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Doggin It
2004-04-15 13:32
by Alex Belth

The last hot dog I ate was at Shea Stadium during a heat wave last summer. It was the night Dontrelle Willis made his New York debut, and I won't forget watching Willis pitch any time soon. Unfortunately, I'll best remember that night for what happened to me after I ate the hot dog. I won't go into sordid details, but needless to say, it wasn't pretty. I won't be able to stay off dogs forever, cause every so often I really get a craving for one. However, I'll probably enjoy the next one I eat in the comforts of my own home.

Even though baseball season has started, I hadn't thought about hot dogs until I read R.W. Apple Jr's long piece about Chicago cuisine yesterday in the Food section of the New York Times. Man, I just love the way they pile on the fixings out in Chi-town. The article covers a lot more than just dogs, but it seems as if food in the windy city is just plain bad for your health, and completely delicious at the same time. Can anyone give me a first-hand report of what eating a hot dog in Chicago is like? How are the dogs at Wrigley? Are they served Chicago-style as well?

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