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A Damn Shame
2008-06-13 12:11
by Alex Belth
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Earlier this week, Jay Jaffe wrote:

The obituaries have been all too full of familiar names in recent weeks, men whose life's work brought me a great deal of joy, countless hours of entertainment, and plenty of food for thought. Since Memorial Day alone, we've lost director Sydney Pollack, actor Harvey Korman, musician Bo Diddley, and sports broadcaster Jim McKay. Today's bad news is the passing of writer Eliot Asinof. He was 88.

Tim Russert died today. He was just 58. I don't know his work well but understand that he was well-regarded. He was certainly accomplished and I liked him enough when I did happen to see him on TV. I know he was a big baseball fan. He died of a heart attack. He was at work. Oh, man.
2008-06-13 16:01:12
1.   OldYanksFan
Amongst other things, Russert was the host/moderator of 'Meet the Press', which is the longest running TV show in history, originally airing in 1947.

If Russert wasn't the best journalist around, he was certainly in the very top tier. With the incredible lack of real news, broadcast by literally dozens of stations, the loss of Tim Russert is a terribly blow to the people's 'right to know'. I will miss him dearly, as will tens of millions of Americans.

2008-06-13 16:55:46
2.   rbj
In an industry of shouters, Tim's quiet demeanor spoke volumes.

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