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Frick and Frack
2008-06-16 14:12
by Alex Belth
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How about this for an Odd Couple?

Tom Friend has a long piece on an unlikely friendship over at

2008-06-16 14:30:32
1.   Raf
Wot de 'ell?

Don't think we needed that pic of Rose in his snakeskin skivvies...

2008-06-16 14:32:59
2.   rbj
Um, yeah. Isn't there a better or just different picture of Rose anywhere?
2008-06-16 15:40:29
3.   EugenieRose
It's a really good article, though. Can we please just put him in the Hall already? I get so tired out ranting about it.
2008-06-16 15:42:20
4.   thelarmis
i actually knew about arod and pete's relationship for awhile now. my uncle is out in vegas in the sports industry and works pretty closely with pete. he says a-rod is a great guy when he's out there to visit rose.

as far as wang goes... i know cashman says there's no trade market, so not to expect sabathia. well, bavasi just got canned and the new interim GM might wanna unload bedard. i know he's surly and not doing so great this season and had a slight injury early on, buuuuut he did have a lot of success in the AL East up until this season and is left-handed and can carry the 'ace' tag. what would he take, prospect-wise, to get done and is it a possibility?

2008-06-16 15:51:54
5.   Chyll Will
4 Sorry, but sounds like it has "damaged goods" written all over it. I'd stick with the kids on the farm until around the trading deadline and see what we need then... good to see ya again tho >;)
2008-06-16 15:56:59
6.   thelarmis
5 thanks chyll! i've been on the DL/IR most of the year. it's been kinda rough : (

just downed a root beer and headed to work...

i'm all about the kids, too. we're just starting to hit our stride and now this injury. crap! if we had gotten off to a better start, it'd be a little easier to swallow...

have a good night, all...

2008-06-16 16:13:45
7.   rilkefan
That article is just a font of high punditry re A-Rod, the part I could stomach anyway.
2008-06-16 16:19:59
8.   monkeypants
3 Can't we all just agree that the HOF is a private institution with its own rules for induction and exemption, that Rose broke one of the cardinal rules and admitted to it, so he should never be allowed we don't have to rant about it anymore?

Really, who cares? He was one of the great hitters of all time, and that doesn't change regardless of his inclusion or not in someone else's museum.

2008-06-16 16:21:57
9.   Chyll Will
"just downed a root beer and headed to work..."

>;) "Works every time..." feel better, buddy.

Getting back to the matters at hand, anyone have any personal reviews of this?

2008-06-16 16:38:25
10.   Chyll Will
8 For what it's worth, Pete Rose already has a big presence there with game items and his records. The Reds honored him with a big exhibit in the team HOF throughout last season. So no, it's not like anyone's gonna forget about him because he's not in the Baseball HOF, which has debatable criteria for eligibility to begin with. I agree, and I wish Pete would come to that conclusion as well.
2008-06-16 18:12:29
11.   RIYank
Didn't someone express the wish that the Yankees had picked up Colon in the off-season? Reason I ask is, the Sox got a Colonic irrigation this evening.

Dude sucks. He's a fat, old Kei Igawa.

2008-06-16 19:16:17
12.   Mattpat11
11 Speaking of he who should not be mentioned, I have a feeling that there's a bad moon rising.
2008-06-16 20:46:17
13.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Great article about those two, fascinating...the Rose picture though..I'm having trouble with lunch because of that..

[11,12] Stop mentioning Mr.Qwest! He will be pitching for the Rakuten Golden Eagles next year, let's just ignore him until he goes away...

Bedard an interesting idea..but Seattle would want back prospects as good as those they gave up (A.Jones)...

2008-06-16 22:21:26
14.   OldYanksFan
Disturbing disturbing picture...
2008-06-17 03:14:23
15.   JL25and3
12 I heard Cashman on the radio yesterday. Basically, he said that Giese will probably start on Saturday, and that their next option will be Voldemort.
2008-06-17 04:17:59
16.   OldYanksFan
For the love of God Alex, get a different picture.
2008-06-17 04:20:43
17.   OldYanksFan
And in their usual classy fashion (per PeteAbe):
Mets fire Randolph - at 3:11 a.m. June 17
Now this is cowardly, firing the manager on the West Coast and sending an e-mail out at 3:11 a.m.
2008-06-17 04:29:01
18.   Raf
17 Yeah, heard about that this morning. That stinks, the way that was handled. Seems Omar was trying to scoop the media? The timing's a bit odd.

Hope Willie gets another manager's gig in the NL where he can stick it to the Mets.

2008-06-17 04:45:05
19.   tommyl
17 Classy all the way. Is Isaiah Thomas working in the front office for the Mets these days?

Poor Johan, I wonder if he knew the mess he was walking into?

2008-06-17 04:53:59
20.   Sliced Bread
The Yanks should schedule a Willie Randolph Day at the Stadium for the first game of that Yanks-Mets day-night doubleheader 6/27. Welcome home, Willie.
2008-06-17 05:28:28
21.   RIYank
Seems like either the Yankees or the Dodgers should hire Willie. No obvious openings now or in the near future, though.
2008-06-17 07:21:48
22.   Alex Belth
That's why I posted that picture. Just too disturbing...Sorry to bug y'all out like that, I just couldn't resist.
2008-06-17 08:08:24
23.   Raf
22 I just don't want to see the search terms you used to get that picture :)
2008-06-17 10:35:35
24.   JL25and3
God, I loathe Pete Rose.

Hall of Fame? Never, never, never, never, never.

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