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So Much Soul I Had to Step to the Left
2008-06-17 09:12
by Alex Belth
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Few things remind me of why I love New York City more than the great game of Double Dutch

Ya heard?

2008-06-17 09:18:50
1.   tommyl
Alex, you're a posting machine today! :)
2008-06-17 09:25:18
2.   Raf
Damn, do kids even double dutch anymore? Parks are overrun with kids playing catch, soccer, volleyball and whatnot.

Nice side. Hadn't heard that in a minute. Took me back. First tune that comes to mind when you say "double dutch" is Frankie Smith's "Double Dutch Bus." Nice to hear Malcom McLaren again; just caught the "Buffalo Gals" video on NYCTV (The Bridge) last weekend. Fab Five Freddy came at Hurricane Chris, it was great :)

You've been firing on all cylinders with your musical references. Props.

2008-06-17 09:40:18
3.   horace-clarke-era
Coming soon: Wii Double Dutch!

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