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Nice Night for a Beat Down
2008-06-18 06:44
by Alex Belth
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Last night I got on the subway and stood next to two beefy, corn-fed couples.  They were young, blond, in their twenties, all wearing shorts, a sure sign that they are from out-of-town (it's not that New Yorkers don't wear shorts, we do, but in the summertime, suburbanites and tourists seem to almost exclusively wear shorts).  One of the guys had a tatoo on his leg.  They were talking loudly.  I turned to one of them and asked where they were from. 

"St. Louis.  How did you know we were from out-of-town?"

"Just a hunch." 

The foursome was headed up to the Stadium for their first, and only, trip to see the Yankees.  Next, they are going to Boston to catch the Cards play the Sox. 

I thought of them later in the evening as I was watching the game on TV.  What an ideal night to visit the old place.  Sure, it wasn't a great game--the Padres inept performance made sure of that, as Cliff already noted--but the weather was gorgeous (not a rain drop in sight), Alex Rodriguez hit a bomb, Giambi hit two, including a real shot to left center, Robinson Cano got in some good hacks, and in a blow-out game, the out-of-towners were treated to a vintage three-K performance by Mariano Rivera.  There's a Yankee Stadium memory for you, tension-free and made-to-order.

Rodriguez also made two nifty plays to his backhand side, showing off his strong arm in the process.  But it should also be noted that his Manny Ramirez impression in the seventh inning cost him his first triple of the season.  Rodriguez hit a line drive to straight away center and judging by the way he left the box, watching, jogging, he thought it was good enough for his second homer of the game.  Instead, he cruised into second and not third.  It's a lot easier to see a player Cadillac-it when his team is up, 8-0.  Still, Chubb Rock could have been standing on third with his first triple since May 31st, 2006.

2008-06-18 07:23:48
1.   JL25and3
New Yorkers certainly wear shorts, but there aren't all that many of them at a Tuesday night game, especially not before July.
2008-06-18 07:25:22
2.   williamnyy23
With the perilous way the Yankees have run the bases, I was glad to see Arod cruise into 2B rather than shift back into full gear and strain his quad in the process.
2008-06-18 07:35:12
3.   tommyl
2 I'm amazed with the amount of medical terms I've learned thanks to the Yankees. Lisfranc, hamate, the fun just goes on and on.
2008-06-18 07:51:19
4.   Chyll Will
3 Now that you think about it, Girardi does seem to bring out the best (terms) in his players...
2008-06-18 08:13:19
5.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i gotta get mine, yo.
2008-06-18 08:16:26
6.   tommyl
4 We're not the Mets and we're not the Dodgers. The mets are really painful because they are in win now mode with nothing coming on the horizon.
2008-06-18 08:35:38
7.   Chyll Will
6 You remember the house imploding on itself at the end of "Poltergeist" That's Shea Stadium. Too bad Omar and the friggin Wilpons aren't in there with it right now. To add spice to this very bland mixture, you can toss Reyes in for mucho sabor...
2008-06-18 08:53:59
8.   dianagramr
How desperate are the Indians for offense right now?

They just signed Morgan Ensberg to a minor-league deal.

2008-06-18 09:04:17
9.   tommyl
8 Its a good move. His time with the Yankees was the very definition of small sample size. The Yankees were right to cut bait because they had no spot on the 40-man for him anymore but the Indians got him on a minor league deal. They kick the tires, stick him at AAA. If he starts hitting well, promote him and see how it turns out. If not, release him. Its a low risk high upside move. I still think he can be a useful piece, but it doesn't really matter.
2008-06-18 09:06:28
10.   tommyl
7 I'd feel bad for the Mets except that all my Met fan friends were teasing me mercilessly last year at this time. I do feel bad for David Wright and Johan Santana. Two really good guys in a shitty situation. Poor, poor Johan, thinks he's going to a contender and instead walks into this mess.
2008-06-18 09:18:43
11.   Chyll Will
10 "Oh boo-hoo, Ah've got'da shniff-les..." I'm going over to my uncle's place to help him bury his Mets crap in Narnia...
2008-06-18 09:38:07
12.   tommyl
11 Hey, don't pollute Narnia.
2008-06-18 09:57:16
13.   Chyll Will
13 Fine, I'll bury them under the Green Monster (Manny can tell me a good spot...)
2008-06-18 10:44:10
14.   rbj
2 On that I agree. Late in the game with a big lead is not the time to blow a hammy stretching a double into a triple. Especially if you're the cornerstone of the offense. Earlier in the game or a closer game, sure.

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