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Movin' On Up
2008-06-02 12:57
by Cliff Corcoran
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With the Yankees bobbing around in last place in the AL East, I haven't spent much time looking at the standings thus far this year, but checking things out this morning, I see that a four-game losing streak has dropped the Orioles 2 1/2 games behind the Bombers, who are back at .500 and 6 1/2 games out of first place. They're only 1 1/2 games behind the Blue Jays, however, and Toronto comes to the Bronx tomorrow for a three game series. That means a good week could bounce the Yankees up to third place with only the Rays and Red Sox, the teams with the two best records in the American League, and two of the three best records in baseball, ahead of them.

The Yankees can kick this week off right with a get-away win in Minneapolis tonight. Beating the Twins tonight would give the Yankees a series win (rather than the four-game split that would result from a loss), push them over .500, and give them the same record as the Twins, who are only a game out of first place in the Central entering tonight's game.

Andy Pettitte will look to pitch the Yankees to that victory. Pettitte is coming off three straight quality starts in which he's allowed a total of one home run and walked just three men while striking out 19 in 18 2/3 innings. He'll face Livan Hernandez, who has a 6.08 ERA in four career starts against the Yankees. Of course, three of those starts came between 1997 and 2002, which is ancient history by now, but the most recent was last June and saw the Yankees tag Hernandez for seven runs in four innings including home runs by Alex Rodriguez, Hideki Matsui, and Jorge Posada.

Hernandez has an 8.74 ERA in his last two starts, and was most recently slapped around by the lowly Kansas City Royals. Despite giving up all those runs, he's not allowed a home run in his last 23 2/3 innings, but then he's only struck out three men over the same span (while walking only two). Hernandez's single-game high for strikeouts this year is four, and it took him seven innings to do that, and he's only walked three men in a game once all year. So one things for sure, the Yankees will be putting the ball in play tonight.

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2008-06-02 14:20:56
1.   Raf
Livan has been throwing some serious slop, I hope the Yanks light him up. I don't need home runs, singles and doubles will do.
2008-06-02 14:45:00
2.   Bama Yankee
(with apologies to Elton John)

"And he shall be Livan
And he shall be a good man
He... shall... be... Livan"

Here's hoping that Livan is a good man but a bad pitcher tonight... ;-)

2008-06-02 16:03:01
3.   OldYanksFan
According the the AP, "Prior to have season-ending surgery on troublesome right shoulder". Man, the poor dude is constantly Pavanoed. Glad Cashman didn't think he was worth a shot.

Game on ESPN tonight here in New England.

2008-06-02 16:13:02
4.   SF Yanks
Thata baby!
2008-06-02 16:13:22
5.   nick
thattaboy Alex!
2008-06-02 16:13:44
6.   Yankees Brasil
Nice Alex!
2008-06-02 16:13:56
7.   ChrisS
This is how games are supposed to start out, right?
2008-06-02 16:13:58
8.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Rainy season has begin over here, heading out for the journey to work, hoping to see the Yanks ahead when I arrive and log on! "We finally got a piece of the pie-ay-ay"
2008-06-02 16:14:36
9.   SF Yanks
Mastui with the highest ave in the AL. Whoda thunk?
2008-06-02 16:15:59
10.   Yankees Brasil
It's nice to see the Yankees come out swinging.
2008-06-02 16:17:21
11.   nick
half-assed proposal: the weird combination of talent/long stretches of slump that Robbie and Melky experience suggest a Spanish-speaking hitting coach would help....
2008-06-02 16:17:44
12.   ChrisS
9 JOsh Hamilton is knockin'. That guy is just having a crazy season to start. It's tough to think about what a great career he could have had if he didn't throw away his early 20s.
2008-06-02 16:21:07
13.   SF Yanks
12 Absolutely. I just checked his stats and I knew he was doing good, but 63 RBI, damn!
2008-06-02 16:21:43
14.   Yankees Brasil
12 He's crazy good. He'd look so good in pinstripes.
2008-06-02 16:23:33
15.   SF Yanks
Hopefully, Pettitte can get his ERA into the 3's after next inning.
2008-06-02 16:23:38
16.   Yankees Brasil
Nice and easy, Andy. Great inning.
2008-06-02 16:25:08
17.   JL25and3
14 Given his struggles with addiction, I don't think I'd wish New York and the Yankees on him, certainly not yet.
2008-06-02 16:27:25
18.   SF Yanks
Utley is also disgusting right now. 21 HR's.
2008-06-02 16:34:45
19.   Yankees Brasil
18 I don't think Cano can hit that many...over an entire season.
2008-06-02 16:36:16
20.   SF Yanks
19 Hasn't even hit 20 yet.
2008-06-02 16:41:44
21.   SF Yanks
So close to getting into the 3's, but no cigar.
2008-06-02 16:42:50
22.   Yankees Brasil
Right down the middle, even Miguel Cairo could hit that.
2008-06-02 16:51:27
23.   Yankees Brasil
That's Hideki's favorite place to hit the ball, right at the second baseman.
2008-06-02 16:56:29
24.   Eirias
23 Are you kidding me? I don't carp on pessimism, but he is leading the entire American League.
2008-06-02 16:56:29
25.   OldYanksFan
11 A Spanish-speaking Dominantrix might be more successful with those two. See my belt?
2008-06-02 16:56:33
26.   Zack
23 Are you seriously taking issue with a guy hitting .330?
2008-06-02 16:59:25
27.   Zack
See, Joe, suicide squeezes work!
2008-06-02 17:00:06
28.   Just fair
Pettitte Farnsworthed that throw to first. And now a bunt hit. BLEH.
2008-06-02 17:02:12
29.   Yankees Brasil
Pretty good D guys.

26 24 He's hitting .330 because he goes the other way on that outside. So why the hell doesn't he do it everytime, or at least tries to? He's shown he can do it, it's just a matter of wanting to. If you have the skills, why not use?

2008-06-02 17:04:05
30.   RIYank
29 Yeah, he's just not trying, that's the problem.

(And hello to all.)

2008-06-02 17:04:30
31.   RIYank
Also, I now officially hate the squeeze play.
2008-06-02 17:05:32
32.   Yankees Brasil
Nice hustle Cano.
2008-06-02 17:06:12
33.   RIYank
32 And, it's good to see the fundamentally sound Twins suck at defense, too!
2008-06-02 17:06:58
34.   RIYank
No, Melky, you aren't allowed to take a pitch! Weren't you watching???
2008-06-02 17:07:25
35.   RIYank
That's better.
Weird. Three batters in four pitches!
2008-06-02 17:08:12
36.   Just fair
At least Damon didn't break his bat.
2008-06-02 17:09:04
37.   Jeb
Please don't anyone ever tell me that Jason Giambi players better defense than Wilson Betemt! We simply do not have a good defensive first basemen --- and while we should probably just put up with Jason (because of offense) he's horrible at Defense.
2008-06-02 17:09:31
38.   Zack
29 You're being sarcastic, right?
2008-06-02 17:10:15
39.   RIYank
That was an amazing half-inning. Six pitches, even though we got two hits!
2008-06-02 17:10:54
40.   Yankees Brasil
7 hits and a walk, in 4 innings, and just 2 runs.

Not good.

2008-06-02 17:11:28
41.   Eirias
Given that corked bats are illegal due to modification, is it legal to make a bat out of cork. I understand that this would be pointless, though Sheffield's swing would probably crack the sound barrier.
2008-06-02 17:12:08
42.   Jeb
38 I think Matsui has been our best hitter (and most consistent) all year. Yeah, he'll hit into some DP's now and again, but he's pretty damn good.
2008-06-02 17:13:12
43.   Jeb
41 I think they have to be made out of wood. And, I think the bat would break in half, but I think you alluded to that.
2008-06-02 17:13:19
44.   Eirias
I was reading through an issue of SI that I hadn't gotten to, and the Player's Quiz was on the toughest player in baseball. Farnsworth was the only pitcher to receive more than 1% of the vote. It must be Kyle's evil, tough, twin.
2008-06-02 17:13:31
45.   RIYank
I don't think I've ever seen that before. The entire inning, both halves, a total of twelve pitches. And there were two hits!
2008-06-02 17:13:43
46.   Eirias
43 Cork is wood. Cork Tree.
2008-06-02 17:14:21
47.   ms october
40 that's the way livan has been living most of the year

the faux gm on joba to the rotation is getting a bit tough to take

2008-06-02 17:14:29
48.   RIYank
43 But maybe cork counts technically as wood? (It's bark, I believe.)
2008-06-02 17:16:30
49.   RIYank
Cap is back!
Boy that's nice to see.
2008-06-02 17:17:00
50.   Jeb
41 I've got a question about bats. You can't use a white one because the other team couldn't see the ball of the bat, which would create a lot of safety issues (to say nothing of a few extra hits).

BUT why would a player use a black bat, when the ball is most clearly seen coming off a dark surface, which contrasts from the white ball? I'd go as light blonde as possible and maybe you'd get a hit or 2 a year extra simply because it's not as quickly picked up by the eyes as a black bat.

I realize this is a goofy and unprovable theory, so if anyone thinks it's a horseshit idea, please be gentle. But does this make sense to anyone? I do realize the black bats look "cooler"

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2008-06-02 17:17:38
51.   Eirias
Interesting. Cork does not actually come from Cork trees, but Cork Oak trees. Different species.
2008-06-02 17:17:47
52.   Yankees Brasil
49 A HR yesterday and a double today, maybe that hand is feeling better, and the power is coming back! Great news if true.
2008-06-02 17:19:39
53.   nick
if Livan throws one of those Livan 8 inning 13 hit masterpieces I'm gonna be sick...
2008-06-02 17:20:20
54.   JL25and3
41 The bat has to be "a smooth round stick." I can't imagine a smooth cork bat. I think you could also argue the "one piece of solid wood."
2008-06-02 17:20:51
55.   Yankees Brasil
Terrible job by the ump. The 3-1 pitch to Bobby was clearly outside (according to gameday). Should have had the walk.
2008-06-02 17:20:56
56.   Jeb
53 if he walks 6 and gives up 7 runs, I'll be okay with that.
2008-06-02 17:21:33
57.   Jeb
fuck -- a leadoff double and ONCE again we aren't going to score.
2008-06-02 17:21:47
58.   Simone
Good to know that Derek's hand is feeling better. Guess, his career isn't over as some posters here were claiming. Talk about overreaction and unnecessary drama.
2008-06-02 17:22:31
59.   Jeb
54 hasn't that rule been modified? A metal bat is smooth and round. I suppose it's debatable as to whether it's a "Stick" though.
2008-06-02 17:23:09
60.   Jeb
50 horseshit idea or noone's going to answer?
2008-06-02 17:24:11
61.   JL25and3
59 I'm quoting the major-league rules - one piece of solid wood.
2008-06-02 17:25:04
62.   RIYank
60 50 No idea. I mean, I've never heard a player explain his choice of bat colors or anything.
2008-06-02 17:25:25
63.   williamnyy23
The calendar has turned to the June, but the Yankees haven't seemed to magically turn it on. More bad defense and more poor ABs with men in scoring position adds up to more loses against pitchers that a good team should easily handle.
2008-06-02 17:28:03
64.   JL25and3
60 I suppose it's possible that a black bat makes the ball more visible, and that a light blond one would provide extra hits. But I'd assume that, if that were the case, that major leaguers would have figured it out a long time ago. The simple fact that they continue to use black bats suggests to me that there's no functional difference.
2008-06-02 17:28:53
65.   rbj
1.10(d) No colored bat may be used in a professional game unless approved by the Rules Committee.
2008-06-02 17:29:42
66.   williamnyy23
62 I recall hearing one player say he preferred black bats because you can more easily the contact mark on the barrel.
2008-06-02 17:32:36
67.   JL25and3
65 We're not talking about colored bats, just light blond wood.
2008-06-02 17:33:10
68.   nick
Andy not looking good; no chance he could go 8 today...
2008-06-02 17:33:25
69.   Just fair
Giambi's been "fluffing" a lot of hits through the shift lately.
2008-06-02 17:33:31
70.   Zack
Cano looks so lost
2008-06-02 17:34:18
71.   williamnyy23
It's time to bench Cano for a game or two...he is simply hacking at the plate.
2008-06-02 17:34:37
72.   nick
it's like somebody told Robbie that you scored a point for each time you made contact--all these terrible contact only swings producing weak balls in play--fucking infuriating...
2008-06-02 17:37:08
73.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
73 really don't get it..Cano has such a sweet swing (usually)...
btw, is it true the new park in Minneapolis doesn't have a retractable roof?? WTF were they thinking????
2008-06-02 17:37:51
74.   nick
ok, now we won't score....
2008-06-02 17:39:05
75.   nick
74 reverse jinx!
2008-06-02 17:39:38
76.   williamnyy23
Does Livan throw 100mph, or did the Yankees get a bad shipment of bats. That was at least the 3rd broken bat today.
2008-06-02 17:39:39
77.   RIYank
Milk delivery!
2008-06-02 17:40:41
78.   OldYanksFan
A break there as the OFer took a bad route to that ball.
And man, Cano is just playing terribly! Almost got doubled off on that earlier fly and it should not have been close. Is this guy awake? He really needs to be reemed. It seems obvious to me that his contract has gone to his head.
2008-06-02 17:40:50
79.   RIYank
73 It's true. Also, nice self-reference.

74 75 You got the touch!

2008-06-02 17:40:51
80.   randym77
Wow, Toothache got a double.

C'mon, Johnny. He's a catcher, you'll have to hit it hard to bring him home.

2008-06-02 17:41:16
81.   nick
78 reemed?
2008-06-02 17:41:59
82.   RIYank
Now we're rocking!
2008-06-02 17:42:25
83.   rbj
What is this thing the Yankees are doing -- getting base hits with men on base?
2008-06-02 17:42:53
84.   williamnyy23
78 I dont think his contract has gone to his head. I think his batting average has. Cano seems anxious to make up for his poor start and has abandoned any thought process at the plate.
2008-06-02 17:44:52
85.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
79 arigatou. roof for late September games in Minnesota..
2008-06-02 17:44:53
86.   OldYanksFan
81 It's the same as reamed except with a hot poker.
2008-06-02 17:47:00
87.   nick
aha! let's ream Livan right here Bobby..
2008-06-02 17:47:09
88.   williamnyy23
Big hit from Abreu needed...2 runs here is not enough.
2008-06-02 17:49:09
89.   nick
Bobby should absolutely kill this guy, with his approach at the plate--I just don't get it...
2008-06-02 17:52:34
90.   OldYanksFan
I would bring up AGon and sit Cano for a week. He needs some incentive. ARod could give him a tongue lashing. He is just not thinking about what he's doing. He has not shown that he is changing his approach.
2008-06-02 17:52:50
91.   williamnyy23
Pettitte has to shut the door here...the hallmark of this team has been to not take advantage of opportunities and pitch poorly with the lead. Andy needs to have a quick one.
2008-06-02 17:54:26
92.   nick
Andy going to give another lead back here...
2008-06-02 17:56:44
93.   Just fair
Jeter was napping. Well done fellas.
2008-06-02 17:57:18
94.   randym77
Ugh. Was that an error?
2008-06-02 17:57:34
95.   williamnyy23
Andy can't shut the door and more bumbling at SS by Jeter.
2008-06-02 17:58:15
96.   nick
this is a big game, guys, come the fuck ON!
2008-06-02 17:58:47
97.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
90 that bad?? how can the guy Joe Morgan raves about be in such a slump..i don't get it...
This twins offense is pathetic, no way we should lose this game. How do they keep gicing Punto so many ABs?
2008-06-02 17:58:49
98.   OldYanksFan
Not very Jeterian.
2008-06-02 17:59:22
99.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
97 er..Punto not playing today, my mistake...
2008-06-02 17:59:30
100.   Raf
Is it me or does Delmon Young look like Keroppi?
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2008-06-02 18:00:34
101.   nick
this would be a very bad game to lose...
2008-06-02 18:00:51
102.   rbj
Crappity crap crap.
2008-06-02 18:01:02
103.   Raf
Andy keeping the ball up...
2008-06-02 18:01:17
104.   Yankees Brasil
0-2 count, why not throw one down in the dirt? Horrible pitch selection.
2008-06-02 18:01:26
105.   williamnyy23
0-2 count and Pettitte leaves a pitch out over the plate. That is awful pitching plain and simple. Pettitte has coughed up leads repeated this year and this team continues to stumble through games they should win easily.

This team is playing like a .500 team and the reason very well maybe that's because it is.

2008-06-02 18:02:22
106.   Yankees Brasil
101 Because of the terrible start, every game from now on is a very bad one to lose.
2008-06-02 18:03:18
107.   RIYank
You guys are hysterical!
Everything is a moral failing. This happens at Bronx Banter every time things are going bad.
2008-06-02 18:05:17
108.   Yankees Brasil
Get a lead, give up the lead. Nice work guys.
2008-06-02 18:06:17
109.   williamnyy23
107 Moral failing?
2008-06-02 18:06:59
110.   williamnyy23
Aside from Rasner, the Yankees do not have a league average starter. That's shocking for a team that fashions itself a contender.
2008-06-02 18:08:52
111.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
109 yes Williamnyy23, you question the pinstripes ability to adhere to the categorical imperative..
2008-06-02 18:09:42
112.   williamnyy23
That was a softball AB...get ahead a 3-0 and then give the pitcher 2 strikes because you know you are going to rip the 3-2.
2008-06-02 18:10:20
113.   nick
105 at this stage we can look for basically three improvements: Jeter and Cano to hit better, Jorge to return and Joba (and Rasner) to pitch a lot better than the other guys who've been in those spots.

hard to see Wang Moose Petitte combined being much better than they are now, though I'd love to be proved wrong.

if we get none of those three, then we're a .500 team...

2008-06-02 18:12:17
114.   williamnyy23
111 I kant accept that philosopy. I am more utilitarian and prefer the now "I" in team approach.
2008-06-02 18:12:38
115.   nick
ok, this guy looks remarkably like a human/pig crossbreed--drive him back to the mud, boys!
2008-06-02 18:12:40
116.   RIYank
113 I think W+M+P will be somewhat better combined the rest of the way. Mostly because Wang will be.
2008-06-02 18:12:52
117.   Yankees Brasil
13 hits is a lot for only 4 runs.
2008-06-02 18:13:30
118.   RIYank
115 He reminds me of someone. Can't think who.
2008-06-02 18:14:39
119.   nick
Hideki with the good eye...
2008-06-02 18:15:26
120.   RIYank
117 Wow, it sure is. Even for nine innings, it's a lot of hits for four runs.
2008-06-02 18:16:01
121.   nick
2008-06-02 18:16:17
122.   OldYanksFan
Wow... how is that possible?
2008-06-02 18:16:33
123.   williamnyy23
Great read by many runners freeze there and dont even make it close.
2008-06-02 18:16:53
124.   rbj
Why am I thinking of those cartoon squirrels (chipmunks?) Chip and Dale:

You win the game.
Oh no, I couldn't possible, it is your game.
No, no I just wouldn't feel right, it is your game.
I really couldn't.


2008-06-02 18:17:21
125.   Just fair
118 Every Day Eddie Guardado if he ate Chris Britton.
2008-06-02 18:17:37
126.   Yankees Brasil
Don't think he was safe, but I'll take it.
2008-06-02 18:17:39
127.   RIYank
I just love it when the Fundamentally Sound Twins screw up.
2008-06-02 18:17:55
128.   nick
VERRRRRRY close...
2008-06-02 18:18:23
129.   williamnyy23
Does Cano even know how to bunt? That was an awful approach.
2008-06-02 18:18:55
130.   Yankees Brasil
Bunting with Cano, me likes the idea. Too bad Cano can't even drop down a bunt.
2008-06-02 18:18:56
131.   RIYank
125 Ah, thanks! Would have kept me up all night trying to think of it.
2008-06-02 18:19:01
132.   williamnyy23
Squeeze here with Moeller? Or pinch hit with Betemit if the Twins go to a righty?
2008-06-02 18:19:47
133.   rbj
And the ghost of Scooter is giving Cano an earful.
2008-06-02 18:19:51
134.   Just fair
It's odd when I see a 1st baseman make a difficult yet nice throw to 2nd base.
2008-06-02 18:20:48
135.   OldYanksFan
Cano doesn't even know how to square up for a bunt. How can Girardi and Co. watch this guy everyday and not have an intervention?
2008-06-02 18:21:09
136.   Raf
2008-06-02 18:22:05
137.   Jeb
William, gotta give us this - we're getting on base. The results aren't great but we're putting potential runners on.

Reyes has jowls or maybe he's got mumps and ate a pickle.

2008-06-02 18:22:39
138.   rbj
136 Why thank you.
2008-06-02 18:23:22
139.   nick
how can managers keep bunting when apparently a minority of mlb players still have any idea how to do it!?

I mean, doesn't this get factored into the calculations at all?

2008-06-02 18:24:22
140.   nick
carrying three catchers and having Moeller hit in that spot--in what possible fucking universe can both those decisions be correct?
2008-06-02 18:25:03
141.   Yankees Brasil
This is horrible.
2008-06-02 18:25:18
142.   williamnyy23
Not hitting for Moeller or putting on a play is bad managing. The Yankees just gave away a chance at another run. That's a spot where the manager can help a struggling team out, but instead he just sat on his hands.
2008-06-02 18:26:33
143.   williamnyy23
139 The worst part of the plan was Girardi was bunting with Cano to setup Moeller. Scary.

The Red Sox are pounding the bad teams, something the Yankees have been unable to do. That's a big difference between the teams.

2008-06-02 18:26:43
144.   rbj
I really miss Posada. Even though that fourth year is going to suck, he's worth it.
2008-06-02 18:27:22
145.   Chyll Will
124 Nope, you're thinking of the ones from Looney Tunes, who were likely a competitive swipe at Heckle & Jeckle now that I think about it.
2008-06-02 18:28:03
146.   Jeb
139 bunting needs to be taught in the minors, worked on in spring training and in BP. Every hitter should know how to bunt.

... Except for Reggie Jackson of course.

2008-06-02 18:28:21
147.   williamnyy23
Any manager who doesn't PH for a catcher late in a game because he fears the second catcher getting injured needs a class in probability. What do you think has the best chance of impacting the outcome? One less run or a potential injury to Molina (who would provide a better arm in case Gomes reached base)?
2008-06-02 18:29:00
148.   Chyll Will
136 You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir...
2008-06-02 18:29:43
149.   nick
one more, Andy....
2008-06-02 18:30:32
150.   Raf
149 Is that what you meant by one more?
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2008-06-02 18:31:02
151.   Yankees Brasil
one more blow, Andy...
2008-06-02 18:31:15
152.   rbj
148 You are Indubitably most kind, sir.

And Twins, the game is yours.

2008-06-02 18:31:56
153.   Yankees Brasil
This sucks.
2008-06-02 18:32:50
154.   williamnyy23
Pettitte has done this time and time again. Of course, he isn't the only one to blame. Girardi bothced the last inning and the offense has been miserable with men on base. This team has repeatedly failed to execute on every level. They have had to scratch and claw to win games against poor pitchers and poor teams all year. I just dont see this changing all of a sudden because the Yankees are the Yankees.

Maybe Hank needs to get a forearm forklift for the entire team?

2008-06-02 18:33:03
155.   RIYank
The home run was a pretty good pitch. Mauer is awesome.
2008-06-02 18:33:19
156.   nick
Oh Andy Andy how was I supposed to know....hit me, Andy, one more time...
2008-06-02 18:33:39
157.   Yankees Brasil
We faced Livan Hernandez, and couldn't hand him a loss. In years past, a pitcher like Hernandez would be pounded by this offense.
2008-06-02 18:35:13
158.   OldYanksFan
Interesting story.
If TB had kept this guy, they would be very hard to beat.
2008-06-02 18:35:48
159.   RIYank
157 Uh. He was pounded. He was terrible, and we got 13 hits and a walk off him.
2008-06-02 18:36:48
160.   OldYanksFan
Jeez... what a throw!
2008-06-02 18:37:08
161.   williamnyy23
Incredible...there used to be a time when Jeter would never get thrown out at 2B. Of course, he always used to hustle out of the box. I'm sure he'd be safe if not for the early jog out of the box.
2008-06-02 18:37:27
162.   RIYank
But Jetes is crushing the ball.
2008-06-02 18:38:00
163.   Chyll Will
159 But capitalized on them little...
2008-06-02 18:38:07
164.   Yankees Brasil
Nothing goes right for the Yankees.

Twins broadcast said the Yankees left a RISP every inning so far. I can't believe this is true.

2008-06-02 18:39:33
165.   williamnyy23
Kyle is probably going to blow the game and everyone will blame him, but the real culprits will be the crappy ABs by Cano, Jeter's failure to hustle, Girardi's fear of having his second catcher hurt, Pettitte's inability to hold a lead and the list goes on.
2008-06-02 18:39:33
166.   nick
161 I thought the same thing, yet the announcers assured me that Jeter was going for two all the way....
2008-06-02 18:40:16
167.   williamnyy23
166 Jeter can do no wrong on YES.
2008-06-02 18:42:03
168.   OldYanksFan
166 ESPN guys said the same thing. Did you SEE Jeter dog it?
2008-06-02 18:42:32
169.   RIYank
164 You'll be delighted by the eighth inning, then.
2008-06-02 18:42:56
170.   Chyll Will
167 Au contraire. They really pounded him for getting picked off last week...
2008-06-02 18:43:01
171.   williamnyy23
168 was clear on the replay...he was watching the ball and not running hard for the first 1/3 of the way to 1B.
2008-06-02 18:43:06
172.   Yankees Brasil
I hate Farnsworthless.
2008-06-02 18:43:11
173.   nick
now the Twinkies to pinch bunt....the agony continues....a miracle we got the out at first....
2008-06-02 18:43:19
174.   Jeb
I just hate our team. Now cano's hurt. FUCK.

Fuck you giambi.

2008-06-02 18:44:06
175.   williamnyy23
170 I didnt think they pounder him at fact, they didnt even interview him on the post game. Jeter has played poorly for most of the season and all of it has not been physical.
2008-06-02 18:44:07
176.   RIYank
My gut reaction is that the bunt is not right here, but maybe it bears checking...
2008-06-02 18:45:01
177.   Yankees Brasil
Cano could use the time off.
2008-06-02 18:45:11
178.   nick
I've said it before and I'll say it again: DFA Farns and Hawkins yesterday....
2008-06-02 18:45:33
179.   RIYank
Of course, Farnsworth has a knack of making all strategy irrelevant.
2008-06-02 18:45:38
180.   OldYanksFan
Farnsworth to the rescue. I'm sick.
2008-06-02 18:45:57
181.   williamnyy23
The Yankees deserve their fate. They simply aren't a playoff team this year, regardless of how early it is. You can not watch these games and observe the deficiencies and simply explain them away with the calendar.
2008-06-02 18:45:58
182.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
165 yep..all those things..but still, Farnswroth sucks!!!!
2008-06-02 18:46:02
183.   Yankees Brasil
I thought Young was struggling.
2008-06-02 18:46:32
184.   nick
and I have to listen to this nonsense from ESPN, as if the game wasn't bad enough!?
2008-06-02 18:46:36
185.   JL25and3
Is Mattpat here, or did he just keelover form an aneurysm?
2008-06-02 18:48:13
186.   Mattpat11
This stopped being funny years ago.

If Farnsworth is on the team next week Cashman has to go.

2008-06-02 18:48:16
187.   randym77
158 I'm not so sure. They had him for years, to no avail.

I think a big part of his success now is having a full-time babysitter who was also his coach when he was a kid: Johnny Narron. The brother of then-Reds coach Jerry Narron. When he was traded to the Rangers, Narron went with him. (The Narrons have deep ties with the Rangers.)

Johnny Narron slept in a connecting hotel room wherever they went (including a rehab assignment in the minors). He was there at 3am if Josh needed to talk. He played Playstation games with him for hours, took him to see Transformers three nights in a row to keep him occupied, etc.

(And speaking of the Reds...Andy Phillips was called up. He got his first hit as a Red tonight.)

2008-06-02 18:48:22
188.   RIYank
Farnsworth owes Moeller a Hostess Cupcake.
2008-06-02 18:48:31
189.   JL25and3
181 Not the way they're playing so far - but that's just so far. I'm not explaining it away with the calendar, but it's just as silly to suggest that this is the best they'll be.
2008-06-02 18:48:52
190.   williamnyy23
178 179 180 Blame Farns all you want, but this team lost the game 10 other ways leading up to the 8th inning.
2008-06-02 18:49:36
191.   Yankees Brasil
Farnsworthless suck. Only Cashman and Girardi can't see it.
2008-06-02 18:50:33
192.   Mattpat11
190 That doesn't justify the Yankees continued, stubborn employ of the man.
2008-06-02 18:50:40
193.   nick
relievers are FUNGIBLE...Farns allows one HR per THREE INNINGS! THREE INNINGS! throw him away for Christ's sake....
2008-06-02 18:51:49
194.   Chyll Will
183 Yes, he can hardly contain himself...
2008-06-02 18:52:08
195.   RIYank
Farns hasn't actually gotten anyone out yet. Punto gave them an out, and then Moeller earned the CS.
2008-06-02 18:52:13
196.   Mattpat11
193 That would be admitting a mistake.
2008-06-02 18:52:32
197.   nick
a middle reliever is by DEFINITION a guy who's not good enough to start or close...these guys are all by DEFINITION marginal big-leaguers...
2008-06-02 18:54:01
198.   Yankees Brasil
The Yankees are going to put the tying run in scoring position against Nathan, with less than 2 outs. But as we've done so many times this year/month/game, we'll fail to bring the runner home.
2008-06-02 18:54:41
199.   nick
190 yes william, but simply dumping F & H is something that management can do: making guys play better is a little trickier...
2008-06-02 18:55:12
200.   RIYank
197 I agree, generally. But Farnsworth is really, really bad (I know he shows flashes of goodness -- like that strikeout right there). And he's so overpaid.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-02 18:55:38
201.   nick
can we take some small consolation in a pretty big Okajima meltdown in the Charm City?
2008-06-02 18:57:35
202.   Max
I think this team has a run in it, and can play better...I do think Jorge will provide a lift, assuming he really is past his injury.

I also think we're likely to get swept by Toronto the next series. Just a bad feeling.

2008-06-02 18:57:57
203.   RIYank
Hmm, the Twins must have left as many RISP as we have, I guess. Look how many base runners they've had.
2008-06-02 18:58:05
204.   nick
Alex! nice & easy...
2008-06-02 18:58:19
205.   Just fair
Scoring 5 vs. the Twins with Pettitte on the mound and losing would be most distressing. Hence, a comeback is in order.
2008-06-02 19:00:00
206.   Chyll Will
200 Like spoiled Fig Newtons, if that's even possible...
2008-06-02 19:00:16
207.   Just fair
Damnit Nathan. An 0-2 pitch to A-Rod and you give up a hit. You suck.
Whoops. Meant to post that on the Twins Banter.
2008-06-02 19:01:20
208.   nick
Giambi will double and be stranded...
2008-06-02 19:01:44
209.   Eirias
Alright Giambi, I'd appreciate something impressive here.
2008-06-02 19:01:53
210.   RIYank
206 Yum.
But are they overpaid?
2008-06-02 19:02:08
211.   Yankees Brasil
Grounder to second. Who could have known?
2008-06-02 19:02:35
212.   RIYank
207 Twins Twitter?
2008-06-02 19:02:55
213.   Mattpat11
One week from today. June 9, 2008. If Kyle Farnsworth is on the team, Brian Cashman gets fired. That seems fair.
2008-06-02 19:03:01
214.   RIYank
Thank god we didn't leave a RISP.
2008-06-02 19:05:21
215.   vockins
I couldn't care less how the rest the AL is playing. I really don't think this team is going to beat the Rays and the Red Sox this year, and I sure as hell don't think they'll beat them in 2009.
2008-06-02 19:05:55
216.   Chyll Will
210 Nabisco? You betchya sweet aspercreme...
2008-06-02 19:08:54
217.   RIYank
I predict the Yankees will win more of their remaining games than the Red Sox or Rays win of theirs. Might not catch those teams, of course, but I say we outplay them from here on.
2008-06-02 19:10:15
218.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
216 crying in my Chips Ahoy as you speak...what an unpleasant loss..sorry, but for all the missed opportunities, this still falls on Girardi and Farnsworth. PLEASE go out and get some good bullpen help. how hard can that be with the budget available? Fuentes from Colorado is a good option..
2008-06-02 19:11:36
219.   OldYanksFan
Brutal. William is correct in that we had multiple times to put this game away. Farns sucks, but he should have had a 4 run lead. I sometimes think this team is trying to lose painfully. Or maybe I'm just in pain.


2008-06-02 19:12:05
220.   Yankees Brasil
217 If your money wasn't worth more than my money I'd take that bet.
2008-06-02 19:12:28
221.   williamnyy23
189 Why is it silly? We are talking 1/3 of the season. It's not like one or two things need to fall into place...the entire rotation needs to improve considerably, the entire bullpen aside from Mo and Edwar needs to be much better, Cano needs to find himself, Jeter needs to halt a startling decline and Posada needs to return healthy. Meanwhile, Damon, Abreu, Giambi and Matsui are all hitting as well as you could expect. That's what's scary. It would be very reasonable to think all four of those batters will dip a little.

If this was the Bluejays, I would look at the team and results and conclude it wasn't a playoff team. I want the Yankees to make the playoffs, but it is getting hard for my heart to fool my head.

2008-06-02 19:13:10
222.   Mattpat11
I'm actually getting angrier.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT of sending Farnsworth out there anymore?

2008-06-02 19:13:13
223.   RIYank
I just checked the probabilities on that eighth inning Punto bunt. Assuming a successful bunt, the win expectancy is essentially unchanged by that play. (It goes from .75 to .752.)
Add Joe Nathan as closer and that favors the bunt. But now add Kyle Farnsworth as the pitcher and that surely favors no bunt. So I'd say it's a wash. (And it does have the advantage of justifying the employment of Nick Punto.)
2008-06-02 19:13:44
224.   williamnyy23
192 Sure...Veras or Ohlendorf or whomever could have eventually blown the game that the Yankees squandered as a team. They could release Farnsworth tomorrow and the same problems would remain.
2008-06-02 19:14:15
225.   Chyll Will
218 Chips Ahoy... they taste funny now. Just like Hi-C and KFC... what the hell happened?
2008-06-02 19:16:03
226.   Chyll Will
222 Why are you so glum?? Here, have a cookie... >;)
2008-06-02 19:16:47
227.   JL25and3
218 It's not a question of money, it's the talent you'd have to give up. Fuentes won't come cheap - especially now. He's been reinstated as Colorado's closer, so he'll spend the next six weeks racking up saves. Over the same period, there will be teams getting more desperate for bullpen help.

In other words, unless the Yankees made a huge, preemptive offer, the Rockies would be foolish to trade Fuentes now.

2008-06-02 19:16:51
228.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
225 Hah-Hahh!! man, at my neices birthday a few years back i had a cup of Kool-Aid, almost vomited did we ingest all that as kids and come out all right? and KFC is just nasty...
2008-06-02 19:18:34
229.   Yankees Brasil
It was a bad decision to bring Farnsworthless in. But Pettite had leads of 2-0, 4-2 and 5-4, and couldn't hold them. And the offense should have given Pettitte even bigger leads.
Farnsworth officially lost the game, but it was lost long before when we left 7 RISP in 7 innings, or when Pettitte got 3 leads and couldn't hold them.
2008-06-02 19:18:36
230.   RIYank
225 To the food, or to us?
2008-06-02 19:20:49
231.   Yankees Brasil
227 It's a matter of evaluating talent. The Yanks and Mr. Cashman can't seem to tell the difference between a good and a bad pitcher.
2008-06-02 19:21:24
232.   Chyll Will
228 Maybe that stuff heads with our messed...
2008-06-02 19:21:55
233.   JL25and3
221 First off, I don't think all of those things necessarily need to happen, and certainly not all dramatically.

If Pettitte and Wang pitch a bit better, and Joba is an improvement in the fifth slot, then the bullpen only needs moderate improvement.

The other points - Jeter, Cano, Posada - aren't unreasonable expectations. They might not happen, and if they don't, then you're right. But I don't think there's anything outlandish in those assumptions.

2008-06-02 19:23:14
234.   Mattpat11
192 There are going to be times when the offense isn't great. Its up to the manager and general manager to put the team in the best position to win on bad offensive nights. Stubbornly holding on to a proven failure and using him in important spots is counterproductive.
2008-06-02 19:26:45
235.   RIYank
233 Seconded. That's about where I am right now, too.
Jeter could be at the beginning of a resurgence, too. Yesterday and today. Cano always starts heating up right about this time of year. Posada certainly won't add what he added in 2007, but he doesn't have to be great to be a huge step up from Moeller.

Then add one surprise player (Melky? a power surge from Abreu?) and an increase of maybe .150 OPS from A-Rod (check out his numbers now), and we have ourselves a division race.

2008-06-02 19:27:43
236.   Mattpat11
231 That's actually the key. Brian Cashman (or whomever makes these decisions) is very prone to two of my least favorite baseball mindsets.

1) He throws hard, he MUST be good.

2) Look what happened last year and ignore the rest of his career!

If not Cashman, I don't know who we have evaluating pitching, but they're not god damned good at it, and changes need to be made.

2008-06-02 19:31:20
237.   Chyll Will
230 Both, really. I remember when Hi-C had simple flavors, like Orange, Cherry, Peach (bleah, sometimes mistook the label for Orange, bleah), Grape... even Wild Berry was nice. It all changed when they started mixing stuff together, and making up stuff (Ectoplasm), then everything just tasted real sour, like it had been sitting in the vat for far too long.

Any product that used to appeal to everyone, then suddenly tries to be hip and kid-friendly is a disaster of epic proportions. This highly offends me for some reason, because it's not even nostalgia driving the rant, it's just such a waste...

2008-06-02 19:33:00
238.   Yankees Brasil
236 I'd love to see what Billy Beane could do with the Yanks' payroll.
2008-06-02 19:33:52
239.   3rd gen yankee fan
I don't mean to be negative, BUT...

I am damned sick of watching Farnsworth in the 8th inning. I'm really trying to work on my anger issues, but like Mattpat I just get angrier every time I see him. I just don't get why Britton can sit for months and months and a guy we KNOW sucks keeps going out there and giving games away. I'm almost at the point where I just won't watch the end of game if he comes in. I am wondering if Girardi puts him in there to say to the offense, 'look I'm going to keep using him, so you guys need to score runs late.'

2008-06-02 19:39:53
240.   RIYank
239 "I'm almost at the point where I just won't watch the end of game if he comes in."

I'm almost at the point where I won't slow down to gawk at a hideous car accident in the other lane. But (like you, I bet) I've been saying that for quite some time...

2008-06-02 19:40:15
241.   Chyll Will
239 I'm one for conspiracies... could it be possible that Joe is lobbying for changes by showing how bad off he is with players that don't fit his strategy, whatever that may be? It's strange how this team has such a big problem with fundamentals now... just a thought, not a declaration.
2008-06-02 19:44:51
242.   Mattpat11
What was Einstein's definition of insanity?
2008-06-02 19:46:41
243.   RIYank
242 I don't know. What was Webster's theory of relativity?
2008-06-02 19:47:57
244.   Chyll Will
2008-06-02 19:49:00
245.   Chyll Will
243 Webster was adopted, how would he know?
2008-06-02 19:50:59
246.   williamnyy23
At least Girardi got through the game without getting Molina injured, which you have to assume was a greater priority than winning.
2008-06-02 19:55:05
247.   williamnyy23
233 No, those assumptions aren't outlandish, but the Yankees making the playoffs shouldn't be outlandish. I am not saying they can't do it, just that I don' think they will. I simply don't think it is realistic to think this team is playoff bound when they continue to play so poorly in every facet of the game.

That doesn't mean you give up on the season or stop watching...if I was Cashman, however, it would mean that I do everything to make 2009 better (i.e, Joba) and certainly don't trade prospects for a 32-year old reliever.

2008-06-02 20:11:33
248.   JL25and3
245 Wow. The rare Emmanuel Lewis reference. Well played.
2008-06-02 20:15:57
249.   JL25and3
247 There we agree. You only trade prospects for Fuentes if you think he's the final piece, the guy who puts you over the top. You don't do it to make an incremental improvement - and good god, not for middle relief.
2008-06-02 21:32:53
250.   Mattpat11
I'll argue that we don't need to be trading for or signing relievers period. Thats what got us in this Hawkins/Farnsworth mess.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-02 22:12:08
251.   Chyll Will
250 Just hypothetically and not to agitate, I wonder if you'd agree to chuck this season altogether and develop the young talent, give them a chance to grow. If it were anywhere besides here, it probably would've already happened. But it seems like to many, the Yanks can do no right; if they followed a plan to utilize their system, they're castigated for not trying to win. If they go after a big free agent, they're abandoning the core principles that won them championships. If they stand pat, they're being stubborn and perpetuating the uselessness.

Sure thing, the Yanks could use some people who could really evaluate real talent, but how easy is it to find someone like that who would work under the circumstances that is the corporate structure of the Yankees? The team continually drives away it's best talent from the field, farm and office even as we've maintained a holding pattern in the playoffs. It's not a divine right to be in the post-season, and the sad thing about it is that the last several teams really didn't go further than they deserved. I know, deserve's got nothing to do with it, but I was not surprised by the showings.

I'm of the thinking that it will take a few years to undo the damage G. Steinbrenner had done to the team when he decided to take control again after coming back from banishment, and it will take an equal amount of time for the FO and the coaching to have an effect on the level of play. Joe has some very sound ideas coming in, and perhaps if he, like any other manager, had players that could execute those ideas, he would be the next Joe Torre circa 1996. I still hold out hope the younger players can get with that, but I think the veterans are either playing for pride (Jeter, Mussina, Damon, Matsui), playing for another contract (Abreu, Giambi) or just stuck on stupid (Farnsworth). The mix is unbalanced and spoiling, so it needs some serious adjustment and unfortunately there's only so much time you're allowed to do that around here.

I'm not shooting for playoffs this year, I'm praying for the return and continuation of good fundamentals and heart all around. If Cash isn't capable of forming that with Joe, well... we need someone who can. Apply him where he's best suited and move on, and if he doesn't want to stay, good bye. I think he's trying, but he definitely needs help.

BTW, Billy Beane has often wondered what was possible for him if he had access to a payroll like the Yanks. That's a very scary statement, because it almost implies that he would abandon his present small-market principles. I'd really try to get some clarification on that if you were going after him. Are you going to continue to be creative and draft/groom for need, or are you going to buy your needs elsewhere with an unlimited credit card and a blind eye to projections? I would want an answer before we even sit down...

2008-06-02 22:16:48
252.   tommyl
The problem is not that Joba wasn't available, it was that Farnsworth was the first pitcher gone to. He's just bad. This is not small sample size. You know what was small sample size? The year he was good for the Braves.

Edwar and Britton are both better than him. Its at the point now where I no longer see his purpose on the team. 7 runs in his last 7 1/3 innings? You're telling me half the relievers in Scranton couldn't pitch better than that? If Cox looks ready, just bring him up. He can't be much worse, and even if he's just as bad I'd rather a kid get some experience.

This was the same crap that used to happen in little league. Every year there was some kid that threw really, really hard. 'Cept he had no control, no idea how to pitch, but whatever, he throws, like hard man. So the coach would pitch him for a couple of games, he'd walk a bunch of guys, get hit, sulk on the mound and we'd lose. Then they'd let me or some other kid pitch who threw nowhere near as hard but understood what a strikezone was and how to work it and hey! We'd win. I know its late and I'm angry, but c'mon just trade him, DFA him I don't care anymore. Give him a rifle and tell him he can't come back till he bags an Alaskan Brown bear. Just please, don't let him pitch anymore.

On the plus side, I just found out my rent is going up 13% in a month. Awesome, maybe I'll cancel cable so I can't watch Kyle pitch anymore.

2008-06-02 22:19:34
253.   tommyl
251 If Billy Beane can get what he got for Haren I think he'd be ok with our payroll. I think he'd be ok with any payroll you give him, that man can build a baseball team. I mean the A's are currently better than us and underplaying their pyth. and this was their rebuilding year.
2008-06-03 05:57:37
254.   ChuckM
238 They said the same thing about Sather when he went from Edmonton to NY-I haven't seen too many cups lately...

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