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What's Wang?
2008-06-05 08:03
by Cliff Corcoran
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After posting a 2.90 ERA through his first nine starts, Chien-Ming Wang has a 7.91 ERA over his last three. What's gone wrong and can he pull out of it? Here are some of Wang's rates from his first nine starts vs. his last three:

Rate1st 9GSLast 3GS

Wang's been bad across the board over his last three starts with one surprising exception, his ground ball rate has actually been higher of late. Now compare those two sets of rates to Wang's career rates entering the year:


Save for the walk and caught stealing rates, his peripherals from his last three games wouldn't have seemed out of place coming from the Chien-Ming Wang of the last three years. That was the sinkerballer with the alarmingly low strikeout rates who seemed to be defying the odds. Over his first nine starts of this year, Wang was a different pitcher, mixing his pitches more and thus spiking his strikeout rate at the cost of a few groundballs, some of which would have gone for hits. The result was real dominance, but it seems Wang has gotten away from that and reverted not only back to the one-trick pitcher he was, but beyond it to a pitcher suffering from his inability to miss bats.

There's more to it than that, certainly, but just when Wang looked to be making the leap from the Yankee ace to one of the best pitchers in baseball, he's taken a mighty stumble. Remarkably, the Yankees have won two of his last three starts (by scored of 6-5 and 7-6) and are still 9-3 in Wang's starts on the year.

Today, Wang and the Yanks take on Dustin McGowan, who has the fastest average fastball among all major league starters according to FanGraphs, looking to take the series from Toronto and get the Yanks back to .500.

Wilson Betemit remains at first base as Jason Giambi is still nursing his bruised foot, but Jorge Posada is behind the plate for the first time since April 26.

In addition to Posada's return, the amateur draft kicks off at 2pm today. Two years ago the Yankees' first two picks were Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain with the 21st and 41st overall picks, both of which were received as compensation when Tom Gordon signed with the Phillies. The Yankee farm system is packed with exciting prospects (most of them pitchers) from the last three drafts. Today, the Yankees and scouting director Damon Oppenheimer (the man who has been making the picks since 2005) will add to that crop starting with the 28th overall pick and the 44th overall pick, the latter of which they received as compensation when Luis Vizcaino signed with the Rockies.

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2008-06-05 10:14:27
1.   SF Yanks
So far Wanger lookin sharp.
2008-06-05 10:17:32
2.   SF Yanks
Good AB to start the game. 6 pitches and a walk.
2008-06-05 10:18:04
3.   Yankee Fan In Boston
1 unlike damon's 'stache.
2008-06-05 10:19:45
4.   mehmattski
A hit for more than one base! Great job, Derek!
2008-06-05 10:20:30
5.   SF Yanks
3 What's worse? McGowan's mutton chops or Damon's stache?

It looks like Jeter is returning. That's always good to see.

2008-06-05 10:20:56
6.   rbj
Looking good on gamechannel so far.
2008-06-05 10:22:44
7.   SF Yanks
That'll do. Productive out. Now do it again.
2008-06-05 10:24:26
8.   SF Yanks
Phew! That was close. He woulda been safe anyways.
2008-06-05 10:26:03
9.   Sliced Bread
3 i dunno if they've been showing it on tv, but at the Stadium whenever Damon comes up they put a different 'stache on his photo: a Zoro, an Oliver Hardy etc.

at last night's game a lot of fans were giving him shit about the 'stache, telling him to shave.

he could grow a fu manchu and dye it pink for all I care... as long as he hits.

2008-06-05 10:30:20
10.   tommyl
So on Gameday Wang just threw 2 pitches to the same exact spot. One was a ball, one was a strike. Um, consistent zone guys?
2008-06-05 10:31:26
11.   SF Yanks
Wow, that was pretty.

We're so close to having 4 of our starting pitchers in the 3's for ERA.

Moose - 4.01
Wang - 4.05
Pettitte - 4.21
Joba - 2.42

I obsess over stupid stats.

2008-06-05 10:31:28
12.   Yankee Fan In Boston
9 that's pretty funny. i agree, he could get all spezio if he was driving guys in.
2008-06-05 10:32:59
13.   rbj
So three g.o.s and 2 Ks already for Wang?
2008-06-05 10:33:36
14.   williamnyy23
11 What do you have against Rasner's 2.67?
2008-06-05 10:34:19
15.   ny2ca2dc
Does Wang look as good for real as on gameday?!
2008-06-05 10:34:33
16.   Sliced Bread
is it possible that Wang is just more comfortable working with Posada?
While Po was down Wang had a few good starts, but as Cliff noted, he got progressively worse.

hey, here's Po now! Hip hip...

2008-06-05 10:34:58
17.   ms october
jorge's back!!!
2008-06-05 10:35:46
18.   tommyl
Ah, offense from a catcher. How I have missed thee.
2008-06-05 10:36:41
19.   ny2ca2dc
This lineup could go back to being a monster soon - with Giambi batting seventh, that's real nice. I wonder (read: pray) having the mashers back will make the C&C boys settle in and hit.
2008-06-05 10:37:04
20.   SF Yanks
14 Wow, how did I miss that one?! So, we're close to having our entire starting rotation in the 3's! I would be thrilled if that ever happened.
2008-06-05 10:37:15
21.   ms october
5 it takes a really bad stache to be worse than mutton chops

16 good point. i have always thought about that when posada gets some criticism of how he calls a game that he seems to work really well with wang

2008-06-05 10:38:12
22.   ny2ca2dc
21 You think Georgy works will with wang? I don't think his wife would appreciate that comment, madame.
2008-06-05 10:39:18
23.   tommyl
This is Robinson Cano? Fouling off pitches, working the count?
2008-06-05 10:40:08
24.   pistolpete
23 Wait for it....
2008-06-05 10:40:11
25.   mehmattski
Opposite way, son!
2008-06-05 10:40:23
26.   tommyl
See Robbie! Now that's how you do it.
2008-06-05 10:40:42
27.   SF Yanks
CaNo CanNot lay off that damn inside slider if his life depended on it.
2008-06-05 10:40:59
28.   Yankee Fan In Boston
great at bat by mr. cano.
2008-06-05 10:41:36
29.   tommyl
Wilson, not so much
2008-06-05 10:41:42
30.   ms october
22 sorry mrs. posada - and mrs. wang

nice hitting by robbie - but then another damn gidp

2008-06-05 10:42:06
31.   tommyl
Yah that first pitch to Melky was a perfect strike called a ball.
2008-06-05 10:43:07
32.   pistolpete
Who wants to bet the first thing Jorgie did when he showed up to the Stadium is walk over to Cano's locker and smack him upside his head..?
2008-06-05 10:43:17
33.   Yankee Fan In Boston
30 but how many pitches has chops thrown already? (thanks again, robbie.) they're working this guy.
2008-06-05 10:43:27
34.   mehmattski
Well that inning went downhill quickly.
2008-06-05 10:44:22
35.   Sliced Bread
I know Wilson Betemit hit a home run last night, but could the Yanks possibly get more offense out of Wilson The Volleyball from "Cast Away?"
2008-06-05 10:44:32
36.   SF Yanks
33 40
2008-06-05 10:45:22
37.   rbj
30 McGowan's up to 40 pitches.
2008-06-05 10:47:22
38.   ny2ca2dc
35 I think Betemit is like a bad Matsui - he'll look real, real bad, then just kill one. Even in this hot streak Godzilla has been Groundzilla an awful lot. Gotta just keep appreciating them for their strengths (granted, a lot easier with Matsui!)
2008-06-05 10:48:17
39.   ChrisS
BR has Wilson's weight at 155 still. I don't think he's seen 185 in years.

Could we get Scott Proctor back?

2008-06-05 10:49:51
40.   SF Yanks
And Wanger gets wild all the sudden... why?
2008-06-05 10:50:48
41.   ny2ca2dc
I don't get the Wilson hate - sure he looks like shit most of the time, but the results are quite good. And Scott Procter is totally cooked, 5.60 ERA this year.
2008-06-05 10:51:25
42.   ms october
39 i read somewhere (prolly espn) that the dodgers are looking for a back-up infielder especially with furcal out
2008-06-05 10:54:27
43.   ms october
41 but yeah i think the proctor ship has sailed

what the yanks obviously need and have really needed all year (especially if perish the thought giambi is going to start missing more time) is a rt handed hitting 1b - apparently they don't grow on trees anymore though

2008-06-05 10:56:40
44.   ChrisS
41 I don't really need Proctor back, but when your bench consists of a bunch of guys that are just not very good hitters, the grass everywhere looks greener.
2008-06-05 10:56:41
45.   rbj
Insert post's title here.
2008-06-05 10:57:28
46.   Yankee Fan In Boston
damn eckstein and his grit.
2008-06-05 10:59:12
47.   ChrisS
Eckstein was gritty making that out with the bases loaded and one out.
2008-06-05 10:59:32
48.   Sliced Bread

hey... nice play by the shortstop to save Wang's bacon.

2008-06-05 11:01:15
49.   SF Yanks
FTR, Wang has entered the 3's with a 3.98
2008-06-05 11:02:14
50.   rbj
Wow, is Wang Chinese for Houdini?
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2008-06-05 11:03:16
51.   Sliced Bread
you can't stop the 'stache... you can only hope to contain it.
2008-06-05 11:03:22
53.   ny2ca2dc
43 44 OK, but Betemit is great as a UIF. The AG or some Miggy Cairo clone is the alternative. I agree totally that the bench needs some RH thump. I though Ensberg would help a lot, but he and Shelly have crapped the bed... I've wanted Millar on this team since last year, embarrassingly enough. He could really help this team. What would a Reed Johnson type really cost?!
2008-06-05 11:03:39
54.   Yankees Brasil
Just got home, how are we doing so far?
2008-06-05 11:07:26
55.   ChrisS
53 I'm not so sure he's that much better than AG. Betemit's D is shaky and his bat is at best a lucky guess. He's replacement level. Which kind of is a let down considering his potential early on.

Damon must have made a deal with the devil this spring. Then again, he kind of is a hot season/cold season type hitter.

2008-06-05 11:07:43
56.   ms october
53 i agree with you - betemit is a good uif. if he is being asked to do more than that, not so good.
even though most of us are biased against millar because of the whole cowboy up nonsense and he has blond tips in his hair - you are probably right that he could help this team.
2008-06-05 11:07:48
57.   Sliced Bread
54 Wang's looking better than he has in a few weeks, Damon's 'stache is filling in nicely, and Posada reintroduced the recently abandonded "Catcher As Offensive Weapon Theory."
2008-06-05 11:09:29
58.   Yankees Brasil
Comon, Alex, let's stop with this first pitch hacking.
2008-06-05 11:09:36
59.   ChrisS
55 actually, check that. Milton Bradley made a deal with the devil. What was the story with him not being a Yankee?
2008-06-05 11:11:25
60.   Yankees Brasil
57 Great to hear it. Maybe Wang can go a strong 7? 8 possibly?
2008-06-05 11:19:55
61.   ChrisS
60 doubt it

Wang was pissed he lost Rolen on a questionable call.

2008-06-05 11:20:18
62.   Yankees Brasil
That sucks. Wang better get his act together. His sinker is either missing way out of the strike zone or ending up in the middle of the plate.
2008-06-05 11:20:40
63.   51cq24
questionable call? it was right down the middle of the strike zone.
2008-06-05 11:21:33
64.   51cq24
62 he threw a slider down the middle called a ball and then gave up a pop up hr
2008-06-05 11:22:05
65.   Yankees Brasil
61 He can't act like old Moose and melt down after a questionable call.
2008-06-05 11:23:29
66.   rbj
61 I hope he's not picking up Moose's habit.
2008-06-05 11:24:39
67.   ny2ca2dc
55 You call a career ~100 OPS+ natural 3B, who can play the rest of the infield, replacement level?! He's almost the definition of a league average third baseman.
2008-06-05 11:27:39
68.   ChrisS
67 You're taking this waaaay too seriously.

Fine, Betemit is great. Lucky us.

2008-06-05 11:29:26
69.   williamnyy23
This game is has been right in line with the Yankees formula for mediocrity: squander golden opportunities to score, have your starter pitch sloppy and then lose the game in the bullpen.
2008-06-05 11:29:34
70.   ny2ca2dc
68 How nice
2008-06-05 11:29:47
71.   Yankees Brasil
How are we doing with RISP this game?
2008-06-05 11:31:51
72.   Raf
59 Probably has something to do with "character" issues.

I was hoping they'd sign him on the cheap in 2005 & 2007 but given his anger management as well as durability issues, I can understand the Yanks passing on him.

2008-06-05 11:38:40
73.   Yankee Fan In Boston
eckstein gritted that ball through rodriguez's glove.
2008-06-05 11:39:15
74.   williamnyy23
There are no more excuses for this simply isn't very good.
2008-06-05 11:39:29
75.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2008-06-05 11:39:36
76.   nick
2008-06-05 11:40:03
77.   Yankees Brasil
Pathetic. This D is beyond awful.
2008-06-05 11:41:00
78.   Yankees Brasil
Wang has no idea where his pitches are going.
2008-06-05 11:42:05
79.   nick
somebody's gotta figure out what's happened to Wang's command really fucking soon....
2008-06-05 11:43:12
80.   nick
2008-06-05 11:43:46
81.   RIYank
Holy smokes, that went south fast.
2008-06-05 11:43:50
82.   ChrisS
yuck, thanks Melky.
2008-06-05 11:44:02
83.   williamnyy23
This is the game that has now convinced me that the 2008 Yankees are not making the playoffs. Fittingly, it's draft today, because it is now time to rebuild.
2008-06-05 11:44:18
84.   rbj
Um, I leave the desk for a minute at 3-2. Now 7-2? Wha' happen'?
2008-06-05 11:44:27
85.   pistolpete
And people ask me why I don't bother to watch the games much anymore. This is a complete waste of 3 hours every day.
2008-06-05 11:45:06
86.   Yankees Brasil
Not even trying anymore. This team is pathetic. We face a horrible offense and let them score 9 in on game, and 7 so far in another game. This team is really a .500 one.
2008-06-05 11:45:29
87.   RIYank
84 Couple o' fastballs left up, and straight down the pike. Consecutive pitches, too.
2008-06-05 11:46:12
88.   Yankee Fan In Boston
83 it certainly does feel that way.

i wrote them off last season, too, but they look more lost now than they ever did last year.

pug fugly.

2008-06-05 11:48:26
89.   RIYank
How the hell is that pitch a ball???
2008-06-05 11:48:35
90.   rbj
87 Thanks.

Is Ohlendorf going to be this year's EDSP?

2008-06-05 11:49:20
91.   RIYank
(The third one to Mench. Didn't matter.)
2008-06-05 11:49:22
92.   nick
and now Ohlie is the long guy again?!
2008-06-05 11:49:40
93.   Yankees Brasil
90 He's certainly the front-runner so far.
2008-06-05 11:49:53
94.   RIYank
90 God, I hope not. Mainly because it will mean we need an EDRP.
2008-06-05 11:50:40
95.   cult of basebaal
92 i guess 7-2 is too close for britton to pitch ... seriously, WTF, girardi???
2008-06-05 11:50:49
96.   RIYank
So I feel like the answer to the titular question is: the sinker isn't sinking.
2008-06-05 11:51:37
97.   RIYank
95 I think there's still plenty of time! Somehow I don't expect to see Rivera for the ninth, for example.
2008-06-05 11:54:08
98.   Yankees Brasil
And even though Wang has horrible again, the offense had its chances, but couldn't get a hit with runners in scoring position. Had two men on with no outs in the second, and runners on the corners with one out in the third.

Not making an excuse for Wang, because he's pretty bad, but we should have more than 2 runs right now. Instead this game is already out of reach.

2008-06-05 11:56:08
99.   nick
the really surreal thing is how throughout Ohlie's appearance they talked on the radio about how the Yanks had discovered he was miscast as a long man....
2008-06-05 11:57:01
100.   RIYank
The offense looks pretty good to me, frankly. Esp. considering this is Dustin McGowan. (Admittedly not the best version of McGowan.)
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2008-06-05 11:59:51
101.   nick
ok, now we actually have a shot here--pessimists, how will we blow this?
2008-06-05 12:00:35
102.   RIYank
101 A-Rod GIDP?
2008-06-05 12:00:44
103.   rbj
Bases loaded, no outs:
Triple Play!
2008-06-05 12:01:22
104.   RIYank
102 Now unlikely...
2008-06-05 12:02:03
105.   Yankees Brasil
A firstbaseman who can field. Who would have thought?!
2008-06-05 12:03:10
106.   Yankee Fan In Boston
mustache power!
2008-06-05 12:03:48
107.   Yankees Brasil
1 for 7 with RISP. Bad decision by Damon there, got lucky.
2008-06-05 12:05:23
108.   nick
we've scored 4 runs on outs--Buster Olney plans to write a book about this game...
2008-06-05 12:05:35
109.   Yankees Brasil
107 1 for 8. A lot of sucking with men on base.
2008-06-05 12:07:41
110.   RIYank
109 They noticed that the hit with a RISP didn't actually produce a run, so they decided to try something else?
2008-06-05 12:10:01
111.   RIYank
New Hawkins strategy: force the opposition to hit line drives to the outfield. So far, so good.
2008-06-05 12:10:47
112.   nick
ok, down three, definitely too close for Britton. I mean, what the hell?? he's 25. he's pitched, let's see, 73 very effective mlb bullpen innings. everybody else except Mo sucks. and yet.....
2008-06-05 12:11:57
113.   RIYank
Wow. La Troy has really perfected that strategy!
2008-06-05 12:12:14
114.   Yankees Brasil
A 1-2-3 inning for Hawkins? If we can score a couple this innning we might have a chance.
2008-06-05 12:14:03
115.   rbj
112 Didn't you hear, Girardi caught Britton sneaking candy into the clubhouse. He's lucky he's not pitching in an independent league.
2008-06-05 12:15:57
116.   51cq24
i'm glad the home plate umpire has changed his mind about whether the top of the strike zone is part of the strike zone
2008-06-05 12:19:45
117.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i LOVE the shot of posada in the dugout.


jeter said the clubhouse would be louder with jopo back.

2008-06-05 12:21:14
118.   nick
betemit goes boom!
2008-06-05 12:21:15
119.   Yankee Fan In Boston
wilson stinks.
2008-06-05 12:21:35
120.   Yankees Brasil
Nice Wilson!
2008-06-05 12:23:27
121.   rbj
What's going on? There seems to be a delay with Wilson at the plate.
2008-06-05 12:23:41
122.   doslobo38
ok we will keep Betemit for awhile, instead of optioning for the volleyball!
2008-06-05 12:25:30
123.   Yankee Fan In Boston
121 he hit a HR to bring the yanks within one run.
2008-06-05 12:26:23
124.   Yankee Fan In Boston
122 unless we can aqcuire the volleyball in exchange for farnsworth. then we'd have options.
2008-06-05 12:26:47
125.   Yankees Brasil
Gotta let Damon try to steal a bag here.
2008-06-05 12:29:47
126.   Yankees Brasil
Fuck Damon.
2008-06-05 12:29:51
127.   RIYank
125 Good call.
2008-06-05 12:29:57
128.   Sliced Bread
Damon got the jump but the 'stache slowed him down. Wax that thing, Johnny.
2008-06-05 12:31:13
129.   Raf
128 Yes, too much wind resistance.
2008-06-05 12:32:57
130.   rbj
123 Woo Hoo! Ya know, we just might win this one.
2008-06-05 12:33:04
131.   Yankees Brasil
127 Bad result, but it wasn't a bad decision.

Now, leaving Hawkins to pitch to the heart of their order, that has disaster written all over.

2008-06-05 12:36:09
132.   ny2ca2dc
Really would like to see Britton in the game... But it's nice Ohlendorf only went 1+, looks like they HAVE realized he ain't the long man.
2008-06-05 12:37:42
133.   RIYank
I can't believe we're out-hitting these chumps 9 to 5, with two Damon BB and a hit batsman, and home runs... and losing.
I guess the five walks by Yankee pitchers doesn't help.
2008-06-05 12:38:30
134.   ny2ca2dc
132 Err, even better, he only went 2/3. Nice to see the team rumbling back while I was gone for a half hour!
2008-06-05 12:40:07
135.   RIYank
134 I think I could come up with a cookie for you if you'll go away again for the bottom of this inning.
2008-06-05 12:41:16
136.   Raf
134 It may be undone by Hawkins... Leadoff walk & Rolen @ the plate & Stairs on deck.
2008-06-05 12:41:36
137.   Yankees Brasil
135 Can we get through the top of this inning? Without giving up a run?
2008-06-05 12:41:51
138.   RIYank
Goddam it.
Nice job by Rolen. Crud.
2008-06-05 12:41:53
139.   tommyl
Ah, here's the LaTroy we all know and love. BB, single. Put this game out of reach after we come all the way back. You can do it!
2008-06-05 12:42:17
140.   ny2ca2dc
135 I'm out
2008-06-05 12:43:06
141.   Yankees Brasil
136 That was a bad decision all the way. Hawkins already gave us a good 6th. He should have been out before the 7th started. If they score, it's on Girardi.
2008-06-05 12:43:18
142.   RIYank
It would have taken some guts to call for Mo here, but...
2008-06-05 12:43:47
143.   nick
2008-06-05 12:44:18
144.   Yankees Brasil
And now he brings in Veras, a guy who throws hard but has no idea where it's going, to face Stairs, a FB hitter. I'd be surprised if this doesn't end up being a 3-run homer.
2008-06-05 12:45:17
145.   tommyl
Oh good, Veras will clearly get us out of this. Joe, this is um, the very definition of high leverage. Mo? Edwar? hell Kyle? or just bring in Britton and he'll get us out of it. This is not going to go well.
2008-06-05 12:45:41
146.   nick
I predict walks, runs, heartbreak...
2008-06-05 12:45:56
147.   RIYank
Good pitch.
2008-06-05 12:46:03
148.   tommyl
Holy hell, way to go Jose, one more! Then Kyle can blow it in the 8th
2008-06-05 12:46:03
149.   nick
...and I am wrong!
2008-06-05 12:46:16
150.   Yankee Fan In Boston
sweet turn by the worthless wilson betemit.
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2008-06-05 12:46:21
151.   RIYank
145 Kyle???
2008-06-05 12:46:48
152.   Yankee Fan In Boston
148 it isn't funny because it's true.
2008-06-05 12:47:26
153.   Raf
141 I know it was a bad decision, as alluded to in 131 .

144 And Overbay, on deck, is eager to face Veras I am sure.

2008-06-05 12:47:44
154.   RIYank
Hawkins and Veras both have really good fastballs.
Baseball can be very, very hard to understand. At least for me.
2008-06-05 12:48:20
155.   tommyl
I take it all back, clearly Joe you are a psychic genius
2008-06-05 12:48:28
156.   RIYank
And that K didn't make it more comprehensible.
Just amazing.
2008-06-05 12:48:46
157.   Yankees Brasil
144 OK, I'm glad to say I was dead wrong. We love you Veras!
2008-06-05 12:49:03
158.   RIYank
Britton for the eighth? That would be very cool.
2008-06-05 12:49:08
159.   tommyl
151 I dunno, I'm out of ideas. Britton or Edwar would have been my pick, but both of those are clearly not going to happen.
2008-06-05 12:49:31
160.   nick
Jose, my man! knew it all along...
2008-06-05 12:49:34
161.   tommyl
158 Hahahahahahahaha, he's probably already left to beat the traffic back to Scranton.
2008-06-05 12:51:15
162.   Raf
154 Not hard to understand at all. Like Othello, baseball takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.
2008-06-05 12:56:35
163.   RIYank
162 Yeah, Shakespeare is hard, too.
2008-06-05 12:57:04
164.   Yankee Fan In Boston
okay. a well placed hit by the MVP? is that possible?
2008-06-05 12:57:50
165.   tommyl
Come on Alex, you can do it.
2008-06-05 12:58:06
166.   RIYank
164 Either by the MVP or by the AL batting leader! Shouldn't be too much to ask...
2008-06-05 13:02:39
167.   Yankees Brasil
Comon Hideki, don't groundout to second.
2008-06-05 13:03:48
168.   RIYank
It was too much to ask.
2008-06-05 13:04:12
169.   Raf
167 Well, at least he didn't ground out...
2008-06-05 13:04:37
170.   rbj
2008-06-05 13:05:15
171.   Yankees Brasil
Another out with RISP. Can't win many games when you hit under .100 with men in scoring position.
2008-06-05 13:06:22
172.   Yankees Brasil
166 Missing the point, it is too much to ask when you ask for a hit with men in scoring position. It's like they forget how to hit.
2008-06-05 13:08:54
173.   Yankees Brasil
Why?! Why leave Veras? He doesn't realize how lucky he was to get out of the last inning. There might be no such luck this time.
2008-06-05 13:10:29
174.   Yankees Brasil
On top of not throwing strikes, he ain't holding the runners. Good job Veras.
2008-06-05 13:13:32
175.   nick
Maybe Joe's strategy is to let the first two guys get on and THEN go to the pen...
2008-06-05 13:13:33
176.   Mattpat11
Oh my. Who ever could have seen this coming?
2008-06-05 13:13:42
177.   tommyl
Veras being Veras now. Sigh. This is about to get ugly methinks. Joe, please lift him.
2008-06-05 13:14:05
178.   RIYank
Nobody has put any kind of stroke on Veras' pitches today, but he walks the first two. Admittedly Barajas did a nice job of fouling off good pitches.
2008-06-05 13:14:05
179.   Yankees Brasil
Remember when the Yankees' offense would do what the Jays are doing now. Foul off a lot of tough pitches and get walks. Good times.

Meanwhile there's Veras melting down, and Mr. Girardi sleeping at the dugout, what a great manager we have.

2008-06-05 13:14:11
180.   tommyl
Is Veras going for a triple play or something?
2008-06-05 13:14:28
181.   ny2ca2dc
And I'm back... And shit, here we go again. I guess Jose was annoyed with all the fouls. Can any of our relievers pitch more than one (part of an) inning!
2008-06-05 13:14:48
182.   fansince77
I just don't understand Girardi's close game management skills or perplexed.
2008-06-05 13:15:01
183.   RIYank
Thanks for the out.
2008-06-05 13:15:20
184.   tommyl
mmmm...ball in the dirt with runners on 2nd and 3rd, that's good situational pitching right there.
2008-06-05 13:15:56
185.   nick
you know, the Jays throw strikes and take balls.....our team regularly does neither of these things....
2008-06-05 13:16:08
186.   Yankees Brasil
Now Britton is warming up. Joe really thinks this game is over.
2008-06-05 13:17:13
187.   tommyl
This game is fun to watch on fangraphs. Watch our probability to win go down with every pitch!
2008-06-05 13:17:23
188.   ny2ca2dc
In other news, Cole is still on the board, with the Yanks pick coming up soon. Det took Perry, a reliever.
2008-06-05 13:18:25
189.   Yankees Brasil
And now the umps are going blind.
2008-06-05 13:18:37
190.   mehmattski
Hey, bringing the infield in leads to an out at the plate. Don't see that every day. Usually you see easy grounders for two-run singles.
2008-06-05 13:19:03
191.   RIYank
You have to admit, the dude has a good heater today. Pretty nearly unhittable.
2008-06-05 13:19:14
192.   nick
ok, god, eckstein--what chance do we have against his situational scrappiness?
2008-06-05 13:19:27
193.   Raf
186 Shouldn't Rivera get the call?
2008-06-05 13:19:56
194.   Yankee Fan In Boston
188 lenny dykstra's son was just taken by the padres.
2008-06-05 13:20:03
195.   Mattpat11
Alright, we have to win now.
2008-06-05 13:20:12
196.   RIYank
Hey, he got Gritboy with a breaking ball!
2008-06-05 13:20:17
197.   Raf
191 Yeah, cause it's out of the zone more often than it is :)
2008-06-05 13:20:19
198.   nick
phew! ok, so Veras is our setup guy now?
2008-06-05 13:20:22
199.   tommyl
Ok, out of it, now please don't let Veras pitch a high leverage inning again anytime soon. Yikes.
2008-06-05 13:20:41
200.   ny2ca2dc
Holy shit, he got out of it! Thanks for the bunt! This is probably our chance, BJ Ryan lurks.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-05 13:20:55
201.   RIYank
193 Yes.
If we score, Girardi will get it and go to Mo. If we don't, it's going to be Britton.
2008-06-05 13:21:02
202.   Yankees Brasil
Wow, once again, great result on a terrible decision. Just glad we got out of the inning. If only Wilson could hit another one now.
2008-06-05 13:23:10
203.   mehmattski
188 Anthony Hewitt still on the board too. 80 speed, 80 arm, 75 power from an infielder...
2008-06-05 13:23:35
204.   mehmattski
203 Never mind, Phillies take him as I type...
2008-06-05 13:24:25
205.   Raf
200 Don't think you'll see him for another inning, if he gets called at all.

202 Yes, Girardi lucked out with Hawkins & Veras today, and Farns yesterday.

2008-06-05 13:24:42
206.   nick
hmmmm, so our best pinch-runner is Shelley Duncan?
2008-06-05 13:24:42
207.   RIYank
Excellent. Now let's see Jorgie steal!
2008-06-05 13:25:00
208.   mehmattski
Worst. Bunter. Ever.
2008-06-05 13:25:15
209.   Mattpat11
Not often Tim Raines is put in the same category as Homer Bush.
2008-06-05 13:25:37
210.   ny2ca2dc
Cano can't bunt.
2008-06-05 13:25:39
211.   ChrisS
It's so nice to have an offensive catcher back in the lineup.
2008-06-05 13:25:40
212.   nick
NOO! he's already proved he can't bunt-
2008-06-05 13:25:57
213.   Yankee Fan In Boston
203 meh. the yankees have a gold glover at SS. a 3 time gold glover. they don't just hand those out for no reason.
2008-06-05 13:26:01
214.   RIYank
206 How about Farnsworth?
2008-06-05 13:26:05
215.   mehmattski
206 You got it. Steal, Shelley!
2008-06-05 13:26:38
216.   ny2ca2dc
Shelly has probably never, ever, pinch run.
2008-06-05 13:26:56
217.   mehmattski
213 You're being sarcastic, right? I certainly hope so.
2008-06-05 13:27:09
218.   fansince77
I disagree with this bunt on so many levels! even with Duncan in there. WTF.
2008-06-05 13:27:23
219.   Yankees Brasil
Let him hit now. Take the bunt off.
2008-06-05 13:27:40
220.   nick
has Robbie ever, ever bunted??
2008-06-05 13:27:41
221.   ChrisS
Does Cano draw the walk because he can't swing away?
2008-06-05 13:28:11
222.   Yankee Fan In Boston
217 absolutely.
2008-06-05 13:28:14
223.   RIYank

This really isn't a good team for tactics.

2008-06-05 13:28:31
224.   tommyl
Well executed!
2008-06-05 13:28:34
225.   rbj
Save us Betemit, hit another homer!

Wait, did I just write that?

2008-06-05 13:28:41
226.   nick
fuck. sent him down for three weeks. I'm completely fucking serious.
2008-06-05 13:28:50
227.   fansince77
Cano is clearly the MIP of this season so far.
2008-06-05 13:28:59
228.   tommyl
Hewitt is off the board. The Phils took him.
2008-06-05 13:29:01
229.   Yankee Fan In Boston
betemit is a bum.
2008-06-05 13:29:19
230.   Yankees Brasil
Horrible decision all the way. Would have been better to let him hit.
2008-06-05 13:29:31
231.   tommyl
We might get Cole, certainly looking that way...
2008-06-05 13:29:37
232.   ny2ca2dc
our old friend, the GIDP
2008-06-05 13:29:38
233.   ChrisS
brilliant. Lose your catcher to PR with Lurch and then take a guy who can't bunt and take the bat out of his hands.
2008-06-05 13:30:06
234.   tommyl
229 Um, he has a HR and a single today, no? Didn't he turn a DP too?
2008-06-05 13:30:27
235.   fansince77
That bunt debacle is on Girardi- you give Cano, a guy whose been seeing the ball well today one lousy swing and you expect good things- Girardi is not impressive in reading his players.
2008-06-05 13:30:57
236.   tommyl
You know, I just looked and crappy Betemit is OPSing close to .800. For a UIF that's pretty freakin' great.
2008-06-05 13:31:18
237.   nick
remember when Melky used to hit home runs?
2008-06-05 13:31:23
238.   RIYank
235 Completely.
And even with a good bunter, it's the wrong call.
2008-06-05 13:31:51
239.   Yankee Fan In Boston
234 at the start of the game people here were saying that he was worthless. i need to work on my online sarcasm.
2008-06-05 13:32:16
240.   tommyl
237 Walk works too. C'mon Damon, drive'em home.
2008-06-05 13:32:17
241.   RIYank
In a nearby alternative reality, we're in the middle of a huge rally...
2008-06-05 13:33:09
242.   Raf
The top of the order will save us now!
2008-06-05 13:33:23
243.   ny2ca2dc
238 If it had been a good bunter with good hitters coming up behind, (like molina batting ninth, if he were a good bunter), I'd be all for it. But neither of those things were even close to the situation. Cano doesn't strike out much, so you know that put in a hole he's going to pop up or GIDP.
2008-06-05 13:33:39
244.   Yankees Brasil
235 Girardi hasn't impressed at all so far. He doesn't look like a good manager, and he should start taking some heat for it soon.
2008-06-05 13:34:22
245.   Yankee Fan In Boston
there's the big break. let's see if they can capitalize.
2008-06-05 13:34:24
246.   ny2ca2dc
a gift!
2008-06-05 13:34:37
247.   doslobo38
c'mon Johnny time to be a hero
2008-06-05 13:34:51
248.   tommyl
Oh man, single to take the lead, please Johnny, please....
2008-06-05 13:35:28
249.   RIYank
243 I'd still be against it. But in that situation at least it would be close.
2008-06-05 13:35:42
250.   rbj
I'll take a passed ball. And maybe a balk as well.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-05 13:35:46
251.   nick
betemit's 26; he's not the kind of veteran guy who can play once every ten days and stay sharp, I don't think....
2008-06-05 13:35:53
252.   mehmattski
I wouldn't mind if the Yankees took Casey Kelley, then threw a ton of money to convince him not to play football at Tennessee. It would be better than taking a lefty just because the organization needs lefties.
2008-06-05 13:36:11
253.   tommyl
2008-06-05 13:36:14
254.   RIYank
2008-06-05 13:36:24
255.   Rob Middletown CT
2008-06-05 13:36:52
256.   tommyl
Was that as deep as it looks on Gameday?
2008-06-05 13:36:54
257.   Mattpat11
2008-06-05 13:36:58
258.   Yankees Brasil
This fucking sucks.
2008-06-05 13:37:12
259.   RIYank
Cripes. A game of inches! What if, what if, what if.
2008-06-05 13:37:15
260.   Mattpat11
256 right centerfield wall
2008-06-05 13:37:36
261.   Yankee Fan In Boston
256 yes. at the wall.
2008-06-05 13:37:43
262.   Rob Middletown CT
260 Really? Oy.
2008-06-05 13:37:45
263.   ny2ca2dc
Twins on the clock, then yanks pick. Our boy is still on the board
2008-06-05 13:37:47
264.   williamnyy23
It looks like bad luck kept the Yankees off the board, but the decision to bunt with Cano was the main culprit. If the season continues as it looks it will, I hope Hank and Co. are not locked into Girardi for 2009. He has really done nothing to give you confidence in him as a manager.
2008-06-05 13:38:03
265.   nick
miracle catch, says Sterling. anybody see it?
2008-06-05 13:38:08
266.   Rob Middletown CT
Just setting up the 2-run walk-off homer for ARod...


2008-06-05 13:38:48
267.   tommyl
We're on the clock.
2008-06-05 13:39:03
268.   doslobo38
What is that now 7 runners left on base?
2008-06-05 13:39:17
269.   Yankee Fan In Boston
265 it was a good catch at the wall, but "miracle" would be a stretch.
2008-06-05 13:39:20
270.   mehmattski
Twins pick a righty not even on John Sickles' top 40. Gerrit Cole still on the board. It's gotta be him, methinks.
2008-06-05 13:39:41
271.   williamnyy23
265 Far from a miracle catch. Wilkerson took a bad route to the ball and turned what could have been a routine play into a somewhat nice catch.
2008-06-05 13:39:51
272.   Yankees Brasil
I know he hit it hard, just got unlucky, but still, another out with men in scoring position. To hit under .050 with RISP and expect to win the game, that ain't happening.
2008-06-05 13:39:53
273.   ms october
265 miracle is a stretch - but it was a nice catch - he had to make a long run and a good catch to get it
2008-06-05 13:40:37
274.   rbj
I can't blame Damon then, if he gave it a good ride.
2008-06-05 13:40:52
275.   Yankees Brasil
And now Farnsworth comes in to make sure the game is really over.
2008-06-05 13:40:58
276.   Rob Middletown CT
Oh, and I agree with the discussion of the bunt. There are a very limited number of situations where I'd want to bunt. This one didn't qualify, if for no other reason than Robinson's inability to bunt. Then again, he's been so godawful this year I can almost understand what Girardi was thinking. Almost.
2008-06-05 13:41:01
277.   Raf
Farns pitching on consecutive days...
2008-06-05 13:41:25
278.   ny2ca2dc
And here come the insurance runs
2008-06-05 13:41:31
279.   tommyl
Yeah, we left some runners on base, but this game is on Wang. Your offense scores 6 runs, against the Blue Jays, you win the game. That's really all there is to it.
2008-06-05 13:41:34
280.   Mattpat11
2008-06-05 13:42:06
281.   Alex Belth
2008-06-05 13:42:06
282.   tommyl
277 278 But he throws so hard
2008-06-05 13:42:10
283.   mehmattski
Gerrit Cole profile:

"Poise: His makeup on the field can be an issue, as he gets animated with umpires and teammates at times.

Physical Description: Cole is a projectable high school right-hander who compares a bit to Kyle Farnsworth."

...uh oh....

2008-06-05 13:42:15
284.   Raf
Guess because he got lucky with Hawkins & Veras, he thinks he'll get lucky with Farnsworth?
2008-06-05 13:42:32
285.   tommyl
2008-06-05 13:42:47
286.   nick
two on nobody out--time to strand em again, boys...
2008-06-05 13:42:52
287.   Yankees Brasil
279 It's on the offense, they had more than enough chances. Just couldn't hit with RISP, as they've been doing all year long.
2008-06-05 13:42:55
288.   fansince77
Imagine what could have happened that inning if Girardi didn't shit out Cano's ab.
2008-06-05 13:43:07
289.   RIYank
276 But he was 2-for-3 today, so even that's no excuse.
2008-06-05 13:43:16
290.   williamnyy23
279 This is another game with a long list of culprits, which speaks to the wide spread deficiencies on this team. From Wang to Melky to the countless hitters who couldn't get a basehit with runners on, the Yankees have perfect a formula that usually spells .500.
2008-06-05 13:43:33
291.   mehmattski
Yankees pick Cole. Good pick, I guess.
2008-06-05 13:43:53
292.   nick
276 as Earl Weaver said, you can take the sacrifice bunt and stick it up your ass...

...not you, personally ;-)

2008-06-05 13:44:13
293.   Mattpat11
Fire Brian Cashman. Now.
2008-06-05 13:44:31
294.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2008-06-05 13:44:38
296.   doslobo38
279 You are right overall the offense has been pretty good, also good to see Abreu get get out of his post Blackburn funk.
2008-06-05 13:44:40
297.   tommyl
287 How can you say that? You reasonably expect the offense to score 8 runs or more every game? That's absurd.

Steve Goldman had a nice article today showing the Yankees are actually dead smack average hitting with RISP, scoring a runner from third with less than 2 outs and any other clutch situation you can come up with. They just aren't walking enough.

2008-06-05 13:45:00
298.   ny2ca2dc
Chris Britton still doesn't get his wish, and neither do we.
2008-06-05 13:45:01
299.   Raf
293 Why? If Britton can be buried, why not Farnsworth?
2008-06-05 13:45:06
300.   RIYank
290 That's nonsense. Seriously. They have six runs and eleven hits in a game that McGowan started. The problem today is definitely not the offense.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-06-05 13:45:09
301.   nick
and Matt Stairs, a 42 year old chubster, is killing us....
2008-06-05 13:45:43
302.   ms october
293 fwiw the scroll on espn said the yanks are going to talk extension with him next week
2008-06-05 13:45:48
303.   fansince77
Im not even mad at Farns at ALL- Joe G, that is a different story.
2008-06-05 13:45:55
304.   Yankee Fan In Boston
301 took the words right outta my mouth. he's ortiz all of the sudden.
2008-06-05 13:45:58
305.   rbj
Ah, phew. I had been kinda hoping that the Yankees might pull this game out. Thanks to the Farns, that ain't happening now.
2008-06-05 13:46:01
306.   RIYank
For some reason I'm no longer tearing my hair out. I think deep down I knew this was going to happen when Kyle appeared, so I just relaxed.
2008-06-05 13:46:02
307.   tommyl
Yankees take Gerrit Cole with the 28th pick. He seems good, but don't we need a position player or eight?
2008-06-05 13:46:18
308.   Yankees Brasil
It's not even fair to boo Farnsworth anymore. It's not his fault the manager keeps pitching him in high leverage situations. Girardi has been awful so far as a manager, and nobody talks about it. He is, in my opinion, one of the reasons this is a mediocre ballclub.
2008-06-05 13:46:52
309.   Yankee Fan In Boston
302 for a split second, i thought you were talking about farnsworth. jeez.
2008-06-05 13:46:58
310.   RIYank
305 306 See, you reached the same zen-like conclusion.
2008-06-05 13:46:58
311.   ny2ca2dc
287 They should really be above average though - we're expecting this team to be the best (or nearly) offense, not average. This team was built to mash to the playoffs to cover suspect pitching. And there's been little mashing.
2008-06-05 13:47:45
312.   Raf
dodged a bullet with Overbay
2008-06-05 13:47:55
313.   tommyl
This has got grandslam written all over it
2008-06-05 13:47:57
314.   Mattpat11
299 Because that would be admitting a mistake.

If Brian Cashman refuses to rid us of the dead weight he signed, hire someone who will.

2008-06-05 13:48:15
315.   mehmattski
307 The Yankees took the best player on the board, and you can't fault them for that. Casey Kelly would have been a good pick, too. There's plenty of talent available for the later rounds, plus I have a feeling that the Yankees are focusing on Latin America for position players.
2008-06-05 13:48:41
316.   ny2ca2dc
I smell base clearing double. at least a sac fly
2008-06-05 13:49:30
317.   williamnyy23
297 You can't expect them to score 8 runs every game, but when you put so many men on base (often times with 0 and 1 out), then yes, it is reasonable to expect the offense to be able to top 6 runs (heck, the yankees averaged 6 runs last year).

More to the point, this offense HAS to score a lot of runs. The defense and pitching are simply too weak. The only way the Yankees come close to winning 90 games is if they hit like last year, which means they'd need to average 7 runs per game for the rest of the season.

2008-06-05 13:49:38
318.   fansince77
I still think we should turn Farns into a starter- I think over six he gives up about the same amount of runs as he does over 1. His stuff is that good and he's not a pressure pitcher. Start him and good things will happen.
2008-06-05 13:49:50
319.   nick
actually, Goldman's wrong. quick and dirty stats: we are 3rd in overall ops; we are 12th in ops with risp; we are 6th in runs scored. that said, of course we'd score more with more runners. but we are hitting quite poorly with risp.

in particular, cano has been absolutely killing us with men base. the #s are too bad even to post.

2008-06-05 13:50:24
320.   williamnyy23
Here's Keith Law's view of the Cole pick. Let the rebuild begin:

This is a great pick; he fell to the Yankees for financial reasons. Cole has the best arm among the prep pitchers in the draft. He has a loose, quick arm. He has the best fastball of the high school pitchers; it tops out 97 mph. He needs more consistency on the breaking ball. And he needs to just throw his changeup instead of guiding it. He's a high-ceiling arm that could be a No. 1 starter. If that doesn't work, he could be a dominant reliever.

2008-06-05 13:50:32
321.   ms october
315 here's what keith law said about the cole pick:

This is a great pick; he fell to the Yankees for financial reasons. Cole has the best arm among the prep pitchers in the draft. He has a loose, quick arm. He has the best fastball of the high school pitchers; it tops out 97 mph. He needs more consistency on the breaking ball. And he needs to just throw his changeup instead of guiding it. He's a high-ceiling arm that could be a No. 1 starter. If that doesn't work, he could be a dominant reliever.

2008-06-05 13:51:39
322.   ms october
320 damnit william - 8 seconds to sunrise
2008-06-05 13:51:42
323.   mehmattski
Man, I feel bad for Mike A. at last year his website went down right as the draft was happening, and it's currently unaccessible right now too. His favorite day of the year and I want his feedback!
2008-06-05 13:51:44
324.   Raf
314 Regardless, Girardi doesn't have to give Farns the call. Britton, Ramirez & Rivera are available.

318 Can't do any worse than he's doing now.

2008-06-05 13:52:17
325.   Yankees Brasil
Too little too late to play D, don't you think Melky?

Now watch the Yankees go out and score 1 run and strand the tying at second base.

2008-06-05 13:52:33
326.   rbj
320 I'm still leery of high school pitchers.
2008-06-05 13:52:49
327.   williamnyy23
308 Girardi has definitely been an active participant in the Yankees poor play. If No Maas was keeping track, I think you might have 3 or 4 Girardi losses.
2008-06-05 13:52:52
328.   Mattpat11
324 Fire them both then.
2008-06-05 13:53:07
329.   ny2ca2dc
Well, at least we got Cole. Phil Hughes comparisons due to projectability and age (prep), but it actually looks like we go this year's Porcello. pretty sweet. Now cashman go trade some of the B pitchers with some of the vet hitters for some young hitters to restock for next year. Even if this team somehow makes it to the playoffs this year, next year will be rough
2008-06-05 13:53:11
330.   fansince77
324 ...and can't do worse than several of our starters.
2008-06-05 13:53:32
331.   RIYank
318 Interesting.
And, worst case scenario, his arm falls off.

No, wait. That's the best case.

2008-06-05 13:55:01
332.   pistolpete
There's something very Godfather-type movie-ish about what Farnsworth is doing right now and how the Yanks are making their draft pick at the same time...

You know, like when Michael was having his child baptized, and they'd cut in with the scenes of all the other families' bosses getting whacked?

2008-06-05 13:55:01
333.   Bob B
The entire bullpen sucks and I don't know if it is because they're all terrible or because they burned out during the Hughes, IPK, Igawa two innings per game debacle. Farns actually has a better ERA than Veras or Hawkins and we know Farns couldn't get his grandmother out in a clutch situation.............
2008-06-05 13:55:41
334.   mehmattski
By the way, Gerrit Cole was born September 9, 1990.

That's insane.

2008-06-05 13:55:56
335.   Bob B
332 Perfect imagery
2008-06-05 13:56:48
336.   RIYank
332 Chilling.
2008-06-05 13:57:10
337.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i now officially take tony la russa's side in the scott rolen feud.
2008-06-05 13:58:05
338.   nick
Alex will homer, then a double, then a popout...
2008-06-05 13:58:42
339.   Mattpat11
332 That suggests the Yankees would whack Farnsworth. Which would be admitting a mistake.
2008-06-05 13:58:49
340.   tommyl
317 Six runs against the best pitching team in the majors is pretty damn good. Also giving up 8 to one of the worst offenses is pretty damn bad.
2008-06-05 13:59:16
341.   tommyl
Oh Alex, its futile. Just stop trying.
2008-06-05 14:00:25
342.   mehmattski
Matsui! Tie game! Oh... wait...
2008-06-05 14:00:36
343.   Mattpat11
I fucking HATE Kyle Farnsworth
2008-06-05 14:00:39
344.   RIYank
Water torture.
2008-06-05 14:00:53
345.   Raf
339 Like Terrence Long & Scott Erickson weren't mistakes? Sidney Ponson? Darrell May? Tim Redding?
2008-06-05 14:01:00
346.   nick
you had to feel the Farns run would count, today....
2008-06-05 14:01:28
347.   nick
ooh--Giambino--couldn't we have a storybook walkoff?
2008-06-05 14:01:28
348.   pistolpete
339 I wasn't trying to draw any sort of parallel with the characters from the movie, but the contrasting events of today certainly reminded me of that sequence I mentioned.
2008-06-05 14:01:37
349.   ny2ca2dc
Well Farns looks even larger now. Chris Britton couldn't be trusted at any time in this game, however.
2008-06-05 14:01:39
350.   fansince77
Can the pornstar make it happen? I can think of no one else I would want up here.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-06-05 14:01:51
351.   tommyl
317 Make that seven. This is still on the offense?
2008-06-05 14:01:55
352.   Mattpat11
2008-06-05 14:02:04
353.   williamnyy23
The Giambino...incredible.
2008-06-05 14:02:06
354.   mehmattski
2008-06-05 14:02:13
355.   tommyl
2008-06-05 14:02:33
356.   ny2ca2dc
Holy fuckin shit. Thanks a lot Farnswroth (and Girardi - How the fuck did Britton not get in this game)
2008-06-05 14:02:39
357.   ms october
holy hell!! that is why we have to just luv the big lug - huh oyf.
2008-06-05 14:02:40
358.   mehmattski
That ball was hit a very long way.
2008-06-05 14:02:41
359.   cult of basebaal


2008-06-05 14:02:41
360.   Yankee Fan In Boston
holy effing crap.
2008-06-05 14:02:45
361.   nick
2008-06-05 14:02:52
362.   ny2ca2dc
Holy mother fucking shit
2008-06-05 14:02:52
363.   tommyl
351 Errrr...nine.

Wow, there we go. Enough offense to cover crappy ass pitching.

2008-06-05 14:03:03
364.   RIYank
2008-06-05 14:03:05
365.   Yankees Brasil
2008-06-05 14:03:18
366.   51cq24
ha! i gotta say i thought it was foul
2008-06-05 14:03:31
367.   pistolpete

the win?!!!

2008-06-05 14:03:31
368.   Yankee Fan In Boston
that was just how they had that game drawn up.
2008-06-05 14:03:31
369.   nick
hey Alex--what's the sound you're making now??
2008-06-05 14:03:40
370.   Raf
349 Yep. Not to mention the calls to move Joba back to the 'pen.
2008-06-05 14:03:52
371.   fansince77
Folks....we have just witnessed the beginning of the TURNAROUND OF THE YANKEES SEASONS....I quietly told my friend next to me- this is the game...THIS IS THE GAME! GO PORNSTAR! GO PORNSTAR!
2008-06-05 14:03:53
372.   cult of basebaal
putting in farnsworth = girardi -1
pinch hitting giambi = girardi +1

we'll see, but this could be where this worm turns ... BIG damn win

2008-06-05 14:04:04
373.   ny2ca2dc
363 Off good pitchers too. My god. This, and picking up Cole, very nice !
2008-06-05 14:04:06
374.   doslobo38
Oh my god that was GREAT!
2008-06-05 14:04:39
375.   ms october
poor kim - has to look at that stache and pretend it looks good - but if is what's making him hit - stache away
2008-06-05 14:04:48
376.   RIYank
367 There is no justice!
(But irony is doing nicely.)
2008-06-05 14:05:53
377.   Raf
367 And a reprieve...
2008-06-05 14:06:26
378.   Simone
The Yankees win! The Yankees win!
2008-06-05 14:06:29
379.   williamnyy23
372 It's funny how games play out. If Posada isn't pinch run for, Giambi likely doesn't get to bat because I don't think Girardi lifts Jorge there.
2008-06-05 14:06:36
380.   RIYank
By the way, Nick 347 , you rock.
2008-06-05 14:07:23
381.   RIYank
378 It wouldn't be a walk-off party without you, Simone!
2008-06-05 14:07:44
382.   fansince77
137 Oh bolognese - Giambi was a three year old would have pinch hit there...and Farnsworth wasn't a bad call either...BUT the Cano bunt debacle is the Girardi that scares me!

This team can win. This team will win and Joe G. had better check himself and not get in the way. Make Farns a starter.

2008-06-05 14:08:04
383.   williamnyy23
Red Sox pick Casey Kelly. As long as the rest of MLB sticks to the silly slotting system, the Yankees and Red Sox will continue to be able to stockpile talent. Both Cole and Kelly have top of the draft talent.
2008-06-05 14:08:32
384.   Raf
Funny game this baseball... Sometimes the right move doesn't work, sometimes the wrong one does.
2008-06-05 14:08:35
385.   Mattpat11
I still hate Kyle Farnsworth
2008-06-05 14:09:15
386.   Bob B
Back to .500
2008-06-05 14:09:26
387.   nick
380 I was gonna try for the reverse jinx, but I went with the 8-yr-old boy desparate sincerity instead...
2008-06-05 14:10:27
388.   williamnyy23
Melky's nice catch in 9th turns out to be a big play. Also, I really hope Girardi doesn't talk about Farnsworth's ability to get out of the jam...Overbay hit a rocket to Betemit and Cabrera ran down a bullet. Farnsworth was very bad in that inning.
2008-06-05 14:10:28
389.   Alex Belth


2008-06-05 14:10:36
390.   RIYank
383 Interesting.
Let's hope the kid likes Rockytop...
2008-06-05 14:11:30
391.   RIYank
387 Your instincts are obviously good. Continue to trust them.
2008-06-05 14:17:48
392.   Bama Yankee
390 I'm not sure I want to see the kid playing for the Vols either... does he play any other sports?


(oh, and I thought the bunt call was okay...Cano is at fault not Girardi. Cano needs to be able to get the bunt down in that situation. When you are batting .200, it is time to work on some bunting fundamentals in BP)

2008-06-05 14:18:12
393.   Jeb
I'm late to the party (actually the party's over), but WOW! I started screaming in my office when I heard Sterling's call. What a game to win.
2008-06-05 14:18:48
394.   Jeb
392 Yeah, they should maybe consider working with Cano on that play. Great win anyway, huh Bama?
2008-06-05 14:20:27
395.   williamnyy23
392 I am sure the Red Sox are prepared to pay Kelly.

Cano had the same problem last game. Unless Girardi has ordered mandatory bunting practice for Cano every day since then, I think he is at fault. As much as we may think he should be able to bunt, the fact is he can't. Girardi essentially created a two strike AB that ultimately led to a weak hack and a double play.

Why was Farnsworth so angry on the bench. After the walkoff, he seemed upset that he had to run on the field instead of walk to the clubhouse.

2008-06-05 14:20:31
396.   cult of basebaal
392 that may be true, but it's utterly obvious that cano can't bunt, so asking him to is pretty damn stupid, you gotta work with the team you actually got, not the one you imagine you should or ought to have
2008-06-05 14:21:28
397.   mehmattski
Yankees on the Clock again soon. Most of the top lefty pitchers are gone, except for High-Schooler Robby Ross. Maybe the Yanks will pick a catcher like Adrian Neito.
2008-06-05 14:22:05
398.   Bama Yankee
395 "I am sure the Red Sox are prepared to pay Kelly." are the Vols. ;-)

2008-06-05 14:23:18
399.   Bama Yankee
394 Great win is right, Jeb. Do you think Casey Kelley will end up playing for Tennessee?
2008-06-05 14:23:47
400.   Mattpat11
395 Farnsworth did not understand the concept of his team winning after he pitches.
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2008-06-05 14:24:06
401.   williamnyy23
398 Excellent point...if he could play basketball that is.
2008-06-05 14:24:10
402.   mehmattski
399 Hey, Cutcliffe is gone now, he's now going to lead my Blue Devils to a national championship.

Stop laughing!

2008-06-05 14:25:56
403.   horace-clarke-era
My, my, my, my what an un-mess.

Baseball she is a funny game.

Gameball split neatly between Giambino and Nick here. Sincerity + stache = walk-off.

And some credit to the Melkster for what really was a fine catch and ends up (she is a funny game) compensating for an error that ended up costing 5 runs.

Da mon Damon still isn't getting enough respect 'round here, though ... look where his average is, the game he had at the plate, the almost hr/high-wall double stolen.

Do we cut Wang some slack because of the error or continue to worry a lot about his last four starts now? Me, I worry.

But not tonight. Tonight is good.

2008-06-05 14:28:22
404.   Jeb
399 I hope so.
2008-06-05 14:29:04
405.   yankster
If the Yanks aren't carrying three catchers does Giambi still come in for Molina?
2008-06-05 14:29:41
406.   Bama Yankee
402 I'm not laughing (at least not too loud). He will make you guys better (probably not a NC, but he is a good coach).

Hey, you guys are always at the top in b-ball. Hoping for football too is getting a little gready don't you think? ;-)

2008-06-05 14:29:54
407.   williamnyy23
Jeremy Bleich (spelling) - LHP from Stanford is the Yankees pick in the compensation round.
2008-06-05 14:30:44
408.   mehmattski
Yankees pass on LHP Robbie Ross (high schooler) and instead pick pick LHP Jeremy Bleich, from Stanford. He's not on Keith Law's draft board. He also had a 5.58 ERA for Stanford this year, and struck out only 60 in 98 innings, while walking 31.

There are a lot better LHP on the board there. That's an F-minus pick.

2008-06-05 14:33:14
409.   williamnyy23
405 Girardi already cost the team a game not hitting for Moeller with a man on third and one out in the 8th. I hope he wouldn't make the same mistake again.
2008-06-05 14:34:24
410.   williamnyy23
408 Unless there is a good reason for his struggles this year (surgery?) and he is a risky upside pick.
2008-06-05 14:34:50
411.   mehmattski
I couldn't find much at all on Bleich, here's a report from 2004 at Perfect Game USA:

"Jeremy Bleich is a good looking 6'2/185 LHP from Metairie, LA, high 80's LHP, outstanding command, excellent hard dropping 76 mph CB, arm works fluidly, mechanics are solid, highest level college prospect with high draft potential, excellent student."

They gave him a 10 out of 10, which indicates high-draft potential and top D-1 talent.

2008-06-05 14:36:30
412.   tommyl
408 Can we please take a position player? Just one. I mean pitching is great and all, but Derek, Jorge, most of our OF is getting old and we still don't have a first basemen.
2008-06-05 14:37:10
413.   mehmattski
Bryan Smith of Baseball Prospectus had this to say earlier this week:

Draft Notice: Jeremy Bleich. I go with Bleich here, because it's rather substantial that the lefty proved he is back, though he did walk five in his four scoreless innings. This has definitely been a year in which some late risers have clouded the early rounds, making a guy like Bleich a bit of an afterthought. However, the Stanford lefty just missed in my Cape Cod League Top 30 list this offseason, and he's a lefty that keeps the ball in the park with swing-and-miss stuff. Here's to guessing he is drafted lower than he should be.

Perhaps he did have an injury, then?

2008-06-05 14:37:16
414.   tommyl
This game was a great outcome. We win, and Joe has to be convinced that Veras, Hawkins and especially Farnsworth suck ass.
2008-06-05 14:39:29
415.   mehmattski
412 Well, there really wasn't much on the board for position players at #44, the Yankees were due to take a lefty, and the debate is about which one.

At #28, meanwhile, the Yankees got the best player on the board. You don't reach for need in the MLB amateur draft, that's how you create busts.

In addition, I really think the Yankees are focused on international talent to fill the position player ranks. Cano, Cabrera, Tabata, Montero, etc.

2008-06-05 14:39:59
416.   williamnyy23
412 Kelly would have been an option, but he is a very young SS who also pitches. Unfortunately, all of the big-time college bats go very early, leaving high priced/high talent arms when the Yankees pick. It would be nice if they use the later round picks to roll the dice on offensive players. Last year, they made a couple of nice selections later on.
2008-06-05 14:44:17
417.   williamnyy23
413 I hope so...he wasn't very good in 2006 or 2007 either.
2008-06-05 14:45:30
418.   JL25and3
Suzyn Waldman said something to this effect: the Yankees' drafting philosophy is to pick as many power arms as possible, as young as possible - to stock the farm system with young power arms, "because that's how you win championships."

Really? Who exactly has won championships by stocking their farm system with young power arms? I see the 2003 Marlins and before that the 1995 Braves.

I'm not arguing with the pick, obviously, just with the meme.

2008-06-05 14:50:58
419.   tommyl
418 On the plus side, having an overabundance of young power arms means you might be able to swing some deals for young hitters. At least in theory. This years Blue Jays are a living example that great pitching can't get you everywhere, you still need to hit. Man, if the Yankees had the Jays staff though, we'd be really, really good.
2008-06-05 14:51:01
420.   mehmattski
417 Riveraveblues is back up, and Mike A. says that Bleich had elbow strain. Uh oh. Sounds like a Tommy John surgery waiting to happen.

418 The Yankees certainly didn't follow that philosophy with their #44 pick. Bleich throws high-80s.

2008-06-05 14:51:37
421.   tommyl
418 Errr...let me also say that I'm not sure Suzyn is the one sitting in on all the draft meetings. Methinks she doth protest too much.
2008-06-05 15:20:30
422.   JL25and3
421 You think maybe that any pick they made would be the championship philosophy to her?

Btw, the hell did Lisa survive another round? In almost every show she's been the second worst, but somehow she's still there. She's not even an interesting character to dislike, just a whiny and annoying one.

2008-06-05 15:42:47
423.   Mattpat11
I really think we need to sweep KC now
2008-06-05 15:56:16
424.   mehmattski
Pick #75, Yankees select Ole Miss closer Scott Bittle.... 130 K in 70 IP this season, which is impressive. Another off-the-board pick for the Yanks.
2008-06-05 16:04:28
425.   JL25and3
423 Hey, Mattpat, not a bad day for you. You got to loathe Farnsworth and still come away with a win.
2008-06-05 16:19:29
426.   OldYanksFan
Hello? Hello?
I've been waiting all day for tonight's game.
Well.... err..... ummm....
Gotta luv the big lug!
2008-06-05 16:33:11
427.   OldYanksFan
Oh... since I missed the game, I'll have to do with reading the Banter for the story. Let me see if I can sum up today's game:

Wang looks good!
Someone wearing Jeter's unifrom got a DOUBLE!
Oh shit, Wang sucks!!!
Melky? Melky sucks!
This game proves we are a .500 team.
Betemin sucks!
No.... Betemin looks good!
No, Betemin still sucks!
Cano can't bunt. Cano sucks!
No, Girardi sucks!
Well... either Cano or Girardi sucks!
2 men on. Ollie sucks!
Veras... first 2 men on. Veras sucks!
Farnsworth in the 9th?
Farnsworth sucks! (how true dat)
Fire Girardi!
Burn Cashman!
This loss is on the offense... AND the pitching.
Giambi up for a bit of false hope, to rub our faces in our misery. Wouldn't it be nice...

Gotta luv the big lug!

We still have a shot.
All is forgiven!

Did I miss anything?

2008-06-05 16:52:38
428.   SF Yanks
427 EXCELLENT recap!
2008-06-05 17:44:05
429.   JL25and3
427 Good lord, man, did you read through 400+ comments for that?

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