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Moose is Money
2008-06-15 06:07
by Alex Belth
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"When you look back on it, you win 10 any way you can do it, it's a good year," Mussina said. "And, actually, my minimum's 11. I didn't stop at 10 in any of those years. I actually made it to 11, just like Spinal Tap."

...He leads the league in victories over his eight Yankees seasons, but he has not been an All-Star since he pitched for the Orioles in 1999.

"It would be great," Mussina said of a possible selection. "It has been quite a few years. For the last year at Yankee Stadium, this late in my career, after the way last year went — yeah, it'd be exciting."
(Kepner, New York Times)

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it. I've been thinking about it for weeks, and it's still such a longshot, number one baseball fantasy wish this season would be to see Mike Mussina finally win 20 games. I don't think it's going to happen--and I'll more than settle for 16-17--I'm just saying I can't think of anything that would make me happier. Just talking about individual performances, that is. Who knows, maybe he keeps pitching after this season after all. Maybe he winds up with 275+ wins.

2008-06-15 06:43:33
1.   monkeypants
Maybe this year is a fluke, but his approach seems so very different from last year and before. I wonder if it took him a couple of years to come to grips with his diminished stuff and to teach himself new pitches. If so, can he remain relatively effective after this season for another year or two? Then again, if Maddux can keep chugging along...
2008-06-15 08:35:13
2.   rbj
Not just Moose changing his approach, but also (IMO) the decrease in PEDs amongst the hitters he's facing.
2008-06-15 09:20:39
3.   OldYanksFan
I think Moose realized his FB is only good when used in very small amounts. I agree with 1 . I think it took a while for his ego to be in line with his stuff. If he stays in shape, he's good for 2009 with the Yankees. Should be able to win 280+.
2008-06-15 10:01:09
4.   Bagel Boy
With how he's pitching this year, I see no reason he can't keep do this for three or four more seasons. He's working the Moyer-magic - just like Hank said he should :)

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