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2008-06-11 16:47
by Alex Belth
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It's Rasner vs. Duchscherer tonight in Oakland.

Can the Bombers jump to two whole games over .500?

I can't call it, man.

Let's Go Yanks!

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2008-06-11 17:33:19
1.   kylepetterson
Yanks 108 | A's -4

You heard it here first, folks

If you need me, I'll be in my office.

2008-06-11 18:46:08
2.   RIYank
Google is down.
How is that possible???
2008-06-11 18:54:54
3.   Shaun P
2 ??? I was just using Google to do some patent searches.
2008-06-11 19:02:40
4.   Knuckles
I got no issues w/ Google. I do have issues w/ XM giving me the A's feed tonight.
2008-06-11 19:09:58
5.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
back to previous pop also said that Mantle could have been the best ever without the booze and injuries..even so his stats are still amazing. But Joe D...what a swing! Photos of him in action always capture something special...

Anyone see Schilling's blog yesterday about Kobe? some guy in LA Times just blasted him for much fun to pile on Mr. Patriotism..

2008-06-11 19:14:17
6.   OldYanksFan
Reposted from last thread (sorry)

In terms of career OPS+ and WinShares, it goes Mantle (6th, 3rd), Cobb, Mays, Joe (a bunch of OFers) and Junior.

It should be noted that Cobb played 24 seasons (with a 112 OPS+ in his last year), Willy 22 seasons (the last pretty much a dud), Mantle 16 and Joe D. played 13.

B... Ruth 195.6 WS in 22 seasons
HWagner 179.0 WS in 21 seasons
MMantle. 178.4 WS in 16 seasons
Ty Cobb 173.6 WS in 24 seasons
W. Mays 164.6 WS in 22 seasons
Joe D.... 150.9 WS in 13 seasons

Imagine... Cobb play 50% longer then Mickey and almost twice as long as Joe D. Imagine if Joe and Mickey could have played 20 years.

2008-06-11 19:18:06
7.   OldYanksFan
Everyone go to bed already?
2008-06-11 19:22:24
8.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
7 not here OYF, 11:20am! :)
Joe D robbed by WWII but how old was he when he retired?
man, still can't get over that strike out info about him and Yogi...impossible!
2008-06-11 19:26:58
9.   3rd gen yankee fan
I bet the Oakland fans loved that homer.
2008-06-11 19:27:41
10.   mehmattski
Cy Rasner and the Giambino are hard at work already!
2008-06-11 19:29:02
11.   tommyl
I like the Ruthian version of Jason Giambi. Can he stay for awhile?
2008-06-11 19:29:56
12.   OldYanksFan
2008-06-11 19:31:13
13.   ny2ca2dc
11 So do I. At some point Giambi is going to look like a really good alternative to Tiexiera for next year... I bet he'd take a Mussina-type 2 yr x 10M per contract. Might be worth it too. Sure looks like it was the injuries that hobbled him, not just age/decline.
2008-06-11 19:32:19
14.   Shaun P
8 Remember too that back then, many (most?) pitchers did not try to strike guys out. Pitch to contact was the name of the game.

For example, in 1950 when Yogi struck out just 12 times, Bob Lemon struck out the most batters in the AL with 170 (in 288 IP). Early Wynn led the AL in K/9, with 6.02. Fred Hutchinson of the Tigers led the AL in K:BB, with 1.48.

In comparison, in 2008, CC Sabathia leads the AL in Ks with 87 (in 91.3 IP). Wynn's 6.02 K/9 would be 25th in the AL in 2008, and Hutchinson's 1.48 K:BB would be 41st in the AL.

2008-06-11 19:32:27
15.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
13 yep...not that i was one of those callnif for his DFAing earlier this year..ummm...but 2 x 10m sounds great. really tired of endless contracts for lumbering slugger types, i say stay away from Tex...
2008-06-11 19:33:20
16.   cult of basebaal
5 i've got no problems with what schilling wrote, he's not the first to call kobe out for slagging his teammates during games and generally behaving like a selfish, self-absorbed prick.

in any case, there are few sports writers who are bigger douche-nozzles than tj simers. he's in an elite class, along with mariotti and plaschke (also from the times, what an awful sports section) of writers whose "opinions" are worse than worthless.

2008-06-11 19:33:43
17.   tommyl
Rasner is giving a clinic in how to pitch. For all the guys that can throw 95mph, all you have to do is pitch. Mix speeds, change the batter's eye level and voila, you're a good pitcher.
2008-06-11 19:34:28
18.   Shaun P
13 Beware the hitter in his free agent year!

I'd prefer the Yanks offer Giambi no more than a 1 year deal - he will be 38 - and for not a lot of dough, either. They are going to pay his $5M buyout - why should they pay him another $10M?

In any case, I am still happy to see him crushing the ball, and I hope he stays healthy.

2008-06-11 19:35:01
19.   Just fair
Rasner got seriously jobbed his last start. I hope he throws another gem to stay on the path to righteousness.
Or something like that. He's certainly off to a good start.
2008-06-11 19:35:45
20.   cult of basebaal
nice start for the Raz!
2008-06-11 19:36:22
21.   OldYanksFan
17 Really, Raz pitches like a cool veteran. He looks so relaxed out there.

Soriano out for 6+ weeks with a broken hand (HBP).

2008-06-11 19:37:18
22.   Shaun P
15 If Teixeira could be had for 4 years though . . . and he's not exactly a lumbering slugger. He's got a very good glove and, IIRC, is considered very athletic.

The biggest difference is that Tex will be 29 next year; Giambi was 31 when he played his first season in pinstripes. Those 2 years can make an awful lot of difference.

2008-06-11 19:37:45
23.   ny2ca2dc
I love watching Raz when he's on. (OK i like watching any of our guys pitch well...) Just reminds me of what Kennedy is/should be/could be/will be.
2008-06-11 19:38:26
24.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
16 totally unfamiliar with the LA Times so take our word for it. But Kobe gets a raw deal, MJ did the same (if not worse) to his teamamtes...
And Schilling still a complete buttwipe...
2008-06-11 19:38:27
25.   ny2ca2dc
22 I don't think there's any chance Tex signs for less than 6 years at over 100 mil.
2008-06-11 19:38:52
26.   tommyl
Hey, a walk! I remember when we used to get those all the time.
2008-06-11 19:40:15
27.   Just fair
OYF. Did ya catch Billy Wagner giving up a 2 out 3 run homer in the ninth to blow a 3-0 lead? LIfe's not getting any rosier in Queens.
2008-06-11 19:40:21
28.   tommyl
23 Just remember, Kennedy is all of 23. Rasner is 27 and was released by the Nationals (who now have Ty Clip in their rotation). I think both Hughes and IPK will be just fine, it just might take some time. The key is for the Yankees to stay with them.
2008-06-11 19:41:59
29.   tommyl
27 And Dodger Thoughts had a post today wondering why Kuo (one of their best relievers) never pitches while Scott Proctor is brought in to every game even though he sucks.

Hmmm...where have I heard something like that before?

2008-06-11 19:42:06
30.   OldYanksFan
Giambi said he would LIKE to play another 3 years. Shef got 2 years at $14m and Jason almost always has better numbers.

What's a .900+ OPS guys worth? Neither Beltran or Sori are consistantly at .900 and they make $17-18m. Drew makes $15m. If Jason is healthy at the end of the year, the Yankee's best bet might be to exercise their option, which would cost $17m, but only a one year commitment.

2008-06-11 19:42:43
31.   3rd gen yankee fan
Go former A's! (and Jeter)
2008-06-11 19:43:26
32.   3rd gen yankee fan
29 Ouch for DT.
2008-06-11 19:43:37
33.   Just fair
How come Damon left his high socks in the Bronx?
Must score at least 2 runs out of this. Please.
2008-06-11 19:44:16
34.   tommyl
Yeah, that was kind of a strike to Bobby right there.
2008-06-11 19:44:20
35.   OldYanksFan
27 Jeez... poor Willie. The Mets were already riding a 5 game losing streak. Come back Willie. We still luv ya in da Bronx.
2008-06-11 19:45:16
36.   OldYanksFan
Have we been 3 games over .500 yet this year?
2008-06-11 19:45:23
37.   tommyl
Damnit Bobby, you have to put that ball in play. Ok A-Rod time to pick him up.
2008-06-11 19:46:01
38.   nick
facing Duchscherer....a guy who must inevitably be nicknamed "the Duch"...or should it be "the Duchsch"?
2008-06-11 19:46:28
39.   tommyl
36 No
2008-06-11 19:47:20
40.   Just fair
36 I think the tv guys said the other night that 2 over was the high water mark a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away.
2008-06-11 19:48:17
41.   tommyl
Doh, that was not good. Alex looks really confused by Douche.
2008-06-11 19:48:36
42.   Just fair
Like I said, strand both runners on 2 caught lookings.
Double shite.
2008-06-11 19:49:00
43.   monkeypants
30 We rarely agree, but I'm with you on this one. If Giambi stays healthy and hits and shows he can play some in the field, the Yanks should strongly consider resigning him. I would by him out for 5 million and then offer a two year deal--for how much, I have no idea. 10 million/year? 12 million/year?
2008-06-11 19:49:08
44.   Shaun P
D'oh. Duchscherer made some good pitches there. At least the Yanks made him throw a lot (23 pitches that inning).
2008-06-11 19:49:11
45.   mehmattski
38 Could he be the "Biggest Duchsch In the Universe?"

2008-06-11 19:49:27
46.   nick
41 ok, I'll burn in hell for this, but what should the A's announcers say if they think the ump is giving Duchscherer a small strike zone this evening?
2008-06-11 19:51:22
47.   tommyl
Well, he might hit like Ruth but he fields like shit.
2008-06-11 19:52:06
48.   Just fair
Yuck. He looked perfect rounding the grounder and then Whoooppeeee!!! That was frightful.
2008-06-11 19:52:45
49.   Just fair
See, Alex. It's not that hard. : )
2008-06-11 19:53:02
50.   cult of basebaal
24 i live in LA, so trust me on this, Kobe would have to slaughter tommy lasorda, defile the corpse and then make him into cupcakes to serve to schoolchildren before this town would think of turning on him. you can't swing a dead cat over your head around here without hitting a kobe apologist.

frankly, as great a player as he is, he seems a complete prick of a teammate

back to the matter at hand, there's been a lot of nice curveballs in this game ...

oopsies, big g ... good thing you're strong with bat!

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2008-06-11 19:53:45
51.   monkeypants
47 More precisely, he fields ok, but throwing...
2008-06-11 19:53:48
52.   OldYanksFan
43 If you give him $5m + $10-$12, why not just take the option for $17? That way it's only a one year gig. You want 2?

Oops! You see see Jason thinking... "Now just don't screw up the throw..."

2008-06-11 19:53:50
53.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
38 great...
anyone remember the old SNL skit with "Lord&Lady Douchebag"?

what's the latest on CC Sabathia? if Cleveland nosedives this season will he be on the block?

2008-06-11 19:54:41
54.   tommyl
I do not understand this. Don't you have to pop up two straight bunts and then strike out? or at least GIDP?
2008-06-11 19:55:08
55.   51cq24
53 i don't think we'd want to give what they'd want for the rest of the season
2008-06-11 19:56:01
56.   mehmattski
Jack Hannahan's name, meanwhile, reminds me of this:

2008-06-11 19:57:02
57.   cult of basebaal
2008-06-11 19:57:24
58.   OldYanksFan
CC might be on the block, but won't he be cheaper as a FA? Cleveland will want at least 2 or 3 players/prospects. Plus, I'd like to see how he finishes the year.

I not sold on CC at 6/$115.

2008-06-11 19:58:13
59.   monkeypants
52 I couldn't remember what his option was for next year--I thought it was 25 million or so. Anyway, lets say it's 22 million. If you can keep Giambi for 22 million/1 year, why not spend 25 or million for two years (including the option)? Basically, for the same cost (a bit more) you get twice as much service. The worst case scenario would mean that you cut him and eat the money, which you would have to pay anyway to pick up his option.
2008-06-11 19:59:00
60.   tommyl
C'mon Ras, pitch out of it. You can do it.
2008-06-11 19:59:06
61.   Yankees Brasil
Things falling apart quickly.
2008-06-11 19:59:12
62.   monkeypants
58 Though signing him as a FA costs draft picks.
2008-06-11 19:59:14
63.   williamnyy23
The inability to hit with men in scoring position and play adequate defense is keeping this team from going on a winning streak. They could probably survive one or the other, but both makes winning consistently very difficult.
2008-06-11 19:59:39
64.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
58 neither. wow, remember when Kevin Brown got the first 100mil contract for a pitcher and how amazed everyone was? now seems standard...and stil incredibly stupid...

watching Gameday, were those hard-hit balls of Rasner?

2008-06-11 20:00:47
65.   tommyl
64 Here and there. One was a grounder threw the hole, but the last few, yeah those were hits.
2008-06-11 20:00:53
66.   51cq24
56 that's not getting out of my head for a couple days
2008-06-11 20:00:57
67.   SF Yanks
Thanks Jason for the homerun, but no thanks for the 3 here.
2008-06-11 20:01:00
68.   Just fair
Crosby and Cust ripping. A-Rod and Abreu looking silly. Damn. Now Chavez. 4 hits in a row. Let's Wang your way outta this.
2008-06-11 20:01:25
69.   cult of basebaal
2008-06-11 20:01:25
70.   tommyl
Rasner has really lost his touch this inning. He's all over the place.
2008-06-11 20:01:40
71.   williamnyy23
62 That's the key...what is the value of the draft picks relative to the prospects surrendered.
2008-06-11 20:02:17
72.   mehmattski
64 Sharply hit, but I wouldn't call them hard-hit. Cust's hit was a grounder and Chavez hit a hump-back liner to left that landed in front of Damon.
2008-06-11 20:02:59
73.   OldYanksFan
59 It's $22, but you save the $5... so it's a Net of $17 if they exercise the option. I don't know if he will go for 2/$20. Thomas got more then that and he's in worse shape. 2/$24 means 2/$29. So what's better?

Considering we would be banned from the Banter if we suggested this a month ago, you think going 2 is wise?

2008-06-11 20:03:00
74.   tommyl
2008-06-11 20:03:58
75.   williamnyy23
Abreu seems to rarely get off a strong throw. I don't want to absolve Rasner completely, but you have to think an easy error like Giambi's really wrecked his rhythm.
2008-06-11 20:03:59
76.   Just fair
Ohlie and the stache.
2008-06-11 20:04:10
77.   mehmattski
74 Ohlendorf warming.

The memo that reads "Ross Ohlendorf is not a good long reliever" is still stuck in transit, apparently.

2008-06-11 20:04:53
78.   Yankees Brasil
Need to make a change now, Rasner has nothing.
2008-06-11 20:04:58
79.   mehmattski
75 Which makes Rasner more like Mike Mussina than Ian Kennedy...

Okay, now these balls are being hit hard.

2008-06-11 20:05:17
80.   SF Yanks
It can't be THAT hard to get to two games over .500. Can it?
2008-06-11 20:05:42
81.   3rd gen yankee fan
56 Holy pete it has been AGES since I saw that. Thank you.
2008-06-11 20:05:57
82.   SF Yanks
So fucking depressing.
2008-06-11 20:06:16
83.   Shaun P
58 CC isn't going anywhere, because no one is stupid enough to trade prospects for a guy who might walk at year's end (even if it nets that team 2 draft picks).

59 Giambi's option is $22M for '09, with the $5M buyout. I still wouldn't take the chance on signing him to a 2 year deal unless it was for peanuts. Let's not forget, the last time he played over 139 games was 2003.

2008-06-11 20:06:34
84.   OldYanksFan
Giambi's error definitely precipitaed this, but 5 hits in a row is 5 hits in a row.

Crap, that's 6. Razner meltdown. Had to happen sometime.

We can't get over .500

2008-06-11 20:06:35
85.   51cq24
80 it's funny that i remember in 98 or 99 being frustrated that they couldn't seem to win more than 8 in a row
2008-06-11 20:06:54
86.   3rd gen yankee fan
Damn guess I'll be watching more Muppet Show than game tonight.
2008-06-11 20:06:58
87.   SF Yanks
Silver lining: those who waited up to watch now get to go to bed.
2008-06-11 20:07:15
88.   monkeypants
63 Didn't Steve Goldman write an article recently demonstrating that the Yankees are really not hitting that poorly with RISP, that this is a matter of perception over reality?
2008-06-11 20:07:26
89.   cult of basebaal
70 giambi gets no lollipop for this inning, but this is on rasner, though the A's are hitting some decent pitches.
2008-06-11 20:07:56
90.   Yankees Brasil
I don't understand why Girardi leaves his pitchers in to give up a bunch of runs. He did it the other day with Pettitte and now he's doing it again with Rasner. Six runs is obviously not enough.
2008-06-11 20:08:34
91.   Shaun P
73 Frank Thomas is a first ballot Hall of Famer. Jason Giambi is not. Very different, AFAIC.
2008-06-11 20:09:01
92.   williamnyy23
88 Did he? I don't know.

89 I can't put it all on Rasner. Giambi's error was such a simple play. Pitchers are supposed to pick up their teammates, but when you give away an easy out, it has to have an impact.

2008-06-11 20:10:19
93.   tommyl
88 Yes, its on Pinstriped Blog or Bible a few ago.
2008-06-11 20:11:36
94.   williamnyy23
88 The Yankees have a .715 OPS with RISP AND A .694 OPS with 2 outs and RISP. I can't believe that isn't well below the league average.
2008-06-11 20:11:53
95.   51cq24
90 personally i find it refreshing that he lets a pitcher try to limit the damage instead of going to some clown in the bullpen right away. there was a game last year when rasner, who hadn't given up a run, walked a guy with 1 out in the 4th and torre took him out. maybe 6 runs is a lot, but a lot of it is because of giambi, and it all happened so fast that there was never really an ideal time to go to the bp.
2008-06-11 20:12:09
96.   OldYanksFan
Anyone know where you can look up Team RISP?
2008-06-11 20:13:49
97.   Just fair
92 Actually, it does not have to have an impact. Giambi's error had nothing to do wth Rasner missing his spots by the plateful. We might as well blame A-Rod and Abreu for throwing off his rhythm by shitting the bed the inning previous. Oh, wait, that I can get on board with.
2008-06-11 20:14:16
98.   SF Yanks
Anyone think they got 5 more runs in them? Not I, and that's not counting any more runs the A's may score.
2008-06-11 20:14:24
99.   williamnyy23
96's Team splits page...see 94 for the Yankees numbers.
2008-06-11 20:14:59
100.   monkeypants
73 If his option is only 22, maybe it is worth picking it up, then letting him walk as a FA.

It depends if they want to spread the cost out more and thus keep the yearly cost lower. It also depends on how much Giambi wants the security of a two or three year contract, or if he wants to test the market. In other words, would he be willing to sign an extension for cheaper to keep the Yankees from exercising the 5 million option and pushing him to the FA market this year.

As for whether it is "safe" or not, the total number of years don't matter, it's the total cost that is the issue. They have to decide how much resigning Giambi is worth, if anything at all, and then hammer out the years. If he tanks, you simply cut him and eat the additional years, but you still have not spent more than you wanted.

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2008-06-11 20:15:06
101.   nick
96 espn sortable stats; we're 3rd overall in the AL in OPS, but 12th over w/RISP.....
2008-06-11 20:15:10
102.   tommyl
Here you go Jason, time to atone.
2008-06-11 20:15:11
103.   OldYanksFan
94 The average AL OPS is .734. I would GUESS the average with RSP would be lower, so .715 might be 'averageish'... although the Yankees OPS is .768.... so I guess they are 'Unclutch'?
2008-06-11 20:15:22
104.   SF Yanks
Start chippin' away fellas.
2008-06-11 20:15:23
105.   williamnyy23
98 Yes actually, if the lefties hit. Duchscherer is going to be murder on Arod and Jeter with those annoying breaking balls.
2008-06-11 20:17:11
106.   nick
101 Yanks are 762, but only 715 with RISP; the AL averages are 714 and 757 respectively (most teams hit BETTER with RISP)
2008-06-11 20:17:16
107.   williamnyy23
That's what 1B defense looks like.
2008-06-11 20:18:54
108.   51cq24
95 sorry, there was 1 out in the 5th and he gave up a single, and he had actually given up a run in the 4th.
2008-06-11 20:18:57
109.   monkeypants
95 Well said. One of the things that impressed me about Cox/Mazzone was their patience with pitchers when they had a rough inning, especially when all of the hits were not rockets. Of course, they had much better pitchers to work with, but the philosophy is laudable.
2008-06-11 20:18:59
110.   nick
sorry, that should be Yanks 768/715, AL averages 735/757....clicked the wrong thing...
2008-06-11 20:19:24
111.   OldYanksFan
106 I'm surprised... but ESPN says the AL average OPS is .734, and Yankees .768. Where are you getting your numbers from?
2008-06-11 20:19:32
112.   williamnyy23
106 I think the twin factors of not hitting with men in scoring position and bad defense are clearly the reasons why this has been a .500 team. Pointing that out on every game thread might be repetitive, but both always seem to rear their ugly head. I think the Yankees could overcome one of these, but not both.
2008-06-11 20:19:59
113.   OldYanksFan
110 OK
2008-06-11 20:20:53
114.   williamnyy23
Maybe I am being harsh now, but that seemed to be a catchable ball.
2008-06-11 20:21:00
115.   tommyl
As pissed as I am about this game, I can't be mad at Rasner. He's been rock solid up until now and he's coming off throwing 118 pitches.
2008-06-11 20:21:09
116.   Yankees Brasil
108 109 I don't think it's nice to leave your starter in there to give up 10 runs. I also think that Ohlendorf might have held them to 4 runs last inning.
Not that it matters much because the Yankees don't look like they are going to score a lot more today.
2008-06-11 20:21:42
117.   3rd gen yankee fan
ma na ma na
2008-06-11 20:22:01
118.   OldYanksFan
112 Nope, you're right. That simply little post in 110 really tells the story. OPS don't really matter as much as RISP OPS.
2008-06-11 20:22:04
119.   51cq24
112 i believe the pitching has had something to do with it
2008-06-11 20:23:00
120.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
117 yep! much more entertaining than this game...didn't Barney Miller once host the Muppet Show??
2008-06-11 20:23:21
121.   tommyl
110 So we're low with RISP but not absurdly so. We can definitely pick that up. The problem with this team is the lack of walks. We used to be patient and knock starters out. Now, we're a bunch of free swingers, we just don't have as many base runners.

Nick, can you find how many chances we've had with RISP compared to the averages?

2008-06-11 20:23:25
122.   51cq24
116 might have, yes. if you believe your last sentence, then why waste 5+ innings from the bullpen?
2008-06-11 20:23:43
123.   randym77
106 Interesting. Apparently, the whole team's turned into Robinson Cano.
2008-06-11 20:25:24
124.   tommyl
I hope when Joba makes his full transition they keep Giese around and let 'Dorf slide back into short relief. He's just not a long man.
2008-06-11 20:25:55
125.   tommyl
Aight, its Top Chef time. I'll check back in a bit.
2008-06-11 20:26:09
126.   3rd gen yankee fan
120 Quite possibly... I do remember that my sister and I used to sing that song when we were kids.
2008-06-11 20:26:16
127.   Yankees Brasil
122 The manager should not be thinking like that. The manager should believe he has a chance of winning it everytime, and he has to play for the win.
2008-06-11 20:28:02
128.   nick
can this be good for his psyche?
2008-06-11 20:28:10
129.   51cq24
127 well i don't totally agree with you, but even if we stipulate that that's the case, i don't believe that going to a questionable bullpen for 5+ innings is necessarily a better strategy than sticking with the starter giving up singles. at this point, however, i've had enough.
2008-06-11 20:28:19
130.   mehmattski
110 tracks a stat called tOPS+ which compares the OPS+ of a player/team in a given split (like RISP) to that of the overall OPS+. Here's RISP tOPS+ for the American League:

OPS+ with RISP versus team's Overall OPS+:

Yankees: 87
Red Sox: 92
Blue Jays: 84
Rays: 104
Orioles: 122

Twins: 128
White Sox: 111
Tigers: 99
Royals: 112
Indians: 127

A's: 116
Angels: 112
Mariners: 104
Rangers: 98

2008-06-11 20:28:28
131.   Eirias
And the Dorfing begins.
2008-06-11 20:28:30
132.   OldYanksFan
Look... it's a bad bottom line.
The LEAGUE has an OPS 22 pts better with RISP.
The Yankees has as OPS 53 pts worse with RISP.
Those are big numbers.
2008-06-11 20:28:38
133.   williamnyy23
119 It has, but over the past few year this team has been built on overcoming mediocre pitching.
2008-06-11 20:29:20
134.   Just fair
Some days you're the dog. Other days you're the hydrant.
2008-06-11 20:31:22
135.   nick
is Raz really still in there!?

121 we're tied for 4th with these guys (so now we're 5th), well behind Boston Texas and Toronto...

2008-06-11 20:31:53
136.   williamnyy23
121 The Yankees have 670 PAs with men in scoring position. The league average is 663.
2008-06-11 20:32:52
137.   Yankees Brasil
I guess the Yankees are trying to make sure Rivera gets the day off.
2008-06-11 20:33:13
138.   OldYanksFan
130 Thanks, that's a really good stat. It also explains how some teams seem to be overperforming (A's, Twins, White Sox, O's) and how we and Toronto are underperforming. Not Sure how Cleveland is sucking so badly with such good 'timely' hitting. Maybe their overall OPS is very low.
2008-06-11 20:34:17
139.   monkeypants
127 In a long season sport a manager can't always manage to win for today.
2008-06-11 20:35:02
140.   williamnyy23
130 It also tracks sOPS+, which normalizes a team/player split against the rest of the league. The Yankees sOPS+ is 89.
2008-06-11 20:36:03
141.   williamnyy23
132 They are, and most of that can be attributed to Cano, and surprisingly, Giambi.
2008-06-11 20:38:41
142.   Yankees Brasil
Another great swing by Cano on a ball near his eyes.
2008-06-11 20:39:19
143.   williamnyy23
Maybe it's an oversimplification, but this whole season really rides on Cano. Because the Yankees need a nine man lineup, if Cano doesn't have a similar second half to last year, the Yankees will probably not hit enough to overcome mediocre pitching and bad defense. All it takes is converting 5 wins to loses and you miss the playoffs.
2008-06-11 20:41:10
144.   nick
can anybody with a strong stomach who's actually watching this crap let me know how many pitches Robbie and Melky saw between em?
2008-06-11 20:41:31
145.   williamnyy23
Boy do I miss 1998.
2008-06-11 20:41:40
146.   Yankees Brasil
If only our hitters could work a walk every now and then.
2008-06-11 20:43:59
147.   Yankees Brasil
Will we ever make it to 2 games over .500?
2008-06-11 20:44:53
148.   mehmattski
140 Well I picked the tOPS+ stat because it illustrates how a team is performing in one particular split relative to their overall performance.

This goes along well with my belief that clutch/situational hitting does not exist. Therefore, deviations from tOPS+ of 100 are mostly due to chance. Although, with a BABIP of .287 with RISP, the Yankees don't appear to be getting all that unlucky...

2008-06-11 20:45:21
149.   51cq24
thank god rasner's out
2008-06-11 20:45:34
150.   williamnyy23
If baseball allowed you to conceed, this would be the ideal game.
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2008-06-11 20:45:59
151.   Yankees Brasil
This embarrassing.
2008-06-11 20:46:01
152.   OldYanksFan
143 I agree... but I put Jeter right below Cano. We can't have a .700 OPS from the #2 hole. With Abreu, ARod and Giambi following Jeter, his ABs are more important than Cano's. Melky ain't helping, but we expect him to be our '9th best' bat. However, this is a separate problem from the Team OPS w/RISP.
2008-06-11 20:46:12
153.   mehmattski
143 The Yankees were middle of the pack in defense last year, as measured by Defensive Efficiency. And really, what matters is the number of balls in play that are turned into outs... and the Yankees were mediocre (14th of 30), not bad.
2008-06-11 20:49:46
154.   OldYanksFan
153 How are we doing this year in Defensive Efficiency?
2008-06-11 20:50:58
155.   mehmattski
150 Hawkins is warming. Close enough.
2008-06-11 20:50:58
156.   williamnyy23
153 What about this year though? Also, ranking 14 might be middle of the pack, but it could still be poor if the ranking is top heavy.

Why does Girardi misuse Ohlendorf...he could be an effective short man, but these long stints in blowouts might destroy his confidence.

2008-06-11 20:51:54
157.   nick
148 yeah, the fact that we're second in the league in OPS "close and late" (791; league average 704) would support your conclusions......btw how do you find those adjusted ops splits on bb-ref?
2008-06-11 20:52:12
158.   Yankees Brasil
156 Clueless Joe, my friend.
2008-06-11 20:54:18
159.   monkeypants
156 "Also, ranking 14 might be middle of the pack, but it could still be poor if the ranking is top heavy."

What does that mean exactly? Would that mean that half the league or more were playing bad defense (ie, no one was "average")?

2008-06-11 20:54:55
160.   mehmattski
156 23rd of 30 with a DE of .696. Incidentally, the Yankees had a .696 last year as well. IIRC, there are usually teams at the extremes early in the season (small sample size) who come back towards the average (around .700). The Yankees were one last year, I remember a post from Cliff about how they were inexplicably at the top of the ranking.

Anyway, the Yankees have the exactly same DE as in 2007, and lower than in 2006 (scored a .706, fourth in the majors).

2008-06-11 20:56:18
161.   OldYanksFan
Wow. James Gang.
2008-06-11 20:57:32
162.   mehmattski
157 Go here:

And on the right hand side of each split it lists the BABIP (Batting average on balls in play), the sOPS+ (relative to league) and the tOPS+ (relative to Yankees overall OPS).

I quickly replaced the NYY with the three-letter code for the other teams to get their rankings. Someday I want to devise a way to sort through it easily, but I've only just started to learn Perl.

2008-06-11 20:59:10
163.   williamnyy23
159 Right...if the top-10 are great and the bottom-20 are awful, ranking 14 would still be awful. A ranking is a median and not a mean, so it's hard to use one to define average.
2008-06-11 21:00:11
164.   williamnyy23
160 So, it seems as if the reast of baseball is converting more balls to outs, but the Yankees have remained the same, which would mean they have gotten worse...right?
2008-06-11 21:08:14
165.   Shaun P
164 IIRC, a DE of .713 or above is really good. There are 5 teams beating that mark right now, and another 8 teams are within .005 of it. Its possible a lot of teams are really overperforming in terms of DE, in which case, the Yanks' standing may not be so bad come the end of the year.
2008-06-11 21:09:06
166.   nick
162 thanks!
2008-06-11 21:17:01
167.   tommyl
Well at least Lisa didn't win Top Chef, thank G-d for that.
2008-06-11 21:18:09
168.   Mattpat11
So do you think Abreu and Rodriguez bothering to swing the bat in the 3rd would have made a difference or just delayed the inevitable?
2008-06-11 21:21:01
169.   Mattpat11
If the game is lost anyway, I would have liked to see Farnsworth beat around.
2008-06-11 21:21:34
170.   tommyl
Hey, its the Farns! Our mop up man! He's finally found his spot in the pen.
2008-06-11 21:22:51
171.   Eirias
167 True. I was pulling for Richard; as a scientist I am constitutionally required to support molecular gastronomy. Despite that, Stephanie was a more than acceptable second choice.
2008-06-11 21:24:07
172.   Shaun P
168 I don't know what this means, but A-Rod has hit ONE home run his entire career on a 3-0 count.
2008-06-11 21:25:23
173.   williamnyy23
168 I think it made a difference, one that was compounded by the error. If the Yankees a run and Giambi makes the toss, we are looking at a win.
2008-06-11 21:25:32
174.   Eirias
171 Or constitutively required. I'm not quite sure which. The Constitution is surprisingly silent regarding science and Top Chef.
2008-06-11 21:27:50
175.   tommyl
171 Me too, but as he said, he definitely choked. That was the first time the entire season I can remember him being told that he had underseasoned something. The great thing about Richard was that he could get all clever, but at the end of the day he cooked fundamentally really well and his food tasted great. Stephanie deserved the win tonight, but if I had to choose a restaurant to eat at, it would be Richard's.

As for Lisa, I live right near Chinatown, where they cook all of her stuff a whole lot better than she does. Ugh, so glad she didn't win, and her comments in the stew room basically ignoring Richard I thought were in really poor taste, especially because he was so clearly upset at the time.

2008-06-11 21:29:18
176.   Just fair
I did not think I would be sitting here watching the end of this game. But here I am. And unfortunately, I cannot use mind control to destroy the person with the puppet behind homeplate. Maybe next time.
2008-06-11 21:29:20
177.   tommyl
172 He's hit a whole lot more in other counts?
2008-06-11 21:32:13
178.   3rd gen yankee fan
Did Farnsworth really just get pulled on a 2-0 count??? (I'm on Yahoo.)
2008-06-11 21:39:20
179.   Shaun P
177 Full breakdown is here ( about 1/3rd of the way down.

Hmm. Maybe its not so uncommon. Manny has only 4. Griffey Jr has only 9. Bonds has only 10.

2008-06-11 21:39:49
180.   Mattpat11
1-3 with a walk for Jeter?
2008-06-11 21:40:37
181.   Shaun P
Huge rally in the making?
2008-06-11 21:41:32
182.   Just fair
Nothing beats a come from behind, 8 run rally in the 9th.
2008-06-11 21:43:18
183.   mehmattski
Everyone around love them, love them
Put it in your hands
Take it take it
There's no time to cry
Happy happy
Put it in your heart
Where tomorrow shines
Gold and silver shine

Shiny happy people holding haaaaaaaaands....

2008-06-11 21:45:32
184.   Shaun P
I love A-Rod but cripes, Calero couldn't find the plate with a map and a compass, and A-Rod manages to strike out.
2008-06-11 21:47:14
185.   Just fair
183 Standing on the shoulders of Farsnworh,
It leaves me cold...
2008-06-11 21:49:38
186.   Eirias
Alright, time for the 8-run HR.
2008-06-11 21:50:55
187.   Just fair
Walk, Walk. Walk. Granny 9-8 win. : )
2008-06-11 21:52:01
188.   Shaun P
Its wrong of me to think, f___, Cano is up next, isn't it? C'mon Robbie!
2008-06-11 21:56:30
189.   Shaun P
Well, half a comeback is better than no comeback at all. Sigh. G'night, all.

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