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Knife in the Water
2008-06-22 08:00
by Alex Belth
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The weatherman says we're going to get summer storms this afternoon. Hopefully, they get the game in. I expect the Yankees to knock the hell out of the ball today, don't you?

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2008-06-22 08:01:28
1.   Mattpat11
I want more information on the chili with the cocoa.
2008-06-22 08:04:38
2.   Alex Belth
What more can I offer? Dude, it's so weird that it sounds great. I can vouch for my cousins, they've got good taste, especially in comfort food. Also, America's Test Kitchen, which is almost like the sabermetrician's take on cooking in that it is based on empirical evidence, is virtually fool proof. Their dishes are so good, the recipes are so logical, informative. If you EVER give someone a cookbook, unless it's the Joy of Cooking, you can always rely on an America's Test Kitchen (aka Cook's Illustrated) product.
2008-06-22 08:21:50
3.   mehmattski
I posted this in the other thread, but in case no one goes there:

Cincinnati chili is pretty good, and when I make mine I follow a very similar recipe, but I usually make it much spicier- substitute chili powder and cumin for brown sugar and allspice, and add some jalapenos, or if I'm feeling bold- habeneros.

A fun thing to in a group of people... if someone reveals they've been to Cincy, ask them: "Did you have a three-way?" Everyone else will look at you like you're nuts, and hopefully the Cincy traveler will get it....

A three-way, of course, refers to having noodles topped with chili topped with cheese. It's pretty decadent, even without the risque name.

2008-06-22 08:59:14
4.   Alex Belth
Nice. Good tips. Just finished cooking myself. The division of labor goes, Emily pays the bills and does the laundry, I vacuum and do the cooking. She works late so I prepare her food for the week on Sunday. Today, I made one of her favorites--terriyaki turkey burgers, and a zucchini-oregano soup. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for myself though. I do have some sugar snap peas, shallots and mint, and could hook something up with that. I also picked up a piece of skirt steak. I've only really just started getting the hang of cooking meat properly and I know that skirt steak is good for stir frys. Maybe something with the peas? I dunno yet.

Hmmm. So many choices.

It is raining a little bit here in the BX, but no storm yet...

2008-06-22 09:30:46
5.   mehmattski
Looks like there are a number of storms headed across Jersey straight for the Boogie Down. I imagine they'll wait forever to try and get this game in, even if it makes it a night game. It's not like Cincy's coming back to town, and I don't think the Yankees like the idea of giving up off-days later in the year.
2008-06-22 09:44:08
6.   joe in boston
Alex, wait until the kids come along. Then the division of labor is: whatever she wants, you agree to do. Then you have such cooking delights as: poptarts for dinner, waffles for lunch, whatever works .....
2008-06-22 09:44:27
7.   randym77
The Times has a funny story about Jay Bruce, Daryl Thompson, and Paul Janish getting lost on the subway. They were trying to get to Yankee Stadium yesterday, and ended up in Brooklyn.

Unfortunately for the Yanks, the kids did find their way to the Stadium, thanks to a woman in Brooklyn who gave them directions. (Must have been a Dodgers fan.)

2008-06-22 09:49:44
8.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Keppinger was reactivated today for the Reds and Andy Phillips was DFA'd. Poor Andy, he's just good enough to never have a regular job.
2008-06-22 09:55:16
9.   randym77
Yeah, poor Andy. The Reds are hoping he clears waivers so they can stash him in Louisville again.

He never even got a chance to play in Yankee Stadium again.

2008-06-22 10:21:35
10.   Mattpat11
Its always nice to know you're not gonna get no-hit.
2008-06-22 10:28:00
11.   OldYanksFan
Interesting analysis on Phil Hughes.
2008-06-22 10:41:22
12.   OldYanksFan
I'll bet that effects Gaimbi. That was a tough hit.
2008-06-22 10:42:03
13.   mehmattski
12 Not so much that he can't have a stolen base!
2008-06-22 10:42:13
14.   Mattpat11
Billy Martin would have a field day with Cueto's chain
2008-06-22 10:42:45
15.   Yankees Brasil
That's something you don't see everyday.
2008-06-22 10:43:43
16.   mehmattski
The shoulder-shimmy was priceless...
2008-06-22 10:44:30
17.   mehmattski
Rough break, Robby... he hit the ball hard the other way, which is always a great sign for him.
2008-06-22 10:44:34
18.   Mattpat11
Wait a minute. Posada struck out on that pitch?
2008-06-22 10:44:52
19.   Yankees Brasil
Reds' infielders have played great D this series.
2008-06-22 10:46:30
20.   mehmattski
The radar looks promising for getting the whole game in... the front is currently over Bergen County NJ and moving north-northeast, right past the Bronx.
2008-06-22 10:47:57
21.   monkeypants
11 I'm not sure I would call that an analysis as much as fishing. There is not attempt to compare his release point to other pitchers, especially those with his success: does, say Maddux, vary his release point? For that matter they don't provide any information to correlate pitch movement v. success rate. In the end, such "analysis" allows for any conclusion to be drawn, because all you need to do is make an observation or pick one piece of data claim that it has a causal relation with some or other result. Put another way, had his release point varied more, the article could have drawn the same conclusions; likewise, if his ball moved more it could have drawn the same conclusions ("maybe his ball moves too much). Overall, a pretty weak analysis as presented.
2008-06-22 10:50:41
22.   Mattpat11
When I saw Posada take that pitch, I just naturally assumed that I had the count wrong. It never even occurred to me that Posada might just take a pitch right down the middle with two strikes on him.

I really hate this team sometimes.

2008-06-22 10:52:18
23.   Alex Belth
Enough with this young Reds pitching staff... ENOUGH ALREADY!
2008-06-22 10:52:26
24.   Mattpat11
Is Paul Janish wearing eyeliner?
2008-06-22 10:53:13
25.   Alex Belth
1-0, Damon was too quick on a mistake pitch over the plate, fouls it off..
2008-06-22 10:53:38
26.   Alex Belth
Yikes, c'mon guys.
2008-06-22 10:53:52
27.   Mattpat11
Here we go.
2008-06-22 10:54:37
28.   Alex Belth
This kid does have good stuff.
2008-06-22 10:55:31
29.   mehmattski
Luckily, Andy Pettitte is pitching like it's 2005 again the last few starts.
2008-06-22 10:55:57
30.   Alex Belth
He's got the Yanks completely fooled so far...
2008-06-22 10:56:15
31.   monkeypants
So, will this ever score again?
2008-06-22 10:56:20
32.   Mattpat11
This is gonna be 15 strikeout game.
2008-06-22 10:56:31
33.   mehmattski
I think Cueto is mad at me for dropping him from my fantasy team a few weeks back, and this is my payback.
2008-06-22 10:56:33
34.   Alex Belth
Yanks will need huge 7 inning start from Andy and then some timely hits and they should win this one.
2008-06-22 10:57:15
35.   Mattpat11
That Posada at bat is going to piss me off all day.
2008-06-22 10:57:58
36.   Yankees Brasil
Very painful, and it's only the 3rd inning.
2008-06-22 10:59:51
37.   monkeypants
35 It might even negate three or four of the wins during the 7-game winning streak.

Seriously dude, you seem to get really, really angry...I worry about you.

2008-06-22 11:00:35
38.   mehmattski
So, did anyone see Sabathia's home run yesterday? He murderlized a Chan Ho Park Pitch 440 feet. And that's confirmed by too:

2008-06-22 11:01:40
39.   mehmattski
I didn't need to see the 1995 game again. That's going to piss me off all day. When Griffey crossed the plate, that was the first time I'd ever heard my dad swear. It was a big moment.
2008-06-22 11:01:43
40.   monkeypants
38 But did he hurt his foot jogging around the bases? Seriously, letting him hit a HR is just bad coaching...heads must roll...
2008-06-22 11:05:28
41.   Mattpat11
37 What the hell could he have possibly been waiting for?

And yes, if they get swept by the horrendous Reds, it does ruin the winning streak. Because the New York Yankees refused to show up in the first two months of the year, if they want to get anywhere this year, they can not lose series to, let alone get swept by, the dregs of baseball. They were handed a gift and pissed it away.

2008-06-22 11:06:16
42.   mehmattski
41 I think someone needs a puppy.
2008-06-22 11:07:14
43.   monkeypants
41 I don't know what he was waiting for; that's not the point. You just seem to get awfully upset. I don't want you to go Jim Dean on us, that's all.
2008-06-22 11:07:31
44.   Mattpat11
I think my catcher needs to swing the fucking bat.
2008-06-22 11:10:30
45.   Mattpat11
43 I am upset. If this team sucks, I'd rather just watch them suck. I keep getting yanked around and I keep getting my hopes up, only for them to no show a series at home against wretched baseball team.
2008-06-22 11:12:27
46.   mehmattski
Bases loaded one out, no runs scored?

Somewhere in an alternate universe, on the Cincy Chatter blog, a poster named Mattpat12 has a coronary.

2008-06-22 11:13:26
47.   Yankees Brasil
Pettitte at 75 pitches. Great that he got out of that inning, but we need him to go at least 6.
2008-06-22 11:14:05
48.   monkeypants
41 Now, a more serious response: if they want to go anywhere, they need to win about 95 games (my guess), which means they need to 55-32 the rest of the season, or about .630 W%. If they are swept by the Reds, their last 10 will be 7-3...I'll take that .700 W% all season long, because it doesn't matter against whom the wins come.

Now, you are correct that it would be easier to pad their record against the bad teams, but sooner of later they will need to beat the Rays and the Sox. If not, they will not make the PS, or they will lose in the PS. That is independent of the games against the Pirates and Reds. So in the end, I just won't get too upset about which teams they lose to.

2008-06-22 11:14:40
49.   Just fair
The Reds as a whole may be wretched, but you've got to give props to the 3 studs they have thrown at the Yanks. This just in, good pitchers can shut down an offense.
2008-06-22 11:15:21
50.   Mattpat11
46 At least Bruce swung.
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2008-06-22 11:15:26
51.   cult of basebaal
since i see we continued the cincy chili thread here ...

i suppose cincinnati style chili is okay, but the problem is that most 'natians don't bother to hand make the chili, they use skyline from the can

and skyline chili is a war crime against humanity's tastebuds

vile and pernicious

anyway big, Big, BIG moment for Andy there.

like sam cassell's giant nadded testicle dance BIG

2008-06-22 11:15:36
52.   monkeypants
45 "...and I keep getting my hopes up..."


Huh? I haven't seen a positive let alone hopeful post from you all season.

2008-06-22 11:18:10
53.   Mattpat11
49 Everyone else has figured out Cueto.
2008-06-22 11:18:47
54.   randym77
I don't think there's any shame in losing to the Reds. They are better than their record. A good young team, and a very different team than the one they started with. (Being a small market team without a lot of money, they have to play the arb clock game, and didn't call up young stars like Bruce until the end of May/early June.)

They're out of it this season, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if they're in the post-season next year.

2008-06-22 11:19:03
55.   Mattpat11
I just heard the names Ponson, Igawa and Karstens.

I need a drink.

2008-06-22 11:21:18
56.   Mattpat11
2008-06-22 11:21:25
57.   Yankees Brasil
54 For a team like the Yankees who gave away the first two months of the season and still want to make the playoffs, yeah it's a shame to lose to the last place Reds.
2008-06-22 11:22:14
58.   Yankees Brasil
Will we ever score again?
2008-06-22 11:24:44
59.   mehmattski
57 The Yankees lost to the best pitcher in baseball this season (Volquez) and then are struggling against two of the more heralded young pitchers in Thompson and Cueto. If the Yankees salvage this game, and it is by no means already lost... that's an okay result. No reason to freak out about winning 7 of 10.
2008-06-22 11:24:59
60.   monkeypants
58 A question I have pondered myself 31 .
2008-06-22 11:26:52
61.   Just fair
53 Ceuto's 5 and 7. I don't remember the 5 times he beat the Yanks earlier this year. : )
Seriously, he threw 7 innings and struck out 10 in his debut against the D'backs. And he gave up 1 hit. And Flaherty said about 3 times that he was repeatedly throwing 95 w/o ever getting a ball up over the knees. Yeah, he's a no talent ass-clown. He looks pretty good to me.
2008-06-22 11:28:11
62.   mehmattski
This is the same offense that tattooed the reigning NL Cy Young award winner less than a week ago. Have patience, people.
2008-06-22 11:28:44
63.   Mattpat11
59 Well, if the Yankees are allowed to lose every time they face good or even "heralded" pitchers, we're in really bad shape.

It also doesn't explain why the Yankees couldn't score in the last four innings yesterday or why they're playing keystone kops defense

2008-06-22 11:30:10
64.   Just fair
Steal, Giambi, Steal. : )
2008-06-22 11:30:33
65.   JimCobain
61 Wait a second a heralded rookie starts out on fire then cools off and he is not run out of town? Then he pitches a good game?

Paging Mr. Hughes, paging Mr. Hughes. ;)

59 I couldn't agree more. Remember we have Pittsburg and Muts coming up, another 7-3 run could be right around the corner.

And oh yeah, it's 0-0 in the bottom of the 5th.

2008-06-22 11:31:10
66.   mehmattski
63 You're right, every inning in which the Yankees don't score is a travesty, and everyone should be DFA'd immediately.

Seriously, do you even know the concept of patience? I note with 52 that you were rarely in the comments during the winning streak. Do you only enjoy pain?

2008-06-22 11:31:18
67.   Mattpat11
See Jorge? thats what happens when you move the big piece of wood.
2008-06-22 11:32:28
68.   mehmattski
58 31 And other impatient doubters: Yes.
2008-06-22 11:32:29
69.   Yankees Brasil
Let's see if the Yankees can find a way to not score a run.
2008-06-22 11:33:01
70.   JimCobain
69 Sorry to disappoint.
2008-06-22 11:33:47
71.   ms october
there's that elusive run!

well you know you have to drive it deep to get giambi in and advance jorge.

2008-06-22 11:33:54
72.   mehmattski
I think Cano said something unprintable when that ball was caught. Unprintable in Spanish, anyway. Two really well hit balls, two outs; I'd be ticked too. Keep it up Robby, they'll fall eventually.
2008-06-22 11:34:34
73.   monkeypants
71 What are you talking about? That speedster Giambi already has a SB today!
2008-06-22 11:34:44
74.   cult of basebaal
alright melky, double that run up
2008-06-22 11:34:57
75.   mehmattski
All right everybody, time to do some work.

[rain dance]

Let's... go... Rain! (Clap clap clap).

Lets's... go.... Rain! (Clap clap clap).

2008-06-22 11:35:16
76.   Just fair
Cano has hit the ball as hard as possible 2x in a row. I'm glad to see a little O'Neil shine through in him, though. A little slam of the helmet and shout out loud never hurt anybody. Maybe it has. Who cares.
2008-06-22 11:35:40
77.   ms october
73 my bad - i forgot dark mustache giambi was a speedster.
2008-06-22 11:35:46
78.   JimCobain
75 It is downright pouring out here in Jerz. Hope it keeps moving east.
2008-06-22 11:35:49
79.   monkeypants
I like Melky, I really do. I like patience with young players. At some point they need to think about benching him or sending him down, at least for a little while.
2008-06-22 11:36:25
80.   cult of basebaal
well, at least you made a quick out, what with the threatening sky and all
2008-06-22 11:37:24
81.   Mattpat11
66 I was told the reason the Yankees are allowed to lose to a bad baseball team is they can't be expected to hit good pitching. I was unaware that this category included Bill Bray and David Weathers. That's all.

And yes, I know patience. I patiently waited all of April for this team to show up. I patiently waited through May. Because they didn't, gimme games in June became important.

2008-06-22 11:39:10
82.   ms october
79 i'm with you fully on melky. i was kind of hoping he would get at least a day or so off in pittsburgh, but with matsui's knee acting i'm not sure that's going to happen.
2008-06-22 11:39:26
83.   Yankees Brasil
Comon Andy, don't give up this lead.
2008-06-22 11:39:34
84.   Mattpat11
61 Johnny Cueto over his last 13 games.

Someone is hitting him.

2008-06-22 11:39:36
85.   Just fair
THis has "The Natural" writte all over it.
2008-06-22 11:39:55
86.   randym77
65 It's probably Homer Bailey who's closer to a Hughes analog. He's struggled, and he's back down in Louisville now.

But if he figures it out - and he's as heralded a prospect as Hughes - the Reds rotation will be really scary.

2008-06-22 11:40:17
87.   Mattpat11
And now we're falling down.

Why the hell not.

2008-06-22 11:40:25
88.   Just fair
Natural 6-4 of course. : )
2008-06-22 11:40:51
89.   cult of basebaal
c'mon andy, BIG inning here
2008-06-22 11:41:36
90.   Alex Belth
It's pouring up here in the North Bronx.
2008-06-22 11:42:08
91.   Bob Timmermann
As a fan of chaos, I would like to see the Reds score a run here and then the rain would stop the game and there would be a suspended game that would just be hanging around for an indefinite period.
2008-06-22 11:42:21
92.   mehmattski
81 So, on June 1 if I told you that the Yankees would go 12-8 on their next 20 games (.600 win percentage), would you be pleased or upset? Does it matter which teams the Yankees beat to win those 12 games?
2008-06-22 11:42:21
93.   Alex Belth
Something Wicked This Way Comes
2008-06-22 11:43:27
94.   Bob Timmermann

Stu Miller wasn't "blown off the mound." Miller has always just said that when he went into the stretch, a gust of wind hit him and that caused him to jerk a bit and that caused a balk.

It wasn't like Miller was picked up and dropped into the seats of Candlestick.

2008-06-22 11:43:42
95.   mehmattski
Take your time, Brandon.
2008-06-22 11:44:20
96.   Yankees Brasil
Freaking Pettitte.
2008-06-22 11:45:04
97.   monkeypants
92 I have tried this gambit, but to no avail. It's too bad, because I miss all those patient and hopeful comments Matpat11 posted in April and May.
2008-06-22 11:45:21
98.   Yankees Brasil
Thank you!!
2008-06-22 11:45:51
99.   mehmattski
96 What is your problem with Pettitte? He's allowed one earned run in his last 20+ innings!
2008-06-22 11:46:05
100.   JimCobain
Time to strike this Votto out!
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2008-06-22 11:46:06
101.   cult of basebaal
a bunt? thanks lizard!
2008-06-22 11:46:47
102.   JimCobain
huge punch out Andy, well done!
2008-06-22 11:47:07
103.   mehmattski
It's a TARP!
2008-06-22 11:47:49
104.   cult of basebaal

and now we'll see the tarp, methinks.

2008-06-22 11:48:12
105.   Just fair
These games are much more enjoyable when they are not being viewed from a ledge.
That was a cool k with the wind and the dark and the rain. Especially against Joey Votto, series Yankee Killer.
2008-06-22 11:49:19
106.   JimCobain
Dusty Baker holding an umbrella? Give me a break.
2008-06-22 11:49:39
107.   Mattpat11
92 If baseball was played in a vacuum, perhaps.

But, if you were to tell me that on June 1, that seven of those eight losses would come (2) losing the last two games of a series you were winning 2-0 (2) Spitting a series at home with Kansas City and (3) getting swept at home by the Reds, I would say the Yankees dropped the ball and missed the biggest opportunity they had to get back in the race.

2008-06-22 11:50:12
108.   pistolpete
I'm following on Gameday – did he get out of the inning before the tarp?
2008-06-22 11:51:30
109.   ms october
108 yes
2008-06-22 11:51:36
110.   randym77
108 Yes.
2008-06-22 11:51:53
111.   Just fair
More tarp fun.

2008-06-22 11:53:58
112.   monkeypants
107 "...I would say the Yankees dropped the ball and missed the biggest opportunity they had to get back in the race."

And you would be wrong, because they have gotten back into the race: .5 behind OAK and 4.5 behind TB for the WC, 5 behind BOS for the division, with 87 games to play.

2008-06-22 11:54:04
113.   Just fair
I didn't realize the Yanks were out of the race already. That does blow. Not to mention the Red Sox are about to sweep the Cardinals today. Oh, that's right..........
2008-06-22 11:54:40
114.   mehmattski
107 Well, you could look at the schedule ahead of time and tell me what record you would expect, playing games against the Royals, Twins, A's, Padres, and Reds. And 12-8 does not include today's game, which looks like it could be called after 5.5 innings. That would make the Yankees 13-8 in June and 21-11 since A-Rod returned.

Five games out with 87 to play is not out of the race.

And 97 is correct. I do not remember any patient, hopeful comments from you in April and May. Most of them were like the ones in this thread. Your optimism is rarer than a Carl Pavano start.

2008-06-22 11:55:14
115.   randym77
I saw both Cueto and Volquez in spring training this year. "Electric" was the word that came to mind.

Cueto has struggled a bit, but he's done much better since Dusty Baker told him to quit shaking off the catcher.

2008-06-22 11:57:10
116.   mehmattski
111 They cut me off on Extra Innings... is something similar going on at the stadium?
2008-06-22 12:04:25
117.   cult of basebaal
radar map doesn't look too bad, looks like the nasty weather is over the bronx now, with not much but a little light rain and clearing behind it

i'd bet play resumes within an hour

2008-06-22 12:07:36
118.   Mattpat11
107 21 games against those teams, under those circumstances, with those match ups and I would have penciled in 16 wins. Obviously, it never occurred to me that the Yankees would lose at least six games to Minnsota, Kansas City and Cincinnati and that I'd be begging for a rain out to prevent a seventh.

Maybe I was a little too optimistic about the team.

2008-06-22 12:27:29
119.   monkeypants
118 So, you expected this team to play .762 ball against five opponents. You realize that the 1998 Yankees, who played .704 for the entire season, only played .762 or better baseball against 4 teams: TB (11-1), KC (10-0), FLA (3-0), and PHI (3-0). The 1998 Yankees did, admittedly, play .812 (13-3) against its five interleague opponents combined.

So basically, you expected the 2008 Yankees to play at levels as high or higher than the 1998 Yankees for the month of June. And when they failed to do so, playing only .600 baseball for the first 20 games of June, you are disappointed, angry, upset, and worse of all, you have lost your famous optimism.

Your expectations are crazy.

2008-06-22 12:35:10
120.   Mattpat11
119 I expected the Yankees to win one out of two against Minnesota, 2/3 from Toronto, all four from Kansas, 2/3 from Oakland all three from Houston 2/3 from San Diego and 2/3 from the Reds.

I expected them to beat certain teams more than they lost to them, most notably Kansas City and Cincinnati at home. If that's crazy, then I'm just way to optimistic about this team and their abilities.

2008-06-22 12:38:13
121.   monkeypants
120 As I said, what you expected them to do not even the 1998 Yankees did. Your world must be one of repeated disappointment and much sadness and anger.
2008-06-22 12:43:18
122.   mehmattski
Went to the store, came back in time to see game on. What great timing!
2008-06-22 12:44:19
123.   cult of basebaal
game ON!
2008-06-22 12:45:23
124.   cult of basebaal
122 and skipped everything in between, smart decision
2008-06-22 12:47:33
125.   cult of basebaal
c'mon arod, time for insurance
2008-06-22 12:48:51
126.   mehmattski
I wonder how Matsui passed the time during the 56-minute rain delay....
2008-06-22 12:49:59
127.   monkeypants
121 120 One last comment on these lines: to expect that a team will sweep a four game series suggests a fundamental lack of historical understanding. It is simply unrealistic to expect such an outcome, as four game sweeps are quite rare. The 1998 Yankees played 11 4-game series and only swept 3 (two against the hopeless TB Devil Rays). Last year's Boston Red Sox played ten 4-game series and only swept 1.

If you unrealistically expect a four game sweep, even of the Royals, you are only setting yourself up only to be disappointed.

2008-06-22 12:50:20
128.   cult of basebaal
2008-06-22 12:50:53
129.   monkeypants
Is the game back on? The radio still has some talk bullshit--they haven't cut back to the game.
2008-06-22 12:50:58
130.   cult of basebaal
128 was for 126
2008-06-22 12:52:07
131.   cult of basebaal
129 well, we're talking about it ... so, yes

bottom 6,1st & 2nd, 2 out, pitching change

2008-06-22 12:53:23
132.   mehmattski
Jeremy Affeldt is not a good pitcher. Please hit his fastball approximately 700 feet, Jason.
2008-06-22 12:54:43
133.   mehmattski
132 Only halfway.... but that's acceptable, I suppose.
2008-06-22 12:54:58
134.   cult of basebaal


2008-06-22 12:55:12
135.   Yankees Brasil
A hit with 2 outs and RISP!!!
2008-06-22 12:55:57
136.   monkeypants
131 Shit. They said "the tarp is coming off," went to commercial, and game back to "another hour of sports Sunday." That's just great. Enjoy the game folks.
2008-06-22 12:56:33
137.   cult of basebaal
obviously, jason's problem was that the 'stache was running out of mojo, he just needed to power up with the soul patch juju!
2008-06-22 12:56:42
138.   mehmattski
126 was an allusion to Matsui's infamous hobby. It is unknown whether Girardi bans such films in the clubhouse; perhaps to protect the kittens?
2008-06-22 12:57:18
139.   mehmattski
Hip Hip!
2008-06-22 12:57:20
140.   cult of basebaal
no longer does the lumber slumber!


2008-06-22 12:59:29
141.   Just fair
Nothing like a little rain to wash away them blues.
126 Heh-heh-heh.
2008-06-22 13:00:49
142.   ms october
137 and some just for men - it would have been interesting to be in duane reade when he picked that up

ah edwar in - no hrs today please

2008-06-22 13:01:04
143.   cult of basebaal
138 ah. where did that "news" come from? i've seen several references to it in postings here, but i don't ever remember seeing what the source was.
2008-06-22 13:01:28
144.   Just fair
Easy on the mask, Jorge. You almost whacked Edwar.
2008-06-22 13:02:31
145.   mehmattski
From Nick Cafardo at the Boston Globe:

"Yankees: Brian Cashman will attempt to patch up Chien-Ming Wang's loss with Sidney Ponson for the time being. If that doesn't work, he'll move on to something more serious. If he wants a front-line pitcher, he's going to have to part with Melky Cabrera, and all indications are that he doesn't want to do that."

If there's a GM in baseball who will accept a package headlined not by Cabrera rather than one of the Big Three... then I think you have to make that trade. Brett Gardner can probably fill in for the +4 or so VORP that Melky has in CF.

But I think Cafaro has an opinion of Melky that is higher than that of most baseball GMs.

2008-06-22 13:03:21
146.   randym77
143 I saw it in either Time or Newsweek. They had a story on Matsui, and mentioned that he brings a suitcase full of porn with him everywhere he goes.
2008-06-22 13:04:18
147.   mehmattski
143 Time Magazine:

"Indeed, his only eccentricity, if it can be called that, is his extensive private library of adult videos. His refreshing ability to laugh self-deprecatingly about his porno collection, reporters say, is one reason why fans and even nonfans have taken to him so much."

2008-06-22 13:05:39
148.   mehmattski
Edwar Ramirez: Now that's (a) change we can believe in!
2008-06-22 13:07:43
149.   cult of basebaal
147 thanks, that's great stuff.

at least i know what to start the conversation with if i ever meet him ...

2008-06-22 13:10:35
150.   mehmattski
Uh oh, more storms brewing in the Bronx- specifically in the bullpen.

Get your whiskey ready, Banterites.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-06-22 13:11:48
151.   Mattpat11
121 You're deliberately distorting the numbers, and you know it. The only team I asked the Yankees to play .762 or batter against was Houston. Because the Yankees spit the bit in Kansas two months ago, even winning four games would only bring their winning percentage up to .625 with three games left to play. They would have had a .750% against Minnesota with three left to play, .667 against Oakland with 3 left to play, and .667 against Toronto with 12 left to play.

I didn't ask them to put .762 winning percentages up against five separate teams. I asked them to win 16 of 21 games for a .762 winning percentage over three weeks.

2008-06-22 13:13:09
152.   mehmattski
Not only does Johnny Damon not have hands so strong that he can break bats with them.... most of the time he's slapping at the ball with one hand. So he would have to have superhuman strength in just his right hand.
2008-06-22 13:13:25
153.   Just fair
149 147 HiDicky Kabluey, starring in "The Yankee."
Sorry, coudn't resist.
2008-06-22 13:15:27
154.   Mattpat11
151 That would be .714 against KCR.
2008-06-22 13:16:14
155.   cult of basebaal
152 maybe he's been spending more time with hideki's "briefcase"

because obviously, this team is powered by porn !

you've got giambi and his porn 'stache!

and matsui with his porn stash!!!

2008-06-22 13:18:56
156.   mehmattski
151 So if you're willing to admit that win percentage against specific teams is not as important as the final record in a stretch, I'd like you to do me a favor. Here is the Yankees schedule until the All-Star break:

3 @ PIT
4 @ NYM (well, one at home)
3 vs TEX
3 vs BOS
2 vs TBR
3 @ TOR

Please think about that 18 game stretch and come up with what you expect the Yankees won-loss record to be. I will then bookmark your comment and if the Yankees exceed it, you will be expected to post optimistic things about the Yankees.


2008-06-22 13:19:37
157.   cult of basebaal
and to keep things improper, here comes The Wacker!
2008-06-22 13:21:41
158.   cult of basebaal
norris hopper sounds like some sort of farm machinery
2008-06-22 13:22:30
159.   mehmattski
158 Paging Eli Whitney....
2008-06-22 13:26:22
160.   randym77
601 for Junior. Looks like a Reds fan caught it.

And the Yankees fans give him a standing ovation.

2008-06-22 13:26:29
161.   pistolpete
Well, so much for fans giving him 'the works'

Ok, get Mo up now. Enough of this tomfoolery.

2008-06-22 13:26:55
162.   Alex Belth
I was rooting for Junior to go yard.

Not so much for Farns to make that play. Dickhead.

2008-06-22 13:26:57
163.   Just fair
A Farsny appearance without a homer would be like a day without sunshine.
2008-06-22 13:27:01
164.   cult of basebaal
man, that's some gas between the stadium gun and the tv gun on that 1st pitch to junior.

93 on TV, 101 on the board.

awwwwww, that's so nice of the Wacker, giving up a HR to junior in his last stadium at bat

what a big sweetheart

now MO gets a save opp, too!

2008-06-22 13:27:14
165.   mehmattski
156 I'll do it first. I think the Yankees will go 12-6 (.667) the rest of the way to the All-Star break. Assuming a win tonight, that would make them 53-41 at the break (.582). They were 43-43 at the break last year.
2008-06-22 13:27:42
166.   Alex Belth
Must be a split finger nail. He didn't motion to the dugout until he looked at his hand.
2008-06-22 13:27:51
167.   mehmattski
I think Kyle Farnsworth just saved the Yankees' season with that ill-advised grab.
2008-06-22 13:28:00
168.   cult of basebaal
hahahahahaha! fucking imbecile
2008-06-22 13:28:08
169.   pistolpete
I don't think it's anything serious - seems like he didn't even know he was hurt until he looked at it. Maybe he was just bleeding?
2008-06-22 13:28:14
170.   weeping for brunnhilde
Kyle Farnsworth, ladies and gentlemen.
2008-06-22 13:28:44
171.   cult of basebaal
166 that's a good guess, alex
2008-06-22 13:28:58
172.   nick
155 I see the buddy movie from hell....
2008-06-22 13:29:28
173.   Alex Belth
4 fo Mo
2008-06-22 13:29:30
174.   mehmattski
165 53 wins in 94 games is a .570 win percentage, my bad.
2008-06-22 13:31:02
175.   mehmattski
166 Yeah he grabs his crotch twice before he looked at his hand, which suggests he wasn't even in any pain.
2008-06-22 13:31:07
176.   Mattpat11
156 I didn't say records against individual teams are meaningless. I said you were making shit up when you said I demand a .762 record against five different teams this year. The only team my scenario gave the Yankees a .762 winning percentage against was Houston, who we only play three games against all year. The other two teams that we never play again this year left us with a .667%

I also think the record in the next 18 games is partially dependent on whether they're stupid enough to call up Ponson.

2008-06-22 13:31:18
177.   Mattpat11
Kay is inconsolable.
2008-06-22 13:31:22
178.   nick
let's see, Edwar had thrown 9 pitches--he must have been tired, right?
2008-06-22 13:32:33
179.   Chyll Will
162 Alex, you have my proxy for the entire game today. Absolutely what I was thinking in both cases.

So Kyle looks at himself and then feels pain. Damn, I thought only Pavano could do that...

2008-06-22 13:33:29
180.   Mattpat11
179 I feel pain when I look at Farnsworth.
2008-06-22 13:34:46
181.   OldYanksFan
175 Possible that every time Farns gives up a HR, his balls ache?
2008-06-22 13:34:58
182.   Mattpat11
"Joe Girardi not messing around"

He put in Kyle Farnsworth.

2008-06-22 13:34:59
183.   mehmattski
176 First of all, you're directing insults at the wrong poster. Second of all, you demanded a four game sweep of Kansas City. Thirdly, Ponson will start, at most, two games in the 18 game stretch, because there are a lot of off days.

The point was that you are expecting this Yankees team to be better than what the best dynasty teams could do. You're writing this team off less than a weekend after a seven-game winning streak. You're assuming a sweep before the game is over. You're saying the Yankees aren't picking up ground when it's possible that when the Yankees play again on Tuesday, they'll be only 3.5 games behind.

Do you think the Yankees should win more than 12 of those games? Even with Ponson?

2008-06-22 13:35:18
184.   Alex Belth
Jaiver Valentin, a squat lefty pinch hitting...Runner on second.

Just as they are ready to go, Mo steps off the mound and Jorge goes out to talk with him.

Valentin has an open stance and he is standing far off the plate.

Fastball, low, ball one.

Fastball, low and outside, called strike.

Cutter, inside, popped back foul.

Posada goes out again.

Fastball, low and away. They are trying to catch him looking, he's so far off the plate, but Mo missed location.

Cutter, over the plate, little tapper to the right side. Mo pounces off the mound, grabs the ball and runs to the bag himself.

2008-06-22 13:35:50
185.   nick
181 mine certainly do....
2008-06-22 13:37:11
186.   Alex Belth
Oh, and hey, fellas, settle down. It's cool to disagree but let's keep it civil.
2008-06-22 13:37:12
187.   Chyll Will
180 That goes without saying, but nice hit-and-run play, partnah...

181 If he were a Blue Jay, you know what that would be called >;)

2008-06-22 13:37:14
188.   randym77
I think the Reds are running out of infielders. Who's going to play 3B now? Where's Andy Phillips when you need him...
2008-06-22 13:38:11
189.   weeping for brunnhilde
186 Fuck you too!

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

2008-06-22 13:38:45
190.   randym77
Holy crap. It's Javy Valentin. He doesn't play 3B.
2008-06-22 13:38:54
191.   cult of basebaal
you see what you started with your porn innuendo back in 126 , mehmattski?

now were's talking about kyle farnsworth's aching balls

this banter has gone to hell!

2008-06-22 13:39:21
192.   Alex Belth
hey, anyone watching the Sox? I like that they've got Darling doing these Sunday games.
2008-06-22 13:39:41
193.   Chyll Will
189 You're thinking of LA Confidential, right?
2008-06-22 13:39:46
194.   Just fair
Coco Crisp let off the 8th with a line drive to Ankiel in center. He was running after it, tried to adjust, and fell down like he had been sniped. Scored a triple. Ankiel BUTCHERED IT. UGH.
2-1 Cards.
2008-06-22 13:41:10
195.   thelarmis
194 yeah, and now TLR took out piniero who was rolling. i'm sure boston will score a boatload now... : /
2008-06-22 13:41:16
196.   Alex Belth
189, C'mon yer killin me.
2008-06-22 13:41:16
197.   Chyll Will
191 I didn't see it, and I return my proxy back to Alex, g'day >;)
2008-06-22 13:41:46
198.   thelarmis
192 unfortunately, i have it on tbs, so it's freaking caray and buck martinez. boo.
2008-06-22 13:42:55
199.   cult of basebaal
break a bat, get a hit!

well, unless you're robinson cano

2008-06-22 13:43:26
200.   thelarmis
texiera crushed 3 homers today for the bravos and hit 'em from both sides of the plate.

vicente padilla is 10-3 and K-Rod picked up his 30th save already... i hope junior gets 9 more homers to pass sosa.

shit sox tied it at 2. crap.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-22 13:44:00
201.   thelarmis
willie b as the pinch runner, but big G has a stolen base today!
2008-06-22 13:45:24
202.   OldYanksFan
mehmattski - I appreciate your 'taking on' Mattpatt and Brazil as these guys, who should be ignored, constantly add a level of unpleasantness here. What a surprise, you are not getting through! The problem is, you are using intelligent logic.

As someone who has followed the Yankees since '65, and seen some very, very dark days, the attitude these 2 express is embarrassing to me as a fan. I have met Sox fans who are more flattering about the Yankees then these guys.

2008-06-22 13:45:55
203.   weeping for brunnhilde
193 Actually, no. I think I saw it, but can't recall.

I was just channeling my Yonkers roots.

2008-06-22 13:47:59
204.   Just fair
203 It was a great Eddie Murphy line in coming to America.
2008-06-22 13:48:21
205.   Chyll Will
203 (back again for a moment) Yonkers, eh? What part?
2008-06-22 13:50:00
206.   Alex Belth
2008-06-22 13:50:04
207.   Chyll Will
204 Yeah, that was great; I use that to disarm road ragers >;)
2008-06-22 13:50:42
208.   Chyll Will
206 (sorry)
2008-06-22 13:51:11
209.   cult of basebaal
uh, no mo, Mo, please?
2008-06-22 13:52:04
210.   mehmattski
202 Thanks! I will heed the word of our fearless leader and cool it for the night. I have faith in Mo to get out of this mini-jam. Enjoy the new winning streak, folks!
2008-06-22 13:52:19
211.   Just fair
2008-06-22 13:52:24
212.   OldYanksFan
And taking about RCNB....
ESPN tells me the Sox are down 2-1 in the bottom of the 8th. So I turn on NESN in hopes of catching a Sox loss. JUST as the picture comes on, I see a guy running after a fly ball, overruns it, trys to change direction, and fall flat on his ass, as the ball sails slightly over his prone body.

It is the Cards LFer, as Coco ends up on third, on what is called a triple. Game now tied, 2 out, man on 1st, Nancy Drew up. Oops. Stolen base, man on 2nd.

Toronto broke their 7 game losing streak today. They may not had scored a run all week.

TB down 3-2, bottom of the 9th. Let's hope lastnight does not repeat itself.

Drew walks. Manny up.

2008-06-22 13:52:31
213.   Alex Belth
Cheap-o infield single for Votto, bloop single over Cano's head in a nice at bat by Bruce. First and second, no out.

Corey Patterson. Fastball, called strike. Fastball, outside, 1-1. Cutter, up and in, hacking, 1-2. Fastball, up and in. Shoot, that almost hit Patterson in the hand. 2-2.

Worm burner to Jeter. Steps on second, throw to first is JUST late. Jete's was robbed. He looked out at first. Close.

2008-06-22 13:53:57
214.   OldYanksFan
Manny walks. Bases loaded, 2 out. Lowell up.
2008-06-22 13:54:40
215.   thelarmis
bases loaded in beantown. i don't have a good feeling about this...
2008-06-22 13:55:45
216.   weeping for brunnhilde
Mariano. Fucking. Rivera.

My God.

2008-06-22 13:55:56
217.   Alex Belth
He better not make a mistake to Dunn here. Adam Dunn, pinch hitting, fouls the first pitch back. Oh, man, that was his pitch to drive. Yikes. Nice cutter, in under his hands, fouled back, 0-2. Jorge sitting away...comes back in. Fastball up and away, 1-2. Cutter, inside, fouled into the Reds dugout. Bat splits and goes shooting past Cano into right field.

That was scary. Someone is really going to get hurt by a broken bat sooner rather than later. Fastball, away, misses, 2-2. Another fastball, this one better, lower--pee at the knees, called strike three!


2008-06-22 13:56:00
218.   thelarmis
walked in a run. boston leading 3-2... tampa down to their last strike...
2008-06-22 13:56:24
219.   OldYanksFan
And Perez walks his third guy in a row. Sox up, 3-2. It's like Farnsworth in red.
2008-06-22 13:56:56
220.   Just fair
The 1/2 straight ahead pull the string punch-out. Nice.
4 pitch bases loaded walk in Boston. Bleh.
2008-06-22 13:57:06
221.   Mattpat11
183 I'm not asking them to be better than the best dynasty team. I'm asking them to go on a run like they did last year in July when they went 17-6. You don't have to be some world beater team to go on a three week run.

As for those 18 games, I'll say 10-8. I'm not happy with the number, but that's about as good as I think the team is.

2008-06-22 13:57:53
222.   cult of basebaal
cutter vs hopper, the battle of farm implements!
2008-06-22 13:58:05
223.   OldYanksFan
And Youk strikes out. Day late, dollar short.
2008-06-22 13:58:39
224.   Just fair
Let the healing begin.
2008-06-22 13:58:45
225.   Alex Belth
Norris Hopper. What a great name. Righty. 0-4 today. Fastball, up and away, 1-0. Fastball, low and outside, fouled away--late. Low and inside, 2-1. 27th pitch of the day for Mo. Cutter, a bit high in the zone, foul tipped. Hopper was off balance. Cutter away, he lays off, just misses outside, 3-2. Good discipline by Hopper there. Cutter hit sharply to Rivera. Mo fields, fires, game.
2008-06-22 13:58:53
226.   OldYanksFan
TB loses. 221 Please stop.
2008-06-22 13:58:55
227.   JimCobain
223 Did he throw his helmet?
2008-06-22 13:59:26
228.   thelarmis
tampa lost w/ kaz on the mound.

cards outta the inning. 3-2 boston. last licks against paplelips...

oakland up early...

thank you MO! Yanks win!!! : )

2008-06-22 14:00:23
229.   Chyll Will
Quick comebacker to Mo, who counts the stitches and flips to Betemit. That was a very fine way to end...
2008-06-22 14:00:31
230.   weeping for brunnhilde
205 Fleetwood.
2008-06-22 14:00:55
231.   thelarmis
225 it is a great name! i know someone that went to high school with him in NC. i've got his 2008 Topps card and it's a cool action card that is horizontal as opposed to most of the cards which are vertical.

here's paplebitch...

2008-06-22 14:01:40
232.   cult of basebaal
227 if he didn't, does that mean that jp riccardi wouldn't take him on his team?
2008-06-22 14:02:06
233.   OldYanksFan
Hey Alarmis... I am a full double bass, Blue Oyster Pearl (Ringo model), 1968 vintage set of Ludwigs. Is it worth any real money? Kind of a classic rig.
2008-06-22 14:02:22
234.   thelarmis
ankiel swingin for the fences to amend the one he broke. strike 1. strike 2...
2008-06-22 14:02:38
235.   OldYanksFan
I HAVE a full double bass...
2008-06-22 14:03:04
236.   cult of basebaal
231 i was saying earlier it sounded like some sorta farm machinery ... sorta like, "c'mon earl, go fire up the norris hopper, we've got crops to harvest!"
2008-06-22 14:03:06
237.   OldYanksFan
Papsmear with the K. 1 out.
2008-06-22 14:03:54
238.   Mattpat11
226 When you tell me where I'm wrong. If the 2007 Yankees can go 17-6 over three weeks in July, why is it "crazy" and "asking them to be better than a dynasty team" to expect the 2008 Yankees to go 16-5 in the easiest three weeks of the schedule?
2008-06-22 14:04:16
239.   Just fair
So as Melky is jogging in from Center, Jeter throws his gum at him. Melky does his best Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan and flies through the air and kick it with one foot, lands, and does the Spinning high-five with Cano. Hadn't seen that one
before. : ) Look out Blitzburgh.
2008-06-22 14:04:31
240.   Chyll Will
Norris Hopper ≤ Dennis Hopper...
2008-06-22 14:05:46
241.   OldYanksFan
Papsmear with the K on Molina. 2 out.
2008-06-22 14:06:30
242.   Alex Belth
Paps should mow Duncan down...
2008-06-22 14:07:23
243.   Alex Belth
Good eye, Duncy!
2008-06-22 14:07:27
244.   cult of basebaal
norris hopper < dennis hopper < edward hopper
2008-06-22 14:07:38
245.   Chyll Will
230 Nice... I'd live there in a minute, but it's muy expensive now. Lots of memories and family passing through Yonkers.
2008-06-22 14:07:48
246.   thelarmis
233 hey OYF! (ooh, btw, it's thelarmis) sounds like a great kit! i don't know a whole lot about gear. i believe a lot of those vintage kits - ringo, buddy rich, bonham - have been reissued as current replicas with modern technology, so they're in better shape.

that said, there are loads of folks who pay for the real deal. amanda's texas underground (in nashville) would be a good place to check, but i looked for jonah online somewhat recently and couldn't find him...

hmmm, maybe check "not so modern drummer". i'm sorry i don't know more about vintage gear and their worth. you could call the folks at Long Island Drum Center to see if they could give you a ballpark figure or, at least, some places to check...

but, i would say, if you've got 5-7 of those ludwigs, w/ hardware, and everything is in good shape, then yeah, you should be able to find someone to give you some good $ for them. tell 'em you'll throw in farnsworth at no extra cost! : )

2008-06-22 14:08:12
247.   Alex Belth
Yikes, the 2-0 pitch looked good....a walk.
2008-06-22 14:08:14
248.   cult of basebaal
244 to tie this back to alex's intro
2008-06-22 14:08:41
249.   randym77
I can't remember ever seeing NoHo hit anything out of the infield.

However, I've been a fan of his ever since I saw him in a Pirates game. Ryan Freel knocked himself out diving for a ball. NoHo picked up the ball and surreptitiously slipped it in the unconscious Freel's glove, and it ended up being ruled a catch.

2008-06-22 14:09:20
250.   Alex Belth
Oh, Adam Kennedy. The old Angel. I always hated this guy. Watch him chump out here.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-22 14:09:25
251.   thelarmis
i loved dennis hopper as Feck in River's Edge as a kid...

duncan walked. 4 pitches, i believe. paps first walk at the fens this year. adam kennedy up. ugh. strike 1.

2008-06-22 14:09:46
252.   Just fair
Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, SWING.
2008-06-22 14:09:55
253.   thelarmis
last strike.
2008-06-22 14:10:06
254.   Alex Belth
Kennedy, down 0-2 doesn't stand a chance.
2008-06-22 14:10:34
255.   Chyll Will
244 Won't argue with that... (oh, what the hell,) PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!
2008-06-22 14:11:29
256.   Alex Belth
Kennedy fouls off two high fastballs. Here comes the splitter...
2008-06-22 14:11:54
257.   Alex Belth
2008-06-22 14:11:59
258.   Just fair
WORD. Too bad, PAPS.
2008-06-22 14:12:02
259.   thelarmis
cards tie it up!!! wahoo!!!!
2008-06-22 14:12:23
260.   Alex Belth
Crisp fouls up a line drive.
2008-06-22 14:12:29
261.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-06-22 14:12:47
262.   thelarmis
1 more base hit. c'mon on cards!!!
2008-06-22 14:12:54
263.   Alex Belth
C'mon, big base hit, St. Louie...
2008-06-22 14:13:34
264.   Alex Belth
Buck Martinez has a piercing, unpleasent voice...
2008-06-22 14:13:37
265.   OldYanksFan
2008-06-22 14:13:43
266.   cult of basebaal
hey paps ... "I LIVE IN A WORLD OF SHIT, JOKER!!!"
2008-06-22 14:14:18
267.   OldYanksFan
B-Loan Save!
2008-06-22 14:14:18
268.   Alex Belth
Well, at least the Cards are making it tough...
2008-06-22 14:14:19
269.   thelarmis
233 OYF - i have to keep up on some major items for my students, generally through catalogs and such, but for the most part, i just hit 'em & kick 'em! : )

i know the gear i like and keep it kinda simple...

2008-06-22 14:14:43
270.   ms october
ah paplecrap - maybe you shouldn't be singing milli vanilli style with manny delcarmen
2008-06-22 14:15:15
271.   weeping for brunnhilde
245 I'd imagine. I've not lived there since high school.
2008-06-22 14:15:51
272.   cult of basebaal
264 i don't know if piercing is quite the right description ... his voice is maybe too deep for that, it's the grating, grinding nasality of it that bugs me
2008-06-22 14:16:21
273.   thelarmis
264 yes, but i'd rather martinez, eric young and tony gwynn talking non-stop than having to suffer w/ chip caray. i'm so glad most of the braves games here in Atlanta are on FSN now w/ jon sciambi and joe simpson - they're actually pretty damn good!
2008-06-22 14:17:31
274.   weeping for brunnhilde
251 Whence the incomparable word "Feckweed" as in, "You got anything to smoke?" "Nah, but we can just go get some Feckweed."

I've not seen that movie in over a decade.

Might be worth a revisit.

2008-06-22 14:18:01
275.   thelarmis
good pitching matchup tonite on the 4-letter network: dempster vs. vazquez. might watch on mute whilst listening to musik...
2008-06-22 14:18:10
276.   Chyll Will
270 Girl, you know it's true... ooh-ooh-oooooh, he's a shmoo...
2008-06-22 14:19:23
277.   OldYanksFan
269 Thought a rich dude like you might be interested....
2008-06-22 14:20:24
278.   thelarmis
274 nice! i actually don't remember that word. i've always been VERY anit-dope, so i probably blocked that out as a kid... Clarissa was HOT. not sure the actress, guess i could look it up. but yeah, it might be worth seeking it out - i'm sure we can find the dvd pretty damn cheap...

1 out in the 9th.

2008-06-22 14:24:36
279.   thelarmis
277 HA! that's awesome: rich! as if. freelance musician guy working 6-7 days a week, sometimes 2 jobs/day - huh, you might think, and i guess it would be nice, but good lord am i underpaid!

my drum studio is already really filled up. i might need to add another hardware bag and i've been threatening to have a fusion kit custom made for me, but i just don't really have the room right now.

my nephew in queens is just starting to play, but he's not ready for a monster kit like yours!

they actually have vintage drum conventions and stuff. i'm sure they blow through boston at some point. you could also try and sell 'em to a kid at berklee or something...

2008-06-22 14:25:44
280.   thelarmis
easy bottom of the 9th for the cards.

leadoff card on base top 10th. blooper into the triangle in short center...

paps out, oki in...

2008-06-22 14:26:46
281.   thelarmis
wow, KC came all the way back and has tied SF at 10! good for them.
2008-06-22 14:27:28
282.   thelarmis
276 i've got crickets for sale. i'll throw in a case of root beer if you buy OYF's drums! ; )
2008-06-22 14:29:19
283.   thelarmis
walk. 1st & 2nd, 1 out. light rain at the fens. rookie callup at the plate. ah shit, 1 pitch, popped out to 2nd. crap. ankiel up. he's due. let's see...
2008-06-22 14:32:25
284.   OldYanksFan
Don't know if the Cards can hold on for 2 innings. but Boston doesn't have much left in the BP. I guess Oki will go another inning if necessary. After that...?
2008-06-22 14:36:29
285.   OldYanksFan
Oh shit.... man on 3rd, 1 out...
Meanwhile, my very favorite tap dancin' Big Lug is posting the following:
.271 .403 .575 .978
I really think he has a shot at MVP.
2008-06-22 14:37:28
286.   Just fair
I am glad the Sox have so many youn'ns I can root so vehemently against in the forseeeable future.
2008-06-22 14:37:39
287.   OldYanksFan
Pitching to Nancy with first base open?
2008-06-22 14:38:20
288.   OldYanksFan
2008-06-22 14:38:34
289.   Just fair
OY. That was strike 3 on 2-2. Ah, he k'd anyway.
2008-06-22 14:40:05
290.   OldYanksFan
Check swing K in the dirt! 2 out! Here comes Manny... oops.. I man Moss, who PR for Manny (he he he).
2008-06-22 14:40:22
291.   Just fair
288 You forgot about all of his stolen bases. : )
2008-06-22 14:40:58
292.   OldYanksFan
OK. Moss out, Casey in. 3-3, man on 3rd, 2 out, bottom 10th.
2008-06-22 14:42:31
293.   OldYanksFan
I will say rooting for the Sox to lose in extras when they are at home is hard work! And Casey flies out to LF.
2008-06-22 14:43:28
294.   Just fair
292 It's always interesting to watch another team fail at what drives us all nuts as Yankee fans. Such as failing to score after a lead off double. Perspective.
2008-06-22 14:46:34
295.   Chyll Will
282 It's cool, I have the pleasure of saying it wasn't my joke >;)
2008-06-22 15:04:21
296.   cult of basebaal
c'mon izzy, wiggle off this hook!
2008-06-22 15:08:12
297.   Alex Belth
Aw, man. Sox are going to win this here...
2008-06-22 15:12:27
298.   thelarmis
have faith, alex! 1 more out here, thank you please...
2008-06-22 15:12:44
299.   OldYanksFan
Talk about swinging at a bad pitch! 2 out.
2008-06-22 15:13:04
300.   OldYanksFan
Sox have no BP left...
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2008-06-22 15:13:47
301.   OldYanksFan
2008-06-22 15:13:59
302.   thelarmis
Izzy!!! 2 k's right there. goin' to the 12th...
2008-06-22 15:14:01
303.   3rd gen yankee fan
That was awesome!
2008-06-22 15:14:06
304.   cult of basebaal
izzy sends cards fans into a tizzy!


2008-06-22 15:15:05
305.   Just fair
Wow. This game started at 1:30. Nearly 5 hours later...
2008-06-22 15:23:44
306.   ms october
uh oh though - ron villone is warming up
2008-06-22 15:28:06
307.   Just fair
You have to to be effing kidding me. 3rd times a charm. I'm will to bet a nickel the Sox don't blow it this time. And as a type, Holy Shit.
2008-06-22 15:28:09
308.   cult of basebaal
way to farnsworth that ball, ronny!
2008-06-22 15:28:13
309.   thelarmis
that was pretty awesome! : )
2008-06-22 15:30:57
310.   Just fair
Dustin Pedroia irks me in every negative way possible. I need to get over it but it is just too difficult.
2008-06-22 15:32:22
311.   cult of basebaal
c'mon redbirds, lucky 13!
2008-06-22 15:35:13
312.   RIYank
310 You don't have to get over it. Embrace it.

So, another squandered lead-off double!

2008-06-22 15:35:52
313.   OldYanksFan
3 innings in a row with lead off DOUBLES in extra innings...
at Home...
by the best team in the league...
in the game...
in the universe!...
and yet...
they are still playing.
Is this possible?
2008-06-22 15:36:44
314.   RIYank
Ooooh, Javier Lopez. The Cards' chances rise...
2008-06-22 15:38:23
315.   OldYanksFan
Without Albert Pujols, this does not look like much of a team. However, they have ELEVEN players on the DL. 8 pitchers and 3 position players.
2008-06-22 15:40:18
316.   RIYank
It's nice to see that umpires use Strike Zone Randomizer (tm) in other games than ours.
2008-06-22 15:40:43
317.   OldYanksFan
Guess we got the wrong Duncan?
2008-06-22 15:41:35
318.   RIYank
Nah. Ours could hit Javier Lopez too.
2008-06-22 15:42:08
319.   OldYanksFan
How could they send Duncan!!!!!!!!!!
He was out by 10 feet!
2008-06-22 15:42:13
320.   cult of basebaal
317 i dunno, our duncan would have blocked varitek into the back wall on that play
2008-06-22 15:42:33
321.   RIYank
2008-06-22 15:43:16
322.   cult of basebaal
fuck. you don't send and that fly ball gives you the lead. grrrrr.
2008-06-22 15:43:22
323.   Just fair
Boy, that was nuts. Varitek just put his head down and braced himself. If Big Frankenshelly just slid, instead of trying to kill the C, he may have been safe.
2008-06-22 15:43:37
324.   OldYanksFan
Shit! They will lose this for their stupidity. Do they have Meachum coaching at 3rd?
2008-06-22 15:43:57
325.   RIYank
... and that fly ball would have been the go-ahead sac. Oh well.
2008-06-22 15:44:32
326.   monkeypants
238 "When you tell me where I'm wrong. If the 2007 Yankees can go 17-6 over three weeks in July, why is it "crazy" and "asking them to be better than a dynasty team" to expect the 2008 Yankees to go 16-5 in the easiest three weeks of the schedule? "

First of all, I was the poster who said your expectations were crazy, not OldYanksFan or Mehmattski.

Second of all, there is a difference between hoping that the team makes a run a some point this season and demanding that it come at a specific point in the season--indeed, demanding a specific win total against given teams over that stretch of games.

You invoke the 17-6 stretch from last season, a .740 winning %, basically winning 3 out of 4 for 20+ games. Long stretches of .750 baseball are unusual, even for the best teams. So expecting such a streak at a specific point in the season is merely setting yourself up for disappointment. This is not to say that the 2008 Yankees won't snap off such a run. At the same time, I can't be too upset about the current stretch since the Tornoto series at the beginning of June: 13 wins in 19 games over six series, or .680 winning %.

Thirdly and finally, my main point is that you have never, as far as I have seen, posted one positive comment this entire season--your posts seem to range from bitter to resigned to angry to disappointed. Have you found no joy or pleasure in watching games or following the team this season?

2008-06-22 15:46:02
327.   Just fair
319 Bobby Meacham scooted up the the Fen right quick after the Yankee game, donned a Red-Bird uni, and became the defacto 3rd base coach. : )
2008-06-22 15:46:13
328.   OldYanksFan
Jeez. Nancy fielded that more then 1/2 way to the infield. STUPID! Jeez... no double, just a single. A HR in any other park.
2008-06-22 15:47:01
329.   RIYank
326 Sure. Coddle them. Make excuses. I guess they aren't being paid enough to win 17 out of 23.

(jk jk jk)

2008-06-22 15:49:15
330.   RIYank
2008-06-22 15:49:16
331.   OldYanksFan
(throw up in mouth a little).
Chalk up that loss to Meacham.
2008-06-22 15:49:38
332.   thelarmis
fuck. and shit.
2008-06-22 15:50:19
333.   Just fair
{329} You are corrcect about embracing my hatred. I FUCKING HATE KEViN YOUKLIS. Ah, that feels good. : )
2008-06-22 15:51:30
334.   OldYanksFan
I haven't counted, by there may be as many posts about the Sox as the Yankees. At least TB loses.
2008-06-22 15:54:53
335.   cult of basebaal
now that was the ron villone we knew and loved.
2008-06-22 15:57:15
336.   OldYanksFan
Anybody see this post at RLYW?
"AL Centerfield Offense and Defense through June 21"
2008-06-22 15:59:17
337.   RIYank
335 It wasn't Villone. Mike Parisi came in for coup de grace.
2008-06-22 15:59:17
338.   cult of basebaal
326 mp, i appreciate your (and others) effort in these things but i can't say i have any hope that you're going to have any effect on mattpatt. he's been a remarkably consistent poster in his entire time here on banter.

to quote strother martin, "what we have here ... is failure to communicate. some men, you just can't reach, so you get what we had here today. and i don't like it anymore than you men ."

2008-06-22 16:00:38
339.   cult of basebaal
337 ah, missed that with the tv on in the background.
2008-06-22 16:02:48
340.   cult of basebaal
334 still a loooooong way to go and this team has been playing much better since arod and cletus got back.
2008-06-22 16:26:05
341.   monkeypants
338 Thanks. You're right of course.

329 : )

2008-06-22 16:51:10
342.   Mattpat11
326 The reason I'd have wished the Yankees took care of business against bad baseball teams is, quite frankly, I don't think this team as presently constructed is good enough to go on a big run against anyone else, especially with the loss of Wang. I think if we wind up missing the playoffs by two games, this series and the Kansas City series are going to be looked at as the biggest missed opportunities of the year. There are just some games you have to win, especially if you no-show April and May.

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