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Yankee Killers
2008-06-06 06:41
by Alex Belth
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Last week on ESPN, I overheard an announcer ribbing Yankee fans for labeling anyone who gets more than a few hits against the Bronx Bombers as "Yankee killers."  Alex Rios has a twenty-someodd game hitting streak vs. New York, but there has to be a difference between someone who fares well and someone who is a killer, no?  George Brett certainly stands out in my mind as someone who gave the Yanks a hard time (.307/.365/.504 in 203 games).  Who else are some of the legitimate Yankee Killers of all-time?   

2008-06-06 06:51:12
1.   Sliced Bread
In my memory, Jim Rice was always standing on second base after clearing the bases -- and I have no idea what Damon's career numbers are vs the Yanks, but no question he'll go down in history as one of the most notorious Yankee slayers evah.
2008-06-06 06:52:55
2.   Sliced Bread
2008-06-06 06:59:46
3.   Ben
What about that great Edgar Martinez? Didn't he especially kill Mariano?
2008-06-06 07:05:35
4.   rsmith51
3 Beat me to it. Edgar killed the Yanks.
2008-06-06 07:16:45
5.   horace-clarke-era
Too easy ... Carl Pavano.
2008-06-06 07:17:22
6.   Dimelo
Papi. Though not lately.
2008-06-06 07:18:02
7.   Dimelo
5 That's awesome. Is Kei Igawa 1A there?
2008-06-06 07:48:08
8.   RichB
Not sure I'd list Brett. Sure, he did well, but that .307/.365/.504 line is only slightly better than his .305/.369/.487 career numbers. He hit with a little more pop than average, but he was a lefty hitting in Yankee stadium, so that's not a surprise. He hit .311/.400/.509 in 92 games at the stadium during his career.

I mean, obviously the Yanks would rather he didn't play those games, but if your supposition is that there's a difference between between someone who did well and someone who was a "killer", then I would say a "killer" would have to be performing appreciably well above their career numbers. Otherwise, they're just a killer for everyone.

2008-06-06 07:53:15
9.   mehmattski
Pedro Martinez
2008-06-06 07:58:29
10.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
8 Yeah but it always seemed like Brett was launching moon shots into the upper deck in left field, off Gossage, in late inning/high leverage situations.

His stats against us may more or less mirror those of his career, but without checking, I don't think it's going out on a limb to say that late-and-close against us he was an absolute killer.

I also of course echo Manny and Papi, as well as Edgar Martinez.

2008-06-06 07:58:50
11.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
Sorry, meant right field of course!
2008-06-06 07:59:04
12.   Doo Doo Brown
Scott Fletcher. A .262 lifetime hitter who hit .335 against the Yanks. Every time he came to bat, the Scooter would groan, "Oh, White, this guy KILLS the Yankees."
2008-06-06 08:00:48
13.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
Oh! And Luis Gonzalez. At least once...
2008-06-06 08:04:38
14.   Doo Doo Brown
Chuck Finley
2008-06-06 08:12:44
15.   Shaun P
3 4 Ken Griffey Jr., too: .313/.390/.601, 33 HR, 64 BB, 14 SB in 516 PA (119 G).

Mike Macfarlane's name leaped to mind, but the stats don't bare it out.

As for Rios - a guy sitting a few rows behind us yesterday (my dad and I were behind home plate) blamed himself for Rios's streak continuing. He heckled Rios from the moment he got out of the dugout in the 9th. It started out funny, but then became boring ("You suck Rios!"). After Rios singled to extend his streak, the guy hung his head and said, "That's why I hate that ____in' guy."

2008-06-06 08:17:32
16.   RichB
3 4 Edgar's a good choice. He had .317/.434./.542 numbers against the Yanks in 138 games, versus his career numbers of .312/.418/.515. That's a 20 point bump in OBP and a 30 point bump in SLG and he was a righty batting in the stadium and some very neutral Seattle parks.

Yeah, I always cringed when he came to bat.

2008-06-06 08:20:49
17.   Cliff Corcoran
12 Ding. Fletcher's my choice too.

career: .262/.332/.342
vs. NYY: .318/.378/.394

And that's not a small sample. That's in 492 PA.

2008-06-06 08:25:49
18.   buffalocharlie
Vernon Wells

career: .281/.331/.477
vs. NYY: .311/.363/.530 in 504 PAs

2008-06-06 08:29:47
19.   buffalocharlie
in 45 starts against the Yankees, Frank Lary posted a record of 26-12 with 3.44 ERA in 337 innings.
2008-06-06 08:39:10
20.   williamnyy23
12 Fletcher used to drive me nuts too.

19 Along with Lary, Larry Gura was also anoted Yankee killer (it kind of become part of his name). Gura was 11-6 with a 3.10 ERA in 20 GS and 165.1 IP against the Yankees.

Rafael Palmeiro also hit the Yankees very well throughout his career and seemed to be a rare piece of Kryptonite for Mo.

2008-06-06 08:44:30
21.   buffalocharlie

edited : Rafael Palmeiro also hit the Yankees very well throughout his career and seemed to frequently injest a rare supplement when about to face the Yankees

2008-06-06 08:49:50
22.   mehmattski
20 Hitters with at least 10 PA vs Mariano Rivera:

It's not surprising to see Edgar Martinez at the top of the list, since he faced Rivera seven times in 1995 (and went 5 for 6 with two homers). The bottom of the list is also interesting. Ray Durham, Marty Cordova, and Carlos Pena have a combined 50 PAs versus Mo without a hit.

2008-06-06 09:15:43
23.   SF Yanks
How about Millar? I don't know how to look it up.
2008-06-06 09:21:28
24.   RIYank
OT (there are so many threads up today I don't know where to put this) but breaking news... or at least a breaking rumor:

Someone phoned a radio station and said he saw Jacoby Ellsbury leaving Mass General with his forearm in a cast.

2008-06-06 09:49:11
25.   Start Spreading the News
Manny is definitely on of the recent Yankee killers.

Since 2005, he is batting 407, with an OPS of 1282. That is a three year period with 167 ABs and 17 HRs.

This doesn't even count the postseason.

2008-06-06 09:56:15
26.   Start Spreading the News
24 Ellsbury is not hurt badly
2008-06-06 10:01:41
27.   RIYank
26 That article doesn't say he isn't hurt badly. It says the X-rays were negative, no breaks, which I knew. Cafardo:

"Ellsbury was diagnosed with a strained right wrist, and X-rays were negative. If that sounds familiar, it should. It's precisely what Ortiz was diagnosed with before an MRI showed a partial tear of the tendon sheath in his left wrist."

2008-06-06 10:20:07
28.   Rob Middletown CT
Basically, they don't know yet. It's all speculation.
2008-06-06 10:20:57
29.   Eric
From the pitching side of Yankee Killers, there was a pitcher on the Royals that I think used to do very well. His last name was Splittorf, I think
2008-06-06 11:06:57
30.   williamnyy23
29 Actually, Splittorf was a Reggie killer (.742 OPS against, which is not as bad as I thought), not a Yankee killer (4.68 career ERA in an pitching era).
2008-06-06 11:16:27
31.   Mattpat11
2008-06-06 11:33:07
32.   brockdc
Chone effin Figgins.
2008-06-06 12:08:35
33.   bartap74
I don't know what his numbers were against the Yanks, but growing up, I really hated to see Tom Henke on the mound.
2008-06-06 12:29:49
34.   Travis08
Kevin Millar: .296/.381/.508
Ross Gload: .446/.475/.696 in 61 ABs; has a 17-game hitting streak vs. the Yanks
Randy Johnson (playoff version only): 5-0 in 5 appearances
2008-06-06 12:39:37
35.   Travis08
Two more:

David Wells: 19-11, 3.09 era; also won Game 2 in 1996 ALCS
Troy Percival (1995-98): 0.00 era, 5 H, 7 BB, 28 K in 18.1 IP

2008-06-06 13:01:16
36.   YankeeInMichigan
Manny Ramirez OPS vs. Yankees and overall:

2008: 1.677 .925
2007: 1.161 .881
2006: 1.778 1.058
2005: 1.034 .982
2004: .923 1.009
2003: .843 1.014
2002: 1.051 1.097
2001: .923 1.014
2000: 1.341 1.154
1999: .912 1.105

2008-06-06 13:26:46
37.   YankeeInMichigan
22 Of course Edgar was a notorious Mo-killer. All hearts stopped when Edgar came up to bat with 2 out in the 9th in Game 6 of the 2000 ALCS (the game that was bumped from TV by the presidential debate). I believe that Mo struck him out with a sinker!
2008-06-06 13:37:31
38.   RIYank
Hey, this isn't the right thread for this question, but it looks like everyone's stopped reading the earlier ones.

What are the chances that we get Mark Melancon in the Bronx this season? We sure need the bullpen help, and he'd be under (the equivalent of) Joba Rules.

2008-06-06 13:40:21
39.   tommyl
Hey, Chris Britton has been placed on the DL with a rib cage strain he got while warming up yesterday. Dan Giese has been called back up just before Joba's start. Amazing timing from that Britton. Maybe Joe tried to take away his Skittles.
2008-06-06 13:52:30
40.   OldYanksFan
Hard to find footage:
Very early in the clip, you can see Manny (or actually someone we are told is Manny) bitchslap Youk and then shove him.

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