..Tony Clark, a few inches to the left and it's not a ground-rule double...D'oh!
2008-06-18 18:26:35
127.   nick
I go to my closer right here, bases loaded...
2008-06-18 18:26:37
128.   Just fair
The shine is off the Apple. Somebody's got the case of the Kennedys' Throw strikes for chrissakes.
2008-06-18 18:26:54
129.   Alex Belth
Good gosh, man, get your sh** together.
2008-06-18 18:27:17
130.   RIYank
I really, really don't want the Padres to bat around this inning.
2008-06-18 18:27:40
131.   Alex Belth
What a hack.
2008-06-18 18:29:01
132.   nick
2008-06-18 18:29:25
133.   Alex Belth
Be interesting to see if Peavy comes out with an efficient inning now that he's had a long rest and his team is back in the game.
2008-06-18 18:29:29
134.   RIYank
Yoiks. That was not good for my stomach.
Time for some bourbon!
2008-06-18 18:29:43
135.   mehmattski
Maybe he just doesn't pitch well from the stretch?

Rasner, 2008
Bases Empty (105 PA): .253/.295/.414
Men On (68 PA): .313/.318/.422

2008-06-18 18:29:52
136.   rbj
Phew. That could have been a real bad inning. Rasner's a #4-5 starter so we should expect this sort of stuff from him.
2008-06-18 18:30:01
137.   Just fair
41 pitches. BLEH.
Ahoy, LaTroy.
2008-06-18 18:30:08
138.   dianagramr
re: Sexson

check out the "Pitch Data", especially the percentage of strikes he's just looked at this year

2008-06-18 18:30:53
139.   williamnyy23
The game was going so well in the car, but as soon as I get in front of the TV, Rasner decides to treat the Padres lineup like it was the 1927 Yankees. Against a better team, it would have been another early shower for Rasner. I hope it hasn't struck midnight on him.
2008-06-18 18:31:25
140.   ms october
133 unfortunately i was thinking that too

alright raz - this team has one, perhaps two, three if you are being generous, professional hitters - throw some strikes and get out of this game with a w - you'll even get some ice cream afterwards

2008-06-18 18:31:59
141.   williamnyy23
Yankees have to get Peavy out of here by five, so patience remains a virtue.
2008-06-18 18:33:14
142.   nick
2008-06-18 18:33:15
143.   mehmattski
141 Or, they can hit the first pitch 400 feet. Either one.
2008-06-18 18:33:19
144.   Alex Belth
2008-06-18 18:33:21
145.   Just fair
Good on ya, Mate. WOW.
2008-06-18 18:33:24
146.   Chyll Will
Mmm-mm good...
2008-06-18 18:33:25
147.   williamnyy23
Watching Arod hit is an honor.
2008-06-18 18:33:40
148.   ms october
kepp mashing a-rod - your friend pete rose
2008-06-18 18:33:58
149.   RIYank
Alexander, how many times do we have to tell you not to swing at the first pitch????
2008-06-18 18:34:19
150.   Just fair
Good thing that wasn't a Manny single. : )
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2008-06-18 18:34:28
151.   Alex Belth
Hey dianagramr, can you run a comparison at Baseball Ref that shows Tino's numbers as a Yankee vs. Giambi's numbers as a Yank?
2008-06-18 18:34:36
152.   dianagramr
Alex doesn't hit many "maybe" homers ... does he?
2008-06-18 18:34:49
153.   Travis08
122 Does Edgardo Alfonso's .400/.500/.600 count?

FWIW, guys named Ray are batting .000/.000/.000 against Mariano in 29 PAs.

2008-06-18 18:35:01
154.   cult of basebaal
141 yeah, stupid arod should have made peavey work before taking him deep!


2008-06-18 18:35:16
155.   ChrisS
I like that 3B we picked up in the off season.
2008-06-18 18:35:31
156.   dianagramr


2008-06-18 18:35:36
157.   monkeypants
135 That's not much of a difference...I suspect most every pitcher is worse with men on base (and is that causal or corollary?).
2008-06-18 18:35:38
158.   rbj
134 I'll join you. Ezra Brooks here, nothing fancy tonight.
2008-06-18 18:36:25
159.   williamnyy23
154 Abreu, Giambi and Posada have his back.
2008-06-18 18:37:19
160.   mehmattski
151 Here's one, for all Yankee 1B/DH since 1996.

Giambi and Tino are tied for Runs Created! How about that for coinky-dink?

2008-06-18 18:37:58
161.   RIYank
153 Travis, that is definitely the coolest stat I have seen this month.
2008-06-18 18:37:59
162.   Chyll Will
159 I'd feel better if they had his bat...
2008-06-18 18:38:51
163.   williamnyy23
162 This year, Giambi's is better and Abreu and Posada ain't too shaby either.
2008-06-18 18:39:21
164.   Alex Belth
This game is in Rasner's hands...Peavy ain't long for this game.

Cano is looking really, really good.

2008-06-18 18:39:21
165.   OldYanksFan
TB about to beat the Cubbies. Sox have won. The competition is hanging tough.
2008-06-18 18:39:23
166.   nick
I'm gonna jinx him, but don't these Cano swings look good?
2008-06-18 18:39:34
167.   williamnyy23
This is the Yankee offense we've been waiting for all year...power and patience in a perfect blend.
2008-06-18 18:40:30
168.   williamnyy23
165 I thought the Cubs would be a good test for the Rays, but they are looking pretty good, even though they did everything they could to give away yesterday's game and the Cubs refused to take it.
2008-06-18 18:41:21
169.   Travis08
161 Mariano got 30 outs in those 29 PAs - one of Ray Durham's 26 unsuccessful ABs was a double play.

2008-06-18 18:41:33
170.   williamnyy23
164 76 pitches so far, so if the Yankees keep it up, Peavy might not make it through 4, and almost certainly not 5.
2008-06-18 18:41:39
171.   RIYank
158 I have some Makers' Mark in the cabinet, but my wife just told me that's a gift for someone else (he lent her a piece of heavy equipment, if you can believe it). So I'm just going with the cheap stuff: Evan Williams.
2008-06-18 18:41:42
172.   cult of basebaal
166 i just thought that myself ... evidently, so did coney ... 2 nice at bats for robbie tonite
2008-06-18 18:41:44
173.   Chyll Will
163 I'll take em one game at a time if that helps.
2008-06-18 18:42:37
174.   nick
...and the Padres swing at the first pitch, after Raz's last inning: a small thing, but revealing....
2008-06-18 18:43:02
175.   Alex Belth
dangit Rasner.
2008-06-18 18:43:27
176.   JL25and3
153 I thought about Alfonso but didn't include him. He drags the average down. (So does Edgar Renteria - .333/.333/.333 - but I couldn't very well leave him out>)
2008-06-18 18:43:54
177.   RIYank
170 I can't see him starting the fifth. He's on a low count today, right?
2008-06-18 18:44:06
178.   Chyll Will
171 Geez, what he lend her, a backhoe?
2008-06-18 18:44:54
179.   RIYank
177 Yes, he is -- Cliff says so. I knew I heard that somewhere!
2008-06-18 18:45:22
180.   Alex Belth
Not a pitcher's umpire...
2008-06-18 18:45:55
181.   nick
damn, it's a small zone--luckily the first three guys were hacking at anything...
2008-06-18 18:46:17
182.   williamnyy23
The question might be whether Rasner can make it through 5. Walking Gerut and Greene last inning is pretty bad.
2008-06-18 18:46:21
183.   mehmattski
Rasner threw three pitches in almost exactly the same spot against Gerut. Only one of them was called a strike.
2008-06-18 18:46:23
184.   RIYank
178 It was a hay conveyor, thanks for asking. City slicker.
2008-06-18 18:46:35
185.   ChrisS
Gamecast has Rasner painting the corners on Gerut, but apparently he's not getting the calls.
2008-06-18 18:46:41
186.   Raf
jeez, is Raz tired or something?
2008-06-18 18:47:44
187.   rbj
171 That's my usual stuff.
Dang, small zone but Rasner's not doing himself any favors. Juuuuusst a bit outside.
2008-06-18 18:47:50
188.   Raf
ok, he's getting squeezed; that 1-1 curve was a strike
2008-06-18 18:47:56
189.   Alex Belth
strong, true throw...
2008-06-18 18:48:07
190.   williamnyy23
Arod to the rescue.
2008-06-18 18:48:25
191.   nick
Alex showing off the arm these past few games...
2008-06-18 18:48:30
192.   mehmattski
Alex has the range and arm of a champion. Not a bad bat, either.

Remember when people booed him? That was pretty hilarious, wasn't it?

2008-06-18 18:48:53
193.   RIYank

Well, if someone told me before the game that we'd get to the bullpens with a lead, I'd certainly have been pleased. That's looking pretty likely now.

2008-06-18 18:49:49
194.   nick
one more good inning and then our shutdown middle relief will ride to the Raz's rescue!
2008-06-18 18:49:57
195.   Chyll Will
184 I am not a Mets fan today, trust me...
2008-06-18 18:50:35
196.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
192 not as hilarious as the Chicken Lady and Bearded Woman going to the strip club.. (bottle of sake to whoever gets that one without checking Google)...

Is A-Rod better all-round player than Pujols? I say..yes, by a nose...

2008-06-18 18:50:44
197.   OldYanksFan
I much prefer when ARod throws overhand. It is his sidearm throws that go astray.
2008-06-18 18:51:24
198.   rbj
And let us remember: Rasner is a AAA pitcher who's only up because Hughes & Kennedy are injured and ineffective. Peavy is the reigning NL Cy Young winner. Their pitching stats are pretty similar tonight though Darrell's logged one more inning.
2008-06-18 18:52:12
199.   OldYanksFan
196 Absolutely, as you have to consider baserunning and steals. ARod is an OUTSTANDING baserunner.
2008-06-18 18:52:47
200.   RIYank
198 That was the subtext of my 193 , actually.

I like how you can buy pretty good bourbon for about half the price of pretty good scotch.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-18 18:53:25
201.   williamnyy23
196 It's very close...I think Arod's defense and speed probably make up the difference at the plate, although Pujol's Dimaggio-like ability to not strikeout is something Arod doesn't match.
2008-06-18 18:53:46
202.   Chyll Will
199 So outstanding he turned a triple into a double yesterday because he thought it was a homer >;)
2008-06-18 18:53:58
203.   Just fair
Melky loves the Pete Rose slide.
2008-06-18 18:54:07
204.   mehmattski
200 I picked up a big bottle of Knob Creek when I was in New Hampshire recently. Not like it's from NH or anything, but the giant no-sales-tax liquor store demanded I buy something nice.
2008-06-18 18:54:19
205.   nick
Melky! droppin the bat head on it....
2008-06-18 18:55:06
206.   RIYank
Do you think there are Padre fans out there going, "Our ace cannot give up a double to Melky Cabrera, that is unacceptable."?
2008-06-18 18:55:36
207.   williamnyy23
198 Two points: Peavy is facing a monster lineup and Rasner is facing a lineup that is almost as much AAA as he is.

Secondly, the Yakees need Rasner to be effective, regardless of why he has assumed a prominent role.

2008-06-18 18:55:55
208.   cult of basebaal
wow ... 2 good at bats each for cano and cabrera

the slide??? not so hot.

2008-06-18 18:56:25
209.   mehmattski
Flash says the Yankees have talked to Melky about diving into first base, and told him not to do it anymore.

So, when Melky breaks a finger diving in next time, does that mean the blame is on Melky? Or on the coaches still, for not telling him sternly enough?

2008-06-18 18:56:29
210.   Just fair
I hardly know her. Sorry. Could. Not. Resist.
2008-06-18 18:57:25
211.   weeping for brunnhilde
"None that I trusted!"

Ha ah aha h a a ha h ha ha!

2008-06-18 18:57:39
212.   mehmattski
207 An ERA of 4.50 (2 runs in 4.5 innings) is more than effective from a fifth starter in the American League.
2008-06-18 18:57:55
213.   ms october
cone is on fire tonight - he is hilarious
(for those not getting yes, kay asked him if he ever had teammates who do not swear and cone said not that i trusted)
2008-06-18 18:57:57
214.   Just fair
209 Blame the bag. : )
2008-06-18 18:58:11
215.   cult of basebaal
captain miserable, on the other hand ...
2008-06-18 18:58:26
216.   williamnyy23
209 It's on Melky. Of course, Melky is on the bases hundreds of times a year, so he has to take responsibility for himself.
2008-06-18 18:59:08
217.   nick
ok, key inning here for Raz
2008-06-18 18:59:16
218.   williamnyy23
215 Jeter seems to remain the lone holdout in the offensive revival.
2008-06-18 18:59:42
219.   Alex Belth
Hey one pitch, one out. We likey.
2008-06-18 18:59:43
220.   RIYank
Yo, Weeping! Long time.
2008-06-18 19:00:11
221.   cult of basebaal
200 i recommend Eagle Rare 10yo
2008-06-18 19:00:16
222.   nick
216 that slide, now I get it--like a little kid: "I can't slide into first? then I'm gonna slide EXTRA into second!"
2008-06-18 19:00:41
223.   rbj
200 Ah, yes. And I love a good scotch, but limit it to Sunday nights.

207 Fair points but they are all ML hitters. And I guess it is better that the Yankees face a reigning Cy Young winner rather than a URP.

2008-06-18 19:00:59
224.   RIYank
221 Wow, never even heard of it!
2008-06-18 19:01:15
225.   OldYanksFan
It is very depressing that when Jeter comes up to bat, I feel automatic out. What is wrong with him?
2008-06-18 19:01:30
226.   cult of basebaal
2008-06-18 19:01:57
227.   ChrisS
I think there were expectations for Rasner to contribute to the starting rotation last year and stay at the ML level. But he broke his finger.

Thinking of him as just a AAA spare part is, IMO, wrong. Granted, he doesn't have the stuff to be front end starter, but he's got talent.

2008-06-18 19:02:39
228.   mehmattski
Luckily for Rasner, the Padres hitters are still chasing balls out of the absurdly small/inconsistent strike zone.
2008-06-18 19:02:48
229.   RIYank
It's a small strike zone, but fairly consistent, I would have said. There have been a lot of called balls that were at the knees.
2008-06-18 19:02:48
230.   williamnyy23
225 I don't know, but someone brought up Roberto Alomar today, and it was a very scary thought.
2008-06-18 19:03:25
231.   Just fair
It is what it is and grind it out to need to banned from
the English lannguage. But, who am I to say?
2008-06-18 19:03:36
232.   williamnyy23
These walks are going to bite him.
2008-06-18 19:04:14
233.   RIYank
I wrote 229 without having seen 228 .

There ya go! Good job, Raz.

We're going to see LaTroy, aren't we?

2008-06-18 19:04:20
234.   Alex Belth
Man, the Pads just aren't helping themselves out much are they?
2008-06-18 19:04:21
235.   Travis08
The Rays win.
2008-06-18 19:04:34
236.   williamnyy23
Damn Rays win again.
2008-06-18 19:04:34
237.   ms october
225 maybe with the ag up, derek can get an off day to relax
2008-06-18 19:05:14
238.   ChrisS
232 but not this inning.

To the greater point being his 5BB's, he's not this wild. This is a reflection on the ump.

2008-06-18 19:05:51
239.   RIYank
231 You have to put those in the queue behind "going forward". That's my pet peeve (just to make this relevant to Cliff's posting!).
2008-06-18 19:06:15
240.   weeping for brunnhilde
220 Hey, yourself, RI (et. al.)!

I've been on self-imposed hiatus.

Terrible about Chien-Ming.

2008-06-18 19:06:18
241.   rbj
Well I'm going to shut down for the night. Good night all.
2008-06-18 19:06:52
242.   Alex Belth
231. Just fair
It is what it is and grind it out to need to banned from the English lannguage.

Funny, but I've been thinking recently about how many cliches are used in sports writing. It's almost impossible to avoid 'em if you write regularly. For instance the use of the term "sharp" is something I've found that I'm guilty of over-using. "Mike Mussina was/wasm't sharp last night..."

I remember Allen Barra writing something for BP a few years ago about this. About how defense is used now instead of fielding. Ever since then I've tried to use fielding which is a good word.

2008-06-18 19:07:32
243.   Alex Belth
Night, RBJ, hiya howdee weeping
2008-06-18 19:08:04
244.   Eirias
I simply love Cone in the booth.
2008-06-18 19:08:06
245.   mehmattski
Q: Which Yankees starter is in the top 10 in the AL in DIPS (Defense-Independent Pitching) for 2008 (min 40 IP)?

A: Darrell Rasner.

2008-06-18 19:08:20
246.   dianagramr
Martinez during his time with Yankees:
1,054 games; 1,039 hits; 566 runs; 192 HRs; 739 RBIs; .276/.346/.484

812 games; 702 hits; 484 runs; 194 HRs; 548 RBIs; .263/.395/.530

2008-06-18 19:09:46
247.   RIYank
Ciao, rbj -- I guess that was an effective nightcap.
2008-06-18 19:10:10
248.   Alex Belth
Thanks for the number crunching guys. Interesting. Giambi's the better hitter, Tino was more durable. Does that include post season numbers?
2008-06-18 19:11:01
249.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
242 "grind it out" is pet peeve is when announcers/analysts talk about trades/transactions and use "a" with a persons name. example "The Yankees just don't have the prospects to go out and get a CC Sabathia or a Rich Harden, but they can go after a Sidney Ponson.." Very annoying! Steve Phillips speaks that way all the time...excruciating, and I don7t know why....
2008-06-18 19:11:05
250.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
242 "grind it out" is pet peeve is when announcers/analysts talk about trades/transactions and use "a" with a persons name. example "The Yankees just don't have the prospects to go out and get a CC Sabathia or a Rich Harden, but they can go after a Sidney Ponson.." Very annoying! Steve Phillips speaks that way all the time...excruciating, and I don7t know why....
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-18 19:11:20
251.   dianagramr

regular season only

as for durable ... remember Giambi's knee and parasite problems ...

2008-06-18 19:12:30
252.   ms october
250 not for nothing a steve phillips is a damn fool :}
2008-06-18 19:12:32
253.   RIYank
Okay, here we go! My confident will surge if we score this inning.
2008-06-18 19:13:43
254.   RIYank
252 Yeah, pretty much anything is annoying if Steve Phillips says it. He could say "Pass the salt" and it would make me roll my eyes.
2008-06-18 19:13:46
255.   Raf
242 Don't forget "quite frankly"
2008-06-18 19:14:12
256.   Just fair
243 I teach with a 60 year old woman who I've heard say It is what it is a few times. I just kind of shake my head.
I'm guilty of it with my wife, though. her- Do you like the brown shoes or the black shoes? me- The black ones. her- What do you mean? me- I mean what I mean. HA.
2008-06-18 19:14:35
257.   Travis08
250 Do the Yankees have enough prospects to get a Victor Zambrano?
2008-06-18 19:15:07
258.   williamnyy23
248 It doesn't. Just at a glance, Giambi's post season numbers were much better. In Tino's favor, however, is much better fielding.
2008-06-18 19:15:59
259.   mehmattski
255 Personally, when an announcer (particularly Michael Kay) uses "ironically" when they mean "coincidentally."

Also, nearly everyone who says "begs the question" is incorrect. They mean "raises the question."

2008-06-18 19:16:49
260.   mehmattski
253 There ya go!
2008-06-18 19:17:01
261.   williamnyy23
Big hit by Posada.
2008-06-18 19:17:09
262.   cult of basebaal

good stuff and you can usually get a bottle for not too much over $20

2008-06-18 19:17:26
263.   Alex Belth
That's a huge run. So many things have gone right for the Yanks/wrong for the Pads, this would now be a horrid game to blow for the Yanks.
2008-06-18 19:17:26
264.   RIYank
And there it is, like I ordered it! Nice. Now I feel relaxed, and I may sign off soon.
2008-06-18 19:18:01
265.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Lead with the knob."

Nice hitting, Jorgie.

2008-06-18 19:18:12
266.   cult of basebaal
oh, such a nice game on offense, so nice
2008-06-18 19:18:38
267.   mehmattski
264 We'll see you again, as soon as Kyle Farnsworth starts warming...
2008-06-18 19:19:03
268.   nick
the Padres guys are now imitating Sterling's home run calls....
2008-06-18 19:19:32
269.   dianagramr

is that a euphemism alert?

2008-06-18 19:19:34
270.   RIYank
262 Nice. And that's less than half than almost any single malt scotch. I'll grab some next trip to the bottle shop.
2008-06-18 19:20:03
271.   Just fair
We may finally be at the point where we can't wait to see Cano come up to hit. He freakin' creams the ball when it's not the first 2 months of this season. And down he goes.
2008-06-18 19:20:15
272.   dianagramr

I heart Jerry Coleman

2008-06-18 19:20:40
273.   weeping for brunnhilde
I've only seen a few intermittent games over the last couple of weeks; how's Robby swinging the bat these days?
2008-06-18 19:20:53
274.   mehmattski
271 He still saw six pitches in the at bat, which is six times as many as he saw in the typical April/May at bat.
2008-06-18 19:22:00
275.   dianagramr
I wonder if the Lexus woman ever needs to use that Fungoid stuff?


2008-06-18 19:22:07
276.   weeping for brunnhilde
269 He hehe.

No, Cone was saying that Jorgie was able to turn on that pitch so deftly because he led the swing with the knob, thus enabling him to get his hands in nicely.

It was beautiful hitting.

2008-06-18 19:22:08
277.   mehmattski
273 You'd have to change your handle to "weeping for cano." Pop-ups to left field and groundballs to right. It has been horrible to watch him at times.

Giambi though has learned to go opposite-field!

2008-06-18 19:22:19
278.   RIYank
273 If you mean quite recently, then scary good. We don't even want to talk about it lest we jinx his emergence from the abyss.
2008-06-18 19:22:31
279.   Just fair
274 If the 1st pitch of an ab is dribbled to the 2nd baseman, is it really seen? OMMM.
2008-06-18 19:23:25
280.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
257 Ugh...and when they get Steve Phillips on to "translate" Gen.Manager speech into laymans's terms on! and he actually said yesterday "I am certain it was all Omar Minaya's decision to fire Willie"...
2008-06-18 19:24:25
281.   mehmattski
Drop the change on 'em, Edwar!
2008-06-18 19:25:16
282.   Chyll Will
265 Hey there Hideki, long time no see; we saved something for you 4 >;)
2008-06-18 19:25:17
283.   williamnyy23
If Sydney Ponson starts a game for the Yankees, I am going to see Wang rounding 3B in my dreams all summer.
2008-06-18 19:25:44
284.   mehmattski
Joba in the daytime tomorrow, huh? Welp, good thing I'm a grad student! All you working, real-world type folk can count on me for the updates!
2008-06-18 19:25:51
285.   ms october
oh good someone got khalil greene out.

280 hey! it's not easy being a faux gm!

2008-06-18 19:26:00
286.   cult of basebaal
2008-06-18 19:27:08
287.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, how 'bout that Edwar!
2008-06-18 19:27:46
288.   RIYank
281 Woo hoo!
This is much better than watching LaTroy. And such an efficient inning Edwar will surely pitch another.
2008-06-18 19:28:02
289.   Just fair
When I see Khalil Green, I can't help but think there should be be a bunch of Seniors in overalls hanging over the centerfield wall with a paddle, ready to inititate him.
Dazed and Confused. Or is it me?
Good inning, Bugsie.
2008-06-18 19:28:17
290.   Alex Belth
Hey, not for nothing, I know I don't get a chance to hang around during a game thread much, but for those of you that are here, I just wanted to say how fired up I've been about blogging of late. This is year six of the Banter and I feel reinvigorated, really enjoying myself. Hope you guys are too.
2008-06-18 19:28:29
291.   weeping for brunnhilde
277 Heh heh!

And Jason, good Christ, he's on fire!

When was he hitting below .200, like four weeks ago or even less, no?


2008-06-18 19:28:32
292.   OldYanksFan
244 Yes, I like Cone, as he is not afraid to say his opinion even if it is politically incorrect... such as "not one I've even trusted". However, I really like it when Flash is there also, as you get to see how a battery works, and how both a pitcher AND catcher feel about/approach the same situation.
2008-06-18 19:28:52
293.   Eirias
What the hell is with the inanely stupid "Fox Business" segments where the hosts pretend to be drunk and discuss the financial markets in between innings? They are so annoying.
2008-06-18 19:29:09
294.   weeping for brunnhilde
290 Always, Alex, always.

Glad you're having fun too!

2008-06-18 19:30:01
295.   mehmattski
290 You've been on fire lately, Alex! Lots of good stuff, and not just about baseball. I know how hard blogging can be, day-by-day. I've only been here about two years, and I've discovered a bunch of great blogs.

But word for word, this is still my favorite place on the web.

2008-06-18 19:30:25
296.   cult of basebaal
man, petey cracks me up sometimes:

In an emotional moment here at the Stadium, "George, a Met Life Financial Advisor" pulled the countdown lever.

Apparently the homeless guy with the cart on the Deegan northbound ramp was busy. That's like three Met Life employees who have done it this season. Did the Yankees give this thing any thought whatsoever?

2008-06-18 19:30:37
297.   RIYank
290 I look forward to reading BB every day, even the days when I wasn't looking forward to watching the Yankees all that much.
2008-06-18 19:30:57
298.   SF Yanks
290 My home away from home!
2008-06-18 19:31:05
299.   weeping for brunnhilde
Remember a few years ago when Jason used to turn on those high fastballs?

Nice hitting, Betemit.

2008-06-18 19:32:43
300.   Chyll Will
290 Well, you had me convinced at 107 ... >;)
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-06-18 19:33:38
301.   Just fair
Kevin Long is good again. Last month, not so much. Funny.
2008-06-18 19:33:55
302.   weeping for brunnhilde
Remember a few years ago when Jason used to turn on those high fastballs?

Nice hitting, Betemit.

2008-06-18 19:34:13
303.   Jeb
289 When I see Greene, I think of Tanner Boyle, Toby Whitewood and Timmy Lupus.
2008-06-18 19:34:53
304.   Chyll Will
293 With the way the markets are going these days, why pretend?
2008-06-18 19:35:06
305.   RIYank
The San Diego bullpen does not have impressive numbers.
2008-06-18 19:35:47
306.   weeping for brunnhilde
292 Definitely, OYF, like their exchange about controlling the running game.

Cone said factions develop regarding the running game.

Great stuff.

2008-06-18 19:36:22
307.   RIYank
303 Wait, what are you doing here???
2008-06-18 19:37:55
308.   RIYank
303 307 Oh, you're going to the game tomorrow. Against the Reds. Now I remember.
2008-06-18 19:38:33
309.   Alex Belth
Cool, good to hear that the Banter is still the place to be. I've really enjoyed using more visuals and plan to do even more of that. Before the season began I made a vow to stick to blogging about what I enjoy--my impressions of the game, observations of living in NYC, books, movies, music, etc. So long as we mainly stick to the Yankees, it gives me the freedom to blog about other things that interest me. Plus, Prof. Cocoran still drops knowledge with the best of them, Bruce and Will are very solid contributors, and Emma is just great, isn't she?
2008-06-18 19:38:58
310.   Jeb
307 I fly out in the morning. I am still going to get online from the park on Friday and Saturday on my blackberry though.
2008-06-18 19:38:59
311.   mehmattski
308 The Yankees play the Pads again tomorrow. Peanut Butter Joba Time, and all.
2008-06-18 19:39:41
312.   Just fair
303 All good ones.
Hey, Butter-Girardi. Come quick. Farnsworth's up and tree and says he's never coming down. : )
2008-06-18 19:40:57
313.   RIYank
311 Oh, right. So, Jeb is traveling tomorrow, for the games Friday and Saturday. I'll put that on my Yahoo! calendar.
2008-06-18 19:41:41
314.   SF Yanks
309 FWIW, Mr. Cliff's pre-game and recaps are the best in the business.
2008-06-18 19:41:49
315.   weeping for brunnhilde
309 Emma's not around enough. :(
2008-06-18 19:42:00
316.   RIYank
309 Yes, especially Emma. I now check Eephus Pitch regularly.
2008-06-18 19:42:08
317.   mehmattski
Bud light is advertising its "superior drinkability."

I suppose that, in being a liquid, it has superior drinkability compared to, say: brussel sprouts. Or my coffee table.

2008-06-18 19:42:09
318.   Jeb
312 Also, he'd fit in with Engleberg, Amanda, Ogilive, Epstein, Ahmad, and Kelly Leak. Damn that 70's movie was great -- why'd they have to make a remake?
2008-06-18 19:43:17
319.   RIYank
Weeping, if you need your Emma fix,

2008-06-18 19:43:36
320.   Jeb
313 too funny. me and Mrs. Jeb have a ton of things to do.
2008-06-18 19:43:38
321.   Raf
Don't think you can have a discussion about changeups without mentioning Podres.
2008-06-18 19:44:31
322.   Jeb
319 I just have to Emma a cutie?
2008-06-18 19:44:56
323.   RIYank
Good idea. Highest batting average on the team, so he offers to bunt, and misses.

In the NL, the Yankees would win like 115 games.

2008-06-18 19:45:20
324.   weeping for brunnhilde
A Hard Rock Cafe?

That's bullshit.

Oh God, that's bullshit.

2008-06-18 19:46:13
325.   Travis08
289 303 I always thought Greene resembled Jeff Spicoli.
2008-06-18 19:47:19
326.   Just fair
309 Alex, I read this blog for several years and finally began posting in earnest this past winter maybe. Now that I have a wireless laptop, I'm hopeless.
It's alwyas my first stop. Thanks.
2008-06-18 19:47:21
327.   SF Yanks
I don't understand how one can have a more effective change than another. If you grip it with all fingers on the ball, shouldn't that reduce the mph by the same amount for almost everyone, considering they throw roughly the same speed? As long as you have the same arm action, I can't see how it makes a difference. Yet, it does.
2008-06-18 19:47:34
328.   RIYank
No way! Damn. And that change that dropped too low was so sweet.
Oh well, now we don't have a Farnsworth cushion, is all.
2008-06-18 19:47:37
329.   Raf
324 Supposedly it's going to be open year round... This I'd definitely like to see.
2008-06-18 19:47:47
330.   nick
3-2, why not the change?
2008-06-18 19:48:21
331.   Jeb
325 That works. Do you think he fell out of a van in front of the stadium with dope smoke pouring out?
2008-06-18 19:49:00
332.   RIYank
327 Oh, I think it's the break that makes such a big difference. I don't know why I think that, maybe I'm just assuming it.
2008-06-18 19:49:23
333.   SF Yanks
Oh shits... Not now. Not yet. Not here.
2008-06-18 19:49:26
334.   williamnyy23
And all of sudden this is a game. The Yankees can not lose this one. It would be an awful defeat.
2008-06-18 19:49:38
335.   Just fair
Get off your ass, Joe. Go get him next time, Edwar.
2008-06-18 19:49:49
336.   Chyll Will
317 That's code for "Fat Sloppy Drunk"...

Okay, Ramirez needs a Bud Light asap.

2008-06-18 19:50:30
337.   cult of basebaal
eek. bad, edwar, bad.
2008-06-18 19:50:34
338.   Yankees Brasil
That's a bad decision.
2008-06-18 19:50:43
339.   williamnyy23
Crap...I wasn't banking on having to endure a Kyle sighting in a nail biter.
2008-06-18 19:50:46
340.   RIYank
322 Hm, I have no idea. I always imagine Village Voice women kind of, you know, sophisticated. But then again, she wasn't exactly their type, was she?
2008-06-18 19:50:53
341.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice recovery, Edwar.
2008-06-18 19:50:54
342.   Eirias
327 With six fingers on each hand, our new minor-leaguer Oneli Perez could have a dominating change.
2008-06-18 19:51:36
343.   RIYank
Well, that was a weird inning.
I wonder what Edwar is thinking right now.
2008-06-18 19:51:49
344.   SF Yanks
332 Hmmm, I don't know. Even my change tails to the right, and I throw like 40 mph. Could be though.
2008-06-18 19:52:05
345.   Just fair
331 Joe G's going to show up at his hotel room tonight to review the history of the pop fly rule because Greene ordered a pizza to the Yankee clubhouse.
2008-06-18 19:53:13
346.   Just fair
343 My neck feels kinda tweaked.
2008-06-18 19:53:17
347.   RIYank
342 When are we going to get a guy who has six fingers on each hand and can throw with either hand? That's what I want to know. If he's seven feet tall, all the better.
2008-06-18 19:53:29
348.   nick
324 couldn't agree more, but we'll be in the minority...
2008-06-18 19:54:28
349.   RIYank
344 I thought the great ones break down, though. No?
2008-06-18 19:54:41
350.   Chyll Will
348 I'm already there, my brotha! >;)
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2008-06-18 19:54:56
351.   weeping for brunnhilde
Damn, look at Derek!
2008-06-18 19:55:09
352.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
324 I hear you....whatm did Planet Hollywood bid too low?? Was Bennigans too low-brow?
2008-06-18 19:56:07
353.   williamnyy23
327 Arm action is the key though. Also, a change doesn't have to be straight. A sinking or tailing change is more effective.
2008-06-18 19:56:20
354.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ohhh, baby!!


2008-06-18 19:56:21
355.   SF Yanks
349 Yeah, mine tails down too. I think most of them do, just how most curves break left. I could be mistaken, but I think that's the natural movement of a change.
2008-06-18 19:56:31
356.   williamnyy23
Get those runs's nice to see Jeter blowing that bubble rounding third.
2008-06-18 19:56:49
357.   RIYank
God, I needed that run. I needed it personally.
2008-06-18 19:57:55
358.   weeping for brunnhilde
Btw, I hope we're all agreed that Jason should never shave that 'stache again, right?
2008-06-18 19:57:59
359.   williamnyy23
355 Changes should break down more relative to the fastball because it has fewer rmps and has more exposure to gravity.
2008-06-18 19:58:00
360.   Just fair
If Derek chokes on his gum while blowing a bubble after rounding 3rd.......... I KID. I KID.
2008-06-18 19:58:06
361.   dianagramr
We can score when we want to
We can kick your team's behind
Cause your team can't score and if they can't score
Well they're no threat to mine
2008-06-18 19:58:19
362.   weeping for brunnhilde
357 Merry Christmas!
2008-06-18 19:58:33
363.   Alex Belth
Yo, if it was up to me, Emma would be posting here all the time, BUT she's writing a book, has other paying writing assignments and her own blog. But she's really terrific.
2008-06-18 19:58:37
364.   SF Yanks
356 Jeter blows bubbles in the midst of everything. I see it all the time, especially when you least expect it.
2008-06-18 19:59:34
365.   dianagramr

A Hard Rock .... sounds like an ode to Giambi's range

2008-06-18 19:59:36
366.   Chyll Will
352 Phooey! Why not Outback or Sylvia's? I would've been happy with Jimbo's Hamburgers, but noOOOOoooo...
2008-06-18 19:59:42
367.   weeping for brunnhilde
361 :)

heh eh hehe he.

2008-06-18 19:59:55
368.   Alex Belth
361, Welp, there goes THAT song in my head for weeks...seriously, that is great.
2008-06-18 20:00:20
369.   williamnyy23
361 Great...there's no chance of getting that song out of my head anytime soon!
2008-06-18 20:00:45
370.   dianagramr
Cla's parents couldn't afford the "y"?
2008-06-18 20:01:22
371.   Alex Belth
We can steal when we want to...
2008-06-18 20:01:38
372.   weeping for brunnhilde
Man, they are playing with swagger.
2008-06-18 20:01:51
373.   Alex Belth
let's all applaud again, let's all applaud again.
2008-06-18 20:02:13
374.   williamnyy23
Is it me, or does the Padre infield have no range? That might explain why they had the fewest errors in the NL coming into this series.
2008-06-18 20:02:40
375.   Chyll Will
364 If you did, you'd be able to explain why he's got a new hottie every other week...
2008-06-18 20:02:49
376.   Yankees Brasil
It's good to see this hitting with RISP thing. Really good.
2008-06-18 20:02:50
377.   RIYank
370 Well, we did send Edwar out for two innings!
2008-06-18 20:03:35
378.   Just fair
Dear Astros and Padres,
Thanks for the help in fattening us up for the dog days.
Best Regards,
p.s. I can't hear the fat lady, but she's on her way.
2008-06-18 20:03:49
379.   dianagramr

If they get a runner on 3rd with less than 2 out, then we go with ...


safety .... squeeze!

2008-06-18 20:04:06
380.   RIYank
Ah, hits with RISP automatically conjure Yankees Brasil!
2008-06-18 20:05:03
381.   dianagramr

you made Bubbles mad!

2008-06-18 20:06:04
382.   williamnyy23
I'd really like one more run so Girardi doesn't go with the gag reflex and bring Rivera into the game. I don't want to see Farnsworth saving another game.
2008-06-18 20:06:08
383.   3rd gen yankee fan
361 You are awesome.
2008-06-18 20:06:32
384.   Chyll Will
371 THAT guy! (duh duh DIH-DIH duh duh duh DIH-DIH)
2008-06-18 20:06:46
385.   Just fair
379 Hey, it's Giambi and his thong dancing around the maypole. YIKES.
2008-06-18 20:07:11
386.   weeping for brunnhilde
No doubles defense robs Jorgie.

Man, this ballclub's swinging the old sticks.

2008-06-18 20:08:43
387.   dianagramr
383 368


And thank YOU Alex for this great forum, and your wonderful writing. Its one of the first sites I check in the morning, and one of the last I see in the evening.

2008-06-18 20:09:06
388.   Chyll Will
381 :) It's probably the least I could do...
2008-06-18 20:09:30
389.   Alex Belth
Farns won't make this easy, will he? Could he?
2008-06-18 20:09:54
390.   Alex Belth
Schmuck face moronski
2008-06-18 20:09:59
391.   dianagramr
Chase Headley thinks he's Chase Utley.
2008-06-18 20:10:07
392.   Just fair
My mind needs to be put to better use. : )
Like cursing Farsnsy.
2008-06-18 20:10:40
393.   RIYank
Heeere's FARNS!
2008-06-18 20:10:42
394.   williamnyy23
Headley looks like he has a nice swing to all fields.
2008-06-18 20:11:37
395.   Jeb
340 I went on her blog and she is quite attractive. I really shouldn't have even asked because it's the content of what she writes, thinks, etc., that matters here. But women Yankee fans who blog about the Yanks are a bit rare and it raised a question [nods to Mehmatt] in my mind.

No disrespect intended, Emma, wherever you are.

2008-06-18 20:12:05
396.   cult of basebaal
oh, that nice man farnsworth, serving up headley's first big-league homer
2008-06-18 20:12:27
397.   Alex Belth
William, you are gunna get your Mo...
2008-06-18 20:13:05
398.   RIYank
I love our Three True Outcomes bullpen. They give our fielders a nice rest.
2008-06-18 20:14:04
399.   dianagramr

I miss the '80s .... sort of.

2008-06-18 20:14:27
400.   williamnyy23
397 Hopefully not in this inning!

Having to use Mo in this game means Farnsworth facing Bruce, Dunn and Votto for a save over the weekend. If Mo pitches today, it makes yesterday look foolish.

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2008-06-18 20:14:36
401.   Alex Belth
Gentlemen, keep your wits about you...this is NOT a game to give away.
2008-06-18 20:16:08
402.   Raf
Actually, the slider was Wholers' 3rd best pitch behind the fastball and splitter.
2008-06-18 20:16:33
403.   williamnyy23
Girardi isn't leaving this inning in Farnsworth's hands, is he? No is warming up.
2008-06-18 20:16:49
404.   Just fair
399 I wish we could miss Kyle's 90's.......fastball........while he pitched elsewhere.
2008-06-18 20:17:03
405.   Alex Belth
Jeezuz, Farnsie, put this chump away...
2008-06-18 20:17:51
406.   monkeypants
400 Damned if you do, damned if you don't. He hadn't had work since last Thursday, but on the other hand using Mo yesterday did seem like a bit of a waste.
2008-06-18 20:18:23
407.   Alex Belth
ass beats ass
2008-06-18 20:18:49
408.   dianagramr
In late-breaking news, the guy that caught Headley's 1st major league homer is willing to give Headley the ball, in exchange for Griffey's 600th HR ball. :-)
2008-06-18 20:19:12
409.   Alex Belth
thank YOU Jody Gerut
2008-06-18 20:19:35
410.   weeping for brunnhilde
As always, and forever, a happy adventureland with Farns.
2008-06-18 20:20:34
411.   monkeypants
Well, mathematically the odds are on Farnwhacker's side that he'll get three outs before giving up three runs, so in theory it was a good time to use him, In theory... but it sure never feels that way when you watch it.
2008-06-18 20:20:38
412.   nick
man, these NL punks are out-homering us here at the Stadium--two more, guys, svp, so that Mo can rest...
2008-06-18 20:21:23
413.   Raf
404 I wish batters would miss Kyle's 90's.......fastball
2008-06-18 20:21:45
414.   monkeypants
409 Whoa, Alex is staying up late with us kids tonight.

410 And where have you been, stranger?

2008-06-18 20:21:58
415.   nick
It's a Farns-22: if he ever pitched well, say, 3 times in a row, he'd have trade value; but if he ever pitched well, say, 3 times in a row, the Yanks would be convinced he's worth keeping...
2008-06-18 20:22:08
416.   RIYank
Edwar and Farns together faced 13 batters. Four of them put the ball into the field of play, and one of those was tapped back to the box. No walks! So only Two True Outcomes for our bullpen.
2008-06-18 20:22:15
417.   mehmattski
408 That's Headley. Headley!
2008-06-18 20:22:27
418.   williamnyy23
411 I have no problem having him start that inning, but am bothered that Girardi didn't have any backup.
2008-06-18 20:23:36
419.   Chyll Will
414 He was at home, washing his tights!
2008-06-18 20:23:58
420.   williamnyy23
Nice to see Betemit chipping in, but hopefully Matsui's knee doesn't keep him out of the lineup long.
2008-06-18 20:24:37
421.   nick
Weeping, you're a medievalist, correct? so you can tell us about knights. If Sir Sidney Ponson were a knight, what knight would he be?

PS--Others feel free to answer, as long as it's dirty...

2008-06-18 20:25:58
422.   Just fair
It's official. More 2 out rbi's tonight than in all of April.
2008-06-18 20:25:59
423.   RIYank
Go Johnny Go!
I was just thinking, there is NO Yankee I'd rather have up in that situation than Damon.
2008-06-18 20:26:09
424.   monkeypants
418 OK, now with another 3 run lead, would you go back to the Whacker, or bring in someone else not Mo? Or does Mo have to pitch since he warmed up?
2008-06-18 20:26:25
425.   williamnyy23
Very nice Johnny...come on more run please!
2008-06-18 20:27:01
426.   nick
Mo will pitch tonight, and we'll have a Farns vs Red sluggers nightmare scenario down the road..
2008-06-18 20:27:16
427.   Chyll Will
421 A sundae knight?
2008-06-18 20:27:43
428.   williamnyy23
424 I would go to Ohlendorf and take it batter by batter. Of course, there's no chance of that happening, which is very frustrating.
2008-06-18 20:28:31
429.   RIYank
I'd stick with Farns.
2008-06-18 20:28:59
430.   nick
425 god, the tyranny of the Save Situation (TM)
2008-06-18 20:28:59
431.   Just fair
421 A midKnight fridge-raider.
2008-06-18 20:29:00
432.   Jeb
421 Sir Kyle the Vile.
2008-06-18 20:30:03
433.   weeping for brunnhilde
414 Where, indeed. Where, indeed.

Just laying low.

It's such a nice thing to return to find we're actually swinging the baseball bats so as to strike the baseball with authority on a routine basis.

Does the heart good.

2008-06-18 20:30:19
434.   Eirias
421 A dead one. He wouldn't be able to speak any local dialect, much less Latin or Arabic. He has no saleable skills. He would be ravaged by diseases for which we possess no immunity. Life for Sir Sidney would be, as Hobbes put it, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.
2008-06-18 20:30:36
435.   RIYank
Sir Loin of Beef.
2008-06-18 20:31:18
436.   dianagramr

Knight of the RoundlyBooed

2008-06-18 20:31:25
437.   Chyll Will
427 A Knight of the Round Label?
2008-06-18 20:32:09
438.   RIYank
Hey, hey. That's not allowed. Everyone's supposed to strike out now.
2008-06-18 20:32:43
439.   Travis08
122 Edgars continue to rake against Mariano.
2008-06-18 20:33:28
440.   weeping for brunnhilde
Mariano Rivera, ladies and gentlemen.
2008-06-18 20:33:44
441.   RIYank
Correct. Thank you, Brian Giles, for reading the script.
2008-06-18 20:33:46
442.   Eirias
434 On that note, there was a long, involved discussion on one of my favorite websites about possible survival tips for anyone suddenly transported to 1000 AD.

Great read.

2008-06-18 20:33:48
443.   williamnyy23
I thought the Yankees got a break on that call, but it did catch the corner.
2008-06-18 20:34:09
444.   RIYank
439 Whoa. Scary. Shoulda walked him.
2008-06-18 20:34:46
445.   Jeb
432 my reference was farnsworth as a knight.

Ponson would enjoy medievel drinking to excess wouldn't he? He could head on down to the mead hall and get fucking blitzed, black out, and attack a village.

2008-06-18 20:35:25
446.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bravo, Team, bravo.

Nice win.

Ah, it feels nice.

2008-06-18 20:35:37
447.   RIYank
Adrian, that was acceptable.
2008-06-18 20:36:01
448.   williamnyy23
I am giving Farnsworth a blown save in this game...he blew a chance to save Mariano.
2008-06-18 20:36:16
449.   Chyll Will
Well, that's that, six games up! :)
2008-06-18 20:36:43
450.   Just fair
Ah, if only that had been the end of game 7 circa 2001. Bygones.
Good stuff, Mo. Love them' afternoon games.
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2008-06-18 20:37:59
451.   3rd gen yankee fan
Season high point!
2008-06-18 20:38:16
452.   Alex Belth
Wow, what a night of simple pleasures. Been great hanging tonight. Up way past my bed time. See ya tomorrow for the afternoon affair. Night y'all.
2008-06-18 20:38:48
453.   williamnyy23
All May, I kept asking, "Is Arod really going to make the difference?" Well, 28 games later, the Yankees are 19-9 since his return.
2008-06-18 20:39:23
454.   Just fair
Some of these Ponson jokes are going to have me laughing for days. Hee-hee.
2008-06-18 20:39:27
455.   dianagramr
night all ...
2008-06-18 20:39:32
456.   Chyll Will
450 Yeah, that would have really cemented his rep as a dominating closer and a true champion, but alas, alack... >;)
2008-06-18 20:39:37
457.   williamnyy23
Good night's Joba time tomorrow.
2008-06-18 20:39:49
458.   RIYank
Okay, see you all tomorrow. Except Jeb, I guess. I expect the Padres to hit fewer home runs, and Cano to have at least six total bases.
2008-06-18 20:41:16
459.   Chyll Will
454 To Sir, With Loaf?
2008-06-18 20:42:29
460.   weeping for brunnhilde
459 Oh, that's terrible.

(And yet I can't but laugh.)

2008-06-18 21:10:37
461.   Chyll Will
460 If you think that's bad, you should see 4 ... good to see you again, buddy!

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